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Review #26, by Pheonix Potioneer Weaving a Web.

30th November 2014:
When Rose was talking with Nick, at one point she said "Nicholas", and later she said "Nicolas". You should probably fix that.

I find it amusing that your version of Albus is so nervous and shy. Rose just bosses him around.

Is Blackburn always going to be nervous and jumpy? She's been like that the entire year. After the A.W.L. business settles down, will she go back to her normal self? Or is this permanent?

I LOVE Nick's beautiful little speech about change. It's marvelous. It makes a beautiful quote, too. Awesome job with that!

When Professor Fairfax is talking to them, they say, "Yes Sir", with the "sir" capitalized. Is that on purpose?

Dora is just annoying, disturbing Blackburn just for the sake of it. I think she's a bit lonely, left out, and so the only joy she really has is making Blackburn afraid. I almost feel sorry for Dora. (I said almost.)

Rose has a point- it would be nice if the person was caught. But it's good they aren't tampering with the potion either.

Smart of Nick to recruit Peeves. :)

Awesome chapter! I think the discussion about change was one of the best parts. Loved it!

Author's Response: Oh, it would be so good if I could spell. *laughs* OK, I've fixed that; thanks for pointing it out.

Your question about Blackburn is a hard one to answer without giving stuff away, as obviously what else happens with regard to her job and the A.W.L. and the revelations about the potion will all affect her recovery too. I wouldn't say it's necessarily PERMANENT, but she isn't likely to recover overnight either. She's had some bad shocks, as well as being under a lot of stress, and no matter what happens, it's likely to take her some time to fully come to terms with everything. And it's likely there will always be SOME effects. But it's also likely that when - if - things are sorted out, she's likely to begin feeling better.

Glad you liked Nick's speech. That was NOT planned, but after all, he's seen a lot of changes and how they worked or didn't work, so I reckoned he'd have some insight.

Dora's treatment of Blackburn is nothing short of cruel. Admittedly, she's only 13 and probably doesn't quite realise how traumatised Blackburn is or just how bad things like that might make her feel, but nonetheless, she is just tormenting her for her own amusement.

And yes, I think you have something about Dora feeling left out and resentful about what has happened to her family and her own unpopularity and that that is contributing to her behaviour. People don't behave like that if they're happy themselves. And she clearly has some issues.

Glad you liked the chapter. Things are quietening down for a few chapters here, but the revelations shouldn't be too far away and things will definitely get dramatic then.

Thank you so much for the reviews.

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Review #27, by Veritaserum27 Tensions Remain.

29th November 2014:
Hi there! I know it's been ages since I've left you a review and I apologize!

This chapter was really good. I feel like you've laid a lot of groundwork for setting the stage of what's to come. Before I thought Dora was downright mean and basically just really ignorant. Now, I'm starting to think that she's seriously dangerous. You given us just subtle hints with her dialogue, but I think she's willing to stoop to a whole other level. Actually, I love that you've sort of kept it a mystery as to how far she's willing to go. I'm chuckling to myself, almost thinking she should've been sorted into Slytherin, with her comments about Death Eaters not being "all" wrong and that the other Ravenclaws should be careful, because they won't see her coming with her retaliation. Very sneaky. However, the fact that she was sorted into Ravenclaw actually makes me more nervous. It means that she has not only the cunning, but the cleverness to pull of some pretty evil stuff. Hmmm...

I found one little typo - which is really hard to do in your writing! It was here:

She sighed again. It wasn't far to take it out on him, especially not after he'd had such a disappointing match earlier.

I think you meant to write "fair" not "far."

I also think that Rose is a little more afraid than she's letting on. While I know that she keeps telling herself she isn't afraid of Dora, and she's avoiding her so she won't get into trouble or miss out on her studies (how very Hermione), but I think the reality is that Rose is a bit nervous to get in too deep with someone who has questionable morals.

Great chapter. Can't wait to read the next!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Thanks you so much for the review. Glad to see you back. The first mysterious event will take place in about two chapters now. It's a comparatively minor one though. The main mystery is still a longish way off.

Really glad you liked the chapter.

Yeah, the big question here is how much of that stuff is Dora saying just to be edgy and how much does she really mean? And if she DOES mean it, what is she willing to do? She's also a representation of the fact that the pureblood supremacists still exist. Voldemort may have been defeated and the Ministry may be being reformed, but the prejudices of centuries haven't disappeared and those people are increasingly feeling alienated due to Ministry changes.

Thanks for pointing out that typo. I've corrected it now.

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Review #28, by Leonore King's Cross Station.

21st November 2014:
Haha, I know people like that. And yeah, the teachers would probably take it seriously.

Aw, brotherly love... *huggles Albus*

Oh yes, three weeks IS forever... until it's over, when you look back and it seems like no time at all.

Ooh, Rose is inviting Angie to stay! *looks forward to seeing what happens* I guess we might get to find out more about Angie!

Aaaand Rose is convinced it's Dora. Still.

Rose is confused. Wow. Yeah, Angie's kind of nervous... that's surprising?

Aww, Hugo. Hermione's being boring. Though the four of them in London IS worrying... Aww, James is being mean. But I'm actually happy with Rose for once for not letting him get away with it. *cheers for Aidan & co* Oh, I don't like Rose again, she's being disparaging of them. "What would blind kids be doing in a museum", indeed! And Arthur... in a muggle museum... yeah, not the best of plans.

You probably want a comma in here: "...his stupid Quidditch, and finally parted."

Ron and Hermione are perfect together. And this is a perfect demonstration of why! Ron's being a bad dad, but he's right that he doesn't have to worry about encouraging Rose to be interested in her education!

Rose - ancient runes and arithmancy - yep, thought so! The Muggle studies thing makes sense... and I think you mentioned something about having a muggle teaching muggle studies, not sure, which would suggest SOMEONE will take it. And Angie for Care of Magical Creatures. I like Angie.

*huggles* Thank you so much for yet another shout-out!

Author's Response: One of my friend's actually said once that a class she had were given this questionnaire including stuff like "do you drink?" and "how often?" and some of them were writing in ludicrous stuff, like that they'd been drinking 5 days a week since they were 13 and stuff and she said she knew they weren't because she'd kind of have noticed if they'd been coming into school after drinking that much. So yeah, kids exaggerate.

Yeah, we might get to see a little more of Angie.

Rose didn't mean to be quite as disparaging as that came out. She was mostly just interested in why it'd be of interest to them. But yeah, it does show she's got a fairly stereotyped view of people with disabilities and just kind of expects that they wouldn't be able to do many normal things.

And yeah, she's REALLY not thinking about how it might feel for Angie to go and stay with complete strangers, in a world she's still a newcomer to.

Will insert comma. *laughs*

Ron probably wouldn't say that stuff if he really thought there was any danger of Rose NOT taking the decision seriously, but as it is, he likes to tease her and Hermione about taking life so seriously. And he likes being the cool dad.

Angie would definitely do Care of Magical Creatures, because it gives a bit of freedom and a chance to mess about. And yup, am thinking of a Muggle teaching Muggle Studies. *plots*

Well, a large part of the story was inspired by yours, so it's only fair I gave you some acknowledgement.

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Review #29, by Leonore Ravenclaw versus Hufflepuff.

16th November 2014:
I think they need to get Dora's head looked at. She's laughing for no reason now. *cheers for Blackburn ignoring her*

Aww, Al is cute. And Blackburn seems so much happier and more confident this chapter than she has in the whole of this story so far! I approve.

Why should Rose think? Um, Lydia, I think Rose SHOULD think at least occasionally.

Al, stop asking Rose for Quidditch advice. The more you ask for her advice, the more unbearable she'll get. And urgh, she's not very good at comforting him (unsurprisingly). I think Al should meet Callaghan too.

Oh, Angie's getting mildly irritated with Fionnuala. Can't really blame her. Somehow I doubt Fionnuala's going to notice, though.

"Is there really any point in hanging around longer than we need to?" needs a question mark.


Maybe some exclamation marks in your Quidditch commentary - like "And they're off!", and sometimes join with commas or elipses rather than full stops all the time, for variety? Good - realistic - commentary, though.

Aw, Rose doesn't want to get wet. Go on, soak them! Aw, ickle firsties scared of thunder! I like thunderstorms - though I prefer to be indoors for them! Haha, characters getting wet! *sniggers and cheers* (Yes I'm easily amused when sleep deprived).

YAY, RAVENCLAW! *dances*

Poor Scorpius. I like Scorpius.

Hahaha Felicity's drunk. Or at least thinks she's drunk. Rebel Ravenclaws!

Author's Response: Well, Blackburn's now had the potion work twice in a row, so I guess she's relaxing a little bit. She still has a fair few demons to deal with, of course, but she's probably feeling a little better than she did before the full moon, at least.

And come on, you know what Lydia MEANT. Why should she think about how Lydia might be feeling?

I'll correct that missing question mark.

I'm surprised you didn't give out about Rose rolling her eyes at the first years being scared. I thought you'd disapprove of that.

And yes, the first years convincing themselves they are drunk. *laughs*

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Review #30, by Leonore Weaving a Web.

5th November 2014:
*shakes Dora hard*

Rose is an idiot. She's convinced it's Dora - AGAIN. And oh no, she can't use the potion as bait... oh OK, she's not going to make it vulnerable or anything. Phew. I wouldn't put it past her to leave it lying out in the open in order to lure Dora in.

Al doesn't like them sticking their noses into other people's business. I actually approve of Rose finding out who's responsible, though. She's doing good things. But she's unbearable with it. Poor Al, putting up with her.

Bossy boots Rose. Stop ordering Al around.

Haha, someone already thought of it. Well obviously other people are going to think of the obvious, even if it takes Rose a while. But NO ONE THOUGHT TO ASK THE GHOSTS? THAT surprises me.

Stop arguing with people for the hell of it, Rose. Nick is sensible.

Actually, it's just occurred to me that Harry's trying to push for Auror reforms and the Draoithe are debating Fianna reforms! And Nick's summed up the difficulties faced by both groups of reformists very nicely.

Yay, Nobby! :D

What MIGHT Peeves do to Fairfax's office? Provided it doesn't prevent them from being able to retrieve the potion when Blackburn needs to take it!

D'aw, Albus is so cute, all proud of being mentioned.

And I can tell exactly why Neville is particularly fond of Nathan!

Oh, Dora's reaction to the news of a test! I TOTALLY haven't joined in complaining about the unfairness of surprise tests... Actually in these circumstances, I'm glad Rose spoke up. It's better than Blackburn having to deal with Dora's complaint herself.

Teehee, Peeves refusing to dismantle the web!

Author's Response: I don't think Rose would be able to get her hands on the potion in order to leave it somewhere out in the open. And I don't think she's that irresponsible anyway, although when she gets an idea into her head, anything is possible. Hermione's idea about leaving hats and stuff lying around so the house elves will be freed, without considering where they'd live or how they'd support themselves if they left Hogwarts was bad enough, and Rose has a touch of Ron's impulsiveness on top of that.

And yeah, poor Al. He does get dragged into things he really doesn't want to deal with. It's more that he's worried than that he doesn't approve of it, although some things he DOESN'T approve of, but he won't speak up to say so. *hugs him* I am fond of my Albus.

And yes, of COURSE McGonagall and the other teachers and Hermione are going to think to ask the portraits outside Fairfax's office to watch out and see if anybody tries to enter. It's not really rocket science and I want to avoid the "all adults are stupid and can't figure out things a 12 year old can" idea.

It was only while I was editing and added in the line about how they shouldn't BE Aurors if they're afraid of risks (the comment about how in a dangerous job, people are going to be more wary of change was the one I realised Rose wouldn't let go without an argument) that I realised how similar that argument was to the one Burke was having with everybody about how nothing about the Fianna should be changed because they are absolutely perfect. I think even Rose would shut up if faced with Burke. He's pretty intimidating.

Yeah, Nobby. I thought you might comment on the speculation about Hermione too.

I hadn't even thought of them not being able to get the potion. Yeah, that wouldn't be good.

And yes, I think Neville's reasons for sympathising with Nathan are obvious to anybody reading. I try to show Neville coming full circle, treating people like Nathan and Blackburn with the compassion that people like Remus showed him when HE needed it, because he knows what it's like to lack self-esteem and he also knows how a person can overcome that and how they can succeed when they are given encouragement to BELIEVE they can. And now I'm reminded of an Irish proverb, "Mol an oige agus tiocaidh siad." It means "praise the young and they will come on." Or "they will achieve" probably expresses it better.

Complaining about surprise tests is totally legitimate and under normal circumstances I don't think Blackburn would give them anyway, but she just really wants to be left alone at that moment. And you can see why she'd want to shut Dora up.

And yes, that was what I meant when I said that Rose arguing in Transfiguration wasn't as bad as it seemed. At least it meant Blackburn got out of responding. Although I think she'd just have ignored the comment anyway.

And did you really think Peeves would just take down the web so Fairfax wouldn't get caught in it? *laughs*

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Review #31, by Pheonix Potioneer Protective Potions.

3rd October 2014:
Rose, really? James may be a pranker, but he wouldn't POISON anyone. That's just not him.

I don't blame Albus for being disgruntled after Scorpius found the snitch every single time before he did. Face it, Albus- Scorpius is undefeatable.

Rose, don't get too angry at Scorpius. Not everyone is constantly suspicious of everyone *cough*UnlikeRose*cough*

Well, the answer to my millions of questions last chapter was a bit anti-climatic. I think he should have let us ponder a few more chapters.

Rose, please don't yell at Abric. He just got a huge lecture by McGonagall! The last thing he needs is another lecture.

Even though Abric was incredibly stupid, I feel a little sorry for him. He'll be doomed for potions class for the remaining five years, since Fairfax will hate his guts.

Rose, there could be a simple reason Dora didn't take the potion from Abric. She probably has seen Abric brew in potions class, so she decided it was probably rubbish. I think everyone who got sick weren't in Abric's potion class.

Thank you, Lucy, for pounding sense into Rose's head about Felicity.

I yell at Rose a lot don't I? I think it's because she's like my opposite. I'm pretty good at feeling sympathetic for others and putting myself in other people's shoes, and recognizing why people do certain things. I'm friends with people who have drastically different political ideologies and other views from myself, because I don't care. Rose, on the other hand, can be extremely narrow-minded and doesn't understand that not everybody has to share her opinion. I hope SOMETHING happens so she opens her mind a little.

For example, I can see things from Dora's view very well. She must be at least slightly embarrassed to be related to Death Eaters, otherwise she wouldn't have changed her name to Nottingham. (I just realized- Her last name is Nottingham. Like the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood. Is that intentional? I'll keep my eye out for someone with the last name of Sherwood.) When Dora came to Hogwarts she was in the same house as Albus Potter, the son of the famous of Harry Potter. Her jealousy grew, and she wanted to taint his name so people wouldn't see him as perfect. So she wrote that stuff on the walls, framed Albus, and sent him Swelling Solution for her own enjoyment. She wanted him to suffer, since he seemed so perfect. I'm not saying at all this is the right course of action (Scorpius didn't do that, and his family were Death Eaters), just I understand why Dora what she did. And since she was raised by a family who were very anti-werewolf, that explains her hatred of Blackburn. It's EXTREMELY difficult to break out of the mold of your family views, especially at a young age. How on Earth did Sirius Black do it?

Good chapter, by the way. Can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: Yeah, it was a bit anti-climatic. Hope you weren't disappointed.

Yeah, there's a reason so few 2nd years were affected. That's why I mentioned in the previous chapter that most of those ill were first or third years. I think first years would be the most likely to fear Blackburn anyway, as the others would have known her as a teacher and a person before knowing her as a werewolf, but I also thought most second years would be underrepresented as they'd know what he was like. And one of those who was effected is a Hufflepuff and therefore not in his Potions class. So Danica is the only one who'd have known what his brewing was like.

I'm actually getting kind of fond of Lucy. She's smart and responsible and even a little bossy like Rose, but she doesn't have Rose's tendency to overreact and jump to conclusions.

Though I hadn't intended it, I think Rose has some similarities with me as a young teen. She isn't LIKE me. I'd never have spoken to a teacher like she does to Blackburn. In fact, I'd have been embarrassed just to know a teacher wasn't feeling well - you know, like I knew something inappropriately personal about them. But I did have a temper. I guess I still do, though I've learnt to keep it under control. And I had pretty strong political opinions. I've since come to see the opposite sides of just about everything though. Anything believed by large numbers of people has to have SOME logic behind it, since you might get a small number of people to believe something utterly ridiculous but not when it's more than say 20% of people.

She's still a young teen and I think it is fairly normal for smart, politically aware kids to come down very strongly on one side or the other of an issue at her age. It takes experience and learning more about things to see that very few issues are clear cut. I think the more you learn, the less certain you get in a lot of ways. At thirteen, it's easy to be certain, because you've only been exposed to a limited number of issues, but as you grow older, you begin to see things aren't that clear.

I've tried to show that with Hermione, when she asks Blackburn at the beginning of this, if she wants them to begin the campaign they are planning, knowing the A.W.L. will target her in response. Which is a bit change from how, at fifteen, she was trying to free the house elves against their will, not stopping to think about how they'd provide for themselves if they lost their jobs or whether or not they really wanted freedom.

No, I didn't actually mean the whole "Sheriff of Nottingham" thing, although it does kind of work in a way, doesn't it? Since she is sort of supporting a corrupt organisation or at least a prejudiced one, just as the Sheriff of Nottingham was.

I think you sum up Dora very well. She grew up seeing Harry and his friends as the ones that caused all her family's problems and she feels it's unfair she should suffer for what her grandfather did. She was raised with a lot of resentment, in a family that felt they were denied their rightful place in society due to actions that were beyond their control. After all, Theodore Nott couldn't help what his father did. It doesn't EXCUSE her behvaviour, but it does help EXPLAIN it.

My feeling is that Sirius's parents were pretty harsh on their children, maybe not actually cruel, but certainly from what we've seen of his mother, she doesn't seem like a loving parent, so he may not have been as close to them as say Draco seems to have been to his parents or Dora is to hers and if they were angry about him being sorted into Gryffindor, he might have thought, "well, not going to please them anyway, so might as well really annoy them by befriending people they'd hate." Judging by his bedroom, it seems like he enjoyed annoying them. And then hanging around with people with views they hated, he'd learn more of the other side. I do know some people who made it a matter of principal to do exactly what their parents would hate.

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Review #32, by Pheonix Potioneer Sudden Sickness.

3rd October 2014:
What? You have ANOTHER chapter? I haven't even reviewed this one yet!

Madam Pomfrey can be intimidating sometimes. But she does care about everyone, which is good. If you were a healer and personally didn't care whether your patient would live or die, that would be bad.

When you wrote, ""We wanted to," Nathan mumbled" I got sightly confused. I usually associate the word "mumbled" if someone's tired, or they don't want to say what they're going to say. Which kind of contradicts Nathan's statement. What do you want Nathan to say?

Fairfax is downright horrifying! I knew he was strict, but I didn't know he could contain that much anger! WOW!

I have no doubt that if he catches whoever stole ingredients, they will be sorry.

I wonder (Just like Rose!) what ingredients it were. Snape never had this violent of a reaction, even when polyjuice ingredients were stolen. And Snape is an unlikable person. So are the ingredients the student stole REALLY rare, deadly, dangerous, or something like that? It must be important ingredients, not something basic.

Albus has a point. Odd things ALWAYS happen at Hogwarts. Maybe because there's a certain author and thousands of fanfiction writers who need something interesting to write about...

Fairfax in something dodgy? Nope. I don't believe it. He would of covered it up. Unless he's trying to make a distraction... or maybe someone else is trying to make a distraction, and that's why they stole the ingredients, to cover something else up... *Mind goes haywire*

How does he lock up his storage? Can a simple "Alohomora" open the door? Or is it more complicated and incredibly difficult, and that's why Fairfax is mad?

"Elders and betters"? That's stupid. Kate's giving all the fifth years a bad reputation.

Though, Rose shouldn't have yelled at Kate like that. She should pick her battles. People angry at werewolves and want to fire Blackburn... yes, important battle. Stupid comments Dora (who nobody listens to) and Kate say? Just stay out, Rose. They're not worth it.

Rose, don't ask Fairfax about the ingredients. PLEASE. When there's an angry person, just stay out of their way so they don't unleash their anger on you. Make it so they barely notice you exist.

Ooo, Felicity is intriguing. "He said it would protect me." What would? Who said? Did she maybe buy an amulet or something? I can picture Felicity's mother buying Felicity an amulet to protect her against anything that could harm her (like a werewolf). Or it could be something else. *Mind explodes*

Who are Leona Fudge and Danica Ravensdale? Are they Ravenclaws? Most likely someone purposely poisoned them, so what relation do they all have? If it's Dora, why would she poison Felicity instead of Rose? Did Dora (or someone else) find out some secret Felicity knows or something? Or were the wrong people accidently targeted? Who else has ingested the posion? Has Blackburn? For this poison, did the person use the ingredients from Fairfax's storage?

Hmm, lots of questions. The good news is, I can read right on to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, I got the next chapter up pretty quickly, partly because it's a fairly short one and partly, I think, because it follows on so directly from this one that I didn't have to start thinking where to go next. I was originally going to make all the stuff about the illness one chapter, but then decided that wouldn't leave much suspense, would it?

To mumble is to say something unclearly. Maybe it has a slightly different meaning in the U.S. than in Ireland? And Nathan is just kind of embarrassed about getting into a kind of personal conversation with a teacher. I'll see if I can make that clearer though.

Yeah, Fairfax is angry, but he's not promising to personally ensure the person is expelled like Snape did. Maybe the ingredients are dangerous, maybe he's worried because this is the second time somebody has accessed something he should have kept under lock and key and he's worried he'll be blamed, maybe he's just overprotective of his potions ingredients or maybe there is something more to it. I'm not giving anything away.

And yeah, Kate is a bit dismissive and uptight, isn't she? But yeah, Rose is overreacting too. It seems fairly normal at Hogwarts for the older students to dismiss the younger ones and if she's going to start a fight every time they do so, she'll be doing it quite a lot.

And yep, you came fairly close with the idea of Felicity buying an amulet. *grins*

Leona Fudge and Danica Ravensdale are two minor second year characters. They've been mentioned occasionally in the sorting or in class but they are easy to overlook. Leona is a Hufflepuff and Danica is a Slytherin.

*laughs at you asking if Blackburn has ingested the poison* I guess she is the obvious target for anything dodgy going on this year.

And I LOVE all your questions. It's always nice to know you've got people thinking and wondering.

Thank you SO much for your review.

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Review #33, by Leonore Protective Potions.

2nd October 2014:
"She couldn't remember whether or not she'd been at breakfast actually." might work better as "She couldn't remember whether or not Felicity'd been at breakfast, actually." It's obvious who all the "she"s are referring to, but it can take a second to process and figure out that one "she" is Rose and the next Felicity.

Rose REALLY has it in for Dora. It doesn't even make sense. Though I guess there is the similarity with the chocolate cauldrons... but seriously, Rose!

You've got a question mark instead of an exclamation mark: "That's exactly what I mean!"

I really don't know who'd try to off a first-year kid either. (Well, who a certain author could convince to do it for them.)

I'm confused. Like Rose, I can't think of any explanations. IT MAKES NO SENSE. I'm sure it will later, when you've actually explained what's going on, but I can't think of any realistic theories.

You might want to put quotation marks around the first "it" here: " explain what "it" was or who'd said it."

Yay, Scorpius! I like Scorpius. Poor Al, though, feeling even MORE inferior!

Poor Felicity. Yes, I said it! Poor Felicity. She's an idiot, and I don't like her, but I still feel a little bit sorry for her. And Rose needs to mind her own business and sort out her attitude. I like Lucy.

Abric's dodgy potion, trying to make a couple of easy galleons. That's all there is to it. I was sure there was more to it than that, but that's really the only explanation that would make sense.

Rose apologised to someone! *gasps*

SERIOUSLY, ROSE. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Poor Abric's just had to tell McGonagall everything - and he deserved everything he got from her - and he'll have to face the other Slytherins and all the people he made ill, but to have Rose LYING IN WAIT TO QUESTION AND LECTURE HIM THE MOMENT HE COMES OUT OF MCGONAGALL'S OFFICE. Not appropriate. Mind your own business, Rose. Though stupid Abric deserves to have a nasty time after being so stupid and creating the situation that's going to be horrendous for poor Blackburn to learn of.

Rose being disdainful and "holier than thou" again. Um, I'm pretty sure McGonagall's already told him all that.

I still like Scorpius. He's amazing.

Aaand Rose is dwelling on Dora's swelling solution again. Surprise surprise. And there's a far more plausible explanation for why Dora didn't buy the potion: Dora's not stupid. The potion works on people who know basically nothing about werewolves. Dora might make Blackburn's life hard but she's not scared of her. She just sees the lycanthropy as a weapon to use against Blackburn (partially as revenge for her getting into trouble the previous year), not as something she's really concerned about. She actually knows that full moons are perfectly safe (because Blackburn wouldn't have her job otherwise, and they've had enough of them already), she just convinces others otherwise to make Blackburn's life miserable and increase the chances of Blackburn being fired (because even if she's not the villain, she wants that to happen).

I'm both sorry for and angry with Abric. He's a stupid idiot and he's REALLY going to pay for it.

Though if Abric can get into the potions cupboard, Fairfax REALLY isn't very good at locking up. Hmm... (Yeah, if I come up with more theories, I'll tell you.)

Author's Response: *laughs at your confusion at the beginning of the chapter*

I've now removed that question mark and yeah, you're right; that "it" probably should have quotation marks around it.

*bounces* I SAID I'd make you feel sorry for Felicity. Yeah, she's an idiot, but she's an 11 year old girl who was raised in a pretty prejudiced environment and she's away from home for the first time, so it's hard to blame her for overreacting to things. She needs reassurance rather than dismissal.

And *grins at you commenting that the explanation is the only one that'd make sense* You came close to the solution when you started speculating on Felicity having done something herself and making a mistake.

*laughs* People spent a day feeling terrible and it could probably have been a whole lot worse if he'd inadvertently added something really DANGEROUS and your main concern is that it'll upset Blackburn.

Yeah, Rose's logic doesn't really work there. Especially since there are almost certainly other people who dislike or are scared of Blackburn and didn't buy it. Apart from anything else, she has Potions class with Abric, so she'd probably have an idea of how much his potions were to be trusted. And besides the Notts have their own agendas here and are more in the business of using the whole lycanthropy thing than anything else. Dora sure doesn't seem particularly scared of Blackburn. More the other way around if anything.

I feel the same way about Abric. On the one hand what he did was REALLY dangerous and while he didn't really think of the harm he could do, it WAS pretty selfish. But on the other hand, he really didn't mean any harm and crossing people like Orpington and Montague REALLY isn't a good idea. And he was pretty lucky he wasn't expelled really.

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Review #34, by Leonore Sudden Sickness.

24th September 2014:
Madame Pomfrey says Blackburn will be fine. :D Though that's physically, not mentally.

STOP APOLOGISING, LYDIA. AND STOP SNORTING, DORA, YOU'RE NOT A HORSE. Rose is being nice and sympathetic and for once not getting too distracted by crazy ideas about revenge on Dora. Dora, who's doing Charms homework... and if she fails Transfiguration, Blackburn gets the blame...

Yeah, betting whoever's responsible for the potion failing also nicked the ingredients. And I very much doubt whatever potion's being brewed is going to be entirely innocent. Yeah, and it wasn't James and Robin.

Stop jumping to conclusions, Rose. Just because you don't like Dora.

Yeah, Fairfax really sucks at keeping things locked up.

Now I'm thinking Felicity has something to do with the missing supplies, because Rose thinks she doesn't.

Mind your own business, Rose. And haha, Rose got told. *cheers Kate*

I know you were worried about it but you've done a good job of covering such a long time frame in this chapter.

Oh. Oh no. I can't say this makes me like Felicity (in fact it shows she was only calming down about Blackburn because she thought this mysterious potion would protect her, not because Rose managed to convince her), but the poor kid doesn't deserve to be poisoned. And I'm desperately trying to guess why someone might target her. Maybe to frame Rose or Albus or Blackburn... the logical thing to do would be to read on, so I'll do that...

It's not just Felicity? I'm guessing it's all the people who were really scared about Blackburn. But who... why... I'm trying to come up with insane theories but I don't know, I only know there's a guy involved so not Dora (unless polyjuice, which I really doubt). YOU HAD TO LEAVE IT THERE, DIDN'T YOU? NOW GET ON WITH WRITING THE NEXT CHAPTER - YOU CAN'T LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THIS! Oh hang on, you can and you are... I bet you're laughing so hard right now...

Author's note - yay, thank you! *hugs* (Au Clair de la Lune, by the way - you missed the "la", translation I'm using is "By Moonlight" ;) )

All your little hints about this chapter and it was so unexpected and ARGH! Get on with that next chapter! I'm waiting very impatiently because I need to know what's going on!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, Blackburn will be fine physically. The potion didn't even fail this time. It's just been a tough transformation because she's tired and stressed and really didn't need a transformation on top of all that. Mentally might be a bit harder to predict. She has a LOT going on in her head.

I actually laugh every time I read your comment to Dora that she's not a horse. THAT amuses me.

Hmm, yes, Fairfax certainly seems lax about security. Maybe it's because he's so obsessed with his potions that he doesn't notice mundane details like that. Or maybe there's something more to it. Maybe he's not lax about security at all. Maybe somebody's figured out a way past his security. *confuses the issue*

*laughs at your reaction to Kate telling Rose off*

I think you've put together more than Rose has. Although she's busy taking care of Felicity.

Yeah, framing Blackburn seems like something the A.W.L. might do.

I was originally going to put all the stuff about Felicity and the others getting sick into one chapter, then I thought where's the fun in that. I have to give people a chance to speculate.

And you're a great one to talk about cliffhangers.

Like I said, I don't DO French. *laughs*

I was looking forward to your reaction, and that of my other reviewers, to this chapter, as the events are so unexpected. The people who are ill are the last ones you expect to be victims.

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Review #35, by Veritaserum27 Ravenclaw versus Slytherin.

20th September 2014:
Hi - I'm back!

What a great chapter! - In the last chapter, we saw the Hermione come out in Rose and at the end of this one, she is all Ron. Although I'm not sure Ron would've been able to exercise the restraint she did when Dora was insulting Rose's cousin. He would've hexed her for sure!

I also saw a little bit of Ron in Albus - especially with the nerves and Quidditch. I could really feel for him - he was doubting himself and wanted to do so well for his team. The match itself kept me on the edge of my seat. I jumped when Scorpius caught the snitch.

I haven't read the first novel in this series, so I hope I'm not missing too much about Scorpius's character. He seems to be a bit shy and while he is still a Malfoy, doesn't seem to be proud of that fact - am I right? He's also apparently very good at Quidditch, but doesn't advertise that fact. I thought it showed strong character that both Rose and Albus were willing to congratulate Scorpius - even if they haven't done it yet.

Ooo- Dora gets me so mad! I don't understand her hatred - it's not like she has any friends on her side (or does she...).

I wasn't sure about this line at the end:

Mum isn't denying the way things happened in the past, just trying to ensure they don't happen again?

Did you mean for it to be a period at the end instead of a question mark?

I also really like James's character. He is so funny and arrogant - I think much like his namesake. You can tell that he loves his family, but still has a great time egging them on.

Thanks for the great chapter!


Author's Response: Thanks again for the reviews. Glad you liked the chapter. I'm not so fond of this one myself, mainly because it contains a lot of Quidditch and by necessity, a fair amount of physical description. Not my favourite stuff to write (I prefer torturing characters *laughs*).

Yeah, Rose manages somewhat more restraint than Ron does, though she does get sorely tempted when she feels somebody is being unfairly treated.

Scorpius...yeah, I thought long and hard about how to characterise him. Most of the other characters' personalities kind of jumped to mind, but his I had to think about, since I didn't want him to be a Draco clone but nor did I want him to form a new trio with Rose and Albus. Not because I've any problems with either of those two portrayals, but I've already seen them both done plenty of times and I didn't want to unconsciously repeat somebody else's idea.

So my Scorpius is something of a loner. He's very aware of what people think of his family and is somewhat torn, because he loves his father and even his grandfather, but doesn't want to be associated with his grandfather's beliefs or with their Death Eater connections. He's pretty isolated as many of the pureblood families, those with Death Eater sympathies, either see the Malfoys as traitors or else resent them for the way Lucius got out of being sent to Azkaban after the war when far lower ranking Death Eaters were and people who AREN'T from families with Death Eater sympathies are suspicious of the Malfoys, like James is.

It's not so much not advertising the fact he's good at Quidditch, as that he's pretty secretive in general.

He is pretty friendly with Rose and Albus, more so than he is with most people, which is why they want to congratulate him.

Dora's hatred is explained at the end of The Writing on the Wall. She blames Harry for her family losing their position, as her grandfather was involved with the Death Eaters. She was raised with a good deal of resentment towards a system which many of the purebloods are feeling increasingly isolated from. They feel somewhat targeted by things like Hermione's code of house elf rights.

And yeah, again you're right. That question mark was a mistake. The sentences before and after had question marks at the end, so I obviously got a little carried away with question marks. Thanks for pointing it out.

Glad you like James and yeah, that's him exactly. He can be mean to Albus, as we saw in the epilogue, but he doesn't really mean to be. He's just thoughtless and doesn't realise how seriously Albus is taking it all.

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Review #36, by Veritaserum27 The Full Moon.

20th September 2014:
Hi there!

I know its been ages since I've left you a review and I'm so sorry. I've a bit of time today and I really want to get back into this story.

I LOVE Rose. She has SO much of Hermione in her. During the entire scene in the Transfigurations lesson, I could just see it unfolding the way that Snape covered for Lupin in PoA. Rose, ever the proper student, guides the professor to the correct lesson so that they don't lose any actual instruction. It was awesome. I don't mean to gush, but you've done such a fabulous job with her character. Putting in just enough Hermione to make us fall in love, but also a bit of her own traits. It's easy to see that Rose doesn't realize she's a twelve year old second year. She clearly is beyond her years. The part where she spoke with Cavendish about her future and got all caught up in the discussion about Ancient Runes was fascinating (Ok, I have to admit, I got caught up in it too!).

I really hope Professor Blackburn is all right. It seems that there might be a bit more bothering her than just the monthly transformation. And of course, nothing gets past Rose. She's all ready to tell off Felicity for looking scared, but the only thing that stops her is the fact that she's late to class - sorting out her priorities, I guess!

I found a small typo here: It can be interpreted many different way.

I think you might mean "ways" instead of "way."

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hiya. Thank you so much for the review.

And yeah, you're right about that "way"/"ways". I've fixed that now. Thanks.

The epilogue kind of hinted at a similarity between Rose and Hermione, but I didn't want to just make her Hermione number two, so yeah, there's a bit of Ron in there too. She's got Hermione's intelligence (although she isn't quite as brilliant as Hermione) and her passion for justice, combined with Ron's temper and impulsiveness, which can lead to problems.

Blackburn isn't very well from a combination of the effects of the transformation and all the stress she's under, with the whole A.W.L. campaign and all.

And a quick teaser: things will get worse for her before this story is out.

Thanks again for the review. Glad you enjoyed the chapter. It's one of my own favourites, at least of the earlier chapters. I also like the second chapter and a lot of the ones from about chapter 20 onwards.

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Review #37, by crestwood Professor Blackburn's Secret.

16th September 2014:
Hey! Here for our review swap!

I didn't see that this was the sequel to another story until I had already started reading! I think I'll retroactively read The Writing on the Wall anyway before I move on with this story in the future. But, for now I'm fine with reviewing this chapter even if I haven't gotten through all of the backstory available.

Well Rose is certainly a Ravenclaw, flipping through her textbook over the break! You did a good job writing Hugo as that irritating little brother. He's just teeming for insider info about Hogwarts and a Quidditch analysis and to do a bit of magic. While Rose is just hoping he'll tire himself out and go away.

I'm not entirely sure what happened, but it sounds a lot like something huge occurred the last time Rose was at Hogwarts. The Rita Skeeter article was spot on. I don't know how you wrote as her just, SO well. Of course she starts out her article taking shots at Dumbledore and then plugging her book she wrote about him!

And, Rita has not gotten kinder with age... for her to bring up the spat with Lupin in relation to Ms. Blackburn is a bit underhanded. And not to mention interviewing Marcus Flint, who is certainly not least prejudiced of people.

I do enjoy the second printing of the Prophet as well, with that catching headline. (They always play up events don't they?) The fact that they butchered up Hermione's letter is of no surprise. Again, you've written these articles extremely well. I think this is setting up a really interesting plotline in which we get to see this political process of protecting Ms. Blackburn's rights through the eyes of a child. Even one who seems to have a pretty comprehensive grasp of the situation. Adding in the letter from Alicia Spinnet was a nice touch, I tend to forget about her, to be honest. I would like to see where this is headed. It has a great deal of potential, no doubt. I can't wait to read on. Thanks for the swap!

Author's Response: Yeah, this is the second year of my next gen, series, so there are a few things that might not be entirely clear. The events of The Writing on the Wall aren't THAT huge, certainly not compared with the Harry Potter books, where Harry comes close to death at the end of most years, but they are pretty major to Rose.

Glad you liked the articles. They were NOT easy to write. Skeeter has such a specific style that it's hard to get her quite right. It's not just a matter of getting her nastiness right, but also capturing the tone in which she does it.

And yeah, being raised by Hermione, Rose has a pretty good grasp of the actual facts. And she is almost 13. I'd been following the news for about 4 years at that stage. However, she does have a pretty naive idea of how events can be dealt with, like "can't they just be stopped from publishing stuff like that?"

I wanted to reference a couple of characters other than the central ones, because it is pretty unlikely that the only people to be interviewed or quoted would be Harry's friends. And the fact that Alicia Spinnet would have been in an exam year when Remus was teaching and they'd such a useless teacher for the year before made her a pretty useful example.

Hope you continue to enjoy the series and thank you so much for the awesome review.

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Review #38, by Pheonix Potioneer Ghostly Information.

12th September 2014:
I feel kind of sorry for Felicity. She doesn't know whether to believe Dora or Rose. I think Rose is a little too tough on her, which is why Felicity turned to the seemingly kind Dora. Rose, a little tip: Fighting doesn't make friends.

I think Rose should have made a bigger deal over the graffiti than the swelling solution.

It could have been Dora who tampered with the potion. It would probably only take a drop of- anything, really- and the potion would be completely ruined. Well, in my head canon anyway.

Kate Campbell does have kind of a point. They miss a few classes every month because of Blackburn, and it does get them behind. However, I think that campaigning for werewolf rights should be the priority.

Rose, calm down. Kate didn't exactly insult Blackburn or werewolves, she just complained about missing classes. I'm glad Rose is determined to defend Blackburn, but that's a little over the top.

It was such a heart-warming moment when Rose and Angie gave Blackburn the sweets.

Have I mentioned how much I love Angie? She's awesome. She doesn't pick fights over Blackburn *cough* Unlike Rose *cough* and instead just does nice, sweet things for Blackburn.

Yay for sweets!

Author's Response: Yeah, Rose probably SHOULD have more focused on the graffiti, which is more likely to freak Felicity out than a joke on somebody she doesn't even know, but to Rose, anything that happens to Albus is far more serious than anything else.

I was so delighted when I checked Prisoner of Azkaban for info on the Wolfsbane potion and found the comment about sugar making it useless, because ANYBODY could do that. I mean, I'd already planned who the villain was and all. The main storyline here was planned soon after I stated the series, but that meant there was a canon way anybody could do it.

Kate DOES have a point. That's got to be one of the difficulties werewolves face in getting jobs - that they are probably going to need to take a certain day off every month, which might be OK, if they are working in a shop or somewhere that is open 6 or 7 days and people have different days off each week or if they are something freelance, but not if they are a teacher or something. Probably a difficulty for people in the real world with certain chronic conditions too.

Now, in normal circumstances, they'd probably only miss maybe 7 or 8 classes a year. Since it's only one day a month and there are two months when they are on summer holiday and then some months the full moon might fall on a Friday or Saturday night or the night before a day they don't have Transfiguration or it might fall during the Easter or Christmas holidays. The year I'm writing about, there is a full moon the night between Good Friday and Holy Saturday. But at the moment, Blackburn is sort of dealing with some mental health issues from stress and trauma, so that's not helping either.

Like I said before, I didn't want to divide the cast up between "nice" people who are completely supportive of Blackburn and "horrible" people like Dora and Victor and his pals and the A.W.L., who just torment her, because there ARE genuine reasons why people might not want a werewolf teaching them or their children (either because of the amount of time they need to take off or because they are scared of a repeat of what happened with Remus - unlikely as it is, it did happen once and it's not IMPOSSIBLE it would happen again and parents are bound to worry when they are sending 11 year olds away from home and overreact about things like that). After all, even Ron, who was raised by the Weasleys panicked when he heard Remus was a werewolf, even though Remus had been teaching him all year and it made no sense to believe he would suddenly become dangerous once they learnt he was a werewolf.

Very few issues are cut and dried and generally if a lot of people support a cause, there is SOME justification for it. Even if it isn't "right."

In a way, I think people like Kate and Felicity might be more upsetting for Blackburn because people like Dora are just trying to be nasty and aren't worth paying attention to, but Kate DOES have a legitimate complaint and Felicity is genuinely frightened and that must sort of make Blackburn question herself. Although neither of them would say anything directly, she'd probably picked up on the fact people are nervous around her, at least and possibly that some of her O.W.L. classes are getting impatient.

Everybody seems to love Angie. *laughs* She wasn't meant to be as significant a character as she's become. She just sort of pushed a bigger part for herself and I do like the relationship between her and Blackburn.

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Review #39, by Leonore Ghostly Information.

7th September 2014:
OK. So you've been hinting at dire things. And I'm about to find out what...

Oh no, those two are talking. One's bad enough, but both Dora and Felicity together?

That Felicity kid is an idiot. I blame the mother.


She said it. Rose is an idiot. OK, whatever I predicted, I didn't expect that. I didn't expect her to actually tell anyone that it was Dora last year. Rose needs to think before she opens her mouth. Seriously. She's going to regret this later.

Don't let the potion fail. Don't let the potion fail...

Rose is still being an idiot and needs to shut up right now.

She's still bitter about Albus? Yeah, I can see why. But she's actually admitted it to herself, while I think she was above that before. She's admitted to herself that she's determined to prove Dora's involvement for vengeance and not just because she thinks it's the most likely option. And she doesn't even seem to be feeling guilty about it.

Yay, the sweets! That must be a pretty big owl, 'cause they ordered quite a lot.

Aww, Fionnuala's off in her own world. She's still my second favourite character. OK, I probably shouldn't let on to you about that, but I've mentioned it before anyway...

The Grey Lady keeping her company? That is an amazing idea. One I'd never have thought of. Well done McGonagall. *cheers*


Oh. Poor Blackburn. Vicious cycles - bad transformation means she worries more about the next, so is tired and the transformation is worse...

I love your characterisation of the Grey Lady. Spot on.

Nobody likes Dora. But Rose doesn't deserve to have people like her the way she's acting now either.

*hugs Blackburn* Aww, yay, at least she knows someone cares now.

"Well, almost everybody." NO ROSE. Rose needs to keep her mouth shut and leave the talking to Angie. Chance would be a fine thing.

Sugar. Yes, Blackburn needs sugar. That will make everything alright. And don't try to tell me otherwise, 'cause I'm not going to listen.

"There was something about Madame Pomfrey that made obey any instruction she gave immediately." - spot the missing word!

I've decided I'm not going to hurt you. I like the ending, and even if you're an evil person at least you're not being all mean to Blackburn and she at last knows people care and I'm a bit worried about why Pomfrey's here and I'm sure that's what you want but it's as happy an ending as I can hope for and a lot happier than I expected. I've decided the potion is just for energy or a calming draft or something innocent and to be expected which will help her. And that IS all it is. I will refuse to accept it being anything more serious.

Summary: Rose is an idiot and she's going to regret saying all that. Angie is awesome. Fionnuala is also awesome, in a different way. And Blackburn is not as badly off as I was expecting from your hints.

I like this chapter. You said I wouldn't, but I do. It is maybe my favourite chapter, even though you said I wouldn't like it, because I interpret that as a nice ending. Rose is an idiot and is going to regret saying so much, but whatever, it's only Rose and I don't like Rose.

It's really well written to, and things like the moment Blackburn takes out the sugar quill and stuff are small but perfect. 'Clawesome.

Don't know how to end this review. Oh well, you know I'm random by now...


Author's Response: OK, I've inserted the missing word, so that's that sorted.

And yeah, I probably made this chapter out to be a little worse than it really was. I just thought you mightn't be too pleased to see Blackburn unwell.

To be fair, Felicity could find out from just about anybody about Dora being behind what happened the previous year, as it's pretty well-known. Most of the Ravenclaws from 2nd years up would have figured out who'd lost them the points and Scorpius was passing it around too.

And yeah, she sorted of admitted it's Albus she's concerned about more than Blackburn, but doesn't seem to notice that that means she's not really stopping to think whether or not there's even any evidence Dora is involved in whatever might be going on this year.

And yes, I was thinking "the poor owl", but they seem to deliver a fair amount in the books, so it's one of those things I figure I can justify by canon. And the fact they are magic and the parcel could probably be enchanted to weigh less.

The Grey Lady thing was yet more stuff I planned about Blackburn's off-screen time. After all, she was pretty upset before the full moon and probably shouldn't have been alone. She'd probably get herself pretty worked up, waiting for the transformation to take place. OK, she was going to do that anyway, but it might help a bit to have somebody to talk to. And I thought the Grey Lady being the Ravenclaw ghost and a young woman, probably around Blackburn's age or a bit younger, wouldn't be a bad choice (I mean, around Blackburn's age when she died - clearly she's been around about a thousand years. And then I thought I should make some reference to it here.

And I'm glad you think I characterised her well. It was one of the things I found hard. I was even questioning whether she would put herself out like that, but she does seem like a nice person behind her reserved persona.

And yeah, Angie sort of knows what it's like to be stressed out, so she's a little more careful about what she says than Rose is, as Rose has had a comparatively easy life.

And yes, sugar might help Blackburn, either because of the energy boost or just because it might make her feel a little better, psychologically.

I will reassure you there's nothing too serious about the potion Madame Pomfrey brought her. It's probably slightly more serious than the options you're hoping for, but not by much. She's just generally feeling pretty unwell from a combination of stress and the effects of the transformation, but she'll be fine in a couple of days.

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Review #40, by Teddy1993 Shocks and Sugar Quills.

16th August 2014:
Great chapter. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Sorry for the delay and hope you continue to enjoy it.

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Review #41, by Pheonix Potioneer Shocks and Sugar Quills.

15th August 2014:
Dora! Really, practically insulting Blackburn in class? She's asking to be hated. I don't get Dora most of the time. What is the point of an outburst like that? She just makes everyone in Ravenclaw hate her more and more. Does she have any friends? If not, why does she seem to purposely try NOT to make friends? Is there a reason besides plot why she's a Ravenclaw and not a Slytherin? Also, are you planning in future years to have Dora's character improve a little bit or a bit more relatable, like J.K. Rowling did with Draco?

I'm glad that Blackburn's reason for missing a class isn't particularly bad.

That is nice of them all to give Blackburn sweets. Kudos to Rose for thinking of that! (And to Angie for giving Rose the idea.) I think that is a good thing to do, rather than just say something like "Are you okay?" after class when Blackburn probably just wants some peace and quiet.

When did Blackburn mention the sugar quill thing to Angie? They seem really close. Maybe because the can sympathize with each other, because of their parents.

Most of the kids in the class (except Dora) seem unnaturally polite. It's kind of weird.

Over the course of the series, are you planning for each book to get darker, or mostly stay like this? Spill your secrets! Ha ha ha.

Great chapter! (That great was from Tony the Tiger, from the Frosted Flakes cereal commercial)

Author's Response: Hmm, some interesting questions here. OK, I've only planned as far as Year Four, so I can't really tell you how the series is going to go overall. So far, I would say the end of Year 3 and sort of Year 4 (which will include the use of an Unforgiveable) will be somewhat darker, but not Harry Potter-level dark. These are generally plain mysteries rather than action/adventure and the A.W.L. is a far cry from the Death Eaters. They're willing to work outside the law to get what they want, but they're not planning to take over wizarding Britain by force or anything, so we're not going to end up with multiple deaths or anything. Apart from anything else, I sort of feel that after everything Harry and his friends risked and lost, I don't want to make them watch their children go through the same thing. I like READING stories in which that happens though.

So in conclusion, things will get a little darker, but it's going to remain at individual people being harmed rather than whole groups being rounded up or multiple deaths.

As regards Dora, hmm, that's a hard one to answer without giving away details about year 3. It's also something I haven't entirely decided. I am planning on having Rose and Albus begin to realise later on that Dora's choices may be rather limited in some situations. I mean, what she did in The Writing on the Wall was definitely just personal and her way of getting back at Albus for how Harry messed things up for her family, but she has been given a very distorted version of the events of the wizarding war (not, of course, that that makes it OK; even if Harry HAD purposely framed her grandfather or something, it STILL wouldn't be his son's fault) and she did WANT to give Blackburn's secret away, but even if she hadn't, her father'd probably have got it out of her anyway. Not by forcing it out of her, but just because there's a good chance she'd let something slip at some stage.

Knew somebody was going to ask how Angie knew about Blackburn liking sugar quills. *laughs* Probably that day Angie was upset over the boggart and spent the entire evening in Blackburn's office. I think it's likely Blackburn would have offered her some sweets and just happened to mention, "oh those are my favourites."

And yeah, I definitely think Blackburn knows how Angie feels when it comes to pressures at home. I wouldn't imagine Angie knows about Blackburn's parents, but she certainly knows there's prejudice against Blackburn over something she can't help, just as she's been judged by her family. So there is a lot of sympathy between them.

And yeah, Blackburn probably doesn't want to have to reassure students she's OK, when she's really not, but at the same time, she's probably grateful they are thinking of her.

And now you've made me want Frosties (or Frosted Flakes).

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Review #42, by Leonore Shocks and Sugar Quills.

15th August 2014:
Right. I have my teddy bear. You've been scaring me about this chapter.

Um, uh oh. This is really not a promising start.

Missing apostrophe - "From the looks on her classmates' faces,"

Dora's smirking again. Surprise surprise.


*laughs at Neville having dropped his wand*

I would expect a question mark here, to indicate the way it's spoken: "Yes, Rose?"
Missing word: "...and that if she just waited..."

Phew. I mean I don't like that Blackburn's not sleeping well but at least Dora isn't directly responsible (again).

Oh. Oh no. Here's the bit you were talking about.

"Rose had the impression she was quite stressed." This sentence isn't really necessary. The previous sentence shows very effectively that Blackburn's stressed, so you don't need to state it explicitly. In fact stating it like that detracts a little from the effect.

Oh no, she's blaming herself for being on edge. Vicious circles.

That kid is unbelievable: "On edge about what, Professor?" Dora asked slyly. "Turning into a werewolf tonight?"
Good response from Blackburn, at least. But really? Dora is a disgusting creature with no sense of decency.

Missing word: "Can you just get on with your transfigurations, please?"

Punctuation: "How could anybody, even Dora, ask something so hurtful?"

"She looked pretty upset." Well duh! Genius, Rose. Maybe more effective to "show, not tell"? Although why I'm encouraging you to torture her in even more description I don't know. Plenty of that already. But yes, write what makes her look pretty upset to Rose, rather than simply stating it.

DORA IS SMIRKING AGAIN. HEX HER, ROSE. But then Blackburn would have to give Rose detention. But Rose would then have time alone with Blackburn to maybe talk to her. Blackburn would probably feel so much guilt about having to give Rose detention for protecting her, but she'd do it because that's her job (and Dora would get her fired otherwise). But Rose could point out she didn't care, that it was worth it. But then Blackburn would feel the professional sense that she hadn't given an appropriate punishment. But... ARGH, THIS IS CONFUSING. JUST HEX DORA, ROSE, AND NOT IN FRONT OF BLACKBURN.


No, Rose. Don't mention Dora's parentage. That would just be hypocritical.


"I think Blackburn's pretty stressed," GENIUS, Rose. I mean seriously.

Chocolate. Yes, she needs chocolate. Aww, they're all so sweet. PLEASE DON'T LET THIS GO WRONG. CAN THIS PLEASE JUST BE A NICE GIFT?

Fionnuala made a good suggestion. That's character development! She's aware of what's going on! Nathan's still stumbling around, though! Aww, they're so cruel to him. :P

"a small pile of gold" - if they've only got 14 sickles and 5 knuts, the pile is mostly silver, no gold. (Technicalities :P )

Fionnuala is very involved in this! Fully awake and conscious and making very sensible suggestions! (CHOCOLATE!!!)

Yay, it hasn't lead to disaster! (at least not yet) Those kids are so sweet. Please can this make Blackburn happy? Or at least a bit less miserable? Pretty please? *Dobby eyes* (Apparently Dobby eyes work on JKR herself; so they must work on you too, right?)

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for this awesome review. *hugs you*

I've corrected those mistakes. I don't usually make so many. I just ended up rewriting most of this chapter as a lot of it sounded REALLY bad the first time and then got so fed up with it that I couldn't be bothered editing properly. So I knew there'd be a few words and punctuation missing, but I decided to post it anyway. *laughs* I've been working on this chapter for a couple of weeks, so got to a point beyond caring.

The parts about Rose thinking she's stressed or upset were more to show what Rose is worrying about, but you're right; apart from anything else, it flows better if I leave out that "Rose had the impression she was quite stressed" line, so I've removed it. Plus, there are too many of those comments. Something else I'd have noticed if I'd read it through in one go, rather than writing a few hundred words at a time.

*prods self over the gold/silver thing* I actually meant to check that, but forgot.

And yes, Blackburn is working herself up into a complete state, isn't she? But you know, it's one of the hard parts of being a teacher (and one you don't think of until you're in the situation) - you're supposed to be the adult and the person responsible, which can add extra pressure if you're already stressed or upset about something.

Hmm, I'm not entirely sure about Blackburn's response. In a way, it is letting Dora know how much it's getting to her.

Oh, believe me, a certain amount of that stuff about Blackburn seeing Rose hex Dora occurred to me too. I definitely think she'd be torn between knowing that as their teacher she should punish Rose, being grateful that at least somebody is concerned about her and feeling guilty for having set the whole thing in motion, so to speak. And I think that if Rose said it was worth it, she'd both think Rose was just saying that and also that she should be discouraging her from thinking that way.

I agree it would be hypocritical to give away Dora's family background and while there are many things Dora should be blamed for, her family isn't exactly something she can help. Rose just finds it hard to keep quiet Dora is mocking others for not mentioning stuff, when she isn't herself. And Rose can be somewhat impulsive.

*laughs at your comment that Blackburn needs chocolate*

And do you really think I'd make them giving her sweets go wrong? *grins evilly* No, seriously, that is just a gift, that's all. I'm not even sure how it COULD go wrong.

You really expect me to be consistently nasty, don't you? With good reason, I expect.

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Review #43, by Leonore Howling at the Moon.

22nd July 2014:
*gathers Blackburn into a big hug* You're not having her back unless you promise to play nicely! *glares*

Yes! That bacon! They definitely did deserve it.

"Roosters aren't animals," she pointed out. "They're birds."
Honestly, Rose... Considering the official scientific definition of an "animal" (with assistance, as ever, from Wikipedia): Animals are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Animalia (also called Metazoa). Animals are divided into various subgroups, including vertebrates (birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish). Roosters are birds. Therefore Rose is actually incorrect: roosters ARE animals (just not mammals).

Ahem. Yes. I have a habit of picking out things like that (I wrote a short essay brit-picking on washing machines in a review for someone not that long ago).

Poor Scorpius. He's making stupid decisions, but I can see why. I suppose you can make his life hard, and Angie's, and anyone else's you feel like, but I'm keeping Blackburn. *glares again*

I want to say at least Dora'll fail Transfiguration, but then she'd blame Blackburn and there'd be charges of incompetence not just of being a werewolf.

Haha, Binns is a useless teacher.

I'm all caught up now :D (I just reviewed this chapter not the next one because what I have more to say about it specifically). Bye bye! *waves*

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you for this review. It made me laugh out loud and cheered me up on a somewhat stressful day.

And I LOVE your nitpicking. LOVE you proving Rose wrong. You need to have a conversation with her. She needs to be proven wrong occasionally, I think. She's a little too sure of herself. And Albus isn't sure ENOUGH of himself. *laughs*

Please feel free to Brit-pick anything that isn't quite right in these stories. Sentence structure is what can be most difficult actually as I am progressively beginning to reaise we use a fair bit of Irish-language sentence structure directly translated into English, one of the most obvious being "I'm after doing..." instead of "I have done..." I once spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how non-Irish people would say "it's after snowing." "It has snowed?" "It's has been snowing?" "It's snowed?"

Scorpius was actually about the hardest character for me to characterise, as it seems like both the idea of him being a repeat of Draco and the idea of him being completely different and having to prove himself have been used so often. I've seen both done fantastically, but that's the point. I didn't want to just copy something I'd already seen somebody else do. I guess he is different and trying to prove himself a bit in this, but mostly he's too caught up in Quidditch to even bother about proving himself.

And I liked the idea of a Slytherin who is ambitious in a non-typical way. It's not wealth he wants or to be the centre of attention, but rather to excel in his chosen area. We haven't seen much of that kind of ambition in the series, probably because most of the main characters - Harry, Ron, Sirius, Hagrid - are rather biased against Slytherins.

And yeah, Dora and her father would probably blame Blackburn if she fails Transfiguration. She can't really win on that one, because if she tries to make Dora work, she's setting herself up for hassle. Of course what she SHOULD do is report Dora whenever she makes comments. And people like Flint too. But considering she can barely hear the word "werewolf" without getting upset, I don't think she'd find it too easy to discuss their behaviour.

And yes, Binns is useless.

Thanks again.

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Review #44, by Veritaserum27 Reignited Fears.

9th July 2014:
Hi, hi, hi!

So - Super Rose is at it again. Here to save the innocent teacher from the super-mean first year students. Haha I know I'm being sarcastic, but Rose does tend to go a bit overboard. However, you write her so believable, it is easy to see where she is coming from. I feel indignant along with her - and I can feel her helplessness as well. She feels like she is just a second year student at Hogwarts, trying to do the right thing and she gets so frustrated when others are complacent - or worse - believing the half-truths put forth by their parents. The article written by Draco Malfoy was, as usual, really well done. It sounded compelling and in Draco's voice. Of course he would blame Dumbledore, Draco would never be able to see Dumbledore in any other light.

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Yeah, Rose DEFINITELY goes a bit overboard. She's got a touch of Hermione's "I must save the world" thing going on.

But it can be tough being 12 and being old enough to have some idea of what's going on in the adult world, but not old enough to have any influence over it. I remember feeling really strongly about a couple of referenda when I was around that age (can't say which ones, as it'd give my age away) and wishing I was old enough to vote, not that one vote would make much difference one way or the other, but at least I'd FEEL I was DOING something. Now, mind you, in at least one of those, the fact I was so worked up about it was a good reason why preteens and young teenagers SHOULDN'T be allowed vote, since what had worried me was pure propaganda.

Everything is also so simple at that age and you can't understand why other people have differing political views, when it's so OBVIOUS their views aren't right. A bit more experience and maturity and it becomes clear that few things are that clear-cut. Like Hermione with the house-elves, where she seems to think that if they are just freed, everything will be fine, never mind the fact that they might have no income or nowhere to live, if they are just freed without anything else in society changing.

And yeah, the Malfoys may have turned against Voldemort, but that was because he threatened them and not because they actually disagreed with his views. I can't see Lucius Malfoy ever supporting werewolf rights.

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Review #45, by Veritaserum27 The Ravenclaw Seeker.

9th July 2014:

It was nice to see Rose interact with all her mates from her year in Ravenclaw. It seems that Dora is the only one from second year that is persona non grata in their group. I love that they all celebrate with Albus together. I just knew that as soon as he found out he was on the team, he was immediately going to start being all nervous about actually playing. He is so apprehensive, he makes Rose come with him to the practice! Oh, Albus - grow up a little bit! I don't think James meant to intimidate Albus - just have a good-natured brotherly rivalry, but Al is so insecure, he doesn't know how to take it. As a side note, I loved the interactions with the Ravenclaw knocker!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: No, James doesn't really mean to be cruel or intimidating. He's just a 14 year old boy, who thinks he's being funny. Pretty sure I said some mean things to my younger brother and sister at that age. In fact, I think I did tease my brother about starting secondary, telling him the older boys would probably pick on him and stuff. Albus just takes it all a bit too seriously.

Glad you liked the parts with the Ravenclaw knocker. It's getting harder and harder to think up riddles. I'm rapidly running out of ideas.

And yeah, Dora is sort of the outcast, but there are rather good reasons for that.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #46, by Veritaserum27 Quidditch Try-Outs.

9th July 2014:
Hi, hi!

Back again. Ooo - some serious action at the end of this chapter. I'm so proud of James for standing up to the nasty kids trying to hex Remus's statue. It was nice to see that, for once, Rose wasn't at the center of the controversy. She seems to find trouble, doesn't she? The quidditch tryouts were exciting too. I like your version of Albus - such a worry-wart! Come, on Albus, your Mum was a professional quidditch player and you Dad was the youngest seeker in a century! I think flying is in your blood! It's also good to see that Dora isn't getting away with her immature pranks, although she really doesn't seem to be learning her lesson, does she? See you next chapter!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Well, James was never going to be too pleased at the idea of people disrespecting Remus, was he? And he really doesn't get on with Flint. The thing I was looking for advice on relates to their interactions actually.

I got the impression from the epilogue that Albus was something of a worrier. Of course, any kid would be nervous going away to boarding school for the first time, but the way Harry was warning him not to take James too seriously and stuff makes it sound like James has a habit of getting Albus worked up about things.

And yeah, Dora isn't learning her lesson.

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Review #47, by Veritaserum27 The Howler.

9th July 2014:
Hello again!

It doesn't look good for Professor Blackburn. I don't know if she can take an entire year of this. Even if many of the students are on her side, the minority people who aren't seem to be so much louder, don't they? I like the potions class descriptions the best. You do a fantastic job with the little details - it really does remind me of how J.K. would describe the classes that Harry, Ron and Hermione were taking. I am also glad that Rose and Rasmusus have come to a sort of truce. She will have to be careful not to alienate any of her friends, because I have a feeling that Dora has more tricks up her sleeve. Great job, yet again.

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Thanks again for the reviews.

Yeah, Blackburn is having a really tough time. She has a lot of problems. I actually have a character file on her longer than those on Rose or Albus and have a backstory developed back to her own days at Hogwarts (and a little beforehand; I've decided her family were in America during the war - not that that's relevant to anything) and she has a whole load of issues related to her lycanthropy and this whole media campaign REALLY isn't helping.

And there is more trauma in store for her before this story is out. And that's all I'm saying about that. *grins*

That fight between Rose and Rasmus wasn't planned at all. The last chapter was actually written about this time last year - I took a break for a couple of weeks and when I got back to it, it seemed like Rose was determined to fight with everybody. Her fight with Dora wasn't planned either. So then I had to find a way to get her and Rasmus to make up.

Wow, a comparison with J.K. Rowling; that's one of the biggest compliments any of us could get really.

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Review #48, by Veritaserum27 Professor Fairfax.

9th July 2014:

Here for the next chapter. Rose definitely inherited the Weasley temper, huh? She can't seem to help herself. She seems to be a wonderful mix of Ron's fiery temper and Hermione's desire to right all the wrongs of the world. I can't help but cheer along with her. Dora seems very sneaky and relentless. It is going to be an interesting year. I think that I would like to take classes from Professor Fairfax as well. I really enjoyed the way you described each class. It adds another dimension to the story when the kids are struggling with a disarming charm in one class and discussing how the teacher seemed off (Transfiguration) in the next. Very realistic. Poor Nathan - he seems to be a clever cross between Neville and Seamus!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the reviews. I was amazed when I signed in and found so many new ones. Thank you.

Yep, Rose is definitely Ron and Hermione's daughter, isn't she? I didn't want to make her completely Hermione mark 2. I thought there should be a bit of Ron in there too. And the Weasley temper combined with Hermione's desire to solve all the problems of the world does lead to a fair amount of drama.

Glad you liked the descriptions of the various classes.

I never really thought of Nathan as being like Seamus. There is definitely a comparison with Neville, although he is more successful academically. When it's just pure theory, that is. I liked the idea of giving Neville a student who struggled, as he did.

Dora is DEFINITELY sneaky.

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Review #49, by Veritaserum27 Remembering the Dead.

1st July 2014:

Here for the next chapter!

I love the names of your OC's. Rasmusus and Fionnuala (how do you pronounce that?).

I feel like I'm right there with Rose in this chapter, on the train and in the great hall.

I LOVED your sorting hat song! It was fantastic! I also really liked Harry's speech for all of the fallen Hogwarts teachers. He did a good job honoring each one.

Dora is really nasty, isn't she? I didn't read the first novel in the series, but I feel like there is more to it than just an old grudge between her and Rose- maybe I'm reading too much into it. Either way, it is a good set up for a bit of conflict. I'm wondering a bit about the new teacher as well.

Nice job with this chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you SO much for the review. Always great to see your reviews. Obviously, great to see any reviews, but love hearing your comments.

Oh yikes, explaining the pronunciation of Irish words with English phonics can I guess it's basically Fyun-ooh-lah. I usually stick in an Irish character, if only to make choosing names easier. Surnames, I mean; English first names aren't too hard to come up with, but thinking of surnames that sound British without sounding stereotypically British can be difficult.

Glad you liked the sorting hat song. I usually skip over them, because they are HARD, but this one just came to me one night and I got up and went to write it out in pencil.

Yeah, the whole thing with Dora is complicated and goes back right to the wizarding war (before she was even born). The way I have things set up here, the Death Eaters had assets seized and stuff after the war, as a punishment and to compensate victims and all. Also, obviously they lost their political power. So some of their children feel they are being unfairly deprived of their "rightful" place in society because of something their parents did when they were just kids. Also Kingsley and Hermione are making a lot of changes to the Ministry, such as bringing in a code of house elf rights and the campaign for werewolf employment rights that this story focuses on. And that again is causing some resentment among the old pureblood families.

So that's a bit of the background Dora is coming from, in addition to the fact she IS just nasty.

And oh yes, it is going to be relevant, not only in this story, but in the next couple as well.

You'll see more of the new teacher in the next chapter, as you've probably figured out from its title. Although Blackburn sort of took over that chapter more than she was meant to.

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Review #50, by Teddy1993 Gryffindor versus Slytherin.

24th June 2014:
I enjoyed the Quidditch match. Games between Gryffindor and Slytherin are always good for a bit of excitement. At least Scorpius didn't get into too much trouble skipping his detention. Great chapter! I'm looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the match. It was rather a dramatic one. Then again isn't just about any match between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

The next chapter mightn't be up for a while, because I will be pretty busy from well, tomorrow and it's not really going right for me anyway.

Thanks for reviewing.

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