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Review #26, by MusicLife2288 Mrs. Black

19th August 2010:
Dont stop writing, I know its hard and Im no where as near as good as you, so keep it up :)

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Review #27, by darthcorde Memories in Question

3rd May 2010:
Wonderful job as always -- in the few days since I discovered your writing, I've been catching up, and I have come to expect nothing less than the compelling plots and excellent writing that you continue to showcase here. I am intrigued, and can't wait for the rest of this story! I do have to ask if we're going to get to see more of your Tonks. I read The Present, and didn't get much characterization of her in that, so I'm wondering if she'll be more of a character in this story, or if she'll continue to be there just to move the plot along. Either way, your writing is fabulous, but I'd love to get to know Tonks a little better if you feel like working it in. At any rate, this is a commendable piece; please keep writing -- I can't wait for the next installment!

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Review #28, by laurenhermione Memories in Question

16th April 2010:
Loved It!

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Review #29, by Emily Memories in Question

28th March 2010:
Gahhh! This is amazing. I read Reckless and The Present, and they just keep getting better and better!
Never stop! Keep on writing! Update, update, update, PLEASE!
I'm DYING for more. This is amazing, the only suggestion I have is more intimacy with just Hermione and Sirius. I'm not saying sex, but kissing and talking, because the past chapters have seemed to be a lot of Lupin and Sirius and Hermione, or Lupin and Sirius, or Lupin or Hermione.

Yayy! Keep it up!

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Review #30, by LunaLuver Memories in Question

9th March 2010:
It so nice to see this story updated I totally forgot about it until I saw a new chapter was up tonight. I really love this story as of course I did The Present, Hermione and Sirius is something I never would have though of together but I now love it. Please update soon I'd hat to have to wait this long again for another chapter. :)


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Review #31, by Violet Gryfindor Memories in Question

9th March 2010:
You've presented some compelling mysteries here, and I want to hear more about them, especially this Black family memory collector. Now that is a fascinating idea, like a pensieve, only communal (not to mention that the Blacks would have more interesting memories than the majority of families). What I liked about it was how you connected it to the use of memory in HBP - how memories could not only be stored, but altered, tampered with magically so that they could be repressed. And it certainly fits with Sirius's double life, but also with his childhood, in was traumatic in itself, being the black sheep of the Black family.

The writing is pristine, and once again, I have to say how much I like your characterization of Remus - you've made him a hugely significant character in this story, which emphasizes the differences and similarities he shares with Sirius. They compliment one another very well.

The plot is building excellently, and the suspense is growing more and more powerful, to the point where I reached the end of this chapter and was upset that there wasn't more. You ended it at a perfect spot, I think, capitalizing on that important information about Sirius's memories. I'm just being greedy, that's all. ;)

It's great to see another chapter of this posted, and I really enjoyed reading it! It's a very deep, complex story, which makes it a fantastic read.

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Review #32, by WhistleInYourEar Avada Kedavra

19th January 2010:
I hope you haven't abandoned this story! It's a wonderful plot alike no other :) I'll be honest, this happens in real life too that you ask for forgiveness from the person you are becoming, I of all people should know that. I wonder what happened for you to stop writting so suddenly, I hope you're okay, I'm a girl so just showing some concern. Juliette remarkably reminds me of me when I was younger

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Review #33, by Violet Gryfindor Avada Kedavra

22nd December 2009:
Very intense, wow! I kept catching myself leaning toward the screen in suspense because there was so much going on, more emotionally than physically, which only makes it a more impressive chapter. And the writing kept everything flowing. I actually felt as though I was there watching this whole thing play out.

Sirius is extraordinarily conflicted, even for one of your stories, and the way you write him makes him very sympathetic - you take the reader inside of his head, especially at the end when his conflict is at its extreme. I really like how while Malfoy makes Sirius feel hatred and violent anger, it's Juliette using the killing curse that throws Sirius off more. He's familiar with rage and violence against Death Eaters, but he's truly terrified of the influence he's had over Juliette. How you're constructing this Sirius is different from how he was in "the present"; he's developing further and becoming even more realistic.

This was amazing, but I didn't expect anything less. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the next chapter! :D

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Review #34, by VictoriaPotter Avada Kedavra

20th December 2009:
Please keep writing that was simply amazing

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Review #35, by H_ginny25 Avada Kedavra

19th December 2009:
so i read the present way back in the day when you wrote it and it was and still is basically my favorite fic. i re-read it a few days ago and then discovered this and it easily made my day (or the 20 minutes it took me to read the 6 chapters you have so far). I could honestly read your writing forever. Even the most mundane scenes from your writings (i.e., the late night scenes in which sirius' demons reveal themselves) are the moments that are most well remembered to me. I'm so captivated by the characters you've created (lets face it, you've gone a bit above and beyond what Jo gives us on certain characters) and the scenarios in which you've placed them.


I eagerly await the chapters to follow.

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Review #36, by sirius_groovy Avada Kedavra

5th December 2009:
You are the most original fanfiction writer I've ever met. I am spellbound by your imagination and language skills. I could go on praising you for your skills. I've read all your fanfictions and they are all equally fantastic! No words would do them justice. Awesome is an understatement actually. The way you play with words to describe the emotions with the right blend of humor and sarcasm is not a child's play. You are too good to write fanfictions. I hope you write your own fiction someday. I want you to. Because you really have a flair for writing and you would make a great author. Hope you write one soon. :-) Wishing you success.


(p.s: waiting for ur next chapter)

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Review #37, by Anisa Avada Kedavra

23rd November 2009:
please please update soon - otherwise i shall lose the will to live!

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Review #38, by thedeeperthings Avada Kedavra

23rd November 2009:
Once again a wonderfully written story. Please provide us with more soon!

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Review #39, by mathildarose Avada Kedavra

26th October 2009:
ahh I have chills man, this is one of my favorites I have to say. This chapter was so very very perfect and gah, I adore it.

Author's Response: *hugs* I'm so glad you are enjoying it! Thanks for the review!

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Review #40, by AndrinaBlack Avada Kedavra

26th October 2009:
Wow! That was intense! I've probably said that a number of times for this story, but you have a way of getting everyone's emotions out, especially when they're in a confrontation.

I must say that in the beginning I was a bit confused and it took a bit of adjusting to get into what the situation was about. It might have been that it's some time since I read the previous chapters, but I skimmed through the previous chapter and I don't think Tonks was in it, so I got a bit confused by Sirius suddenly confronting her. Yes I remember now that she was captive and maybe it was just that I needed to remember it to get into the situation. Just putting my thoughts out here anyway.

But I was really happy to see you include Tonks too! I really haven't even thought about it before, but this scene got me to realise that writing about the relationship between Tonks and Sirius (non-romantic of course), when you get them to really know each other, has a lot of potential. They are both such strong characters and probably share some family characteristics that there just should be some fun times and some confrontations there! Great job with that scene! I also loved it how Sirius again showed his caring and protective side for any friend or anyone who needs it in this scene.

The Juliette scene again was brilliant in its surprisingness! I had never expected her to do that (and I should really find the time to read the present to get more of her background) and at the same time it wasn't that surprising when it was explained. It was a great touch to have her anger be similar to Sirius' and to make him compare it with his anger then and with situations when he was a child! I love it that her "Daddy" kind of wakes up him from his daze!

It's so like Sirius to blame everything on himself as he does here. Though I'm not sure if it's your Sirius or if it's clear that canon Sirius would do that too. I'm realizing that your approach on Sirius is becoming canon for me. Anyway, he blames himself for not helping Tonks and for putting wrong kind of ideas in Juliette's head and he has no intentions of letting anyone change his mind.

A great chapter again, and I think it just became better and better towards the end (or then it was just that I got into the story again towards the end). :)

Author's Response: Thanks, hon! The confusion is entirely my fault...the break between updates and the weird flow of the chapters (I've been having trouble with this lately if you can't tell).

In quick succession it goes - Remus tells Sirius about Tonks; Sirius makes them move in; the party is held. But the chapters ended up sort of writing themselves which lengthened it considerable. What actually happened all in one day ended up taking several chapters when posted :P

When I started writing Tonks I thought the exact same thing! There is some great opportunity there for the two of them. I had trouble with her, though, so I'm not sure I can manage it but I hope to try at least anyway.

My Sirius is becoming your canon? I can't imagine higher praise. I appreciate that more than you can guess.

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Review #41, by marinahill Mrs. Black

10th October 2009:
Aw, thank you for the mention, I quite enjoy the cheerleading :P

I can't believe the chapter is over, I barely remember starting it! I got sucked in rather dramatically and I feel like I've just woken up, if that makes sense. You have a way with words that allows me just to read and read and become so absorbed that the usual distractions are useless. And so I finished the chapter feeling refreshed and eager to read on.

I loved the deep insight into Sirius and Hermione's relationship. You've described and developed it in such a short space of time and I already feel comfortable with their past and their current feelings. Sirius' tempestuous nature really seems to compliment Hermione's personality, they seem perfect for each other despite the fights. They're a fiery pair and it's delightful to read.

An even better chapter than the first, I'll be back soon :)

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Review #42, by OneDamselsKiss Collusion

9th October 2009:
great story my dear! I cannot wait for the update! :)

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Review #43, by marinahill Betrayal

2nd October 2009:
Such rich descriptions make for an excellent and gripping first chapter, so I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take this. They were really quite effortless and so I didnt have any trouble picturing exactly what you were describing. I must admit, your Sirius is lovely, I'm extremely jealous of Hermione.

I'm impressed that you've made a sequel accessable to new readers as well as new ones, so i dont feel at a disadvantage at all because I've not read the story that came before this. I'll just enjoy the rest of the story without worrying if I'm missing something.

Onto the next chapter, then :)

- Marina

Author's Response: *hugs* Thank you so much for reviewing! I've felt so lost on this story since I'm not getting very much feedback on it and I appreciate your willingness to come take a look especially considering how busy you are. It really means more than I can explain.

Thank you, especially, for the comment about Sirius. When I was writing and updating frequently, I had a good grasp of his character but I've been afraid that I might have lost some of that in my writing absence. So thank you dearly!

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Review #44, by laurenhermione Collusion

30th September 2009:
Wow! That Was Amazing! Simply Amazing!

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Review #45, by Lily Evans Collusion

27th September 2009:
You're such a wonderful writer Linda! I wish I could write these type of stories like you do! I love your take on Hermione and Sirius' relationship. As you already know that's been one of my favorite pairings of all time :) I haven't written a story featuring them in forever either!

I love the friendship between Remus and Hermione in this chapter. He's so understanding towards her. I also liked the part when Sirius said... Oh I think it was more like: "No need to call the mommy police" When she was told that Bill's kids wouldn't let Juliette and Sirius basically just going "Well they are boys." Since Sirius was very much the same probably growing up!

I loved this! I absolutely cannot wait to read more of what you have to write. Lovely chapter!

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Review #46, by MissyMalfoy Collusion

19th September 2009:
Great story i can see why you one a dobby, just a question though: ok
so sirius is married to hermione who is pregnant with either sirius or dracos baby but she also slept with harry

Sirius was in love with lily and got her pregnant at school but then the baby miscarried or something and then lily went off with james and had harry..
james and lily killed..
So then harry was kiled by malfoy and now he is in azkaban

Was hermione in love with harry and draco and sirius
and sirius is 20 years older right?
then remus is. not with anyone or with tonks
sorry for my question
still love the story
update soon x

Author's Response: She did sleep with Harry - about ten years prior to the start of this story. Juliette is their child. Harry wasn't killed by Malfoy but by Voldemort. Lucius is in Azkaban, Draco died in the prequel to this story. Sirius isn't 20 years older. He was brought back from the veil, making him within 5 years of Hermione's current age. Remus is with Tonks.

Hope that answers everything :P It's a bit hard to follow if you haven't read the prequel but you almost got every triangle right :P Thanks for the review!

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Review #47, by AndrinaBlack Collusion

16th September 2009:
Lovely! You have updated! :)

I loved the shoe thing. That was so funny and from Sirius' side really caring and cute. I also liked to read about Hermione and Remus observing the scene and discussing the meaning of it. That whole scene shows how their life as Blacks is.

Now we finally get some grip of Bill and how he actually is and what he wants. I like that. He just appeared more like any official before when he was in the story and I never realised that he was feeling much like Sirius. And they start plotting and I really hope that Remus stays alert! *worried*

Another great chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Annina! I appreciate the reviews bunches and bunches!

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Review #48, by magic139 Collusion

7th September 2009:
oooh, suspenseful! really good job with this chapter, can't wait for the next update. keep it up!


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Review #49, by musicgirlhp14 Collusion

5th September 2009:
Awhg! I just love your writing. Even with such a short chapter, you give us enough info so that we can survive until the next one :) The tenison was great, I adored it. Haha.

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Review #50, by Violet Gryfindor Collusion

4th September 2009:
I had to go back and actually check that the word count was only 1300 because this chapter felt a lot longer. Not in the boring sense, but in the sense that you packed a lot into it. For all its shortness, it doesn't feel short, so much so that even I can't complain about the length.

What also stood out to me was the contrast between the two scenes. They fit together seamlessly because of Sirius, yet I love how you made them sound entirely different with your language and narration. The second part moved much faster with the quick dialogue that emphasised the tension. It's great that you've included Bill in this - it makes sense to have used him, since he'd be wanting revenge for Ginny and Ron just as much as Sirius would be wanting it for Harry. There are great similarities between the two wizards - their rebelliousness, their magical power, their loyalty and kindness to those they love - making them share a bond of sorts.

The party goes at a suitably slower pace - the conversation between Remus and Hermione providing a contrast to the scene between Bill and Sirius. Wow, I keep finding binaries in this chapter! And it keeps going because you show Sirius's two sides - the society gentleman (gentlewizard? does that term work?) versus the hard-edged warlock out for blood. And then there's the romantic Sirius, too, and that adds a third dimension to Sirius's character. All of these sides make him very well-developed and very realistic - everyone has those different sides to them, however unconscious.

Another great chapter, timeturner! It's wonderful to see that you're still writing even with all the other work at HPFF you're doing. :D

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