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Review #26, by Courtney Dark The Secret-Keeper

26th September 2013:

First, Peter becoming secret keeper! No! No, no, no, no! Hmm, but Dumbledore was in the room? Was that a deviation from canon or is something going to happen that will change things? I DON'T KNOW! I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT!

Gosh, this story is getting intense. I'm almost having a nervous breakdown just thinking about it!

And Beth was there, too! Which means that she knows Peter was the secret-keeper and that Sirius is what will happen when Sirius goes to Azkaban, I wonder? Would she know he was innocent? Will she go to Azkaban too? Will she go all dark side? Will she have her memories wiped? Will she DIE??

Oh god, my brain is about to explode!

REMUS IS NOT THE TRAITOR SIRIUS! Sob! Such thoughts about good, kind, innocent Remus make me want to cry.

Beth is going into Hogwarts to get the memories! And HOLY CRAP, LILY IS PREGNANT WITH HER SECOND CHILD! That makes her death even sadder, if that's possible.

Must. Keep. Reading!


Author's Response: You absolutely soared through the rest of this book! Thoughts are swirling in your head like memories in a bottle, am I right? (Sorry. That was awful.)

The thing that is important to remember about Peter and the Secret-Keeper business (which is horribly vague at the best of times) is that things were so confused, and the magic was pretty unspecific, that it's kind of hard to point fingers at this stage. I mean, Remus pointed fingers at Sirius for 12 years, right? Secret-Keeper stuff was some of the hardest to write in this whole trilogy. :P

*zips lips about Beth's future*

But memories! Hogwarts! Pregnant Lily! (There's more of those barbs in the heart that I so love to write.) Keep reading, Courtney, keep reading! ♥ Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #27, by Courtney Dark A New Position

26th September 2013:
Wow, this was such a good chapter! I'm sorry, this is going to be a pitifully short review, because I am just so eager to keep reading, but I'd just like to say that I really enjoyed reading your interpretation of this particular encounter between Dumbledore and Severus (and that you just wrote Dumbledore so unbelievably well) and that I can absolutely not wait to keep reading!

Oh, and I'm looking forward to reading some of your other stuff when I'm finished Breaking Even;)


Author's Response: This will probably be a pitifully short response, too, mostly because it's so hard to try and say 'thank you' a thousand times over and over again. :P I'm glad you enjoyed the Dumbledore/Snape encounter, though! Dumbledore is one scary dude, for real. I'm glad you liked the way I wrote him, too. ♥

I'd love to hear what you think of my other stories! :) Thank you very much for your review -- I really do appreciate your taking the time to leave all of them!

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Review #28, by Courtney Dark Lily's Son

25th September 2013:
Oh my god!

This chapter could not have been written any more perfectly - you are seriously a genius when it comes to tying and canon events into your own imagination.

And holy cow, did you characterize all those Death Eaters perfectly! Bellatrix was amazing, as was Voldemort, and Severus' descriptions of him were brilliant.

Oh, and I was not expecting that tiny little bit of betrayal from Lucius, because I have always seen him as such a horrible, one-sided man - but then I guess he has a son the same age as Harry and HOW COULD YOU NOT FEEL ANYTHING ABOUT KILLING A BABY?

Oh, and the line "I must kill Harry Potter." I could actually just imagine Ralph Fiennes saying that in his whispery, creepy Voldemort voice - there were shivers up my spine!

Amazing chapter!

Author's Response: Your reaction to this chapter is making me grin like mad! :D I'm so pleased that you're enjoying my interpretation of canon events. As I'm sure you know, I tried to ground this book in canon as much as possible, and it's nice that the efforts are appreciated. ♥

Death Eaters were so much fun to write in this book! So delightfully evil. Bellatrix and Voldemort are probably the trickiest canon characters for me, but it's like a challenge. But they are humans, which is what I meant for Lucius to embody, and I am just blabbering right now because your reactions to this chapter are everything I hoped!

Apologies for the senseless nature of this review -- it's totally rambling, but I'm having trouble putting my thoughts into words. Thank you nevertheless for your lovely thoughts!

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Review #29, by Courtney Dark Boys' Night

25th September 2013:
I really enjoyed this chapter, simply because of the fact that it was all about the four marauders, all of them together for the first time in ages. Even though I am dreading it, I am actually looking forward (I think I just completely contradicted myself, but that's okay) to see how everything begins to fall apart, to see why Remus would suspect Sirius and how everything falls into place.

Oh, and by the way REMUS' POINT OF VIEW! I'm not sure why I was so excited about that, I just was.

And Peter...grr, I really, really disliked him in this chapter. HOW COULD HE BETRAY HIS BEST FRIENDS?

Okay, I said this was going to be my last chapter, but I think I might just read one more. ONLY one more...


Author's Response: Marauders camaraderie is one of my favorite things in this world. ♥ Writing it, more than anything else, has made me appreciate a good bromance. It was so hard writing their inevitable falling out because of how much I grew to love writing their friendship, even though I hypocritically loved writing all the drama that came later.

PETER. It was actually harder to write him being nice than being mean -- he's just... scum. Ugh. Scummy rat.

Thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #30, by Courtney Dark The Time Is Now

25th September 2013:
Aw, I felt sorry for poor Beth in this chapter - Moody was really pretty horrible to her, but to me he's always been the type of character that is quite hard and no-nonsense during difficult types, so I think you've written him well. And I really like how suspicious he was towards Severus, that's very in-character!

Beth loves Severus! Woo-hoo! And Sirius was just perfect in this chapter, he really is such a good friend.

Okay, I really am supposed to be doing my History assignment, but I think I have time (not really, but that's okay) to squeeze in one more chapter!


Author's Response: I definitely agree with you about Moody's characterization. I do think he's very no-nonsense, and unfortunately for Beth, he rarely takes her personal feelings into account. I actually found writing him to be really fun! If an opportunity arose, I'd like to explore him further. :)

SHE DOES. SHE DOES LOVE SEVERUS. I PROMISE. ♥ I still have so many feelings about posting the final chapter, man.

I should probably be working on something more productive than this, too. But here I am, answering your reviews! Thank you so much for them!

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Review #31, by Courtney Dark Bathilda and a Broomstick

25th September 2013:
Aw, this chapter was just so sweet and adorable and perfect - I really, really enjoyed it.

I absolutely LOVE how you so seamlessly tie all these canon events we know about together in the PERFECT way. Like Bathilda talking about Dumbledore and Grindelwald, Sirius not being able to be at Harry's birthday but sending a toy broomstick, and Harry smashing the vase Petunia sent to Lily. The way you do it just makes me feel all happy and mushy - like frosting on a cake.

So yes, I loved the fluffiness of this chapter between all the darkness - Baby Harry is a great distraction for everyone!


Author's Response: I'm glad to hear it! I did try to somewhat balance the darkness of certain chapters (like Severus murdering Calvin Bridger) with things like this. I LOVED writing this chapter -- it was one of those canon-is-a-puzzle chapters, fitting in everything like we know from the evidence in Lily's letter. I'm really glad you appreciated it. :)

Frosting in a cake is probably the perfect way to describe it, actually! Haha, thank you for your review! ♥

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Review #32, by Courtney Dark Treason

25th September 2013:
Oh god, if Severus ever gets his memories back (and I seriously hope he does) he is going to be absolutely devastated when he realizes he has as good as killed Beth's father.

I actually really enjoyed the scene from Severus' point of view because, over the last couple of chapters actually, it has become clear that things are getting a lot darker, that Voldemort is gaining more and more power. And as sad and horrible as all these deaths are (sob!) I just find it so cool and fascinating (which makes me sound a little morbid and sadistic, but that's okay!) to find out about all these horrible things during the first wizarding war.

Poor Beth:( That would be really hard, finding out that a man you didn't really like, never really talked to, but was still your father, had died. And then her mother's reaction was just horrible!

On to the next chapter!


Author's Response: He DID kill Beth's father -- and my gosh, that's going to be quite the burden, if he can ever come back to his senses and realize the extremity of what he's done. (I'm talking like you haven't finished the entire book, of course... which you definitely have.)

I think Severus's points of view tend to be darker in general, because I do think he's a darker person than Beth, and he's just surrounded by more darkness in general. Don't worry -- I find it all really fascinating too! ♥

This chapter is where I forever and for always decided that I hate Beth's mother. Period. And it's weird, because I'm stupidly attached to Beth's character, but there you have it.

Thank you -- as always -- for taking the time to review this chapter! (And all the others!)

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Review #33, by Courtney Dark An Awkward Encounter

25th September 2013:
I don't know whether the fact that I'm not feeling very well and haven't eaten much is just making me super over-emotional, but there were actually tears in my eyes when Sirius appeared, looking all gaunt and haunted, and told Beth that Marlene had been killed. And Beth's reaction...oh my goodness, I actually had shivers going up and down my arms because you wrote it so perfectly. Even though I knew Marlene dies, I'd forgotten it happened right before Harry's birthday so it came as a bit of a shock. I had a bad feeling throughout this whole chapter - there was a definite tension, thanks to Beth's anxious thoughts, that something terrible had to happen...but why did it have to be Marlene? Sob!

And as more and more canon characters die or vanish, the list gets shorter and shorter...and we all know whose last on that list:(

Other than that horrible news, I really liked Beth's terribly awkward encounter with Timothy, because it just felt so real.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, Sirius. :( I tend to be overemotional on a daily basis, so I understand where you're coming from there. Adding the fact that it's someone Sirius sort of liked in school, and the fact that she was just so YOUNG, I think being emotional is an appropriate reaction -- and I'm really happy you did have an emotional response! As twisted as that may sound.

The second and third books are darker, I think, because of the fact that readers can essentially see a checklist of first-war deaths, and they just keep getting crossed off.

TIMOTHY. Ah, Timothy. I still get a squicky feeling whenever I think about him. That is all I'll say on that front. :D Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #34, by Toujours Padfoot Into Hogwarts Again

24th September 2013:

Aughhh there is such an air of finality to this. ARE YOU COMPLETELY SURE YOU DON'T WANT TO STRETCH THIS OUT INTO FOUR NOVELS. It feels like the next natural step is to wait a week for your next Sneth book. Knowing there isn't going to be one depresses me a little. That's a testament to how good a writer you are. Instead of being eager for final resolution and happily ever after, I'm sure I'm not the only one who could go on reading about Beth indefinitely. I feel like I know her by now, so putting her down and not reading about her future adventures feels so odd to me.

*breathing a sigh of relief at Dumbledore's response* For a minute there I thought Beth was about to be tossed out of the magical community for some reason. Dumbledore's level of power bothers me. He's just like a cult leader in the way that his intellect and charisma intimidates/manipulates people into doing exactly as he says. He's got so many puppets. The nervousness he incited from Beth and Severus made me miffed at him because I was worried he was about to tell them what they could and couldn't do, chastising them like children, when this is Beth and Severus's life and he has no business making himself the ultimate authority. I was very glad to see that he treated Beth and Severus like the intelligent human beings that they are and respecting them enough to acknowledge that they're allowed to make their own choices. Part of me hopes Beth and Severus will flee to Australia or something just so that they won't be under Dumbledore's thumb in the second wizarding war. Thinking about how they're going to live the next ten years peacefully only to be ripped out of it into another grim war makes me sad. I hope Beth and Severus manage to claw their way out of that one together, as well.

If I had one million dollars to throw around, I would try to bribe you to post the last chapter right now. I really, really, really do not want it to be over, but at the same time I REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS.

Author's Response: THIS IS THE LAST IN-SEQUENCE CHAPTER, THERE IS MUCH FINALITY TO BE HAD. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to post the last chapter. But I'm not. But I have to, as soon as I finish this response and one more, and then. Then. I just can't think of what's going to happen once I'm finished posting. Like, for two and a half years, there has been Sneth. Planning, writing, posting, more writing, more posting. WHO AM I WITHOUT THEM, WHAT DOOO.

Dumbledore! I've just said this in two other responses, but I'll say it again -- out of all the chapters in all the books, I like him best here, because he fully admits to being a flawed human being for the first time in the trilogy. Even in canon, everyone put him on this huge and elaborate pedestal, and it always BOTHERED me, you know? And he just let them.

But here, he's okay to let Beth and Sev have their happiness, because he knew how miserable they both really were when he had it his way the first time. ♥ And I really do believe, like he said, that there's too much evil in the world for people to rightfully inhibit love when it arises. If more people were allowed to love, the world would be a better place.

That's probably my inner hippie talking. It wants to be free.

ONE LAST CHAPTER COMING UP, I PROMISE. I love you, woman! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #35, by patronus_charm Into Hogwarts Again

23rd September 2013:
Ah, Iím still freaking out over the fact that they got married! Bethís thoughts after their first night of being married were perfect! I loved how your wrote the honeymoon stage with her just gazing at her ring and just being in that blissful feeling of being married to the person you love the most. If Iím still in shock that they finally got their act together three books later, I dread to think how theyíre feeling.

Another thing which I thought was a nice touch was how you didnít make Beth angry about Severus having to leave and how she wanted to go with him. It showed how they were meant to be as theyíre just so loving and understanding and all that jazz. I just wish Remus would stop being a 12+ word and pull his act together. There are only 1 and a half chapters left (havenít read the rest of this one) to do it in.

With all the nostalgic thoughts about the transformations (I loved them Ė they were so time appropriate!) it seemed fitting that McGonagall would be like that. She can be so scary at times and I still imagined her to be their teacher and she was casting disapproving looks fully well knowing what they did. Ah, I love that woman and she was just so great here!

Dumbledore. ♥ Gah, he was just perfect with the way he was totally cool about it. I hated him feeling sad about taking away the memories, even though I hated that it happened I can see why it happened and made their reunion really awesome so it wasnít all bad. Learning the magic behind how it happened was really interesting too. They mentioned Harry though! Iím really hoping that the epilogue relates to him and Beth and Snape are telling him the whole story. That would be awesome! I had tears in my eyes at the mention as I still havenít got used to it.

One more chapter! Remus you really need to get your act together, or there will be harsh words from me. Ok.


Author's Response: I'm still freaking out over that fact, too! And it's been four months since I wrote this last chapter, I think? Oh my goodness. A whole third of a year without writing Beth or Snape. No wonder I'm going mad.

Beth is (I hope) a very rational and understanding person, generally, and it would have been rather dramatic for her to get so upset over Severus needing to do something -- especially since at this time last week, he didn't even remember who she was! Wow. That's an insane timeline. And with everything that's happened in that week, she should know that, if nothing else, things happen that she has no control over.

I am very fond of Dumbledore in this last chapter, in a way I haven't been fond of Dumbledore in any of the others. At last we see him as a man who makes mistakes, who understands the need for happiness in this world. ♥ His line about there being too much evil for him to inhibit love was actually written well over a year ago! Bless.

One more chapter! I cannot even... but I'm not going to think about it. It'll hit me like a ton of bricks later, but I cannot think about it now. :D Thanks for your review, Kiana!

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Review #36, by lovemesomethinSirius Into Hogwarts Again

22nd September 2013:
Ahhh! Mrs. Snape, I love it! They're already so cute together, aww. And I love that Professor Dumbledore just accepted them and their marriage like that, made me tear up. Also, I really have nothing to say other than I'M STILL SO EXCITED!!! I love where she's playing with her ring when he gets out of the shower and when he notices, his expression softens- I squeed! Okay, I'm gonna wrap this up because I feel huge excited rambles coming on lol.

Ohemgee, I just realized that if you do actually post the last chapter next Sunday, then this story will be wrapping up on my birthday! That's both exciting and kinda sad. I'll miss Bethy, but at least I'll still get to go and reread the books! :)

Author's Response: Beth and Snape are definitely in the full swing of the honeymoon period right now. ♥ WHICH IS LESS RACY THAN I REALIZE I JUST MADE IT SOUND. I'm very proud of Dumbledore for letting them have their happiness and for being able to admit that, yes, he does make mistakes. We as canon readers know that, after all, and he was probably more likable in this chapter than he has been in the entire rest of the book.

I'm just about to post the last chapter, as soon as I catch up on all this chapter's unanswered reviews. So happy birthday! I'll be sure to mention that in my author's note, as well.

I'm so not ready for this. But all good things must come to an end. I'll miss getting to "talk" to my reviewers like this! But I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the last chapter, and I hope you'll continue to stick around for other projects, too. Thank you for taking the time to review!

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Review #37, by Pen and Pixels Into Hogwarts Again

22nd September 2013:
... All I can say is hugs. Hugs and cookies for you. Oh my goodness, this has been some trip. I hope you do a few one-shots full of married Snapes fluff. That would make my day. :P

I love how there was a Dumbledore explanation for all the weird things at the end, too. Made it very... Harry Potter.

Author's Response: Hugs and cookies for YOU, too, because you're still here and still reading/reviewing and that is just. ♥ It's been a long and crazy trip indeed, and I can't thank you and other readers enough for taking it with me. Over two years, and you're still here, and that is just awesome.

I've got MANY one-shots planned, actually, and one of them is even written. I may eventually do a collection, if I can't cope with Sev/Beth absence. Who honestly knows? If I gather up enough, I'll do it!

VERY "HARRY POTTER," I AM INTERNALLY SCREAMING WITH HAPPINESS. ♥ Best compliment I've heard all week. Seriously. Thank you so much for such a lovely review!!

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Review #38, by Gosia Into Hogwarts Again

22nd September 2013:
I don't even want to think about the end of this story! Just... No.
I want them to stay forever, and to live forever (yeah, I can't stop thinking about what is going to happen in 17 "their" years) and just be together forever. They are so perfect! < 3
I'm just speechless, I really am!
Great chapter :3
So how many chapters you've got left? 1? 2? This is unbelievable. I remember reading the first chapter of the first book... Such a lovely feeling. Thank you :3

Author's Response: Honestly? I don't want to think about the end, either. IT'S SO CLOSE. And I thought I'd be ready for it by now -- after all, it's been four months since I finished writing the books -- but I'm so not. I'm just not.

Sev and Beth. ♥ I've said it before, but it's probably not acceptable to ship your own pairing so much. And I just don't care. THEY'RE MARRIED AND I'M NOT OVER IT YET, YAY.

Only one chapter left to go! This Sunday will mark this novel, and the trilogy, complete on both the archives and on paper. I will have a breakdown and it will be perfectly okay. I remember WRITING the first chapter of the book with scary accuracy... over two years ago. How times have changed. I'd never written an original novel then, and now I've written two!

Thank YOU. ♥ Seriously. You are honestly one of my best reviewers, and I can't thank you enough for dedicating that time to my stories!

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Review #39, by Pen and Pixels A Trip to Hogsmeade

22nd September 2013:
SO EXCITED! They're so cute, and they're both so practical that there's no question as to whether it's the right decision or not. :)

Author's Response: For lack of a better word, Sev is so adorable in this chapter, and I don't care if it's a little biased or conceited to say so. ♥ I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS ABOUT HIM. And you know what? Even if marriage isn't 100% the right decision for them, they've both suffered enough to deserve a bit of selfish happiness! ♥

It's so lovely to see you back here in my unanswered review pile again. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

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Review #40, by Courtney Dark Two Meetings

22nd September 2013:
Oooh, I loved this chapter!

I realize I say that about every chapter, but I really, really enjoy the Order meetings, when everyone gathers together and we find out what's going on in the big wide world. And it's always nice to see a bit of Baby Harry.

The Prewett twins are dead:( That definitely spells bad news, and I sense that things are going to get a lot worse.

Marlene - no! I'd say I hope she's going to be okay, but then I know she's not...unless things don't remain canon...

Remember Beth, Sev! I know you have it in you!


Author's Response: I've said it before, I know, but I'll say it again -- I am SO GLAD you enjoy the Order meetings as much as you do. I will admit that I liked writing them more than I imagined I would at the beginning of writing this trilogy, but there were so many other things I had planned -- Hogwarts, missions, friendship and romance drama -- that I often wanted to rush past them to get to the good stuff. But alas, they're necessary!

I do stick fairly rigidly to canon, unfortunately, and I just hate that I had to kill off so many characters, even background ones. The first war, and even the second, are dark and unhappy times and it is just... ugh.

But Sev still has Beth rattling around in his brain somewhere! All hope is not lost! ♥ Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #41, by Courtney Dark The Reparation

22nd September 2013:
I am so glad that Beth and Sirius made up! I was so sad for both of them when they were fighting - like Beth I would not be able to stay mad at Sirius for very long!

I have to say, the excuses Sirius made to James were pretty terrible - I am terrible at thinking up lies on demand but I think even I could do better than saying I needed to go and get my coat when I clearly wasn't wearing a coat! Although if I'd complained about stairs, everyone would have believed me...

Anyway, this was an awesome chapter (as usual) and I can't wait to see what happens next!


Author's Response: I'm glad, too! Even if I was the one to write it that way. ;) I never liked writing Beth fighting with any of her friends, because I just love the Marauders so much, and it sort of breaks my heart when there are rifts among the group.

Which has nothing to do with the ending of the book. I'm fine. Really. REALLY.

Sirius's excuses were notoriously terrible, and I will not make my own excuses for him. But he just wanted his good friend back! ♥ I have all these warm feelings inside my chest right now, such is the nostalgia for these books. Oh man, do I miss writing them. Oh man.

Thank you for taking the time to review this chapter for me! And all the others, of course. It's not often that someone reviews every single one, and even though I don't mind if someone doesn't, it's especially special when someone DOES. ♥

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Review #42, by Courtney Dark Into Hogwarts

22nd September 2013:
This will be a short review as I'm simultaneously reading while eating Indian which is quickly going cold.

Great chapter! I knew that everything wasn't going to go plan, but at least they know where the memories are now! And Dumbledore was just so Dumbledore - I loved his comment about the trick staircases, I can totally imagine him saying that.

On to the next one!

Author's Response: YUM. Indian food. That sounds amazing right now, but I've also just had two cups of coffee and a package of Pop-Tarts, so maybe Indian food wouldn't be the best thing right now.

Moving on.

They do know where the memories are now! They couldn't grab them now, could they? Everything happening too quickly and all that. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed Dumbledore, too! He's so much fun to write -- even if I have some issues with his character (that I won't expound on in this response, because rest assured, they are long-winded).

Thank you for your lovely review!

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Review #43, by Courtney Dark Bridger

21st September 2013:
Oooh, this was a really good chapter!

I liked that we got to see a little more of Alice and Frank, even though they were arguing - but it was so sad to here them arguing about Neville and how, if they both died on mission work, he'd have no-one left:(

My mind is whirring about the whole Death Eater Bridger thing now! Was it really Severus talking about Beth? I'm not actually a hundred percent sure. Maybe it was another Death Eater, talking about Beth's parents, and how they'd donated a whole lot of money to the cause, or something like that?

Either way, I am really looking forward to the chapter when James and Sirius go into Hogwarts for the memories! Something tells me that everything might not go to plan.


Author's Response: I wish a little that I'd written more of Alice and Frank -- I see both of them, and especially Alice, as such strong characters. And bumbling Neville is the result. :) Though he does come into his own, I suppose. But their fate is just as tragic, even if it doesn't end in death. It's arguably sadder. Now I am sad.

Ah, I tripped a lot of people up with the "Bridger" thing. Can you guess now what it was referring to, now that you're all caught up with the story? ;)

*rubs hands together like a Disney villain*

Thanks for your review, as always! ♥

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Review #44, by Courtney Dark The Confession

21st September 2013:
Wow - a lot sure did happen in this chapter!

Timothy seems like such a nice guy that now I'm thinking maybe I was wrong and there isn't anything off about him - maybe he's just a normal, nice person who finds Beth attractive and doesn't realize Beth is the Order of the Phoenix.

Or maybe he's just a really good actor...

Anyway, I sorta felt sorry for both him and Beth during the date. Beth, because she still misses Severus and has no idea what she's doing and Timotjy because he just seemed so nice and innocent! (Unless he's not innocent, in which case I don't feel sorry for him.) I think I'm too suspicious.

And then the scene with Sirius made me want to weep. Yes, Sirius kinda did deserve the slap but I still felt horrible for him, and felt even more horrible when Beth said she never wanted to see him again - sob! I hope they manage to make up.

Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Timothy is a nice guy -- he really is. And he is genuinely attractive, but he's just a tad pushy, and he's not what Beth needs right now for sure. (BEcause she just needs Sev, am I right?) I do feel a little bad for him, because he thinks he's getting a girl with virtually no strings attached, but of course Beth's heart still belongs to Severus, which is a fact we all know well.

Sirius so deserved to get punched in the face -- and rest assured, it was a very literal punch -- but I still feel bad for Sirius too. ♥ Stupid or not, he did what he did in ITR with Beth's best interests at heart. Rest easy in their friendship!

Thank you for reviewing!! ♥ I hate that I just keep repeating that, but I don't know how else to express my gratitude. You're a FANTASTIC reviewer!

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Review #45, by Courtney Dark A Proposal and a Promise

21st September 2013:
Sorry Beth, but you really are pretty terrible around boys. Which is quite surprising actually, considering her best friends have always been a group of guys.

Timothy seems really nice but I can't get this feeling out of my head that there's about him. Or maybe that's just my overactive imagination.

I don't know why this suddenly struck me in this chapter, but when Sirius announced himself as Uncle Sirius and was holding Harry, I just felt so sad about the fact that soon he's going to be locked up in Azkaban and won't see Harry until he's thirteen, and Harry will think he betrayed his parents and...

It's all very sad.

James is so adorable! I really hope he and Sirius manage to get Beth's memories back, she deserves a bit of happiness! To be honest, everyone in this story deserves a bit of happiness, as their lives all end in a pretty depressing way.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Full disclosure -- Beth's awkwardness around men is fully self-inspired. Period. End of sentence. Poor, dear girl. ♥ But it's always so different in romantic situations than in situations based solely on friendship, you know? And Timothy is just his own brand of wizard. Shudder.

I don't know why I kept including the sad tidbits about the future and made these characters say all these things that will NEVER HAPPEN. I am a masochist. It is the only explanation. I am very sorry to have injured so many reader feels in that way, too. (Though not really sorry at all, in truth.)

MUCH HAPPINESS REALLY IS DESERVED IN THIS STORY. And I know you're now finished reading the book (!!!), but I will make you a promise anyway, and that is that the happiness is coming. I promise!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #46, by Courtney Dark A Course of Action

21st September 2013:
I loved that this chapter was all about Lily and James! And I have to say, this is definitely the best I have seen both of them - your portrayals of them here were just so realistic and likable. Especially Lily - I love Lily, but I find that many writers write her so bland or too completely over the top - but I think you've done a really good job here. And you wrote James absolutely perfectly - he seemed completely in character (and I love that he was so worried about Beth) and, above all, like a frustrated young father who is tired of being stuck at home.

I just can't get over Baby Harry. He's drooling - it's so weird! And the big Lily, James and Harry moment just made me want to burst into tears, because they don't have long left!


Author's Response: I'm SO FLATTERED that you've graced my versions of Lily and James with such compliments! ♥ I loved writing them so much it actually led to a small period of time where James/Lily fic was the only fic I'd read. I've never been 100% satisfied with any versions of Lily I've found in other portrayals, and that is, I think, where a lot of my stories come from -- my being unable to find a plot or a character portrayal that's how I myself see them. It gratifies me to no end that people appreciate my own visions!

JAMES. ♥ I feel like a lot of my reviews consist of his name and a heart, but he is seriously, seriously my favorite Marauder. I just. Gah. I empathize with him so much.

And drooly Harry, and Potter family time, and I am crey. Thank you for reviewing in a way that left me so incoherent! :D

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Review #47, by Courtney Dark Malfoy Manor

19th September 2013:
Yay, I Severus chapter! I have missed his interactions with Beth so much! But I definitely do enjoy seeing how things are going from the point of view of the Death Eaters, so I found this chapter really interesting.

Oh my goodness, you wrote Lucius and Narcissa so well - Lucius, especially, was so canon it was crazy! And I loved your portrayal of Narcissa, too. She seemed so...statue-like and I definitely felt this undercurrent of darkness to her, which I kinda liked. Although that could just be because there was an undercurrent of darkness throughout the whole chapter - the setting, Malfoy Manor, just gives me the chills! The place seems very still, very...eerie.

When Lucius mentioned Beth's name I wanted to cry - just remember Sev! I know you remember her - well, you don't, but you sort of do, and you're determined to find out SO GO FIND OUT SO I CAN HAVE ME SOME MORE SNETH! PLEASE!

Great chapter!


Author's Response: I really missed writing Sev's interactions with Beth! It was the least I could do to give him some say in the story at all. :) I'm glad you're enjoying it!

This was probably actually my favorite Sev-without-Beth chapter in the book, and writing the Malfoys was way too much fun. They're all inspired by Sarah, of course, who loves Lucius to bits, but I'm flattered you think they're canon. ♥ Malfoy Manor I see as being very dark and gothic, for some reason, but I can't imagine it was anything cheery, given the snot that Draco was. Although parental influence worked its magic there...

We're all rooting for Severus to remember Beth! :D He's such a powerful Occlumens, it should be cake, right? Oh, you'll see, Courtney dear. You'll see.

Thanks for your review, as always!

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Review #48, by Courtney Dark On The Job

19th September 2013:
There sure was a lot of information in this chapter - which was brilliant, because now my mind is ticking away and I'm trying to put bits and pieces together and make conclusions and predictions. Which isn't going so well for me, because I'm absolutely useless as making conclusions and predictions.

I think the thing I loved most about this chapter was all the Remus we got to see, because it's been quite a while since Beth had a proper conversation with him (well, one that you've written about, anyway) and I've missed him! Teenage (well, young adult now) Remus is just so adorable and kind and serious, and I love him to bits.

I am now super curious about Timothy Parrish - I am sure he was introduced for a reason, but I'm not sure what that reason is. Love interest/getting of Severus device? Enemy? Spy? Friend? Rival? Killer? A certain character in disguise? Someone from Hogwarts? Someone we actually already know? I honestly have no idea - maybe one of my guesses is right!

I'm sure that was Peter Beth saw - what was he up to? Was he doing something Death Eater related? I wonder if Beth will ever find out his secret...and if so, what she will do about it.

And Beth knows Severus' memories weren't destroyed! I think Remus was right, and Dumbledore did want Beth to know about them, to reassure her. I'm sure he wouldn't have told Remus about them, otherwise. I wonder what she will do about the information - I'm sure the idea of of them will be difficult to get out of her mind!


Author's Response: Some of this story is like a puzzle, and that's an awesome visual -- mostly because I personally love stories that are puzzles, and it makes me smile that you're finding that element in mine. :) Everything will be revealed in time!

Remus always struck me as very serious, no? Even though he doesn't have the closeness with Beth that Sirius and James had -- largely, I think, because he felt he needed to comfort Peter for lack of a better word -- but he still really cares about her, as everyone cares about their good friends. You know?

I continue to say nothing about Timothy Parrish except, again, that he is so, so much like someone I know in real life. One of your guesses is nearly correct, though!

You'll see more about Dumbledore intentions toward the end of the book. ;) Thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #49, by Courtney Dark Happy Birthday, James

19th September 2013:
What another great chapter!

I've said this a lot of times before, but it especially applied with this chapter: I love how you are beginning to tie more and more canon events into these books - like in this chapter, when Lily made the comment to Beth about James getting a bit sick of being cooped up all day, the first thing that popped into my head was the letter Lily wrote to Sirius, and I started getting more excited than ever, because I just so badly want to find out what's going to happen next!

Harry is adorable, but I can just not get over the weirdness of him as a baby! It's actually messing my mind, and I cannot stop grinning from ear to ear in a goofy sort of way every time he makes a sound.

I felt really sorry for Remus in this chapter, because he has actually has a pretty crappy life, though he doesn't publicize it as much as other characters - I mean, I know everyone who is the Order of the Phoenix kinda has a sucky life, but being a werewolf would really suck. Anyway, it was so nice of him (along with James and Sirius) to offer to help out Beth - I wonder if they'll find anything?


Author's Response: Writing canon events into these books in as fluid a way as possible was one of my main goals, especially with BE. :) I'm very glad you appreciate it so much! It was a bit tricky at times, but I do hope I've done it proper justice.

It was so strange to write Harry as a baby, haha! I still can't quite reckon this vision of him with the angst-ridden teenager that got us all started... but there you have it. He's quite a drooly thing, but I love him dearly.

Remus actually has a sorrier lot than many people realize. :( He isn't my favorite Marauder, but I can't call him uninteresting. As for if they find anything about the memories, you'll have to read on and find out!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #50, by Courtney Dark A Change of Plans

19th September 2013:
Poor Beth:( Like you said, she really is going through a rough time - the more I think about it, the more horrible what Severus did was. I mean, I know it's not his fault or anything - the main reason he did it was to protect Beth, after all, but I just can't imagine having someone I love completely forget about me. And it would be bad enough if Beth never had to see him again - but then he appears at these Order meetings and her heart must just start aching all over again.

Moody was very harsh and blunt in this chapter, but I think that's just the way he is - you write him very well. Also, in a way, I could see where he was coming from - Beth's feelings for Severus could result in trouble for the rest of the Order, or even herself, if she somehow managed to get herself caught by Death Eaters. I think Moody was just acting out of caution.

I love how big-brotherly James is towards Beth - I'd actually kinda forgotten how much I enjoyed reading the relationship between those two, it's been so much of Beth and Sirius recently. And I have to say, I'm looking forward to seeing more of Baby Harry.

Severus saw the bracelet - did he actually recognize it, I wonder? Or did he he just have one of those 'I think I know but then perhaps I don't' moments? I guess I'll have to wait to find out!


Author's Response: Beth's life is going to continue to get rougher, I'm afraid -- you mustn't hate me for it! :( He did what he was doing to protect her, of course, but that's little comfort when she's so miserable. She has basically regressed to her teenage mopiness. It is official. ♥ She needs lots of hugs.

Moody is a very harsh and blunt person (and thank you for saying I write him well!), and of course that is TOTALLY not what Beth needs. :P But he'd as soon join the Death Eaters as give someone a hug, so there's that. And yet he's right -- it IS potentially dangerous, if a bit unfair. Everything's just topsy-turvy.

James. ♥ James James James. I MISS HIM. He really is like Beth's big brother, never mind that she's a month older than he is... which seems weird. I don't remember where I was going with that now.

You'll find out more about the bracelet later, I promise! Remember me saying in ITR that it was important? :3 It will continue to be so!

Thanks for your review!

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