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Review #26, by forsakenphoenix That Which Is Vital

4th March 2006:
I'm here, Dena, I'm here! I am so sorry for the long wait, I hope you can forgive me. Anyways, as I've said before, I'm not a huge fan of first person point-of-view fanfictions (why is everyone suddenly sending me these stories to review, I wonder...). But you pulled this off magnificently. The language you used is gorgeous and flowed so wonderfully. I'm not to keen of the idea of Remus/Hermione but the way you wrote their interactions--the way Hermione quietly radiates kindness and empathy and how Remus tries to hide his emotions within himself--is very realistic and moving. I loved the kiss scene; it was so real and it gave Remus what he had been desperately needing, so that made me happy. My favorite line has to be: Time was my enemy here -in so many ways - it was unmoving and relentless, while it flowed away. It was gorgeous and I liked how Remus viewed time as his enemy and how it's slowly taken everything away from him. I also liked the part where Remus says, "...she is undoing me..." because just the thought of how Hermione has unravelled him, making him seem more like a nervous adolescent than a grown man, is a nice way of writing their interactions. I noticed quite a few grammatical errors-nothing that can't be fixed by a quick read through. They probably aren't very noticeable, but when I've got your story printed out with a pen hovering over each word, it gets hard not to want to beta it. I hope you know how much I enjoy reading your stories, Dena. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review Missy :) I apologise for taking so darn long in answering it, RL is so demanding sometimes. I am thrilled that you liked this, really I am :) And even more thrilled that you picked out the one line I loved too. I really enjoyed writing the interactions between Hermione and Remus, after writing such a non exsistance relationship between them in Old Moon, its nice to able to get my teeth into something. Thank you so much for reviewing this :)

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Review #27, by beesmakehoney That Which Is Vital

1st March 2006:
aaah so sweet, thankyou!

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #28, by Scarhead That Which Is Vital

1st March 2006:
This is a ship I have never really given a lot of thought to. I have never read any RL/HG stories but having read this absolutely magical piece I will be watching for more of yours. This was not just enjoyable, it was a touching glimpse into a moment of time between two of my favourite characters finding something special between them. I absolutely loved it Dena! Wonderful story! ♥ Angie

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a wonderful and uplifting review! I know my ship isn't to everyones taste, and isn't canonically possible really, I can't help but love them together :) Again, thank you for such a lovely review :)

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Review #29, by CoCo That Which Is Vital

16th February 2006:
I wish there was some original compliment I could give you, but obviously, everything I wanted to say has already been said by the other reviewers. You are obviously an extremely talented writer and I love your excellent use and understanding of imagery. Only the best of writers understand it so well. Your story sweeps the reader right to Hogwarts to witness one of the best stories the grounds could hold. I absoloutely loved the plot line. I also think the story was very tastefully and classily done. You portrayed the passion and sophistication of both characters so well. There was a perfect balance between the two. I also loved that you were kind enough to let Remus and Hermione carry on a real, intelligent conversation. Normally, with this kind of story, it's all thought and passion, no dialogue. I honestly didn't love the kiss, It was a bit short and rushed, like you just wanted to get it over with. But also, it was good because there wasn't so much detail you that you make the reader want to gag. I think that is a very delicate, and difficult, balance I only hope I can someday achieve. Well, all in all, this was a very wonderful fic and I definately look forward to reading the rest of your writing! Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a great and thoughtful review :) I totally understand what you mean by the kiss seeming rushed, but as you also said, I didn't want so much information it felt like I was going to gag. I particularly dislike the over detailing of a kiss, I wanted it to be brief and as indecisive as they were being. But again thank you so much for your comments, I am grinning :)

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Review #30, by Noblevyne That Which Is Vital

24th January 2006:
This is beautiful Dena, so moving and sensual. You have a real gift for descriptions and atmospheres, everything seem to pour itself into the next line, giving it a beautiful flow.

I love the dialogue between Remus and Hermione, I love the language that you use (favourite line is “I’m getting old and cantankerous, I’m allowed to dislike things for no reason at all, it's almost a rite of passage,”) and how they relate to one another and how Remus finds himself so drawn to her.

Hermione has so much potential in the books to be one heck of a sexy woman and you bring it out in her, the kindness that she radiates, but she never lets Remus feel sorry for himself and she understands his anguish, but she's honest and a straight shooter whereas Remus will alwaysbury things within himself.

One of the best kisses written, honestly, I love everything about it, how Remus seems to absorb everything around him and it heightens his pleasure, his joy and his realisation that there is still something for him.

Author's Response: I am really glad you liked that particular line you pointed out, I particularily liked it, and I had myself a little secret smile over it. Remus's tendancy to bury and Hermiones way of ousting things seems like a particularily fitting thing to me, could make dischord of course but I think it would be a healing factor beween them. I am really thrilled that you liked the kiss, I havent written on before and had mucho angst and stress over it. And yeah, ultimately I wanted him to be happy. Thanks so much for reviewing it and saying such terrific things, means a lot :)

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Review #31, by Fallen Auror That Which Is Vital

18th January 2006:
A good piece of writing, with excellent application of vocabulary. I found my self transported by your Imagery on more than one occasion. Remus’ observations were a more effeminate in nature than perhaps I would imagine, but that said there is no reference in the book, as to how much masculinity Lupin views the world, leaving him an open character, and my musings of how he would think wholly unsubstantiated. As the characters began there conversation, and intermittently after, I felt a small underlying sense of discomfort, weather this was deliberate or your own feelings subconsciously written it set the mood of “chased encounter” beautifully. I like that Lupin is written with such innocents, and falls victim to an almost adolescent nervous anticipation. Lupins own feelings pulled his attention away from Hermione, especially when they kissed, though not detriment to the piece in any way, I feel his attention may have been fuelled by Hermione’s every movement and reaction. Keep up the good work your work is reading more and more professional.

Author's Response: Thanks Fallen, I really wanted to create a moment, and I guess thats what I did. Thank you for such a thorough review :)

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Review #32, by lea* That Which Is Vital

8th January 2006:
wait.. so like.. hermonie is gonna fall in love with lupin? uhh.. mmk..

Author's Response: Yes, thats right. Exactly what it says in the summary.

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Review #33, by xobebeox That Which Is Vital

8th January 2006:
You've just put pure beauty down on paper. The description and imagery that you've dusted the story with are just beautiful. I love how sweet and romantic the atmosphere was, but also perfectly balanced with Remus' insecurities and darkness. I loved the way you painted him, and how you narrated this in first person. You've really captured his essence in the insecurities and doubts that he has, in his fears and in his weaknesses and strengths. I liked how Hermione could read him so well, and how she understood how "in the past" he still was. I loved this line: Her fingers weave into my hair and soul. You've captured his lonliness and hunger for companionship but at the same time his reluctance to let anyone in so perfectly. I can't really tell you anything except how brilliant and wonderful this story was. Words can't even express the emotions and feelings you've captured. In this story, you've captured everything vital, and so much more.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you bebe for such a glowing review, it really makes me smile when somebody enjoys what I have written, for me thats the best bit about writing. I enjoyed writing the one shot despite the fact I needed to be pushed to post it. Thank you for all the wonderful works you have said, I really appreciate them.

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Review #34, by Paige Weasley That Which Is Vital

25th December 2005:
I like it...

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you did.

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Review #35, by Jennifer Hollis That Which Is Vital

23rd December 2005:
Wow. That is a simply wonderful one-shot! I normally don't read teacher/ old student ships but this one made me want to read more! The characterization of both Hermione and Remus were astounding right down to the core. It was a wonderfully done piece great job! -Jen

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a positive review :) Technically Remus isn't her teacher any more, but I get what you mean, I am glad that you liked it. Again thanks for the review.

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Review #36, by Addicted1 That Which Is Vital

4th December 2005:
Not my usual pairing, but a very well-written story. You characterized Lupin extraordinarily well. Thank you for writing this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Its always good to know someone likes how I characterise Lupin, thanks for taking the time to say so :)

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Review #37, by elfbwillow That Which Is Vital

22nd November 2005:
This is amazing! I have said it before but I will say it again - you have a real way with words. You bring out deep emotions with your writing and I am drawn into every story you write - including this one. You are one of my favourite authors - you are an amazing writer.

Author's Response: Well, I can recieve no higher praise than that, thank you so much for your wonderful comments, they really do bring a smile to my face.

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Review #38, by DarkDesires That Which Is Vital

22nd November 2005:
Alrighty, I had to come back and read this again. Weee.... it's that good. But I also had to like another review.
I blame you entirely. I really do. You and fabulous, wonderfully scarily good writing skills, made me take up a Remus/Hermione story to beta. Yes, I blame you.
Although I have no read why I like this, I'm torn between hating it because it seems so wrong... but loving it because it's so cute. I love this piece but uh... the ship. Really, errr.
Write more, no don't. Good lord I'm having a personality battle over here. I'm gonna kill myself for saying this; write another story with this ship. And I really do think my situation is mostly(all) your fault. *tehehe*

Author's Response: I know my ship is not everyones ship, and your not the only one who has wanted to cause me pain because of it. I am thrilled though that you liked it enough to give the ship a chance. Let me know, when and where the Remus/Hermione you are beta-ing for is, I'm always looking for a good read. You can pm me on the boards :) Again thank you for such positive words :)

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Review #39, by stargazer That Which Is Vital

19th November 2005:
That was beautiful. I really loved it. I love your use of discription and detail. And it was like I could really feel Remus's emotions just coming through the page as I was reading the words. That is some talent I must say. I've never really been a Remus/Hermione shipper myself but the way you wrote, I might just be now. lol. Well I really liked this story and I would actually like to see what happenes to them next. But its your story lol. *Stargazer*

Author's Response: Thank you for such a wonderful response :) I am really pleased that you liked this. Thanks for such a great review :)

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Review #40, by DarkDesires That Which Is Vital

17th November 2005:
Wow, is pretty much all I have to say. This really is a beautiful piece of work. Gorgeous discription of feels and surrounding, and so heart-wrenching. I like how you ended, but still making me want a sequel. I've never read a Hermione/Remus story so I can't compare this to anything, which is a good thing because now if I read a R/Hr story, they will be compared to yours. But in all honesty, I can't say I didn't like anything, or critique anything because this piece is perfect the way it is. Though I do think the pairing is a little out there, but that's a good thing. I like the way you make Remus think, it seems so vivid and realistic. And how he discribes Hermione, am I right in assuming this is Bill & Fleur's wedding? Or is someone else's? Anyways, I could definately see a sequel for this, I definately hope there is one. Or at perhaps a chaptered sequel? I can hope right?

Author's Response: Thank you for such a wondeful and overwelmingly positive review :) You've put a smile on my face. The wedding is Ginny and Harrys, I think I am going to have to slip that in somewhere, people keep asking about that :) A sequel? I don't know, your not the first person to ask me that, and it did get me thinking. I'm not sure how I would do a sequel, but I'm not ruling it out, and if the idea comes to me I'll write it, so theres a tiny, tiny bit of hope :) Again thank you for such a wonderful review :)

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Review #41, by tonya_malfoy That Which Is Vital

12th November 2005:
WOW! This story was amazing. I know I have been saying this a lot lately, but it really really was. I absolutely love it. And now I feel bad, becuase I have no constructive critisism to offer you. This was amazing. Great job. I loved every bit of it. Well...I'm off to see the wizard. Keep up the great work. :hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: Thank you for such a positive review Tonya, hope you find the wizard :) Thanks.

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Review #42, by jynx67 That Which Is Vital

8th November 2005:
God help me that I cannot stand this relationship, but this is so spectacularly written. I still don't like the relationship. But, I do love your Remus. He is just as I portray him, so gentlemanly, but will let himself go on occasion. I'm torn between the hatred of anyone daring to put Hermione with Remus and the absolute beauty of your words. I'm starting to wish now that Rebekka hadn't recommended this to me! I wouldn't be having such problems. *heh*

Author's Response: Rebekka mentioned that you weren't talking to her because of this, lol, I know this ship isnt everyones cup of tea, but for some reason its mine... not sure why exactly. I'm glad you could fight the ship and still like some of it at the end though, I appreciate the honesty. Thank you Jynx :)

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Review #43, by Rebekka That Which Is Vital

8th November 2005:
I'm holding back tears. I adored every words you so lovingly gave to me. I feel like telling you million wonderful things about this beautiful story, but I simply can't find the words. There were many amazingly original and flowing descriptive sentences in this story. You've managed to make me extremely jealous of your writing abilities and I just bow to you, Master of Beautiful Ache. :) Thank you for writing such a heartwarming piece of literature. :)

Author's Response: What a beautiful term 'Master of Beautiful Ache' see now thats why I love your writing so much, you have words put together in such wonderful ways. But I am very pleased that you liked this, thank you so much for giving me such a glowing review, it means a lot, thank you Rebekka :)

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Review #44, by TheLeech That Which Is Vital

8th November 2005:
Incredible...simply incredible. Your diction, style, rythm and meter just flows prefectly together. I can only dream of writing so well. I tip my hat to you, Well Done. ~Lisha

Author's Response: Thank you so much for saying such lovely things, and a wonderful review :)

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Review #45, by Fish and Bird That Which Is Vital

8th November 2005:
Short but sweet! The quality of writing is well above average for fan fiction. I´ll try reading some more of your stuff. Thanks.

Author's Response: Its a kinda concentrated sweet :) Thank you for such a compliment! And you are more than welcome to read through my other stuff, thank you for the review :)

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Review #46, by megs (not signed in) That Which Is Vital

7th November 2005:
Wow, you have amazing writing style, the way you describe the surroundings of Remus is amazing. You also describe the main character’s his feeling's nicely too. While reading I didn't notice any grammar mistakes that should be fixed... I really liked this story, not sure what else to say. IT was pretty much a two thumbs up. You have managed to attract the reader in a way that most stories here cannot. You manage the character's feelings to be true and understandable while they are also unsure and it all ties together perfectly in the end and it is beautiful. Great job!

Author's Response: There are so grammar mistake, I've been picking them out as I see them, not easy though. I'm glad you liked the description :) Thank you so much for such a wonderful review, I really appreciate the positive comments, and the time to give this review.

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Review #47, by crystal allan That Which Is Vital

7th November 2005:
I love your words. You have such an indescribable grasp for description and emotive techniques. Everything here was painted so clearly, vividly, that the words seemed to play out and paint a beautiful picture in my mind. I don’t know how you do it but every time I read one of your pieces I can’t help get wrapped up in the story, and I love that you can do that – it truly is a gift.

A lot of people think that first person perspective limits a piece, but I think certain authors have a talent for using that character and focusing on the outward world. You have really mastered that method. I also think it depends on the chosen character, Remus here was perfect. He’s a very observant, calm type of persona, and that allows for greater range. You managed to portray Remus’ emotions as well as Hermione’s in a way that made my chest heavy, everything was rushing through so powerfully. There was such lingering sadness here, and at the same time it was bittersweet. There was an elegant layer of wistfulness, the longing that you portrayed so elegantly.

I could go on forever, I think we both know that :) but I’m truly at a loss for words. I hate the fact that I can’t even begin to describe how touching this piece was. There are so many praising words that I could use but none of them seem to cover the scope of your writing. I just feel like nothing I could say could bring this piece justice. You have outdone yourself (which is saying quite a bit since all of your work is positively fantastic), and it was simply breathtaking.

Author's Response: You love my words, and I love seeing your reviews, I can assure you :) I am really glad that you liked this one-shot, I dont manage to get things out alot of the time, but this seemed to come natually, well until I got to the kiss, then I put it away for a while, but I tried again :) When you review you bring a lightness to my heart so it counteracts said heaviness, on your chest :) Thank you so much, again for such a wonderful and complimentary review :)

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Review #48, by PhoenixStorm That Which Is Vital

7th November 2005:
ooo a new story! *oh so subtly points to old one pointedly* :D, I'm just kidding, this one's so good I can wait for a while longer on Old Moon. Well, I've never read R/H before, an interesting choice, but I rather liked yours. Is the wedding Bill and Fleur's? You're ability to write a first kiss is breathtaking, truly lovely to read. Your characterisation is as perfect as ever, Remus that withdrawn, rather cynical man but with a lovely subtle humour that is all the better for his character. And Hermione was wellw ritten, too. I liked how you wrote her making assumptions as if she knows things because I think that's very Hermione, and you capture her well. My absolute favourite part was "It's particularly unmanly, undignified, and terribly bad form." Just made me laugh, perfect example of the humnour in this piece. That's the line that made me love this fic. Description is as impeccable as ever, and I particularly liked your descriptions during the kiss. You manage to write Remus's inner confliction extremely well, and it adds to your characterisation of him wonderfully. Of course, I loved the end; I was afraid you were oging to have his control snap and then have Hermione actually reject him, but this was perfect. And such a great finishing line, too. So, basically loved it, a great answer to the challenge, and I hope to read more of your work soon :-).

Author's Response: *Looks sheepish* I need a break from Old Moon and decided going back to this would be a better thing to do. Old Moon is a RL/HG too, though its slow and wont really pick up until later on. The wedding is Ginny and Harry's :)I've never written a kiss before, so this really is a first for me, an experiment to see if I could actually do it. That line you like, I don't know why I decided to use it there, I was worried it would disrupt, but I liked it and wanted it to stay :) Thank you so much for such a wonderful and detailed review. It always helps to know what it is people like :) Thank you so much.

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Review #49, by Violet Gryfindor That Which Is Vital

7th November 2005:
It's hard not to say "awww" after reading this story - it's sweeter than sugar (with much fewer calories) and beautifully written. The descriptions are so warm and tender, creating a perfect atmosphere for the story. The way you write Remus is so romantic and thoughtful - reading this has made me wish that I was in Hermione's shoes ;-) . I love how you wrote this in the first person - it goes wonderfully with your portrayal of Remus - letting the reader think his thoughts and feel his emotions. Excellent work here, just brilliant. =)

Author's Response: I have to admit I was worried that it would be too sweet, like syrup, and then get bogged down with it, and yes, I to would have loved to have been in Hermiones shoes, absolutely. I'm really glad that you liked it, I was incredibly worried about it. Thank you so much for letting me know what you thought :)

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Review #50, by WickedWitch25 That Which Is Vital

7th November 2005:
That was so beautifuly written. I'm really not a romance fan, but I saw Timeturner raving about you somewhere and i decided to check it out. I'm glad I did. This was so good! You describe Remus's feelings perfectly, in a way I REALLY wish I could suceed at doing for anyone. I knew exactly what he was feeling and that's just amazing. Really great job!

Author's Response: Timeturner is an absolute Star :) But I am glad you looked me up and left such a terrific review :) Thank you so much for reading it and liking it enough to review.

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