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Review #26, by Happy Keeping Focused

12th August 2011:
Why would they put a Death eater in the same area as the people he caused so much harm too?

Author's Response: The key plot focus of this story is forgiveness; it's a necessary part of grieving, and I hope to show that. Plus, the reason why he returned will be told in later chapters.

Thanks for the review :)

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Review #27, by SlythindorGirl Keeping Focused

12th August 2011:
Aww this story is great so far. I like have all of the "8th years" are so calm and more relaxed. And I love the last line that's great. Well this is now one of my favorites!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Hehehe...they *look* calm...that's all I'm saying there ;) Ah, I'm so happy you liked that line! :D

Thanks again, and thanks for the favourite! ^_^

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Review #28, by kyrnin Keeping Focused

12th August 2011:
Nice start.. It held my attention. I can feel the emotions of the characters coming through your writing... I can't wait for the next chapters. Congratulations

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so pleased that the emotions of the characters are strong enough and show through my writing :3 Next chapter is coming soon!

Thanks again!

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Review #29, by SeverusSnape15 Keeping Focused

11th August 2011:
Ah, what a nice story. I like it. Usually, Hogwarts Era characters really aren't my cup of tea, but I like this story. It's different, even though they're at Hogwarts. And it DOES say that Hermione was the only one out of the three of them that went back for her last year. I like how you took that and made it your own. :) 10/10

Author's Response: Hi again! :3 Hehe I'm glad you like this, even though it's not what you normally read ^_^ Yeah, I wanted to give my own spin on what might have happened once she returned, so I'm pleased that it all seems good so far :3

Thank you!!

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Review #30, by Polly Keeping Focused

9th August 2011:
I think it's brilliant! Keep up with it! I'm looking forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much, Polly! :D xx

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Review #31, by IndianSummer Keeping Focused

9th August 2011:
Wow that was an amazing first chapter! You write everything so well; the descriptions, the conversations between other characters, her thoughts, it's amazing! You really pulled me into the story.

I like Draco in your story as well. He's still Draco, but he has obviously changed after the war and become more grateful and nicer person. You've written him very well!

I can't wait until you update again, i'm so excited lol! Keep up the great work, and I will definitely review again when you posted another chapter! =)
x IndianSummer

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Review #32, by MidnightBlue_x Keeping Focused

9th August 2011:

So, you know how absolutely amazing I think this story is (and your writing in general) but in case you forgot.YOU ARE AMAZING AND BRILLIANT AND I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING IS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND PLAGUE RAT-ISH!


x Ely


Hehe naww I love you, thank you so much for leaving such a fantastic review - I LOVE YOU!

*squishes* SQUEAK! xx

-Lizzie :3

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Review #33, by blackyy Keeping Focused

9th August 2011:
it's very good, really . i'm waiting for next chapter ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D The next chapter is coming soon, I promise :3 xx

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Review #34, by SearchingForLuna Keeping Focused

8th August 2011:
LIZZIIEE!!! *squee* I'm loving the start to this story :)

To start, I love your writing style. It flows across the page extremely well. It was very nice that you didn't go outright and say "this-and-this happened after the war and that's why Hermione's here;" instead, you introduced it through her thoughts, which really helps pull the reader inside Hermione's head.

Your characterization of Hermione was awesome. She was still the old sweet, feisty Hermione, but you showed how she grew older after the War, was more thoughtful and pensive. It was subtle and just... supermegafoxyawesomehot. I was a little apprehensive at Hermione's reaction to Draco--I'd figured it would be a little more hostile, since he'd been insulting and laughing at her for six years--but he seemed civil, and she isn't one to start a fight, so it makes sense how you did it.

The canon-ness was SO GOOD. *squish* The detail was meticulous, like McGonagall's green robes :) Even the parts that you changed--Hogwarts decorations, the new common room--were realistic and understandable.

Now it's constructive criticism time! With this paragraph:

"She looked up, seeing some of her old classmates making their way across the hall; Ernie MacMillian, a blonde Hufflepuff, the Patil twins; Parvati and Padma, Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott; two close friends from Hufflepuff, Justin Finch-Fletchly, Dean Thomas; a Gryffindor she knew well and who defended Hogwarts last June, and Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy; the latter limping."

The semicolon placement is a little off. You don't want to separate the character and their description by a semicolon, you want to keep them together by semicolons. For example: "Ernie Macmillian, a blonde Hufflepuff; the Patil twins, Parvati and Padma; Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott, two..." and so on and so forth. But that's just me being really picky.

I really love this, it's such a good story and I can't wait until you update next! 10/10 + favoriting.

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Review #35, by HPizmalife Keeping Focused

8th August 2011:
Amazing! :) Tell me as soon as you've written more. ;)
(although, i AM constantly checking the Draco/Hermione section...)

Author's Response: Thank you SO much! Hehe if my muse doesn't abandon me, I'll be updating very soon soon ;)

Thanks again! ^_^

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Review #36, by the one that got away Keeping Focused

8th August 2011:
This is sounding like a reallly good story! Well done :)

Author's Response: Naww, thank you so much, hun! ^_^

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Review #37, by halfbreed Keeping Focused

8th August 2011:
Intriguing summary (:

I love your setup, and everyone seems very in character. I also absolutely love the way you've done Ron/Hermione, subtly but sweetly--just enough to let us know what's going on, so you're tying up ends. I like the way you talk about the scars, and heck I nearly cried during the reminiscing too :P

Moving. Great start here, keep at it!

Author's Response: Naww, thank you SO much for leaving such a lovely review! :3 I'm absolutely thrilled you like this!

I'm so happy you think that they're all in character; that was one of my major concerns before publishing this. It was actually nice to write a bit of Ron/Hermione; I've never really written them at all. Naww, that's such a huge compliment, you wouldn't believe...I'm so glad the emotion showed through!

Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review (and for the chapter image - it's amazing!) ^_^

Cheers, hun!
-Lizzie x

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Review #38, by Licia Keeping Focused

7th August 2011:

Author's Response: I SHALL! :D Thanks for the review, hun!

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Review #39, by Gin-gin06 Keeping Focused

7th August 2011:
Hello! This is a good start, it's just the rite length, grammar and pace is good, and i reallly like! :)
But i can't help but wonder if Draco was saying ''thanks for the silence'' then becauz it's the only way he could thank her for making the compartment silent without her thinking he was thanking her? Anywho, i can't wait for chapter two:)

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely review! :D I'm so glad you like this!

Yeah, you've hit the nail on the head there; that's exactly how I wanted it to come across - he wanted to thank her, but he didn't want to at the same time hehe!

Thanks again, darling - chapter 2 is in the works!!

-Elizabeth :)

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Review #40, by StEpH_M Keeping Focused

7th August 2011:
LIZZIE! I love it! You better write more.

Ok, to start off with, I like how you got straight into the story, you didn't dwell on the descriptions and scenery for to long. I also like how, while she is on the train, to fill in the places that not much goes on, you filled the reader in on what had happened during the break between the war and Hermione returning to school. Also that you made sure that it was known that she was returning for her eighth year at Hogwarts, after the war was won.

I must also say that you did a great job at writing Hogwarts-era characters, it was lovely to read about Hermione's thought and worries. Their is so much going through her head around this time that I am not surprised that she would be suffering from insomnia. It takes a lot of courage to come back to school after what happened and I am just glad that I will get to read about other Characters that went through the same thing and not just Hermione going through the year by herself.

I also like that your only in the first chapter and already Draco has been nice to her, it's really great to see small changes already appearing in Draco's personality, and I feel like his prejudice isn't as full on as it was before the war. It's really enjoyable to see the changes in people after such a life changing event.

I also like how, even through their has always been in stories the cliche of head students having their own common room, that you managed to establish the returning students privacy and kept them from the prying questions of all the younger students who weren't witness to Voldemort's madness and the 'death' of Harry Potter.

Your writing is lovely and engaging. The way you manage to explain everything Hermione is seeing and keep the flow is amazingly well done. It is also good that you write it so it forces the reader to use some imagination, to establish the scene and in turn brings the reader right into the story.

A lovely start to a story Lizzie, I shall be looking forward to reading the rest when you finish writing it. :)

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Review #41, by adluvshp Keeping Focused

7th August 2011:
hey there!!

I can already see this story topping my favorites =D

I think you have written this really well. The Post-War situation is described very aptly. I am liking your writing of Draco, Hermione and Neville. It all seems good. I like your plot and scene settings. The pacing seems fine too. The story seems headed in a very good direction and I am eagerly waiting for more now. Your first chapter itself was hooking. This seems an awesome story.

Great job!



end of an era Review extravaganza: house cup 2011

Forum Name: AditiDraco95
House: Slytherin

Author's Response: Hey AD, thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review! I'm so pleased that this has drawn you in! :D Considering I never, ever dreamed (or thought) of writing a trio-based sort of fic, I am amazed that you like so much about it! :D I do hope the future chapters live up to expectation :P

Thanks again, hun! This review has made me blush so much haha :3

-Lizzie xx

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