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Review #26, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Five

30th September 2012:
Oh godric xD
I'm actually dying from that last part. Rose is indeed a "skeleton key to mischeif". You could probably make her have a dance party with hippogriffs and it would seem plausible xD

Why on earth is she so obsessed with Julian anyways? Just because he's extremely attractive? Is she really that shallow?

Hilarious chapter, this made me laugh out loud. Can't wait to read on!

Author's Response: I sort of love that phrase, just so you know -- "skeleton key to mischief." I might copyright it. ;) I'm glad you're getting such amusement of this story, though! It was a lot of fun to write, and I do miss it sometimes. I am very much considering doing a sequel!

Um, yeah. She basically likes him because he is every kind of hot. Shallow is definitely the word for it! But then, after five chapters, that's probably not /too/ surprising.

Thank you for taking the time to leave me a review on this. It really made my day! :3 Hope to see you back by before too long!!

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Review #27, by Ligeia Ten

31st August 2012:
Thank you SO MUCH for this story !!! It is definitely one of the funniest and well written fanfics that I've read so far! I hope there will be more stories like that from you.

Author's Response: Thank YOU for this review -- what a lovely surprise, to log on and see two completely unexpected reviews on this story! I'm so unbelievably pleased with the reaction this novella has garnered. :)

I'm very glad that you enjoyed it, and moreover, that you stopped and took the time to tell me so! Thank you very much, and I hope to see you around! ♥

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Review #28, by Maya Ten

31st August 2012:
That was one of the best Rose-Scorpius fics I read so far. Lovely, funny and so cute!!

thank you!

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it! :3 I had a lot of fun writing this story, and lately have been thinking about a sequel -- it's fantastic to see that people are still reading it.

Thank you for taking the time to leave me your opinion! It's very much appreciated! ♥

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Review #29, by SweetAndSilent21 Ten

9th August 2012:
This story was absolutely fantastic! I hope you write something like it again in the future. You write humor wonderfully. :)

Author's Response: Oh, wow -- thank you so much for such an unexpectedly lovely review! :) It really did make my day to click onto my page and see this.

I actually do miss writing these character quite a bit, and am not opposed to writing a sequel about them. Vague bits of it are swirling around my head, so it may not be too long before I set them to paper! I'm beyond pleased to see you enjoyed the humor; sometimes I feel like my humor writing is hit or miss, and you really have boosted my confidence there.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time to leave me your opinion on this story! Thank you!! ♥

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Review #30, by hdawg Ten

16th July 2012:
THE KISS. MUST BE NOW. IT MUST. OR I WILL SPAM YOU. That last sentence is a lie, I won't. But they'd better fall into each other's arms today or I will be filled with sexual frustration until I read the sequel, yeah? ;) SEQUEL PLEASE!

"And if you must know, Fred once went missing for twelve hours after he put itching powder in our cousin Louis's underwear. Uncle George found him strapped to the underside of his bed with belts, taking a nap. Not just under the bed. Strapped to the bed./I've got to say, Fred's sort of a genius." Wowzers.

And once more, this chapter is getting a 10/10 for getting Percy's personality to a tee: "I don't think Uncle Percy taught his family how to make jokes./Or how to have fun./Or how to smile at all."

"He could either accept graciously and we could return to our tentatively amicable relationship of earlier. Or he could hex my nose and make it fall off." OR HE COULD FORGIVE, FOREGT AND PROPOSE. I like my option better, no 'ffence.

"A sort of clenched and panicked feeling sort of hammered on my spleen just then because that was a first, those thoughts. And I didn't know what to make of them." You know! I love you for this. I can feel a kiss coming on.that sounds weird. And it's not guilt, Rose, it's lurve ("there was a sort of nauseating thing mixed in that might have been guilt").

Ahahahaha:"Now I was distinctly feeling self-conscious, like I'd gotten a wad of spinach stuck in my front teeth and didn't know it, and he couldn't tear his eyes away." I like this, I like this very much. Maybe because I'm imagining Rose with Hermione-esque teeth before she resized them.

Another reason for the 10/10 rating: "Well...that seems a bit rude." I didn't have to stand here and listen to him blaspheme my family tree, despite that fact that - well, yes, we were a bit bonkers... More the type that would cause a cat to keep running headlong into a wall for no apparent reason." I don't understand how you do this, it's like you tap into my childish part of my mind and write down everything that would make me laugh. And you sound uncannily like Miranda Hart, whom I absolutely adore.

"I was still trying to come up with a good comment to follow this when he kissed me./Merlin, his lips were soft." AWO~ if you could see my face, you would understand the feelings I am feeling. I love you. I love this. This is bloody fantastic. I repeat my earlier offer: b m9?

Maybe it's all the happiness within me with their kissing an all, but this made me laugh too much~: "I've been wanting to do that for the longest time," he said, and something inside me sort of melted a bit. "It's a bit hard to work up the nerve, though, when youíre commenting on how much troll blood I've got in me."/I smiled sheepishly. "Well, you know. That's my way of attracting men, Scorpius Malfoy."


i love you.

Author's Response: I'm going to apologize. Again. Because these responses are really, really not doing your reviews justice and I have all sorts of feelings of guilt inside of me for trying to respond to them now, even though it's basically a lost cause. SO HERE GOES.

So, bottom line: YOU LIKED THE KISS YAYAYAYAYYY. ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm so glad!! I will be yours, ofc. -nods- Also, the Miranda Hart bit made me chuckle so much, because Annie actually introduced me to 'Miranda' and I freaking love that show and I think a bit of this at least was written while I was tripping along merrily through the episodes, so that's kind of uncanny.


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Review #31, by hdawg Nine

16th July 2012:
If they don't kiss soon, I might cry. The sexual tension is killing me! (metaphorically speaking, of course; otherwise that would be a rather slow, strange kind of death)

"It was very, very difficult to resist the urge to have a small victory dance in the middle of the lawn, let me tell you. I'd even had one prepared, but as such, my talents went unobserved another day." Please make a drawing gif of this now. It had better involve the funky chicken or I'll be sad.

Rose is so smarmy. And Scorpius is brillopads: "Scorpius mumbled something that sounded like "alligator corset" and didn't choose to elaborate further." I would like to know what he is thinking so that I can think of some way to relate it to Rose's undying love for him.

"I was stuck alone with a murderous Slytherin who clearly wanted nothing more than to conk me in the head and drag my body into the dungeons" and then he would nurse it better and they can fall in love? I knew I'd be able to find something in here to get Scorpius dressed up in a nurse's outfit ;) and now you're imagining it, aren't you?

"I was being truthful, I'd sort of forgotten he'd existed since beginning that whole revenge plan. But that was probably because I was filled with such -" love? lust? sexual frustration?! you know I'm right.

Your brief representation of Slughorn was enough to warrant this chapter a rating of 10/10. Genuinely. It was so brilliant that I want to keep it in my mind palace for all of eternity and read it over and over again.

HUGO! HOW COULD YOU?! Albus is forever my baby now, forget you. I am upset. Although if Rose had known that, then this fandabbydozey chapter wouldn't exist. Then again, she might have KISSED SCORPIUS ALREADY. It's a tie, really.

"I'm sure you didn't mean for things to wind up in a heap of rubble with Scorpius on top of me, while I was shouting" Nope, doesn't sound weird to me. H3h3h3. Cr33p3r award, anyone?

WOT? ONLY ONE CHAPTER?! HOW AM I MEANT TO SURVIVE WITHOUT SCOROSE LOVE FROM HERE? WA :'( I don't think you quite realise how sad I am that it has taken me so long to read this. I have missed out and I am so sorry. This is unbelievably sad. Even the weather outside is a perfect pathetic fallacy. Although, to be fair, it always rains in England anyway.

Author's Response: Sexual tension, woo! But really, what is a good romantic comedy without it? And if a good romcom needs it, then so does a passable attempt at one. :)

I'll hire Julia to make funky chicken gifs, yes? I am also v. pleased you liked Slughorn, he's loads of fun to write. I do try and squeeze him in, where appropriate. -shoves Albus in your general direction- LOOK AT WHAT YOUR REVIEWS DO TO MY RESPONSES. NONE OF THE SENSE. NONE OF IT.

Please don't be sorry!! Nothing at all required you to review this in the first place, and I honestly am just so, so glad that you are enjoying it as much as you are. You almost more than anyone else have made me seriously contemplate a sequel. :) Also, the last sentence of this review made me laugh perhaps harder than I should have.

That is all. ♥

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Review #32, by hdawg Eight

16th July 2012:
BACK! BACKEDY BACK BACK! I am looking forward to this chapter immensely. They'd better kiss soon or I'm only joking, I can't hurt a fly, I'm so weak.

"delighted to see I'd sprayed his face with bits of soggy toast upon speaking" ew, Rose, you're disgusting. Save your delight for when you kiss Scorpius later, AM I RITE?!

"Sodding hell. I hate this boy, and on principle I should not be admiring his biceps." YES YOU SHOULD! Fel them! Hold him! MARRY HIM! I might be getting too emotionally involved.ah well!

These lines deserve an award: "I think it must have been some defining characteristic of female teachers at this school - they either had to resemble birds, or they just needed to be off their rockers. Bonus points if you fit into both categories."

"They folded their arms in an identical motion" I like to think that these two are secretly best friends and go on 'girl dates' in the town, and bitch about people behind their backs, and are all wonderful and sassy and have a secret handshake, and say 'You go, gurlfriend!'. Spin-off now please ;)

"with Malfoy at the head of them, waving his Beaterís bat at the crowd like he was something special." HE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL! HE'S YOUR SOULMATE!1! Gah!

NO ROSE! STOP! DON'T BE MEAN! :'( y wud u do dis? but Scorpius sounding like an angry troll makes me laugh more than you can imagine.

And yes! No Julian...this means more spin-offs in my head of what he could have been doing.


Author's Response: I am going to open this response by saying two things: Firstly, that I am very sorry it has taken me so long to respond at all, and second that I very much enjoyed watching you sweat as you wondered whether a Scorose kiss would ever come. That is all. :)

I really do appreciate your reviews, though, because you are by and large one of this story's largest supporters, and that means so much to me! You just have so much enthusiasm for my characters. :) There's just some uniquely lovely emotion that comes from hearing someone you adore yell at your characters, yes?

Pfft, why are you thanking me? I just wrote tosh -- you, the reviewer, are the one who needs the thanks! ♥ Albus is all yours after this, of course. And this response sucks so much but I really, really do appreciate your leaving it for me and I am so glad you like this story. :3

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Review #33, by WishfulMuggle Ten

15th July 2012:
This story was awesome! I love Scorpius/Rose and this was just great:) Thank you for writing it.

Author's Response: Thank you -- I'm really happy you liked it! :) It was a lot of fun to write, and quite relaxing -- nothing too brain-taxing, you know. It all came quite quickly!

Thank YOU for reviewing it! :D I hope to see you back here before too long, too! ♥

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Review #34, by Vivyan Nine

13th July 2012:
Ehh I was close haha (:

Author's Response: You were close. :D It was a relative of Rose's, after all -- but then, that's not surprising, judging by just how many people with Weasley blood must have been running around Hogwarts in this era...

I hope you enjoyed the story -- thank you for reviewing it for me! Opinions are always appreciated! :3

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Review #35, by Vivyan Seven

13th July 2012:
I'm betting Albus told Julian as a way to get back at Rose for the whole diaper incident.

Author's Response: Quite a lot of people suspected Albus! Which isn't too off the mark, I don't think -- he certainly had motive. Rose is pretty horrible to him. :D

Thank you for taking the time to leave me a review on this story -- it means a lot to me that you did!

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Review #36, by tony_starks Ten

15th June 2012:
Oh my Merlin. I don't think I can ever adequately enunciate my adoration of this fic.

ROSE; oh. my. salazar. She was PERFECT - my friend (who I kept showing passages to) thinks she's like me, I don't know if I should be concerned about that ;) - and wonderful and hilarious and are you sure you've never written a romantic comedy before because damn, girl, she was the perfect character!

SCORPIUS; holy crap. He was beautiful. I adored him and how he managed to put up with Rose and HE WAS SUCH AN AWESOME PERSON BRO HE WAS FANTASTIC and ugh I have so much adoration for this character, tbh!

PIPPA; oh, what a babe. She was such a great character and I normally don't like Rose's OC!bestie because they normally are written annoyingly but I loved Pippa so kudos! She was funny and adorable and er romantic history and quirks gave her a rounded finish - her dynamic with others was both realistic and amazing!

ALBUS; oh, ally. Silly boy, listening to Roxanne. (; Seriously, he was great. He suited Pips so well, and I loved how adorable they were and how they tag-teamed Rose when she was being ridiculously irrational and "do anything but her" HIS REACTION CAN I BOTTLE IT UP AND CUDDLE IT

HUGO; I'm in two minds about this character. On one hand, I feel sorry for him because he's young and seems a bit of a pushover in an impressionable family. On the other, HOW COULD HE DO THAT. If I was Rose, I'd have hexed his nose off and called him Vold-incarnate. Because I'm nice like that. (;

Honestly, I loved it.

-- jane xoxo

Author's Response: First off, let me say that I very much appreciate your penname. :D And secondly -- hello, and thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a review on this story (and such a long one at that)! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I'm quite sure I've never written a romantic comedy before, yes, and I'm very flattered you had to ask. :P Aren't Rose and Scorpius just the best? I loved writing this for all the dry humor it provided -- Rose's sarcasm, Al's sarcasm, Scorp's sarcasm. It's all very much derived from my equally dry sense of humor. :D I'm just over the moon that you typed out /all those characters/ to squee over them and oh my gosh, you're pretty much my favorite person right now. ♥

Again -- I'm so, so pleased you liked the story! If I've made one person happy with something I've written, then it's a success, and I cannot thank you enough for the review. ♥ Hope to see you back sometime! Thanks for being so awesome! :D

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Review #37, by forsakenphoenix Ten

14th June 2012:
B'aww. It's over. :( But SCORPIUS. omg. He's just so ashdlkgfala. I am totally fangirling over your Scorpius but I cannot help it. He's just...so charming and sweet and then he just kisses her and they grin at each other and WHY DO YOU NOT WRITE MORE ROMCOMS? Seriously, you are so good at it,and you make your characters easy to relate to. It's just all so well-written and fantastic and well, darn, I want a Scorpius of my own. The ending just made me squee and then sigh like a dreamy romantic.

So recap: I love Scorpius. I love this story. I love you! And this is my 600th review, and I am so unbelievably glad it went to you. You deserve it.

Author's Response: Ahaha! SCORPIUS. ♥ I'd like to bring him back someday, and I really think I might. I'm not sure when, but the fun of this story combined with all the amazing encouragement I've gotten about it makes me want to try. I'm so, so happy you think the romcom experiment deal was a success!! I am sending lots of mental hugs your way. If you experience squeezing feelings throughout the day, it shall probably be me. :3

You. You are just fabulous, and I'm so glad I got to know you and make friends with you through this site. ♥ I cannot ever say it enough, just /thank you/ so much!! Gah. I have tears in my eyes. Shall stop drinking coffee now ~

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Review #38, by forsakenphoenix Nine

14th June 2012:
HUGO! Oh dear. I guess I should have seen that coming - though I definitely did not guess his part in breaking Pippa and Scorpius up! What a little sneak.

Poor Scorpius. I hope he forgives Rose, but she was so mean to him and he didn't even do anything. That's just like her. To act without thinking. It seems to get her into trouble quite frequently.

I love her little nicknames for McGonagall too. She's so petulant and childish and I think it works well for the characterization you're going for with her.

I'm kind of sad this is almost over. But I'm excited to read the last chapter and see if things get resolved and I want Rose and Scorpius to get together!

Author's Response: Well, most people didn't see it coming -- including me, for probably half of this story. -shifty look- And poor Scorp indeed, really. He tries to hard and Rose keeps smacking him down. :D

Ah, that's a good word for her -- childish! And somehow, I do think it works, or it's seemed to. Rash, impulsive, headstrong. Really, I don't think it's any wonder she's Ron's child. Hermione probably shakes her head over Rose at least once a day.

THANK YOUUU. Have I said it enough yet? Probably not. Because I seriously am just so happy for all your reviews, and I should like you to know so. :3 It means so much to me to have your opinion on this!

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Review #39, by forsakenphoenix Eight

14th June 2012:
Well, that was not what I was expecting from her sabotage, but it works. I do feel bad for Scorpius - nothing "mild" about it. I love how determined Al and Pippa are to stop her, though. It's kind of amusing because they weren't sure about her whole deal to begin with and now she wants to go back on it and they're desperate to stop her.

Rose is kind of an idiot, but I do hope Scorpius isn't mad enough at her for ruining his recruitment chances (if she did, at all) to want to be with her. I WANT THEM TOGETHER. Is that too much to ask? I think not.

I can't wait to read about Mcgonagall's wrath. :) -scurries off to the next chapter-

Author's Response: Sabotage always has to come with a heaping side dish of Scorpius-insulting, yes? We shouldn't expect anything less from Rose. :) Poor Al and Pippa -- they just keep trying to prevent her from making bad decisions, and she always decides not to listen to them. And surprise, they're always right!

Rose is very much kind of an idiot. :D Although fluffeh Scorose is never too much to ask of anyone, you know. It would be high on my own personal genie wishlist. (Lulz, I have so much coffee in my right now. I WARNED YOU ~)

Seriously. Thank you SO much for all these reviews. I can't even begin to tell you what it means to me that you were willing to do this! ♥

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Review #40, by forsakenphoenix Seven

14th June 2012:
Oh my goodness, Rose. I don't know how she expects anything to get done if she can't even speak to Julian without wanting to faint or vomit or whatever. And poor Julian, all stuttering awkward boy who isn't quite sure how to approach a girl who has a crush on him that he doesn't return the feelings for.

But SCORPIUS. She's going to sabotage him and that makes me sad. I bet it wasn't even him who told Julian in the first place, was it? Harrumph.

I can't even imagine what's going to happen at that Quidditch match. Sheesh.

PS: I am sorry for the short reviews but I hope it's not a big deal because well, I mean, there's only so many times I can tell you how much I love your Scorpius and that you're a fantastic writer and you totally nail this romcom thing down perfectly and you are perfect. The end.

Author's Response: And you have hit the nail on the head, essentially, as far as Rose's problems with Julian -- well, some of her problems, essentially. All smooth sailing until she gets into a situation where she's got to speak to the poor bloke. :3 (In all fairness, with how I've got him imagined in my head, he's quite loffleh!)

SABOTAGE AHOY ~ That's your conjecture, isn't it? Hmmm. We shall wait and see! (That's a pointless attempt at being mysterious, really, since I already know you've read the rest...)

♥ Please stop being so fabulous. You're going to give the rest of the world an inferiority complex. And don't even worry about the review length, yo (and really, they're not even short)! The fact you took the time to do this at all makes me unbelievably happy!

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Review #41, by forsakenphoenix Six

14th June 2012:
Oh, oh, Janechel! *flails* Scorpius is just...EEE! I want to snog him now. So precious and charming and he BLUSHES. omg. Be still my heart.

I love Rose's interactions with Albus, as usual. There's just something about them. Even though they're cousins, they have that brother-sister kind of relationship. So much familial love. Especially when she revealed what Roxanne and Louis did last Christmas. :P

But yes, I think Scorpius and Rose's conversations are my favorite ever. Their banter and teasing and ALL OF IT IS SO LOVELY.

I think if all ScoRoses were as hilarious and awkward as this, they might be in contention for a spot on my favorite pairings list. :)

Author's Response: SEE! I think a lot of people, before all these chapters were posted, must have been wondering why on earth Scorpius was such a big deal to me. But I, writing ahead as always, knew his more lovely qualities. ;)

The Rose/Albus relationship was arguably one of my favorite ones to write in this entire story, even more than Rose/Scorpius. That sort of familial bickering, like you said, is just so much fun. I like to imagine Weasleys and company are really tight-knit. :)

Baww, you are so sweet. ♥ My cheeks are literally tingling from the blushes. Trufax. I'm just so glad you liked this and took it seriously enough to read on! :D Thank you so much for such lovely, heartfelt reviews! ♥

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Review #42, by forsakenphoenix Five

14th June 2012:
Bahahahahaha. *dies*

Oh, Rose. Poor Rose. I could not stop giggling. That girl...if anything could go wrong, it would have. I love how anxious she was in the beginning of the chapter. You even had me feeling jittery. I think it's the pacing of the words and all that. You've got such a talent with sentence structure. That's some pick-up line, yeah? ;)

Also, I am declaring my love for your Scorpius. He's just...ngh. When he patted Rose's shoulder and tried to give her a pep talk, kind of, and she still felt the warmth of his hand on her! Girl, Julian Murdock is old news.

I loved Hugo's little bit in here too. He's just so..spazzy, I love it. And Al and Pippa trying not to laugh during Potions when the list winds up near Julian's shoe. Oh, god. I love that Julian can probably read the title of the list too, all thanks for Scorpius. I wonder if he'll even notice, what with her laying across the floor and all.

I can't stop laughing. I really hope Rose doesn't die of embarrassment. :P

Author's Response: I am making it my mission to sit down and answer all your fab reviews on this story right now. HERE WE GO ~

Of course nothing can go right with Rose around. :D Ahaha, that's so awesome that I gave you the jitters! True story, I probably wrote that after drinking coffee. I always think it doesn't affect me, and then I either get hyper or jittery, and never know which one it'll be. Woeee.

SCORPIUS. I have forever dibs on him, and there is a long waiting list. :3 Julian who? Although yes, I'm rather a fan of Hugo too, in the way that I fangirl over Lily's Hugo (though they are quite different) -- he just needs lots and lots of hugs, in a little-brother sort of fashion.

I make no sense sometimes. It happens. ♥ Gah, I am so, so happy you came by and reviewed all of this for me! I don't know what came over you, but I shan't question it. :) Thank you so much!!

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Review #43, by WitnesstoitAll One

13th June 2012:
Oh, hey. Look at me here reading your scorose.

This... I... You... OMG, Rachel, you're hilarious. This was brilliantly funny and it was exactly the sort of humour I really appreciate -- not like the glaringly obvious trying to be funny sort of funny, but the subtle, cynical sort of humour of your brooding Rose. I loved her. She was brilliant. She thinks so highly of herself... the bit about her pride in the comment about Scorpius from the morning announcement. Pimple on a giant's backside. Oh, Rose, you clever girl you.

And Hugo was /such/ the little brother. Poor bloke. I loved this opening chapter and and cant wait to see what you do with this gem. Expect more reviews in the near future, my darling.

Love youu like a parrot love's a pirates shoulder.

Author's Response: Oh, hey. Look at me here answering your review.

Gah, I am SO glad you thought this was funny! :D I already told you this, I suppose, but I'm really nervous when someone comes and reads this after reading some of my other stuff, or vice versa. Because it's /nothing/ like what I'm normally used to writing, and I still have no idea if that's good or bad! It was a fun venture and who knows -- I might try it again soon. But right now some part of me screams DO NOT TAKE THIS TOO SERIOUSLY, KEEP MOVING, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Rose's dry humor -- well, I've got a very, very, /very/ dry sense of humor, so three guesses where that came from. :D 99% of the things that come out of my mouth are sarcasm. Trufax. Also, Scorpius is da best. ♥ I have permanent attachment to him.

YOU. YOU ARE SO FABULOUS. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS REVIEW. ♥ And for the glorious simile which I will now try and return in full:

Love you like Scorpius loves lavender scarves.

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Review #44, by forsakenphoenix Four

13th June 2012:
Everything about this chapter is pure win. I love Pippa lecturing Rose with a big wad of gum in her mouth. And the fact that Rose likes to carry about a newspaper to look smart and she likes the noise of crinkling paper!

This story is just so fantastically written - the humor isn't overbearing, at all. It's just lines here and there that make you snort and pause to giggle. It's not an all-out laughter, which is fine in some instances, but it gets kind of old when an entire story is just based on ridiculous things, you know? This has substance and a plot and delicious Scorpius.

I mean, really, Rose. Julian vs. Scorpius? I'm already drooling over your Scoripus, Janechel. You and Gina write the best Scorpius - love it.

The entire library scene was just awesome. I love how Scorpius was all serious about helping Rose snag Julian that he made a list of things he liked to help them find common interests to bond over, and then laughing at her frustration. He's just..gah, so dreamyyy.

I have to remind myself to finish this story soon. I'm sure I will love it and I will do a fist pump when Rose finally gets her head out of the clouds dreaming of Julian and realizing that Scorpius is MADE FOR HER. I'm waiting for it.

Author's Response: You. You are just awesome. ♥ I'm so happy you returned back to read more of this! And I'm really glad that the humor doesn't seem overbearing to you -- as you know, it's the first I wrote, and, well. Sometimes I'm not the best with humor. :D I did try to maintain a plot, too, so really you're just alleviating all my fears!

Oh my gosh, Scorpius. ♥ He is hands-down my favorite character in this story, although Rose is a peach. I'd like my very own Scorpius, please! (Can I say those sorts of things about my own story? Eh, too late. Already typed them. :3)

Don't even worry about finishing this up, Missy. Just get to it when you can, if you want -- and if you're thinking, "Who told this girl she could write a romcom? Get me OUT!" I will completely understand that too. :D Thank you so, so much for reviewing this for me, though! ♥ Totally made my day!

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Review #45, by greenphantomme Ten

13th June 2012:
This story was hilarious! Rose's character was just perfect and everything fit together wonderfully!

Hope you write more Scorose in the future :) haha

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much for taking the time to stop off and leave me a review on this! :) I'm really glad you did -- it always makes my day when someone goes the extra mile, you know?

Really glad to hear you liked the story, too. :D It's a bit silly, but it was lots of fun to write, and I'm glad everything fit together in your eyes! Quite a few people have asked for a sequel, and you know, I might just have to deliver someday. ;)

Thanks again for doing this for me -- can't tell you what it means! ♥

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Review #46, by MySuperAwesomePenName Ten

11th June 2012:
Such a completely awesome story! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to review it! I'm happy you liked it -- it was a lot of fun to write, and I actually miss it quite a bit. ;)

Lovely to see your name back here, and even lovelier to see you'd read this, too! Thanks again for doing this for me! ♥

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Review #47, by medeia_drake Ten

8th June 2012:
This story was fantastic--you weren't planning on writing a sequel, were you? ;)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I'm really so glad you enjoyed it -- and thank you for telling the time to let me know, because that means a lot!

You know, I kind of miss writing about these characters. Writing about them was fun, and I totally wouldn't be adverse to doing a sequel, even if it was just a one-shot or something. We'll have to see, won't we? :D Thanks again for being an awesome reviewer!

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Review #48, by medeia_drake Six

8th June 2012:
This is definitely my favourite chapter...so far :P Rose & Scorpius are adorable!

Author's Response: Ah, so far! :D It's always a good time when Scorpius decides to bust out the feelings, isn't it? I'm very glad you're enjoying the story so much!

Thanks -- again! -- for taking the time to leave me this review. It really does mean a lot to me that you do, and I'm always just really happy that someone's enjoyed something I've written! ♥

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Review #49, by medeia_drake Five

8th June 2012:
Oh, this chapter was wonderful! I laughed so much :P

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear it! Sometimes I've got no idea if the humor I'm trying to write will actually come through or not, so it's always really, really awesome for me to hear that I made someone laugh with my writing. :)

Thanks for another review, and I'm really glad you seem to be enjoying the story thus far! :3 I appreciate your taking the time to leave it!

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Review #50, by medeia_drake Three

8th June 2012:
I can't wait to read what Scorpius has planned :)

Author's Response: Ah, yes, Scorpius and his plans. :D Then again, he could be just winging it as he goes, couldn't he?

Thank you for taking the time to leave me a review! It's very much appreciated, and I hope to see your name back here soon. It means a lot to me! ♥

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