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Reading Reviews for Unforgiven
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Review #76, by griffindorechicky101 Start of Something New

17th October 2012:
ya yaya ayyayayayay! im so happy they are now engaged and ready to move on with their lives! draco is so cute!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! However, Draco and Hermione are not engaged as of right now, time will tell if they get engaged. ;) Lol

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Review #77, by DahliasQuill Start of Something New

17th October 2012:
I have regrettably been a silent reader thus far. This story has intrigued me the whole way through. Grammatical errors are my biggest pet peeve and even though this story is chalk full of them, I still seem to deeply enjoy it. While your twists and turns are relentless and your forshaddowing is phenomenal; I would still suggest you look into a beta. Typos and repeat words are natural. All writers are human and the only reason we don't see them in actual novels is due to highly paid editors. This is a fantastic piece of work and its a shame to have to halt my reading to attempt to decipher what you truly meant to put.

With that said, overall I am impressed with the progression of this story thus far.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your enjoyment of the story! I'm very, very sorry about the poor grammar and editing. I am truly not very good at that. I had a Beta who started for me and edited a couple chapters, but she's been a little MIA due to real life time conflicts and I've been on my own. I'm planning on re-doing the whole story, chapter by chapter, once the story is over. Just editing the chapters one by one. I'm glad you still like the story though, I'll work on the other stuff. :)

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Review #78, by MiSTY_VoLPe Start of Something New

16th October 2012:

thanks for updating! good chapter! love the names for the baby!

update soon?

Author's Response: I'm SOOO glad you're so excited about this chapter! I know it took me a while, but I think it turned out alright. :)

Dramione is finally back! :)

I'm glad you like the names, I hoped they would be liked!

I'll update soon, I've been working on the next chappy! :)

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Review #79, by prongsy13 Start of Something New

16th October 2012:
I personally think you should name le baby girl Elsie, but maybe i'm just being biased considering I suggested that name all those chapters ago;)
SO happy you're back, I've just moved 200 miles away from all my friends and when i got to the new house I saw you had updated this story and it was like a comfort blanket, I really don't know how to describe it.
I'm going to be leaving a SERIOUSLY long review here seeing as I have been a bad fan and not reviewed the last few chapters down to pure laziness.
So to begin with, please please please please PLEASE do not let Hermione marry Draco! He is a shrivelled rat who I really could not hate more. He went out with Lavender for merlins sake! That just proves my point altogether.
Speaking of Lavender, I think she needs a good ol' slap around the face from someone, I'm betting on Molly Weasley. I HATE HER!
I may be venting off my rage here, but I do not believe that it is unjustified.
Also, what was that letter about in the last chapter? I thought it was from Lavender but she was in this chapter so my mind is just like '...?'
I hope Pansy makes a reapperance, although she is a cow and a half she does make things a whole lot more interesting.
Although Hermione deserves better than Draco, I don't think her and Ron make a perfect couple either. She is better than both of them. (Mainly because I have never thought they were good couple as they are too different, and obviously he got Lavender Brown pregnant. Case closed.)
Phew, I'm really venting here.
I know you have already planned out the last chapters but I feel that a death may twist it up even more. Or is that too evil?
I have so much more that I could write but I am starting to get tired, so I am going to love you and leave you and continue this rant next time you update a chapter.
Love from, a loyal fan

Author's Response: I'm glad to see another review from you! (:

Thanks for the suggestion! I loved it! (: I can't say whether that's the name, but the names I liked best were the ones I put in the chapter. The name will be officially revealed when she's born though. (:

Aw :') This made me feel soo good. I'm so glad this story update comforted you! I do still have a passion for writing it, I've just been super busy. I wish you tons of luck in your new home! I'm sure everything will be fine.

Whoa! A Draco hater! Sorry, I was just surprised, I've had people begging for them together for so long, it's weird seeing the other side! Lol I don't mind though, I love assorted opinions. :) I can't say yet whether they tie the knot or not. ;)

Don't worry, Lav is disliked by just about every reader I have, I do believe. Haha But, I will say that her actions will be explained. The real reason no one has really hit her is because of the baby though. Lol Molly wanted to xD

Ahh, the letter ;) I can't say. I promise though, my facts for that are straight in my mind and there isn't a time warp or anything...it'll be explained. ;) Feel honored though, you're the ONLY person I've had notice that. (At least of those who've left me a review)

Pansy will be back very very soon. Not in the next chapter, but her and Roger will be back in 38. :)

Who Hermione ends up with is decided, although I won't say any names yet. :)

That is a little evil. Lol :) I can't say whether or not there will be a death, although I wish I could! There will be exciting stuff though, I promise! :)

You have no idea how happy this review made me :') Thank you for being such a good, loyal, amazing fan. You actually leave me super great reviews and you tell me what you like, opinions, etc. (:


My fans are the reason this story just becamse two years old, so thank you again. The story will be 48 chapters, that much is still certain, (chapter 48 is the epilogue though). So..the end is near. That's crazy. Lol

Have a great day :D

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Review #80, by DahliasQuill Raising the Bar

16th October 2012:
Why was she being so viscous to Draco? They're acting like their not together?

Author's Response: Basically she was just in a bad mood. Lol Nothing again the relationship. :)

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Review #81, by Claudia T Start of Something New

15th October 2012:
This is an amazing story! I am looking forward to reading the rest of it. Please hurry with the next chapter!! The anticipation is at its peak!!

Author's Response: Aw! You have no idea how much this means to me (:

I'll get the next chapter up as soon as I can! :)

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Review #82, by prettypurpleprincess Start of Something New

14th October 2012:
OH MY GOSH YAY! I am lying on the floor with my laptop in front of me and I had like a spaz attack of excitement... I was really glad Im home alone. Any way, I like Elsie, and Im thinking shes gonna say no, but yes later on? I dont know I just cant wait for the story to keep going!

Author's Response: Awh! I love reading things like that, it makes me so happy that people haven't given up on my story. I've adored telling it. Hard to believe it's been 2 years! Lol I'm so glad you like it so much.

Elise could be the name, but I can't tell you yet. :) (Partly because I'm only like 99% sure which one I'm choosing - it has a chance of changing until the baby is born and I tell ther readers the name) Lol

Hermione's answer is revealed in the next chappy, promise. :)

Thanks for all the support and love, it means a lot! More will be up as soon as I can finish writing it!

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Review #83, by HannaHale Start of Something New

14th October 2012:
Your updates really are worth the wait! My bets are on Abigail. Love this story, keep going with it! I can't wait for everything to be revealed! P.S, watch the 'mom' term, we use mum in England :) x

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I try and make the chapters worth the wait, I know what it's like to look forward to a chapter of a story and then be disappointed. :)

Abigail might be the name, I can't tell you yet. :)

Oops! I try and keep the words like that right, but I do slip up some, things for letting me know! I totes missed that! :)

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Review #84, by Meg Start of Something New

14th October 2012:
OHH I love this story! What happens next??
Will Hermione deny Draco? Will the live happily ever
after? Will Lavender show her true past? I'm dying

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm so glad people still are enjoying the story, it means a lot to me! (:

I can't tell you what happens next, that'll unfold though. (:

Hermione will answer the proposal in the next chapter, that's all I'll say.

The truth about Lavender will come out...but will it be too late?

Thanks for the questions and lovely words! I hope you continue reading and enjoying it!

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Review #85, by tag Start of Something New

13th October 2012:
i like olivia greayt story 7 plz update asap

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the name! I can't say which I've chosen though, you'll find out when the baby is born. :)

Thanks for the review! I'm going to try and get chapter 37 submitted this weekend some time. :)

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Review #86, by granger_ Start of Something New

12th October 2012:
Whooo your back can't wait for the.next chapter
woop woop

Author's Response: Sorry about the wait, school has been hectic and I've haven't had much writing time! :)

I'm glad you're looking forward to more, I'll get it up asap! :D

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Review #87, by Penny Whispers and Secrets

12th October 2012:
Wow! That is amazing!

Author's Response: Awh! Thank you so much! :)

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Review #88, by Dracoforever18 Time Is Running Out

22nd September 2012:
Please don't tell me when Davis was saying he will find out he has a child he was talking about Draco. I would literally die if Draco and Mionie broke up officially because of that

Author's Response: I hate to disappoint you, but he was talking about Draco being a father. However, Davies isn't exactly known to be the most truthful at all times...(;
Time will tell.
Thanks for reading!:D

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Review #89, by ms simone Time Is Running Out

18th September 2012:
looking forward to seeing what going to happen, next. i believe lav is in trouble.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks!
Glad you're looking forward to more! :D

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Review #90, by MiSTY_VoLPe Time Is Running Out

8th September 2012:
wait so im confused... is lavender's baby Draco's child? cuz it kinda seems like it...
anyways great chapter!
you surprised me with the pansy/roger thing...
anyway keen to read more soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the chapter!

And, in answer to your question: We'll see. ;)

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Review #91, by MiSTY_VoLPe An Event of Malfoy Proportions

8th September 2012:
"My name is Pansy Parkinson. And this is my Drakey Wakey!"

^i read that and i actually shuddered. eww...
anyways great chapter! also Lav was very suspicious...

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!

I liked writing that, I thought it was rather fitting!

Lav is pretty suspicious, huh? (;
I'll honestly say, she has her reasons.

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Review #92, by griffindorechicky101 Time Is Running Out

7th September 2012:
i love it.update soon please!!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! More will be here soon, I promise. :)

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Review #93, by griffindorechicky101 Hagrid's Dinner Party Part 2

7th September 2012:
i think she is pregggooo!

Author's Response: Maybe! A pregnancy will be addressed in the future. :)

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Review #94, by granger_ Time Is Running Out

6th September 2012:
Oh gosh things are REALLY getting exciting now.. Please update ASAP 10/10 X

Author's Response: I'm glad you're liking it so much! Things should be really great until the end, it's going to stay exciting, I promise. :)
Glad you like it, more will be there soon. :D

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Review #95, by griffindorechicky101 Truths

6th September 2012:
so good mann wanted to hear those rules!

Author's Response: Rules will be here shortly. :)
Thanks for the review.

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Review #96, by griffindorechicky101 Blown Cover

6th September 2012:
this chapter was awsome cant wait to move onto the next!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I hope you continue to enjoy it!

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Review #97, by griffindorechicky101 Heartbroken

6th September 2012:
appreantly i alread left reviews which means i already read this but i dont completly remember o well i will just re read!

Author's Response: Well, even if you have, there's nothing wrong with re-reading. I hope you like it. (:

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Review #98, by Dramione_4_ever Time Is Running Out

5th September 2012:
Ohmygod I literally danced when I saw that you updated! And of course an action packed and beautifully written chapter. I'm soso excited now! Draco is going to propose, I hope she says yes (eventually!) but ugh Lavs secret! Is it that her baby is actually dracos and she wants Hermione to know because she's scared about what Ron will think? What's Pansy's plan I'm dying to know! All in all a perfect chapter, can't wait for more!

Author's Response: I'm glad my update made you so happy! I love it when my readers are happy with the chapters! I'm glad you liked it, too!

Draco will propose. Promise. The actual proposal isn't in the next chapter though, it's in the one after most likely. I guess I could move some stuff around, but right now the plan is that way.

Lav's secret sure is getting to everyone! I know all of you are itching to know what it is, but all will come out, I promise!

Interesting theory regarding Lav and the baby, I honestly can not say if you're right though. ;)

Draco has a child. I promise. His baby-mama is yet to be revealed. It could be any female on the planet. (; Lol

Pansy's plan will be key to this story. She has a rather evil plan playing out.

I'm super glad you liked it! This chapter was pretty difficult for whatever reason, but I was proud of how is turned out! :D

I love your reviews, thanks so much for continuing the be dedicated to the story! :)

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Review #99, by clairevampiress Time Is Running Out

5th September 2012:
Yay on draco wanting to propose. the whole subplot with lavender and pansy and davies is all very interesting.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! Thanks!

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Review #100, by HannaHale Time Is Running Out

5th September 2012:
I check everyday to see if you've updated! Love this story and your writing so much, update soon! :) x

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! Sorry about the wait! I'll update asap. :)

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