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Review #26, by StoryWebber Evidence

10th April 2014:
The Adriatic Sea!
Thatís somewhere near Rome, isnít it?
Anyway, canít wait to

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Review #27, by StoryWebber Cold, Shaking, Seething

9th April 2014:
Amazing idea for the contest!
This was brilliant - totally, completely, sheerly brilliant!
And thank you - thank you for taking Lily out of the contest...
I couldn't bear it if she died!

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Review #28, by StoryWebber Double-Edged

9th April 2014:
This chapter's really good, too!
Amazing work!
Keep writing!

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Review #29, by StoryWebber In Plain Sight

9th April 2014:
Just as usual, I couldn't stop reading!
Good work!
Thumbs-up to you!

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Review #30, by StoryWebber Like Dreaming

9th April 2014:
I wish I could leave you a hundred reviews, this story's that good!

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Review #31, by StoryWebber Newcomers

9th April 2014:
This story is wonderful... very creative idea, and a very good style of writing!
It's one of the best fanfictions I've ever read!

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Review #32, by hoggyhoggy_hogwarts Newcomers

7th April 2014:
I don't even know what to say.
This story was absolutely brilliant. Amazing.

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Review #33, by Alisia Newcomers

2nd April 2014:
Ho-ly crap. Thank god for your imagination and talent. This is such a unique story, I am immediately elated that I've had the pleasure to read it and simultaneously bereft that it's over. I WILL go back and review every chapter but, you know later, when I've pulled myself out of the funk you get once you've finished an epic story and contemplate what you've just read and then you have to come to terms with the story ending and rejoin the 'real' world. And after I've gotten some sleep. It's 4:30am. I couldn't stop reading this.

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Review #34, by black_pawprints Like Dreaming

5th March 2014:
I'm very intrigued by this entire premise! I like that Crabbe doesn't go to the Grotto. Is Dumbledore here? And of course, what are these various ships? Very exciting.

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Review #35, by Mrs.KjPotter Newcomers

20th January 2014:
Wow! One of the best fanfics that I've ever read!!!

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Review #36, by ads Number Two, Polaris Crescent

25th December 2013:
when Remus married Tonks, I was so confused about how they could possibly be together. I really didn't see them as a couple. You, however, have manged to change my mind completely. In your story I can finally see the love between them.

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Review #37, by Moony The Prince and His Beloved

18th December 2013:
Such an amazing and creative idea. Loving the story so far, especially this chapter. I got chills when Snape says 'I'm coming for you, my love'. I love your imagery as well. Can't wait to finish the story :)

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Review #38, by dramaqueen728 Newcomers

4th December 2013:
I genuinely loved this story. Thank you for bringing these characters new life. You're an incredible writer, and I just so appreciate this story.

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Review #39, by theblacksisters Newcomers

29th October 2013:
Great ending! I KNEW there was soemwhere better than Cliodna's clock. And I've read 'Don't Look Back.' Isn't it great?

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Review #40, by theblacksisters Rules of the Prize

29th October 2013:
Lisa Turpin? It seems a lot of people really liked 'What Lies Behind.' I did too.
Anyway, you seem a bit like me. I always have an inclination to add subtle hints of some of my favorite series.

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Review #41, by Boterham Newcomers

5th October 2013:
I've just LOVED all of these chapters! They're amazing! In my opinion, you should start writing your own books, 'cause I would buy ALL of them!!!

Lot's of succes with (possible) other fan-fics.

Greetings from The Netherlands!

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Review #42, by weasleyswifuu Like Dreaming

24th September 2013:
Omg, I am already amazed at the emotion played in Tonks and Lupin's characters. I started to cry while reading it. Looking forward to the rest of the chapters. Also, sorry about the people who can't make up their own stories. They cannot take your talent if you continue to write amazingly. Great job!

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Review #43, by Back in Black Newcomers

14th September 2013:
Loved this! So incredibly original and it was superbly written!

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Review #44, by Nargles Newcomers

7th August 2013:
That was such an amazing story. I can't even use words to describe how utterly awesome it was. There's a good reason that this story won the most original award. How did you even come up with the idea? It's pure brilliance. I love how you make the characters live on after death. Now I'm no longer sad about all the deaths. Thank you.

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Review #45, by Courtney Dark Newcomers

28th July 2013:
Hey there!

So I've actually read this whole story a while ago, but I may or may not have been reminiscing about it a couple of days ago, and remembering all my favourite parts, and I couldn't help myself - I just had to come back and re-read the whole thing, because it really is such a creative, imaginative, unique story which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Anyway, I just thought I'd leave a review letting you know I'm about to enjoy your story for the second time - and I'm not one for re-reading fanfiction, so this is big for me!

Oh, and by the way this is the perfect opening chapter! The little details that you include are so great - and I absolutely love the way you characterize Cedric Diggory. I've seen other writers depict him as a very bland, one-dimensional character.

Anyway, TTFN! I have a craving for the next chapter!


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Review #46, by loveology Newcomers

26th July 2013:
Okay, so I'll start at the beginning, and just say that that's an excellent choice of quote at the beginning. :) Like, it really set the mood and all that. :P

Okay, so this entire idea of having a story take place after death has been done before, but not in this way. This is creative and imaginative and massive kudos for coming up with it. Also, I love how Cedric seemed so enthused at the idea of seeing people he knew but also dreading it obviously because that means they died but yeah, and i love the slew of familiar names too! It makes me feel more knowledgeable about the story and like i know more than some of the characters even. ;)

I also really like how you ended the chapter with a cliffhanger! It left me wanting more so much that, I must confess, I went through some of the chapters for sneak peaks. I still plan on reading it though, don't worry!

All in all, I'm really excited and this story seems grand and I think it definitely deserved a dobby award, heck, maybe you should change names and get it published, i'd read. :)

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Review #47, by soliloquy Double-Edged

27th June 2013:
Ah. All the feelings are already swirling. I can only imagine Lily's desperation and the suckiness that is having to defeat your best friend.

Who did Dorcas want to see? Was there anyone specific? And did any other canon characters get killed off?

I have so many questions about this world! So many ideas and thoughts and wonderings...ugh.

If Rowena attempted to run off and was caught, how come she wasn't sent to the Grotta?

Ah. i wish this review could be better but I'm running off to read the next one.

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Review #48, by soliloquy In Plain Sight

27th June 2013:
The complexity of Lily's emotions is amazing. At first, I was confused why she was trying to hide from James. I wondered if everything was alright in their seemingly picture perfect relationship. I had completely forgotten that yes, Snape too would be joining them.

That Snape would also be there. That she would have to encounter him once more.

I can only imagine her feelings. The guilt. The anxiety. The awkwardness. How she probably is feeling everything rushing at her at once and at the same time, this immense guilt that he might have wasted his life because of her. Not the real her, perhaps, but this idolized, idealized version of her that he kept in his memory.

But at the same time, I wonder if Snape does know the real her, still. That his memory hasn't built up this idealized version. That, he really does know that she's still married to James and that he isn't expecting her to give him anything because he did it out of love for her -- that he didn't do it because he thought she owed him something at the end...

God. You write the emotions so well that I'm entranced and lost and spinning. Poor, Lily. Poor Severus.

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Review #49, by soliloquy Like Dreaming

27th June 2013:
Wah. I literally got super teary-eyed just now. I was devastated when I read that the Tonks and Remus were dead in the seventh book, and it devastates me again to have it repeated.

The worries...I love how you've framed their relationship as bickering and lovely and real. I just...gah. Too many emotions right now. I love how they're together and they love it, but they also hate it because they're away from their child -- but isn't that real relationships, too? When you're glad to be just with your significant other but all the while missing the child?

I don't have a child but that's what people tell me, anyway. That there's always this sort of selfish piece of you that's conflicted -- that you want one thing, but also the other, but life is that you can't have both.

Oh, the Lupins. i want to give them a big hug. Again, your details are spectacular. I love the details explained to them and everything having to do with the water and how they cross and the bit with the resurrection stone.

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Review #50, by soliloquy Newcomers

27th June 2013: this. I reread the first chapter to remind myself what on earth I've missed in terms of small details.

And honestly, I quite forgot how well written and amazing it is. Though, I'm not surprised because well, you're Sarah. As in, you're amazing and awesome.

I love the detail you put into this world -- the description is rich and inventive and really allows the reader to imagine what sort of place Cliodnaís Clock is.

And I love the description of Cedric's daily life, as well as all sorts of juicy tidbits about the inhabitants. Everything is so realistic and wonderful. I can't wait to catch up on where I left off...

P.S. I suck at reviews...most of them will be mostly squeeing. I hope you don't mind ;D

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