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Review #26, by HappyMollyWeasley ii. the initiation [or] five thousand galleons justifies everything

24th January 2015:
I can't believe I've missed this story! It's great, I'll keep reading! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #27, by marauderfan xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

23rd January 2015:
Okay! I've now read the whole thing. Apologies on not reviewing more of these chapters - when I read a fic that's got a lot of chapters I tend to just click right on through rather than reviewing, and I did that in this case because your story is addicting. I know, I'm terrible. BUT. This story was so, so wonderful and I am going to try to find the words to describe just how wonderful.

The way you handled LGBTQ characters, first of all, was just lovely. I also liked that within this group of Ravenclaws, four of the five of them were queer so it was the norm and Lester was the one who stood out as he was straight. Not that it mattered to any of them because they're just all good friends who love each other for being good friends. But I loved that because hetero was the minority here, it turned the tables on heteronormativity. That's so important.

Also, anxiety. I think you handled the subject so well, and as this is a big deal for some people it's especially important to handle tactfully and you really did. Rose's panic attack in the staffroom was heartbreaking and while I knew what was happening outside her head, (i.e. I could tell that the teachers weren't trying to expel her), seeing it all through Rose's eyes was so powerful and I felt so badly for her. It really did feel like a scary moment and you did so well portraying anxiety in this.

Albus and Scorpius were seriously amazing. I kind of had a mini-heart attack when they broke up for that short time there. I just loved your characterisation of both of them, and their obsessions with Latin and Ancient Greek made me smile every time. Please tell me they stay together forever.

All of your characters, though, were really impressive. You put such thought into their personalities and back stories and what makes them who they are, and it shows. They were all just such a delight to read, particularly all of them interacting together as a group. What an awesome group of people. :)

I can 1000% understand why this story won a Dobby. You totally deserve it. Thank you for writing this.

Author's Response: honestly it's such a huge compliment that you were so engrossed in the story that you didn't stop to review, it means a lot to me

turning the tables on heteronormativity is my mission in life. i can't articulate how happy it makes me that i achieved that because heteronormativity is such a damaging concept and it's so important to me that i challenge that. and lester being the 'token straight' is also lifted straight from personal experience - my flat is four-fifths queer too and we have the token straight guy, and nobody's queer in isolation. birds of a feather flock together and all that.

anxiety is another of those things i have a vested interest in portraying accurately because i have anxiety myself (and the staffroom scene was really draining and really helpful to write at the same time - this story has honestly taught me so much) but it was also important for me to show the value of having support networks in place - again, personal experience, because that wasn't something i had as a teenager.

albus/scorpius is endgame. they go through a lot together and some of it's worse than their brief break-up, but they do stay together forever and i don't think its spoiling anything of pending further investigation to tell you that.

i'm so glad you like them as much as i do, they really are my babies and i adore them and the way they interact. thank you so much for reading, and for this lovely review!

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Review #28, by marauderfan ix. the family we choose [or] all you need is love

22nd January 2015:
Hi Lisa. I apologise in advance for this review because it's 1 in the morning and as Rose can attest (i.e. toomanycurls, not Rose Weasley) my brain doesn't work past about 10 so I leave lots of loopy late night reivews.

Anyway, what I want to say is that I love this story. I've been hearing so much about it for so long and finally decided to read it and I'm so glad I did - I just love the characters and how hyou're addressing such important issues and things that are not often mentioned in fiction but are so relatable. And you've done it with such fantastic dialogue and humour. I want to be friends with all these nerdy Ravenclaws. Even though I'm not a Claw, I feel like I'd fit right in and that they are the sort of people who would actually appreciate my memorising Pi to 67 places.

Though I really want to just keep reading, I will finish the rest of the story tomorrow because my right eye is twitching in tiredness. That's probably for the best though beause then I'll be able to write proper reviews in the morning. Ciao!

Author's Response: don't ever apologise for loopy late night reviews because i treasure them so much

thank you so much! i feel like tfwms is probably sitting in that category of "i've heard a lot about this story, i should read it sometime" for a lot of people and it's always really gratifying to hear that it's been worth their time or lives up to expectation.

they would definitely appreciate your memorising Pi to 67 places. especially holly because she's a huge dork. i want to be friends with them all as well but alas they're not real and i made them up

thank you so much for the review (and for reading to the point of eye twitches!)

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Review #29, by crestwood i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

10th January 2015:
Here I am, approaching the daunting task of reviewing this beautiful, beautiful story. I am almost afraid to sully it with what I have to say. But, I've been putting it off for far too long and now is definitely the time to start. (although I have my eye on a few other things on your Author's Page as well)

Can I just say--if we ever got a Next-Gen film, this is what I want. I will accept nothing less than a Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship movie.

Now that I know you agree with me about the importance of faceclaims I have to say that your Rose is spot on for this story and I can't see that person ever again without thinking of this story.

The beginning of this in which Ron is telling Rose about the scholarship is such an amazing set up. Especially when he mouths Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship at her. I remember when I first read this and I was jumping up and down because I already knew I had found a new favorite.

Scorpius says something haughtily here in the first chapter, how fitting.

And of course Holly is the only one to read the fine print. It's amazing coming back and seeing how much of their character is present here.

Honestly though--I am obviously a Slytherclaw for life because research, discovery, mastery of skills, massive superiority complexes?? Also known as Joseph.

Their reaction to this revelation that they'll have to prank is so great. It's like it's really not something they'd do, but then again TONS OF MONEY.

How did I miss how meta this is?? Scorpius talking about character development and coming of age novels is kind of the funniest thing ever considering that their lives are pretty much literally a coming of age novel.

I live my LIFE for anecdotes. I am all for eternal shenanigan glory. Also, the way they keep repeating each others words is so hilarious for some reason.

Game of Thrones references thrown in for good measure ♥

The Order of the Raven is perfect on a number of different levels.

This just made me realize that I've never written an Umbridge teacher before. I kind of want to write a Really Mean Teacher fic now.

The end of the chapter on that note of like 'were totally the most hated at this school, who are we even supposed to prank??' is perfect and this is like, one of the most flawless chapters of anything I've ever read.

You're so great at writing seriously what does one even say about this. Like--thank you for sharing this with the world I guess?? You're incredibly talented and I want to be you. Okay, I'm done - you're awesome.

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Review #30, by ScarlettANDJames xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

6th January 2015:
i loved your story! its so not cliche and with very well written characters and this was just brilliant tbh, i think i will definitely stop by your other stories as well! xx

Author's Response: thanks so much, i'm glad you enjoyed it and that you enjoy my other stuff as well! thanks for the review :)

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Review #31, by Dumdum ix. the family we choose [or] all you need is love

2nd January 2015:
So funny! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #32, by Dumdum vi. the acceleration of chaos [or] holly & lester become inadvertent zookeepers

2nd January 2015:
I was laughin through the entire chapter!
left boob xD

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #33, by Dumdum v. the tell-all [or] don't hold back now

2nd January 2015:
Wow that went well.
It's nice to see you seal with these circumstances with such realism.

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you think so!

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Review #34, by Dumdum iv. the secret weapon [or] well, i didn't see that coming

2nd January 2015:
Asexual, really?
This just gets better and better

Author's Response: i'm glad you appreciate it!

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Review #35, by Dumdum iii. the order of the raven [or] our reputation precedes us

2nd January 2015:
I'm liking Scorpius xD

Author's Response: i like scorpius too. thanks for the review!

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Review #36, by Dumdum ii. the initiation [or] five thousand galleons justifies everything

2nd January 2015:
Loved the chapter.
Sorry for the typo in the last review. I was impatient to continue reading.
Albus and Scorpius are a thing! Aww

Author's Response: thank you so much! and yes, albus and scorpius are my precious wee babies and i love them so much :)

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Review #37, by Dumdum i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

2nd January 2015:
Amazing first chapter.
I'm exoecting lots of fun and action in thee later ones considering the great storyline.
Good work :)

Author's Response: thank you, glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #38, by Yazi xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

1st January 2015:
Wow. That's all I can say. I've wasted a whole 24 hours of my life reading this, but I can say that it was defintely worth it 😂

Author's Response: i'm glad it was worth a full 24 hours! thanks for the review :)

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Review #39, by ralphiegirl iv. the secret weapon [or] well, i didn't see that coming

29th December 2014:
I LOVE YOU!!! You are the first author of any kind to have an ace character and I LOVE YOU FOR IT!!! And your writing is splendid and this idea is amazing and you are officially my favorite author!!

Author's Response: thank you so much! i'm ace myself so i had to include some ace representation in this story. i'm really glad you're enjoying it and thank you for that!

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Review #40, by amortentiaandroses xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

27th December 2014:
I just finished reading your fic and I must say that I was completely blown away by how amazing it is. Firstly, I love the way you wrote the 'Claws, as well as their group. They just seem to be like the dream team. Your inclusion of LGBTQ students was really great to read about as not many authors include people who are in the LGBTQ community into their stories. I would like to applaud you on your writing about anxiety disorders. You handled the topic with respect and care and it was a wonderful insight into Rose, Scorpius and Lester's characters.
All in all I just want to say that you are an amazing writer, and just like the characters of your story, you will go on to do amazing things.

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Review #41, by xelha horse ix. the family we choose [or] all you need is love

26th December 2014:
I am planning on finishing this today, and I love it already! Just wanted to say that I chuckled at this line, and I cannot wait to read more funny lines from you.
"Holly dotes on her, Emma worships the ground Holly walks on, and Albus and I are left glaring at our detached and condescending younger siblings wondering what went wrong and whether we could ever pull off a quiet trade."
Great work, Ravenclaw333!!

Author's Response: thanks so much! i love that line myself and i'm glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #42, by orderofthephoenix xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

24th December 2014:
Hi there! I've just finished reading this story on my Kindle and thought I'd leave a review. I enjoyed this story immensely, from the overall storyline to the individual developments of the five main characters. The group as a whole changed so much over the course of the year and a year of pranking did them well. As great as Rose, Albus, Scorpius, Holly and Lester were, I thought you did well with Emily too. The pranks that the students pulled were imaginative and original; I think the howler essays were my favourite.

I must commend you on your writing of the LGBTQ students at Hogwarts and the characters suffering from anxiety. I was surprised, but glad, to see an accepting Hogwarts where students weren't assumed to be straight and any sexuality was accepted. The scene where Rose had an anxiety attack in the staffroom brought tears to my eyes because the way you wrote it (from Rose's POV) felt so real and upsetting.

Congratulations on your achievement of winning a Dobby award. The list of winners was how I found this story and I'm very glad I did. I intend to read the sequel as well, but I will probably wait until it is completed as I prefer reading stories on this site that way.

A thorough well done on this story!

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Review #43, by kenpo x. the weasley christmas experience [or] scorpius and lester get festive jumpers

19th December 2014:
Oh I love a good Weasley Christmas!! I enjoyed Scorpious in this chapter quite a bit. He's so inappropriate!!! I'm also still a huge fan of he and Albus.

I'm so addicted to this novel... The characters, their interactions, relationships, the plot, everything. I'm currently reading on my phone in bed, hoping the light of my phone doesn't wake my boyfriend up.

Great chapter!


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Review #44, by kenpo ix. the family we choose [or] all you need is love

18th December 2014:

I don't know how to decide which of the parts of this chapter were my favorite.

I want to know what's up with Vector. I feel as if she can't have just been this oblivious, especially because she must know about the scholarship. So I'm thinking that mabe she knows about it, and she's supporting them because she wants them to succeed? You compared her to McGonagall, and that's something I can see her doing...

I don't know. I'll leave that for now. You know, I still don't know what's going on with the Felix, do I? TRICKY YOU!!!

I love Scorpius. He's so inappropriate. Oh my god. I also enjoyed the siblingness! I can see where Al is coming from, with Lily sort of encroaching on his territory, with his friend group. The banter in this chapter was just fantastic!!!

And then I also really enjoyed Hugo and Rose's little moment. It was nice. I'm looking forward to a Very Potter/Weasley Christmas!!

Another great chapter!


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Review #45, by kenpo viii. the spanner in the works [or] keep your enemies closer

18th December 2014:
Your characters are fantastic. I love that they find witty what they find witty.

I am your Virgil

Oh my god, and then Scorpius oversharing. I love him. I did miss HHOOH. Okay I loved when Scorpius is going through everything they know about who Lester kissed, and then he just says "Albus I think we've reached the same conclusion". I love them. I love these characters!!

And then I laughed when Rose said "Al look at your parents!"

Rose and Lorcan, huh? I'm guessing that we'll find more about that, yeah?

Aaksdfj this was another short review but like I've said about 100 times, I can't stop reading!!

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Review #46, by kenpo vi. the acceleration of chaos [or] holly & lester become inadvertent zookeepers

18th December 2014:
I think I love Holly Helen Oswin Oswald Holyoake a little bit more. Again. Is that possible? Probably. I mean, it must be. I do wonder, though, if I've hit the peak amount of love, or if there's still some room to grow...

I liked the cuddles. It makes me happy that they're all living together next year. Cuddles all of the time!!

This is really one of the best fics I've ever read.

I love the way that they're evolving. Before, pranks took planning, but now it's sort of "yeah we have these things, so obviously we're going to use them to prank. What else would we do?"

Should I feel bad for Lester? Does he feel like the fifth wheel? Rose always refers to Holly as her BFF, and then there's Albus and Scorpius, and then there's Lester. Or is he cool with where he is?

So yes yes I love it. This review is short but I really just want to get to the next chapter!!


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Review #47, by kenpo v. the tell-all [or] don't hold back now

18th December 2014:

This chapter was the best so far, by far. Again.

I... I don't know where to start. I love the way that you're addressing anxiety, for starters. And good on them for being able to talk to each other about it, and for the lack of judgement and everything. It's so good to have a good group of friends when you're in that situation like that.

UGH but them publishing that story was just an awful thing to do! But I suppose it's actually a good thing, because now Scorpius and Albus are being open about their relationship with their parents?

I think it says a lot about the Pureblood mentality that what Malfoy thought about was the bloodline, and children. I also thought that the way you wrote Scorpius' response was brilliant.

Also, I'm proud of Scorpius for the way that he handled it! I'm proud that he went to History of Magic! I wish I could've been more like him when my anxiety made me miss something like 42 days of school my last year of high school.

I really loved this chapter, and I loved the way that you wrote it. I also think it's significant that Scorpius never told them about his Dad's problems. THat shows that people - even the people you're closest to - don't know all you're secrets.

Really moving chapter.


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Review #48, by kenpo iv. the secret weapon [or] well, i didn't see that coming

18th December 2014:
So much in this chapter that I loved.

Scorbus. I loved their interaction at the beginning of the chapter ("We share a room with three other people!") I totally love it. And them having to get up early so that they're in separate beds... yay. So much yay. There's nothing like early morning cuddling before having to start your day! (I miss my boyfriend...)

Holly Helen Oswin Oswald Holyoake is getting better and better and I really think she's one of my favorite OC's ever. I feel bad that she has to teach Sexual Orientations 101.

One thing that I'm not sure about it is Sean and Louis would've known what asexuality is, other than on a biologic level (as in sexual vs asexual reproduction).

I love their shirts. They sound like me. And the spell YES I SERIOUSLY LOVE HER SO MUCH. I don't care that she's asexual, we can make it work.

Oh and I love how you had the school react. I can see that happening, and I can see it just being the most annoying thing that's ever happened to them. "AWWW GAY MEN ARE ADORABLE AWWW I WANT ONE OF THEM TO BE MY GAY BEST FRIEND! LOOK AT THOSE GAY PEOPLE THAT'S SO CUTE!"

Did you know that gay men only exist for straight women to gawk at?

Urgh. Sorry, you've clearly found a pet peeve of mine.

Another thing is that I'm not sure how well I feel like I know Rose yet. But that could very well just be because I'm obsessed with HHOOH and so for me she overshadows Rose.

I'm so anxious to know what The Enemy will do with the potions... are they just planning on framing them, or doing a prank after taking it? I MUST KNOW. I MUST READ ON.


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Review #49, by kenpo iii. the order of the raven [or] our reputation precedes us

18th December 2014:
ALKSDFJ;ALDSKJ I haven't gotten past the first paragraph, because I already need to comment on how much I love it. "In case anyone forgot he had forearms" nearly had me in tears! Plus your characterization is amazing. I already feel like I'm getting to know your characters really well, and I'm only two inches into the third chapter. I can so see why this won a Dobby. I can see this being the type of fanfic that I want to write fanfanfic about.

KDJFALSDKJ And I love Vector.

Oh my god the idea of a prank to make Rosier think he's a muggleborn.

I think I'm in love with Holly and I also think think that that's the most perfect face claim that I've ever seen in my life, because I can totally see Holly just sitting around messing with Daleks while trying to make souffles. HOLLY HELEN OSWIN OSWALD HOLYOAKE. That's what I'm calling her now and there's probably not anything you can do to stop me.

Ahhh by the end of the chapter I think I love Holly Helen Oswin Oswald Holyoake a little bit more.

Everything is perfect. Again. And I don't have much else to say. Again. I just love how these characters interact. Usually when I read, in my head I just get sort of fuzzy pictures, but with this I'm getting full scenes with movement and everything. Ahhh I just totally love this and I can't wait to keep reading but I'm also hungry so I might need a break.


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Review #50, by kenpo ii. the initiation [or] five thousand galleons justifies everything

18th December 2014:

I have a feeling that I'll be starting a lot of reviews that way...

Okay, so I don't know why, but I really loved the line about the optimistic bullet points... wait lemme actually go find it...
He scrawls The Enemy in big, spidery boy handwriting at the top of the parchment, makes an optimistic row of bullet points, and looks up expectantly.

There's so much going on in that line that I'm in love with. First, the way you sort of bluntly describe the handwriting. I love it. It was unexpected, but it worked so well because I can visualize it so well. And then the bullet points... I just really liked that. I'm not sure why, exactly...

I knew before reading this that you address sexuality, and I'm already loving the way that you're doing that. When you said "he thinks gay jokes are funny" or something, it just... did so much. You effectively made the fact that Al and Scorp are in a relationship (side-note: Scorbus yay!) the "normal" and the making fun of it the "not normal". And I'm pretty sure that they aren't the only characters who identify as something other than straight, but we don't know that yet, so you're also probably going to be challenging heteronormativity in the HP series which makes me happy! (I mean come on are we really supposed to believe that Luna doesn't believe in sexuality as a spectrum?)


I love love love the interaction between everyone in The Order of the Raven. They're amazing. AND THE NAMES. I laughed. Actual laughter, not just breathing out your nose slightly heavier.

I'm cutting myself off of this review now because I'm so anxious to keep reading!!

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