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Review #26, by Just some guy. Capture the Flag

29th June 2014:
Snape down like that? Seriously? I thought he wasn't supposed to be stupid like all the trillion Jily stories out there :(

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Review #27, by findingalways Double-Edged

26th June 2014:
Hiya, round 4!

Oh, the story is getting exciting! I love that you spend time setting up the story instead of just plopping us smack into the middle of it, that makes me very happy. Plus, you explain everything the reader - such as myself - wants to know through dialogue, much of the time, rather than simply through large, overly detailed paragraphs. You include the perfect amount of details and information where we're informed yet not bored.

Cedric is very nice. I can see how being there could harden you over time, so I like that his personality now is not just completely different from GoF, but that it has evolved. His caring nature toward Colin and Fred (wherever he is) shows that he's still the same Hufflepuff he was. I think Hufflepuff are typically charismatic and kind, and he is. He's brave as well, though. I like him.

Colin is sweet, but I feel so bad for him. I can't stop myself from seeing him as an eleven year old. I thought he posed an interesting question about when the worse/better time to die was.

Salazar, wow he was interesting, as was Ravenclaw! Wowza. Do I sense a little Founder love going on? Ooh. I would love to know what's going on exactly between the two of them. I enjoyed hearing about the races from both of their takes, nice touch with that.

Another excellent chapter; thank you!


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Review #28, by findingalways In Plain Sight

26th June 2014:
Hiya, I'm back again!

This was, to no surprise, a third excellent chapter. I truly can not believe I am just now getting around to this story - it is phenomenal, just as everyone had previously said. I'm so intrigued by this plot and the whole idea and, of course, by the races. What a clever, genius idea! I've never seen anything remotely similar to the archives and I've visited this site for years.

Dobby is there! Ahhh! Much excitement! I have never cried as much over a fictional being as I have over Dobby's death - I was in hysterics, balling my eyes out. It's so great to see him doing well and being - well - himself. You capture him spot on perfectly as you have with all the other characters, and that's probably what I like most about this story, you keep them canon. Thank you.

Regulus was great. I've found him interesting for quite a while and so I'm happy to see him here among the villagers. I always imagined him as sort of Sirius with a meaner streak. And he is. He can't help but, for example, egg Dobby on, and that seems to be a Black family trait.

Lily is just so great, seemingly beautiful inside and out in both life and death. I love reading her internal conflict over Severus. I had never given it much thought as to how his heroic actions were seen from her point of view so this was not only a nice change, but I'm keenly fascinated. She brought up many a valid point that I would never have come up with on my own. She is certainly in a tricky situation now, I don't know what the proper way to handle her situation would be, to be perfectly honest.

Dilys (very interesting name, by the way, I can't seem to get over it) and Bathilda were bother very sweet, I loved when Dilys froze Regulus.

James, from what little we see of him, is exactly how I imagined him to be and I loved everything you explained about their relationship - such as their scavenger hunts.

The whole island and concept is so well thought out, bravo.


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Review #29, by findingalways Like Dreaming

26th June 2014:
Hiya, again!

This was an excellent second chapter and I truly do not mind that there was some redundancy because it simply further sets up the story and it was needed for the Lupins, after all.

Tonks and Lupin are in my top five favorite ships, and I think you captured their interesting relationship perfectly. Their emotions were great and I loved the way all they could hardly think about was Teddy - very parental. I simply adored their relationship and how much they explained about what happened pre-death, as well as Remus leaving when Harry called him back with the Resurrection Stone, that was a very nice touch. Their relationship consisted of both a lot of arguing and a lot of love and you were seriously spot on, great job.

Crabbe is still just as unpleasant as he was in the books, great job. He's just so rude!

The girl who told them about the races was quite peculiar, I liked her.

I can not wait for the races to begin! It's such an original and exciting idea that I can not wait to read!

Phenomenal job, 10/10.

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Review #30, by findingalways Newcomers

26th June 2014:

So, I had heard of this story, and how great it was, quite a while ago and then after a fellow member recommended it, I couldn't help but to come check it out - and I am SO glad I did!

First off, this is such an incredibly original idea and I completely adore it! I have never read or even heard of a story with this plot, but it is pure genius and I am so glad this plot bunny found it's way into your brain!

Your writing is stupendous. I enjoy reading things that aren't chock-full of grammatical errors that make it hard to understand, and yours is clear of them for all that I could tell. Plus, your writing style is perfect. You're detailed without overdoing it so much that it takes away from the story.

The setting of the story was so intriguing. It's a totally interesting and new take on life after death and the whole village was so well described. I felt like I was really there! Everything from the clock to the way the crow caws once for every year of the newly deceased'a life, that was genius.

Cedric captured my attention from the first paragraph of the story. He's so three dimensional and interesting and I enjoyed what I saw from his perspective. I also liked the casual mention of Sirius - nice touch.

Adding Godric and Rowena were very nice touches - I didn't think they would be included as well!

I loved that you added Gideon and Fabian - Molly's brothers - as well.

Then Colin was cute, although I doubt I will ever be able to stop from seeing him as the eleven year old he was in Harry'd first year. I still imagine him small and goofy, yet sweet.

Now, my favorite, adding Fred. Gosh, I adore him so much, and you captured him perfectly. He's a personal favorite character of mine - *sobs as I remember he died in DH* - and he's already who I want to win the competition. He's so great, and I loved how he thought it was a hallucination.

Now, the station attended was just utterly great, I loved him. You could tell he's helped a lot of people and gotten a lot of the same questions and that he's bored. He's a little cold, but I enjoyed his characterization a lot.

Well, I think I've written a novel length review so I'll call it quits now. Great, phenomenal job, you're an incredible writer!

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Review #31, by StoryWebber Newcomers

10th April 2014:
This is, without doubt, the most amazing Harry Potter fanfiction I've read, the only exception being G. Norman Lippert's James Potter series!
If you haven't read it, you should definitely try it. It's the best!
But Run was amazing! I don't even have words to describe it, it's that great!!
I just loved every part of it, and after reading this, I don't think I'll ever bring myself to write a fanfiction again :(
By the way, all the Devil's Duels were amazing, but the one I liked the best was thegoblin-fire-incident one. The Uprising.
Second-best was the fun-house one. Twisted Towers.
Then comes Hogwarts, Quidbumps and the ship one!
Speaking frankly, the first Devil's Duel was epic. I thought nothing could ever rival it. But that was before I read the rest of them!
Okay, I should stop rambling now, but I just want you to know that you are a wonderful writer with a whole lot of imagination!

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Review #32, by StoryWebber Rules of the Prize

10th April 2014:
That's GEORGE!
That's freaking, GEORGE WEASLEY!
How do you write like this, man?
You just got me the most excited, hyperventilated and stunned as I have ever been while reading a fanfiction!
Gods of Olympus!
I NEED to read the next chapter...

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Review #33, by StoryWebber Twisted Towers

10th April 2014:
Are you trying to tell me that Colin and Fred win?
No fair!
I don't want either to die...
I think I should stop reading this story right now...

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Review #34, by StoryWebber Tradition

10th April 2014:
Of course Regulus is as mischievous as Sirius, theyíre brothers after all!
I really like the portrayal of Regulus in this story!

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Review #35, by StoryWebber Quidbumps

10th April 2014:
Oh my gods!
Thank you!
Thank you for saving James and Lily, Iím happy now!

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Review #36, by StoryWebber Evidence

10th April 2014:
The Adriatic Sea!
Thatís somewhere near Rome, isnít it?
Anyway, canít wait to

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Review #37, by StoryWebber Cold, Shaking, Seething

9th April 2014:
Amazing idea for the contest!
This was brilliant - totally, completely, sheerly brilliant!
And thank you - thank you for taking Lily out of the contest...
I couldn't bear it if she died!

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Review #38, by StoryWebber Double-Edged

9th April 2014:
This chapter's really good, too!
Amazing work!
Keep writing!

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Review #39, by StoryWebber In Plain Sight

9th April 2014:
Just as usual, I couldn't stop reading!
Good work!
Thumbs-up to you!

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Review #40, by StoryWebber Like Dreaming

9th April 2014:
I wish I could leave you a hundred reviews, this story's that good!

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Review #41, by StoryWebber Newcomers

9th April 2014:
This story is wonderful... very creative idea, and a very good style of writing!
It's one of the best fanfictions I've ever read!

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Review #42, by hoggyhoggy_hogwarts Newcomers

7th April 2014:
I don't even know what to say.
This story was absolutely brilliant. Amazing.

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Review #43, by Alisia Newcomers

2nd April 2014:
Ho-ly crap. Thank god for your imagination and talent. This is such a unique story, I am immediately elated that I've had the pleasure to read it and simultaneously bereft that it's over. I WILL go back and review every chapter but, you know later, when I've pulled myself out of the funk you get once you've finished an epic story and contemplate what you've just read and then you have to come to terms with the story ending and rejoin the 'real' world. And after I've gotten some sleep. It's 4:30am. I couldn't stop reading this.

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Review #44, by black_pawprints Like Dreaming

5th March 2014:
I'm very intrigued by this entire premise! I like that Crabbe doesn't go to the Grotto. Is Dumbledore here? And of course, what are these various ships? Very exciting.

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Review #45, by Mrs.KjPotter Newcomers

20th January 2014:
Wow! One of the best fanfics that I've ever read!!!

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Review #46, by ads Number Two, Polaris Crescent

25th December 2013:
when Remus married Tonks, I was so confused about how they could possibly be together. I really didn't see them as a couple. You, however, have manged to change my mind completely. In your story I can finally see the love between them.

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Review #47, by Moony The Prince and His Beloved

18th December 2013:
Such an amazing and creative idea. Loving the story so far, especially this chapter. I got chills when Snape says 'I'm coming for you, my love'. I love your imagery as well. Can't wait to finish the story :)

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Review #48, by dramaqueen728 Newcomers

4th December 2013:
I genuinely loved this story. Thank you for bringing these characters new life. You're an incredible writer, and I just so appreciate this story.

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Review #49, by theblacksisters Newcomers

29th October 2013:
Great ending! I KNEW there was soemwhere better than Cliodna's clock. And I've read 'Don't Look Back.' Isn't it great?

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Review #50, by theblacksisters Rules of the Prize

29th October 2013:
Lisa Turpin? It seems a lot of people really liked 'What Lies Behind.' I did too.
Anyway, you seem a bit like me. I always have an inclination to add subtle hints of some of my favorite series.

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