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Review #26, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Persuasion

16th June 2012:
She was dirty and ill-groomed, with lips chapped and a complexion pale and rubbed raw like that of old bones found half-buried in the sand. And she was absolutely perfect.

^ Good grief. I swoon. I don't care what anyone else thinks, I was attracted to Lucius from the moment you introduced him and now his thoughts, his need to see Narcissa and the way he's kind of territorial about her and considers her his already, well, it attracts me to him even more.

I don't even know where to begin. Genius way to weave in the Dark Lord again. Just when I think you're going to lead us one way, you take us down another path, one I would not have figured. I think what I really want to know is if they are able to actually defeat Circe because of the Dark Lord. I mean, it would make sense if they could get rid of Circe, just like her wolf pack with the basilik arrows but then it's like...can you really get rid of someone that powerful? I know Voldemort gets killed in the end of the HP series but still his ideas live on, kind of giving him power so maybe someone would still believe in Circe, like Mrs McNair and that would essentially give her power.

Jeez, I'm rambling and I've just confused myself. Excellent chapter as always!

Author's Response: Oooh I love your thoughts on Circe. I do know what will become of her, and I need to get around to writing it. I am so hopelessly bad at balancing stories. I estimate that I won't pick up this story again until I've finished writing my other primary WIP, so maybe...August? Blargh I feel awful about that. I think that I just can't pick Lucius and Narcissa back up again until I can devote all of my attention to them, so that I know they'll be written well. Wow, I am rambling. I should just shut up now. XD

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Review #27, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Chink in the Witch's Armor

16th June 2012:
I kind of got emotional reading this chapter and had a few tears in my eyes because it was so overwhelming the connection that they had in the end and then it was cut off. I've been waiting for that moment when they see each other and Narcissa finally realized just what Lucius meant to her because I was going to ask if she does in fact love him or at least care for him more than she lets on because for awhile it just seemed her actions were rather done blindly, more to repay him and to help him and herself. I know she cares for him but I don't think she realized until this chapter how deeply.

Circe was amazing. You descriptions are just always so beautiful but the way you captured her was incredibly eerie and yet there's something about Circe that I am just drawn to.

And then having Narcissa cut her hair! She's vain but not that vain, interesting. Seriously, you keep switching up the fairy tales like I know them and find new meaning, give them a new light where the woman would have been weak now appears strong.

Author's Response: I totally agree - I think that until this point, Narcissa's actions were out of a sense of duty and repayment rather than affection, but she's managed to sort of warp Lucius in her mind enough so that she's been able to love him, and hasn't realized it fully until just now. I'm so glad you felt that way, too. :)

Circe is a compelling character to write. She's not in Potterverse aside from a mention on a Chocolate Frog card, and here in this fairy tale world she brings a different kind of evil villain to the table.

I love fairy tales but my beef is that the damsels in distress are always so helpless and don't try hard enough to save themselves. I see Narcissa as being reluctantly strong - she would rather be comfortably at home and cared for by someone else, but she's not just going to sit around all the time and wait for prince charming to come save her.

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Review #28, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Illusions

16th June 2012:
The more I dwelled on the matter, the more likely it seemed that my sister had gotten involved in a cult of sorts, and that this strange man was simply delusional. How could he be more powerful than Circe? Our bond meant nothing.

^ I thought this was part was really interesting because you really nail Narcissa's character. I feel like she might have blindly followed Bellatrix even in the books, well, before we knew her and before she became Mrs. Malfoy. When we finally get to the end of the series we see Narcissa defy her sister in ways that Bellatrix doesn't even realize but then if you really think about it she was never actually a Death Eater. She believed in what Voldemort was doing but she believed in Bellatrix and Lucius more and then in the end you could kind of see that she didn't want to be around her anymore. All she cared about was Draco and Lucius. I feel like I get that connection when I read that part up there.

I just want them to be reunited and to get a happy ending because I really don't know if you're going to give us one. It seems like with every chapter a new turn of events happen and Lucius and Narcissa can never just reach each other.

Author's Response: I feel like, at the moment, Narcissa doesn't fully appreciate how twisted Voldemort is, and the extent of his capabilities. She's sort of blase about it because she doesn't understand the magnitude of the situation she's just involved herself in - and some of that is down to self-delusion.

I know, every time Narcissa and Lucius are dangling in front of their happily ever after, they just get snatched back and something else thwarts them. We'll have to see if they eventually fight their way out of it!

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Review #29, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Lapse in Time

16th June 2012:
So depressing. So heartbreaking. I was kind of devastated that his piano had turned to stone. I guess this is what happens when you try to bend the rules, this is the outcome. I really don't know what to think, you know. He can see, he is kind of brought back to reality but this reality just isn't...right. I don't think he really realizes that yet because why shouldn't he have trusted the ones that have been taking care of him for all these years? You know what I mean?

I fear that by him reading the words she had written that he's going to think she was disgusted with him or she abandoned him because she could finally get out of the house and that's it, he's going to wallow in pity because it kind of reads as a misunderstanding. Unless he doesn't think she was trying to run off without him and will come back. It's kind of hard to guess how he's feeling right now.

I can't wait to find out!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, Deeds, I do not understand how you do it! You charge through so many stories at the speed of light, all the while writing so much! I feel forever inadequate because I failed nano and it takes me ages to get through fics.

Lucius put his friendship into people who were forced to endure him; so when they were freed from their bondage, they ran off and he was left by himself. I suppose that's what he gets for bossing them around for years, though.

Thank you so much for returning to read and for leaving all of these marvelous reviews for me to gobble up with my eyeballs. ^ ^

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Review #30, by ScorpiusRose17 Cursed

29th May 2012:
Hi there!

I really like the way that you started your story. I thought that this chapter was amazing. You did a great job holding my attention from start to finish.

I really enjoyed your descriptions and the way that you provide this wonderful picture with them as I read through it. You really have a way with words and a way to draw in your readers with the first chapters.

I like how you are trying out something different with this story. I will be highly interested in what happens next!

Keep up the awesome writing! =)


Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing, SR17! Such kind words. :) One of my favorite things to write is description and imagery, and using them for world-building. So I'm pleased that you found it to your liking.

I hope you continue to enjoy Purgatory!


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Review #31, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Morsmordre

25th May 2012:
She found her loophole.

Oy vey.

This chapter was amazing. The best one so far i have to say. I'm so happy that Lucius is awake but for such a large price. I like how you incorporated Voldemort into the story, what a twist. It kind of falls into canon in a twisted sort of way with the inclusion of Voldemort. I didn't expect to see Bellatrix either, that was shocking.

I just wonder how this is going to work out now with the vow and even more people that Narcissa cares about involved. And what is up with Margaret!

Author's Response: Yep! I told you - she goes with the flow until she sees a spot where she can work things to her advantage. This chapter was my absolute favorite to write, and it's the turning point for the story. From here on out, there are still fairy tale elements, but I'm starting on explaining canon events, too. It's the merge of fantasy and canon reality, in one twisted storyline. Suffice it to say that Narcissa and Lucius's futures are going to get a lot more bleak, what with the Death Eater business and all that.

Margaret just keeps getting shuffled around, doesn't she? Although this is where she'll find her niche. This is not the last you'll see of Margaret. ;)

Thank you so much for reading and for the string of super-fabulous reviews!!!

- Sarah

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Review #32, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Turning of the Tides

25th May 2012:
Uh! Narcissa frustrates me but now I have another theory. So, it just seems to me that McNair is pure evil but could she be Circe? I still think it was the supposed muggle woman from before but I don't know...well, now I know that Gaspard really doesn't want Lucius to come out because Lucius could just sweep in and that would be the end to Gaspard's life as whatever-it-was-that-he's-supposed-to-become.

I kept screaming at Narcissa at this chapter. For such a smart young woman she's oblivious to what is right in front of her. Of course if she figured it out then the story would be over.

I love how she thinks of Lucius though. She accepts his pain as hers. Really jarring.

Author's Response: Macnair and Circe are both baddies, but not the same person, I assure you. They are, however, in cahoots. Margaret is completely separate; she's just an unfortunate victim.

Bahaha, Narcissa. For as smart as she is, like I told her earlier, she thinks she's a whole lot smarter. Which often leads to overestimating herself and thinking she knows all the ins and outs of what's going on around her.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. :) So in other words, not seeing Lucius has given Narcissa some rose-colored memories of him.

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Review #33, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Visions

25th May 2012:
Is Margaret...well, I have two theories.

One: Margaret is Circe and was kind of testing Narcissa? Maybe. Perhaps. It's a long shot but I need to start making theories again.

Two: Margaret is pregnant with a wizards child? Or no. Maybe a werewolf child? I don't know. Her pregnancy sounded really weird and her dying...I don't know...I feel like this isn't the end for her. I really think she's part of the whole Circe, curse thing.

Another theory: Gaspard doesn't want Lucius out of the house because Lucius could take his position (whatever it was again). They might be related some way or the Malfoy's were just prominent figures and Lucius just might be able to sweet Gaspard right under the rug.

I hope Narcissa figures out a way to get to Lucius sooner rather than later and I hope her father is okay too! Am I getting warm with my theories? :D

Author's Response: lololol. Good theories! I love a good theory. I'm constantly theorizing when I'm reading stories.

Margaret originates in this story as a Muggle. Circe struck her a disease - mostly likely a tumor, given the size of it - because Margaret crossed her, and left her by the road to die. That's where Gaspard's henchmen come in. You might be right about this not being the end of her. :3

Your second theory is correct! Gaspard wants to keep Lucius locked up so that Gaspard can sit on his little throne and do whatever he wants without any interference. You will see more about his connection to Lucius later.

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Review #34, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Gormite

25th May 2012:
Awful. I don't understand why Gaspard, that horrid man, hates Narcissa so much. Why doesn't he want the spell to be broken? I can understand Mrs. Macnair. I'm angry and I figured she had something to do with it but I'm not too angry where I can't pity her. It must be hard for her to have to take care of Lucius and live in the manor and watch the ghost of Charlie because he couldn't get any help because of Lucius and his selfish ways all those years ago.

It's really unsettling and I still can't figure out what's going to happen next! Urgh!

Author's Response: Gaspard is a few chicken nuggets short of a Happy Meal. He is not all there in the head, I must say.

I have conflicted feelings about Mrs. Macnair. She's got a lot of suppressed anger and she's misdirecting it. And while she loves Charlie, there's nothing admirable about someone who forces someone else to live a life of delusion just to make herself feel better. Mrs. Macnair's got a few screws loose, like Gaspard.

Plot twists ahoy! lol, just go with it, Deeds. One thing we know about fairy tales: the princess always gets the prince in the end.


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Review #35, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Message in a Bottle

25th May 2012:
What is happening here! Oh my gosh! I'm're really messing with my head. I don't know if I can go on to the next chapter. How is she supposed to save Lucius if she's stuck in another 'fairytale.'

I don't even know how she could figure this one out. I can't even figure it out. I don't know where you're going with this. No theories coming from my end because I'm just...well, I feel hopeless.

Author's Response: These fairytales are very pesky, interfering with Lucius and Narcissa's happily ever after. Bahaha. I just couldn't resist jumping into the Snow White one. But don't worry about Narcissa - she's a smart witch. She'll go with the flow and somehow make it work to her advantage, in one way or another.

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Review #36, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Paradox

25th May 2012:
OH NO...NO...NO!


YOU...WHAT...YOU...PUT HIM TO SLEEP?! NO! is Narcissa going is he going is the house going to...everything I thought was going to happen has been thrown out the window. Why do you keep doing this to me in your stories?

I thought it would have happened to Narcissa and then Lucius would have to...that's too predictable now that I think about it. Why write the story when you can change it and make it something else? Less obvious, less cliched.

Narcissa is so blissfully unaware about what's going on with the house. She's a smart witch. She needs to figure this out quickly or else it could be the end for her and Lucius.



Narcissa has no idea what kind of enemy lies within the castle. She's just skipping around like la te da, with no idea whatsoever. Things are about to get a little bit bad for Narcissa. :(

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Review #37, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Skill

25th May 2012:
As far as I'm concerned, Andromeda is dead

^ I didn't expect you to include that into the story. Andromeda getting married and being disowned I mean. I figured once Narcissa got out she would want to see her father and her sisters, moreso Andromeda than Bellatrix because she's never around but I was wrong.

The way she described him this time was much more calming to me. I didn't think he was a scary figure but more of an eerie one which is silly, I know.

I thought no one could come into the house and then leave it? How could that person apparate into the house and then vanish?!

Author's Response: Until this point, Narcissa's main goal is to get back home. If she's preoccupied with getting back home, her heart's not really going to be in the here and now and there is no chance of her breaking the spell. So she had to see Andromeda's marriage as a betrayal, to make her not care about going back anymore.

Eerie is good. :) This was around the time I was trying to transition Lucius from beast to man.

That one person is a mysterious individual who cannot be trusted. I shall say no more!


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Review #38, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Legend and Her Wolves

25th May 2012:
When you're going to boss someone around, it's more socially acceptable if you say please.

^ You tell him Narcissa!

This story is so cool. Sorry my reviews for this are horrid, I just get so excited because the imagery just makes everything so real. I feel like I'm in a forest in my room right now and I'm a little afraid to look into my mirror.

I'm afraid of mirrors, which is weird, I know. But I tend to...err.break them...a lot. And you know what they say 'break a mirror and get seven years of bad luck'. So I stay away from them!

Author's Response: Your reviews aren't horrid! They're amazing. :hug:

I don't like mirrors at night. They freak me out because I always think I'm going to see someone in it behind me like some horror movie, or I'm going to be distorted or something. -is weird-

So pleased you liked the imagery and that you're enjoying Narcissa teaching Lucius manners!! ^ ^

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Review #39, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Myth

25th May 2012:
I worried about that.

^ Why can't Narcissa apparate?! Is the 'house' not letting her? Urgh! Magic is so confusing and stressful sometimes.

I didn't realize Lucius was blind and you literally spelled it out for us in the description. I just didn't catch on and then when he asked her what she looked like it clicked. I suppose that's what he gets for being vain and not allowing the fairy/witch into his house. I wonder why the door to his father's room doesn't open.

What a mystery.

Author's Response: The house's magic doesn't cooperate with Narcissa because the house is like an extension of the person who performed the curse over it. It does her bidding. Why the person who cast the curse wouldn't want Narcissa there is for you to guess. :)

Lucius's blindness makes him slightly more pitiable. He can still get around really well because he's very familiar with the house's layout, but his life is frustrating in more ways than one. I suppose that's indeed what he gets for being rude to Circe!

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Review #40, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Trapped

25th May 2012:
Favorite parts:

"How could you say such a thing? Of course Master does not look dead. He looks well, he looks quite fetching, I'd say. I'm sure that if the castle were open for business, beautiful women from all over would be flocking outside, fighting each other for his hand."

"That was Master," he reported dazedly. The man looked like he might keel over in a faint. "He heard you. We're going to die. We're all going to die."

^ AH! I love love love love Horatio and Ramien. They're a hysterical pairing. I kind of feel bad for Lucius now, actually because it doesn't seem like he's intentionally trying to be mean to Narcissa. I like that you kept their traits for the story and you're not trying to make them into the characters we know from the fairytales. Though they are in the situations we know, they're their own people, the ones we know from canon. Only younger so they're a teensy bit different.

I also love how the house seems repulsed by Narcissa because of her attitude. Is it because the house knows she's the one and wants her out? Or just doesn't think she's the one and wants her out?

And it was really funny how they ignored her whenever she spoke like she wasn't there. I could imagine the agitated look on her face because they kind of treat her like some child.

Author's Response: Horatio and Ramien were my favorite characters to write. They've been around Lucius long enough that they can provide a kick in the pants if he really needs it, but he's still intimidating enough to scare them into shutting up, so communication is a bit of a cautious battle.

You will see later why the house doesn't like her. But someone is definitely pulling the puppet strings. :3

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Review #41, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Glass Tower

25th May 2012:
It moved like water, tinkling in my ears and drowning out the rapid clicks of the grandfather clock's pendulum.

^ OH. Your description is just so moving and riveting and just WONDERFUL. Everything Narcissa describes I can see. Well, everything you describe I can see. It's amazing how you write her. Her thoughts, her action, her fluidity. Everything is just perfect.

I was terrified when we met Lucius, the description of him, how he acted. He didn't even appear menancing to me but just for that one moment when she first laid eyes on him I shudder.

And then window, throwing the chair! So Narcissa! And yet so not Narcissa! I can't even say who Narcissa is because I think she'll do one thing, say one thing or act a certain way and she goes in the opposite direction of what I was expecting.

Oh this is beautiful. I literally want to save this in my google docs so I can read this story forever.

Author's Response: Narcissa's a bit of a wild card. She's clever, but she thinks she's a whole lot more clever than she actually is, so it tends to lead to trouble. She also has this thing where she thinks that if she just tries hard enough, she will always get her way.

Lucius is creepy. Definitely not a looker.

Eee, saving it in your google docs. That is such a lovely compliment! It might sound strange of me to say that, but it just makes me very happy to hear.

^ ^

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Review #42, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Guest

25th May 2012:
What a twist. I figured that she just wouldn't be able to apparate out of the house and no owls would want to come because of Lucius but to not be able to physically leave the house? So they can't even go out in the back of the house? Or can they atleast go around the perimeter of the house, but not past a certain point?

I thought it was cool how you incorporated the magic into the house too. That they don't need wands to do magic because her wand is broken so I think Narcissa would be terribly out of her element if she didn't have the option to do magic. Well...will she be able to? Since she's not really part of the house like they are.

Author's Response: I felt like in order to keep Narcissa in the house, there was no alternative but to do it by force. If I gave her a loophole, she's going to get out. Narcissa's a selfish person and I can't think of anyone she knows in her life that she would have traded places with, willingly, had they been held prisoner. Even her father, she would just let him rot there. So I twisted the fairy tale a bit. And nope, they can't go outside at all. They can't even stick their hands out the window.

I liked the idea of magic being in everything, even in the air. The magic has a life of its own and does not favor Narcissa, so she'll have to see what happens. ^ ^

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Review #43, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Panic

25th May 2012:
But it does make sense that he gets his way and you're just the one who follows orders

^ She's so clever! I was nervous for Narcissa during this entire chapter because I thought they were going to do something to her but I figured she would be able to get herself out of their clutches and rush off. I just didn't think she'd break her wand in the process which is just terrible because what's a witch without her wand? Merely a muggle.

When she was making him go to sleep I was reminded of the times I used to take pilates class and we would end the class with meditation. The descriptions and the catatonic voice kind of make me do a deep breathing technique (which is weird) and I found myself leaning back and getting lulled to sleep.

Your writing is that powerful.

Author's Response: Narcissa is not a damsel in distress; she's got a brain and she's going to put it to use. The whole story after this boils down to the fact that her wand broke in this chapter. If it hadn't broken, she would have been able to Apparate home; no harm done. She probably would have found more trouble back there, but it would have been a completely different path than the one now forced on her.

Eee, yay! I was influenced by Patrick Jane in The Mentalist for this bit; sometimes he hypnotizes people into doing things. :D

Thank you for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #44, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Search and Acquire

25th May 2012:
the black-haired man reached out and removed the wand poking out of my father's pocket, and snapped it in half. Andromeda's face paled, absolutely stricken

^ I did not see that coming! Uh! Gaspard, you awful, awful man. Everyone is terrible. I wanted to hug delusional Cygnus. Poor man. What is he going to do without Narcissa? The family won't be able to survive and no good Bellatrix isn't going to do anything I suppose? Hm!

And yuck, at this part: He plopped it into his wide mouth, swallowing it whole like a bullfrog swallows a hornet

^ Shady characters are so...shady...and gross! Poor Cissa!

Author's Response: Gaspard is totally the villain with no remorse here. He's kind of like Circe in that way. I figured that since Voldemort was so evil, there was room for a few more evil people in the Potterverse world.

Cygnus would not fair well without Narcissa. :( He's already emotionally withered. And yep, Bellatrix isn't very valuable as of late.

Shady characters are indeed shady. Ew those two men are disgusting. Did not like writing them much. -__-

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #45, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Entrepreneur

25th May 2012:
I haven't read this story in ages and after reading the latest chapter in Run, I didn't want to let go of your writing just yet.

Marvelous. You make it seem so easy to mold the characters into the world of fairy tales we all know and love. I especially love what you have done with the Black sisters. I figured it would be Bella and Narcissa together instead of Andromeda and Narcissa, much better than having Bellatrix around. I thought the companionship they showed each other was great because Bellatrix would have been much haughtier and I don't think as clever.

Gaspard was just a mouthful of awful. I wanted to kick him!

Author's Response: Deeds! Sorry it's taking me forever to respond. I am so bad with review responses; I sound like such a broken record.

Andromeda. :) I don't know nearly enough about her. She seems so fascinating to me, running off with a Muggle-born when her sisters are clearly not Muggle lovers. I like to think that in the days before Ted, Narcissa would've had no reason not to get along with her. I enjoyed writing about all three of the sisters in this story.

Gaspard is the worst. D: I want to kick him, too.

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Review #46, by slytherinchica08 Search and Acquire

21st May 2012:
Oh poor Narcissa! i can't believe that Gaspard snapped her fathers wand, took her mothers, and took her! This story is all flowing so well together and the ending of each chapter just makes me want to read another! I'm looking forward to the next chapter and what happens to her once they reach their destination. I love the role that Andromeda is playing in this story, kind of the stronger sibling so to speak and does a great job keeping her emotions in check while Gespard is searching their house. I felt so bad when he grabbed ahold of their mothers wedding dress which their father was supposed to transform to a handkerchief but either forgot or was unable to do it! It seemed to be something that really cute into the girls, though not as much as them taking off with their mothers wand. I'm really enjoying this story so far, I think its really unique and wonderful to read! Great Job!

Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Gaspard is a very rude individual. Andromeda is clever, and able to disguise her feelings, but Narcissa isn't quite at that level. She's sort of an open book - you can always tell what she's thinking when you look at her. And poor Cygnus, he doesn't even realize that he might have avoided many of his troubles just by parting with his pride and selling some of Druella's things. The Black family's preoccupation with possessions was ultimately their downfall. They should have just sold everything when they had the chance!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #47, by slytherinchica08 The Entrepreneur

20th May 2012:
Oh I just loved this chapter told from Narcissa's pov! I think you did an absolutely wonderful job with this chapter. I felt so bad for her when she was denied a visitation with the minister and instead had to see his son who was rather rude to her and didn't listen to anything she had to say. I loved seeing little bits of her sisters mentioned in this chapter as well and it was nice to see andromeda so supportive and close to her since I know they have differing oppinions especially between her and Bellatirx. Your description and just the general way you have worded the story is just absolutely wonderful and just has really pulled me into the story. I can see this whole story playing out in my mind and you have painted a great vision for me! I feel so bad as they are going through things in their head and realizing that even if they were to sell them they wouldn't have enough money to help out their father. I really like what you are doing with this story so far and will continue reading! Great Job!

Recensio 2012

Author's Response: Poor Narcissa has no idea what's in store for her. Being turned away by the Ministry with no extension on their deadline or help with the debt they owe is only the beginning of her problems.

I think that Andromeda and Bellatrix are sort of extremes in their family, one light and the other dark, and Narcissa doesn't know exactly where she's at. She's got light and dark, and feels like she could go down either path at this point. She just needs a bit of a push in one direction or another.

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Review #48, by slytherinchica08 Cursed

20th May 2012:
Oh who doesn't love a good fairytale and your story looks like it will be absolutely wonderful! I really like the idea behind this story, to incorporate many different fairytales into the harry potter world and to do it in such a wonderful way is just amazing! I like the characters that you have chosen for this story as well and I'm really interested to see how Narcissa comes into play and falls in love with Lucius.

From the very beginning your description was just beautiful! You really painted the picture of what the old lady looked like and how she struggled to get to Malfoy Manor. I felt bad for her in that she never thought that she would be turned away by the home owner but was still able to seek a small amount of the heat she needed in order to leave the horrid weather! We didn't really see too much of Lucius in this chapter so I can't state how well he is characterized but from what I have seen, I think you're doing a great job with all your characterizations! I shall be reading on! Great Job!

Recensio 2012

Author's Response: Your reviews have made me miss writing this story. Lucius and Narcissa are one of my OTP's (the other being Romione), and I've always loved fairy tales so much that to mix the two was a really fun challenge for me. And I'm glad you're liking the bit of characterizations shown so far! Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #49, by CloakAuror9 Cursed

19th May 2012:
I think I'll need surgery to get my jaw back up. This is jaw-dropping! I am in utter shock! How can one person have so much talent...

I love your story! Its so perfect. The amount details in it is just so You are so good at writing! I really like how you made the chapter a fairytale-ish one. Really clever! :D

Anyway, you are officially awesome and amazing. :D

CloakAuror9 xx
Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: :O You are so kind! Thank you. :)

I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far. Writing is the only thing I've ever really felt like I was halfway decent at, so you have no idea how encouraging it is to hear this sort of feedback. Thank you so much.

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Review #50, by adluvshp Unwinding

15th May 2012:

Wow this was another breath-taking chapter! As I have told you many times before, I love your take on Lucius and Narcissa, and Bellatrix, and Voldemort. The way you write it makes it all so surreal, it gives me the shivers.
With each chapter, the story keeps getting more and more interesting. I am looking forward to how they are going to treat Circe. I am sure it won't be anything good but I'm just curious to see how much pain Lucius would be willing to inflict on her. I think that will tell a great deal about how his character is further going to develop.
As ever, your writing is superb, do update soon!



Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! It was lovely to see you back here again. I'm making an effort to give this story more of my attention, but I'm pretty horrible with following up on my intentions. -is ashamed-

The reintroduction of Circe is something I have been planning for a very long time. The story will wrap up just a few chapters after that, since I feel like I've told the story I wanted to tell. We're slowly making our way out of the fairy tales and into reality, which is where it ends.

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