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Review #51, by Jchrissy War

5th October 2012:
I've been hearing about your Pansy centered fic from Dan, and I have to say I'm a sucker for a good Pansy story.

She's so sure of herself in this. Not only does she not think about the outcome if the Dark Lord wasn't to win, but she doesn't even deem it possible. She knows that if she's helpful, she'll be rewarded, and she's ready to live the life she thinks is perfect one.

I like that you showed her concern for Draco, and at first I thought it was simply because him dying would ruin her perfect world. Then I read through that part again and I felt that there was some genuine concern, something that showed (if even in a trophy wife sort of way) she did care about Draco.

I love watching as Slughorn turned back. He was that character that you never really knew what to expect of. He did good things, but mainly for himself. And Pansy seems to have also figured that out, and I have to say I think her mild surprise was very well placed.

You have made someone that's typically thought of as brainless into a very intelligent girl. She's not a good person right now by any means, she cares nothing of the people who may die (unless it's Draco) but she's still very smart and calculation. She even thinks in a plotting sort of manner. And it seems so logical from her viewpoint! There's no real reason to be there, her Lord will of course win, and her life will be a much better place in the morning.

She has the kind of naivety that is dangerous, because what she's clueless about is going to crumble her world very soon. Even when she told them to grab Potter, she didn't realize that no one would. Because no one wanted to watch others die. No one wanted to live in a world where they were going to be extinct if they had a drop of muggle blood. But she thought that their own need to get out of the fire would be enough to sacrifice Harry... ahh you are very wrong m'dear Pansy.

I've seen a lot of people try and take Pansy's prejudice away, which makes me dislike the fic instantly. This is who she is, and I'm excited to watch how what the outcome is forces her to think in a new light, if it ever does.

Very captivating first chapter, darling!!

Author's Response: First, let me just say THANK-YOU so much for stopping by to review this story! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get around to responding- I'm not quite sure what's happened to my time.

When I was writing this I found it quite fun to write from her perspective. For me, I felt that there could be no doubt on her part as to which side would win- after all, the Dark Lord is the more powerful one of the two.

Pansy did care for him, I do believe, in more than just a "if he dies it will ruin my plans" sort of way. For me, she's built her life around him for so long that he's rather become her life... And through that she's developped feelings for him. I'm not exactly sure though that I'd describe those feelings as "love".

What was really interesting for me about writing Slughorn's part in this chapter was that I'd already written a one-shot about him during the Battle of Hogwarts describing why he turned around and fought. I had a very clear image of how he should be acting and what he would be saying... And Pansy's reactions to it were very fun to write as well.

I'm so glad that you liked the way I portrayed Pansy here. Throughout the story I find it's a very fine balancing act between writing Pansy as intelligent/clever and remaining true to her portrayal in the books. I chose to view Pansy as a misguided person who doesn't relate to others in the proper manner...She's not the smartest of the bunch, that's for sure, but she's not stupid either- why else would the hat have placed her in Slytherin? (And don't mention Crabbe or Goyle here...)

I don't think that I could have written this without Pansy's prejudice because that's who she is. Without the prejudice, her reasons for acting the way she does is gone.

Anyway, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the first chapter- thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and review!

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Review #52, by Gabriella Hunter Interactions

4th October 2012:

I'm sorry that I haven't read this in a while and didn't immediately attack it the moment it was updated. Annoyingly, I've been really busy and started uploading my own stories and blah, blah, blah. It takes alot of my time, being this amazing! All kidding aside though, I really enjoyed this chapter. It felt like Pansy was making a bit more of herself known, in her own way, by interacting with her co-workers. Though she's still thinking too much and being adorably analytical when she doesn't need to be, its actually sort of cute. I don't know why, but there it is. Anyway, I do like that you have some sort of dynamics in the Archives, especially after she made that bad mistake with Terrence. The fact that, while she was looking out for herself but did send an apology spoke volumes I think and I was glad that she did it. For a moment I thought that she wouldn't, with her old pride prickling up but she surprised me. Pansy's character seems to be changing quite a bit but I am a bit sad, especially by one of the lines in the beginning. To save her family's reputation, she's showing no love for her Death Eater father and I can tell that her relationship with her mother is very strained. I'm not sure how you're going to resolve this but I hope it gets better for her, I can sense how alone she feels. And, let's talk about that prat Cyril for a moment! He's starting to really get on my nerves and I hope that you expand a bit on his hatred for Pansy and purebloods. I want to know what his issue is and I want, in my violent little mind, for Pansy to chew him out but I don't think she'd do that. :p
Now! How about that rude Auror? I wish you had said who it was so I could have gotten a bit more information to see how they knew one another. But regardless, it was a tense few sentences and paragraphs because he was obviously trying to be as politely-mean as possible. It took alot for Pansy I think, to do her job, reign in her pride and keep her temper in check. I don't blame her for slamming the door though, she could have ranted and screamed too but that sound was rather satisfying I'm sure. Phew!
Now, excellent work as always! No grammar things, the pacing was amazing and I really love the characters that you've got going. I'm hoping for a bit more and I hope Pansy continues to grow! Now, I'll be back to the next chapter soon, I promise!
Much love,

Author's Response: And now it is I who must say sorry that's it's taken me so long to respond to this... And I truly am sorry! From this, I can definitely say that I understand being busy, so there's no worries! I just wanted to let you know that there were more chapters for you to read, if you wanted.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed this chapter! Yes, poor Pansy does have a rather unique way of viewing the people around her... And I don't think that it's going to disappear any time soon, so it's good that you like it!

Pansy did experience a rather large change when she sent the apology letter- ah... the things she does for the sake of her family- and the things that she will do in the future... :) I'm so pleased that you think that Pansy's character is changing (though hopefully you don't think it's in a bad or unrealistic manner). This story has actually covered years, so it makes sense that she's changed.

Ah, yes- the struggles with her family. I won't say much on this topic except that I do have something very particular planned in the future...

I'm not sure if I will expand on Cyril's character at the moment (though I certainly will if I can fit it in!). At the moment, though, I will say that Cyril was on the side of the Light during the war, if that clarifies it any for you.

I look forward to seeing your reviews in the future and I promise that I will try my hardest to respond to them sooner!

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Review #53, by CambAngst Interactions

19th September 2012:
Hello, again! Let's see what new adventures Pansy has today!

"And yet she stopped herself from talking about her family, her mother and father, with that same fondness because she was supposed to be a changed person. And a changed person could not love her Death Eater father." - This made me kind of sad. There's still an awful lot about love and relationships that she doesn't understand.

I love the prank that Jonathan plays on Teresa. It reminds me a little of Jim and Dwight from The Office. He is definitely starting to grow on me.

Pansy makes an interesting sort of progress when she apologizes to Terrance. Obviously it would have been better if she'd simply been able to talk to him, but the letter is definitely more consistent with her upbringing. I suppose it also eliminated the possibility of an unfortunate slip of the tongue. I definitely liked the thought process behind it.

"Astor, as comforting as he was, wasnít much of a help in this area. Her feelings for him were uncomplicated and without motive, and she was more thinking than feeling in her attitude towards her co-workers." - What a brilliantly unintentional revelation!

I found myself wondering who the Auror was that made Pansy so upset. I suppose it wasn't important to the plot, but you did indicate that they recognized one another, which was sort of a tease on your part. Her bristling reaction to his presence and his authority over her seemed very sensible and in line with her character. She has not let go of the anger that she feels about the way her family was treated after the war. From her point of view, the Auror enjoyed toying with her, although I supposed that could have been colored a bit by her perception.

The way you ended the chapter was perfect, I thought. Pansy stewing in her own anger, unable to share it with anyone because of this emotional wall she's erected around herself. I have to imagine that these lumps in her throat are going to become more and more common, and it makes me sad for her.

I noticed two fairly minor typo's you might want to take another look at:

-- "that it was alright to have experience delays..." - I think either have or experience needs to go away in this sentence.

-- "Pansy learned that she had moved out of her parentsí house over two years to rent a flat." - two years ago?

Overall, another good chapter. She's trying so hard, but she still doesn't seem to know quite what to do. Hopefully her walls will begin to come down at some point. Til next time!

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks once again for reading and reviewing and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your review!

Yes, Pansy's still fairly ignorant when it comes to love and relationships. Writing from her perspective can be a little depressing because of this- she truly doesn't understand how to relate to other people, even when they try and reach out to her.

Haha- I'm glad that you like Jonathan. He's definitely an interesting character and very different from Pansy.

Yes, Pansy is slowly changing. It's currently out of her mindset for her to apologize in person but she's beginning to recognize the need for it, even if it's not as pure-hearted as might have been preferred.

I wasn't really thinking about a specific identity when I wrote the Auror section. In my mind, he would only know her through the Auror presence in her manor a few years ago as well as the documents the department is sure to have on her family. I wrote her anger at his presence because he's a very physical reminder of the reason why her family lost their prestige as well as for his condescending attitude towards her. If you look at the situation outside of her perspective, I think that the Auror had a very brisk and harried manner and clearly expected her to help him very quickly... And she translated this assumption into something more personal.

I'm so glad that you liked the way I ended the chapter! Pansy is still very obsessed with her image and she won't allow herself to share any of her vulnerability with the world. Yes, you've spotted it right- the lumps are going to appear more often before being replaced by something else.

Thanks for pointing out those typos! I'll be sure to go back and fix them!

I hope to post the next chapter within the next couple of days. Thanks once again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #54, by Gabriella Hunter Curiosity

8th September 2012:

I'm back! Surprise! I'm sorry that it took a minute for me to get back to you, I've been really busy with boring adult stuff and actually started typing again myself. :p
I'm out of the groove with my characters and it sucks!
Anyway! We're back with Pansy again of course and I was able to gather that she isn't quite having the easiest time in the Archives, making friends that is. I thought it was very odd and a little funny that she had decided to make notes on all of her co-workers so that she could somehow fit in. You could really see how awkward she was with bridging the gaps with other people and I'm really interested to see how she develops farther in her studies. Theresa was a surprise for me because I didn't think that she would be the person that Pansy would even talk to first, being so outlandish and all. For whatever reason, I expected her to talk to Felicity more but perhaps that's something that will happen in the near future? And Bennett returned! I was excited and so wrapped up in Pansy's brooding that I nearly forgot about him but while he was there, I was a bit wary on what he really wanted. He was asking alot of questions about Pansy, as if she were something in a story that he hadn't quite figured out yet. I'm almost certain that he means her no harm but at the same time I can't help but hope that Pansy stays suspicious of his motives, at least for now. You can never be too careful with charming reporters that ask about your precious pugs you know! :D
She wasn't exactly falling for his charm though, I can say that I was proud of her but I really can't wait to see how their relationship (?) develops and what she'll eventually file down for him. I have a feeling that his note might be rather confusing and long and she'll spend quite a bit of time on it! Hahah. Will we be seeing him again soon? :D
I saw in your A/N that you were working on another story! Hm.I shall have to get on that! AND! I left you some pestering questions on your MTA, feel free to answer those whenever you have the time!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hey! It's great to see your review! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond- I've been bogged down with work. And congrats on getting back into writing! It is fun, isn't it? :)

No, Pansy isn't having the easiest time of it in the Archives. Her co-workers are very different from the types of people she's used to associating with and of course she has to be very careful in how she interacts with them. She's having difficulty understanding them and that's where the notes come in (which I agree are a strange way of starting friendships but then again Pansy isn't exactly normal...).

Felicity may or may not play a larger role in the future- I haven't quite decided that. Some of the things in this story seem to write themselves, though I do know where I'm going to end up.

Yes, Adri's back and he's asking a lot of questions! You'll continue to see him in future chapters and Pansy's reactions to him... Their relationship (if that's what you want to call it) definitely will change and develop. (I won't say more on that topic!). But yes, you can never be too careful about reporters who ask about your pugs!

I look forward to seeing your reviews for my other story, if you get a chance to look at it. It's a lot shorter than this story is and mostly written. I'll pop over and answer your questions as soon as I have time- thank you so much for leaving them! Questions are so much fun to answer!

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Review #55, by CambAngst Curiosity

7th September 2012:
Back again for another chapter of Pansy's slow progress toward normality!

Ah, Adri Bennett is back. We haven't seen him for quite a while, but he's always an interesting one. Or interested, perhaps. I'm still trying to figure out his interest in Pansy. Whether her family history makes her intriguing to him or whether there's something more to it.

One thought I had about Adri and his appearance in this chapter is that the "aside" with Pansy's thoughts on her coworkers that comes between the initial mention of Adri and the actual beginning of his interaction with Clive is rather long. It makes up about 1/3 of the chapter, and by the time he reappears, my reaction was almost, "oh, yeah! Adri was here." I'm wondering whether it might be better to break Pansy's introspection about her coworkers up a little bit, so that it's interspersed with Clive and Adri's conversation?

Her thoughts about her coworkers were very well done, however. I loved all of the little thoughts and observations you worked into them that were just quintessentially Pansy.

"Even if Pansy thought that Theresa was too fanatical about her job, she had decided that she could do worse than imitate her style (though of course she had added the Parkinson flair to it)." - Ha! I love that Parkinson flair.

It's the little things about the way you write her that keep her so perfectly in character. The way she methodically watches her coworkers, but has to make sure that they don't realize that she's watching them. (They probably do realize, don't they?) The way that her father's voice always haunts the back of her mind. And especially the way that she rationalizes her need to become close to her coworkers while at the same time believing that she's better than all of them.

"There had obviously been mistakes in her notes and she needed to find them and correct them." - Oh, goodness. She is so stuck in this analytical approach to trying to figure people out!

I'm more curious than ever what Adri is playing at. His interest in Pansy and the way that life is treating her could be professional or it could be genuine. Or perhaps both. He's enigmatic in this story. Since he's a lonely voice urging caution in the rush to change the world after the Second Wizarding War, it's easy to imagine that he sees Pansy as being indicative of the fate of people who simply had the misfortune to be related to the wrong person.

The way that she's interested in him but is uncomfortable with the idea of him being too interested in her... OK, I don't want to use the word "interesting" again in this review, but let's just say it's very intriguing. Even from a distance, it seemed like he was able to touch her in a way that she didn't understand. The lump in her throat was a great little character development moment. I think it presages a big emotional breakthrough for her.

Your writing was flawless in this chapter, very impressive! I'm usually able to pick out at least one or two little things, but this was pristine! Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you once again for reading and reviewing! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this- I've found myself swamped with work.

I'm that you find Adri interesting- it certainly wouldn't be good to keep re-introducing a boring character, now would it? And as to his purpose, you'll have to read on to find that out (though it won't be revealed for at least another few chapters). :)

Thanks for pointing that out- yes, it probably would be better! I know that I had Adri's part written out and then included that introspection at a later date... I suppose I got a little carried away with it. :) I'll have to go back and re-work that section.

I'm glad that you liked her comments on her co-workers. It's very interesting to write about them from Pansy's view point, since she is so opinionated on a matter that influences how she views everything. And it makes me so happy to hear that you still think that she's in character (especially with the small shifts that have occurred over the story so far).

I haven't really thought about if they've noticed but I think that they probably have (Pansy's not the most skilled...). It's not a big point for them (yet) because they all have odd quirks and they don't really see the harm in it.

Haha- I tend to use "interesting" as well in a lot of your reviews (it just works so well with what I want to express...) so it's not a problem.

The "lump" moment was definitely a very interesting moment to write (and there I go using "interesting"). Pansy has, in some ways, avoided thinking about her father being in Azkaban and the small comment really brought the knowledge home that her father is in prison. The moment is definitely the beginning of a change in her behaviour (though it won't be large, I don't think).

Thank you once again for reviewing this chapter and for your compliments! I really appreciate it!

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Review #56, by SilentConfession War

20th August 2012:
Hi Roots!

This has taken a while but i wanted to thank you so much for all your work in the HC and especially with all the podcast reviews! You were such a star!

I really like how you've done this story and the perspective you chose to write it from is unique for me because i rarely venture into Pansy tales. I love how you've chosen to tell it from the moment she was escorted out of Hogwarts. I've always wondered about it and i think you did an excellent job at portraying the Pansy we all know from the books. I find that some authors when they write characters that were pretty jerkish in the books try to make them nicer around the edges (like Draco for instance) because they want readers to relate to them better. You didn't do that and were able to just show her for what she was. Sure, i can't really relate to her but i appreciate that she's stayed in canon.

You did a great job with writing in a bunch of little details, like how she was listening for the animal grunts and the cries of terror to Milly holding the edges of her pillowcase. It almost seemed to show how Pansy related to house elves and expected them to have a certain stance or something. Anyway, it was really nice because i love when authors pay such close attention to details like that! It also just showed her really pureblood attitude toward the whole war and although it really irritated me you really dug into who she was as a person at that time.

I particularly liked her never fading belief that her side would win. She leaves no other option and her steadfastness makes me almost believe it along with her. I liked how she showed her belief as well by being the one to take care of all the young purebloods and thinking she'll be rewarded for it later. You really made her unlikeable in some of her shallow thinking and one-sidedness. But through this chapter i couldn't help but think how fleshed out as a character she seems to be. You've taken a generally unlikeable character and made her just as unlikeable and yet i'm still interested in her story so great job with that!

The ending was really nice as well because you just see that she's just a reflection of what she's grown up with. She's mirroring her mother with exactly how she deals with issues, she ignores them and waits for the outcome. It makes me think of how may other things in her life she's simply mirroring. It makes her a very shallow character but there is so much you can build on.

Great job with this, i loved reading it and i'm definitely going to try and continue on with it.

Author's Response: Hey! You were just as brilliant with the HC and don't worry about the time- look at how long it took me to respond to this review (in my defense, I was on vacation...). :)

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the manner in which I started off this story. You're not alone in finding Pansy-stories unusual... I think I've only read one or two myself. And I'm glad that you think I did a good job portraying her. We didn't see a lot of her in the books but we did see enough to get a sense of what is or isn't canon for her.

I don't think that Pansy would be Pansy anymore if she wasn't so prejudiced and narrow-minded. It certainly is harder, but I do think it is possible to make a character "human" without removing their rough spots. Not all humans are good and I think that it's possible to even get to like those characters if you understand why they're doing what they're doing.

I'm glad that you liked the details I included! I find that sometimes I focus too much on one thing and then forget to describe the whole... And I don't think that happened in this chapter, which I'm happy about. And yes, as irritating as her pureblood thoughts can be, I don't think that she would have been thinking anything else that night. What reason would she have to believe that Voldemort would lose?

As I mentionned before, I'm glad that you liked how I portrayed Pansy here. It's how I pictured her reacting in those scenes and I truly believe that she held no doubts that Voldemort would win. Yes, she can be unlikeable... But I hope that she grows on you as you follow her in her story.

I'm glad that you liked the ending (and how many times have I said "I'm glad" in this response?). Pansy truly is a reflection of her upbringing, as you said, and her family will continue to play a pivotal role in her life.

I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the future chapters! Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #57, by CambAngst Meeting

17th August 2012:
Good morning! (OK, at least where I am...) Back for another installment of Pansy.

I thought this chapter was a good introduction to Pansy's new work routine and the people she's meeting there. It seemed to me like you set up a lot of potential future interactions for her -- some good, some bad and some rather humorous. Throughout, you peppered in plenty of small details that make Pansy undeniably herself. Her approach to everything is so methodical and grounded in this somewhat stunted understanding of human relationships that she took from her father.

Ooh! I like the mention of Aurors that you slipped in there. That certainly suggests some interesting encounters in Pansy's future. I was a little surprised that she didn't prickle, at least mentally, to the mention of them.

"Pansy almost raised her eyebrow at the idea that her request would be denied or put aside but remembered just in time that she couldnít show any indications that she still considered herself better than everyone else in the room." - Ha! That's my girl!

The way that she keeps notes on her various coworkers is probably the crowning touch of the chapter in terms of continuing to develop her character. She approaches people as though they're puzzles to be solved. Or maybe it would be better to say, pieces of a larger puzzle that she's desperately trying to assemble in her mind. At any rate, she doesn't approach people as though they're people, which I fear is going to come back to bite her in the end.

Hmmnn... So there's already one person she works with who seems to be aware of her family's past and hold it against her. Another interesting situation waiting to play out...

Awww... So it's all giving her sleepless nights. Her anxiety is probably the most human thing about her, and it's both sad and hopeful, in a way. Perhaps she'll finally come around someday, if she can let go of that part of her upbringing that seems to always hold her back.

Your writing was completely flawless in this chapter.

I hope you have a wonderful vacation and I look forward to more!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing another chapter!

I'm glad that you liked the introduction to Pansy's work routine- I was slightly worried that the explanation of the Archives wouldn't make sense because I haven't worked in a place like it. But all authors have to make things up when they don't have a basis, don't they? And I'm glad that you liked her co-workers... You're right in that there will be plenty of funny/irritating/sweet moments to come! I haven't planned any particular encounters yet, but I definitely have some ideas, including some with the Aurors.

As for why Pansy didn't prickle at their mention... I don't have a reason. I didn't think of it as I was writing it, though it definitely makes sense that Pansy would prickle. Perhaps I'll go back and include it now. Thanks!

Pansy definitely doesn't understand other people and it's going to cause her some problems because she just doesn't relate to them in the right way. It's more mechanical than anything else, and perhaps other people will feel this... However, she's trying and what more can we ask?

Thanks once again for reviewing this chapter and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! The next chapter should be up as soon as I finish writing it! It has the reappearance of an familiar face. :)

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Review #58, by CambAngst Archives

16th August 2012:
I'm back. Finally! The last two weeks have totally gotten away from me. But better tardy than absent...

It's an interesting sort of progress to see darling Pansy begin to deal with some of the small vexations and inconveniences that life throws her way -- the icy snow, the cold weather, the need to use the visitor's entrance to the Ministry -- in a manner that's actually appropriate for a real human being. Granted, they still frustrate her on the inside, but she's learned to control it, which seems like major progress for her.

I have to wonder what you have in mind for poor, old Richards. You've dwelled on him just enough to pique my interest and make me hope that he has some interesting, future role to play in Pansy's life. I can't imagine what it might be, but I'm keeping him in mind.

Pansy is still so status-conscious. The need for official recognition, in the form of a permanent badge, seems very pressing to her. And her immediate need to compare her robes to Theresa's... certain things just never seem to go away with her.

Hmmnn... although I'm guessing that Theresa is not related to the Weasley's, it's an interesting possibility.

"Sorceror's Fancy" - Awesome! I can only imagine what sort of, um, articles that one contains.

Jonathan is another interesting addition to the little menagerie of the Archives. He's plainly been there for long enough that he follows his own routine and can't be bothered to adhere to anyone else's rules. Not that he has none, mind you. The fact that he vanished the spit from the floor seems to confirm that he has standards. He just refuses to be held to anyone else's.

I love her commitment to becoming part of the team and building a rapport with her coworkers. She knows what she needs to do, and I think it's going to oscillate between amusing and heart-warming to watch her do it.

A nice little chapter, overall. I couldn't find any issues with your writing. It all flowed nicely and I felt the plot continue to move forward. I see you've already posted the next chapter, yet another testament to how far behind I've fallen. But I think that will have to be tomorrow's project. Until next time!

Author's Response: I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your review(s). I really do appreciate them!

Yes, Pansy's learning to control her outward reactions, though her reasoning is slightly more extreme than most. She cares more than most people about her reputation and what others think of her and it shows in her every action in public.

That's an interesting way of putting her... I'd never thought about describing her as "status-conscious" before but it definitely fits! And yes, Theresa isn't related to the Weasleys (I think we would have heard of her long ago if she was).

I'm glad that you like Jonathon- he's an interesting character to write. He certainly does like to stir up the atmosphere in the Archives and Pansy doesn't quite understand how to handle him yet...

Pansy will encounter some uncomfortable situations where she won't know how to react... But she will continue! She won't give up, even though she will encounter difficulties along the way to forming those relationships (we certainly couldn't have her having an easy time, now could we?).

Thanks for taking the time to read and review- I really appreciate them!

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Review #59, by Gabriella Hunter Meeting

11th August 2012:

And I'm back with another review for you that I should have given a while ago! Forgive me! Real life is a real bummer you know!
Anyway, I was really fascinated with how you had the Archive system, I had never given it any thought, just sort of shuddered at the thought of so much parchment and filing. Pansy seemed to be moving along slowly buy surely and I really liked the dynamics you put into all of her co-workers. Some are more
interesting than others and I don't know why but I'm really interested in seeing more of Felicity, just because she's so quiet. And this Cyril had better not become some horrible bully to Pansy, I wouldn't stand for it but I'm interested in knowing what the issue there is. You'll probably elaborate in future chapters, I'm assuming? I hope so!
I also want to see if Pansy can bridge that dangerous gap into getting a friend. Its going to be hard work and I can understand why she would have some trouble getting there. Who the friend will be is going to be pretty interesting for me and I hope they'll make it all right and Pansy can be who she wants to be.
As usual, a great read and I'll be back as soon as you post another chapter!
Until then!
Much love,

Author's Response: Thanks for leaving another great review! I'm glad that you liked the Archive system- I found it to be an interesting thing to write about because I've never been on the inside of a system like it (shush- don't tell).

I'm glad that you like her co-workers so far and don't worry- they will definitely be appearing in future chapters! Cyril definitely does have an issue with Pansy and I think it will be revealed in a future chapter (I haven't decided how, or if it will be revealed at all. But it probably will).

Pansy will certainly try to bridge the gap, though I won't guarantee that she'll have much success to begin with! Thanks once again for reading and reviewing and I'll try to post the next chapter as soon as possible.

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Review #60, by T Archives

8th August 2012:
Good job. I'm enjoying the way you're putting together Pansey's attempts to "recover her life" post-Hogwarts. Gotta say it would be nice if your chapters were a little longer. Keep writing.

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to review! I'm glad that you're enjoying the story so far.

I plan to have the next chapter up very soon!

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Review #61, by Gabriella Hunter Craddle

8th August 2012:

I'm sorry that its taken me a minute to review this for you, I've been going through some boring real life issues that demanded my reluctant attention. Can you believe that?
Anyway, here I am! I was delighted to see that Pansy had actually landed a job in this chapter and I was really curious about Craddle. He seems like he might be the exact opposite of Pansy and that might actually be a good thing, his presence might bring her out of her shell a bit. :D
I'm looking forward to seeing how her relationships in the work office develop. The fact that she has finally landed a job and is still persistent on restoring her family's reputation is actually pretty admirable. I'm a bit concerned about her mother though and I'm not sure if you're going to put int a subplot with her or not but I'm hoping things turn out. Not sure how that would work when Pansy might be so busy, I have a feeling she would be really embarrassed if her mum found out she was working.
I liked the description of the archives and the fact that Craddle admitted to it not being very popular. It seems like a messy place to be for a minute and its probably not what Pansy was expecting but she can't really complain.
Not sure where you're going to go with this but I'm rooting for Pansy to get some happiness or at least a routine. I'll be going to the next chapter soon, I don't have as much time as I would like and that's depressing as various other stories need me! :(
Anyway, excellent piece of work as usual and I have nothing to complain about. Keep up the amazing job! I am a devoted fan!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hello! It's great to see you again and it's no worries about the wait- real life always takes priority, I understand.

Yes, Pansy has finally landed a job, after all of the disappointment, work and troubles of the other chapters. Craddle was a lot of fun to write and you'll see more of him in future chapters, though at the moment I don't think that he will play the most prominant role. He doesn't appear much in the day-to-day aspect of the Archives.

You'll be introduced to her co-workers in the following chapters. I'm interested to see what you think of them. And Pansy will be very determined to work out their relationships in her favour. This first impression of the Archives definitely wasn't what Pansy expected but she will eventually get used to it. It's not so completely different from her expectations and, as you said, she can't really complain.

And yes, something will be happening with her mother... :)

Pansy's life will continue to change and I can promise you that it will settle into some type of a routine... At least for a little while. Thanks once again for taking the time to read and review! I really appreciate your continued reading!

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Review #62, by CambAngst Craddle

31st July 2012:
Yay! Things are finally looking up for dear Pansy!

But before I get to that point, I'm developing a suspicion that things are not well with her mother. Your description at the start of this chapter seemed almost sickly. She also seems to be withdrawing, spending less time outside of her chambers. Her optimism for her husband is so sad and misplaced. I have a feeling that I can foresee at least one crisis that Pansy will be dealing with in the future.

It sounds as though Pansy has descended into the rarely-traveled bowels of the Ministry to find the archives. Must be very intimidating for a person who's so used to being surrounded by cleanliness and order.

I liked the way you portrayed Mr. Craddle. He seemed very eccentric and mercurial, but he also had a kind way about him. Somebody who would probably be fun to work with once you got to know him. I did think that you could have given us a little more of a physical description of the man. You find many different types of men in bars and gambling halls, after all. ;)

It's going to be very interesting to watch Pansy interact with her new coworkers. Given her upbringing, I can't help but imagine that she'll find some of them beneath her. Well, alright, she'll probably find all of them to be beneath her, but the ones who are not in a position of authority over her will probably bother her a lot more. This will be a huge test of her commitment to restoring her family's reputation.

This chapter was short, but very well written. I couldn't find anything in terms of typos or grammatical problems.

Until next time!

Author's Response: Thanks once again for taking the time to read and review!

Yes, things are indeed finally looking up for Pansy. She's finally gotten a job, which will support her financially as she tries to restore her family's reputation.

You are correct in that her mother's not doing so well and there will be a crisis for her to deal with in the future... However, I'm not going to say just how far into the future this crisis will occur. :)

The archives aren't a very popular place because not many departments and businesses feel the need to utilize it. However, it is a necessary part of the Ministry- it would be foolish not to store information in an organized manner.

I see what you mean about his description. I thought that I had included more of a physical description of him, throughout the later part of the chapter, but I suppose the idea was more in my head than on paper...

Yes, there will definitely be some conflicts between Pansy and her co-workers. However, she'll be very aware of the fact that her every interaction with them affects her reputation and will try to be cautious with her words. That might not work out so well, though...

The next chapter should hopefully be up in a week's time!

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Review #63, by Gabriella Hunter Rejection

24th July 2012:

I instantly hopped onto this when I had the time to devote to the wonderful writing! So here I am! :D
I really liked this chapter, it was very eye opening for Pansy and where she wanted to be in her life. It was a bit funny (Even though I know how it feels) when she was waiting for a reply on her resume and still trying to preserve her pride. It was even more startling to me that she had sent off something to the Quibbler of all places and I knew that her desperation must have reached its max to give in to something like that! But her daily routine and her goals seem to be sliding out of her control for just a moment because I was a little concerned when she started talking to her reflection again. Not quite happy about that but I hope she breaks out of that and finds someone to trust, that was a very well written part as well. I had assumed that she hadn't exactly broached alot of tender moments while in Slytherin and it was more than apparent in this chapter. But she has done something I didn't expect! She has written a letter that was more of a shove in the "popular" opinion and I was very surprised. But she has to do what she can to survive, right? I wonder how this will affect her relationships with the other wizards and witches she'll come into contact with. I'm really eager for more! :D
Much love,

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm so happy that you liked this chapter- yes, Pansy's life is finally moving along. I know it's a little odd that she sent something off to the Quibbler, but don't forget that she really wants to repair her reputation in society and getting a job at the Quibbler would go a long way in showing that she's changed. It would also help because she'd have a more active role in its publication.

I'm glad that you liked that part of the chapter- poor Pansy is finally realizing that she doesn't have any friends, except for her reflection (if she can even count her, that is).

Yes- she's written to the Archives now. However, you'll just have to wait and see what happens! The next chapter should be up in about a week's time! Thanks once again for reading!

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Review #64, by CambAngst Rejection

23rd July 2012:
Hello, again! Awesome to see another chapter posted!

I'm really falling in love with this idea of Snape, the Career Counselor! It makes me giggle. Even when he's trying to help his students, he insults them.

"Sometimes her reassurances made her feel worse than her original worries." - Brilliant!

There was one paragraph right near the beginning where your writing got a little rough before you settled down into your usual, smooth rhythm:

-- "... she refused to contact resend her applications..." - strike 'contact'

Her vigil in the dining room was the first sad note in a chapter that quickly turned very troubled and introspective for Pansy. All of her little rationalizations and equivocations were humorous in a way, but also left me feeling for her. She really has no idea how these things work in the real world.

The rejection from the Quibbler was quite a splash of cold water. I can easily imagine either Luna or Xeno penning the letter, although I think it's more fun to imagine Luna. The frightening thing is that Luna -- lacking a dishonest bone in her body -- probably actually believed that Pansy's presence would upset the Humdingers. Somehow that makes the whole affair more sad to me.

I really liked her, well, her reflections on the significance of her reflection. It's strange to read about her being so frank with herself about this fairly obvious manifestation of her diminished mental condition. As the chapter wore on, however, and her desire for an end to her isolation became more and more apparent, it all made a lot of sense.

One thing that did feel a bit odd was that it took her several days to confide in her reflection about her rejection letter. Perhaps that's simply her "trust nobody" attitude coming through, but given her thoughts on how she was able to open up and share things with her reflection, the timing seemed a bit protracted. Then again, if I think about it a different way, it seems symptomatic of her need for control and confidentiality. At any rate, I wanted to be sure and mention it.

Her reflection was strangely sympathetic, given that it's been rather aloof at some points in the past. The way that it reaches forward and touches the glass was an uncharacteristically warm moment for a Parkinson. And, as quickly as Pansy feels somewhat reassured, her reflection is gone. Completely consistent with the pattern you've been building and the causality.

When she yearns for the simplicity of a dog's life, and sees just a hint of her reflection in the dining room window, I thought that was another telling moment. That room has begun to feel as much like a prison to her as her own chambers, it seems.

So it seems like the Ministry Archives will be her destination, at least for now. It should be a very interesting first day of work, assuming this all works out!

Author's Response: Thanks once again for reviewing! I love reading your reviews!

I know what you mean about Snape being of career counselor- he's definitely not the ideal person to fulfill the job. But due to his position as Head of House he's the logical choice... However unfortunately.

Thanks for pointing out the rough paragraph and the extra word- sometimes I stop writing in the middle of a paragraph or even a sentence to jump to write an idea I just had, and it can be tough to regain the rhythm of the passage.

Yes, Pansy is truly incapable of functioning in the world. She's trying her best, though with the knowledge she's lacking and the beliefs she refuses to abandon it's tough for her to react in the manner that most people would.

When I wrote the letter I was imagining that Luna actually did mean what she said. I believe that her thoughts were along the lines that Pansy's an odd person who would disturb the Humdingers.

Yes, Pansy is desiring an end to her isolation. However, whether or not she'll be able to actually make a true relationship is still up in the air- she has a plan in mind and, to her, that takes precedence to her feelings. But as we all know, feelings don't always follow the path we want them to...

I have two reasons for the gap in time. The first reason behind the gap is that her reflection hasn't been showing up regularly. Her reflection doesn't appear every single time that Pansy walks into her chambers. Even if Pansy's shaken mental state should have indicated that her reflection would appear, as you said Pansy doesn't like to immediately confide in others. She wants to feel in control and she would have been very angered and frustrated that, supposedly, the Lovegoods had "gotten one up on her". However, Pansy eventually felt upset enough that her reflection was able to appear.

Her reflection was unusually warm towards Pansy in this chapter, I definitely agree with you on that. However, her reflection does want Pansy to succeed (most of the time, at least) and she was, perhaps, reflecting Pansy's desire for her isolation to end.

Pansy will soon be out of her prison, at least for the hours that she's at work. But first she has to obtain a job... And yes, you're correct in that her current destination is the Ministry Archives. Her first day of work is coming up soon!

Thanks once again for reviewing! The next chapter should hopefully be up in a week's time.

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Review #65, by Maybe War

19th July 2012:
First of all, I think you did a brilliant job on getting inside Pansy's head - her characterisation was very good and I enjoyed getting insight into the pureblood mindset. I especially liked the mentality that the pureblood youth must be protected and that Pansy took her job very seriously, not wanting to disappoint the Dark Lord.

The descriptions of the manor were very interesting - the difference of the Parkinson family from other pureblood families where they don't need to lavishly decorate, I think really sets them apart and will make this story very interesting. I also think it adds to Pansy's characterisation. Like she feels she's superior to even other purebloods. Her confidence as well added to the overall sense of her character. A great start to the story!

- Emily

Hufflepuff Review Spree!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm so glad that you think I did a good job of getting inside her head - I'm trying hard to ensure that I continue to characterize her right. It's interesting to write from her perspective because, at least in this story, she truly believes in the pureblood supremity but she has to hide her beliefs because Voldemort lost the war.

Yes, Pansy definitely feels that the Parkinsons have an edge over everybody else. Her devotion to her family will play an important role in this story.

Great idea with the Hufflepuff review spree! Maybe I'll join you!

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Review #66, by Gabriella Hunter Decisions

18th July 2012:

I was going to read this yesterday but decided to devote a much longer review today since I didn't have the time then. As always, I was glad to be back and I'm really enjoying the way you've continued to give more information on the Wizarding world. The slight changes here and there are reflected well with Pansy's POV and I agree that Harry sort of got off easy, being an Auror and all that. Not that I hate him but that was something I was nodding my head to, it sort of isn't fair but regardless, there it was. I was disappointed in Pansy's NEWTs! Bad her! Hahah, but I totally understand the sort of pressure she was under, but at least she took them. If the War hadn't have happened, I'm wondering if she would have ever bothered at all, I sort of enjoyed how you added in her flashbacks with Snape too. Poor him, reading her terrible essays...:D
That last little bit was a good surprise! I had never thought of her working as a reporter before but I think it suits her very well--I just hope she won't turn into a monster like Rita Skeeter. :p
But this also means that she might be around Mr. Bennett a bit more, and I'm curious to see how you develop things between them a bit, I can't wait to find out more about him. :D
Now, I shall leave you to type and as always, update immediately! I'll be looking forward to it!
Much love,

Author's Response: Thanks once again for reviewing! I always love to hear your thoughts on the chapters.

Once again I'm glad that you like the slight changes I've made to the Wizarding world. And, to be honest, I'd never really thought about Harry's placement in the Aurors as being unfair before but when I was writing it through Pansy's eyes it suddenly seemed very unfair indeed. It's interesting what perspectives writing through different characters will give you.

Yes, Pansy didn't do so well on her N.E.W.T.s, at least not by society's standards. However, she wasn't that great of a student to begin with, nor that intellectually talented... If the war hadn't happened she probably would have written them, since she still would have been in Hogwarts, but she probably wouldn't have put the effort she did into studying and her results would have been even worse. However, her marks aren't horrible... Just not brilliant.

I'm glad that you like the idea of her being a reporter. Her career isn't set in stone yet, though- you'll find out in the next chapter what path she decides to pursue. I can, however, promise you that she won't turn out like Rita Skeeter- it would damage her reputation too much, which is the one thing she's determined to repair.

Mr Bennett will continue to appear in the later chapters and you'll see more about how he'll fit into her life.

The next chapter should hopefully be up in a week! I'm glad that you're still enjoying the story.

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Review #67, by CambAngst Decisions

18th July 2012:
Hello, again! Sorry it's taken me a day or two to get to your new chapter, but I suppose the timing was fortunate for the House Cup.

I liked that way that you gave us a better idea of where the Parkinson family finances stand in this chapter. In the past, I've never been 100% sure of whether they were poor by conventional standards or just "poor" by wealthy pureblood standards. This chapter left me with the impression that the state of affairs is closer to the latter, but trending toward the former due to Pansy's inability to reign in her mother's spending. Do I have that right?

I also felt like I had a much better idea of how she did on her N.E.W.T.s. After the last chapter, I couldn't decide whether she had struggled as much as she thought she did, or whether she just had anxiety. Now I get the impression that she really didn't do all that well.

The idea of Snape holding career counseling sessions with his students is hilarious. The man is so bitter and he hates his career so much and then he has to talk about jobs with a bunch of rich, snotty brats who have never worked a day in their lives and probably never thought they ever would? I think this deserves a one-shot all its own!

I wonder why the notion of working in potions never occurs to Pansy? She seems to have at least some aptitude for it. Now she's adding another love potion to her collection. And one that she could use to make herself love another person, if I understand correctly? Combined with what you alluded to in the last chapter and her earlier thoughts about not pursuing another man after Draco dumped her, this makes me suspicious that she might wind up deciding to "settle" for a husband. At least for a while, until the Parkinson it her reasserts itself. Or until her reflection talks her out of it.

Once again, you bring up Adri and his articles advocating greater awareness of the Dark Arts. I like this guy, even though I'm suspicious of him. His ideas definitely have merit. I'm eager to see how you might integrate him into Pansy's future.

So she has two career inspirations now: writing for the Prophet under a pseudonym and working in the Ministry Archives. I wonder whether she might combine both? Interesting thought: she could do research and write while working in the archives because probably nobody would pay attention to what she was doing, anyway.

Overall, I thought you picked up the pace a bit with this chapter, which I really liked. It felt like more things were happening in Pansy's life. She also felt more grounded.

Overall, your writing was good. I noticed two small things that might need another look:

-- "...especially in the tasks that were usually regulated to her house elves." - relegated?

-- "...why in Merlinís name would she want to risk her lives for the pathetic people..." - risk her life?

Looking forward to Pansy's big career move!

Author's Response: No problems and you're definitely write about the timing working out brilliantly! Congratulations on Gryffindor coming in first for the Task, by the way.

Yes, you're correct about the state of their finances. They're not poor poor, as you could say that the Weasleys are, but they are certainly in the "poor" range of pureblood finances. And there is definitely the possibility of them becoming poor poor unless Pansy is able to reign in her mothe's spending. However, Pansy is soon to get a job, which will definitely help out in this category.

Pansy didn't do so well on her N.E.W.T.s, at least not according to society's standards. For her, she did pretty well, considering that she's not very good at academics and she had to teach herself a lot of the material. Though I haven't thought about it too specifically, I would say that she got "A"s in the majority of her N.E.W.T.s and there were definitely no "O"s in her report.

You're right that Snape holding career counseling sessions would be a funny one-shot! I had him doing one with Pansy since I got the impression from the books that it was the Head of House's responsability for the students of their House but you're right- his personality and his life definitely doesn't make him a good candidate for heading the sessions.

If you remember, it took a lot of practice for Pansy to be able to properly make the Amortentia in the beginning and she only became good at it because she spent a lot of time making the potion. In my mind the Alluring elixir's recipe is similar to that of Amortentia, making it easier for Pansy to master the potion. I've never thought of taking Pansy down that route in life and I imagine that constantly hanging over a cauldron wouldn't suit her- she'd probably worry that her hair would end up like Snape's and she wouldn't see the public benefits of being a potion maker. And you're correct about the use of the new potion and that it will end up being used in the future...

I'm glad that you like Adri and he continue to play a role in Pansy's life, though it will grow as time passes.

You'll see which career she chooses in the next chapter, though the choice might not be entirely of her own desire...

Thanks for pointing out those mistakes- I definitely agree that it doesn't make sense for Pansy to have multiple lives... The next chapter should hopefully be up in a week's time! Thanks for your review!

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Review #68, by CambAngst N.E.W.T.s

10th July 2012:
Alright! Let's get down to business. Pansy is taking the big tests!

Pansy's memories of her father bringing her to visit the Ministry were interesting and a little telling. He plainly built up his responsibilities to be more than they truly were, at least when explaining them to her. That explains not only the tales he told her but also his demeanor around his fellow Ministry employees. He seems a bit frightened for any of them to know his true allegiances or even to really notice him.

Her struggles in reaching the exam room were entertaining at times and frustrating at others. Her pride and lack of understanding get in the way of progress so often. The way that she walks in circles around the Atrium, looking for any sort of guidance, painted a picture in my mind of a woman who is slightly manic. She won't allow herself to be seen as "weak", so she would rather keep up her pacing than stop and ask for assistance.

Adri Bennett is back. He seems rather drawn to Pansy, but not in an overt or overly pressing sort of way. Why do I have a suspicion that the job Pansy ultimately finds will either be in the Ministry archives or the Daily Prophet?

Richards was a funny little addition to the chapter. His primary purpose seems to be slowing Pansy down and frustrating her progress. She has such a difficult time dealing with friendly, well-meaning people. I don't think there's anything in her past that prepared her to deal with people like Richards.

Madame Marchbanks came across as such a crisp, stern taskmistress. Somebody not to be trifled with, for certain.

It was pleasant to see Pansy enjoy a rare moment of feeling successful. Even though it's colored just a bit by her recollections of people blaming the post-war economic woes of the wizarding world on "people like her", she finally seems to be at a point where she believes in herself enough to shake it off and embrace the possibility of a happier future.

In terms of suggestions, I think it would have been interesting to know a little more about how the actual exams went, especially the practical portions. Did Pansy struggle to cast any of the spells? Did she make any mortifying mistakes? How did her mental state hold up under the pressure of being evaluated and judged by people that she most likely considered to be beneath her?

Your writing was terrific in this chapter, as always. I couldn't find any typos or spelling or grammar problems and it read quickly and smoothly. This chapter was obviously mostly about advancing the plot, so I can't wait to find out how Pansy's job search goes and what toll it might take on her fragile psyche.

Author's Response: Thanks once again for reviewing! And yes, Pansy has finally taken her N.E.W.T.s - it was certainly a long time in coming!

When I was writing about Pansy's visit to the Ministry in her youth, I was picturing her father as a weaker version of Malfoy, less confident in his presence in the Ministry, less able in his manipulations, but still proud enough to believe that his presence was necessary. It's kind of funny, really, to think that Pansy looks up to his example as a great method of manipulation when one can also think that he was just frightened.

Unfortunately for Pansy, her pride and lack of understanding will become another obstacle for her in the near future, though not in exactly the same manner.

Awh- you caught me! Yes, Pansy's job will be at one of the two locations you mentioned - which one it is will be revealed within the next chapter or two.

Yes, Richards was there to frustrate Pansy. However, I also used him to give Pansy the information to let her know where to go to reach the examination room without Pansy having to ask anyone, which, as you saw earlier in the chapter, was a huge problem for her.

I'm glad that you liked the ending - I actually wrote the beginning and end of this chapter before I wrote the middle and, even though the word count kept going up and up, I didn't want to cut off the chapter before it reached the part about Pansy's success. I felt like it would be a good ending to the chapter, even though the earlier scene with the N.E.W.T.s probably would have served as well.

Thanks for pointing that out. I had considered going into greater detail about the N.E.W.T.s but then I thought that with all the emphasis I had placed on them in the previous chapters it would have been slightly boring to explore it once again. However, I can see your point about how it would be interesting to see she held up under the stress of being evaluated by "inferiors".

Thanks once again for reviewing! The next chapter should hopefully be up within a week!

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Review #69, by Gabriella Hunter N.E.W.T.s

10th July 2012:

Guess who is back to review more of this amazing story? Why, its me! I'm sure you'd already noticed, so that was completely unnecessary but here it is. I was, as always, glad to see you back with this and I am so proud of Pansy! She took her NEWTs! She somehow reminded me of how I'd taken my SAT here in the States and I could completely relate to her. And the mystery that is Bennett is back! I must know what he is up to with her and what he wants, but I know you'll be getting to that eventually. Anyway, I was rather glad that you had shown some slight changes in the Ministry and I really enjoyed the brief attitude you gave us of Pansy's father, regarding her presence there in the past. I'm sure she felt a bit of a thrill, underneath it all that she had came, succeeded and done her best at something that had made her so nervous in the past. Phew! Also, I'm glad that you hadn't exactly stopped using Draco's name in this story, given what happened a few chapters ago, I'm curious to see how she'll eventually weed him out of her life. First love is hard to get rid of though but are we going to expect some romance soon for her? I'm sure she'd scoff at me for even suggesting that but I really am anxious for her future and can't wait for more. Update soon please! :D
Much love,

Author's Response: Thanks so much once again for reviewing! I always enjoy reading your thoughts on the story!

I'm glad that you're continuing to enjoy the story and Pansy's progress. She's finally written her N.E.W.T.s and yes, while she is proud of herself for doing so, she's also nervous because it means that she now has to move on with the next stage of her plan.

And yes, you're correct in that the mystery that is Bennett will be eventually revealed - he has a larger role to play in this story that just the occasional appearance in Pansy's life.

Draco's role in this story is slowly coming to an end. Pansy will meet with him once more in the future before she finally gets over him once and for all. I can't say for sure about the romance... Well, at least that it won't be the typical sort of romance. It couldn't be, not with Pansy's goals regarding her family.

The next chapter should be up within the week!

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Review #70, by CambAngst Reflection

2nd July 2012:
Hello, again! I'm back for your latest installment!

After a few chapters rooted in the relatively mundane, it was really refreshing to see you delve back into Pansy's damaged psyche. I'm starting to understand the connection here, at least I think I am. The more she isolates herself, the more tenuous her grasp on reality seems to become. It's very unfortunate for her that her N.E.W.T.s require such all-consuming focus. It's definitely not healthy for her.

I loved the frustration that she feels with her younger self and her failure to make the most of her studies. I think it's a sentiment that most of us can relate to on some level.

I get such mixed signals from Pansy's reflection. Sometimes so very supportive and other times oddly distant and vexing to her. The thing that's really starting to worry me as far as Pansy's ongoing recovery is concerned is the fact that her reflection never appears when Astor is around. In fact, not even when Astor or anybody else can be heard. The obvious answer here is that her reflection is completely a delusion. Somehow, though, that seems a bit too... I don't know, easy.

Her dream at the end of the chapter struck me as important. I have developed a suspicion as far as what's really going on. It may be totally unfounded, in which case I'll just feel silly, but it hit me when you were describing the "other" Pansy who was attired for a wedding. If you like, I'll PM it to you so I don't possibly ruin anything for anybody else. A few things just clicked...

So I did notice one thing that read like a typo and another that just read oddly:

-- "the vibrant green grass fading to a dull yellow and the warm colours of the leaves decorated the grounds." - You have a tense-mismatch in this clause.

-- "even though she kinda did" - "kinda" is an odd word choice for Pansy. You've kept her dialog and even her inner monologue so formal up to this point. There's nothing strictly speaking wrong with it. It just seems a bit out of place.

Those two things aside, your writing was terrific as always!

So I'm going to go on nursing my suspicion unless you really want to know, in which case you can PM me. I'm still really enjoying the mysterious air of your story and if I'm right, it will be a brilliant twist! 'Til next time...

Author's Response: It's great to see yet another review from you!

You're mostly correct in your theory about Pansy's mental health. Pansy definitely becomes worse as she isolates herself, but there are also one or two other triggers. Fortunately for her, the N.E.W.T.s will happen in the next chapter, leaving her with more time to socialize.

You're also on the correct path with your guesses about her reflection but I don't know if I would call her reflection a delusion, necessarily... But she certainly isn't as real as Pansy thinks.

As well, her dream is important. I think I will take you up on your offer of a PM- I'm very curious to see what your theory is!

Thanks for pointing out those mistakes. I did feel like "kinda" was an awkward choice for Pansy but I couldn't think of another word to use in its stead. I suppose I'll have to rephrase the sentence to get around using that word... But you're definitely right in that it doesn't suit Pansy.

Thanks once again for reading and reviewing! I'm so glad that you're continuing to enjoy the story!

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Review #71, by Gabriella Hunter Revelations

30th June 2012:

Aand, you're back! I've been checking regularly for your updates and I'm so happy that you've started up again. I'm really interested in where you'll be going with Pansy next and I do like that you have her feeling lonely and scared about the future. I'm actually rooting for her to get her life together, the way the family is now is enough to make anyone determined! And can I say that I'm glad to know who the mystery man is? Not sure what he'll do or where he'll go with Pansy, but I really liked that brief glimpse into his character and that article he wrote for the Prophet was thoughtful. He made some very good points that I think other people would have rather ignored. That last little bit with Pansy and her mum was interesting as well, they seem to be growing farther and farther apart. I'm hoping they'll be able to bridge the gap eventually, but I have a feeling that it would be later, rather than sooner, if at all. Anyway, looking forward to the next update! I am anticipating more amazing chapters from you!
Much love,

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm sorry for the long wait between chapters- I was busy with work.

I'm glad that you're continuing to enjoy my characterisation of Pansy and don't worry, she's definitely determined to turn her family's situation around (unfortunately, it will be harder than she thinks).

The mystery man will be showing up again - he does play a larger role in the story later on. But you'll just have to wait to see what it is!

The next chapter should be posted soon (I'm hoping to post it today). Thanks once again for your lovely reviews- I always enjoy reading them!

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Review #72, by CambAngst Revelations

26th June 2012:
Guess who's back? I've been yearning for some new Pansy!

This chapter had a really bittersweet feel to it. Parts of it were very upbeat and gave me the feeling that Pansy's life is progressing. Other parts were very sad. Your pace continues to be very deliberate and consistent, moving through the gradual progression of Pansy's life.

I really liked the way you described her feelings of doubt and especially the little meditation on her father and the Dark Lord that accompanied them. Her little magical mishaps were also entertaining. It was funny to imagine her trying to keep a stiff upper lip when she saw her purple hair in the mirror. Actually, a dark purple wouldn't be such a bad look on Pansy as she was portrayed in DH Part 2.

I thought your author character made a very good point about the suppression of the Dark Arts, although it seems to have been rather lost on Pansy. Driving something into the shadows doesn't make it go away. It often becomes more dangerous. I did find it a little odd for Pansy to associate the Dark Arts with her lifestyle, since she doesn't seem to know any dark spells, but perhaps this was by virtue of her father's connection to Voldemort.

The conversation with her mother was really sad. The poor, old dear is finally beginning to notice the realities that Pansy has been carefully shielding her from. The argument about salmon obviously had nothing to do with salmon. The fact that she seemed unable to use the past tense when referring to Pansy's father was also striking and emblematic of how disconnected she has become. I have a feeling that she won't last much longer.

I noticed one little typo as I read, so bravo on terrific writing!

-- "With a sign, Pansy left the table, leaving the troublesome newspaper behind." - With a sigh

The main constructive criticism I can offer is that the pace of the story seems pretty slow at times. It has an almost Victorian feel to it, focusing on Pansy's gradual progress through her difficult situation. I find myself wishing for more plot development alongside your extensive and very lovely character development. But overall, I'm still enjoying the story. Your writing is fantastic and you paint such vivid pictures for me.

Author's Response: It's so lovely to see you back again! I always love reading your reviews- they're so thoughtful!

I'm glad that you liked Pansy's magical exploits. It's definitely interesting writing them since from the books we get the impression that she wasn't very talented or smart and it's sometimes difficult to think of appropriate magical mishaps that could happen. Not everyone can blow up a cup while trying to turn water into rum like Seamus Finnigan. :)

I'm glad that you liked the author's article on the Dark Arts. You know, I didn't even think about Pansy not knowing any dark spells- I'd associated her with the Dark Arts due to her father and his connection to Voldemort, just like you suggested.

Yes, her mother isn't doing so well. She can't accept that her husband is gone, essentially for life. It's frustrating for Pansy, who is trying to move on and make something of her family and her life.

Thanks for pointing out the typo- I'll just go and fix it! As for the plot development, I can definitely see what you mean. As I may have mentioned in my last response, I didn't want to go too quickly through her studying for NEWTs so as to make it more realistic (7 months is a long time to jump over) and took it as an opportunity to develop her character and introduce several other elements. However, within at max two chapters, the NEWTs will have happened and the speed will pick up once again. I can promise you that things (or as many things that can happen in a character-driven story) will happen soon.

Thanks once again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #73, by academica War

25th May 2012:
Hey! I've thought a lot about checking out this story, and now that I have some time, I decided to come by and take a look.

I think you've done a really job good of getting into Pansy's head and really deepening her character. I really love her subtle uncertainty and the way that you've juxtaposed it with a feeling of superiority and self-assurance, as well as confidence in the Dark Lord's ability to win the battle. It was nice that you really made this about her; she wasn't just Draco's girlfriend or the leader of a gang of girls, but she was really portrayed as an independent soul, maybe even a touch lonely.

Your imagery is really nice, and it helped to set the scene for me, especially when I got to the end where she's at her family home, because that's unfamiliar territory and I have no idea how it would look. I also thought the story flowed nicely, and I saw very few technical errors. I'm definitely hooked, and I'll come back later and read on.

Nice job! :)

Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing- I'm so glad that you like the story so far!

I'm glad that you like the direction in which I've taken Pansy's character. She's really very interesting to write - for me she cares about Pureblood tradition and values but cares about her family's reputation even more and I enjoy writing about her struggle to balance the two.

I'm pleased to hear that you liked the description. This story is description-heavy because, as you mentioned, so much of it is unfamiliar territory. We don't know much, if anything, about Pansy's home life or what she did after the Battle of Hogwarts and the way in which the Wizarding world changed after the Battle wasn't really described in the books.

Thanks once again for reviewing and I look forward to your next review!

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Review #74, by Gabriella Hunter Diagon Alley

22nd May 2012:

I should get a red flag whenever this is getting a new chapter! Ugh. Anyway, I'm glad that Pansy went into Diagon Alley, with the thoughts of being polite and putting her family back in good standing. I could still grasp alot of her haughtiness and I thought that it was very interesting to see her trying so hard to put on a good impression, even worrying about it a little. Now, I'm not at all sure who this man is but I'm guessing he works for the Daily Prophet, maybe? Its a bit odd how he was following her around and yet I don't think he's dangerous or anything, just a tad strange. I think it might be a good thing that Pansy ran into him again, it sort of threw her for a loop. :D
Also, I really enjoyed reading about the changes you've brought onto the Wizarding world, since not much is known about it. It felt very authentic and believable. Can't wait to find out what she does next!
Much love,

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing once again! Haha- it seems like you posted this review almost as soon as the chapter was posted so I think that you're doing a great job of keeping up with it sans red flags.

I'm glad that you enjoyed Pansy's excursion into Diagon Alley. Yes, she is very worried about making a good impression and this intense desire to improve her family's reputation will play a large role in her later decisions/actions.

You're absolutely correct about the mystery man- he does work for the Daily Prophet. His exact role, though, will be revealed soon! He will also play a larger role in Pansy's life... And will probably continue to throw her for loops!

I'm also very glad that you like the Wizarding world I've created - it's an interesting process, deciding what would have changed since the end of the war and what would have stayed the same.

I'm hoping to finish the next chapter within a week and a half... Thanks once again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #75, by CambAngst Diagon Alley

22nd May 2012:
Hello, again! Back for another chapter.

It's very interesting to see Pansy make progress, or at least what counts as progress in her sheltered, sequestered life. All of the small details, like the way that her jaw hurts because she's so unaccustomed to smiling, give us a great impression of just how far out of touch with "normal" life she is.

"She believed that she just might be getting the hang of her reduced financial status. " - This made me giggle.

And then we come to the mysterious gentleman. You don't elaborate, but I guess we're meant to think that this is the same man who noticed her outside of Magical Menagerie in a previous chapter. You've certainly created an air of mystery around him, but in a very non-threatening way. He seems like a total eccentric, although there are plenty of simple, nice people in the world who come off that way.

Her nasty little assessment of Hermione and her reform initiatives remind us that she still hasn't given up on her ideals, such as they are. The line about institutions beginning to phase out the use of elves did strike me as a bit odd. I was always under the impression that Dobby was a bit of a renegade and that most elves viewed freedom as a great dishonor. Then again, perhaps Hermione has been more successful in your story. Regardless, it's a small thing.

When Pansy starts to get a bit terse with the mysterious man, it only reinforces the image of a smiling, impossibly happy eccentric, completely unphased by her bluntness. Either he's very taken with her or just very taken with life in general.

A protest against the merchants of Knockturn Alley? I guess I'd have to say, about time! You're the first author I've ever known to come up with that idea, but in a world devastated by the war, it makes a lot of sense.

I noticed two typos that you might want to take another look at:

-- "... she took care to smile at every person that passed by here and respond to those who greeted her." - passed by her

-- "Since she hadnít meet him before..." - met

Aside from that, the only constructive criticism I can offer is that the pace of the story is growing a bit slow. It's far from fatal, but it feels like it's been a long time since something significant happened to Pansy. I think that even something as minor as giving us more of a hint as to the mystery man's identity or his true intentions would have made this chapter feel like it advanced the story more. As it is, I feel like I'm waiting for something big to happen. And that's not a terrible thing. Every story needs chapters that are dedicated to character development and narrative. But I do think you need to get her back out into the world again soon.

Still enjoying this story a great deal. Your writing is fantastic. I love how smooth and effortless it reads, and your descriptions are lovely. Back again soon, I hope!

Author's Response: Thanks once again for reviewing! I always love to read your reviews!

Yes, Pansy's still very much the same as she was in the books, though she has changed to "adapt" to the new society. Pureblood values are still very dear to her but her family reputation is even more so, which will lead to her doing some very drastic actions.

You're correct in thinking that it's the same man as in the previous chapter and it's interesting to hear your thoughts on his personality! I'd have to say that he's more taken with life in general... And that he had more reason to stick near Pansy than Pansy knew. It was slightly hinted at in this chapter, but his job plays a large reason as to why he would stay near unpleasant people who clearly don't want his presence. I'm interested to see what you'll think about this when it's revealed in later chapters.

It's weird to think that no one else has written about a protest in Diagon Alley before but then again, I haven't read it either...

Thanks for pointing out those typos- I'll go and fix them right away.

As well, thanks for pointing the slow pace of the story out to me. I was trying to go slower, so that it didn't seem as though Pansy had spent no time studying whatsoever before N.E.W.T.s but I also don't want this story to drag. However, there are going to be a few discoveries in the next few chapters (the mystery man's identity will be revealed) and the N.E.W.T.s are rapidly approaching, so hopefully that will "speed up" the story.

I hope to finish the next chapter soon, so hopefully it will be posted within the next week and a half. Thanks once again for reading and reviewing!

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