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Review #26, by Ellyn Rose Kate Makes A Friend

5th November 2012:
yes, quick is god! i love this story. so good so far. want more.

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Review #27, by Ellyn Rose Meet Kate!

5th November 2012:
Excellent. Really great. this is the kind of story i will check basically every day to see if youve excited. your tone is so lovely, so real. the one thing i do wonder: why deos nobody like her? did her mom die or something and now shes socially removed? excited for more

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Review #28, by hushpuppy The One Where Narration Varies

31st October 2012:
It was a lovely surprise to find that you've updated this story. Albus gets more interesting with each chapter and I like that he has some insight into his own weaknesses and failure to stop James from bullying Kate and others.

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Review #29, by countrymusicfanatic The One Where Narration Varies

31st October 2012:
I really like this! It's such a great story and I'm really excited to read the rest of it. Update soon. 10/10

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Review #30, by Crescent Moon  The One Where Narration Varies

30th October 2012:
I loved this chapter, so funny.
It was great to have the different POV's.
I can't wait to see what's going to happen next, please update as soon as you can.

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Review #31, by Pinkpanda21 The One Where Narration Varies

30th October 2012:
I like .i want more. more!!! see? ur writing has turned me a bit delirious too! actually.. i sound more like a cave man... but, that wouldn't work since im a girl... any who, if u haven't figured it out yet.. I do adore this story, and im anxiously awaiting more :) keep up ur awesome work!

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Review #32, by Pinkpanda21 The One Where Narration Varies

30th October 2012:
I like

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Review #33, by trushawtyy The One Where Narration Varies

29th October 2012:

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Review #34, by AlexFan The One Where Narration Varies

29th October 2012:
Ah, and so the romance blossoms!

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Review #35, by blaaa The One Where Narration Varies

29th October 2012:
loved it!
that's all :)

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Review #36, by Niffler123 Kate Makes A Friend

29th October 2012:
Ahaha omg! The menstrual cycle book! That made me laugh so much! Great story so far by the way :) I look forward to reading more soon!

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Review #37, by N.H.A The One Where Narration Varies

29th October 2012:
aw that last bit proved just how sweet Oliver is! I wish there was a female character for him to be with I wanna see how he changes when he fancies someone

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Review #38, by TimeSeer The One Where Narration Varies

29th October 2012:
You updated this story! I almost had a heart attack when I saw this update! This chapter was great, and you did a excellent job with switching the POVs around. I love this story and I hope that you can update soon!

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Review #39, by Sarah Kate Makes A Friend

27th October 2012:
Hi, I love this story! I found out about it from your other one. Sorry, I haven't really commented before but I've just been so absorbed in reading! Your a really great writer you know.
From Me (Sarah)
P.S. I will try to comment on future chapters from now on. Pinky swear. Pwetty pwease hurry!

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Review #40, by lumos et nox Kate Makes A Friend

24th September 2012:
I really really really like this story. Please update it (:

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Review #41, by TheRealNerdyTeddy Kate Makes A Friend

22nd September 2012:
Whoa. Kate's a pushover.
When she comes out of her shell I will be like, YEAAAH KATE MA BAYBAYEEE!!
Until then I will smile politely and drink tea. Also, how awesome are freaks?
Doest Kate have a legitimate reason for being weird, though? What's her family? Did she embarass herself early on in life?
And eee, some big-shot quidditch captain should come to the school and James (who we will learn is a douch-ey tool, no doubt) can try to show off but the famous guy we be all, yay this is my neice! How awesome is she? I bet you kids just get along great.
I will laugh my abnormally boney ass off at that.
What the... Mindblown. I just realised a double meaning for when people say I have a boney but.
How have I not noticed this before?
You know what, you're my favourite author on this site, because you're awesome and my soul sista/mista.
Souldmista? Nah. Soulsista or Soulhipsta, no doubts.
'Cho doin' foo? Yo crampin' my styyle.
Bye bye, I'm off to listen to P!NK for overly long amounts of time. But you can't judge because I'm Australian and we have never not liked the genious that is P!NK.
You're the William to my Kate, by the way.
Or the coke to my cola.
A fair to my vanity, if you will.
Okaaayy. I'm serious. Jokes he died a while back.
That makes me cry EVERY EFFING TIME. It's sooo annoying, because I'll be sitting there and suddenly *bam*, the waterworks make an appearance. Occasionally just thinking about Sirius Black causes me to break into pitiful tears. This also happens when I remember the youthful innocence of Emma, Rupert and Daniel. I love them so, so much.
Ducklings. I'm messed up.

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Review #42, by Missweasleyeee20 Kate Makes A Friend

7th September 2012:
I love this storyloads, the idea so different, but in all seriousness WHO is the gorgeous man in the chapter image;)?

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Review #43, by heartofmagic Kate Makes A Friend

29th August 2012:
LOVE this, it's really enjoyable to read, original and i absolutely adore Oliver! please please please keep writing :)

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Review #44, by Irobbedgringottsandgotaway Kate Makes A Friend

28th August 2012:
Hey I really like this story so far! You should definitely update it soon!!

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Review #45, by Dizzy73 Kate Makes A Friend

12th August 2012:
Smooth, Potter XD I like this Oliver dude :) Can't wait for next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like him! New chapter in the works!

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Review #46, by Talia Kate Makes A Friend

5th August 2012:
Really enjoying this, love Kate's personality and the little conversations with Albus. Hope you update soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! New chapter coming soon :)

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Review #47, by TimeSeer Kate Makes A Friend

26th July 2012:
"You got punched in the face today. You should be distressed."--> Best line ever! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :D Update in the queue!

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Review #48, by cathilde Kate Makes A Friend

23rd July 2012:
You spelled "quite" right. So I love you. And this story. I absolutely adore and cherish this story in all it's glory!!! :D

Author's Response: Haha thank you! I'm so glad you like my story and my spelling/grammar skillz.

Thank you for this quite lovely review :)

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Review #49, by purplewings721 Kate Makes A Friend

18th July 2012:
So, I'm really liking the characters in here. I love how Kate's a photographer and that it makes her a freak. I'm also a photographer (or aiming to be one, that is) and I know how it feels when people look at you weird because you take candid photos of random people. Oliver is also very interesting - his snark and insightfulness compliments Kate lovely. Plus, tatoos are something I've never really seen on a character before. Adds a little spice.

Oh, and I totally ship Kate and Al. Outcast and popular guy? I love it - even if it can be a bit cliche. Although, you do an excellent job of not making it feel all cliche and over used.

There were a few typos and errors, which could easily be fixed with a quick run through and editting, and that's pretty much it.

Update soon!
-Camila :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this lovely review! It makes my day to get reviews like these :)

Yes, Oliver adds quite a bit of spice to our Kate's life.

Yay for Kate/Al shipping! Kale? Katebus? We'll figure it out ;)

Update's coming soon!

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Review #50, by FOREVERwithYOU Kate Makes A Friend

15th July 2012:
Yes, yes, my thoughts. Well, here you go; update as soon as possible!! I love your story. It's shows the life of a girl, a social out-cast, and the popular guy, Al Potter falling in lurrve (sometime along the way). I really, really like it! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it :) Update's coming soon!

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