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Review #26, by orangezauber Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

28th October 2012:
Such an intense story and as much as it pains me to admit that a story that ends in death could be good, I actually found this story to be rather fantastic.

Your twists and turns really kept me on the edge of my seat. And even though I was hoping Remus and Marta would be able to stay together, I think I knew in the back of my mind the cycle had to continue. I especially like how you had Benjamin begin to call Marta, fourty-six. Unfortunately, it is a dehumanizing technique that often works in making people feel inferrior. It still sends shivers up my spine when thinking about all of the power Benjamin had throughout the entire story (and in the 45 previous girls). The again, Gaunt was the same surname as Voldemort's mother so it would only be fitting Benjamin would be just as powerful if not more.

Overall, this was beautifully written. Once I realized you had finished the story my self control was destroyed. I had to find out what happened. Thank you for taking the time to write this story. It truely has been an outstanding jouney. You are an amazing writer and as I have said mulitple times before the flow of your writing was breathtaking. Thank you again for all of your hard work.


Author's Response: When I originally concocted this story, I had a different ending. But when I got into it and learned more about Marta and Benjamin, I realized that ending wouldn't work as well as the one you see before you. Marta was never capable of beating Benjamin. Hence this epilogue.

Benjamin Gaunt is probably one of the strongest characters I have ever created (in both my fanfic stories and original works). I rather enjoyed writing him, simply because I knew his true nature and potential from the beginning. And unfortunately, I have a bad habit of creating a Remus/OC relationship that will inevitably end up being doomed in the end (why oh why must I believe in Remus/Tonks?).

I appreciate and thank you for all the kind words you have sent me now and in all past reviews! I'm glad you enjoyed it, despite the gloomy ending. I always looked forward to your reviews and I wish you the best with your own writing endeavors!

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Review #27, by orangezauber XIV: Most Books are in the Library

28th October 2012:
I suppose since I waited so long to pace myself through these chapters, I no longer have to wait. You have posted the ending of the story so I will be able to read to my heart's content.

Funnily enough, as soon as you mentioned the diary in this chapter it brought to mind those voice activated. I would have asked if Marta tried saying Benjamin's name when trying to open the diary previously...however, you answered my unspoken question.

The letter was amazing. I can't believe that this didn't actually happen. It was so well written I would swear that someone had actually wrote it to their daughter. Not to mention the background and history you put into it. I will forever be in awe of your writing skills. It isn't everyday someone comes across such a 'real-life' story.

It would be interesting to read a story about Benjamin and the original Marta back in the founding days. I am not much of a founders story reader, but I would be interested in one such as this because I have already become familiar with the characters.

I still believe poor Remus is going to have a complex about Marta. Even later in life, I can imagine him checking the air around him to make sure there is no Benjamin around (regardless if Benjamin was still 'surviving' or not) when he came close to Marta.

I also remembered you mentioning Marta's grandmother, Diana's mother because I have a friend by the name of Rhea. It isn't a common name and it does stick with a person once they come across it.

Thank you again for all of your hard work. You will forever be one of my writing inspirations. A level of excellence from which I wish to strive.


Author's Response: At this point, this story has been completed for about a month, I'm sorry to say. But at least you have everything out for your reading pleasure!

When I wrote Diana's diary introduction/letter, I worried for a bit that I was putting too much explanation in one place even though it made the most sense. I had been sitting on all that information for so long, it was actually a relief to get my notes put into a chapter with the ability to be read by others. In a weird sense, Diana was actually me reaching out to the Marta I had created (which could be considered a mother writing to her daughter).

Original Marta and Benjamin in Founders era. That's an idea I have definitely run through my head several times. I have a sequel to this story coming out soon, and this very idea will play a part in there somewhere (although I hope I won't regret giving out this spoiler later!).

I do feel sorry for Remus in this story (and any other story I put him in). I love him so much and yet put him in such horrible situations.

You know someone named Rhea? I think it's a lovely name and I love the mythological meaning behind it and all other names of the like.

Wow, thank you so much for leaving another excellent review! I hope you continue to enjoy my work, and I'm honored that you think of me as a writing inspiration!

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Review #28, by Hillary Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

30th September 2012:
Yeah, I was pretty sad and shocked too that Marta died. But, agreeing with everyone else on here, I agree that it was amazingly written and as that one person said, it does take a lot of courage to have the antagonist win, especially with all the fans the story had, who were hoping that Mart would find a way to destroy Benjamin. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel that you're writing though! :) Hopefully Marta's daughter can find a way to disspell Benjy forever. Loved the story and I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: I know, hard to believe I would just let my protagonist give up. But it wouldn't have been realistic for Marta to win. Benjamin was just too good. I needed someone different, hence my decision to sacrifice Marta and create Forty-Seven (I just can't tell you her name yet). Just know that this girl has a tough job ahead of her. Thanks for the review! I hope the sequel will live up to all expectations!

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Review #29, by ScarletEye158 III: Maybe You Just Need Some Rest

26th September 2012:
Grrr, I really don't like Benjamin >:/ He's ruining poor Marta's chance of making friends! How come he has it in for Remus though and is okay with Sirius? I can't remember if you specified a reason for it or not :p

Anyways, I like where the story is going and I can't wait to read more about Marta's relationship with the Marauders, Matthew, Benjamin and maybe Lily and her friends? Hmmm :)

I'm also looking forward to get to read some more Quidditch scenes :D I bet you're good at writing those!

Anyways, great chapter!


Author's Response: Then it looks like you and Marta have something in common! Remember, Benjamin likes Purebloods like James and Sirius, but Remus is just a half-blood (as far as Benjamin knows). Further reasons will be clarified later.

It's good to hear you like this story! The other characters have to compete with Benjamin and his antics. As for Quidditch, the first match is just around the corner! And yes, I enjoyed writing those scenes. Quidditch is a big part of this story since it's the only place Benjamin can't follow.

Thanks for another review! It was lovely hearing your thoughts! :)

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Review #30, by ashleydelacour Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

25th September 2012:
How sad!!! I was back reading chapter 18 and was thinking, "How is she going to resolve this in two chapters?". But...I guess it didn't resolve the way I planned it to :( Very good story overall, however! Very unique idea and very well executed. Although this story left me sad, I enjoyed reading it. I hope to read future pieces from you.

If you ever get bored, head over to my story page and check out Slytherin's Angel. Would love to hear some thoughts and opinions from a great writer :) Take care!

Author's Response: I know, there was absolutely no way to make a happy ending in just two chapters. That wasn't the direction I wanted to go. This story turned out better than I expected and I'm glad you enjoyed it, despite the ending I chose to go with. Thank you for reviewing to share your thoughts!

I'll make sure to check out your page. Sadly, my online time is limited but I'll try to find a way to get myself to your story! It just might take me a few days.

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Review #31, by ScarletEye158 II: Please Leave All Broomsticks Outside

24th September 2012:
This is getting really good(: It's interesting to see Benjamin's take on the whole pureblood stuff. You'd think Marta would think like him since Benjamin is basically part of her subconscious, ya know? I like how different she is from him though, it makes it funny and cool to read :)

I found the part where Benjamin was basically controlling Marta's mind really creepy! I didn't know he had so much power over her! It'll be cool to see how far you take that..

Great chapter! I can't wait to keep reading :D


Author's Response: Good to hear you're enjoying it! Benjamin is very prejudiced. Oh, Benjamin is also extremely different from Marta, just as different as night and day. And Benjamin has more surprises waiting throughout the story. I hope you continue to enjoy! Thanks for taking the time to review!

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Review #32, by LoopyLemon Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

22nd September 2012:
This story is amazing. So completely amazing. I am astounded. I'm actually speechless. It was beautifully written, from beginning to end. I can't belive that Benjamin came back but in a way that is what made the story so tragically believable. I almost cried, the only thing that stopped me was Marta's own strength. She was such a beautifully strong character. I adored her from beginning to end. Benjamin was wonderfully horrible. I loved how he only referred to her as fourty-six after he faked exploding. You captured all your characters beautifully and didn't draw the story out any longer than it needed. I started reading this story expecting another cliche mauraders story and was beyond pleasently surprised. Marta was perfect and fitted perfectly in her surroundings. I don't know what else to say. I want to point out something that can be improved on but I literally have no idea. Everything worked so beautifully. This is exactly the type of story I love to read. Please take this story outside of hogwarts and make it into a book. The storyline is so wonderfully unique. I just adored the idea of an imaginary friend who seems like he is your friend and only there for you but is actually a curse. This story was beyond amazing. I know I'm rambling now but I really want you to know just how much I adored it. I left no reviews after the first chapter because I was far too focussed on finishing your story. The interaction between Benjamin and Marta was perfect and believable. All of your characters were real and three dimensional. I'm going to stop rambling now. Please keep writing.

Author's Response: It makes me smile, seeing how much you enjoyed the story. When in the process of writing, several people thought Benjamin's 'destruction' was too easy, and they were right. Benjamin cannot be destroyed. I'm glad you saw it all as believable and not to normal cliche Marauders story (I sometimes felt like I was under-using those guys).

I actually considered using this idea outside of Hogwarts. I liked Benjamin's character and his systematic methods. Unfortunately, I still have no idea how to make it work as well without the Hogwarts mythology and the Founders and magic. Maybe someday I'll get a spark, but in the meantime I'm content with Benjamin existing right where he is.

I understand the desire to just click to the next chapter without a pause, so don't worry about anything review-wise. I'm just happy hearing your thoughts here at the end. Thank you for reviewing! And yes, I will continue writing.

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Review #33, by LoopyLemon I: Welcome to My Life

22nd September 2012:
This is gorgeous. You had me hooked from the first moment Benjamin appeared. I want to know everything about him. I love your writing style and am really looking forward to the rest of this story

Author's Response: Why thank you! Benjamin is a complex character. I hope you enjoy learning about him!

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Review #34, by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

21st September 2012:
I am going to start off by saying that you are an amazing storyteller. I've read quite a few stories on this site and this is by far the best. It really shocks me that this story isn't on the best-of lists and I'm so happy that I just happened along this story the other day. The story was executed perfectly. There was new information, forward motion and gut wrenching turns in every chapter, but it was never over done. Every bit of information that you put into this story, big or small, connected by the end. And I congratulate you for that. The fact that you planned this story out so well, is a mark of a great writer. This is a story I would pay for. I still can't get over the fact that you had me feeling somewhat bad for Benjamin when he was supposedly destroyed. However, when he reappeared it was devastating. I haven't felt hatred for a character in a very long time. And bravo on the creation of Marta. What a tragically flawed and doomed character. One can't help but fall for her. One more takes a lot of courage for a writer to create an unhappy ending for the characters that they have created and grown to love. You get used to reading happy endings on this site and this one just came up and sucker punched me. I feel tricked and duped and let down but yet so satisfied that I read a quality piece of writing. My hat goes off to you and I hope you feel proud of what you have accomplished. I hope more people get a chance to read this and enjoy the work you have done. Kudos, my dear. I will be thinking of this story for many days to come.

Author's Response: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm glad this story caught your attention and I'm honored that you think I'm a great writer! One of my goals when writing is to leave clues for readers to either figure out during the first read or to be amazed that they missed them the second time around.

Benjamin is probably one of my favorite characters I've ever created simply because of his evil nature. And when writing Marta, I always kept in mind that she was the product of Benjamin's manipulation. While I loved both characters, I knew only one could be victorious in the end. So while this story ends sadly, it's a happy ending for Benjamin who got everything he wanted.

It's great to hear you enjoyed this story so much. I am happy with what I wrote and proud that I actually finished a project of this length. Thank you for your kind words and sharing how much you enjoyed it as well.

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Review #35, by LittleMissPrincess Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

20th September 2012:
You warned us that the ending would be sad but NOOO! :'(
Theres just, i cant, theres so much i want to say but i cant because im so sad.
Atleast remus should have taken the diary so that he could have got the girl, but how was Martha okay with her daughter having the same fate as her? and with no one to help and this is sad :(

Okay but despair aside, this was well written, and well executed, and it was all very good. and your a great writer, and i've never wanted to murder a fictional character more than i want to do to Benjamin.
I really hope he wins best villain.

so i will be seeing you in GLHD but till then, GOODBYE!(:

Author's Response: I'm sorry! This was a doomed fic to begin with! I know it's overwhelming. I considered for a moment leaving Remus with the diary, but that would have been too easy and Benjamin would not have allowed it. Don't worry though- Remus still has something useful that the daughter might be able to use in the future. As for Marta, she wants a happy daughter, which would only happen if the girl is blissfully unaware of Benjamin's true identity and purpose.

Thank you so much for the compliments, especially when you state that you want to kill Benjamin. I see that as the highest praise because he's stirred up such strong emotions in you. (But I still love the evil guy in spite of it all- I'm weird.)

Overall, thank you for checking out MNSIF and leaving your thoughts and impressions! I'm back to work on GJHD and hope to have the next chapter up before the end of the month. Until then!

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Review #36, by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds I: Welcome to My Life

20th September 2012:
I can't remember the last time I read a first chapter with so much potential! I honestly can't wait to read the rest. I love the idea you have here. I can't wait to see why Marta sees Benjamin and what his purpose is. Also, it was very well written and the dialogue and narrative flowed together well. This story is very intriguing indeed.

Author's Response: I'm flattered you think so highly of this story based on this first chapter! Everything is now posted for you to enjoy at your leisure. Thanks for reviewing and enjoy!

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Review #37, by archer_of_the_wolves Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

19th September 2012:
You know, sometimes the best endings (and some of my favorite!) are the ones that don't end in happily ever after. No one expects it and it's not often done so it was extremely refreshing! I'm so glad to have finished this out with you and I'm looking forward to the sequel next month! :)

Author's Response: It makes me happy to hear that you enjoy the unhappily ever after of this story! I agree, it's not done too often and I wanted this story to be different. Thank you for sharing your appreciation of this story and I hope the sequel lives up to all expectations!

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Review #38, by rosepetal704 Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

19th September 2012:
So it's over now. Wow. That seems strange. I've looked forward to having the full story ever since I started it, and now that it's complete I feel both excited to know the whole story and sad that it's over. The ending was brilliant, as I knew it would be.

I'm going to attempt to organize my thoughts on this now. The story's over, and Benjamin's not destroyed! I was SO sure he would be, even if it meant Marta killing herself. If I had been told while I was reading it that it would end with Marta dead and Benjamin continuing, I would have thought that would be ridiculous. Yet somehow, you completely made it work. The ending is perfect. I hate that it had to end so sadly, but honestly it wouldn't have been as epic any other way, so I don't blame you at all. But oh, Marta...she's my favorite female OC that I've ever come across! I'm so sad that she's dead. I really was surprised that she just gave up and stopped fighting Benjamin in the end. But it does make sense.

Oh, Remus! It's heartbreaking that he was going to come back tomorrow but she'll be dead by then! And SIRIUS! How ironic. That first she was unwillingly his girlfriend, and then she finally got to be with Remus, just to have it all ruined and now it's Sirius who's her daughter's father, just as Benjamin first wanted. I know Remus has to be able to end up with Tonks, but I'm mourning the loss of the love that he and Marta could have had.

The ending is perfect. Those last three sentences. Heartbreaking, but perfect.

And: “Goodbye, Marta Diana Kulinski. I wish I could say it was nice knowing you.”

Oh, Benjamin. All this time I so desperately wanted him to somehow show that he cares about Marta. In regard to my feelings on him after finishing, I don't love him as much as I used to at the beginning of the story, but some love still exists, along with some hate. He's too fascinating for me not to love SOME, no matter how evil he is. Marta and Benjamin have to be two of the best OCs that exist in any fandom.

And finally: MY NOT-SO-IMAGINARY FIEND?! SEQUEL?! That's more than I dared hope for! Will it be about Marta's daughter? Will Benjamin be in it?! Obviously he would have to be, since he's the point of this whole story. Right?! Oh my goodness. I'm so excited here. It would be incredible having more of this universe, and more Benjamin. (See, even if I do hate him some, I still jump at the idea of reading more about him.) I would love to hear any details, but I understand if you don't want to give anything away. I can't wait to find out what this is! Thank you so much for giving something new to look forward to!

And so here ends my last review for this story. I'm going to miss this. I cannot express how wonderful I found this story. I love that I got to read it, and just enjoyed it so much. I love the characters and the whole feel of the story and everything about it. I'll definitely be rereading it multiple times in the future. It really is amazing. Thank you for this.

Author's Response: I know, I can hardly believe Marta's story is now over. I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed it from beginning to end.

I wanted this story to be different from a lot of other stories, and that included writing something where the bad guy wins. I loved writing Marta, especially her higher points, and it's good to hear she's your favorite female OC. She will always have a special place in my heart too, simply because she did her best against Benjamin.

While I loved Remus/Marta while it lasted (one chapter officially), I simply cannot make myself stray from canon. I just use the little cracks in canon to make my stories fit. Sadly for our main characters, Benjamin saw fit to make Sirius a father who doesn't know he's a father, simply to hurt Marta and then Remus one last time.

Those last three sentences were my favorite to write- I had them in my notes for months and months now. But Benjamin's last line to Marta was purely spur-of-the-moment, and I think it's my absolute favorite line in the whole story.

I've been saying this since the beginning, but I still love Benjamin to pieces because he's so evil. It might be why I chose to let him win in the first place. And it's the reason why I couldn't just let him rest after writing Marta's last chapter.

And yes, there's a sequel in the works! Although the abbreviations between these two will be hard to distinguish! Here's what I can tell you: it's Hogwarts era, Benjamin will be 'nice,' and the main character will actually be a (very) minor canon character. I'm actually a little intimidated about doing it, but I want to challenge myself to write something in Hogwarts era for once.

Believe me, your review and all your previous reviews have been much appreciated! I still can't believe it's completed. Thank you so much for your consistent support and I hope that as you reread it, you will still enjoy the story!

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Review #39, by Love is a Mix Tape Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

19th September 2012:
Unhappy ending. Nice choice. I see there's a sequel coming in October. I'm assuming from the title that it will still be written in first person from the perspective of Marta's daughter (right?). I'm looking forward to it!

Author's Response: Yeah, this story was doomed to this ending (or something like it) from the very beginning. And I'm currently making my plans for the sequel. Yes, it'll be first-person perspective from Marta's daughter. I still have more ideas involving Benjamin that Marta couldn't participate in. Good to hear you're interested in it! Thanks for the review!

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Review #40, by AriPotter Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

18th September 2012:
Oh. My. Gosh. I just... I don't even... Gah. Never. Again. Ugh. I wish Remus would have killed her, just to stop the curse from passing on. Also, the horror/dark genre label should be added to the story. But anyway, this story is amazing. I both hate and love that it doesn't have a happy ending, but it really couldn't have concluded any other way. The characters were real, the plot was original, and my emotions twisted and turned as the story did. Congratulations on a story brilliantly thought out and incredibly written story. I'd say that I'm sorry that it's over, but I don't think I could have dealt with the whole ordeal much longer. Keep on writing, and I look forward to reading more of your other fanfictions soon! Congrats again on completing this superb story.

Author's Response: Having Remus kill Marta wouldn't have done anyone any good. Marta's daughter would still have the curse upon her and I wouldn't want Remus to kill a baby either. *shivers at the thought* You think I should add the horror/dark genre? I initially didn't think I could write anything that dark (then again, I tend to underestimate my abilities). I'll probably take your advice and set it up.

I'm happy to hear you liked my story despite the lack of a happy ending. I always knew from the beginning, when Benjamin appeared in my head, that this story wouldn't have a perfect ending like a lot of other stories. Thank you for the shower of compliments about how it was still good!

I plan to keep writing and my author's page has other stories you can check out if you so choose. Thank you so much for leaving this review and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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Review #41, by ScarletEye158 I: Welcome to My Life

18th September 2012:
Oooh, this was really good (:

I can't wait to find out more about Marta's friends and family and more about Benjamin! The plot for this story is really interesting... I've never read anything like this before! I'm excited to read more, and hopefully I can do so soon :) (school's been getting busier and busier every day!)

I love the characterization, by the way! Keep writing! :D


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the first chapter! I wrote this story because I hadn't seen anything like it done before and I wanted to be original. Marta's history will be spread out through the upcoming chapters. Take your time in reading- it's finished and not going anywhere!

I'm glad you also like the characterization. I tried to keep the Marauders according to canon as best I could. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #42, by rosepetal704 XIX: Everything Around Here Has Its Place

10th September 2012:
Oh my...*sobs* NOOO!!! HORRIBLE doesn't describe this!!! How could you do this?! With only the epilogue left, my last faint hopes of a happy ending have blown away. Like Marta's heart. There's no way this can end well. There's no way they can find a way to successfully destroy Benjamin without harming Marta with only ONE more update left.

I'm heartbroken now. Your writing skills are amazing. I am in awe of this story, now more than ever. Saying this chapter is SAD is such an understatement.

I keep thinking about it, but there's NO way this could end happily. There's only the epilogue left. Not nearly enough time to have a happy ending. Right? But though I'm heartbroken by that, I have to admit that if the story had ended in a manner similar to chapter 16, it would be less epic. Not to say this isn't totally depressing, but at least it's totally depressing in an amazing, well-written way.

I cannot wait to read the epilogue and see how this piece of incredible-ness wraps up. I keep speculating on it, wondering what it might be. I have a feeling it might take place in the future. Maybe Marta will realize that her life is over, but she can still stop Benjamin from continuing, and so kills herself to put an end to it all. That's the only end I can think of that would fit. And I used to worry about the end because Benjamin would surely be destroyed and I would be so sad, but now it's looking like it won't end well for BOTH Benjamin and Marta. And of course the Marauders. *sniff* But maybe the epilogue will contain something I don't expect at all.

Gah, I really cannot get over how incredibly DEPRESSING this all is! This sentence is so beautiful:

The hopeful look in his eyes faded at the same moment that the last remnants of my heart blew away.

Oh, Benjamin, Benjamin, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS? I still love him, but this is the closest I've come to despising him. I wonder if I'm the only one who still likes him at all now. You still do yourself, at least a little, right? It's so strange. How he's destroying Marta's life and Marta/Remus makes me REALLY want to hate him, and I DO actually rather hate him, but while still feeling so fond of him. All mixed up. :/

I feel like I really need to find the words to describe how amazing this story is, how much I've enjoyed reading it, how glad I am you wrote it...words feel inadequate. Thank you for another incredible (though impossibly sad) chapter. I look forward (and dread) seeing how you'll end this masterpiece. I know it'll be incredible, whatever it is.

Author's Response: I'm sorry for dashing your hopes and breaking your heart! It only turned out this way because my twisted sense of logic told me that Benjamin was too powerful to be overcome by Marta (and even with the Marauders' help). The epilogue will just tie up any loose ends still left around.

While the epilogue doesn't seem to be heading for a happily ever after, it definitely will be a better ending than if I had left it with Chapter 16 (or Chapter 17 minus the last line). I'm a little sad to be ending it, but at the same time I'm excited, because I've been looking forward to this for over a year now. (Has it been that long? My, how time flies!)

I must say, you are not the first in suggesting that Marta ends the story with taking her life. I'm a little surprised with a lot of people predicting such a morbid outcome, but at the same time I'm not really, based on the circumstances of the story. Whatever actually does happen, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I'll have enjoyed writing it.

You actually still love him?! Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one that still loved Benjamin! I've known since the beginning that Benjamin would do all this and I loved him, but a lot of people fell out of love when they saw the extent of his power and cruel attitude. I can totally understand your mixed feelings. Maybe you love to hate him? Hate to love him? Both?

You already found the words that describe how you like this story (look at the review here and all the others you've left for this in the past). I always looked forward to your reviews because they always made me feel appreciated for my small efforts. So, once again, thank you for being an awesome reviewer!

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Review #43, by Em XIX: Everything Around Here Has Its Place

9th September 2012:
Wow, that left me breathless. How terrible for Marta, now that Benjamin is back. Well please update soon! this story is so interesting!!

Author's Response: It was intense, right? I feel a little bad for Marta, since I made all this happen to her, but it's the way it has to be. There's only the epilogue left, which should be out in less than a week. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #44, by Em XVII: The Storm Outside Looks Nearly Over

9th September 2012:
He's still here! Somehow.. I knew it. Lol can't wait to find out what happens next!

Author's Response: Yup, he's not quite gone. Ooh, the next chapter is intense. Have fun reading!

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Review #45, by Em II: Please Leave All Broomsticks Outside

8th September 2012:
This story is fascinating so far. : ) Can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: I'm glad you find it interesting! Hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #46, by LittleMissPrincess XI: Indoor Apparition is Usually Considered Rude

8th September 2012:
HEY!! its me again!
since the forums didn't allow me to view your 'meet the authors' page ( sad face ) for some reason, i found a chapter that i hadn't already reviewed on and ...well here i am!
okay so i wanted to tell you that :
oh, and two other people have nominated you as well(:

Author's Response: Well, hello again! Oh, it is sad that you couldn't get to the MTA page. :( But I'm glad you think Benjamin is worthy enough to be nominated for a Dobby! Thanks a bunch! :D

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Review #47, by LittleMissPrincess XIX: Everything Around Here Has Its Place

8th September 2012:
well hello there. YAY! new chapter update! but i was reading your response to one of my reviews, and theres only one chapter left? - the epilogue?

and REMUS KNEW! he knew! that benjamin was behind this!
ugh. so much angst.
there has to be a way to kill benjamin... hmmm
but in this epilogue, whats gonna happen? will it take place in the future? will remus be with marta? or is it gonna be canon, and they wont be together? PLEASE update soon(:

Author's Response: So, I should take it that you hate Benjamin? Is that what you're trying to say? Good, just checking! After all, the main character trait I assigned to Benjamin is "evil." (But I still love him because of it.)

And hello again! Yes, sadly, there's only one more chapter for this story: the epilogue. I know, it's cruel, but that's the way it has to be.

Yes, Remus knows! It was because Marta's answer mirrored the one Benjamin gave Marta back when she was staying with her father and they just discussed it days ago.

I'm sorry, but I can't give you any hints about the contents of the epilogue. :( It would just spoil everything. The next chapter should be up in about a week, probably by next weekend or so (I'll have a lot of time to write this week).

As always, thank you for reviewing! I look forward to hearing from you after the epilogue and learning your thoughts about it!

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Review #48, by Love is a Mix Tape XIX: Everything Around Here Has Its Place

7th September 2012:
Benjamin is a really well-written villain. Stories that don't just focus on romance are great. I love this story and applaud you on having a new and interesting concept! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Benjamin as a villain. I don't recall seeing anything focusing on imaginary friends, so that's why I wrote this story. And it turned out better than I could have expected. Thank you reviewing and sharing your appreciation of this story and Benjamin!

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Review #49, by archer_of_the_wolves XIX: Everything Around Here Has Its Place

6th September 2012:
Oh man. I'm feeling all the feels for Marta. Wow.

As always, can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Yeah, this was all intense. Marta just couldn't get a lucky break, could she? Thanks for reviewing, and the epilogue will be out in about a week or so.

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Review #50, by AriPotter XIX: Everything Around Here Has Its Place

6th September 2012:
I'm crying. I'm seriously crying right now. Benjamin is just... I don't even know what to say. How long is this story going to be?

Author's Response: I'm sorry I made you cry! I hope you're not mad at me, but this story only has the epilogue remaining. And yeah, Benjamin is twisted and evil. Just breathe, okay? You'll be fine. (No promises about Marta, sadly.)

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