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Review #51, by academica Unwinding

11th May 2012:
SARAH ♥ I have returned, after having been beaten down by spring semester, to flail at your lovely Lucissa.

Oh my gosh, you are brilliant. I cannot believe how much I love this idea of the backstory behind the infamous black veil. I felt so much for Cygnus reading this, in part, I think, because I can imagine a similar scene playing in out for my beloved Snily, had Severus had the necessary information. It was so lovely how you built up the story with details until finally, shockingly, I realized precisely what he was doing. It's so interesting to see something as pure as love and the loneliness of a widower juxtaposed with such a dark creation. And your description of the way Narcissa would react to her father's idea sent chills down my spine. I fear things will not end well for Cygnus, Druella, and God knows who else.

I also love how you've used the events of the plot to really differentiate between the three Black sisters. I'm sure I've said this before, but it's so clear to me -- Andromeda is pure, fighting for the side of good; Bellatrix is evil, fighting for her own selfish desires; and Narcissa is this complex little thing trapped in the middle, the youngest and the one fighting the hardest. And then I blink, and the portrayals are no longer clear cut; Andromeda is out to put her sisters in prison, and Bellatrix is clinging to Narcissa in a demonstration of faux 'sisterhood', and Narcissa doesn't want to fight for anything anymore, not if she could just run away with Lucius instead. I love how this theme of separation reverberated throughout the story; in particular, I found an eerie parallel between the point Narcissa made about how Cygnus was Bellatrix's father, too, and yet she didn't acknowledge him, and the later point where Narcissa said that Bellatrix doesn't know Andromeda like Narcissa because they're sisters, ignoring the fact that Bellatrix is still Andromeda's sister as well.

Voldemort is so chilling, of course, and it breaks my heart because I've become so attached to your Lucissa. You can really see the special connection and tender romance between them after watching it build for so long, and I feel like it fits in so well with how I see them in the final canon book. In the same theme, I have to wonder how much of their behavior up until that point was just the presentation of coldness and obedience, and whether there was more of this under the surface, quietly working to balance it out. I believe that a good story makes me ask questions, and yours never fails to do just that, all while leaving me completely mystified.


Author's Response: Amanda! ♥

I'm not sure how worthy I am of any flailing, seeing as how negligent I've been with this story. I am so, so horrible with balancing fics. And it seems that I have to be in a really strange mood to write this story. But I'm very grateful that you're still sticking with me, anyway. :hug:

Narcissa has a lot of imperfections. While she's quick to find fault in others, she rarely sees any of it reflected in herself - like in how she was angry that Bellatrix regarded Cygnus as Andromeda's father but not her own, but forgot about Bellatrix when she was thinking about sisters and how she knows Andromeda better than anyone. The Black sisters are troubled; some have more issues than others. Narcissa is pretty selfish and would definitely just run off with Lucius if she could, leaving Bellatrix behind to fend for herself.

I think that a lot of Lucius and Narcissa's love became lost after they realized that Voldemort was seemingly back from the dead. They had to reexamine their roles in society, their loyalties; they had to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of hiding in the shadows and risking punishment from Voldemort or openly joining Voldemort again and risking punishment from the Ministry. Or at least that's how it is in my headcanon. I refuse to believe that they didn't love each other. If they didn't love each other, it's impossible that they would have made it through to the end, doing whatever they could to keep each other alive. Even so, the Malfoys are some pretty twisted people. I find them fascinating. XD

Thank you so much for dropping by yet again and for leaving me this lovely review. :)

- Sarah

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Review #52, by Ardeith Unwinding

8th May 2012:
Wow! I had forgotten how much I loved this story of yours, too! It's been a while, but I think I remember where it was going... I loved the opening with Cygnus creating the portal to the dead. What beautiful writing! Was it your own idea to make the veil a dementor? Or is that something suggested in canon? Can't remember...

Also love your characterization of the Death Eaters as a cult! So brilliant...the community property idea, the way they are subsumed in Voldemort, the way he plays them.

So sad to see Lucius and Narcissa arguing after all they've been through, but they're certainly under enough stress.

I love your other story, "Run", so much I'm not sure I should encourage you here, too! Anyway you can keep up with both of them?

Thanks and thanks for all your sweet replies to my ramblings! :-)


Author's Response: Hi, Ardeith! Hee, yes, the dementor/veil was my idea. It just seemed to fit for me and it's a scene that I've been wanting to write since I was about five or six chapters into Purgatory. Oooh, 'cult' is a very appropriate name for the Death Eaters. They're extremely private, secretive, and tightly-knit, and everything belongs to everyone, while everyone belongs to Voldemort. There is no privacy whatsoever because the main goal, rather like a cult leader might do, is to try to strip away everyone's sense of self, their autonomy. It's all a part of the brainwashing.

I'm going to attempt to keep up with both Purgatory and Run; I'm on a bit of a streak with Run and I fear that if I don't make that story the main priority, it won't end up finished. :/ I'm going to shoot for a Purgatory update at least once a month, and hopefully that will be achievable.

Thank you so much for reading this chapter even though it's been an eternity since I paid this story the attention I owe it. I appreciate it very, very much.

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Review #53, by TenthWeasley Unwinding

4th May 2012:
This review is extremely overdue, and first and foremost I shall offer up apologies for that. ♥ Because I pretty much nearly cried tears of excitement when I saw you'd updated this story, and that is really only a very small exaggeration. It's like... the fan fiction equivalent of JKR writing another Harry Potter book. Or something. :D ANYWAY.

I loved that beginning bit with Cygnus! It was very poetic and mellifluous, and I could so clearly picture every single emotion in it -- his sorrow and his somewhat fruitless hopes, and I think it's perfect that you had him construct the arch where he did. That atmosphere perfectly embodied what you were writing about. And that's sort of what I was trying to say in my latest review to you: Whatever your characters are experiencing, your setting's embracing as well, and there's just something very, very cool in that.

LUCIUS. ♥ I knew if anyone could make me like him, it would be you -- and I was so right about that! This entire chapter, the whole way through, I just wanted to throw my arms around him. And it's so amazing, really, how well he's come to know Narcissa, and how to care for her, in such a short span of time. It's hard to think that I was ever creeped out by him, really, although ink-black eyes and transparent skin are good candidates for creepiness.

YOU WRITE VOLDEMORT SO WELL. Have I mentioned that? I don't think I've had a lot of opportunity to yet, but I'll go ahead and say it here, even if I already have. I am just blown away by your characterization of him, because it's pretty much how I've pictured him, every detail intact. (And thank you for being so up to speed on details and not making him a red-eyed skeleton man from the get-go. Cannot enunciate how much that bothers me.) And those last few paragraphs -- UGH, I AM GETTING A TWISTY FEELING JUST THINKING ABOUT THEM -- hit home in a way that's almost never happened in reading your stories before. Oh my gosh, I just... it's the sort of twisted thing that I love reading about, the sort that you call me odd for enjoying. :D I adored it. Those last paragraphs made this chapter.

I am legitimately so excited you're working on this again. Like, bouncing-off-all-the-walls-multiple-times excited. Because this is foremost and forever my favorite story of yours (well... it's pretty much tied with "So, Listen..."), and I just have a great time reading it. :) And you're fabulous and wonderful and if you don't update again soon, I might explode. But no pressure. ♥ I cannot wait!

Author's Response: I AM UNWORTHY. SO UNWORTHY. I consider myself lucky that you read this at all. Seeing as how I used to update this story once a week (and sometimes twice), I've been terribly negligent with Lucius and Narcissa. I DO NOT DESERVE THIS REVIEW IT IS TOO LOVELY. -foams at mouth-

The arch bit has been planned since the very early chapters. I was always curious about the veil (Siriuuus creyyy) and wondered what it might be made out of, and for some reason a dementor seemed a bit like a viable option. I mean, they're so closely associated with death, what with all their soul-eating and whatnot, and it made me think that underneath their hoods, in the faces that no one in living memory has ever seen, you can see the faces of the souls that dementor has sucked out. SORRY FOR THAT BIT OF AWFUL IMAGERY BUT THERE WE HAVE IT.

Lucius lulz. In canon I absolutely hate him. I possibly hate him more than Voldemort. He was /so mean/ to Arthur and that's just unforgivable. I can try to justify his rudeness any which way I want, but at the end of the day, this story is the only place I like him. At all. And this story feels so spaced out in time, even when it isn't really, that I forget he hasn't really been with Narcissa all that long. I have been slowly pushing away from the fairytales to bring them into reality - which I am doing on purpose - but I think very soon I am going to bring back some old faces here and there, or at least mentions of them.

VOLDEMORT IS EASIER FOR ME TO WRITE THAN DUMBLEDORE, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN. Maybe I'm more in touch with my inner villain than my inner Confucius. And nope, I always saw his transformation from good-looking Tom Riddle to scary-as-hell Voldemort to be very gradual, increasing more when he's being more evil. The worse the evils are that he's committing, the more his physical appearance is going to reflect that loss of humanity. Now that he's starting to gather up more and more power, he'll start to deteriorate a bit more and become the inhuman-like creature we all know.

YOUR FAVORITE STORY OF MINE SQUEE ♥ I have such a soft spot for this story. I think a lot of the reason why I haven't written it is because I'm afraid I might write it wrong and it won't come out the way I want it to. I'm just going to push through it and adapt to whatever ends up coming out.


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Review #54, by lia_2390 Second Chance

15th April 2012:
*flails* I got a shout-out! Hee!

I cannot fathom why it took me so long to review this! You will continue to receive loads of enthusiasm from me. This story is beautiful. Again you've made Lucius shy, and meek - all of this makes Lia melt into a puddle of mush! How could he for once think that she would regret this? At least hes modest enough to think so.

"Are you sure you want to wear someone like me on your finger?" he asked weakly. "I know that you deserve much better..." *faints* This man...I can't even...

I love that he loves her so much. That she was the one who loved him regardless of his appearance, and she took no crap from him either. They complete each other. I'd go as far to say that even Lucius in canon could not deny her anything - DH proved that (the first chapter when he hesitated in giving Voldemort his wand, and a single touch from her made him give it away). Yep, I ship these two HARD.

The inner turmoil and constant worrying that Narcissa faces is well written. I'm almost as anxious as she is. There was no relief, and the fact that no one showed up to take them away made it even worse. I found it interesting that while Narcissa struggles with her spells, he does them without effort.

You've done a great job at capturing their voices. I can't wait until the next chapter, you left us with a cliffie!

Great job, Sarah :)


Author's Response: AGHH THE GUILT. D: I feel like I don't deserve this enthusiastic review because I haven't updated the story in months, which means I broke the promise I made in my author's note. This review, however, renewed my Lucius/Narcissa feelings. I'm thinking of finishing this story and then posting again after I'm sure I've completed it all. I'll probably make it shorter than I intended, but I feel like most of the story I wanted to tell has already been told, and I'd really like to say that I've resolved it all and completed Purgatory. Sometimes I forget about how much I love this ship, and I feel so guilty for letting them just sit here collecting dust on my author's page while I write other stories instead.

I'm going to make this story a priority soon!

Thank you so much for the review, Lia. :)

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Review #55, by Wistful Second Chance

3rd March 2012:
I can actually imagine Lucious like thta.Though I feel sorry for the bloke. What sort of name can you make out of Lucious.

I love your style of writing, how everything seems ot have a bigger picture!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Poor Lucius. :(

Thank you for reviewing! ^^

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Review #56, by adluvshp Second Chance

17th February 2012:
OMG! Andromeda told the ministry? That's awful!! I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter now. And by the way, I love the sweet romance between Lucius & Narcissa. You really do write it very well. Please update soon!



Author's Response: Thank you so much! I will try to update as soon as time allows. ^ ^ Thank you for reading.

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Review #57, by adluvshp Self-Destructive Tendencies

17th February 2012:
Another amazing chapter. I love your descriptions. I can really understand what Narcissa & Lucius are going through at the moment. Your writing is really captivating and brilliant!! Great work!



Author's Response: Thank you! Describing things is my favorite thing to do, so I'm very pleased. I'm so glad that you're still reading and still enjoying. :)

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Review #58, by lizmusic45 Cursed

16th February 2012:
OH MY GOD. I knew I should have read this earlier, why was I so stupid to go and say nah, I'll read it later. Oh this story is so getting added to my favorites! I can't believe I didn't stop to read this story...I can be so weird sometimes.

BRILLIANT. Hi, well I love this story, and I'm only on the first chapter, which is brilliant, and I love the banner, Liz is just amazing isn't she (not me the maker of you're banner). I don't even know what to say!

I'm a total loss for words. I can't find the words to say how much I love this story.


Still speachless.

Can't find any words.

Looking, looking.

Loved this? Already used it, Brilliant? said it twice. Lovely? That's ok, could be better.

And here I thought I was a writer.

Really and truly, I loved this, and I'm sorry for the sucky review.


Author's Response: Oh goodness, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes I quite agree, the banner is beautiful. :) Thank you for reading. ^ ^

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Review #59, by Ardeith Second Chance

15th February 2012:
Let me add to the praise for your great story! As I read this, I find myself thinking yes, that's exactly how it would be! Exactly how it would happen! You've captured so well what the emotions of Lucius and Narcissa would be at this point. I'm glad they are getting a little bit of happiness now, because I'm worried about what is to come...

Author's Response: I'm extremely happy that you think their behavior and actions are realistic thus far. You're right, we're beginning to enter darker territory, so Narcissa and Lucius will have to take advantage of every happy moment they get; either that, or adapt to find happiness elsewhere.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Review #60, by TenthWeasley Second Chance

15th February 2012:
So I made the executive decision, because you refused to (and I'm just going to let you think you're off the hook for that for a bit, so you can be all warm and snug when I retaliate). This story has been a sight for my sore and eager eyes a bit more than Wayward and I demanded to know the next step. Ergo, I am here! (And I'm also going to apologize in advance for anything dissatisfying in this review. It's coming from my phone, and the entire review box doesn't fit in the screen, so it shuffles back and forth like some sort of manic typewriter. Woe.)

As always, I just love your writing style in this story. I JUST LOVE IT. ♥ There is a tone of intelligence and complexity in the way you describe things, some sort of elemental magic that actually infuses the story. I'd make the same tired painting allusion, but even painting seems a bit shallow now, because paint just exists on the surface of a canvas, doesn't it? It's like... Oil pastels. Getting into the canvas and being a part of it, rather than just sitting there. (And yes, I did recently come from art class!)

SQUEEE NARCISSUS FOREVER AND EVER AND SOME MORE EVERS THROWN IN THERE. ♥ ♥ ♥ I was pretty much skipping because they are so in love and nothing can possibly be wrong in the world if Narcissus babies are on the horizon. -more squees- Draco! You are coming soon-ish! I see you! Ah, I am a bit giddy now. :3 They are just good together. So good. My brain in on overload.

But why is it over now? D: I would like some more, please. Now, please. And this review is just smoosh and I have vague feelings of guilt and I just really love this story and I have missed it and I am so glad you are focusing on it again. PLEASE ACCEPT THESE PLATITUDES OF ADORATION.


I do love writing Narcissus. There's something in the way Lucius and Narcissa look at each other that I don't find when I'm writing about other characters and the way they interact. I'm pretty sure that Sarah two years ago would faint on the carpet if she was told she would be writing Lucius in any kind of positive light, with redeeming qualities. I cannot even express to you how much I hated that man. BUT NOW I LOFF HIM. And it's all because Narcissa does. It's the ultimate example of sticking together through thick and thin and I admit, I really love watching them crumble into society's sewers. My favorite Narcissus is the Narcissus stripped of status, left with nothing but each other.

I plan on writing another chapter very soon-ish, possibly this week. Thank you so much for being the most awesome person in the world and always having my back, no matter what it is I'm writing. YOU ARE THE BEST EVER.

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Review #61, by Loony_Scorpy Second Chance

15th February 2012:
Argh this story is so amazing. You write it so well! Anyway, I thought Lucius' proposal was so sweet. I'm worried about what will happen next with the looovely cliffy you left for us ;P I just love your characterisations so much.

Author's Response: Muah ha ha cliffies. Almost all of my chapters naturally leave off on a cliffhanger to some degree. It cannot be helped. :P Baww, the proposal was such fun to write. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to share your lovely thoughts with me.


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Review #62, by ariellem Cursed

14th February 2012:

I saw this story on the archives once and I made a mental note to read to sometime, how lucky it is for me that I got you in the review tag.

First off your detail is brilliant, I know that the story is based on fairy tales but you write it, well basically, like a fairytale. I am going to read the next chapter right now! Great job!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you for the lovely review. I'm quite glad you think it reads like a fairy tale, as that was what I intended. Thank you for reading, and if you choose to continue on I hope you like it. :)

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Review #63, by academica Second Chance

14th February 2012:
SHOUTOUT *fist pumps*

Your characterization is so interesting, and I mean that in a wholly positive way. I don't think I could have ever conceptualized Lucius like a blushing schoolgirl, but look at him! And it totally fits here, with his uncertainty about Narcissa and lack of confidence in his own masculinity. I love the way you described her as looking like she's on fire, because it reminds me of how a young girl in love would feel.

I really liked the second part of this, too. The awkwardness in the proposal was so sweet and fits in perfectly with the dynamic of the couple thus far. I think you've extended a real depth to Narcissa's character here, what with the juxtaposition of her fear over being caught and her shock that the Ministry isn't doing something to avenge what she did. I'm not surprised that Andromeda finally caved, though, and it's sad but true that Narcissa and Lucius could not simply live blameless in their strange, unorthodox fantasy world forever.

Amazing again, Sarah! I eagerly await the next chapter :)


Author's Response: *fist pumps with you*

Blushing schoolgirl Lucius, lol. He's sort of in a stage right now where he'd just spent many years as a blind man, with everyone cringing when he walks past, so he's just in suspended disbelief at the moment. Once he starts to get his swagger back and begins intimidating his Death Eater fellows, I suppose this will fade a bit. For now, with his confidence more humble, Narcissa has the upper hand in the relationship. We'll see how that changes later. ;)

Baww this review is gorgeous. I want to wrap it up and take it with me wherever I go. Thank you SO much (I know, I sound like such a broken record) for your continuous support and lovely reviews, it means the world and more to me.

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Review #64, by blackangelwings Second Chance

13th February 2012:
I love this story.

I love the way you write and how you shoe each character. I love how you can show how much they care for one another without being all mushy gushy.

Anyways, please update sooner than last time! It was such a good chapter ending, even if it is a raging cliffhanger. :).

Author's Response: Mushy gushy is not something I can write, really. I've tried it before and it always turns out tacky and overly passionate and everything winds up feeling like the cover of a smutty romance novel. So the romance bits of Purgatory will be somewhat unconventional at times. This is sort of the appeal for Narcissa/Lucius for me, I think: they have a strange love. I have a lot of fun giving it my own spin.

Thank you so much for reading!!

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Review #65, by Ardeith Self-Destructive Tendencies

4th January 2012:
So glad you're back with this story! I couldn't stop reading the part where poor Narcissa was at the MacKinnon's. Great, so riveting! I was a little confused in the Rosalind part and where that was coming from, but that could be because it's been a while since I read the first part of your story. You are a great writer! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you for reading! Yes, I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to update, because now no one recognizes Rosalind. Although she's not called by name earlier in the story, she is alluded to. For reference, if you're curious, you might reread the beginning of chapter 15, and you'll be able to see her origins. :)

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Review #66, by FWHPObsessed Self-Destructive Tendencies

3rd January 2012:
Loving this story so far. Your writing is just entrancing. (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

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Review #67, by academica Self-Destructive Tendencies

3rd January 2012:
"I wouldn't be surprised if no one is still around to read this." Uh-huh. Whatevs. You're not getting rid of us that easily, love. I don't think a week goes by when there isn't someone telling me something like, 'oh, you like Lucius/Narcissa? There's this *great* story you should read...' MM-HMM.

The beginning of this was super interesting. I was so touched by the connection between Lucius and Narcissa, their determination to rebuild Malfoy Manor and make it perfect, and then I was pulled away from the moment much as they were. The contrast between the sensation in the kiss and the sensation in their Marks was really powerful imagery-wise.

The middle section with Tulia and Rosalind was interesting, if a bit confusing - was that intentional? I sometimes found it hard to tell to which woman Narcissa was referring. This line, though, made me take pause: "My Lucius has always poured his heart into the very worst things for him, the most self-destructive. He got that from me, you know." She sighed. "And just like me, he never sees it until it's too late." If that isn't the best possible summary of the plight of Lucius and his family from canon, I don't know how one could be crafted. You explained his whole life so beautifully and so simply.

The scene with Andromeda and the Polyjuice was so powerful. I really felt for Narcissa, especially in that moment when she realized that killing her sister would mean killing not one family member but two. I'm really proud of her for being brave and trying to save Andromeda's life, and that of Ted. Also, the thought of Bellatrix trying to practice the killing curse as a little girl is positively terrifying. Well done there!

Another excellent dose of Narcissus, Sarah :)


Author's Response: I see that I am reaping what I sow here, with that long lapse between updates. I am doing so many face palms right now, taking so long to update, because now the mentions of Rosalind aren't nearly as traceable to past hints in the story as they might have been otherwise. To reacquaint you, here's a snippet from Chapter Seven:

"You're trusting the house's judgment?" Ramien replied, sneering a little. "The house is cursed. It's evil. It doesn't want us to ever leave and it doesn't want us to break the spell. In my opinion, the fact that it's behaving so strangely is further proof that this go round, we've got it right. If you remember last time..."

The room went suddenly quiet.

"Well," Ramien continued carefully, "it didn't act this way. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. And obviously, that wasn't the right one. So here we are, years later, with another shot at it. I beseech you, Master, not to be selfish."

Rosalind is discussed more in-depth in the beginning of Chapter 15, although she is not called by name.

Thank you so much for returning to this story. It was your support on the TGS Purgatory thread that made me come back to update it, as your opinion largely influences how I write it and I did not want to disappoint you. Purgatory will be changing direction soon and delving into a different period of Narcissa's life, which I'm hoping to write very soon. I'm a bit excited about it and I hope you'll like it!


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Review #68, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Self-Destructive Tendencies

3rd January 2012:
Another amazing chapter! I loved the idea of incorporating Tulia Malfoy.

As Narcissa wanted a different reunion with Lucius, I did too, but as long as they're reunited, I'm happy! :) Although I didn't like how they reunited, the scene was brilliantly executed. I do feel bad for Narcissa though in having to do that.

Can't wait for you to post up the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for continuing to read. :) Their reunion was tempered with quite a bit of tension, but they'll have better moments, I promise you.

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Review #69, by TenthWeasley Self-Destructive Tendencies

3rd January 2012:
This was so worth the wait, I cannot even… THERE IS SO MUCH LOVE FOR
♥ ♥ This was such a fabulous chapter that I am almost
hard-pressed to even begin to think that you put off writing it for so
long. It just came into existence with all those lovely words and the
action and drama (AND LUCIUS KISSING NARCISSA) and was just marvelous
from the onset.

That scene in the McKinnons’ house was so intense, and I was literally
gripping my phone so tightly sitting in the hallway outside English
this morning when I read it. I don’t know how you do it, but you write
the /best/ action sequences ever, and they just make me squirm with
loving jealousy. I loved how you described the effects of the Mark,
too, because I think that’s exactly what it would have felt like, and
actually very similar to how I’d planned to describe it later on. You
just… You have a remarkable way of getting into the heads of your
characters, and knowing them, and letting your readers know them, even
after a multiple month hiatus.

I loved – and hated – the brief moment between Andromeda and Narcissa,
because there was so much emotion there, and you didn’t need to write
it explicitly for it to be felt. All the emotions in here were superb,
especially Lucius when he came into the house after Narcissa and
Travers had finished. Bittersweet and poignant and painstaking and
just… I am so impressed. There are no words to describe my love for
this chapter. It was magnificent, Sarah, truly magnificent, and even
that word doesn’t begin to do it justice.

(Apologies for the senselessness of this review. I’m trying to do
better but your stories make it darn hard.) This was tops – nothing
less and probably more, but I can’t find the words anymore. I am
speechless at your capabilities and cannot, cannot, cannot wait for
more. You are going so many places. :D ♥

Author's Response: Okay, I have reached the end of my coherency abilities, so here goes:

She looks on from her tree branch, talons and wings
and surveys a field of dandelion seeds.
She thinks to herself that somehow, somewhere
there exists half of her heart in the Dark Lord's lair; and she wishes, somehow, she could fly to there.
If only, if only, she thinks with a sigh, they could be reunited again without wands drawn to their sides,
without hindering loyalties or accusing cries
and Morsmordre igniting the somber skies.
If only, she dreams as she listens for him,
she could blow away into the restless wind
like the dandelion seeds,
every now and then
to be with the other half of her heart again.

That was fail but you love me anyway

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Review #70, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Legilimens

1st January 2012:
AHHH! Another amazing chapter!

You portrayed Voldemort so very well that I got goosebumps! I hope you update soon, because I absolutely love this story, and your writing. I really can't wait until you get the next chapter up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #71, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Persuasion

1st January 2012:
Another amazing chapter! Unfortunately, I'm making this review short so I can get to the last chapter that you have posted! But know that I find you to be an amazing, brilliant writer! :)

Author's Response: You are very kind. I am eternally grateful for all of your lovely reviews. :)

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Review #72, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 A Chink in the Witch's Armor

1st January 2012:
AH! So excited for the next chapter! :D

Before I leave to go to it though, I must say that the beginning of this chapter was wonderful! I can't wait until Circe is revealed and such.

See you in the next chapter, darling! :)

Author's Response: Circe is one of my favorite characters to write, if only because she's a villain and I love to write villains. :3 Thank you for reading!!

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Review #73, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Illusions

1st January 2012:
Another wonderful chapter!

Seriously, I'm in such anticipation for Narcissa and Lucius to be together again!

Off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Narcissa + Lucius = my OTP. Actually, that's a lie. I have another one true pairing, and that's Romione. Ahh, such is life.


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Review #74, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 A Lapse in Time

1st January 2012:
OH MY! I completely forgot about Rumplestiltskin (which I hope that's spelt right, but I have a feeling it's not)! Such a silly girl I am! Anyway, I must read this chapter now because my mind is completely set on seeing what happens next!

I loved this chapter. I loved seeing Lucius's point of view. I honestly cannot wait until he finds Narcissa again.

I won't be leaving as long of a review as I had in the last chapter. But I will get on to the next chapter, read it, and then leave another review for you to read! :)

Author's Response: Hee, Rumpelstiltskin. :3 I loved seizing the opportunity to slip that fairy tale in there, because it's not a frequently re-told one. A lot of people liked this chapter because it was told from Lucius's pov...I might have to do that again in the future...


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Review #75, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Morsmordre

1st January 2012:
This was absolutely brilliant.

Bellatrix was portrayed exactly like J.K. Rowling made her out to be. And I loved the fact that you showed Regulus in the light of not completely sure in his decision to follow Voldemort. I found it absolutely wonderful! :)

This chapter made me think of Snow White slightly with the wicked queen talking to her huntsman about killing her. But then again, it also reminded me of Hercules with Hades and Meg, due to the fact that Hades owned Meg's soul to an agreement she had made with him.

I think the number one thing I loved about this chapter was Narcissa, and how you portrayed her. Unlike the "Harry Potter" books, we didn't get to see too much of her hesitance and compassion for others - except of course with Draco. We started to see more of it in the "Half-Blood Prince" and definitely saw it in the "Deathly Hollows." I really enjoyed how she was portrayed in here, due to the fact we got to see what was hiding throughout all the books.

Now, as I'm thinking of it, I'm wondering how the Unbreakable Vow is going to work with her. I'm just curious how this is going to go on, if we'll get to see Voldemort vanquished because of Harry. As in the books, Voldemort doesn't truly die, and is still alive. I don't see that his and Narcissa's Vow would be broken then. I don't believe that we will get to the parts in the later books like the "Goblet of Fire" and such, but I'm just curious as to how you'd have that play out. He made it clear in the Vow that he wanted her to come to him once she feels the Dark Mark burning, so I'm wondering how that would work in later years.

Nonetheless, it was a wonderful chapter that, yet again, made my mind wheeled with thoughts (as you can obviously see lol). Sorry that this is so long by the way. Onward to the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: I'm so thankful for these amazing reviews - I've read them over and over. It's taken me ridiculously long to get around to responding to them, but I assure you that I appreciate every single one.

I already know how the Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa is going to be resolved. As to when you'll see, and how far this story will go, you will find out in time. -mysterious airs-


Thank you so much for reading.

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