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Review #26, by Mypatronusisarobotunicorn Decisions and Departures

11th January 2012:
Dude. Right up until chapter 14 I was loving it. But that's so unsatisfying. Eugh. I don't like Henry. I wish you had put in more Hogwarts.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you feel that way :)

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Review #27, by pattybuns_hpf Decisions and Departures

8th January 2012:
You've really done justice to everything Kiwi. I love this story because I can totally feel what Adelaide is feeling about homesickness. New Zealand is home and home is where the heart is as it says in the first chapter's title. This story made laugh and realize how Kiwi I am when it come to telling people about New Zealand. And you what, I'm proud to be a Kiwi. ;)

Author's Response: Oh yeah. I wrote those homesicky chapters while I was feeling homesick, so I hope they were relatable for that reason :P And you've just repeated everything I've been realising over the last few weeks - NZ is home and I'm so proud to be a Kiwi and to have been able to share that with readers :) Thanks for the reviews!

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Review #28, by Bluestreakspirit Decisions and Departures

8th January 2012:
When I first saw the "completed" thingy, I was like "there is no way that she could wrap this up that fast! Whaat?" But after reading, I'm glad that you ended when you did. Nice job :)

Yay! This was so cute--Addie and Henry the whole time. :) I didn't realize how long they had spent at Hogwarts until this chapter. Aww, and Henry loves Adelaide! :) That was cute. Except for the "Oh jeez. Tell me I didnít," line. That was a little corny.

Anyways, looking forward to a sequel! Congratulations! -Cat

Author's Response: I think it was a good place to end as well, even if it was rather sudden (even I felt it was sudden, and I was planning it :P)

Yeah, Addie and Henry the whole time :P I ship them so much. Well, I'd have to, wouldn't I?

I'm looking forward to writing the sequel, though I promised myself I wouldn't start it until I've finished Train Wreck, so I better get cracking on that one :P Thanks for the reviews, and for reading!

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Review #29, by Snapdragons Decisions and Departures

7th January 2012:
-sniffs- It's over? I don't want it to be over. :( -clings- Reading this has been such a joy (oh god, I sound like some old lady now) and I've honestly enjoyed it so much.

This was a perfect ending. I think you stopped it in a good place - I don't think that it's necessary for this story to have continued on and on and on. You kept it on the shorter side, and the moment where you ended was just so perfect - the NZ flag flying and those last words from Henry. I dunno, I just thought that was really... poignant. :)

Also. SEQUEL PLEASE. As much as I think that this was a good place to end this... I'm not done with Adelaide, either, I think!

It was filled with lots of those sweet touches - like the Puffs roasting marshmallows. oh my goodness that was actually so cute eek.

I thought it was right that they took the plane home - I dunno, it just felt /right/. And I thought that it also made total sense about the whole going to university thing. Quite practical, in fact.

(also Henry and Adelaide were absolutely adorable in this)

I'm sort of sad to press the submit review button because this is going to be the last review I leave on Southern Cross! :( It's been a long journey, but I'm really glad I found this and started reading it, because I most certainly have not been disappointed. I know I keep saying I'll review your other works too, but I mean it this time! You haven't seen the last of me! ;)

It's been so wonderful to watch the characters grow and to see this whole world come together. sorry I'm being sappy! But basically... this story is incredible. Thank you for teaching me about NZ! ;) And thank you for sharing this with us, really.

Like I said... I'll be back soon, promise! Great job. ♥

Author's Response: asdfghjkl. I don't know how to respond to's my last review from you for this story! *tear*

Thank you so much, seriously. I have looked forward to your reviews every time I posted a new chapter of this story. It's had a lot of fans, but you've been the most consistent and amazing and encouraging and hence why I gave you a shoutout in my A/N.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter, it has a very special place in my heart too :P Especially the moment of landing at Auckland Airport, it's something I'm looking forward to very much when I return home :P

Once again, thank you so much for all your reviews, and I hope you enjoy my other work, and the sequel when it's up :)

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Review #30, by Emma Decisions and Departures

7th January 2012:

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #31, by momotwins Decisions and Departures

7th January 2012:
Awww. Read the whole thing in one go (sorry, this is the only review, cause I'm a crap reviewer) and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was very cute, totally fascinating, and I love Henry and Adelaide together. Great job! I love how fully you made the Southern Cross school come to life, and New Zealand. Love the kids and teachers there, their informality and silliness was a lot of fun. Also, you totally had me poking around on wikipedia for almost half an hour during the first chapter looking up kakapo and following links to assorted other NZ creatures. But it was awesome because when you mentioned the Haast's eagles I was like "Hey! I know what that is!" because of it. Winning. So, it was lovely, nice way to spend the morning, thank you for writing and sorry I only left one review. :)

Author's Response: asdfghjkl. I honestly nearly died when I saw your name on this review - you're one of my favourite authors on the archive and Thank you so much!

I've loved the reception this story's gotten - either Kiwis excited to see all the references to home, or people from overseas, like yourself, who have learned something about NZ through it - it's very exciting, and who doesn't love to show off their country? :P Good on you for wikipedia-ing all those NZ creatures, I loved working them in and I'm glad all those references aren't lost on those outside NZ :)

You are very, very welcome, and thank you for the one review because it completely made my day :)

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Review #32, by that random kid Decisions and Departures

7th January 2012:
Wait.. Its done? Well... Wow wasnt expecting that. But thanks for the kiwi immersion course. I litterally knew zilch about NZ before i read this so i think youve done kiwi-land a national service. But the story was good and i enjoyed it.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that you learned something about New Zealand :) It's always nice to show off one's country :P

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Review #33, by that random kid Welcome to Britain

7th January 2012:
Where the hell are you kiwi's? I mean are they totally isolated from the rest of the wizarding world or summat? Sounds like a frikin utopian society if you ask me.. I mean really how do they not know about? Haha but yea i am really appreciating the humor. And im getting the hang of the whole kiwi world too! :)

Author's Response: I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that...There are definite cultural differences between NZ and Britain - the wizarding world in NZ interacts far more with Australia's than Britain's, therefore they don't know a lot about Britain's wizarding world - nor does it really concern them. I'm not sure what you mean by the utopian society or what they don't know about, but I assume you mean Aurors and Unforgivable Curses. NZ has very little in the way of Dark magic, for the main reason that the country itself is small and, for the most part, peaceful. NZ has an ordinary Magical Law Enforcement department as part of the Ministry of Magic, but there's no need for an Auror Office and the concept of Dark magic is more of a fable than a reality in NZ. Hope this answers your questions, and I'm glad you're starting to pick a few things up about NZ :)

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Review #34, by that random kid Home. Apparently where my heart is.

7th January 2012:
Um can u explain the references. Because well im american, so this story is especially confusing for me. For instance- how old are year 9's? What's the equivalent grade to Hogwarts? Do they do the whole 7 year deal like they do in the UK? And what alternate language was the bus in? And does everyone arrive on the bus like on the train at hogwarts? So yea thats me, chock- full of questions. So if you could answer those my life would be alot easier

Author's Response: Year 9s are usually 13 years old - so the equivalent of third year at Hogwarts. Southern Cross is Year 9-13, like most New Zealand secondary schools, which is third to seventh year in Hogwarts terms. The bus had the name of the school - Southern Cross School of Magic - in English and Maori (totally slipped my mind that I put that in there, I should have provided an explanation) and there are three buses in total that travel to Southern Cross - one for students from the South Island that leaves from Christchurch, one for students from the lower North Island that leaves from Wellington, and one for students from the upper North Island, closest to the school, that leaves from Auckland. All students arrive by bus, but the three buses leave from different places and arrive at the school at different times. Hope that answers some of your questions :)

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Review #35, by Fawks5 Classes

6th January 2012:
Are you kidding?! I found that extremely interesting, though that could be because I am a huge history freak. I still enjoyed hearing all about NZ throughout the story.


Author's Response: I had a lot of fun with that chapter as well, so much New Zealandness :P Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the review :)

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Review #36, by Toystool Decisions and Departures

6th January 2012:
I only recently started reading this story, but it has a special place in my heart now, and I am sad to let it go. I'll be looking forward to the sequel, because I don't think I'm done with Adelaide either, or Henry for that matter. It was great!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! The sequel should be out in early February - look forward to much Adelaide/Henryness and fun student shenanigans :P Thanks for the review!

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Review #37, by Skyler315 Decisions and Departures

6th January 2012:
This is really cute, and I loved the plot! I started reading this story about three chapters in, and I've really enjoyed the plot. I'm from Colorado in the United States, so it was really interesting to have a lot of stuff from New Zealand in here. really great story, and I think that Henry is absolutely adorable:)

Author's Response: I'm glad you've enjoyed all the New Zealand stuff! I've loved writing it for that reason, and Henry is a pretty neat character :P Thanks for the review, and for reading!

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Review #38, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Decisions and Departures

6th January 2012:
AH! I loved the ending. It was different from I imagined because I really didn't know how you were going to end it. I thought them flying home and talking about the future was sweet but what really took the icing off the cake was the 'overtired' excuse with their I love yous, I thought that was just the best. Made me smile and gush a bit at my computer. I'll be looking for more Adelaide and Henry in the future! I didn't even care about Hogwarts in this story...New Zealand all the way! :D

Author's Response: I'm curious how you imagined the ending...mind you I didn't know how it was going to end myself until I actually started writing the chapter :P
The overtired excuse. I'm a fan of that. I need to do that myself sometime.
There will be more Adelaide/Henry in the sequel, I promise! I'd say the first chapter will be out around early February, unless I get bored and start earlier :) Thanks for reading, and all the reviews!

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Review #39, by choufleur Decisions and Departures

6th January 2012:
Gah I was not expecting it to finish in this chapter. There I was, merrily chugging along, laughing at Adelaide, when, wham, bam - done. I only found this story a few weeks ago, but I'm so pleased she got such a nice ending - although I will be on a look out for a sequel.
Henry's so cute. I want one.
And also - is she mental? Flying? I'v done it twice and I'm not a fan. Yeah I get the whole muggle thing...but still. She can still use magic to travel!

Author's Response: I know, it was a bit abrupt...I feel like I should have given you more warning :P
The sequel should be out soonish...I'm tentatively saying early February, so keep a look out for it!
I kinda want a Henry too. Just sayin'.
Hey now, flying's fun! Well, airports are fun. Sitting on the plane for hours and hours isn't...But that's another author-is-overseas-and-is-really-looking-forward-to-landing-in-Auckland-Airport-when-she-comes-home-so-let's-make-Adelaide-do-that-too moments :P
Thanks for reading!

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Review #40, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap First Dates

6th January 2012:
I know ZILCH about rugby! But I followed that all just fine (all I know about rugby I learned from FRIENDS). Anyway! I thought this chapter was excellent. One of the best I have to say. It was original as a first date goes for fanfiction because it just wasn't that gooey eyed and hand holding moment that we all like to write about. I thought it was fun, fast paced and the ending was a real zinger. Henry makes me swoon a bit.

Author's Response: I'm glad you could follow it without knowing much about rugby :P All I know about rugby I learned by watching a couple of games during the World Cup (seriously, if you didn't watch those games you'd pretty much have to revoke your NZ citizenship...I'm exaggerating, but not really.)
NO GOOEY EYES AND HAND HOLDING MOMENTS IN MY STORIES. Except, well, there was a bit of hand holding. But meh.
Henry is cool. I love him.

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Review #41, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Homesick

6th January 2012:
Wow, that was interesting. I feel like it's a history lesson when I read the chapters. I thought it was sweet that Scorpius cried for his mother. I'm sure Astoria is a nice lady. What I liked about this though was Henry's really cool attitude about Adelaide crying. He wasn't put off by it and just accepted it, sort of floated past it and was able to make her smile. I really wondered what Kia kaha meant (and then I read your author's note) for a second I thought it meant something dirty...HAHAHA!

Author's Response: Whoo for being interesting!
Henry is awesome. Henry surprised me with his awesomeness in this chapter, and I created him, so...*shrug*
I never thought anyone would think it meant something dirty! Oh, that would be fun...
Thanks for the review!

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Review #42, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Classes

6th January 2012:

We only have five back home.

Good Lord this country's out to kill me.

She wouldn't have lasted in my high school. We had...7 periods, 8 if you count lunch and one more where it was sometimes mandatory to say for a few more extra hours when advanced testing was near. Ah, memories!

Anyway, what an interesting wildlife of New Zealand.'s my question and it's going to sound very silly but out of all the wildlife that you it true? I mean, I know you're basing this story on the actual surroundings around you (even though you're in Japan...right? I think i'm right) so does New Zealand really have the animals/plants that you mentioned?

I feel really dumb asking that. Hahaha.

Author's Response: Ugh. Seven periods. I wouldn't have survived at your high school either, mine had five as well :P

With the exception of the Antipodean Opaleye, which is an invention of JK Rowling's, all the NZ wildlife mentioned is real - albeit some, like the Haast's Eagle and the moa, are extinct. There are two famous kauri trees in NZ - Te Matua Ngahere, the one mentioned, which is actually 4000 years old, and Tane Mahuta, which is the biggest (it's only 2000 years old though :P) Don't feel dumb asking that! I'm glad you asked, it gives me a chance to explain everything further :)

And yes, I am in Japan :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #43, by littlemisssnape Decisions and Departures

6th January 2012:
this is so sad! yes please please please write a sequel! I will be so disappointed if you don't! I've enjoyed this story so much so thanks for writing it!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Sequel should be up around early February :)

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Review #44, by megpeg101 Decisions and Departures

6th January 2012:
That was a great ending to a lovely story. It wasn't overly-dramatized or anything and it was a good read.
I hope to see the sequel in the near future.

p.s. the end was so cute. :) I love Adelaide and Henry together.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :) First chapter of the sequel should be hitting the archives as soon as I've finished one of my other WIPs, so early February at the latest :)

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Review #45, by BlameItOnTheNargles  Decisions and Departures

6th January 2012:
Awww that was such a cute ending! I can't believe your story is now over!
Anyway I love your story and think its amazing! =D I love Adelaide and Henry they are so cute together!!!
I would love a one-shot in Henrys point of view so we could see what he thought about Adelaide in the beginning and all that XD
Anyway great story!


Author's Response: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :) I am planning a sequel, but I'm also not planning to start it until I get another one or two of my WIPs out of my hair :P Ooh, a one shot is a cool idea :P Thanks for the review!

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Review #46, by FWHPObsessed First Dates

5th January 2012:
LIKE!! Yera-yah. Whart aa Kiwilishious chaopter! Yoi shure had me grinning the wghole time! Lobed it! ;DDdD

Author's Response: Kiwilishious? That's an interesting word :P Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #47, by Snapdragons First Dates

5th January 2012:
brb dying. ACK HENRY WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT ♥ ♥ This chapter made me seriously giddy. Giddy with glee, I tell you! eek. I don't know exactly what it was, but this was lovely!

I'll admit that I don't know much about rugby (oh, America) but I did find this really easy to follow along and, more importantly, felt the excitement that the World Cup brought. I was seriously excited haha!

I liked how Nice Guy Henry had to step aside to make room for Rugby Cup Henry. ;) Sports are a world of their own...

"Nope," Henry says firmly, to a chorus of "oohs" and "you're sleeping on the couch tonights" from the Kiwis and some more applause from the South Africans. "But I'm not really complaining about the result of it." ♥ I love Henry. Have I mentioned that? I really, really love Henry.

I think this was just about the sweetest first date in the world and totally worked for who they were and gah. The perfect chapter to read after an icky day, so thank you!

Author's Response: I actually really enjoyed this chapter as well, I've been looking forward to writing it for a long time :P
I honestly feel like I've corrupted a whole lot of overseas people into being interested in rugby. Evil, evil Kiwi. I'm terrible.
Rugby Henry was a fun change, I found :P I think his South African-ness really had a chance to shine in this chapter :P He is a very cool character. I like him a lot.
I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope it made your icky day a bit better :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #48, by littlemisssnape First Dates

5th January 2012:
Lovely loveyl lovely chapter again! And Henry and Adelaide kissed! This is so great! I am looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it, and I'm hoping to have the next chapter up soon :)

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Review #49, by Toystool First Dates

5th January 2012:
I know vaguely of rugby, but have never actually seen a game being played, or know how to play it. I must say though that reading the game being played, I felt like I was actually watching it. And just so you know -coming from someone who knows next to 0% about rugby- I didn't find it hard to follow at all. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Oh jolly good! I'm glad you found it easy to follow, and that it felt like you were actually watching the game - that's an awesome compliment :P Normally I don't like rugby, but it's amazing what a World Cup and being away from home will do to you :P Thanks for the review!

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Review #50, by choufleur First Dates

5th January 2012:
Lucky Adelaide - at least she's in a country that is obsessed by Rugby for the World Cup. RUGBY DOESN'T EXIST IN BRAZIL.
I saw not one single match, I was so upset.
Trying to explain it to Brazilians: "umm, it's like American Football, but for real men..."
You get the atmosphere exactly right, and their kiss was brilliant! Loved Henry's cheesy line too.
And another coincidence (I'm practically Addie over here) - I made a mango pavlova here the other day. Apart from double cream doesn't really exist either. But oh well, I liked it!

Author's Response: Oh believe me, I was bemoaning my country's obsession with rugby all during the World Cup - until the final three games NZ played in, when I joined in with cheering and yelling as loud as anyone else in the country :P
"It's like American Football, but for real men." That is honestly the best comment I've ever heard in a review. Go you.
YOU HAD A PAV. I AM SO JELLY. I can't even remember the last time I had one. Le sigh...
Thanks for the review!

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