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Review #26, by Rumbleroar goes roar Pasty Patsy Percy

5th November 2012:
Hhahaha oh I really loved this chapter! Percy and Audrey are so mad - I love them! :D Haha I especially loved Percy's inner voices XD

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Percy and Audrey are missing a few screws, I think.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #27, by WitnesstoitAll Pasty Patsy Percy

3rd November 2012:
omggg. I literally may suffocate I'm laughing so hard at this chapter. It was brilliant and ridiculous and so, so so good. This story!! Gah, I seriously am in such awe of you and your talent to create something new and unique and brilliant and entertaining everytime you write something new. Every story is different but equally fabulous, and this one is no different.

I really really enjoyed getting to see some more of Percy -- I nearly forgot Audrey was still tailing him until her name would pop up and she'd make some off the wall assumption. It is so, so interesting to see Percy in such a small role, professionally speaking. At the same time, the image of him pushing around a trolley of puddings and sandwiches is priceless. I do hope he's wearing a little frilly apron... and if not he is in my head. :P


Oh, Audrey. Of course Percy is a vampire laying low as a dispenser of snacks while plotting to overthrow the magical governing body of england. What other explanation could there be??

I felt so defensive when JUELUE (LOLOLOL) and Robbins were bullying him. I'd imagine that percy was bullied a lot as a child and not just from his siblings -- preteens are not nice, and so I'm sure school was a bit of a rough environment for him until he got that Prefect badge.

THE WEASLEY FAMILY IN HIS HEAD. Sarah. Seriously, I don't have the words to tell you how funny and absolutely perfect that was. Everything from Mrs Weasley scolding George to Ron's tendency to speak without thinking and everything... perfection. (H)

I laughed particularly hard when Percy approached Audrey speaking to the weasleys in his head outloud. lololol. What a loonytune. The best part about this entire chapter was that even after acting like a complete nutter, Audrey still agreed to go to lunch with him.

And I'll end this super rambly review by quoting this one part of the chapter that really really made me laugh quite hard:

"“So,” he went on with much more bravado than he felt. “How about hot pants? I mean – pants on fire – I mean…ahhh…” He smacked himself in the face, straightening up. “Tea!” He was fairly screaming now. “Please? Do you like tea? Does your boyfriend like tea? You and I and your boyfriend could all go out for tea together. My treat!”"

lolol. Percy percy percy. you just asked to be a third wheel.

Gah. This is fabulous and I can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens at lunch. :)


Author's Response: BAW, MEL. ♥

Audrey's a few fries short of a happy meal. Lulz, Percy in an apron. I explain this a little more in the next chapter, but Percy intentionally limited himself to the small role of sandwich-pusher. He thinks that if he became more important within the Ministry, his family would dislike him again and he would turn back into a prat. So there was a bit of sacrifice.

Juelue HEEE, I am cl3v3r. Yeah, you're probably right about everyone bullying Percy when he was younger. :( That's most likely the reason why he was flashing his badge all over the place. Got to play every card you've got - especially in a family where preceding siblings have already been successful in other areas. And come to think of it, I don't think he had any friends in the books. There was Penelope, but she was the only one mentioned.

:( Now I am sad.

The Weasley family in his head was totes inspired by WAT! I've been itching to write them because of your story. I'm hoping to squeeze in some George into chapter 4!

Percy and Audrey are quite cracky in this story. It's really enjoyable to write. XD Percy volunteering himself on a date with Audrey's nonexistent boyfriend. He is the picture of smooth.

♥ You da best 5eva.

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Review #28, by TenthWeasley A New Lead

26th October 2012:
This is going to be such a fun story! I am just so in awe; how you can turn around from something like Run to write a short story of this nature... I will never understand you. But that's largely part of the fun!

I love your Audrey. Absolutely love her. ♥ I've not had a lot of experience with Percy/Audrey, but what I have read of their pairing makes it seem like they're all about angst and finding love through tragedy, or things of that nature. But I like her a lot more here, because she's just a bit mad, but still extremely likeable! I can so see your sense of humor woven throughout this story, in the way she looks at the world. Of course she would take something so innocent as Percy Weasley coming out of an ice cream shop and turn that into a vampire stake-out (still laughing at that pun, that is brilliant). Although you know, that is a very attractive image... Mmm, Percy.

I am just going to tell you right now that we had better actually see Oliver in this story. I love that he's Head Detective! Nobody ever does that, it is fantastic. And it's even better that he got that way because he fell on his head in a Quidditch match. :D Oh, help, that is too funny. I'm leery now, because I'm pretty sure I grinned so much at this chapter and I have no idea who might have seen, and there is really nothing funny about infant development. Oops. But yes -- definitely, definitely need to see more Oliver. I love him so much already and you didn't even write him in person.

ENJOYING THIS STORY SO, SO MUCH SO FAR. ♥ This is so great!! You have to let me know when you update immediately. I love your humor. ♥ You are a tops humor writer, period.


Author's Response: Fun stories are so much easier to write! They require very little thought. I can just snack on sugar for an hour and just type whatever comes out. Going from a post-Hogwarts like Run to a post-Hogwarts like this is very different, but I love changing things up.

I'm pretty sure that your appreciation of Percy is why I was interested in writing him in the first place. His cameo in Growing Up Weasley and then your Percy one-shot.

Lulz, you are going to see me all over this story. I just can't keep myself out of it.

You will deffo see Oliver! He will appear in chapter 4, I do believe, which I am going to try to write today. :3 We've all heard about Quidditch star Oliver, so I thought it'd be nice to stick him somewhere else.

Have I told you lately how awesome you are for always reading stuff I write? You don't have to but you always do, anyway. ♥ You are the literal best.

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Review #29, by Rumbleroar goes roar A New Lead

24th October 2012:
Hahaha oh my god!
"(she hadn’t ever been given an official one, so she’d constructed her own with spell-o-tape and a gold star, labeling herself ‘The Eliminator’)" I think this was when I thought, "Yep. I'm going to love this character." And I really do! Audrey is fantastic!
"A wild Weasley appeared, far from his natural habitat of trying to be a hero somewhere." I loved this line too :P
Ah I'm so excited to have found this story! Already it seems like so much fun and I really enjoyed reading the first chapter! Really can't wait to read more :D

Author's Response: Hooray! I'm so glad you like Audrey. So far in fanfic, she's been portrayed as very unlikable and stuck-up, so I wanted to give her a different spin. She's a little bit crazy, but I love writing her. :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #30, by WitnesstoitAll A New Lead

20th October 2012:
Hellooo. (that hello would have more O's if not for the 3 character rule that would inevitably turn it back into a plain old hello)

I've been very excited for this story since you first began pondering writing a Percy/Audrey fic and here it is at last!! I am always so stunned by your ability to create these vibrant, diverse characters, and your latest, Miss Audrey Bellpepper, has continued the pattern. She's so funny and lulzy and her internal monologue is to die for. There are so so many things I can comment on that made me snort, but I'll limit myself to a few:

"No one abided by the vigilante code anymore. It was madness."

LOL. Poor Audrey, the last of the vigilantes. She takes her job so seriously and it contrasts so, so perfectly with how off beat and funny her thoughts actually are. It's great b/c I don't think she thinks of her thoughts as funny -- and that sort of oblivious modesty is very refreshing.

"It’s where all the head-cases ended up."

LOLOLOL. I know she's referencing Wood here (which in and of itself is hilarious, crazy wood falling off his broom and being shunted to paranormal detective, but seeing as this is a PERCY/audrey and Percy more or less lives and breathes for the ministry... she's essentially already classified her future hubby and father of her children as a headcase. I appreciate that. :P

"Maybe he was keeping an eye on the Minister himself, chatting him up like all the Weasleys were prone to do just to remind everyone else that they were on first-name terms with old Shacklebolt."

Outsider opinion of the Weasleys (H) love it.

Gahhh. all of your discriptions are so wonderful and brisk and so well suited to the pace of this piece. It has a very film noir feel to it, with the detective jargon and what not, but at the same time, it's sort of spoofy and goofy and a wee bit cracky and it's like you've created this wonderful new crack-noir genre and it's brilliant.

I can't wait to see where this goes next!! Knowing you it could be absolutely anywhere. :) Great job, as always... yet another sarah-fic has found it's home on my favorites list.

Author's Response: Ermegherd, Mel, this review. ♥

Poor Audrey, indeed. The last of the vigilantes! She is super srs about her job. She thinks she is the most profesh ever. And she gets /really/ into her missions, too. Does not do anything halfway.

lulz, Audrey classifying Percy as a headcase. He'd have to be, in order to put up with her. She's a few fries short of a happy meal.

The pace of this piece, I've noticed, comes very easily to me because it's so quick, so I'm finding myself typing a mile a minute to keep up with it. It's a lot like the pace of my deleted Next Gen Wayward, may it rest in peace. Crack-noir is a perfect description of it. SO PLEASED YOU LIKE IT. And so pleased you're reading this. ♥ Seriously, Mel, you've already read two of my novels and now you're reading this and I can't thank you enough for your unconditional support. It means a lot to me.

♥ ♥

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