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Review #26, by Hallie Dove Possible Allies

2nd June 2005:
You know what, you amaze me. You have a way of keeping me reading, even if it's just a bunch of details, lol. Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks. I was afraid that the beginning of this story had too many details. Glad you are enjoying it. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story. I am currently a little stuck on the next chapter-what is it; 14 or 15?

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Review #27, by Wiccan A Worrying Sign

30th May 2005:
So he's delighted with hiring Umbridge, huh? He would be....she will wrap him around her short stubby finger.

Author's Response: Yeah, I had to bring her in, because I really hate her, and I think I am going to have some fun with her. I am debating how much I am going to blame her for!!!!!!!!!! Isn't it typical of Fudge to take her at her own evaluation, so long as she makes his life easier?

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Review #28, by Hallie Dove The Incoming Minister

19th May 2005:
Wow! You gave a lot of detail there! Was it hard to find all that stuff? Awesome chapter.

Author's Response: I made up most of the stuff in this chapter, but there were actually comments about both Dumbledore and Barty Crouch being considered for Minister, and being out of the equation for one reason or another, so I kind of assumed Fudge was chosen for lack of alternative. It actually happened here once that there were about three candidates that were really popular choices for President and for various reasons, none of the three applied. Maybe the memory of that made that stuff stick in my mind more. The rest of the stuff just comes from what I know, or think about politics. Glad you liked the chapter. I was afraid people would find it boring, as there were so many political references.

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Review #29, by Wiccan The World Cup

17th May 2005:
Glad to see an update. The newspaper articles on how to dress like a Muggle, etc was a nice touch. Too bad not everyone read them LOL And the suit Fudge thought was so perfect...what color was it?

Author's Response: Sorry I'm not updating this story as quickly as the previous one. There are two reasons for this. One is that it requires a certain amount of rereading, so that I know what Fudge actually does in the books. And the other is that I am making up other non-Harry Potter stories and I don't want to neglect them. So this is being updated maybe once or twice a week. As regards the suit, I think maybe navy, with a white shirt. Something really sober, anyway.

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Review #30, by Hallie Dove The Wife and Family

14th May 2005:
Awesome chapter! I like Romilda, to be truthfully honest. I always thought of Fudges family to be "snooty", but in this story they're really cool. Onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: Alyssa is kind of snooty. Glad you like Romilda. Not everybody did, as you can see from the reviews. Thanks for the review.

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Review #31, by Hallie Dove The Appointment

13th May 2005:
Very creative idea! You do a wonderful job at writing stories for background characters, as well as main characters. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Glad you like this so far. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story. Yeah, I like to focus on background characters, or original characters, as I then have the freedom to invent them as I want them. I've less freedom than I expected with Fudge, though. Found out he plays a bigger part in the series than I realised.

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Review #32, by Wiccan An Embarrassment for the Ministry.

9th May 2005:
Snape is a clear and dependable witness/he's unhinged, Albus is wrong/ he's right, Lupin is guilty/he's not...Good old Fudge still flip-flops beautifully.

Author's Response: To be honest, I hadn't even really noticed the change in Fudge's attitude to Snape, but the beauty of writing about Fudge is that it doesn't really matter if things aren't coherent, because he isn't. And of course his Dumbledore knows everything/ Dumbledore is wrong attitude goes right through the Harry Potter series.

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Review #33, by Snitch_Seeker4ever Possible Allies

9th May 2005:
Very interesting, to see Fudge's point of view. it would be nice to see a bit of romance in your story, but otherise, it's really good. Well done:-)!

Author's Response: Sorry; I'm not really a romance writer. I have a little romance in The Witch's Sister: Petunia's Story. and there will be some references to Jovian's romances later in the story, but that's about it. Thanks for your review. Glad you're enjoying the story and I hope you read on.

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Review #34, by Wiccan No Success.

7th May 2005:
"It was a fault of Cornelius’ that he refused to acknowledge anything that he did not want to believe," And there in a nutshell is Fudge....Love how you brought in his trepidation on socializing with Hagrid. I had never thought of that obviously awkward situation or the reason that DD was not with them. You got the years Sirius was in prison wrong..i think it was 12, not 15...but you pick up on the inter-personal relationships that make me want to say...Why didn't I notice that????? It was so obvious, but I was oblivious. Thank goodness, we have you to point these things out.

Author's Response: Ok, I've changed the number of years. Thanks for pointing that out. My problem is that we do not start secondary school until nearly 13, so I keep thinking of Harry as being 2 years older than he is. Thanks for the review.

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Review #35, by Wiccan The search for Harry Potter

2nd May 2005:
“The perils of being indispensable, I suppose.” I'm sure poor Fudge didn't know just how perilous when he accepted the position. LOL Great chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah, Fudge really didn't know what he was getting himself into. He just likes the prestige of the position. Thanks for the review.

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Review #36, by Wiccan A challange for the Ministry.

24th April 2005:
Careful, dear. Fudge is starting to sound too smart. His logic about the effects if Muggles pulled their children from Hogworts was brilliant. Thankfully, he beautifully redeemed himself with that stupid decision to apparate to the PMs office!

Author's Response: Yeah, you're right of course, about Fudge. One of the more difficult parts of this story is to try and keep him "stupid" while at the same time not letting him do anything too obviously ridiculous, as he does remain Minister for some time. That was why I made Dumbledore make the decision about warning the Muggle Prime Minister. I hadn't noticed that stuff about the Muggles.

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Review #37, by Wiccan The Chamber of Secrets

24th April 2005:
Well, he should have known by now to trust DD.

Author's Response: Of course he should, but we all know that Fudge is very reluctant to trust Dumbledore's decisions.

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Review #38, by Lucy Locke Romilda's Future Plans

24th April 2005:
Alyssa is being way too hard on Romilda, (cool name) I think. But she seems to be pretty concerned with what people think of her. Anyway, I'm really getting into this story, so keep writing, :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much. I agree with you about Alyssa, but I wouldn't worry too much about Romilda. She is well able to fight her battles. Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I will keep writing. I hope to write chapter 10 either today or tomorrow-probably tomorrow. Chapter 9 is currently in limbo.

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, did you notice there's a Romilda in Half Blood Prince? Just had to mention that!!!

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Review #39, by Wiccan Careers

23rd April 2005:
I have actually known an Alyssa...you must have also, to write her so well.

Author's Response: I'm not sure if I actually know an Alyssa. I have certainly heard of some. I couldn't create a character based on somebody specific though. Glad you think I write her well. The idea just came into my head practically as soon as I thought of giving him a wife.

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Review #40, by Wiccan Romilda's Future Plans

16th April 2005:
Whew...at least her news wasn't as devastating as I feared it might be. Maybe you should re-name this to the Passive Aggressive, Spoiled, Needy Controlling Twit That Rules The Minister of Magic. I can really see him giving in to her manipulations to keep the peace..

Author's Response: I don't know about you, but Fudge always seemed kind of weak to me. We don't see all that much of him in the books, but he does appear to be pretty much ruled by people like Lucius Malfoy, and in the first few books, he keeps asking Dumbledore what to do. This guy is Minister of Magic, but he appears to be relying on everybody else to make decisions. There won't be that much more of Romilda in the story though. Thanks for the review. Hope you are enjoying the story.

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Review #41, by Lucy Locke The Wife and Family

15th April 2005:
Cool idea! I've never seen anything written from Fudge's perspective before, and I've always had loads of questions about how he became minister, and if he was corrupt before he got there, or if he went bad once he took office. I like it.

Author's Response: Thanks. I don't think Fudge is exactly going to be CORRUPT in this story. I am trying to balance the picture we get of him in the earlier books with that of The Order of the Phoenix and the end of The Goblet of Fire.

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Review #42, by Wiccan The Problem with being Minister

7th April 2005:
If I were Cornelius, I's tan her little bottom! Little Brat! Oh...and great story!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.

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Review #43, by SiriuslyLupin The Wife and Family

5th April 2005:
First off, I absolutely love the names you've given to Fudge's family, and to the owl as well :) I'd never imagine Fudge's daughter to be in Gryffindor, and you've sparked all sorts of questions about where the rest of them were sorted if she's the first Gryffindor. I really like Jovian. He really interests me (you've got to love those healers!), and I'd love to read more about him. Anyway, I loved this chapter, especially getting a little peek into Fudge's home life. I can't wait to see where you go with this and what'll come next :)

Author's Response: Thanks again. There are 3 more chapters in limbo, so it's just a matter of time. I don't actually know myself where the rest of his family were. I rather imagine his wife was in Slytherin. She seems the type. As regards his daughter, if you look up the meaning of her name if means something like "brave battle-maid", which is what gave me the idea of her being a Gryffindor. Glad you like the names. Took me a while to work them out. I thought the name Alyssa gave the owl says something about how she sees her family!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: There's a Romilda in Half Blood Prince. I can't believe it. I got a cannon name, completely be accident.

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Review #44, by SiriuslyLupin The Appointment

5th April 2005:
This story certainly has potential. Like you said, I don't think I've ever read anything that's from Fudge's point of view before. I really like how you've added little hints into the story that Fudge is looking out for himself, and that he's keeping an eye out for things/people that could help his position later on. That was a very nice touch! And I've honestly never imagined Fudge to have a family! I'm not sure why, that's just the way he seems to me. Perhaps because he seems so caught up in his position, with so little time for anything else, that seems so much like a bacelor to me. But I really like that you've given him a family, it gives him a certain...softness, I guess. Makes him more human. And the last line sums everything up so wonderfully! ;) This was a wonderful start, I'll look forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am trying to walk a tightrope between the fact that Fudge seems fairly nice in the first 3 or 4 books and Dumbledore seems to get on fairly well with him, and the way he turns on them at the end of the 4th book. That was the point of those little hints. I never really thought of him having a family either, but when I decided to write a long story about him, I decided I'd better give him some kind of a background. And I enjoyed creating his wife.

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