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Review #51, by Jess the Enthusiast April 1993

3rd April 2012:
I'm doing as I'm told by feeding the dinosaur ;)
But another great chapter! I love Hollis and Fred's interactions; they're so cute! 10/10 :D

Now, onward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you!! This started out by being my guilty pleasure story where I could focus solely on moments between Fred and an OC and not have to worry about depicting anything else, but it turned into my favorite story that I've posted on here.

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Review #52, by Jess the Enthusiast February 1996

3rd April 2012:
jhfiahdjasdhaf I'm in love

Author's Response: Eeeep! Yay! I hope you continue to like it. Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #53, by belle May 1998

3rd April 2012:
i cried so much at this chapter!

Author's Response: :'( It was a very depressing chapter to write. Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #54, by ana April 1993

3rd April 2012:
this story is awesomeee! Love it! :) 10/10.

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you continue to like it. :)

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Review #55, by Hope's Mom April 1996

21st March 2012:
This whole series of short vignettes were just beautiful. I am sorry I haven't read them sooner. I cried during chapter 17 - Fred's funeral. So toughing and sweet. Thank you for sharing your writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! It's been awhile since this has been read by anyone, so this review was a lovely surprise. Calling it beautiful and saying that the funeral brought you to tears really, truly means a lot to me. I am so glad you read this story. Thank you. :)

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Review #56, by Celeste April 1996

26th February 2012:
Gorgeous, gorgeous. So perfect.

Everything hurts a bit and I'm all sad now thanks to you. No more Frollis, no more Fred being Fred and Hollis being Hollis and this story's actually ended. It's a huge achievement that you got me to read all 18 chapters of this. I can't remember the last WIP I actually started and finished; this is stunning.

Looking at this story is a reminder of precisely what I love so much about writing. It has a power to sway people, to make them feel connected to ideas and people who aren't even real. You're such a talented writer - you handle characterization smoothly, you've made Hollis's narrative voice grow properly over the years, you handle humor and angst equally well and I'm just green with envy. Why can't I have your skills?!

Anyway, thank you for this story. It's been such a pleasure reading your writing. I think I'll be coming back to it at some point or the other to reread it. Thanks for bringing Fred back from the HP series, if only for a little while.

Author's Response: I'm awful with reading WIPs straight through. Some of them I stay with until the end, but most I abandon, even if I really like them. It's sort of odd.

-is a bad reader-

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, CELESTE, YOU HAVE ALL OF THOSE SKILLS. I've seen your author's page and I know for a fact that you can write just about everything. But thank you for the compliment, dahling, it's made my ego swell up nicely. :D

Just the idea that you might one day reread this story makes me so happy, you have no idea. That is such a wonderful thing to say, and now I feel like I've achieved something. Thank you for reading. (hug)

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Review #57, by Celeste May 1998

26th February 2012:
So, Sarah. I finally came down and read this, even though I spent ages procrastinating doing so. I didn't want to get to the part where Fred dies.

But my goodness, look at this story. This part was so incredibly beautiful. Hollis made me feel so much genuine sadness and anguish. The build up for this was absolutely perfect; I felt like I lost a friend along the way too. The descriptions were gorgeous and Hollis, as always, remained sympathetic and lovely. I loved Molly's eulogy - it was gorgeous and made me all crumbly and sad.

It's amazing what you've done with familiar canon characters like Fred and George and Lee. They feel so authentic and perfect and real to me. And with OCs like Delphine and of course, Hollis - this little fictional world is so complete by itself. Even though this story's been told in Hollis's perspective, it still has the magic of the Harry Potter books somehow. I don't know how you've done it, but this story is probably one of the few works of fanfiction that honestly feels like it could be canon.

I've spent the last hour or so reading and not doing homework and laughing and making odd strangled noises when important things have happened. Hollis is so delightful and such a wonderful narrator. I'm going to miss her and this story a lot.

And so, this story has taken its place among the best fanfictions I've ever read. I've never read a Fred/OC before and I never will again because as far as I'm concerned, this is canon and I don't care to read anyone else's spin on it. Thank you for all the laughter on this random night. My review's kind of a mess, but then again, so am I after reading this.


Author's Response: Celeste, I do not know how to respond to these reviews. All I can say is thank you, SO MUCH, for finishing the story and saying such lovely things about it. I'm thrilled I was able to impress you. Seriously, logging in and seeing those reviews was a fantastic way to start the day. I just. Gahh. I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU. Saying that it's one of the best fanfictions you've ever read - and you have read your fair share of fanfictions - is such an incredible compliment. And really, you've never read another Fred/OC? I've tried a few but it felt just a little off, which is why I wrote this. I've also read some Fred/Hermione, but most of them assassinated Ron's character and that was really off-putting. I'm so glad that you gave this Fred/OC a try and that you liked what I did with JKR's canon characters and their interactions with the characters I made up. I had so much fun writing it. I really miss writing Hollis. At least with my new story, I get to write about Fred again. ^ ^

Thank you so much, Celeste. You are amazing. ♥


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Review #58, by daliha September 1995

19th February 2012:
I had read this before but hadn't reviewed for some reason (bad me!) Anyway I loved it. Especially how you go back and forth showing us the different aspects of Hollis's life. I loved her and this chapter was my favorite so far especially when she mentioned Mountage that had me laughing for five minutes. (I still giggle at the thought)

Author's Response: A fellow Weasley twin writer! I'm very flattered that you stopped by. Thank you so much for reading; I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Review #59, by Seriously_in_love April 1996

3rd February 2012:
i really like the way you write i was nearly crying on the last 2 chapters i was wondering if you would be interested in writing a gideon/oc or a fabian/oc story they seem like interesting characters but i havent been able to find a good portrayal of them and i really liked the way you portray fred and george.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! I'm glad you liked my portrayal of Fred and George. Hmm I've never considered writing Fabian or Gideon...who knows? ^ ^ I might try to tackle them someday, it depends on if I ever get any plunnies for them. You should consider writing them yourself! That's what I did with Fred when I couldn't find any stories about him that I liked. When you can't find it elsewhere, you write it.


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Review #60, by shigirao May 1998

29th January 2012:
I cried like a baby. You know, he was my favourite character in the book. I know it sounds odd, but I just like him more than i Liked George. And JKR was genius to kill him because that REALLY made me feel HORRIBLE. That really got you to feel the sadness of the war, and I think that was what she wanted. Also, to kill Fred without George is even worse! After reading this chapter, Especially Mrs. Weasley's speech, the pain and sadness that I felt when i first read about fred's death came rushing back and hit me with a power that was so overwhelming. This entire story was so beautifully written, relaying between the different moments. I hate that Fred died. But before I get side-tracked by this depression, I must tell you what a fabulous author you are. Congrats on a LOVELY piece of work. And I love how the funeral is not the last chapter. And I love Fred Weasley. Always.

Author's Response: As much as I love George, I also liked Fred more. I think JKR purposefully made him just a little bit more carefree, made his lines just a tad bit funnier, so that in our subconscious Fred's death might have slightly more impact than George's would have had. I really wish Fred hadn't died, but you're absolutely right - JKR is a genius for doing it. Every blow was perfectly unpredictable and heart-wrenching. I'm so happy that you enjoyed this story and thankful that this chapter in particular resonated with you, and I hope you like the next chapter. Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #61, by Lisa April 1996

18th January 2012:
Well I finished your story yesterday afternoon. I have to say it is one of the best stories I've ever read, I think you're very talented. I wish you had of at least hinted at what each of them wrote on the little swans (which was an amazing idea) but leaving it open for our imagination was really amazing. I'm curious at what you pictured them writing. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I stumbled upon your story, it was very moving and VERY well written.

Author's Response: First of all, I want to thank you for coming across my story and giving it a chance, and for leaving me these beautiful reviews. They're very encouraging and they make me miss writing about Hollis. :') As for the swans, leaving it open to imagination was very important to me, so that everyone could decide for themselves what was said. But between you and me, I imagined that Hollis scribbled something slightly snarky in hers, but also affectionate, to let Fred know how she really felt; and in turn, Fred told her that he loved her. Which is why, while she was at his funeral, he felt like she needed to hear this again, and why that swan fell in her lap at that moment. Something to comfort her when she needed it the most. :)

Thank you so much!

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Review #62, by Lisa May 1998

17th January 2012:
Wow, I don't really know what to say that hasn't been said in the 25 reviews before mine. I cried over so many different things about this chapter. I can't get over how well you did at getting across the pain everyone was feeling. Well done. I was nervous about reading this chapter, I secretly hoped that you'd change it, but you did an amazing job. I'm sad I only have one chapter left.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. This was the chapter I was dreading writing the most. Truth be told, it put me in a miserable mood for the rest of the day. I really wish he didn't have to die. :(

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Review #63, by Rynnie April 1996

13th January 2012:
It took a long time for me to remember my username and password, but I signed in to tell you that honestly I think this is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read. You've written it with such a balance of happy moments, dorkiness and sadness, and I've reread this so many times I've lost count.

Thank you. :)

Author's Response: I am just floored right now. I've read this review before - many times - before responding to it, as I have all of them. And honestly, responding to these reviews has been so difficult that I've been putting it off for over a month in most cases. But thank you, thank you, thank you - for caring enough to read it all, for signing in, for reviewing, and for those amazing compliments. This was such a beautiful review, and it reminds me why I write. :)

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Review #64, by Lisa February 1998

9th January 2012:
Hi. I've been reading your story the last couple of days and I needed to tell you that I love it. I'm not sure if you'll ever read this review, but I had a very intense reaction to this chapter and I wanted to let you know. Great work, I can't wait to finish it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for telling me. :) And thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #65, by Rae April 1996

4th January 2012:
wow I just . . . wow
I decided to stop reading this at 2am when my laptop ran out of juice but then snuck downstairs after an hour to grab my charger - I just couldn't resist (incidentally it's now 4am and I'm probably going to regret this tomorrow but it was just too good!)

I realised about half way through that you were sticking too closely to the books and some of the dates were in 7th year so he was going to die - it was like someone had punched me in the stomach; I couldn't breathe.

You captured it so perfectly - life, school, the carefree nature that you don't realise until it comes up against such a sharp contrast. I absolutely love that you didn't feel the need to include her in the major events of the book, that it's strictly the book but with someone else as the main character, someone normal. A backstory of a character that really deserves one, whose death is somewhat glossed over in the books (possibly because it would just be too achingly painful if she had let anyone dwell on it).

It was beautiful. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for that beautiful review. I am so, so pleased and so touched that you liked it so much. And I'm glad you didn't mind that Hollis wasn't someone more vital in the war, someone involved in the battle or a part of the DA, who had a bunch of important friends in the Harry Potter books. She was someone from the background, someone very normal who lived quite a different life than people like Harry, right at the center of things. She found herself crossing paths with Fred and things progressed naturally, but all the same, her life remained wonderfully ordinary up until the war. I was always so curious about the students like Dean who had to be on the run, who even though they weren't looking for horcruxes, were still in danger, still had lives of their own; and in Hollis's case, still in love. It had many sad moments, but for every sad moment there are many happier ones, and I loved writing all of them. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #66, by Gocnocturna April 1996

4th January 2012:
Aww. The ending is so sad. Amazing story, very creative and impressive manipulation of time and sequence. Awesome! I loved it, but it was so sad. I like Fred/oc, but I hate that he has to die! Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Thank you for taking the time to read and leave a review. It was very lovely. :)

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Review #67, by ikidunot April 1996

2nd January 2012:
this story has is so beautifully written. fred. oh fred. im still in denial. hollis and fred are soo perfect the way they were portrayed. I wonder what the note says!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm a bit in denial, too. :'( As for the note, well, I have my ideas, but it's open to imagination. ^ ^

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #68, by NadiaX April 1996

15th December 2011:
Oh God.
This is my third time in life when I'm crying because of the book. The last time was when I was reading "Deathly Hallows" for the first time.
It was... beautiful, cheerful and sad, sometimes funny, but from the first line I was feeling this strange... pain in my throat. I was hoping that you'll change the history a little bit, but I think I'm glad you didn't. I'm really sad, but it was worth it.
You deserve more than that short review but I'm awfully tired and I have only five hours of sleeping (if this story will let me sleep at all). Also I'm sorry for all grammar mistakes.

Loved it.


Author's Response: I wish I could have changed the history, but I think part of the appeal for me of writing this story was the definite end of the journey always in sight, looming around the corner, a dark shadow that hangs over the blissfully unaware couple. We know what happens, but Hollis and Fred do not. Terrible things happen to innocent people, people with their whole lives ahead of them; it was painful to write but I'm so glad I did it and I'm even more glad that you liked it despite its ending. Thank you for reading and reviewing and for feeling emotion from this story, and for reacting to it.

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Review #69, by Naty April 1996

11th December 2011:
Oh my god you've made me sob reading this story! Their relationship was incredible, the fact that it was so subtle andnothing definitely happening made it all the more stronger when they finally kiss! I was already crying at chapter 15 when she leaves him and oh god the funeral had me sobbing! But you did his character justice and this combined with the books just makes me go "WHY DID SHE KILL HIM?"

Author's Response: If I could choose one character from the books who died, and bring them back, it would be Fred. It's just cruel to kill Fred and not George, you know what I mean? Kill both or don't kill either; but I think that's part of the reason why she did it. She knew it would incite a strong reaction. Thank you for reading and reviewing, and strange as this may sound, thank you for crying. Thank you for caring. :) I appreciate it so much.

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Review #70, by Karianne May 1998

10th December 2011:
So I just thought I would tell you that this was the worst chapter was the worst, but only because I cried so damn much. I was really impressed with how much emotion was evident in this; you have real talent.

Author's Response: :( Sorry you cried! But then again, it means I did something right. So thank you. :)

Thank you for reading.

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Review #71, by DracoLover April 1996

7th December 2011:
Ahah as predicted, I cried when I read this final chapter. I think it was the perfect ending as it leaves a bit of room for our own imaginations to fill in the blanks as to what was on the parchment that fell on Hollis' lap. And of course, it was great to see Fred once again.

I finished reading with a smile on my face, however with a tinge of sadness as the story was over. I have loved reading this story, and it is most definitely one that I will reread.

All the best for the future :)

Author's Response: Whether you reread it or not, I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much for reading this, all the way through, and for reviewing, and for the compliments. I couldn't believe that so many people cried while reading it, and just knowing that they did has really made me love it more, and looking back I am just so glad that I wrote this story.

Thank you.

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Review #72, by Pattalack April 1996

6th December 2011:
Oh my goodness. This was such a good fan fiction. I know that I haven't reviewed before, but I pretty much read this straight through. I skipped studying for my exams because I really just couldn't stop reading. Thank you so much!

Author's Response: You skipped studying for your exams! Fred would be proud. Heehee, really though, that's very flattering and I hope you aced them, anyway. Thank you so much for reading and for reviewing this chapter. It means so much to me. :)

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Review #73, by ravenclawriot April 1996

6th December 2011:
I told you I'd cry. And I did. Really beautiful.

Author's Response: :') Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, and for reading, and for caring enough to have an emotional response. It means the world to me. :)

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Review #74, by faerieall March 1997

4th December 2011:
“Expulsion for every single Weasley in this school!”
Snerk. I can totally see Umbridge attempting to do that. She probably did, behind the scenes~

This is so cute and so much more serious than I'm used to with this story. Not in a bad way, at all, but there's actual romance and potential for loffs.

Also, the image of Fred sitting in WWW while Hollis is abusing the crap out of that quill is priceless.

Author's Response: Lulz, I can totally picture Hollis abusing the crap out of that quill. It would be an opportunity difficult to resist. ^ ^ Thank you for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #75, by Lydia :) April 1996

4th December 2011:
This was an adorable chapter. :) It was a good way to end it, I think.

I'm so sad it's over! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( you created the cutest relationship ever between them, it is a shame it has to end. I look forward to "So, Professor..." so I won't have to say goodbye to Hollis quite yet, but I'm dearly going to miss Fred in her life.

Hollis is perfect for Fred! I have read several other fanfiction stories of Fred's love life, and none of it ever fit the bill. Hollis and Fred belong together!! Thier relationship just feels so real to me! Well done(:

I will sincerely miss following this lovely story. It has been very fun anticipating the next chapter, and freaking out when I saw you uploaded it, and racing to get my sister so we could read it together. Haha thank you SO much for sharing your fabulous writing with the world.

I will really miss So, Listen :(
But now I get to read your other work! :)

Thanks again for being so amazing!


Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for reading this story and for taking the time to tell me how you felt about it. This review is completely amazing, I don't even know how to express my appreciation and thanks. I just love knowing that other people loved Hollis, that they had an investment in Hollis's life and her relationship with Fred. It makes it all the more real to me and it made it all the more enjoyable to write. And to hear that you and your sister read it together was amazing.

I've read several stories about Fred in various romances (most of them involving Hermione), but the relationship never seemed quite right to me. Therefore, I needed to make someone else to pair him off with. I had no idea that other people would be interested in reading it, and am so, so pleased with reviews like this, telling me that I got it right.

Thank you so much.

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