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Review #26, by Courtney Dark Chapter One

20th December 2013:

Oooh, this was such a great first chapter, I really enjoyed it!

I've always loved reading Founders stories, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find many on this site. Therefore, I am absolutely delighted that I have stumbled across this one.

I loved the way you introduced this story in this first chapter. Somehow, you managed to give so much information about Helga's backstory and the characteristics of the four Founders, without information dumping and giving me a headache. It was easy to read, and the pacing was great. And I really like the tone that you have set, too.

I love that this is written in first person! I have never read a Founders fic before that way, and it makes me feel so much more connected to Helga as a character.

I already love the relationships that you have built up between the characters, especially between Helga and Godric and Helga and Salazar. I love the whole backstory between Godric and Helga, how they have been friends since childhood, inventing their own spells and whatnot. And I also like the fact that they are both of Muggle birth - will Salazar ever find out, I wonder?

I loved the scene at the end, when Helga turned Salazar into a cat. That's definitely putting him in his place!

This was a great chapter, and I definitely intend to read more!


Author's Response: Hi Courtney! Thanks so much for tagging me :) I'm a Founders lover as well (clearly), so I definitely see where you're coming from. I'm glad you enjoyed this opening!

Haha, this first chapter went through several extensive edits so that it would hit the right notes. It definitely did not start out with the flow it has now! I'm glad to hear that it doesn't feel like an information dump, because that means I did my editing right :)

I love writing in first person! It just helped me feel so much more attached to Helga while I was writing, and I think her voice came through so much more clearly this way. It's great to hear that you felt the same way! If I had done third (which I'm not nearly as comfortable with), this would have felt like a very different story.

The dynamics you've picked up on have been some of my favorites to write. If you read on I hope you continue to enjoy them. And the Muggle-born thing will be an important element, I will say that. But you'll have to read on to find out exactly what role it plays :)

Thanks so much for coming by, Courtney! I really appreciate this sweet review and I hope you keep enjoying the story :)


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Review #27, by Phoenix_Flames Chapter Ten

25th September 2013:
Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! First off, I must apologize!! I can't believe it took me so long to get around to this chapter!! My schoolwork has kept me way too busy lately, and I only had the time to read this!

And I'm so glad I did!! Why didn't I have the time sooner?! I'm so glad you updated!! And you dedicated this chapter to me!! You are TOO SWEET!!! LOVE YOU!

Anyways, on with the review! I loved this chapter. I guess after all my anticipating how Salazar would react, I guess this isn't the worst. Thank goodness for that. I mean, yeah. He's mad. Wow. But I still have hope for them! Is that good? Or are you just stringing me along and are then going to crush my dreams in the next chapter?! :P I love them together!!

As always this was just a marvelously perfect chapter. So flawless. Your dialogue continues to amaze me. I just feel like I'm watching a movie or reading a book right out of this time. Reading/watching Game of Thrones, or the movie Tristan + Isolde. Or something like that. Even JKR writing the founders herself. That's what I feel when I read this. You just have this era down to a T.

Ahh, my dear! I loved it!! Thanks for the wonderful chapter as always! And the dedication!! You are too kind! :) I hope to read the next chapter soon!! :)


Author's Response: Oh Drue, I'm so sorry I haven't responded to this review before now! RL has so hectic over the past few months and I kept forgetting. But I'm so so happy you liked this chapter, and that you came by to review. And OF COURSE I dedicated it to you! You were the one that really got the wheels turning when I was stuck, so I had to thank you :)

I love them together too! But yeah, he's none too happy with Helga after this revelation. I actually had a really hard time deciding how harsh his reaction should be. I wanted it to be intense, but my 15+ rating is also really important to me. So I tried to get his devastation across--everything he knew about Helga has gone out the window, he feels--without being /too/ over the top.

I'm so flattered (and floored, really) by the Tristan + Isolde comparison, because that's one of my go-to movies to find inspiration for this story. It's always so great to hear that people really feel the antiquated-ness of the story, and that they're transported to another time when they read it. Thank you so so much!

I just don't even know how to say thank you for all your wonderful kind words! I'm frantically working on the final chapter (I WILL get it into the queue before it closes!), and I can't wait to see what you think of the ending. You are wonderful, darlin!


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Review #28, by MissesWeasley123 Chapter Five

14th September 2013:
Wa Maggie I hope you don't think I've forgotten about you and Helga!! I needed to come on and just realized I wasn't logged in but I really want to review this chapter so yeah. SO many feels!!!


Okay, so maybe I ought to calm down a bit.

So, again, the fact that Helga Hufflepuff found the countercurse to a boggart makes me so happy. So happy.It just breaks all stereotypes of houses and is kind of like a slap in the face to people like Draco or Voldy even.

I loved the developement in relationship that you showed in this chapter. It's so warm and kind of troubling because we all know that Slytherin's a bloody jerk. Oh well.

Hopefully I can log back in to review the next chapter!


Author's Response: NADIA. I can't believe I'm just now responding to this review. RL has been absolutely crazy, as you know since you've seen me complaining on the forums :P But anyway, I so appreciate the review, and I'm just thrilled that you're enjoying the story!

Haha I totally agree about the countercurse! I just really needed Helga to have some moments where she proves herself to the others (and in doing so, shakes up the house stereotypes that we tend to hold in our minds).

Wow, Salazar gets no love from you, huh? Haha that's probably a very wise attitude, though I hope to show some unexpected sides to him as well as Helga. And I love that you're enjoying the connection between them; it's definitely growing!

Thanks again for the lovely review, Nadia! I'll look forward to seeing what you think of later chapters :)


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Review #29, by dobby88 Chapter Two

27th August 2013:
I could have sworn that I've left you a review before now but I haven't, I started reading this a while back but I forgot to favorite it so I sort of lost it- but when it was voted for best founders in the keckers I found it again! And I'm so glad I did! I love Helga/Salazar!

I love the whole way it's written- the way they speak is how I imagine the era to have been, and it seems quite accurate with nobles/peasants and how they all dress :) It must be so hard to write though! It's very effective and makes the story feel realistic

In this chapter I love how Helga is just getting glances of the true Salazar behind all the snideness, and I can't wait to read on :D

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for the review (even if I am several months late in responding...sorry!) I so appreciate you coming by to review, and I'm really happy you've enjoyed the story!

I absolutely love writing in this style. For some reason it hasn't been nearly as hard as I imagined it might be...I think I've found my niche in the fanfiction world, haha. I'm so glad you like the feel of it. And don't worry, there will be plenty of Helgazar moments to come! I hope you get a chance to keep reading. Thanks again for coming by! This review makes me smile every time I read it :)


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Review #30, by Aphoride Chapter Eight

26th August 2013:
Hey there, again! I'm so glad to see you back so soon - I really do love this story! :)

I realised when I started reading this chapter that I should probably apologise, lol, for the fact that my reviews are supposed to be, I dunno, helpful, and they tend to be full of gushing and just 'I love this!' ;) Ah well... :P

Anyway, addressing your concerns first, I don't think you have anything to worry about with the voice or style of this chapter compared to the one before. I read the chapter before as well to compare and it seemed exactly identical. The way you use your words, and your word choice, is just so unbelievably clever - you always manage to pick the right one to invoke the time period and yet not sound out of place. It's pretty incredible.

Also, how do you manage to write a chapter about how everything is going well and everyone is happy and getting on with each other and still make it so riveting? Seriously?! It's some kind of skill you have there... I could never do that.

Moving on! Ah, I love Salazar (and I share his fondness for sweets, too ;D) to bits. He's trying and he's not sure if he wants to try, but he is because she thinks he can do it and it's just too sweet. Mahaha, I loved it when she teased him as well, when she realised he was unsure of what to do and how to act and things. It was a lovely little thing to add in - a nice, odd vulnerability for him to have, I think, though it suits him very well.

Helga is amazing. End of. There's a reason she's nominated for a Dobby - I mean, she's exactly the way she's been described in canon (not that there was much of that) and yet she's not perfect either. She's nice, but impatient; calm, but almost timid. It's a really, really great balance of traits you've given her. She just seems so real.

Her relationship with Godric is brilliant, as well - he's kinda like her older brother. 'Something powerful behind closed doors' - I will admit that I smirked and sniggered at that point. It was just so perfectly timed... poor Helga :P

Gah, I just love this so much - I have a bad feeling that something is going to explode in a while, but this was such a feel-good chapter... Helgazar are so perfect for each other! :) I genuinely adore this story. It's incredible!

Please, please re-request! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: I am a terrible person. I have read this review so many times over the past several months, intending to respond, and just never was able to carve out the time. Because I wanted to be thoughtful, and give this wonderful review justice! Thank you so, so much for all your kind words, Aph!

Haha, I always worry that the happy parts aren't very interesting, and yet I think they're necessary. I didn't want this to be a total downer! I'm glad you liked the fluffiness of this chapter. The Helgazar love was so much fun to write :)

I have to admit that I really love Salazar in this chapter too; I tried to portray him at his best. Deep down he has a little bit of a soft side, and it's starting to come out when Helga's around :) And it occurred to me that Salazar wouldn't really have had much experience with romance, since he has such a solitary nature. I wanted to play that up, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Haha, I still can't believe Helga got nominated, and that she was a finalist! It blows my mind when I think about it, and I'm just over the moon that you guys enjoy her. I did want her to be well-rounded and not put her on too much of a pedestal (though I am partial to her over the rest of the founders...she's just always been my favorite!) It makes me so happy to hear that she seems like an actual person and not just a caricature of Hufflepuff traits. And oh, Godric. He's definitely got the big brother thing down, especially at that moment.

Thank you so much for the review, even if my response is so shamefully late. I'm so happy you've enjoyed DCtN so far, and I hope you'll be able to read on! I've got the next chapter in the works :)


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Review #31, by Valérianne Chapter Four

24th August 2013:
Awesome. Might be the best fanfiction I have ever read ...

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I am so thrilled that you're enjoying this story. I'm working hard on the next chapter, so stay tuned!


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Review #32, by MissesWeasley123 Chapter Four

23rd August 2013:
Okay. I take back what I said about Salazar. Only a teensy bit though of course...

Review 90? I think so! Congrats :)

Okay, so I loved how you began this chapter! Helga is such a sweetheart, and she just makes me grin all over the place. The entire scene with Mary was priceless, but of course Salazar had to ruin it. *sigh*

Again, wonderful job on the detail! The whole scene with the boggart was well scripted and highly enjoyable to read! I gasped when I read this line though:

His tone was heavy; there was a world of experience in it. How you came up with that Maggie... that was so poetic. Just saying!

The thought of losing her freedom scares her :( Awe...

Another part that made me very feelsie was when Helga began comparing what Godric (gosh it feels so weird to call them by their first names) would've done if he was in Salazar's place...

But it was still sweet this chapter :D I loved it!

Great work lovely!

Author's Response: Nadia! I'm looking at this lovely new skin we have, and it's inspired me to get back to review responding (especially since I can't escape the "unanswered reviews" button now :) But I've been meaning to get to this for ages now!

Haha, do I sense a Godric/Helga shipper in you? I've had a few of those, but I'll have to be disappointing and say that they remain best friends. But I'm thrilled that you're enjoying Godric. And I hope Salazar keeps growing on you! He'll start to get much more tolerable soon, I hope :)

Thank you for noticing that line! I'm so happy you liked it. And I loved writing the boggart scene, so it means the world that you thought it was done well.

Thanks for another wonderful review! I hope to see you back soon :D


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Review #33, by MissesWeasley123 Chapter Three

23rd August 2013:
I am determined to catch up Maggie!

HA! I knew it! It was a boggart! It's really cool how they don't know what it is, and so they just call it a "shapeshifter." You did superbly on your first cliffie ever I must say though :D

I don't think I've ever mentioned this is any of my other two reviews, but I love Godric! I just think he is so cheeky... and he's very likable! I like how hm and Helga have this sort of sibling connection, it's very heart warming and makes me feel all mushy and warm.

Rowena! That smart, smart woman! I thoroughly enjoy reading how you are creating Hogwarts. I mean we know how it is, but we just don't know how it came to be that way. I like how you add those details, it just makes it all the better.

I also love how you aren't forcing Salazar and Helga into a relationship. You're taking it slowly, laying the stepping stones and making it a slow burning romance. I can't wait to see how it all turns out though!

Oh, and Salazar is still a jerk. I will forever hate him for his rudeness to Helga. Oh well. I think the ending made up for that, I can't tell Helga really enjoys his company!

Great chapter Maggie!

Author's Response: Nadia, hi! Haha I'm determined to catch up on responding to your reviews! I've fallen a little behind, but rest assured that they made my day!

Yep, you were right! I didn't know if boggarts would have been commonly known of back then, so I just decided that the Founders should discover their first one in the castle :)

Godric can be sort of a man-child sometimes, but that's part of what makes him fun to write :). And I'm glad you liked
Rowena's little project; it was fun to think about how the Hogwarts we know and love might have come to be, like you said.

Haha, Salazar is definitely a jerk, I agree! But I promise he has his moments. And I'm glad you're comfortable with the pace and enjoying the buildup. They're taking baby steps :)

Thanks again, Nadia! I'll be back to respond to your other review as soon as I can!


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Review #34, by patronus_charm Chapter Ten

22nd August 2013:
Maggie! I'm sorry it's taken so long to get here! Gah, I can't believe we're down to the final chapters. I really hope that there is a sequel otherwise I will be very upset!

It's strange how I'm not surprised by Salazar's reaction. I always imagined him to be one of those people who bottle up their fury until it explodes much later on. I'm not really looking forward to seeing that moment though. I have to say, I really have enjoyed your characterisation of him in this story Maggie! It's been so refreshing as he's actually felt like a human to me here rather than a villain.

I really loved Godric's reaction to speaking to him though, he just seemed so in shock and it was so sweet! I've never really seen him so unsure about himself until now, but I guess a situation like this is one to make you feel like that. I really do hope that Helga comes out like that rather than in tears!

This line '“Do you know, Helga, when I first knew that I wanted you?”' really gave me the chills! You really set the scene well with the way he was sitting and then when he said that I wanted to cry out to Helga to run because I knew something bad was going to happen!

I can sort of Salazar's point of view as strange as that sounds as telling her what happened to his parents must have been a hard thing, but couldn't he have been a little more understanding to Helga? I know you may be questioning my sanity by the last sentence but it is possible that he could have been a different man without it.

His dismal of Helga was perfect! In terms of writing of course, not from Helga's POV that would be mean :P He really seemed snake like there with the way he was so cool and in control of his emotions.

When Helga ran to Rowena and Godric I could really tell who the nice people were in the way they received her. It was just so lovely and different to Salazar's manner.

I really wanted to hug Helga then because she looked like she needed one desperately! I'm sure that Godric will sort of him out especially with the exit he just did there.

Another fabulous chapter, Maggie! &hearts:


Author's Response: Kiana! I'm finally here to respond to this wonderful review :) I'm so glad you came to review this chapter, because I've been dying for feedback on it!

You're spot on about Salazar. When I was forming him in my head (over a year ago...crazy!), I knew that he would suppress his anger in order to keep up this collected front. I also knew that he would be a deeply angry person and prone to fits of rage. At the time I wasn't sure which of those traits would play a more prominent role in this story, but now I'm glad I ended up being able to showcase both of them. I'm so glad to hear you've enjoyed him!

These last couple of chapters have been some of Godric's best moments, I think :) And oh goodness, that line! I wanted something ominous, and it's great to hear that it worked.

I was really hoping that Salazar's extreme reaction didn't come across as too melodramatic. I might have to re-evaluate some of that scene later, but I do think he'd have very strong feelings about Helga deceiving him about this of all issues. And I'm really happy that he brought a snake to mind for you. I've been playing with comparing each of the founders to their mascot animal in some way (though I haven't really found ways to use badger-like descriptions :D)

I loved writing that moment with the three of them, even though Helga is so sad there. It shows how close the Founders have become (and hopefully they can find a way to bring Salazar back into the fold.)

A sequel is forming in my head at the moment, so it's coming! Thanks again for a wonderful review, Kiana! *hugs*


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Review #35, by adluvshp Chapter Ten

19th August 2013:

*takes deep breath*

Right, I think I can manage to write a coherent review now... or at least, I'll try.

This was a very intense chapter and it had me sitting on the edge of my seat. You won't believe it but my heart was pounding loudly throughout, and I really wanted to go inside the story and give Helga a big hug. I have come to connect with her character deeply and I feel for her so intensely in this chapter as she goes through this terrible heartbreak.

Salazar's words broke my heart too and I just wanted to hit him and hug him at the same time. *sigh*

I was surprised at first when Godric announced that Salazar had 'forgiven' him. I almost thought there was hope - childishly like Helga. But then when Helga went to him, my hopes shattered. Salazar was so cruel in his words, and yet I could feel his pain too. It made me so sad when he called her all those horrible things and talked about muggles in such an awful way.

I felt so sad for Helga too, hearing those words must have been so terrible. I liked how she stood up for her though, tried to talk sense into Salazar, and how I wish she hadn't failed.

The last segment of Helga coming to Rowena and Godric crying, and them not knowing how to act at first was very realistic and believable and I liked that too. It was so sweet of Rowena to comfort her the way she did, truly a mark of a good friend. I like her character very much.

The ending made me gasp though. Salazar is gone? No, come on, he can't just leave. Not like this. I almost broke down crying reading that. It is truly a shocker and now I am more than ever waiting for the next chapter.

I have enjoyed this story a lot so far, and have come to relate to it deeply so I'll be really sad to see it end. Your characterisations have been beautiful. Salazar, Helga, Rowena, and Godric - all have strong, constant personalities, and that's what I love most about this story. I have seen these characters evolve and develop, and yet their inherent traits remain constant which makes them believable and relatable. The relationships they share have been portrayed so amazingly it makes me crave similar ones.

Throughout the time I was reading the story, and this chapter particularly, I felt like I was a part of them, that I was right there, that I was experiencing everything Helga and Salazar experience. You write emotions and descriptions and dialogue exceptionally well; truly, hats off to you.

I loved every bit of your writing and I am very much looking forward to the next chapter, as well as the sequel. All my praise and comments will not be enough to express how brilliant this story and it's characters are, and how much I love every bit of it.

10/10 as always.

Author's Response: OMG DON'T HATE ME PLEASE. (Even though I sort of hate myself for what I'm doing to Helgazar *cries with you*)

So I do have a list of reviews to respond to (procrastination at its finest), but I just HAD to do this one first, AD. Because it's THIS CHAPTER. THIS CHAPTER was incredibly hard for me to write. I think that might be why it came out so short; I just couldn't stand to prolong it any more! But even so, I'm incredibly glad to hear that it connected with you. It was so emotional for me, and I was desperately hoping that the intensity came through.

We've seen Salazar at his best, briefly, and with this chapter I wanted to show him at his worst. This issue of blood purity is big for him, obviously. And he has very high standards for forgiveness. In Salazar's mind, Helga's offense was much, much worse than Godric's because she knew the underlying reasons behind his prejudice and still said nothing. And he thinks that Helga saw him as a "project" rather than a romantic partner, and used his feelings for her as a way to get inside his head. Truth and assumption are all jumbled in his poor brain :( And clearly, he took it out on Helga in a terrible way. Ugh, it was so hard to write.

I debated on how to write Helga's reaction to his rant, but eventually I determined that she would absolutely try to stand up for herself, even if she was heartbroken. I'm glad you picked up on that! She wants to be nurturing, but she's not about to let Salazar talk down to her without answering back.

I have grown to love Rowena more and more as this story has gone on, and Godric as well. They really stepped up their friendship game in this chapter, I think :)

And oh goodness, the end! I know it's a cliffie but bear with me, there's still one more chapter! Anything could happen, really.

Oh wow, what a lovely thing to say about the characterizations. I really did hope that they would evolve from the beginning of the story to now, and it is so, so good to hear that you saw that happen. I have really loved writing this story, and I'm so honored to hear that you've felt so connected to Helga and the others. I'm working on the final chapter now, and I will definitely be sure to let you know when it's up.

Thank you so much for this, AD. I've been really uncertain and dying for feedback on this chapter, and you've put a lot of my fears to rest with this amazing review. I appreciate you so much!


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Review #36, by adluvshp Chapter Nine

19th August 2013:
Hey! Okay, I can't comprehend how I haven't reviewed this already D:

I remember reading this chapter back when you posted it, and also writing a review, but maybe there was some internet connection problem (which happens a lot with me) and the review didn't get posted. Anyhow, I'll review this one quick, and move on to the next chapter and review that in detail, assuming your request on that one since chapter ten is the one I haven't read yet (and I am dying to read it).

So, this was a shocking chapter, to say the least. The way the 'secret' is revealed made me so nervous and now I am really anxious to see what Salazar's reaction would be towards Helga and where is their relationship headed.

The events flowed naturally, as always, and the emotions were so well depicted I felt like I was a part of them. The entire boggart scene had me hooked, it was written awesomely.

Your descriptions throughout, as always, were impeccable, and so was your dialogue. I quite liked the ending interaction between Rowena and Helga - I love reading these snippets of Rowena, it makes me want to read more about her. You have crafted her well.

I think Godric was characterised amazingly here. You showed his discomfort very well, and the way he talked to Salazar was well-suited to his personality. I liked him a lot here and felt sorry for him too. I am anxious for his and Salazar's relations now as well. Wonder how things are going to turn out.

You really shouldn't have requested a review from me since I'd review you anyway but thanks for requesting anyway. It's such a pleasure to read this story and I am sorry to see it almost reach it's end. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the sequel and you must let me know when you post it!

Great chapter as always, moving on to the next. Apologies for this horribly rushed review!


P.S. Good luck for the Dobbies! I hope you win xD

Author's Response: Hi again AD! I'm finally back to respond to this lovely review :) I always love to get your thoughts, rushed or not, so don't worry about a thing!

This boggart scene was an interesting one to write; I'm very glad everyone's emotions came through! I think boggarts can be very telling, and I wanted everyone to have the chance to see this physical representation of all the Founders' greatest fear (or insecurity, in Rowena's case.) And then I thought, what better way to start revealing the secret than to have it tied in with someone's fear?

I have never loved Godric more than I do in this chapter. I have to admit that he was on my nerves in some of the earlier ones, but I wanted to really show that he does have some depth after all. He is a great leader and protector, and he values Salazar's friendship highly. I hope some of that showed through with him :)

Thanks again for the amazing review, and just for taking so much time for this story in general! I'm so incredibly appreciative of every review you leave. I'm hard at work on chapter 11 now, and I hope to get it ready for the queue very soon!


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Review #37, by Aphoride Chapter Seven

19th August 2013:
Hello, hello - I am so so sorry it took me so long to get here - real life pounced on me and refused to give me back until a day or so ago, and I've only just really got back here. (Honestly, I really missed this story - I must catch up!)

YAY - Helgazar! :) You have no idea how happy you have made me with this. It's odd, I used to be a Salazar/Rowena fan, but the way you write Helga and, well, all of the Founders, really, is just amazing. They're so... real, and their emotions and thoughts are so realistic I just believe them and... gah, yeah you've made a Helga/Salazar shipper. Are you happy? :P But yes, I'm very glad it's got to this point!

And no, poor Salazar! I love how you connected his hatred of muggles to their deaths and his family. It's not sweet, really, more it makes sense, if that makes sense, lol. Given the events, it makes sense he would hate muggles, and it makes sense he would have/develop views like that muggle-borns aren't worthy, and muggles shouldn't be allowed inside Hogwarts. He kinda reminds me of Snape, actually, in that he hasn't let go of the past, he's still bitter and angry about it and continues taking out his anger at the past in the present. It's definitely a good thing, though - it makes him a brilliant character. He's complicated, and it's fascinating.

Helga, yeah I just love her. I love how utterly steadfast she is, that she knows he might just throw her away and hate her when he finds out she's muggle-born, but I love that she stays there all the same and she insists on trying. Also, I loved how you included that she felt pushed down by Godric and the rest, that she felt they thought she was stupid. It's something I think a lot of people can relate to, and shows such good sides to Helga and Salazar, when he says he doesn't think she's stupid and everything :)

Also, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this before, but the way you write this is just incredible. You manage to get a sense of the time and the era without writing in old English, and the words they say and you write seem so natural and they flow so beautifully. It's really incredible - I'm not quite sure how you do it. Your style is beautiful - perfect balance of description to action.

You have no reason to worry about anything with this chapter or the story. I'm sorry for gushing totally in this chapter, but there's really nothing I can find to criticise - the little touches of the era were great (men don't invite women into their chambers alone, for ex.), the style is still gorgeous, Helga and Salazar are just too tragically perfect and I really want them to stay together and I almost don't want to read the rest of the story (except I do) because I suspect it won't happen, because of course he leaves in canon and everything... gah, what have you done to me? :P

Seriously, though, I love this. You are amazing.

Aph xx

p.s. if you do not request within a week, I'll review anyway - I can't wait that much longer to find out what happens! :)

Author's Response: APH. You're back! I totally understand RL snatching you up; it's currently doing the same to me. But I'm so glad you're here, and that you enjoyed the chapter *hugs*

Mwahaha, another Helgazar convert! Yay! I really saw them as being similar (or at least compatible) in many ways personality-wise, but their motivations for their students are so radically different that it's hard for a lot of people to see them getting along. Let alone in a relationship :P But I'm so, so happy that my take on it feels real to you.

I have been really worried that Salazar was going to turn out wrong. I had this idea of how I wanted him to come off, and from what you've said, it sounds like I've done okay in painting him as the troubled, bitter man that I see in my head. He does have some similarities to Snape, doesn't he? I had never thought about it before, but you're not the first person to say it, and it makes a lot of sense. I just hope I've been able to make him distinctive as well. And of course you know how much love I have for Helga. I'm so happy you've seen her steadfastness (that's a perfect word, I think). She sees a need in Salazar and cares about him, so she's going to try and help him the best way she knows how. (And they get to be all romantic and stuff--an added bonus :D )

Wow, what a wonderful thing to say about the style! I've really been striving for a folk-tale sort of feel, that takes readers back in time but is still accessible. I am so happy you're enjoying that aspect of this, because it's something I've worked really hard at.

You're so wonderful! Thank you so much for all your kind words, and I will head over to re-request very soon! And I really do hope that you keep enjoying the rest of the story; I won't give any hints about what's to come, but you'll get there soon :) Thank you so much for this amazing review, Aph! I am over the moon!


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Review #38, by MissesWeasley123 Chapter Two

19th August 2013:
Well, hello! I'm back again...

...and I can't believe I didn't come back sooner! You just make it seems so, real. So real. I love the way you write... it's so engrossing! Okay, I'll stop fangirling and well, actually make this review relevant.

I think it was good how in the beginning you told us that Helga didn't know the basics of Herbology. It was unique in the sense that everyone usually gets the idea that all Hufflepuffs are good at the subject, just because Prof Sprout teaches it during Harry's time. Again, very original and different! It was refreshing.

I like Rowena's characterization. She seems like a cross between McGonagall and Hermione... Absolutely superb to read of course.

But I must say I have a sweet spot for Helga. Maybe because it is in her POV... Nevertheless, she's brilliant! That entire exchange between her and Salazar over Muggle parentage.. I wanted to strangle him and felt truly bad for her! I love her as a person though, she shows the true qualities of a Hufflepuff(duh, that bit is obvious since it is her namesake haha): She's loyal, and works hard!

As for the dungeons... I smell a basilisk or a boggart... Hmph... mysterious indeed.

The cliffhanger! Oh the cliffhanger!

You're writing is so admirable! I cannot wait to read on!
Nadia :)

Author's Response: Hi Nadia! I'm so sorry it's taken me a few days to respond to this review, but I'm very glad you decided to come back!

Thank you, I'm so glad it's feeling real to you! That was one of my biggest goals when writing this story; I wanted it to feel antiquated, but I didn't want it to be a difficult read by any means. It's so awesome that you're feeling that!

The Herbology thing was actually something I was careful about, and I'm so happy it stood out to you. I mean, I could definitely see Helga enjoying Herbology, but I didn't want all Hufflepuffs to be stereotyped as experts in the field.

You like Rowena, yay! I may have said this before, but I was completely surprised by how much I grew to love her as I wrote this story. She might be narrating a fic of her own in the future ;)

Agreed! Helga is my absolute favorite character I've ever written. I wanted her to embody some of the traditional Hufflepuff traits, but I also wanted her to be distinctive as a person, not just a representation of her house. I hope I've done that so far!

Haha, this is my first ever cliffie! You've got some good guesses there, though...I think you could be onto something ;)

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I appreciate it so much!


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Review #39, by marauderfan Chapter Three

16th August 2013:
Hi Maggie! Here with your review that you requested about 47 years ago, sorry it took me so long! Real life got in the way!

So it was a boggart at the end of the last chapter - somehow I didn't pick up on that before, haha. I'm really curious what Helga's boggart will be, so I'm excited for the next chapter. And for more Helga/Salazar interaction because I love them!

I really love the characterisation. The scene with Helga and Salazar at the beginning of the chapter is perfect - Salazar trying to act all tough and dignified despite that he just saw his worst fear (interesting, by the way. I'm assuming the fire has something to do with why he hates Muggles - given the time period possibly he lost people in a witch burning?), and Helga is concerned for him, asking multiple times if he's all right. It was perfect for how you've written the characters in the story so far, and for the traits of the Hogwarts houses too.

I also liked Helga's interaction with Rowena. Especially when they were mocking Salazar and Godric's desire for fame :D I like your Rowena. She's a woman of few words, and very studiously invested in the library - but she has a sense of humour as well.

I feel badly for Elaine! But I guess it says something for Salazar that he's still friends with Godric, despite his misgivings about Godric's wife. I'd say that I hope Salazar grows to accept her, but I have the distinct feeling that's not going to happen :P

You asked about expanding the descriptions, so here's my thoughts. Personally, I think little details do so much to complete a description, like the way you've written Godric walking with his son out on the grounds as Helga watches from the window - that was perfect.

In other places though, there's a lot of dialogue so I think you could intersperse some description in there. For example I'd love to know exactly what Ravenclaw's tower chamber looks like. What colour is the stone of the walls? Is this the same room that becomes the Ravenclaw common room later? If so, you could add something about the ceiling, because I know that was mentioned in the books as being really pretty. And then in the next section, in the discussion between Helga and Elaine - to help the reader visualise the scene, what is Helga cooking in the kitchen? To fit the description into the dialogue without interrupting the flow, you can just add it to the end of someone's speaking lines, such as: "example," I said as I kneaded the bread dough/ stirred the soup/ whatever.

Anyway, that's just an idea (and hopefully my bad example sentence didn't just make you confused, haha - I know it is quite open ended) Hope that helps!

This was a great chapter! I'm really enjoying this story. :)

Author's Response: Hi Kristin! I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to your review, but it definitely made my day! And don't worry about taking a while; I am the QUEEN of slow reviewing. So it's all good :)

I'm so happy you're enjoying the characters! I like that first scene with Helga and Salazar the best in this chapter, but then again I always love writing them together :) Salazar's issue with fire will be uncovered later on, so stay tuned!

Oh Rowena :). I never expected that I would end up liking her as much as I did. But every time I write her she grows on me. I think your description of her is spot on. She's quiet, but that just gives her words more authority. And her witty side is fun when it comes out :)

Yea, Elaine is in a tough spot. But she's also tough herself. And you're right, Salazar is willing to look past "imperfections" in people sometimes (but then sometimes he really isn't. It's definitely hit-or-miss with him.)

Thank you for the suggestions! I really do want to go back and edit this chapter in particular, because I wrote it so long ago and I feel like I neglected description. Rowena's chamber deserves more of a look than I really give I, and I agree with you about the description/dialogue balance at the end. I love all the helpful tips that you mentioned, and I will eventually go back and intersperse them with the dialogue :)

Thanks for another wonderful review! I really appreciate all your time and feedback :D


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Review #40, by marauderfan Chapter Two

9th August 2013:
Review tag! (although I was going to read this anyway... I hope that's not cheating!)

I adore your Helga. She seems like such a free spirit, and has such a good heart. I liked the contrast in the way she reacted to Evan's story as opposed to how Rowena and Salazar reacted. And I loved the bit when she insists on going barefoot in the castle!

Rowena made a good appearance in this chapter as well. She has only had short scenes so far but you've characterised her really well through her actions. I think the secret project she's working on might be the diadem, but I feel like she has a lot of other secrets and I'm really curious about her!

I like the way Helga can get under Salazar's skin and tell what he's actually thinking - or at least is good enough at bluffing that she can catch him off guard. I really enjoyed reading their conversation in the corridor, particularly how they notice things about each other. It was funny how Helga was anything but subtle when watching Salazar, and Salazar (in true Slytherin fashion, I think) was so guarded, but still watching her as well ;) Two chapters in and I'm already shipping Helga/Salazar sooo much


Author's Response: Hi, and thank you so much for your review! No, it's definitely not cheating (and I may have cheated by posting in your review thread, so we're even in any case ;) )

It makes me so happy to hear that you're still enjoying Helga. You're right, she is definitely free spirited and enjoys doing things her own way. And she is a very nurturing person, which I think would come into play with the students quite a bit.

You just might be right about Rowena's project :). She'll be around more in later chapters, so I hope you continue to like her. I actually really would like to tell her story in another fic sometime; it's an interesting one, and I try to bring out little glimpses of it throughout this story.

Haha, yep, Helga doesn't have skills in stealth :P And Salazar makes it his business to be observant. I'm glad you liked seeing this interaction between them. I like it too, because they're still kind of getting their footing with each other. It's an interesting little dance they have at this point :)

Thanks again for the lovely review! Sorry for the cliffie, but everything will be cleared up, I promise! I really loved reading these reviews!


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Review #41, by marauderfan Chapter One

9th August 2013:
And here's your review #80 :) Unless someone posts while I'm writing this.

YAY Founders! I really love this period in history and having read two of your Founders one-shots it was only a matter of time before I started this one!

First off, I love how the beginning goes right along with "Guardian" (which I know was written later, but I read it first) - I feel like I already know the characters right from the beginning! Godric and Helga's friendship is so sweet.

I also really appreciate that it's in first person, because quite honestly I wasn't expecting that. At this point I don't quite know as much about Rowena, because she doesn't show up very much (in this chapter at least) but I feel as if I've known Helga for years! She seems like such a fun person and I absolutely love the background you've given her. The scene in the Hogwarts kitchen was great too - she's not one to underestimate, clearly! Haha I can only imagine how Salazar was feeling because he's always struck me as one who's really proud and dignified, and then to be turned into a cat would really not be dignified :P

I'm curious what made Salazar hate Muggles so much in the first place, but I'm hoping that'll be revealed later as they get to know each other better. And I love your foreshadowing, the "In hindsight, that was my first mistake" - I'm not sure why the idea of their doomed love is so appealing to me, but it's just beautiful.

Side note: I love the song you based the title on. And I think it fits the theme of the Founders really well!

This is a lovely first chapter and I'm looking forward to reading the rest! :)

Author's Response: Kristin. You are just awesome! :D I am PSYCHED that you came to read my story! It's my baby, if you can't tell :) And I knew you were a fellow Founders fan, so I really hoped you'd like this one!

I think it's cool that you read Guardian first. I'm writing all my Founders fics so that they're part of the sane world, but they can hopefully stand alone. It's great to hear that Guardian provides a good foundation for this, though!

First person is my favorite way to write, so I usually just fall into it. I like getting to close to one character (in this case, Helga.) And Rowena will get much more time in the spotlight as the story goes on, so you can look forward to seeing her in chapters to come :) And I'm glad you could connect with Helga so quickly! She's been such a pleasant narrator and I've grown to love her so much. I loved that kitchen scene, where she got to cut Salazar down to size just a little ;)

Salazar has some skeletons in his closet for sure. As Helga gets to know him better, so will you :) And I'm so glad you liked that line! I suppose I have a habit of giving too much away at the beginning of stories, but I wanted it to be clear that these two will have a some difficult times. I love a tragic romance too, so I get where you're coming from there.

I originally wrote this as an entry for a classic rock challenge, so that's where the Fleetwood Mac thing came from :). But I think it fits this story, so I'm glad it works for you too!

Thank you for a wonderful review! I can't wait to respond to your next one. I so appreciate you taking the time to read this!


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Review #42, by MissesWeasley123 Chapter One

9th August 2013:
Hi there!

I don't usually read Founders Era fics, but this was an exception.

I find that a lot of the fics I read, as I read them, I can't some how picture them using British accents. You're on of the few authors I've ever found who can do that! Yay!

I think that not only are your depictions of the founders believable, but also very relate able. I like how you made Helga seem like a kind person, rather than a stupid sac of potato. I've read fics in which they discredit her far too much, this didn't, which was a good thing for sure.

My favourite part in this would be:
"In hindsight, I suppose that would be my first mistake."
I loved the way you worded it, and it was mysterious and dark! Good job on that!

I really look forward to continue reading!

Author's Response: Nadia! You are so sweet to come by and take a look at this story! Thank you so much for this review, and I'm glad you were able to make an exception in order to read this Founders fic :)

Wow, that is an awesome compliment! I'm definitely American, so I'm very relieved to know that my characters sound like they could be from Britain :) And ugh, I know what you mean about the way we sometimes see Helga in Founders stories. I wanted to make her a real person with real strengths, and not just a Hufflepuff stereotype.

That line! Haha, I was going for a bit of an ominous setup there. I wanted it to be obvious that there was a tough road ahead. I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much for your time, Nadia! I can't wait to return the favor and read some of your work :)


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Review #43, by Cirque Du Freak Chapter One

4th August 2013:

I'm so sorry this is late, it's been a rough couple of days, but I am here now to finally review this beauty. ♥

I'll be very honest with you - I had seen you had Fraternization as one of your favourites and when I saw you were doing swaps I thought maybe it'll get her to read my latest chapter if she hasn't seen it yet. :P You don't know how much I squeled when I saw you had favourited my Chudley considering I, too, am a silent reader of Down Comes The Night. (':

I thought I would go ahead and try and see if I can review every chapter seeing as I need to re-read the whole thing before reading chapter 9.

You have a wonderfully solid start here and it really pulls me in - we don't know an awful lot of Hufflepuff's (or any of the Founders) childhood so it was really refreshing to see your take on it and how you interpreted it as. I'm not going to lie - after this chapter I was half and half not exactly sure whether I loved Huffindor or Slytherpuff more. I was very conflicted, I remember!

I love the way you've written all the characters - I've always done well to steer well away from the Founders, mostly because I just don't think I have it in me to give them the justice they deserve. I think I really would butcher them with my sort of writing. You've done it ever so well and really this has the first story that was longer than a one-shot that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I like the interactions with all four characters and you separate them and define their personalities very well when there's a scene that begs them all to be present. I feel like Rowena's lack of conversing in the chapter is well done seeing as she seems the type to speak with clarity and reason and not with idleness. She speaks when something is called for otherwise she doesn't see a reason to.

The argument of allowing Muggle borns with Salazar and Gryffindor I think was really important to uphold and you've still put the huge bond between them yet include the hostility and the tension that the subject brings in Salazar's character and attitude.

The last interaction with Salazar and Helga, I think, are one of my favourites - it shows Helga in a new light and Salazar can clearly see that there is something off about her when it comes to her magical ability. It's clear from here that Helga is rarely interrupted in her classes that her magical ability is only shown in small form and mostly to her students. And here Salazar thinks even less of her. It's nice to see the arrogant get their comeuppance.

I still love the banter between Helga and Godric - I think they have a really admirable friendship (here come the feels for them again).

This, as I'm sure you can guage from my review, was a lovely chapter and I'll make sure to not be such a stranger and come praise you some more again!

Hannah ♥

Author's Response: Hannah! I'm so sorry to be so late in responding to this beastly (by which I mean, fantastic) review! Thank you so much for the swap, and I'm so glad we turned out to be mutual favorites :). And I definitely wouldn't complain if you wanted to review all the chapters, but I'm especially excited for you to get to chapter 9!

You're not the only one to bring up Godric/Helga after reading this chapter, and I have to say it's an interesting possibility. It had actually never occurred to me before, so I'm always a little shocked that people see something between them! But that's the fun thing about stories; everyone reads them a little differently :) I'm so happy you like this first glimpse of the Founders. It's been really fun to explore them, especially as the story goes on. I love that you found them all to be distinctive even in this first chapter! I've done a LOT of editing since I first posted it, and maybe it's paying off :)

The Muggle-born argument was a recent addition; some reviewers suggested more dialogue to break up the monotony at the beginning, and I thought that would be an important thing to add. The Founders have their differences, but they are very focused on what's best for Hogwarts.

I love the kitchen scene too! At this point in the story, Salazar and Helga definitely don't understand each other. He can't see anything special about her, so naturally he assumes that there's nothing special there. And Helga, easy-going as she is, won't let that stand. I'm with you; I love that moment when he starts to see her in a different way :)

Aww, Helga/Godric feels! That is the last thing I expected to hear when I started writing this. Haha I love it!

Thank you so much for the lovely review, Hannah! I'll definitely keep looking out for updates on Fraternization...I really do love reading it! Thanks again for the swap, it was so much fun!


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Review #44, by patronus_charm Chapter Nine

20th July 2013:
Hi Maggie! You’ve spoilt me with another shout-out, it was no problem helping you out it was fun and definitely worth this amazing chapter! ♥

You are cruel Maggie! At the beginning of this chapter I was just thinking how wonderful and mature Salazar and Helga’s relationship was and how I could really see something big happening between them. Unfortunately the big thing had to be a bad big thing :(

I really liked how you incorporated each house’s characteristics in the way each founder approached the boggart, it was a really clever and subtle idea which I enjoyed a lot. I liked how Helga was the one to go first because it seems fitting in a way. It wasn’t only because she knew what she was approaching but she just seemed to be one who would did that. I can’t seem to phrase it but I liked it anyhow.

I think Rowena’s boggart was the one I enjoyed most, possibly because I could relate to it most. Maybe it’s just a thing in common with Claws but the thought of having someone mock me was horrible and I could really sense Rowena’s pain so well that my own cheeks were beginning to blush as a result of it. The resolution to it was great though, because it really shows what another level Rowena is on with her being the only one who got the jokes.

Godric’s boggart = :O! I never, ever expected that and it was probably as shocking for me as it was for the others. I obviously knew he feared pureblood people like Salazar but I never knew that the fear was so great it would result in that. The outcome of it was brilliant in my opinion. The emotions you captured were really great and I could just sense the shock resonating around them all.

It made sense that Godric finally admitted to Salazar what he really was and just that cold Salazar emanated was horribly chilling. I’m so worried about the future of Helgazar with the way Salazar was questioning why Helga was there and the talk he’s going to have with Godric. I know he would have to find out eventually, but not now when everything was going so well.

Another fabulous chapter, Maggie, and I can’t wait to read the next! ♥


Author's Response: Kiana! I'm so excited that you came! Sorry it's taken me forever to respond to this incredible review, but rest assured that I loved it :D

These last couple of chapters have been such an emotional roller-coaster to write! It was almost sad to write them in such a comfortable place last chapter, because I knew things had to take a darker turn soon :(

I'm glad you liked the boggart scene! I think a boggart can be a great way to reveal more about characters, and I wanted to use this scene to do that. I feel like we really get a better sense of Rowena and Godric, especially (I'll get to your thoughts on them later). And I think I get what you mean about Helga being the one to go first. She sensed that it would be harder for the others to reveal their fears in front of everyone, so she tried to ease things for them.

If I ever was in a room with a boggart, I think it might be something similar to Rowena's. I'm glad that resonated with you too, because I was totally cringing as I was writing it! But she was able to get the best of it. And it was fun to show the flip side of it, as well. Like you said, her humor is on another plane (and I think it would amuse her even more that the other don't always get it.)

Haha, you're not the only reviewer who was shocked by Godric's boggart! I'm glad it was shocking, though; it was a very intense scene to write, and I hoped some of that would get through. I felt like it was time to shift some focus onto Godric, especially since all the other founders have had at least one big character-development moment. And this just fit so perfectly. I wanted to show how important Godric's loved ones are to him, and also incorporate some of that Gryffindor courage by having him own up to the truth.

This story is getting pretty close to the end (which is kind of sad to think about), so the lingering Helgazar questions will be answered soon. I'm working quickly on ch. 10, because I hate to leave them in limbo :/ Hopefully it will be up soon! Thank you so much for a wonderful, day-making review!


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Review #45, by Phoenix_Flames Chapter Nine

18th July 2013:
Ahhh, MAGGIE!!! Oh my gosh, such a great chapter. Out of all the things I imagined happening with the bogart, I did NOT expect this! I thought it would have been Salazar that caused a dilemma with his fear or something. Helga or Rowena even. But Godric was my last guess! Way to keep me on my toes! I love being surprised like that!!

I'm so glad you updated so quickly! I'm so hooked to this story, you don't even understand! I love it, I love it, I love it! Every chapter is always exciting and it surprises me. And every single time I read this, I am amazed at the dialogue you put together. It just flows so smoothly and it really does sound like what they would say and how they would talk.

Such a great chapter! Keep these updates coming! They make my day!

And you also made my day yesterday with those reviews. THANK YOU! I intend to go back and return the favor and review all my favorite chapters over here. ;)

Thanks, Maggie! And great job. As always!

Author's Response: DRUE YOU CAME! I'm so excited you liked the update!

I thought it was time for Godric to have a big moment, and this felt like the best way. Things kind of took a dark turn when he stepped up to the boggart, didn't they? Godric had just held the secret in for so long that it had to burst out somehow. And I do see the thought of losing his loved ones (or failing to protect them) as his biggest fear.

I'm really glad it's exciting for you! That's awesome to hear, especially since I always worry that things are kind of dragging. And I'm so happy the dialogue feels authentic :)

I'll try to keep updating pretty quickly this summer, so hopefully the wait won't be too terribly long. And you're so welcome! I've been meaning to review-bomb you for some time now, the House Cup just gave me an excuse to actually do it :). Thanks again for the awesome review!


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Review #46, by academica Chapter One

17th July 2013:
Hey Maggie! I've been wanting to come by and check out your novel for a while, so here I am! Also, can I just say that I love your faceclaim choice for Helga? Jenna is so beautiful and yet so rarely used.

Okay, first of all, I love your version of how the four Founders came to be. I sort of automatically assumed they were all purebloods, but I really like the idea of Helga having to hide her magic and it being the catalyst in her friendship with Godric. I also like the way you made Helga and Godric the first pair of friends, because that seems a bit unorthodox as well. Finally, I realized that I never considered how wizards and witches would get wands before the establishment of Ollivander's and shops like it. Again, nice job with those little details.

I also love how they founded Hogwarts in an abandoned castle that some had deemed cursed. It seems like that story would be a great deterrent even apart from the many spells and enchantments guarding it. I do wish I could have heard more about your version of where the name "Hogwarts" came from, but otherwise, this is just delightful!

I really liked the first interaction you showed us between Helga and Salazar. I like her fiestiness and the way the two of them conversed. It's clear that she has defied his expectations, and hopefully he'll find her more curious as a result of it, despite his likely embarrassment at being Transfigured. As for Helga's part, I'm interested to read on and learn more about how she eventually falls for Salazar. I think I'll come back sometime soon :)

Great first chapter!

♥ Amanda

Author's Response: Amanda, hi! Wow, I'm a little star struck right now, as Diamonds Into Coal is pretty much the gold standard of Founders stories :). I'm so glad you came by!

Jenna is exactly how I imagined Helga to look at this age, and Carnal Spiral did such an amazing job bringing her to life with that chapter image :) And as for Helga herself, I just sort of knew she was Muggle born. Maybe she just didn't fit the image of purebloods I had in my mind. And some people have asked me why she and Godric didn't wind up falling in love, but I just always saw them as best friends.

I didn't explain the naming very well, did I? That was actually kind of a cop-out on my part, since I couldn't think of any logical reason to name it Hogwarts :P But I'm thrilled you like the other little details here and there.

That kitchen scene was so much fun to write. It's the catalyst for the rest of the story, because this is when Salazar begins to look at Helga in a new way. I so hope you'll come and check out where things go from here!

(And by the way, I've read the end of Diamonds Into Coal and loved it! I owe you a review on it...hopefully I'll get around to that very soon :))

Thank you so much for coming by, Amanda! It was such a thrill to see that you'd reviewed! It just makes my day every time I look at it :)


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Review #47, by SilentConfession Chapter Eight

11th July 2013:
Now i must wait for an update and can't vicariously read through your wonderful work. These last couple chapters have been absolutely wonderful! I couldn't help but smile at all the little Helga/Salazar moments! They are so perfect for one another. She brings out the best in him and is his strength were his weaknesses lie. He does the same for her. It's wicked how you've worked that together.

Also, Godric! Yes, i'm so pleased that he could see right through her little act and knew she was behind Salazar's changes. Brilliant. I loved her reaction too and she just splashed water on his face. It was very sister/brother like and it was great to see their interaction again. He doesn't disapprove of it it seems which is good but i wonder how it will develop over time.

There's one thing i've noticed about the way you write this, especially writing their dialogue. Most of the time you are spot on with keeping it formal and very on par with the period. At least, enough that makes it believable. I also like the moments where you hint to propriety and having her go down to his chambers and wondering how proper that was. Obviously Helga doesn't have those kind of restraints on her as much being raised a gypsy and Salazar only pretends to have it. It works but I wonder when Rowena finds out how she will view it or how the kids would view it.

I have this sense of fear though. I read a one-shot of yours which i think ties into this and they aren't together and she's with someone else and obviously the founders split at some point and all i can think of is NOOO! I don't even know why i like them so much. I mean, Salazar killed someone. He isn't a good person, but there is something about how you've written him earnestly wanting to be different than what he was that makes me believe in him too. I think i'm just as optimistic about change as Helga is and although i fear that it won't work out I want to believe in him growing past his hate. Or i'm just under his weird charming spell like Helga and I wonder when she (and me for that matter) will wake up and see what he is. Or maybe he's just a good person and when he finds out she's lied to him all this time he loses it completely.

I'm massively tied up to this story! Can't wait to see what you have in store next!


Author's Response: Hi Zayne! I'm finally going to catch up on responding to your wonderful reviews...they have really meant the world to me. I am so happy that you've enjoyed this so much!

I loved writing these last few chapters, because we get to see Helga and Salazar really connect with each other. They've grown to appreciate what the other has to offer, and that's been a wonderful foundation for their relationship. Not to mention Helga's instinct to seek out those who need help. Combined with Salazar's troubled past, they were definitely on a collision course :)

I'm so glad you're still liking the style of this! I've described it at "earthy" before, but I don't think that's the word I was looking for. I want this to feel sort of folk-ish and whimsical, but still formal enough to fit the time. I'm glad the dialogue fits that! As for the propriety issue, I never put much thought into it. But Rowena is more straight-laced than the other three, so she might very well wind up voicing some objections. And I always imagined they would keep their relationship a complete secret from the students.

I wish I could just tell you what's in store for Helgazar! But I will say that this story is winding to a close soon, so all will be revealed before too long. You aren't the only one who's conflicted about Salazar. He's got such enormous potential for good or bad, and at this point it could easily swing either way. Hopefully I won't keep you waiting too long for the answers!

Thank you so much, again, for liking this story and taking the time to review! I have loved responding to these, and I hope you continue to enjoy it :)


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Review #48, by SilentConfession Chapter Five

11th July 2013:
I think it's official. I'm addicted to this story. Actually addicted. I love the dynamics and the heightened tensions that are building up in this chapter. The idea that Helga can't turn her back on her ideals because having feelings for Salazar could very well mean that very thing. Pursuing him could easily mean her fall. It's not an easy situation by any means and I like how Rowena was able to see those feelings Helga had. It's given Rowena a deepness that she hasn't shown before now and it's made her seem more human and relatable as well. The walls of her propriety were torn down momentarily and we see the kind of friend and person she is.

I loved Helga's anger. I just wanted to punch my fist in the air and scream 'FOR HUFFLEPUFF!' She really is a strong character. I love how you showed this side of her, how hard she is to anger but when she does get angry it's for a just cause and that she can also put aside this anger in order to care for someone else.

Salazar and his secrets! I'm still gunning for the idea that his family was killed by fire or something by muggles. That's why he hates them so much and why he fears fire. I love his character still. It's so opposite from Helga and if i knew him in person i'm sure i'd dislike him but he's wonderfully complex and is a challenge for Helga because she catches glimpses the man behind his prejudices at times and it keeps her hoping that he will be that man again. It would be maddening i'm sure.

:) Excellent chapter! On to the next!

Author's Response: Hey! Wow, I'm glad I've got you hooked! Yes, things are starting to get a little more serious with this chapter. And I'm so happy to hear that you like Rowena here. This is kind of where she begins to open herself up, and I'm glad you liked seeing that about her. I'd love to write a fic with Rowena as the narrator, just to allow her to tell a bit more of her story than cones out here.

I really did want to show Helga's fierce side, because she does have one! But as you've seen, it doesn't come out too often. And she can't stay angry with Salazar long ;) I'm glad you enjoyed seeing that part of her personality--I was really searching for a way to include it.

I'm kind of the same way about Salazar...I'm not sure I'd want to meet him in real life either! He's been a real challenge to write because he has so much going on internally, and it's hard to represent him the way I want to. But I'm so happy you're catching glimpses of his potential, like Helga is. He's not a completely bad guy, and I've tried to show that (but sometimes he just won't quite let me :P) And if you can't tell, he has a soft spot for Helga. He can't keep her out forever :)

Thanks again for the wonderful reviews! I'm getting through them slowly but surely :)

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Review #49, by SilentConfession Chapter Four

11th July 2013:
Oh Helga is so smitten with Salazar! She keeps digging and I love the comment 'don't come too close' from Salazar. Just perfect. It adds all the dimension you need for him. He's obviously terrified of people seeing beneath his mask and Helga is one of the few who will continue digging till she sees everything she can. I'm curious to know what will happen with them though because he won't lose his prejudices and when he learns of her heritage what will happen? How will Helga continue to stand up for him be be drawn to him when it's her kind he hates? As great as it is that she sees the best in everyone, how far will this go?

I liked her scene with the Boggart. It was intense but really hit a cord with me. It was also great because a lot of times we see the Boggart take on tangible things but taking on a more abstract fear like losing freedom was interesting to read about. As was her reaction to it. Her need for freedom seems to be a massive pull for her and I wonder how this will affect her later especially with her secret heritage. Will Salazar putting constrains on what makes a good witch/wizard affect her as strongly. It is in a way caging her and saying that because of her heritage she isn't as good.

The flow and the way you tell stories is really nice. It just works well together. You have the perfect balance of description and dialogue. You don't go overboard with either one of them and you give a really great mental picture of what's going on rather than slapping your readers in the face with everything.

Anyway, i'm loving how this is developing and you continue adding new elements to the story that keep the plot moving at a great pace.

Author's Response: Yep, she's under the spell for sure! And as to the digging, Helga's a badger isn't she? ;) She's bound and determined to get behind that mask. And you'll just have to keep reading to find out how she navigates that conflict between her heritage and Salazar. There are rough waters ahead.

I love hearing people's reactions to Helga's boggart. I'm so glad it resonated with you, and actually, you read more into it than I did! Now that you mention it, though, it does bring up a good point; the way things stand now, Helga could never be free to be herself with Salazar. But the story isn't over yet :)

I'm trying to be kind of earthy with the style of writing here, and not go overboard, like you said. I'm so glad you're liking the feel of it! Thank you again for the lovely reviews :)

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Review #50, by SilentConfession Chapter Two

11th July 2013:
I loved this chapter. I like that beyond their differences there is parts of them that connect. I'm really interested to see the other ways that they connect and why they are drawn to one another. I think it's a lovely ship and that he's been watching her just as much she him even though she cannot hide a thing. It's cool to see her get under his skin and how she can see past everything he tries to hide.

Helga continues to be my favourite character here. She's so free and open and walks around with bare feet! What's not to like about her? She's lovely and you write her in such a consistent and relatable manner as well. She has this spirit that I think would draw a lot of people towards her, like a bird about to take flight or something. Salazar could definitely learn something from her.

Salazar as well is brilliantly done. He's cold, harsh, has this weird superiority complex about him and yet we just saw in this chapter this vulnerability from him when he gets his feathers ruffled. I like how underneath his 'noble' facade there is something se there that's engaging.

I like the cliffie too and the Boggart? they are fighting. I'm curious to know how this is going to play out in later chapters. His fear of fire? (was his family burned at the stake or something?) anyway i'm dying to know what happens next. You've developed your characters and your plot brilliantly so far!

Author's Response: Hi again Zayne! This chapter is one of my favorites too, because this is the point where Helga's curiosity about Salazar is really sparked. At first glance they don't seem like they would work, but they do have some things in common. I think even Helga and Salazar themselves are surprised by that :)

Helga is absolutely my favorite character I've ever written. You're right, she doesn't think much of convention and enjoys marching to a different drum. I'm so glad you're finding her relatable, too! It's funny, I've tried to describe her from the POV of other characters, and it never works the way I want it to. She comes off as this out-of-touch, Luna Lovegood type, which isn't exactly her. It's only when she's narrating that she comes across as down-to-earth and real. It's so strange how that works out!

Salazar hides his vulnerability very well most of the time. He likes to do it by placing himself above everyone, and he's a very convincing actor :) But you're right, there's much more to him than meets the eye.

And as to that last paragraph, those are very good guesses :) Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review, Zayne! I hope to catch up on my responses very soon.

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