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Review #51, by apocalypse V

3rd May 2012:
Hey! This is apocalypse, here with your review!

Firstly, I must say, that after the excitement and the awesomeness of the previous chapter, I'd expected something more in this chapter too. I just thought that I'd let you know that when there wasn't much progress, I was a bit disappointed. But not to worry, I'm sure there will be much more up ahead. =D

Anyway, over to characterisation: I think that I really liked Molly's character in this one. You took her another step forwards and showed us quite a few new sides to her. I think that the fact that she's good at chess suits her personality pretty well. For some reason, it made me really happy to know that she was involved in other activities apart from reading and working. =P

Also, I found it very interesting to see you add her thoughts on her parents here. It does give new perspective to her thoughts and I, for one, enjoyed reading about her parents. From her point of view, they sounded like any other normal parents would and that made me happy for her. I suppose it's a very good thing that she has normal life despite her personality.

One more thing, I know that it's essential for the story and that it's how Molly's characterised, but could you somehow, cut down on her thoughts and the details of it all? It's not annoying or anything but it gets boring in chapters like these. I would suggest that when you know that you'll be writing a chapter with little or no progress in it, then make sure that you decrease the thoughts and the detail a bit. I can't believe I'm saying this as I stress on detail and description in every other review; but sometimes, for the sake of your story and to keep your readers from losing interest and skipping paragraphs, you need to cut down on the huge amounts of description. Now, mind you, do NOT cut down too much that it's noticeable. Just so that it prevents me from wanting to skip ahead to parts with more action. =P This is just general advice though; you don't have to follow it. =)

Ah, Cassius. I suppose he's interesting? I don't think I could tell. You know that's another thing about your story. I hadn't been to pinpoint it before but I've noticed this just now that apart from Molly, Dom and Adonis, your other characters seem to be of very less importance even when they're introduced. Perhaps it's because of the lack of emotion on Molly's part but I can't seem to be able to remember them as anything other than random OCs. I suppose, as time goes by, I'll recognize there importance eventually. =)

Andd, I really like Dominique. You've created her and Molly's relationship very well. It's almost like Dom's her sister and not Lucy. Ah, Lucy. Ugh. That's the only way I can describe her judging from Molly's description. You know, it's sort of fitting as they're sisters but totally opposite. You don't get to see that everyday.

Her Adonis! I really liked that scene! I think it was pretty amusing and I had a lot of fun when Molly was embarrassed. It's just her luck. =P -"Instead of impressing him with your intelligence and charming him with your wit, you've appeared like a bumbling, blushing fool who fails to answer the simplest of riddles." - Something that made laugh SO hard that I had to clutch my stomach after that. Really, very hilarious. =P Okay, maybe it's not that funny, but still. At the moment when I read, it was. =P

Eh, plot. Um, Aph, I'm not sure how the plot actually progressed. I suppose you could say that it progressed in manner of characters but other than that, I'm sorry, but I didn't notice anything. =P I think you would know the progress better than me anyway. =)

Pace! As I've already told you, there were a few places where I felt like skipping ahead. But that wasn't because of bad writing or anything. The description and the attention to detail is quite amazing and will always will be for me, so you don't need to worry about that. The paragraphs seemed slower than usual, so I guess you're right in thinking that this chapter moved slower than usual. I don't that that's a very major problem, as long as the next one is amazing like the previous. =P I'm hoping it is, as she was on her way to read, after all. =P

Anything else? Nah, I think I'm done. Update soon, I'm loving the story and the second person! =) Until next time, good luck and Happy Writing!

P.S. I don't know if you remember and I don't remember if I told you, but the one-shot I'd written after being inspired from this story, got validated ages ago. So, if you'd like to check it out, it'll be great =D

Author's Response: Hey there!

Yeah, I thought that might happen... I mean, the last chapter was a fairly big one in terms of stuff happening... thank you for letting me know! There will be stuff coming up, I promise, just... well... I can't really remember when, lol.

Thanks! :D I wondered at first if it might be a bit Sue-like to make her good at chess as well, but it just fitted, you know? Also, I've always imagined Ron and Percy to be quite close as brothers, given they were kind of the ones who got picked on most, so it was a way to make Molly close to Ron as well. And a chance for someone other than George to be someone's favourite uncle :D

I really wanted her family to be normal. I mean, I really don't think Percy and Audrey would be bad parents at all, so I didn't want to go down the 'oh, I hate my parents, woe is me' route. Percy and Audrey will come more into it later, but I'm glad you like them so far! :)

Ooh, right, okay! Thanks for mentioning that! I know I often put huuuge amounts of description into things because I never feel they're described enough, so I'm so glad you mentioned that. I thik someone else has mentioned that as well before, so I'll definitely bear it in mind. I'll try and cut it down - talk to my beta about that, as well. Thanks!

Yeah, with the OCs there is a lack of emotion on Molly's part. She doesn't really consider them friends, as such, hence the sense of removal. Some of them will become much bigger parts of the story (as planned so far - this is subject to change :P) and others will still be minor. I suppose it's probably also coz I tried not to introduce them all in one go, it was more of a bit-by-bit thing, so it might not have worked quite so well... hm... I'll think about that. Thanks for mentioning it!

I'm glad you like Dominique - she's pretty awesome. Like Molly, she's a bit of an outsider (she's a Slytherin Weasley, after all) but she's so different to Molly as well. I really enjoy writing her.

Yes yes yes! Thank you so much! I'm so happy you got that! Molly and Lucy are completely different! I based a lot about them on a pair of twins I know (non-identical in their case) so I'm glad it's transferred well. Lucy's not so bad, though - at least, she isn't in my head :P

Haha, thanks! I wanted to include something like that because everyone's had one of those moments. You want to impress someone so badly, you mess it up completely or you're just distracted enough that by coincidence you end up messing up. Besides, it would have got boring if Molly got the riddle every time :P

Plot? What plot? Yeah, that might have been fault. I'm writing chapter 12 at the moment, so I'm at a completely different point in the story. After I read this review, I went back to check the chapter - and yeah, not much happens. Quite honestly, I'm not sure which chapter I was thinking of when I wrote the request O.o It's almost a weird amalgamation of chapters... sorry about that! :D There was some character progression though... I think...

Thanks for letting me know about that - there's so many details in this it's difficult for me to tell what the pace is, particularly because I know what will happen later on :P Oh gosh, that's a lot for me to try and live up to! Seriously - the pressure! :D

I hope you like the next chapter as much as the previous one ;)

Thank you so so much for this review - it was incredibly helpful and, gah, I'm just so glad you picked up on so many of the things I was trying to do. Thank you! :D

Aph xx

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Review #52, by javct IV

3rd May 2012:

I am so sorry for taking so long! Honestly, I wish I had a good enough excuse - school, work and lack of sleep doesn't seem good enough. But I'm literally falling asleep writing this so I apologize if it doesn't make any sense.

How do you manage to write this without confusing anyone? You've somehow managed to write an incredibly confusing storyline and make it make sense. I love this! The actual book that Molly picked up, it wasn't what I expected. I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't that. I loved it!

So she's reading a book set back in the time of the Marauders? (Sorry, this is me half asleep)

I couldn't pick up any grammatical errors or anything (again).

Gah! I just love this story and can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter.

Author's Response: Haha, honestly it's fine! I know how life can sometimes jump up at you, so don't worry about it ;)

I don't know! Honestly, I have no idea. I occasionally confuse myself when I'm thinking through the details of the plot and how it all works...

Okay, the book. Yeah, this is confusing. Basically, she's reading the diary of a girl who went to school around the time of the Marauders, but I'm writing it like it's just happening... and, well, I can't tell you any more coz it would spoil the plot ;) Sorry!

Thank you so much - I'm so glad you still like it (and your review made perfect sense!)

Aph xx

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Review #53, by LittleWelshGirl99 V

24th April 2012:
LauraLauraLauraLaua!!! Gah, I've been looking forward to reading this all week and thankfully Review Tag has prompted me to ignore homework :)


Ahah, I can completely relate with poor Molly's oversleeping and the sudden panic you always get from it! At least in Hogwarts she doesn't need to catch a train to school though, which makes oversleeping just that harder to get away with :P

Oh, I was just laughing myself into stitches imagining Molly's strange desire to brush the blond boy's hair for him! :') Oh my god, that's just such a legendary line!!

I really like what happens in this chapter- the way the events build up. When the voce asks 'what building has the most stories' I was thinking of 'storeys' !? So actually I have just thought of quite a good riddle (ahem): 'What building has the most stories?' (Person thinks they mean storeys) The Empire State Building? No, a library.

Right, sorry. I'll shut up x)

Annon xxx

Author's Response: AnnonAnnonAnnonAnnon! Hi! :D Yay - ignore homework! ;) (No, don't, you should do it *cough*)

Haha, thank you! :D

I know! I was about to say 'me too' and then I realised I don't really panic as such... but yeah, it's not too difficult for her to get away with it - not that that matters to her, lol.

Brush brush brush... :P I re-read that bit after I saw this review, and I kinda get what you mean... it is kinda funny, lol. Thanks! :D

Thank you so much! Haha, nice riddle :P

Haha, don't worry about it - it's fine!

Aph xx

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Review #54, by ScorpiusRose17 V

22nd April 2012:
This was another brilliant chapter! I am still amazed at how well you keep it all in second person. I think it adds to it really well. =)

I liked Molly's characterization. I like how you show us that she is smart when it comes to playing chess, but she is not so snobby about it like I have seen her written in other stories. It's been a relief to read about her in a good light because I was worried that it was how people always portrayed her. She shows a wonderful caring side in this chapter with Cassius and I liked how she wasn't able to answer the riddle. It made her more human and more relatable.

I am still worried about the book that she started to read and how it has started to throw her off. Like waking up late and what not. I am excited to see what else happens with it, even though I am nervous.

You've done a wonderful job with the description and the pace along with the flow has been consistantly well balanced and smooth throughout the chapters I've read so far. It's nice and steady.

Overall, I think this is just an amazing story. I have become very fond of reading about Molly. I love her character and the way you have brought her to life in the story. I love the way you describe the scenes and atmosphere. The pace and flow are well balanced and smooth. I am worried about that book though. Thank you for writing something so intriguing to the mind!

Keep up the great work! =)


Author's Response: Haha, thank you! It's got so much easier as I've gone along... I dunno... it just fits, I guess.

Thanks! I know, I've seen a couple of snobbish Mollys (and Lucys, too) so I knew at the beginning that I wanted to stay away from those sorts of lines. Molly's such a perfectionist, so it's fun to play around with her character - setting up Cassius as an opponent (and a close one too) and giving her riddles she can't do. I'm so mean to my characters, but ah well. Thank you!

Haha - you should be! ;) Yeah, more stuff will definitely happen with it, although you won't find out everything until... a certain point. (I haven't got to that bit yet, lol).

Thank you! I always worry about that - particularly when things get more dramatic, you know? It always feels faster to me, and I wonder if it's the same for everyone else and it just doesn't work...

Thank you so so much for this! I love this review! You've targeted everything I'm worried about, you've picked up on the book (which is key to the plot :D), you're understanding my characters so perfectly... gah, it's just amazing! Thank you so much!

Aph xx

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Review #55, by TheGoldenKneazle V

22nd April 2012:
Hi there!

Aah I loved all the new sides we're seeing to Molly! I'd been wondering when the chess part of it might come in, and it was brilliant how you wrote her with her opponent. Cassius sees ordinary but unique, and very real because of it - somebody who likes playing chess and who desperately wants to beat Molly.

It was interesting how Molly over-slept too. The absolute panic she was in showed how much she liked her fragile control, and I can't help wondering how Malea is affecting her in that case. The scandal is still somewhere between the two girls, and I so want to find out how it will affect the both of them!

I feel so sorry for poor Molly, being told how unsociable she is, and making a silly mistake in front of her Adonis. It's so humiliating for her, but I loved the comparison to Percy, because it /is/what he was like, and it does make sense. I want to see some of Lucy, though, too - she's someone lurking in the background at the moment, and I look forward to meeting her :)

Absolutely gorgeous chapter, though, and I can't wait to read the next one! :D

Author's Response: Hey there!

I actually play chess very badly, so that's why this came in so late, lol. Writing it was surprisingly difficult, and I actually cut a bit of it during November (cutting words during NaNo? A crime, I know!) because I hated it. Cassius is sweet - he will turn up again, so I'm glad you like him!

Exactly! Ooh, gosh, I'm so happy you got that! Yeah, she has her routine and as long as she sticks to it everything's fine - but as soon as it breaks (even slightly) it's the end of the world! Plus, she nearly missed breakfast. That is the end of the world, lol. Ooh, the scandal... it will affect one of them more than the other... but I won't say which one ;)

I know! It's such a common mistake, though, I think, to just freeze up, particularly in front of someone you like. Percy is probably one of my favourite Weasleys (not that that says much since I love all of them) because he's so unexplored, and such a wonderfully complicated character. The father-daughter bond will be important later on, as well ;) Lucy... Lucy will come into it at some point. Not for a while, though - and this is deliberate, I promise.

Thank you so so much! It's so incredible that you keep following this - thank you so much for that as well!

Aph xx

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Review #56, by TheGoldenKneazle IV

20th April 2012:
Hi there!

Omigosh we met Malea! 8O I love how she was different to Molly, because she was a Slytherin and more calculating, but she was very similar too. Their mannerisms were just close enough to be reminiscient of one another, and I love how you showed her obssession with Rodolphus and all of her family in just one short scene! The third-person-POV also seemed to work better for her, somehow; her slightly cold manner made it much more fitting to have a little distance.

And the flickers of Molly getting into Malea's head - they were wonderful! I love how they're being a little introduced already, and Molly's reaction to them too. It seems so dreamlike at the moment, but I can't wait to see how they're progressed.

I'm so intrigued by the little incident with French Boy and Bad Girl at the end! It seems like it was Molly who heard them, but I'm not sure if some Malea slipped in there too - and I feel like it might be Louis, since he's French and all, but that's sort of a red herring too since he's obvious, but is /that/ a red herring too? And I really like Louis D:

Eep, off to read the next chapter! 10/10!

Author's Response: Haha, I love your enthusiasm! :D It's so wonderful! Yeah, they are kinda similar, aren't they? It was completely unintentional - mostly - since when I planned it, I didn't want it to be like they were mirrors of each other or incarnations or anything like that. They're entirely separate people. Thrid person... yeah, it does suit her a little more, I guess (honestly, I never thought of it like that before), but I mostly chose it for contrast :P

Thank you! :D Ah, yes... I'm not quite sure what to say here, since I don't want to give anything away... er... they're significant? :P

Haha, French Boy and Bad Girl! I like those nicknames... ah, they're brilliant! I may start using them myself, lol. Ooh, nice guess! I can't say anything (that seems to be recurring theme in this response... sorry!) but it is a nice guess :P And I like Louis too - he's so adorable in a very unadorable way, if you know what I mean.

Thank you for this really lovely review! :hug:
Aph xx

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Review #57, by charlottetrips Prologue

15th April 2012:
Intriguing. Very intriguing. To be honest, I've avoided this story because it seems like it would be scary. And maybe it still will be but I don't care now that I'm reading this. I'm impressed, first of all, that you're doing this story in 2nd person. Not sure if you're going to keep it up the entire way but it's interesting and I like reading stories like that. I think it harks back to my old "Goosebump" stories (if you don't know what that is then I'm sorry, Google it :P ).

The language was wonderful. Though the sentences tended to run long here and there, I don't care. I think it creates a wonderful effect especially since we're basically in Molly's mind and I don't worry about sentence structure in my own head. No grammar or spelling errors which is so relieving because I'm nitpicky and those tend to distract me, even if a little.

You wanted to lose yourself, she wanted to find herself and, somewhere along the line, you met each other. - the idea of schizophrenia in the wizarding world, though this is probably more than just that, is interesting. I can see the family around her, in their actions and the thoughts of Molly, worry about her and want her to get better. But I also see Molly's rejection of their opinions. I myself help a lot of people through different trials in life and it's such a natural reaction.

All in all, this is a start that has captured my imagination so I shall keep reading (soon). :)


Author's Response: Haha, honestly I'm not sure if it will be scary or not (I'm the kind of person who doesn't get scared by things I read so I'm a really bad judge of that), so I can only shrug about that. Yeah, the second person is going to be around for the entire story! It's interesting for me coz this is the first thing I ever wrote in it. Goosebump stories! Ah, I remember those! :D Thanks!

Yeah, I ramble. A lot. Numerous teachers have told me off for using incredibly long sentences, lol.

It's not quite schizophrenia... more schizophrenia in a very literal sense, I suppose, lol. I'm glad you think it's a natural reaction, as I have no experience with anything like this at all, either in reading or RL, so it's a bit of a stab in the dark for me.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Aph xx

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Review #58, by apocalypse IV

13th April 2012:
Hey! This is apocalypse, here with your review! Wow, I'm early, aren't I? =P Couldn't wait!

How do you do it? Seriously. How do you pull it off without confusing anybody? The start? It was AMAZINGLY done. Really. Had it been written by someone else or even slightly differently, I would've gotten confused and wondered what was happening and why, all of a sudden, everything was in third person. But with you and your excellent writing, I simply got pulled into the story as if by magnet and completely forgot that I was supposed to be confused. Seriously. I didn't care that something was different and that I was reading some other story in this story. I just wanted to read on and on and get the feel of it all. I couldn't stop reading, because, I knew, that eventually, everything will be set right and the confusion I'm supposed to be feeling, wouldn't be necessary. Excellent, wonderful, marvelous job. Brilliant! =D

I really like the names you chose for your characters of the book. Of course, it's obvious that they're more than just book characters in the story so they had to have awesome names, right? =P Malea, Medora and Malcolm. Nice =) Ah. Malea. I have to say that I really like her character. She's pure Slytherin in a way which makes her all the more interesting as she's so different from Molly. Then there's her infatuation with Lestrange. That, I think, is one very intriguing idea. I had never thought that I would view Lestrange as a very tempting guy but Malea's point of view changed that. It was like I, too had a crush on him. =P Sounds weird, yes, but awesome writing does that to me. ;)

You did a good job with describing Malea's life and her feelings all in a small excerpt. It was only a few hundred words but you managed to convey her life story very beautifully and acquainted your readers with her personality very well. I loved the way you showed her relationship with her brother and sister and what she thought of her parents' opinions. The part where she considered improving her studies just so that Lestrange could notice her, that part made me laugh for some reason. It was so naive that I couldn't help but smile at it all. =) Again, very good work with it all.

And then we come back to reality and the all wonderful second person that you have so brilliantly executed. The dream/ nightmare that Molly had was written very well and at the point where it morphed and turned into something like a real vision, my heart starting beating faster. Really. It was like I had gotten out of bed and was trying to listen in to what was going on. The way you described it and the suspenseful feel that you gave to it all, that was just great. I was pulled in even deeper, standing along with Molly, trying to figure out what the French phrases meant. =P

The plot has finally started to unravel which is great! I've fallen in love with the story already and can't wait to see how you take it forward! This chapter was one of the best I've ever read and would ever read. It just had a very familiar feel for me for some reason and I felt attached to it after reading it. Wouldn't ever forget how brilliant it was. I think that if I could I would actually give you a standing ovation right now, just because the chapter that marks a very important turn in your story was written so brilliantly that it highlights the events within it even more. Wonderfully done!

Ah, that's it from me at the moment! =) Update soon! I'll be looking forward to it! I hope you like this review as much I liked your chapter! =) Until next time, Good Luck and Happy Writing! =D

Author's Response: Wow, I really wasn't expecting it so fast! I'm very impressed, lol - seriously, I don't know how you do it :D

Gosh *blush* I honestly don't know. It was kinda a gamble when I was writing it - I knew I wanted to do it like that and why I wanted to do it like that - but I had no idea if it would work... Ah, gosh I'm so glad you liked it and thought it worked! So so glad! :D

I love choosing names for characters! They have to fit them, you know? Suit them, in a way. There's also a much younger sister called Melisandra, just to complete the pattern :P Thank you! I really really hoped when I first wrote her that she would be obviously different from Molly, because they are kinda similar and, well, that would be kinda awkward, lol. I chose Lestrange mostly because it's always Snape/Lucius/etc. and I wanted to use someone different, who I could sort of mould to do the things I want them to do without them being out of character, you know? Haha, thanks! Don't get too attached to him, though... or, maybe you should. ;)

I wasn't sure if pushing that much information in such a small space and with so little action would get boring or not, but it was fun to write and kinda necessary for later bits of the plot and things... haha, yeah, it's a silly idea, really, but people don't always think straight when they're infatuated, do they? *cough* James Potter Sr. *cough* :D

Ah, the dream! Yeah, the dream is perhaps more significant than you realise ;) Thank you! I never honestly thought I could do suspense (I'm very impatient in RL, and the two don't seem like they're compatible), so... ah! Thank you! :D (Writing the French was probably the hardest bit of the entire chapter, I think. I was paranoid over getting the grammar/phrasing wrong, lol)

Oh my gosh! Thank you so so much! I honestly don't really know what to say in reply to that, it's just... gah, so lovely! :D Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the wonderful, wonderful review!
Aph xx

p.s. Thank you so so much for being a lovely, lovely reviewer! You've picked up on pretty much everything so far and it just makes me grin like an idiot. I love all your reviews! (I've actually read this one over at least once a day since I got it, just because it makes me feel so happy :D) So, yeah, thank you!

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Review #59, by GillyweedFan Prologue

12th April 2012:
I really got into this while reading it! I think you started out well; your description of the library and the books really set the scene for us to fall into. It feels really natural when you read it because of your attention to detail.

The second-person narrative technique isn't something I've read before, or something I've ever used for a whole chapter.
However, I think you've pulled it off really well and it was very effective in capturing Molly's perspective of things, such as her feelings about eating and how she feels about reading - again, all pulled off through excellent description and a wide use of adjectives.

The switch of narrative towards the end with the use of 'she' rather than 'you' changed the tone as it fitted, creating a really mysterious atmosphere about the plot. I'm left with questions, a lot of questions I want filling in from this...what is the potion she's taking, what is the backstory, how did this 'other' Molly come about and what is she going to do?

I'm not normally a reader of Next-Gen stories, but I will definitely try and find time to continue this fic, as I think it's well-written and has an interesting foundation upon which to continue.

Author's Response: Thanks! :D I was kinda description-obsessed when writing this (still am, really) so that's why it's so heavy. I'm glad you thought it worked, though!

I've never used second person before this and now I really like it, tbh. It's kinda fun :P It's so good to hear that you think it works and like it - I'm always nervous as to what people think about it, since everything makes sense to me as the author, lol!

Haha, I'm glad you're left with questions! That was my intention... all of those questions will be answered, I promise! ;) Just, you know, maybe not soon... :P

Seriously? Wow, I'm really flattered by that. Thanks so much! That's amazing! :D

Thank you so much for this lovely review - and I'm so happy I've converted you to Next Gen (even if only a little :P)!
Aph xx

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Review #60, by AC_rules IV

9th April 2012:
I was really thrown when I started reading this and it wasn't in your beautiful second person but instead your beautiful first person. Then it all clicked into place and I did a mental cheer because the transition was so clever and well done and ah. I love the whole concept of this and now it's really hotting up.

Her confusion was just so perfect with the whole dream, the whole idea behind Rodolphus being dark and the other being light, and all the description in this was just as beautiful and clean and wonderful as ever.

I loved everything about this and, I swear it, next time I'll be up to date with this chapter and will review without being pushed by a review swap! Thanks for writing such a wonderful story - you really are very fabulous :D


Author's Response: Haha, sorry! I'm glad you liked it, though - I was really worried it would be too confusing/weird/etc. coz I've never read anything where that happens so it was a bit of a leap in the dark.

Ah, the dream... :P There's more confusion to come for poor Molly, but I'm glad you think it works well! The light/dark thing I really didn't do intentionally, but when I created Adonis I looked at him and was sort of like 'huh. They're like opposites'. Thanks! :D

Haha, don't worry about it! I'm still behind on reviewing Azkaban (I will review every chapter of it, even if it kills me!), so it's not that big a deal :D

Thank you for the wonderful review! (And you're welcome for the story!)
Aph xx

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Review #61, by javct III

4th April 2012:
AH! I love reading about Quidditch- it's one of those things that I don't go out of my way to read but when I do read it I really enjoy it.

The characterisation (is still) brilliant! Victoire was written really good and I love the family dynamic between all of them; it was such an original way to write them :) Molly's crush is intriguing me. I want to know who he is! IS HE FROM THE BOOK THAT SHE IS ABOUT TO READ? OR MENTIONED IN IT? (Sorry, random speculations about what happens next haha).

Once again, the pace is good. You wrote the Quidditch really well (A lot of Quidditch stories are too fast paced and i'm like "whaa?")

That last line! What a cliffhanger! I think I'm just going to go ahead and read the next chapter without you even asking haha.


Author's Response: Haha, that's good because I quite enjoy writing it. It's pretty fun - even if you do have to find surnames for fourteen people, plus a commentator, etc.

I've got to admit, I was most worried about Victoire because she was the one I was least sure about in my head, but she seems to have come across alright. Haha, the crush unfortunatly isn't from the book or mentioned in it, but I'm glad you're intrigued... and I shall say no more! :P

Quidditch is fun to write! It was hard to get the pacing in terms of the Snitch and abilities - you know, not to make Louis seem too good - but, hm... I enjoyed it!

I love cliffhangers! I hate reading them, but I love using them!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it - and thank you so so much for the really lovely reviews!
Aph xx

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Review #62, by javct II

4th April 2012:
Back again!

I love this story! It's so original! I adore the imagery and description you are using in this story. I think this chapter has to be the best so far.

The characterisation has been consistent throughout the past three chapters which is really good :) I still love how you've written Molly as a normal teenage girl (in a lot of fan fictions they have dramatic storylines, hide behind an attitude etc. etc.) and I like Dominique as well. There is a bit of debate whether she is a girl or a boy but to me she'll always be a girl :)

Ooo! Molly has a crush; can't wait to see where this goes :) Honestly, I can't find anything wrong with this story: the pace is well set out and you've written in 2nd person so beautifully :)

*Jumps to the next chapter eagerly*

Author's Response: I'm kinda obsessed with imagery and description, lol, so I'm glad you like it! Really? Honestly, I can barely remember what happens in this chapter... thanks!

Dominique is always a girl to me too! I tried to make them both as normal as possible, while still being somewhat removed from the 'normal' of their family, if that makes sense. Like Dom's a Slytherin and Molly's book-obsessed. I'm glad you like the characterisation, though - I have so much fun writing them!

Haha, yeah, she does. Or does she? lol.

Thank you so much for this review! (and particularly all the compliments!

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Review #63, by javct I

4th April 2012:
javct45 here with your review! (again)

I had to have a quick read through the first chapter again (because I had almost forgotten what it was about) and have to say that I had almost forgotten just how much I loved your story! I adored this! It's such a unique storyline and it's written so well in second-person (which is a POV that is rare to find, and even rarer to find written well- which was what you have done)

I loved your characterisation. Next-Gen characters are pretty much OCs because we know so little about them but I love the wat you have written Molly. She's a girl; just a normal average girl (which is something you don't see very often in stories). Her fascination with Pride & Prejudice is amazing (Also, I might add, Pride & Prejudice is my favourite book)

I like the pace. It's not going too fast or too slow. I hope we learn the name of the seventh year Molly was talking too. Great chapter and onto the next one :D

Author's Response: It's good to see you back! :D

*blushes* Thanks so much! I'm still enjoying writing this (which is so rare for me) so everything seems to be going well - and the pov is actually getting to be quite fun :P

It really irks me when most OCs or characters have hugely complicated family lives/pasts/etc. so I really wanted to void that whole idea. Also, there's plenty of drama anyway :P I love that book too! And the films... ah, so good.

Ooh, the seventh year... I know his name! *smirks* You don't actually find out for a while, unfortunately, but he will turn up again, don't worry!

Thanks for the lovely, lovely review!
Aph xx

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Review #64, by BoOkWoRm24 Prologue

30th March 2012:
Wow this was really good. When I started my I was kind of worried. I haven't read much in the second person and every english teacher I know has told me to avoid it, but this was really good. You didn't introdce us to Molly, you made us Molly. I loved it.

The concept is good too. A witch that has some kind of mental disorder that magically came out of some book- its interesting. I'm going to read the next chapter now hopefully I'll run into you again in BvB review battle

Author's Response: I've never been told not to use second person, lol, but then I've never written or read anything in second person either ;) I'm glad you liked it, though - it was a bit of an experiment, to be honest.

I'm glad you like the idea - I wasn't sure how it would go down, tbh, coz it seemed a little out there, you know? But it seems to be okay...

Thank you for this lovely review - and for wanting to read on! :D
Aph xx

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Review #65, by LivingFairytale Prologue

30th March 2012:
Hi! It's Livingfairytale from the forums with your requested review. Let's get started!

First impression: So, basically I don't read a lot of next-gen stories. It's not that I dislike them very much, but I find it difficult to relate with characters we know so little about, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, I must admit that this prologue really intrigued me.

Characterization & Plot: I think you did a really good job on the characterization. I usually avoid stories written from second point of view, because most of the time they are poorly written; but this was beautiful! It didn't bother me at all, even though using 'you' and 'she' was sometimes a little confusing. You created the right amount of suspense, without giving too much of the plot away, well done! I really want to know what happens next. And what is this potion all about? I'm way too curious!

Plot flow: It seems to me, you have the plot looking the way you want it to. It's flowing nicely, smoothly, without boring the reader.

Overall: I think you did an amazing job on this prologue! It got me curious to read more. Please feel free to re-request anytime you want! You're a great writer, keep it up!

x Livingfairytale

Author's Response: Haha, I know what you mean! I don't tend to read Hogwarts-era myself, so I totally get that ;) I'm glad it intrigued you, though, even if it isn't something you normally read!

I've actually never written anything in second person before - this was my first shot - so it was a pretty new experience for me. I used 'you' and 'she' to hopefully try and avoid confusion (sorry that it didn't completely work out! :D) and to try and separate the characterisation. Haha, I can't give anything away just yet ;) Sorry!

Ah, I'm so glad you think it's flowing nicely - I was so worried when I went back over it for the first time that it would be too slow or not enough to keep people interested! I am more relieved than you can imagine at the moment!

Thank you so much for this really lovely review!
Aph xx

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Review #66, by Tonks1247 IV

30th March 2012:
Hello! I saw the fifth chapter of this was posted and I just couldn’t /help/ but read it before bed. I knew it would really jump into the realms of this book Molly found and all the secrets and events of the past contained within it. And the suspense of needing to sleep knowing this chapter was out wouldn’t have gone well…

Anyways, this chapter was, like the rest, amazing! It didn’t take me long to be drawn into the events of the chapter, trying to work out what was going on. I will admit, when I first started reading, I was totally lost about who the story was talking about. But then I remembered the book, and how that took place in Marauder era and the confusion left. And I don’t think you should change any part of that, despite my minor confusion. I don’t know quite how to put it into words that make sense, but that really helped draw me into reading.

Another thing I really enjoyed about that beginning part with Malea [which is an awesome name!] is that it was written in third person. I completely understand why you did that and I’m really glad you did that because it really helped differentiate between what era I was reading in. It made me mentally take note of which character I was following in the words, which made the transition between the two great.

Malea’s character, along with Medora, Melcolm, and Rodolphus have pretty good introductions in this chapter. I feel like I get a pretty good understanding of Malea’s character for sure, along with Melcolm, but I am looking forward to a bit more information on the others. It’s not necessarily that I don’t feel like I understand the other two, I think it’s more of I feel like I have more of an imcomplete picture. It’s nothing you have to worry about, as I’m sure their characters will become more prominent as the chapters go on, but something I thought I would mention…

And before moving on to the second part of the chapter, there were a couple wording and/or sentence structure things I noticed in the first half of the chapter:

“Alone of the pairs of eyes, she stayed looking, watching the way his face lit up when he laughed, the way he threw his head back.” –The beginning of this sentence throws me off a bit…I think it’s a bit repetitive maybe, and that’s what’s throwing it off? Definitely something to take a look at…

“Medora followed her gaze – it was hardly difficult, after all, and her sister’s infatuation with Rodolphus Lestrange wasn’t anything new.” –Instead of ‘and’ I think the better word would be ‘as,’ just for the sake of wording and the understanding of the sentence.

“What would be worst, though, was that, should such a thing happen, Rodolphus Lestrange would know. “ –‘worse’ instead of ‘worst’. I think that may be preference of word choice, so you don’t have to make the change, but I’m not sure.

Those are the only three things from that first part of the chapter, and really of the entire chapter. Because that second part? Absolutely beautiful. You further build on Molly’s character [I will eventually stop speaking of her characterization xD], and really give a new insight on what this book is doing to her. Well, at least the start of what this book is doing. And by that I mean the dream. Or nightmare. Or whatever it is. Because that? It was giving me the chills just reading it. It seems eerily strange and makes me wonder if it’s part of what’s going on in this diary/book or what. I actually felt sort of like Molly waking up from that dream: mildly disorientated and trying to figure out what exactly happened.

This really was a brilliant chapter! I’m so glad the story got an update and I decided to stay up to read it. Great job! Cannot wait for more! :D


Author's Response: Oh my gosh - thank you! Thank you so so much! I can't honestly believe that you like this that much - seriously. I'm having trouble typing this... I think I might be in shock, lol. I just can't believe it... thank you so much! :D

A few other people have mentioned that it was confusing - that they weren't sure what was going on, so I was a bit concerned, but thank you for saying that you think it helps, rather than hinders! I was really worried...

Haha, thanks! I did have fun looking up the names for some of the characters. I actually originally intended to switch between third and second person for Molly and Malea (confusing, right? :P) at times, but then decided not to, lol. I still get confused between the two povs every now and then... :P

Yeah, I introduced the characters in Molly's era a lot more slowly, I think, which probably doesn't help, whereas here I kinda flung them all in. There will be more development on all of them, but I can't remember when that actually is... :D Sorry! I'll definitely bear that in mind when I do the next Malea bit, so thanks!

Hm... yes, I'll definitely take a look at that soon - and the other two changes as well. I see what you mean about it being a little off... thanks for pointing it out! Honestly, you're too good to me, you know that? :D

With the book, I'm really trying to show what the book's doing to her, rather than tell, you know? I'm not sure if it's working - but I'm so happy the dream/nightmare/thing (I'm not giving anything away :P) gave you chills. It is significant, but perhaps not obviously so...

Thank you so so much for this review! I really didn't expect it at all - and so many compliments with things I could improve on, as well as targetting (whether you realise it or not) everything I'm most worried about. Seriously, you're amazing! :) :) :)

Aph xx

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Review #67, by ScorpiusRose17 IV

29th March 2012:
Hi there!

I thought you did a wonderful job characterizing your characters throughout this chapter. Molly has such a nice depth to her. I thought that the setting was very well done and very well described. The pace was smooth and at first I was confused, but that's because I hadn't done a review on your story since I read it last. Once I remembered what I was reading about and that Molly had that book the begining made a lot more sense to me. It kind of threw off the flow, but like I said you need to read the previous chapters in order to understand this chapter.

I thought that it was very believable the way that you portrayed your characters emotions and mannerisms. I was happy when I saw at the bottom that you translated the French. I know a couple of languages, but French isn't one of them. I thought it was nice to see in a story though and it fit with what you were trying to convey.

I didn't see any typos or spelling problems which was nice. =)

I thought the jumps were very interesting. I always like it when a new thing gets introduced in a story. It can make it more complex which I love! I am certainly nervous about Molly and this book though...and the dream that she had...I can't wait to see what happens!

Keep up the great work! =)


Author's Response: Thank you! I only realised that it might be confusing after I'd put it in the queue and then I didn't want to change it - and, to be honest, I'm not really sure how I'd change it either. I'm glad it made sense when you remembered the book, though - that makes me feel better! ;)

Thanks! I wanted to include the French because (apart from the fact that I speak it) Lestrange is an actual French surname, so he kinda needs to be French. In my head, he and his brother are French *shrugs*

I'm glad the jumps weren't too confusing! Haha, this is probably going to get complex, lol. As for as Molly and the book and the dream are concerned... you're probably right to be worried ;)

Thanks so much for the lovely review!
Aph xx

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Review #68, by LittleWelshGirl99 IV

29th March 2012:
Aph, you are doing a terrific job at distracting me from doing boring stuff like Maths revision :P

I'm loving these characters. Plus Malea and Medora are such awesome names, I just went EEMAGOSH at them, then ogled.

One teeny eeny miny bit of confusion: this is a next-gen right? So why is there Rodolphus Lestrange in the first bit with Malea.. Have I just missed something? o.O

I think I'm drooling over Rodolphus though ;)

I absolutely lurve the first two paragraphs-my favourites, definintely. 'she thought it looked more dashing. More princely.' Ah, so gorgeous!

This was all so great. As per usual ;)

LOVE YOU DARLING. Now I really have to go and do.stuff. Like Maths. Yeah (maths doesn't like me and I don't like quadratic equasions so we're all hunky dory really).

Author's Response: Haha, I'm not sure what to say to that... er... I'm glad? :D ;)

They are fun names! I love picking out names for characters, even though I stress out over them, hehe. I'm glad you like the characters - I was a little unsure when I first wrote them because I knew how they were in my head, but they didn't seem to transfer well...

Ah yeah, lol. The bits in the book (i.e. the bits with Malea in) are Marauder-era, hence Rodolphus Lestrange and his delightful accent ;) (Don't worry, I kinda drool over him too, hehe)

Love you too!

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Review #69, by AC_rules III

25th March 2012:
Ah, we've really go to the exciting bit now! She's opened the book and I can't wait to see what happens. I guess there's a little more information about that now, which is good, but I for real can't wait for there to be more of this story to read and drool over because it's just so good.

Every time i read another chapter I'm just amazed by the ease of the narrative and the beautiful use of second person, it's startling how it doesn't make my head spin - but it doesn't. I love Victoire and Dom and Louis, they all seem so very real. I love that.

Oh yeah, that's another thing, I love how you've used JKs Hogwarts with things focused on like quidditch try outs rather than mad drama and such.

Anyway, another lovely chapter and I can't wait to read more :)


Author's Response: She's opened the book! :D Yeah, everything's going to pick up now... Thank you so much! :D

Thank you - it's got easier as I've written more of it, I think, and it's actually quite fun to write :) Ah, the cousins - I really, really want them to seem real so thank you for saying that! :D

I really hate stories which focus on having lots of drama rather than anything else, so I'm including a lot of rather mundane things... like homework and classes and things. Thank you!

Thank you so much for a lovely review! (I'm so glad you're still enjoying it!)

Aph xx

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Review #70, by apocalypse III

24th March 2012:
Hey! This is apocalypse, here with your review!

Firstly can I just tell you that how well I think the second person seems to be working for you. You have really done a good job with keeping it perfect and effortless that I can't help but admire your style in this story every time I read it. Really good job!

Over to the characters: Hmm, every time I read this story, I begin liking Molly's character all over again. You've done a really good job with her personality; yes, you've made her a bookworm but I think that it suits her very well. The best part about her is that even though she tends to stay alone in the Library and the society in general, she's still able to maintain her relationships with her cousins very well. Her conversations with them do not appear uncomfortable or distant.

I think that I need to compliment your ability to create your characters perfectly in this story. They need more appreciation here seeing as how you've made them so original and casual that they're used to Molly's behaviour but still respect her as their cousin and are civil to her. Dom, Vic and Louis are the best of them I think =) It's strange how she's very close with Louis; I think I particularly like this friendship more than the others =)

It's good to see Victoire being portrayed more than just a 'diva' =P She's genuine and caring and can see when people are troubled around her. I think that this quality that you've added in her sets her apart from her usual characterisations which is one of the reasons why I like her so much in this story. Excellent job =)

The plot's going really very good. I think that you're an excellent job with the pacing of the entire story. You brought the book to your readers' notice a little earlier just to grab their interest and now, finally, you've made her start reading it. I have to say that the last few lines of this chapter were almost like magic with words. The elaborate detail and the excellent usage of words made me want to read the same book she was reading. I had never thought that the passion that anyone has for reading can ever be described in perfect words but I think you've done it. It feels like you've conveyed the feelings of every book lover in those last few lines. I'm sure those feelings must feel as familiar to other readers as they did to me. Brilliant job =D

Yes, it's definitely realistic. It's a Next-Gen story but it feels way more familiar than many others I have read but perhaps that's because of the second person. Nevertheless, it's going perfect so far and I'm really glad that you didn't drag everything much and have finally reached the point where the main object of the story comes back into focus. =) I can't wait to see how you carry it on further. =D Also, I'm really very interested in this guy she has a crush on now =P You have been so remarkable in grabbing my interest that I can't wait to learn more about him! =)

Another really good chapter! I'm really liking this story so far and I hope that you keep it going the same way =D Hope you like this review! Until next time, Good Luck and Happy Writing! =D

Author's Response: Hey there! I'm so glad to see you back again!

Ah, thank you so much! I have to admit, second person has got easier as I've written more of it (I'm currently on chapter 11), but still... thank you so much! :D

I am so so paranoid about characterisation it's almost surreal, so you have no idea how happy you saying that has made me :) :) :) Personally, I always think it's a bit unrealistic when people make their 'bookworm' character also completely incapable of functioning in normal society - just because people hang around in libraries often doesn't mean they don't know how to talk (yes, I am a person who hangs around in libraries :P). Anyway, thank you so so much for that! You've really made me feel so much more confident about this - and the characters!

Yeah, the plot's kinda picked up now, I think, since things have started moving. Thank you! Thank you so much!

Aha, sorry - the mysterious Adonis will turn up again, I promise, but not for a while... but you will (eventually) find out more about him. Hopefully not too far in the future that you lose interest! :P

Ah, gosh, I don't really know what to say! Thank you so so much for the wonderful, wonderful review! Seriously! This has pretty much made my day... :D Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Aph xx

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Review #71, by LittleWelshGirl99 III

20th March 2012:
Aph! I can't belive I didn't realise the fourth chapter was up x) Sorry! But I'm sort of not sorry because it made a lovely treat for me to read on a Tuesday night.

The more I read of Molly, the more I absolutely love her so much! She's so similiar to me that it's kind of scary. I particularly love how she's angry with herself about the fact she had an argument with Dom over a boy, scolding herself for being so shallow.

And Louis! Oh my gosh, his obliviousness is so adorable I could melt 8D.

AH wow, I love the mystery with the diary at the end. The way you describe it is so delicate (I imagine your descriptions as little butterflies flitting over the page), and beautiful. Loved it!

Annon x

Author's Response: Annon! You're late! Hehe, no, it's totally fine - I'm just glad you stopped by :D

Thank you! I assure you I didn't base her on you, lol. Perhaps next time I start a story, I'll write you in, if you want ;)

Louis is adorable! I love him so much it's hard to ignore him... I keep thinking 'I must put Louis in soon'. :P

Seriously? Little butterflies flitting over the page? Gosh, that's so amazing (and a pretty awesome description too ;) ), thank you so much! :D Yes, the diary is very mysterious... I like my mystery, lol.

Thank you so much for the (totally unexpected) review! It really made my day!
Aph xx

p.s. sorry about the over-usage of smilies.
p.p.s. and the abuse of the word 'totally', lol.

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Review #72, by Tonks1247 III

17th March 2012:
Hello! I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am that there is a new chapter of this story! I was planning on reading it this weekend, even if you hadn’t requested, just because I really feel drawn to this story [Ahahaha…end of chapter matching start of review…why is that funny? Gosh I need sleep…]. I’m not sure what it is about it, but I am beyond excited and curious to see what happens! Now. On with my review of the chapter already.

I don’t even know what to say about characterization that I haven’t already…it is just phenomenal. I can’t come up with a single complaint, especially when it comes to Molly’s character. I think second person for the point of view really brings out her character and every other character she interacts with. I really get a feel for her relationships with everyone and it’s just…it’s wow. [This goes for Dominique, Victoire and Louis too…they’re all fantastic characters!]

The flow and plot were also fantastic! You really have a rhythm with this story, and it makes it so easy to read! I get sucked into what’s going on and feel all but mesmerized by the words. They go together so nicely, in most places, and it really is fantastic. There was one place the flow got a little iffy, which sort of has to do with plot too, yet it doesn’t…it was just confusing:

“Morning, Molls,” Jake yawns, stumbling out of the door behind you and you give him a smile and a ‘hello’ in response. He looks, you’re pleased to see, about as tired as you feel. Running a hand through his light brown hair, he adds, “Are we all here? How about food?” –With this, I was confused at what door Jake stumbled out. I know Molly and Louis were in the common room, but door behind Molly? Something to edit with more description maybe?

One other plot-y flow-y thing that I’ll mention before finishing up on plot would be:

“Looping an arm through yours, he begins to drag you off towards the castle, Victoire on his other side.” ~“Anyway, lunch,” Louis grins, starting off towards the castle at a brisk pace, dragging you all along with him. “ ~You have the first sentence followed a couple sentences later by the second one. They are mildly repetitive and it makes it a bit confusing, so you may want to edit one of the two of them so it doesn’t repeat, if that makes sense?

Jumping back to finish up on plot: AH!!! THE BOOK! This is /the/ book, correct? The one with the character in the prologue? The ‘second’ person or mind in Molly’s head? The other one? AH! Sorry, but I’m uber excited! She’s finally starting the book and it’s just…it’s so exciting! I want to know what happens because I know something does with the book and just…gah! Write more! ;D

Okay. It’s out of my system now. I think… But really, the book! She finally settles in to read the book and I am SOO excited and curious to see what happens. Especially because it’s the book. The one that changes everything. And I’m just excited. And I’ll stop going off about it as I repeat myself 50 billion times over xD

Now…I have one nitpicky thing, which was the only thing other than those two plot/flow things I already mentioned, that I noticed during the chapter:

“It’s important to talk to other people, Molly. Everyone has to in later life and it’s only going to get harder as you get older.” ~Nitpicky, very much so, but the ‘in’ before later doesn’t need to be there. Not really, at least.

Other than those three things, this was fantastic! I was totally amazed in it’s awesomeness and cannot wait for more! And so to finish this review, I’ll share my two favourite lines. But before that, I apologize if I sound spazy. I’m tired, need sleep, and was really impressed with this chapter. It was fantastic! ♥

“Louis mumbles something inaudible in response, but which you’re sure is something his mother would smack him around the head for saying.”

“Immediately, you’re immersed in the story. The first word leaps up, takes you by the hand and drags you amongst the ebony-black words and the cream pages to a world so similar, yet so unspeakably different.”

Great job! Can’t wait for more! :D

Author's Response: I think I'm getting a habit of requesting reviews from people when they're already intending to read this, lol. You're the second or third person to say that to me.

Thank you! Thank you so much! I'm always so worried about characterisation - paranoid, almost - so you have no idea how much that means to me! Thank you! :D

Ah, right. Yeah, I'll go back and make that a bit clearer. It refers to the door leading to the boys' rooms in the tower, but it's not very clear. Ooh, repetition! Unintentional repetition, lol. I'll change that - thanks for pointing those two things out!

Hehe, it's totally fine to be excited! :D Yes, it is the book! The all-important one! Things should start kicking off from here on... even if it doesn't seem like it, lol.

Thank you so so much for this (and I'll make the third change, as well ;) ). Your reviews are always so wonderful - so incredibly helpful and just amazing! Gah, now I'm running out of things to say and kinda rambling, lol.

Thank you so so much (again!)!
Aph xx

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Review #73, by ScorpiusRose17 III

16th March 2012:
This chapter was wonderful. I loved seeing Molly shine more. I liked her interaction with her cousins. I love how your able to keep this in second person.

It's got to be hard at times. It's something I would never be able to do and I think it makes it more interesting being able to see things from Molly's perspective.

Your plot is interesting, the pacing is fine and I love your characterization of Molly and her cousins. I think it's done really well and clear.

I am worried about that book though...curious, but worried.

Keep up the great work!


Author's Response: The cousins are very important, I think, especially because a lot of them are around the same age, so there's bound to be arguments, cousins who are close, etc, you know?

Second person... it's not that difficult any more, really. I'm writing chapter 11 at the moment, and it sort of comes naturally *shrugs* It's pretty fun, though :D

Hehe... is it giving too much away if I say you should be? Hm... not sure. I'll leave you with it, anyway ;)

Thank you so much! I love your reviews - and thank you for specifically looking at the things I'm unsure about! It really makes me more confident about this.

Aph xx

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Review #74, by ScorpiusRose17 II

16th March 2012:
Okay, so here it is my 100th review! =)

I really like this chapter. It's fun to see Molly let loose and be Molly. I thought you brought out the characterization of her more in this chapter and you did it well. She was vivid, fun and sparked intrigue into that black book that she picked up. I have a few ideas that I am entertaining about it, but I will wait and see how they pan out.

I really loved seeing her interact a lot more with her cousin and classmates. I thought that the color changing charm was fun and gave your chapter humor. I loved how she was worried about her eyebrows. =)

The pace of this chapter is good. I didn't feel like it dragged on. It felt more light and airy which I think helped the flow. First chapters are always set up chapters and they always seem a bit slow then things pick up. You've been pretty consistant in making sure that it is paced naturally.

I loved your description of walking around the castle at night in the was a bit creepy. I could definatly imagine and sense what you were describing.

I think that this story is truly unique. I really like how it's in second person. It adds to the story. I can't wait to read more!

Keep up the great work! =)


Author's Response: Thank you! I wanted to show her interacting with more people and that there's more to school (for her, at any rate) than just classes and homework. Ah yes, the black book. Well, I won't say anything to spoil it ;)

Honestly, I trawled the Lexicon for ages looking for a fifth year Charm, lol, and that was the only one, I think. It was a pretty fun scene to write - and, seriously, I'd be worried about my eyebrows too! :D

Hehe... I'm absolutely paranoid about pace with this story, tbh, so I'm so so glad you don't think it drags. I always wonder if things detract from the main plot or if I'm including too much detail... perhaps I'm just overthinking it. Who knows? ;)

I actually based that on my own experience of walking round school in the dark a while back - it was completely terrifying! Hard to put down in words, though, so I'm glad you think I got some of it across, at least.

Thank you so so much for the wonderful review!
Aph xx

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Review #75, by TheGoldenKneazle II

15th March 2012:
As I read more of Molly, I only like her more and more! The way she interacts with different people only makes her more real and interesting, and I'm really getting into her situation.

I liked meeting all these new people too, who were new to Molly - the Gryffindor from charms, Mahendra from prefect rounds. The way that they are all entertaining in their own styles is reminiscent of one of Molly's prized romance novels, and I love getting to know them as Molly too.

It was also interesting to meet Dominique, and (sort-of) Lucy. Dominique was a perfect combination of gossipy and family-friendly, and the combination was very realistic! It was cute how she got Molly to realise that she was crushing on the seventh-year, though, but I wish Molly wouldn't ignore her - I can see why she did though ;) and I hope we get to see Lucy later on!

The appearance of the mysterious book was very intriguing! I like how you aren't rushing into her opening it though, cause it feels very natural for Molly to keep the tension sustained until she lets herself read the book, and the drawing-out is very bittersweet and just makes me want to open the book all the more. I love how you describe the book as 'squeezed between two textbooks' because it feels very personified in that moment and the intrigue only increases :D

Can't wait til I can read the next chapter! 10/10 again; one of the most original ideas I've read in a long time!

Author's Response: Gosh, thanks! I think characterisation is so important in a story, so I'm so glad you like Molly and thinks she's realistic - it really means a lot!

Really? I don't actually read a lot of romance novels, so I don't really know - but my secret love of Austen will take that as a huge compliment - thank you so much!

Dominique is very friendly to Molly and she'll be turning up again so I'm glad you like her! Yeah, Dominique's good at advice but Molly's not so good at taking it ;) Lucy will turn up later, I promise. I have things planned for the two sisters... :D

I thought about having her open it earlier, to be honest, but they are at school - they will have other things to do, so it kinda got delayed that way. She'll open the book eventually, though, don't worry! ;)

Thank you so so much! I love your reviews - you pick up all the things I worry about and need/want feedback on and you're just always so nice - and unexpected! Thank you!

Aph xx

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