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Review #26, by TenthWeasley An Epilogue of Sorts

7th July 2012:
This is a very strange review for me to leave, and hopefully it won't be quite as strange to read. :) I would normally start out by saying that I started this story two weeks and one day ago, but I suppose in this case that'd be a pretty dishonest statement. In truth, I started this story over a year ago, and through a number of factors which you already know -- time and distraction and a bit of writing of my own, which this story inspired -- I left it at something like chapter 9. And you, silly Sarah, thought I'd leave it for good! But you know I couldn't do that; it wouldn't be fair, and besides that, I hated leaving something from my favorite fan fiction author unfinished. Every time I scrolled past it in my favorites list, I felt a bit more guilty.

And now I'm here, at the last chapter, with all sorts of emotions running through me. Predominant among them is a sense of accomplishment, but that's not what it should be about. It's closure, and happiness, and curiosity, and a bit of regret that this story ended quite before I wanted it to. I know it's not your favorite thing you've written, but there is so much of you in this story, and I hope you can read that without facepalming. :D It's your style and your voice, and the characters that you and I've spent a lot of time talking about elsewhere, and it's your time. Countless hours are documented here in these words, and you really should be proud of this. As writers, we don't love everything we write, and we shouldn't have to feel as though we do, but everything we do write is still very, very much us. I'm proud of this story on behalf of you, and it really is fantastic!

I loved Nora, even when I wanted to shake her until her teeth rattled, because that just made me root for her all the more. I loved Snape, of course, and it's no secret, but you very much did him justice in this story -- his emotions, his appearance, his mannerisms, all so spot on. Your Tonks was so much fun, your Molly endearingly stubborn, your Remus heartbreakingly pensive. And, last on purpose, your Sirius -- there is no comparable Sirius anywhere, not that I've read. If I'd never talked to you outside of reviews, I'd know the immense appreciation you have of him, just from the justice you did him here. He is J.K. Rowling's character, but you breathed new life into him and gave him the happiness she couldn't afford to, and I'd like to think that somehow, she would be grateful on knowing someone did that for him. I could go on and on and I'd never reach the end of the list just because I cannot tell you enough how much I truly respect you for keeping this so canon, so real, so vivid. It's a work of art, if fan fiction can legitimately be termed such. I thoroughly loved every single minute I spent reading this story; I wouldn't trade it for anything!

You've accomplished something here that so, so many people only strive for, but never attain, and you just need to know how seriously awesome this story is. I regret immensely not finishing it sooner, and am so glad that I did come back for a second try at it (not that I ever doubted I would!). I can't tell you the times when something you said, some way you turned a phrase or analyzed something, sparked more inspiration in me, as well. You heap tons of undeserved praise on In The Black and In The Red (and how I'm ever supposed to thank you for that, I haven't the foggiest), but it all comes from YOU. Reading this story was what made me write a Snape/OC in the first place, and even though I know you know that, it warrants reminding every now and again. :) And it's not just Snape: Your battle scene with Lucius and Nora in the Ministry (my very, very favorite chapter in the novel) is something I still reference when writing action scenes. I don't know if you remember my initial reaction to it, but I was so completely blown away by it, and even re-reading it in the past week or so, it gave me goosebumps that literally did not go away for a good fifteen or twenty minutes. You're an inspiration to me, one of the biggest since I've started writing more than just drabbles here and there, and I don't want you ever forgetting that!

I don't know why I chose to leave such a long review on this; I mean, I know you'll appreciate it, and I know it's to make up for the however-many chapters I stayed silent on. But I think also it's because I feel like I needed every one of those 6,000 characters (or however many I'll end up using) to convey to you how happy this story made me. You've grown as a writer since writing this, undoubtedly, but this is your very first, and without this story, I might not have known you -- and that thought's horrible! I'm so proud of you, and this story, and everything you've written since, and I cannot wait to see your books on shelves. Because they're going to be, and I'll be first in line every time, camping out for midnight releases and reading until my eyes are sore.

And now you're probably rolling your eyes, wondering when I'll stop and if I'm just a little pile of oatmeal on the floor now (and basically I am, but that's beside the point). So, once more: This story is fantastic. Fantastic. And I refuse to ever hear you say different. I love you, and every single word above is the absolute truth.


Author's Response: BLEERRGGGHHH

Okay, so firstlies: You are awesome. You've read more of my writing than anyone else, ever. If anyone is familiar with my stuff, it's you. I think, actually, that you're more familiar with my style than I am because you tell me a lot that you see me in my work, and I go back and ogle the lines as if expecting to see a miniature version of myself waving back at me saying RIGHT HERE, HERE I AM, because I have difficulty seeing any of my stuff with any kind of perspective. That also makes me nervous because I recycle words/phrases like a boss and if anyone's able to recognize that, it's you. SO JUST PRETEND I NEVER DO THAT, OKAY. ♥

Also must commend you for finishing this whole thing, EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO, and God knows I tried to talk you out of it, but you plowed onward anyway, ignoring my rants and eye-rolling and fingernail-biting. You could have stopped midway, declaring that you would rather take a two day jog through a desert while drinking salt water than watch Nora and Sirius getthisclose and then break away all angsty-like, lamenting their inner woes and turmoils all while staring at each other lustfully, etc., barf.


♥ You are the best, and I mean that.

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Review #27, by Anonymous An Epilogue of Sorts

5th July 2012:
I was so sad when I finished the last Harry Potter book. This story made me feel like I was right back in the thick of things. I was so happy to be with my favorite characters again, and it was so interesting for the story to be told from a different character's point of view. In the JK Rowling version I felt Sirius's fate was so tragic, it was really just too sad for me to take. In this story by Toujours Padfoot, I got my happily ever after. Wish there was more at the end about Sirius being a great godfather to Harry, but still this was my favorite story ever after finishing the 7 books.

Author's Response: Hello there! This was my first fan fiction, so I had no prior experiences with creating an OC in a world of preexisting characters. It was interesting to view that world through Nora's eyes. And I agree, Sirius's ending was way too tragic; he got such a raw deal, spending so much of his life imprisoned only to escape and then have to hide out, and then be killed. D:

Yeah, by the end of this story I really just wanted to continue on to new stories, so I didn't delve much into Sirius's relationship with Harry. If I could rewrite the whole thing I think I would focus a lot more on that.

Wow, what an amazing compliment! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #28, by horserider12 An Epilogue of Sorts

28th February 2012:
You wrote a thoughtful review on another author's story, so thought I'd read one from your collection. I'm very glad I did; loved it! This story was very well written and adored the character personalities. Especially liked the Nora/Severus relationship...the kiss was epic...both discovering their feelings were not love but could have been if their hearts didn't belong elsewhere...sigh. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! As odd as this sounds, I like reading about Severus finding love after things didn't pan out with Lily, but when I write stories myself I have a hard time giving that to him. Unless I'm changing a lot of things about canon - Severus needing to protect Harry, in particular - then unfortunately I feel like he has to continue to love Lily until his death. It's a sad fate. :(

Thank you for reading. ^ ^ I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #29, by MrsBlack Sirius Black: Stalwart Gentleman

5th February 2012:
I am really sad thats its chapter 18 and theres been no kissing between Nora and Sirius!! Please hurry and get them together or something i'm getting impatient :D

Author's Response: Patience! Don't be sad, there are other things to focus on in the story besides a serious lack of kissing. lol, who knows, they might never get together.

~mysterious grin~

Hang in there, you might get rewarded for it in the end. ^ ^

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Review #30, by AccioWriter An Epilogue of Sorts

29th January 2012:
I just finished reading this entire fanfic in roughly twelve hours.

All I can really say is I fricken love it and possibly you. :)

I'm usually really .. anal about sticking to the original Rowling plot, but I think the way you portrayed Sirius in this was amazing. And you're right, he deserved happiness after his crummy life. So, thank you. I am now much more open to the idea of reading fanfic that doesn't follow canon.

Anyways, thank you for the amazing story. I plan on reading more of your stuff today!

Author's Response: :O

I'm a huge hypocrite because more often than not, I prefer canon to alternate endings. But with certain characters, if they led lonely, miserable lives, I actually prefer AU. For instance, in one of my favorite fanfics on HPFF, Severus Snape is with an OC. When it comes to Sirius, I can only stand his life story to adhere to canon if the fic gives him unseen happiness earlier in life, to fill in the gaps and provide a happier, more fulfilled backstory.

Let me just pause for a minute and express gratitude that, first of all, you found this story at all. I imagine it would be buried in fanfic among the many Sirius/OC stories floating around out there, and as it was my very first foray into fanfiction, my feelings about it fluctuate constantly. I am very flattered that this story has opened you up to possibly accepting other fics that aren't canon compliant; that feels like I definitely did something right. I'm very pleased.

Oh my goodness, thank you! I do hope to see your name again somewhere around my page. I have another finished novel that follows the Hogwarts timeline very closely canon-wise; I also have a work in progress that's about as far from canon as you can get, since it's skewed to be told in the form of various fairy tales. I hope you enjoy whatever you choose to read, and thank you so much for stopping by and reading Curious Happenings at Number Twelve, and for taking the time to leave this lovely review. It really made my day. :)

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Review #31, by R An Epilogue of Sorts

6th December 2011:
You probably won't see this for a long time, but I though I'd congratulate you...for writing such a brilliant story!

Honestly, I think the style of writing was perfect. I absolutely hate it when good stories are ruined by all those grammatical errors, thank God this one didn't have any.

I loved the way you could control the emotion so much. One second everything was hilarious and then suddenly it's smack middle of a tense scene.

So all in all, a great story that I am so glad to have read. :)

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you so much for reading and reviewing. This story hasn't seen the recently added page for quite some time, so it was quite a surprised to see not one, but two random reviews for the epilogue on the same day! I'm so glad you liked it. :)

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Review #32, by ri_sparrow_black Through the Veil

21st November 2011:
oh my GOD! when i was the title to this chapter, i was terrified. I started chanting "please don't kill sirius off. please, please, please." over and over in my mind. thank you for letting him live :)

Author's Response: You're welcome! Thank you for reading, and for appreciating that I went against canon. I'm usually very big on canon; in everything except Sirius's fate.

Hee, this chapter's title. :3 I felt so sneaky. :D

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Review #33, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 An Epilogue of Sorts

20th November 2011:
Your story is absolutely and truly one of my favorites! I read this - I believe - in about just a week. It usually takes me longer to read stories, but I was so engrossed in yours and every chapter just had me craving more. You did an absolute brilliant job. Every character was quite spot on, and I felt as if you were J.K. Rowling in disguise! I absolutely loved this, and I cannot wait to read other stories of yours!

Author's Response: I'm very honored for you to call this one of your favorites. I know my responses are bumbling and generic and it's hard for me to express my appreciation for your reviews, but I mean it with all my heart - thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for telling me your thoughts. It was so lovely to be able to read all of these amazing reviews, and they were really encouraging. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

:) :) :)

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Review #34, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Through the Veil

20th November 2011:

This chapter caught me so off-guard and I had no idea what to do with myself! I was so glad that you didn't have Sirius die from Bellatrix, although I was completely shocked. It was absolutely brilliant, and something that I'm sure knocked everyone off their feet - especially me!

Author's Response: I'm very pleased that it surprised you - I was trying to make the story as canon as possible aside from the OC and a few events we never read about in Order of the Phoenix. But then again, I wondered if everyone would guess that I let him live. I actually considered killing Nora and Sirius for a while, because I didn't want for one of them to live without the other, but I knew I just could not write that. There's been enough death in Sirius's life without adding his own on top of it.

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Review #35, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 The Tale of Other-Nora

20th November 2011:

I cannot believe this! This was such a wonderful chapter - as they all are! I was wondering how things were going to happen with Sirius and Nora! I must get going so I can get to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Woo! And so things finally start happening! What will happen? Who knows. *twilight zone music*

Not really, cause you already finished reading and you know how it ends. ^ ^

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Review #36, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 David

19th November 2011:
Another lovely chapter!

I'm quite interested in this "Other-Nora." I should've had interest in her before - and I promise I did - but I just failed to mention it. I tend to do that sometimes, and I'm quite sorry about that! But I'm quite curious to see what happens in the next three chapters.

Author's Response: Other-Nora is a subplot that has pretty much no meaning until the very end. It sort of creeps along underneath the story, sort of there but not so prevalent that it's the biggest thing you focus on, and then BAM! It actually has a purpose! XD There are actually clues throughout the story that, in hindsight, tell you exactly what she was trying to tell Nora.

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Review #37, by Bellatrix_Lestrange369 An Epilogue of Sorts

19th November 2011:
Finally a story where Sirius lives! squee! This is one of those things where I kept reading quickly because I was enjoying it but wanted to go slow because I didn't want it to end. know what I mean?

Author's Response: Sirius deserves to live after the horrible life he had. I mean, seriously. His childhood was crap because of his family, his adolescence was marred by the Dark Lord's rise to power; then his best friend was killed and everyone in the world blamed him for it. So after spending many years in Azkaban, having to live as a dog near Hogsmeade and then having to live in the childhood home he detested, all alone and not being allowed to leave Grimmauld Place or do anything for the Order, he gets killed by his own cousin. What kind of life is that? If you ask me, Sirius got a really raw deal. In my opinion, out of everyone, he deserved a happy ending most of all. So that's precisely what I gave him. :)

Thank you for reading!

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Review #38, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Deja Vu

17th November 2011:

I didn't know what was going to happen. My fingers were crossed the whole time for them to get out, and when they were saved by Severus, my jaw dropped! I definitely wasn't expecting that. And then as they were running through the forest, and then when Remus turned into a werewolf, my heart was beating rapidly in fear for Nora. I just couldn't help myself, this chapter was fantastic (as all the others are)!

And I must say, poor Cardac Dearborn. Although I can't say I'll miss him all too much, he sure did make things interesting!

Author's Response: Poor Dearborn. But alas, he was always meant to die, even from the beginning. And Remus turning into a werewolf was something I was really itching to describe. Ever since watching it happen in Prisoner of Azkaban, I found the transformation fascinating.

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Review #39, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Achilles' Heel

17th November 2011:
I'm in awe.

I sit here in each chapter, saying that nothing can get better than the last, but you prove me wrong. Every chapter, for me, has gotten better and better! It definitely makes me excited for the next five!

Author's Response: -dances happily-

Thrilled to oblige! I am so, /so/ glad that each chapter meets your expectations and doesn't disappoint you. It means the world to me. :)

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Review #40, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Birthday Surprise

17th November 2011:
Another wonderful chapter!

How on earth did the the Death Eater's get in? I'm so interested to know and find out, that I must get going to the next chapter! Sorry for the lack of review!

Author's Response: Aghh Death Eaters! They're so pesky. They're like mice, they'll squeeze in anywhere through the smallest gaps. XD

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Review #41, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Darker Than Black

17th November 2011:
Absolutely wonderful!

Her and Sirius were so close! So, so, so close! UGH! I can't believe there are only seven chapters left. I'm curious to find out if something actually happens between them, even just a small kiss, before Sirius gets the curse. And if it does, then Nora's going to be hurting quite a bit...but then again, she'll be beating herself up for things not happening. Oh I can't take it! Definitely need to find out, so onto the next chapter with me! :)

Author's Response: Oh the UST in this chapter makes me wince. WHY MUST THEY BOTH BE SO STUPID ABOUT THIS.
Sirius: Woe. She will never love me.
Nora: Woe. He will never love me.

~meanwhile, their faces are two inches apart and they're both exuding obvious attraction to one another~

-face palm-

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Review #42, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Tension

17th November 2011:
Yet again, a lovely chapter!

I loved the part with Severus and Sirius their fight. And then at the end with Hestia... oh Merlin!

Excited for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Oh Hestia, you irksome little inconvenience, you. At this point I was layering on the angst and UST like no tomorrow, and the next chapter is even worse. Maybe that's why I prefer writing fluff now. -shakes head-

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Review #43, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Sirius Black: Stalwart Gentleman

16th November 2011:
Another amazing chapter!

I'm so excited to get to the next chapter, you have absolutely no idea! :)

Oh! And about your author's note: congrats on the Trusted Author! It must be amazing! :D

Author's Response: I forgot about that author's note! Oh and yes, my jaw dropped when I saw it. Completely unexpected - I still can't believe it.

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Review #44, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs

16th November 2011:
Another chapter that I rather enjoyed!

I really enjoyed the fact that there was a memory of the marauders. Definitely enjoyed that bit! :)

Author's Response: The Marauders are a joy to write but it also took a while because I was worried about messing them up. I'm happy you enjoyed it. :)

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Review #45, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Smoke Signals

16th November 2011:
Oh no, no, no! I'm sorry that I can't leave as good of a review as I usually do, due to the fact that I can hardly contain myself of pressing the button for the next chapter! Please forgive me!

Author's Response: All of your reviews are glorious, so no worries!


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Review #46, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Of Bloodstone and Homenum Revelio

15th November 2011:

The first part, I was literally bursting out in laughter! I was almost uncontrollable...and oh boy! It was absolutely brilliant! And the end to this! Severus Snape has to be the trickiest wizard (besides Dumbledore himself) ever to be known!

Author's Response: WOO! I'm glad you liked it! The first part was a lot of fun to write. Sirius is so much fun to play off of other characters - Tonks especially. And the way that Remus messes with him a bit in this chapter was a bit smug, rather like he was exacting revenge for all the teasing Remus gets about Tonks and vice versa from Sirius.

^ ^

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Review #47, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Opportunity Knocks

15th November 2011:
Another lovely chapter!

I cannot help but to feel sorry for Snape. But I think he may have known all along that things weren't going to happen - then again, who knows!

Author's Response: Poor Snape! I do feel bad for him - he is eternally being jilted. :(

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Review #48, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Reticence

15th November 2011:
Another wonderful chapter.

I knew Nora would go off on her own sooner or later. And then when I found out that Snape was going after her, I was curious how things were going to turn out. It was quite a wonderful twist of events! :)

Oh! And before I forget, I wanted to mention the fact that I absolutely loved that you incorporated Snape's memory of Lily. Along made a connection to how his feelings for Nora are similar to Lily's! :)

Author's Response: Ahh yes, the parallels between Lily and Nora are something I really wanted the readers to notice. In my mind, Lily is the only woman Snape can ever truly love. So the way that he regards Nora is somewhat delusional, somewhat rose-colored. He so desperately wants what he felt while being around Lily to come back to him that he's projecting it on Nora. And Nora really doesn't see anyone except for Sirius. Ahh, angst. :)

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Review #49, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Excavation

14th November 2011:
And you do it again!

Here I was was, saying to myself, "This will be the last chapter I read for a little bit." Do you think I can do that? I can tell you for certain that I cannot! I cannot wait to get to the next chapter, and therefore must cut this review short! So sorry!

Author's Response: I'm pleased as punch that you're finding this fic hard to put down! It really does make my day, I cannot tell you enough.

^ ^

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Review #50, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 The Dark Lord's Most Loyal

14th November 2011:
Another wonderful chapter.

My oh my! In every chapter I become surprised. If I thought the last chapter did it, this chapter surprised me even more! Never in my life did I ever imagine Severus Snape would say something in favor of Sirius Black! Absolutely, positively loved it though! When Snape's with Nora, you see the person he was with Lily, and it's absolutely magnificent. It's wonderful to see the side of Snape no one ever truly got to see. Another wonderful job! :D

Author's Response: In retrospect, Snape's dialogue could use a decent bit of tweaking. I'm not sure if even his friendly interest in Nora could vouch for speaking about Sirius in a matter less than venomous. But I do imagine that he sees Nora as a bit like a substitute for Lily, and when it came to Lily, there was nothing that he wouldn't say or do to try to keep her safe.

^ ^

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