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Review #26, by Larry Hotter II.

20th July 2013:
I have to say that I really, REALLY dislike everybody dying. Even Hermione is left for dead.

Had it been any other story, I would have quit reading after this, but somehow, your story is keeping me reading.

Again, extremely well written. The reason I'm keeping on reading.

Just hope it doesn't go too far...

Author's Response: I didn't necessarily like all the deaths, either, although I've got a penchant for writing darker stories -- but in such an alternate scenario, I did think it would happen. I am pleased you're choosing to continue on! And I hope you won't let the dying scare you away from the rest of the story.

Again -- thank you for reviewing! At the risk of sounding false, it truly does mean so much to me. And your review name is great, by the way. ;) Hope to see you back before long!

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Review #27, by Larry hotter I.

20th July 2013:
Great start!
Scaringly well-written!

I wonder what will go on with the world now that Harry chose to leave?

You got my attention!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reviewing! It's been a while since this story's seen any reviews, and I'm so pleased someone's still out there to click on it. :) I'm excited you thought it was well-written, too!

The idea of having Harry die and choose to go on was one that swirled around in my brain a lot before I chose to sit down and actually write it. Cobbling together an alternate ending to the entire series was a challenge, but immensely fun to write! I hope you like where I took things, and continue to read on.

Thank you for your review!

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Review #28, by True Author XV.

12th March 2013:
Oh this was so sad, yet happy. Sad because the trio is not THE TRIO without Harry and happy because Hogwarts has seen the sun. So many emotions flooding over me! =[ =]
I've been planning to read this for ages, but then I had exams and other priorities in my non HPFF life and then there I was- addicted to In the Black!
Anyway, I really liked this. =] Perfect.
Oh and didn't you start this story with "On" too? That was a really great idea.


Author's Response: There are definite bittersweet tones to the ending of this story, but I love what you said about Hogwarts seeing the sun. That's a pretty way to put it! :3

I'm so glad that you read this at all, even with everything else you've got going on -- something I definitely understand well -- and moreover, that you enjoyed it! I did start the story with "On." I didn't always intend to end the story that way, too, but when I got the idea while writing the last chapter, it was too good not to use!

Thank you so much for yet another of your truly lovely reviews, Ashwini! ♥ I'm thrilled to pieces you're enjoying my writing so much!!

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Review #29, by MissMdsty XV.

10th February 2013:
I guess I should give you a proper review now that it's all said and done? Right, on with it!

First, I really liked how you started and ended this with the one word. That word can mean so many things to different people. For Harry it was his ticket home, to see his parents at last. For Ron, it was the rest of his life, with the girl he loves, rebuilding their lives together.

I guess at first I was shocked that this would be a story about Hogwarts with no Harry. But I can see that it was very good, even without him. The absence of the classic hero gave room to so many others to expand and be the men they knew they should be.

Bill, struggling to get his family to safety, Charlie, throwing himself in front of a wand for friendship and justice, even Draco, who in the end was just a child wanting his family and was willing to do anything for them. Even walk back into the lion's cage to ensure their safety.

Ron was really the central character of this story and I loved how conflicted he was, how focused he was, putting everything aside and concentrating on getting his last best friend to safety before anything else. Percy was a big surprise, playing a part in the death of the Dark Lord and showing at long last that he was indeed as brave as his family.

There are some characters that I would've liked to see more or see more talking about them, but I didn't, which is a shame. I'm talking about Ginny, or about people not really mentioning Neville's death.

This was a very interesting exercise of imagination and you pulled it off beautifully. The pace was just right, the pieces of the puzzle came together at the right moments and as for grammar and spelling, flawless as usual.

Congratulations to you for writting such an amazing story and I'm looking forward to reading more from you!


Author's Response: Never fear, your other reviews were proper enough. :3 And I know I've said it time and again, but I really am so, so pleased to have them. It thrills me to bits that you read the full story and left reviews on every single chapter, all in one go!

I liked that I got to end with "on" just as I started -- things seemed to come full circle that way. :) Writing a story where Harry dies is something I've wanted to do for a long time, and somehow I just... started writing it one night. The reaction I've got to Break Out has been absolutely tremendous. I couldn't have been more pleased for the world. ♥ (And just so you know, I love your analysis of the word, too!)

Ron was very much the central character of this story, and I adored writing him. He is brilliant, and you know, we owe J.K. Rowling so, so much for leaving these characters behind for us to explore! Even ones like Percy -- the sort that can jump up and surprise us at given moments. :)

I'm so happy you enjoyed this! I loved writing this story, and I do miss it sometimes. This was the first time I tried writing a mystery story where it WAS necessary for pieces to come together, and hearing that you thought I did it well it encouraging like you wouldn't believe. I've got vague swimming ideas for a mystery short story, and more than ideas for a murder mystery novel, so knowing that someone thinks I can handle the genre -- well, it's tops!

Thank you for being such a lovely and dedicated reviewer, and please know I truly, truly appreciate it. ♥ Looking forward to hopefully hearing more from you in the future!

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Review #30, by MissMdsty XIV.

10th February 2013:
I kind of expected Ron and Hermione in the final showdown, but Percy? Percy?? Well played, m'dear, well played...

So now he's dead and the war is over! Right? I hope so! I'm curious how Ron and Hermione will patch things up. So much has been lost in this absurd battle and nothing can ever bring the dead back. That makes me sad, thinking of how unfair it all is.

Author's Response: Oh, Percy. ♥ Somewhat like Charlie, and somewhat not, he's another Weasley that I feel gets overlooked more in fan fiction than he should -- although with Percy, he's having a bit of a turnaround at last, at least on this site. He is one of my very favorite Potterverse characters, actually! I knew very early on in the story that he'd be making a more significant appearance in the end. :)

Now Voldemort's dead, the war is over (minus the still-living Death Eaters), and Ron and Hermione are DEFINITELY going to patch things up! ♥ The end of a war is, I think, a very bittersweet thing, but if one focuses on the sweet, the bitter stings less.

Only one more response to leave for you! :D

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Review #31, by MissMdsty XIII.

10th February 2013:
Oh how I wished it was still Molly that got to kill her! I get an odd sense of satisfaction when I see that, because even though Molly was a homemaker, she proved to be one of the strongest fighters. And years from now, when her children look at her, they'll see more than just "mom".

Poor Charlie though, I kinda wish he didn't have to die!

Voldemort is still ignorant of things he cannot understand and I applaud you for keeping him so in character. I always find the people who had major roles in the series to be most difficult to write!

Author's Response: Of course! I couldn't have anyone but Molly kill Bellatrix -- I really do think that was a brilliant move on JK's part. It shows how strong and tough she was, and I can't think of a character who deserved it more. The Weasleys are some of my favorite characters ever. ♥ Although poor Charlie indeed... it slayed me, killing so many people, even when I thought it was what was best for the story.

I'm so glad that you found Voldemort to be in character! He and Bellatrix were probably the hardest to write out of everyone; they have such distinctive voices, you know?

Thank you so much for this review, too! ♥ You are seriously so incredible!!

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Review #32, by MissMdsty XII.

10th February 2013:
Doesn't that woman ever sleep? Honestly! Maybe a good 8 or 12 hours would satisfy some of that blood thirst!

I knew it was too good to be true, them getting out so fast. And Hermione having to witness Harry's body. That must feel awful, seeing somebody that was like a brother to you, dead and their body on display.

Charlie is a true Gryffindor! He stepped up and helped them at great personal risk and that is courage like I've never seen. I do hope he'll be alright! Only three more chapters to go! Oh my God!

Author's Response: Hahaha! Maybe her insanity is just due to her tiredness? :3 That is a very interesting theory there.

Harry's dead bodyyy. Ugh, that image just creeps me out, but I wrote it in there all the more for that. You know? It's like I just said to you in another review about powerful images, and my having felt the need to include them. I can't even imagine how Hermione must have felt, looking like that.

Charlie's shining moment! He never really gets them in fic; I felt it only proper he should have one here. :3 Thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #33, by MissMdsty XI.

10th February 2013:
They made Polyjuice using the dead? That is so sick! Horrible. Though it will make for a nice reaction from Ron to see Lavender of all people running up to him when she exits the castle.

So far Draco's been a good boy and done his part but like he said, not much was going on at that time of night. Perhaps nobody will see them? I don't think so, not likely.

I'm kind of sad to see this story nearing its end but at the same time I'm excited to see how it will end. Make sense? Doesn't for me either, really.

Author's Response: They did indeed make Polyjuice from the dead! I completely agree with you -- it's very horrible, but it was a powerful image, and there was a lot of power I wanted to put into this story.

Ah, your hunches... well, you know by now if they were correct or not! I did like writing Draco in this, though; there was a complexity to him I discovered that I'd never really thought about before.

Makes perfect sense to me! ♥ Gah, and I am so late responding to these reviews. I truly, truly apologize. I'm going to sit down and respond to the rest of yours tonight, just because you deserve it! Thank you so much!!

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Review #34, by MissMdsty X.

10th February 2013:
And it all makes sense! Now that I remember Dumbledore saying to Harry that Voldemort in his foolish greed took his blood, binding him to life while Voldemort lived. Per a contrario, if Harry's dead, then Voldemort is on his way too. That is brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

I was thinking that maybe they'd send Draco in, but I had no idea how they could pull this off. The plan is... shaky at best, but maybe fate will favor them just this time. And they can get in and out without so many casualties.

I'm excited to be going back to Hogwarts and to see how this entire ordeal will end for them!

I'm sorry if the reviews have been short and sometimes lacking any sense, but I do want to give you feedback and at the same time I'm anxious to see what happens next! So sorry about that, I'll be able to gather up all my thoughts later on, I hope.

Author's Response: Yes! That part in GoF about Dumbledore being triumphant when he heard Voldemort used Harry's blood to return -- that was a huge, huge inspiration for this ending. Blood magic is notoriously tricky, and it was a bit tough to keep things as canon as possible while coming up with an entirely different ending to the story, but I'm really very pleased with the end result. I'm so glad you are, too! ♥

Sometimes the simplest plans are the best -- Occam's razor, and all that. :) And don't even try apologizing for your reviews! If anything's lacking any sense, it's my responses to them. Seriously, I can't tell you what it means to me that you reviewed all these chapters for me. I am so, so thrilled!

Thank you endlessly for reviewing!!

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Review #35, by MissMdsty IX.

10th February 2013:
I didn't really expect them to be able to do anything in London. Even in the event of a confrontation, they are still really outnumbered and the magic tricks and potions and legendary magic instruments are all done. It's the Order versus the Death Eaters and it's to the death.

At least we know Charlie's alive and well... alive, since I can't imagine he's doing very good at the moment, killing Muggles and causing panic and terror.

I can understand Ron's frustration. It's the feeling you get when you're in a hurry and other people seem to be moving so slow. Horrible. He wants to find Hermione but the rest of them seem in no hurry to do so, I get his need to be angry.

Author's Response: The London mission was, on the whole, unsuccessful, and I'm glad you saw that for what it was. Which is kind of a weird thing to say, I know. :P But above all, I try and write realistically -- and in real life, the bad guys win sometimes. But eventually they get their due!

Alive is all we can hope for at the moment, unfortunately. Which, yes, would tend to make Ron frustrated! I love your analogy, because I know exactly the kind of frustration you mean. :D

Thank you so much, once again, for your review!! ♥

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Review #36, by MissMdsty VIII.

10th February 2013:
The new order at Hogwarts is just getting sicker and sicker! I'm glad Charlie agrees with me on my views of the castle.

I can't help but be a little angry with Harry. I hope he's looking down on it all and sees what a mess has been made by his death. Bellatrix and Snatchers in Hogwarts. That's outrageous!

This was such a dark and depressing chapter and the ending didn't help lighten it up either. Though it does fit in with the general mood you've set up for the story which is coming along amazingly!

Author's Response: Charlie was one of my favorite parts of this chapter, I think. Not enough people write Charlie! Although I don't think you should be too angry with Harry. :( He truly thought he had to die to save them, and I think you'll find in the end that it wasn't completely in vain. Hang in there!

This was a bit of a depressing chapter... There were quite a few of those. But all is not lost! I know you've reached the end of the story by now, of course, and I'm glad you didn't let the sort of doom and gloom get you down. :) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #37, by MissMdsty VII.

10th February 2013:
A mission! I think Ron's really relieved that he's finally getting to do something rather than sit around and feel Hermione's absence. A terrible thing it is, too, the loss of somebody you've been so close to for so much time.

I think it's so sad how George's lost his will to smile. It's strange seeing a serious George, it's like seeing a kind Bellatrix or a well mannered Draco. That is so depressing.

A seige on London is something that should be avoided at all costs, but I'm not sure how they'll manage to do it, with only a hand full of people. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Author's Response: There were somewhat mixed opinions, I think, on the mission, but on the whole I'm very glad it's something I included in the story. You're right -- it was important that Ron got to do something, rather than sit idle at Shell Cottage.

Lulz, a kind Bellatrix is something I don't think we'll ever, ever see. :D Apart from Hermione taking Bellatrix's form, of course.

Gah. I know these reviews are lacking, but I really just want you to know how much I appreciate your reading this story, just the same. ♥ Thank you so, so much for reading and reviewing every single one of these chapters -- I can't tell you what it means to me!

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Review #38, by MissMdsty VI.

10th February 2013:
He's dying? I never thought Voldemort couldn't bleed. That's so strange for me... Although it is the logical thing. There are no more Horcruxes and he has played with nature for so long it's bound to come back and bite him.

I hate how the prisoners at Hogwarts have given up. If you give up you're as good as dead. And the others died for nothing. That almost makes me as mad as the thought of the castle being the place where they hold war prisoners.

To me, Hogwarts has always been the heart of the series. And now it's all gone wrong, with prisoners in dungeons and deranged lunatics in Dumbledore's office. Gah, it makes me sick to my stomach to think of it.

Author's Response: He is dying indeed! And you've picked up in a later chapter why, which I'm very glad about. :) But the thing about Voldemort, of course, is that he sort of does things without thinking of the consequences. And that, really, is his downfall in the end, both in canon and in this story.

They're so defeated here, it breaks my heart. :( But it's understandable, and although it's not desirable, I'd probably be very much the same in their position, you know?

Writing Hogwarts as a sort of prison here was so odd. But I'm glad you liked it! ♥ Thank you again for another great review!!

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Review #39, by MissMdsty V.

10th February 2013:
The Order caught Draco? Wow! That's a twist if I ever saw one! I'm curious what they'll do with him.

My heart goes out to Ginny. In the chaos of it all, she is just a broken little girl that has lost her love and the will to fight. She's right, Hermione might still be out there. Harry definitely isn't.

I really like the pace of this story and how you've laid it out so far! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: They did! I thought it was fitting that Aberforth got him, too -- he really didn't like his brother, but he knew the right cause when he saw it, and that's a very brave thing to do, I think.

Poor Ginny. :( I know it's probably not a good thing, but I sympathize more with broken Ginny here than anywhere else. I really don't like her character, but she is somehow more bearable without Harry. (That sounds weird, doesn't it?)

I'm so happy to see how much you've enjoyed the story thus far. ♥ It really makes me smile to see all your wonderful compliments! Thank you very much!!

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Review #40, by MissMdsty IV.

10th February 2013:
I don't think Lucius Malfoy really thought this out. Okay, it's all fun and games until the Dark Lord actually wins! And then what? Dear me, you founded this man's war against your world but when he has it all, does he really need the money anymore? Like I said, you didn't think it through.

This chapter did nothing to ease my fear for Hermione. And with her wand broken, she really has no chance (that I see now) of getting away. And now Draco will join in her fate. Running away when you've won? Really?

I like how we saw the loss of innocence in Draco as well, as he saw his parents worried and aging and saw their end. Creepy!

Author's Response: I sort of get the impression that Lucius Malfoy didn't think a lot of things through, and this especially. He's a bit like Pettigrew, really, in that he just wants to be on the winning side -- and also like Pettigrew, he cast his bets on the wrong horse, as it were.

Hermione's definitely not out of it yet, I'm afraid. :( But don't lose hope yet! Draco's quite instrumental to the rest of the story, too, so keep your eye on him...

I like loss-of-innocence Draco. MUCH more than at any other point in the books. :P Thank you yet again for such a fantastic review, and for all your reviews in general!!

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Review #41, by MissMdsty III.

10th February 2013:
This just keeps getting better and better. I loved Arthur in this. He is such an amazing role model and father figure that doesn't get nearly as much attention as he deserves in the books. But like we saw with Bill in the last chapter, he now has to step up to the plate and be the head of his family even though he has to walk over what other Order members are saying. I somehow find the idea of Kinglsey being in charge strange. I don't know why but it doesn't sit okay with me.

Ron was incredibly written. We all see how he is a joker and he does some pretty random stuff, but the loss of Harry is the loss of innocence for so many and in his mind there was more worry for Hermione, wounded and alone, than for his brother. I can also understand that, because while Charlie has a whole family to worry about getting him out, Hermione has nobody. Not even her parents know who she is.

Author's Response: I actually really liked how Arthur's character appeared in this story -- I didn't set out any characterization guidelines when I started writing him, but I am pleased with what he turned into. I'm happy you liked him, too!

I think sometimes people don't give Ron enough credit; they portray him as comic relief all the time, and though he obviously does have his funny moments, there is a serious side to him, too. He is very mature, especially at this point in his life. And I love your comment about Hermione having no one, because although it's quite sad, it's very true.

Thank you so much for this review! :) ♥

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Review #42, by MissMdsty II.

10th February 2013:
One thing I did not realize when reading the first chapter was that if this story is AU, everybody is up for grabs. And that means Neville and that means literally any other Weasley. Nobody is safe.

This chapter was so filled with emotion. My heart sank when they went outside and Voldemort had brought Harry back. It was such an incredibly horrible scene and I guess it must've been terrible to write. No matter who you ship or what your favorite character is, we are all here because we love Harry and we loved him first, before any of the other major characters came along.

I really liked your portrail of Bill in this. We see him really stepping up and being the oldest brother. I can understand his reasoning why he wouldn't let Ron go back. Ron was his family, his flesh and blood, they had already lost one other brother and all that mattered was getting him to safety. Even if, like we saw, his brother and his sister-in-law had to literally drag him there.

I'm so very scared for Hermione right now. I have no idea what might happen to her and the horror of this new world is reall starting to sink in. You've created this tense atmosphere from your writting and you descriptions and I love that!

Author's Response: Oh, yes -- everyone is definitely up for grabs. :( And like I said earlier, I always anticipate death in books, and I think that sort of came out in this chapter. I wanted a challenge, though, and I didn't want to result to Neville killing Voldemort just because he fit the prophecy alongside Harry.

This whole chapter was terrible to write... and yet, in a sort of twisted way, it was one of my absolute favorites. My favorite things to write are always the big, dramatic scenes that are charged with emotion and drama and tension and all that. Writing Harry as being dead was eerie, but I included the image several times because it was really powerful in my mind.

Not enough people include Bill! I love that you seem to have picked up everything I wanted to include about him, too -- that big-brother attitude, the brother who has to take care of all the others. He WAS scared and selfish enough to want his family safe above all others, and that is a very human thing, I think.

Obviously you've finished the story and know what happens, but I'm so glad the horror of this alternate universe hit you; that's exactly what I was going for. I honestly cannot thank you enough for leaving all these reviews for me, too. You have no idea how much it means to me!! ♥

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Review #43, by MissMdsty I.

10th February 2013:
Hello there!

I've been seeing this story around and since the summary just hit a soft spot for me (Shakespeare!) I decided to see what it was about. And oh my Lord I was not expecting that! My mouth is hanging open right now because he is gone and the world is in chaos and until further notice Voldy has won!

I never thought about what would have happened if he decided to go on. In my mind that would've only resulted in me crying/being depressed for a few years at least and never looking at the books in the same way! I'm really excited to see where you take this story and I shall waste no time in finding out!

The prologue was incredible, with a really good pace and I really recognized both Dumbledore and Harry that I knew from the books. The line in italics just broke my heart. It's really bittersweet! Good job!

Author's Response: I love that line in the summary! :) I'm so glad that you decided to review this for me -- and what's more, that you reviewed EVER CHAPTER in one go. That is so incredible!

The question of what might have happened if Harry had died is one I always wondered, especially because in the months leading up to the release of the 7th book, I was fairly certain that Harry WOULD die. Somehow I always expect death in books... I thought at least one member of the Golden Trio would die for sure.

But anyway, I'm so pleased you liked the chapter so much! :) And especially that you found Dumbledore and Harry to be like their book selves, which was so important to me in this chapter. I try to stick to canon as much as possible, and it's always so awesome to hear that someone thinks I've succeeded!

I'm very much looking to sitting down and responding to all of your reviews on this story. Thank you so, so much!! ♥

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Review #44, by rfdneds I.

21st January 2013:
Really excited about reading the next chapter. I don't usually leave reviews but I really want to let you know that this was well-written.

Author's Response: This review just completely made my day! ♥ I'm so glad you like the story so far, and I hope that you continue to enjoy it as you keep reading. It means even more to me to have a review from someone who claims not to review a lot in the first place; that just makes this review all the more appreciated and special.

I'm already looking forward to hearing your opinions on the rest! :) Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this first chapter!

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Review #45, by Ginger Lust XV.

17th January 2013:
Hello. Well, I'm way behind on my reviewing. I read the last chapter right away but due to surgery, I couldn't sit up to write or type.
What a lovely ending. My Ron... um... Ron and Hermione are back together again! YaY!! I really enjoyed your story throughout. Like I had said in the beginning, I would never normally read a story that killed off one of the Golden Trio but your summary intrigued me. And I am glad that I took the chance.
Besides, you write beautifully. And the characters are spot on. So it was easy to enjoy.
I can't say that I would read another dark story but thanks to you, I see that I don't need to 'shut them down' as soon as I see a summary I don't like. Meaning, the killing off of a beloved fav. character.

Oh... and I see what you mean about using the Expelliarmus spell. I (bowing my head in shame :-) ). I never noticed who use what spells how many times. Although I did notice that Hermione uses the STUPEFY spell alot.

And so, thank you for a great read and I will keep checking in and see what new story you are writing.

Author's Response: If you're behind on your reviewing, I'm even more behind on responding to reviews -- seriously, don't give it one more minute's thought! I hope your surgery went well, and that you're recovering quickly. ♥

Ron and Hermione are indeed back together again! And I think you can be relatively sure that nothing's going to separate them ever again -- not really. I love them together, and I could not be cruel enough to separate them, especially since I already took Harry away. (It would have been very like me to kill one or both of them, actually, but I'm rather glad I resisted the urge to kill off characters here!) I'm so pleased that you gave this story a shot, and moreover, that you enjoyed it so much.

Expelliarmus is actually called "Harry's signature spell" (or something very much along those lines) in the seventh book -- it's how the Death Eaters identify which Harry is the real one when they're leaving Privet Drive. ;)

Thank you so much for being such a lovely reviewer over the course of this story, and for having such supportive and encouraging things to say. I really can't tell you how much it means to me! ♥ Hoping to see you back very soon!!

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Review #46, by Ardeith XV.

16th January 2013:
Awww, thank you so much for the shout out! That really made MY day! :D

This was a beautiful end to the story...just perfect! I liked how you showed the rebuilding yet mentioned the damages and the losses (I knew poor Charlie was dead!).

I loooved Ron and Hermione here. The tone was absolutely perfect. That they are sad yet hopeful, shy yet comfortable together.

Author's Response: Not at all! ♥ Your support really has been a huge encouragement in my writing, and knowing you're such a faithful reviewer is quite the motivation. :) I'd be crazy NOT to give you a shout-out!

I'm so pleased you liked the ending, too. It's a strange thing, ending a story, but this epilogue was actually pretty easy to write, because I knew the tone I wanted to leave readers with, you know? And it actually seems to have worked, which I'm just ecstatic about! There are damages and losses, but there is also hope that things will get better -- and they will. Grief goes hand in hand with healing.

Ron and Hermione will always be one of my all-time favorite pairings! ♥ But seriously, thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you've given me, for this story and for Sneth. I can't tell you what that has meant to me!!

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Review #47, by RosieQueen XV.

14th January 2013:
*Bursts out sobbing* THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Such a bittersweet ending! You ended the story so nicely, and I don't think it could have been any better. And the last word, "on," was the same word that you started with in the first chapter! I've said it before and I'll say it again: you are a fantastic writer!

Voldemort's gone for good, but I find it sad that Harry's not there to celebrate. *Hugs canon* The whole "what if" scenario was done so perfectly throughout the story, and each event made sense. The creativity was phenomenal, what with Draco playing an important role, Harry dying, of course, Ron and Hermione being separated, Voldemort dying because of Harry's blood...honestly, what goes on inside that brain of yours!?

*Cough* I'll just continue stalking your Author's Page*cough*


Author's Response: ♥ Thank you so much!! And I think you are the first person to mention that the same word that started this story also ended it, which was very intentional -- it shows the different connotations of those two words, and yet how they're not that different at all.

But anyway. "Bittersweet" is, I believe, an apt word to describe this epilogue, which is why I'm pretty thrilled that you picked it out, too. :) The war is over and good has triumphed, but they sacrificed a lot along the way: Neville, Fred, Charlie, Colin, Tonks, Lupin. And, of course, Harry. But there are bigger things, more important things, in store for all of these survivors, and grief will only hold them back -- so they won't grieve forever. Hence the "sweet"!

I don't know what goes on in my brain, or how these things come about... but I do know that I'm very, very glad you appreciate them. ♥ Thank you so much for being an incredibly dedicated reviewer, and I would love to see you back by before too long!

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Review #48, by PhoenixPulse XV.

11th January 2013:
I'm utterly just at a loss for words at this ending. I'm litterally just crawling on my hands and knees in the depths of my brain, just wondering how to cram how I feel into words.

It's over, and and now that the story is finished, I feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted off my chest as a reader. This was the perfect closure to it all, a proper epilogue, and it's nice to know that it's official that Voldemort will never come around again. I mean, yeah, his death scene was well constructed last chapter, but I just...I feel sort of comforted that this epilogue sealed that officially. I can't exactly explain...

But within all this happiness, I still feel sort of stiff inside, I suppose, because again, I am reminded that Harry isn't there to celebrate. That all his years as a youth, sacrificing, and he would never get to see the greatness that came out of all his, Ron's and Hermione's effort. But that's what makes it a great ending, because even though the good side won, it came with a heavy price, and... it's almost miserable, I suppose is the best way I can explain it.

I suppose you can say this ending had me acting rather bi-polar, stirring a strange mixture of happiness and sadness. It's so nice though, the Ron and Hermione are together forever now, with no dangers to tear them apart. It's so wonderful, and I enjoy them so much as couple. It's so...bittersweet.

Anywho, I just want to congratulate you as well on completing this wonderful story, and I thought I should let you know that I'll be reading your other stuff as well. :)

Author's Response: That is one of the more creative -- and, by extension, flattering -- mental images I think I've been witness to, where this story is concerned. And surprisingly accurate! :D

I'm so glad that you thought this was a fitting closure to the story; I wrote this solely for that purpose, and seeing everyone's reviews is really making me feel good about it. I think I know what you mean about closure, if I'm allowed to say things like that about my own story. Voldemort died in chapter 14, but in chapter 15, you get a sense of life to balance that out: That the soldiers of the war WILL continue to live, even while others won't. But you're right, too, about the bittersweet edge to this, which I just mentioned: There /are/ people who won't get to see the victory, and it will undoubtedly be hard for the survivors to just pick up the pieces. The difference with the addition of this chapter, I think, is that you know they have a chance to, and that is the key. It /is/ miserable, even though it is a victory. I'm floored at how adeptly you're getting this story!

Thank you so much for being one of the best reviewers for this story, and always returning so promptly for updates with such lovely reviews. It's been an honor, hearing what you've had to say! ♥ I really hope to see you back on other works of mine, too -- I can't thank you enough!!

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Review #49, by Ardeith XIV.

10th January 2013:
Great job. I love how you took an AU scenario and made it utterly plausible and a perfect fit with canon. I love your Ron and Hermione. They are so absolutely right!! I loved them holding hands during the battle. (Though I hope one is left handed and one is right handed!). Of course Hermione would be the one who figures it out. And yay for Percy getting in at the final moments...he never gets to do that! :-)

Author's Response: I'm SO glad that you thought this fit so well -- that was, of course, one of my main concerns in starting to write this story at all. And quite frankly, in the beginning I had no idea how it was going to end at all, which made writing chapters and planning future ones a bit stressful. :P

Ron/Hermione are so one of my favorite pairings, and it really makes me happy to hear you think I write them well, too! Clever Hermione, always figuring things out, yeah? And for Percy -- I loved being able to include him in a fairly instrumental way in a story. I love him, but he gets a lot of bad rap in fan fiction, I'm afraid.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Ardeith. As always! ♥

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Review #50, by george XV.

10th January 2013:
Just wanted to let you know, that I completely loved your whole story. And I'm going to read other writings of yours now. I was dying over the few week span between the later chapters. I'm very glad to have read this story. Good day.

Author's Response: I'm seriously so thrilled to hear that you loved this story -- that is just the best compliment I can ever receive, to hear that someone's enjoyed something I've written. It makes all the plot headaches and time spent writing very, very much worth it!

I know you've already started to read 'In The Black' too, and that is just incredible. I'm blown away by your kindness. ♥ Thank you so much for reading 'Break Out'!

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