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Review #26, by FriendofMolly Neville

24th November 2012:
I learned of you through another author. I am intrigued. JKR gave us hints of the growing years of the principle characters. I'm glad you have expounded upon them. So for, so very good.

Author's Response: That is fantastic! I love it when people tell me they found my name through someone else -- that just really makes me feel good about my writing. :) I think a lot of why I wanted to write these growing-up stories is because of those hints of JKR's you mentioned.

Thank you for taking the time to review for me, and I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions on all the other chapters, too!

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Review #27, by prettywishes Epilogue

23rd November 2012:
Eeeek! This was the perfect way to wrap everything up. I really wasn't sure what you were going to do to link all of these together, but the last thing that I expected was for it to be when they were older sending their own kids off to school! The little comments that were linked throughout the story really pulled everything together, so kudos on that! Also, I adored the way that you wrote James! His fear about going off to school was so genuine and you captured the moment really well!

Author's Response: For both this and GUW, the epilogues were some of my favorite chapters to write (though I realize I probably have said that at least once about every chapter), because tying everything together was like a really fun puzzle. And I liked them especially because I intentionally wrote them without any sense of finality -- in each, there's a bit of a carrying on theme, that childhood and growing up in this magical world will go on forever. And I'm really happy to hear you liked James, too! I'm not normally a fan of the next generation, but I'll make some exceptions where wee kids are involved. ;)

Seriously. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate all these reviews you've left for me -- and not just on this story, but on all the ones you've stopped by recently. It seriously is so amazing of you to do that, and I hope you know that. ♥ Thank you so, so much!!

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Review #28, by prettywishes Seamus

23rd November 2012:
Oh my goodness, he was just too adorable! I almost died when he mentioned that he wouldn't be able to make himself cheese sandwiches because he wasn't allowed to use a knife! It was something that little kids would think about in that sort of situation. I am so glad that you ended up writing this, knowing where Seamus got his love for all things explosive from was cute!

Author's Response: Seamus! Not a lot of people write Seamus, and I think that's one of the main reasons why I set out so intentionally to do so. I'm really pleased that you seemed to think I got into a kid's mind here, too, because that's exactly what it's supposed to be, this story: Snippets from the eyes of a child. Hearing little things like that is one of the best things about writing -- I can know that what I want to get across to readers, it's making it's way there!

Thank you so much for this review, and again, for all of the others as well!

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Review #29, by prettywishes Harry

23rd November 2012:
I knew that Harry's chapter was going to have to deal with Dudley (how could it not?) but I thought it was hilarious how he and his friends were chasing Harry around for fun. The way that Harry managed to escape via tree was cute, especially when he used his magic to keep him out! I really think that my favorite part though was when it was mentioned how hard Dudley tried to get back up there, even years later! The little details always make the biggest differences.

Author's Response: Dudley was a very large part of Harry's childhood, and it's just too easy to write a fun little scrape with the pair of them involved for me NOT to have done it. You know? :P In looking back and thinking about writing each of these chapters, I think this is one of the ones I had the most fun actually writing it. And it came very quickly, if I recall correctly. Poor Dudley, never quite understanding Harry's magic... and I love that bit, too, about his always wanting to figure out how it happened! I love details, and I'm so happy you do, too.

I'm grinning like a maniac right now, watching football and responding to these reviews. They seriously make me so happy. :3 Thank you for them!

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Review #30, by prettywishes Cedric

23rd November 2012:
Awww! The monster under the bed is such a classic idea, but you did a really great job of making sure that this was still interesting and funny and such. Though I thought it was so sad when Cedric was mentioned something about dying at the hands of the monster because of his premature death. But his Dad was such a typical dad, and he had such an active imagination, that it all just came together so perfectly!

Author's Response: When I was thinking of what to write for Cedric, I was almost astonished to realize I HADN'T written about monsters under beds yet -- because you're right, it really is a classic! I'm kind of a masochist, though, inserting little barbs about death like that. Oops. :(

But anyway. I'm glad you liked this chapter (and all the rest) anyway! Thank you so much to taking the time to tell me what you thought!

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Review #31, by prettywishes Hermione

23rd November 2012:
I'm pretty sure that I was Hermione as a little kid, mostly because I always got mad that no one else knew how to read and I could. Though that was mostly due to wanting to out-do my older brother, so maybe it wasn't like her after all. Either way, little Hermione was really really funny, going around and bossing people around. Something that I can really see from her, especially if she isn't used to being around other little kids all the time!

Author's Response: I've heard that a lot, actually -- and in truth, when writing this story, I was picturing my own preschool classroom and attitudes. :D Some habits die hard, and I think a lot of readers and writers were a lot like Hermione when they were little! She's so bossy and endearing, and I think it would be a bit hypocritical of me if I didn't like her, really. I honestly do have a lot of her personality traits...

Have I mentioned yet how happy your reviews have made me? Because seriously, you are AMAZING for leaving them all for me! ♥ I can't tell you how much it means!

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Review #32, by prettywishes Oliver

23rd November 2012:
Eeee, this was probably my favorite one so far! I think that it was because Quidditch was SO important to Oliver and this was his first exposure to it. I think that the way that he met the Keeper was really adorable. I know so many people that went on in sports because of someone that they met when they were younger, so this was a fun thing to do with that idea! He was just so immersed in the game and super excited and it was super cute!

Author's Response: I'm so happy to hear that this one was your favorite! I don't suspect I was thinking too much, in planning to include Oliver in this collection -- I do hate writing Quidditch. :P It wasn't too bad, though! I do love Oliver's character, and went through an Oliver/OC reading phase, so that's probably where this stems from.

Isn't he adorable? I'm unhealthily attached to all these little kids. I do kind of miss writing them, actually. Maybe I'll try it again someday! :) Thank you for your review!

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Review #33, by prettywishes Draco

23rd November 2012:
I absolutely adore anything that has to do with Draco that doesn't completely bash him, and baby Draco cannot be bashed. He was just too cute! Sneaking out into the big adult party just to find himself some desert! It captured the whole pureblood society but through a child's eyes, something that I really haven't seen before. These one-shots are just too cute!

Author's Response: I love writing about Draco for a lot of the same reasons I love about Snape -- and that's that he's actually a pretty complex character. And like Snape, people seem to favor either writing him in a really sympathetic or really unsympathetic light. I try and go for a middling approach with both: They have good qualities just like they have bad ones.

That being said, I do think I made him a bit more adorable here than I perhaps see him in the books. :D But it was hard not to, writing these stories! Your compliments and reviews really have made me so, so happy -- seriously. I can't thank you enough for them! ♥

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Review #34, by prettywishes Luna

23rd November 2012:
The way that Luna was watching the Weasley kids really reminded me of myself as a child because I probably leaned over the fence for hours watching my neighbors play before I finally met them. Her mother inventing the whole 'shadow friend' was super adorable, Luna does seem like the type for imaginary friends! She is a tricky character, I'd never dare to deal with her myself, but I think that you really managed to keep her cannon in this!

Author's Response: Oh, how cute! I was never the fence-spyer, but my neighbor actually did peep over our fence to watch my sister and me play, come to think of it. Maybe that's where the inspiration comes from -- who knows? And I think out of all of these kids, Luna is the most likely to have an imaginary friend (with the possible exception of Colin).

I'm so pleased that you found this to be canon, too! That's something I really focused on in all my writing, and in these short story collections in particular. It's just awesome to hear you're enjoying the story!

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Review #35, by prettywishes Colin

23rd November 2012:
I was so excited that you did this with Colin! He was just so bouncy and excited and adorable, like you imagine after meeting the Colin in the books. He always seemed to have so much energy, and this really captured this. The relationship between Dennis and him was super cute as well, I love sibling relationships!

Author's Response: This chapter is, I think, one of my favorites in this collection. ;) Colin really is just so adorable, and I had a lot of fun writing him here. Bouncy's a good word for it! I think he's sort of an underappreciated canon character, too, and I wanted to give him that credit here. He's a great one -- and he sacrificed his life for Harry. That's no small thing, to be sure.

Thank you once again for the review -- it really made my day to have all these! :)

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Review #36, by prettywishes Neville

23rd November 2012:
I love tales about magical upbringings! I feel like most authors steer clear of them, because stories about eight year olds don't have the huge mass appeal, but this was so adorable! I think that Neville being a 'late bloomer' in terms of magic is something really realistic, and I like how his Great Uncle had to 'scare' it out of him! Must have been scary to be him though!

Author's Response: I'm happy to hear that people besides me are interested in stories like this! I started this sort of theme with 'Growing Up Weasley,' and was amazed at the response that story had, so I moved on to write about the other Hogwarts-era kids, too. I think it's interesting to hear that you think there isn't mass appeal (which you're right about, really), and yet I've had such luck with these stories. I'm truly grateful!

Poor Neville, though; I can imagine it'd be scary to be him. :3 Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a review on all the chapters in this story, too -- I'm aiming to sit down today and knock them all out! ♥ I really do appreciate it!

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Review #37, by shadowcat2 Epilogue

19th October 2012:
It has been ages since I last read one of your updates. Even though it took a while, I am just glad I read this chapter. Once again, this was the perfect way to end this story collection. It felt so familar to the epilogue of Deathly Hallows. This time we get to see Harry's bond with James instead of Albus.
I hope you know how much I appreciate reading your stories. They always bring a smile to my face.

Author's Response: Hey! I'm sorry that it's taken me a bit to respond to this review -- it's been an absolutely crazy month! I try not to leave responses for this long normally, but I will always leave a response to reviews I receive, so no worries about that. And here I am now!

I'm so happy that you came by to read this chapter, too. ♥ Your opinion on this collection of stories means quite a bit to me! There were definite intentional overtones of Deathly Hallows to this epilogue, but it's also an open sort of ending: A lead into a new generation of childhood, if you will, which is the approach I sort of took with the end of Growing Up Weasley as well. But James needed his moment with his father, too!

I appreciate your reviews, believe me. :) It really flatters me to hear that they make you smile, and I'm so happy that you've taken the time to stop back by my author's page! Thank you so much for leaving this review for me!!

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Review #38, by Tonks1247 Oliver

11th October 2012:
AH! I have been waiting and waiting to get to this chapter…I cannot tell you how excited I am now that I have read it! I have always had this mild (Or, you know, rather large) obsession with Oliver Wood and Quidditch. I’m not quite sure what the draw was to his character (though Sean Biggerstaff is rather attractive…), but I’ve always been fascinated by his character and this really gave a much different view of his character!

For me, Oliver is always this darker character…I’m not quite sure where I got it from, but it’s the only way I can view him during his Hogwarts years. He’s much more serious and goal orientated. But after reading this, I find maybe that’s not all he can be. He has this softer innocent side, one that came about when he was first getting into Quidditch and I think maybe that does show through, just not as much, when he gets to the age of playing Quidditch…

But really, this was a lovely job. You did an excellent job writing the game (It’s a pain…basing stories off of Quidditch and Oliver are near impossible :P), and just overall handling his character. You made him quite an adorable six year old (who was practically all grown up ;) ) and I just…I love it. You did a fantastic job! Can’t wait until I can read more chapters (I will be getting to them soon, I promise!) :D


Author's Response: Ooh, an Oliver Wood fan! I'll admit that there was a point when I was rather hooked on any Oliver-centric story I could get my hands on. (Probably due to Sean Biggerstaff, likewise.) That phase has passed for the most part, but it was a lot of fun to revisit it here!

I find it very interesting that you see Oliver as a darker character in the books. Certainly there is more than enough room for a bit more information on him as a character -- and who knows? I like that you keep bringing up the word "innocent," though, because I think that's a key one in this case. People like Oliver and Draco may have turned a bit darker, but they were kids once. And kids are remarkably simple, innocent beings, when it comes down to it. Though bless him, he still lives and breathes Quidditch, doesn't he?

Quidditch stories are HARD! :P I'm glad you enjoyed it! Take your time reviewing the future chapters, of course; you've done so much for me already. ♥ I'm just beyond pleased that you've enjoyed the story so much this far! Thank you!!

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Review #39, by Tonks1247 Draco

11th October 2012:
Can I just squish him, a little bit? He’s just so dang cute that I want to squish him and hold him and keep him *cough* And….erm…perhaps not sound creepy… (Oh gosh, I need sleep xD)

So….as I was trying to say…Draco was absolutely adorable in this chapter. I just…I was stunned by the simplicity you put in his character here, so different from how he is when he starts Hogwarts yet somehow it is just so fitting of his character. The innocence of really only wanting to be included in this party his mom refused to let him in on, in addition to wanting a bit of cherry tart…just really brought to life a different side to Draco, one that doesn’t appear in the books. It gave him a softer, sweeter side, one untainted by the evilness of Voldemort and pureblood-ism….

I realize I say this with every chapter I read, but really, this is just a phenomenal piece and the writing is absolutely beautiful. To close, I’ll share two lines that just made me smile and laugh just a little bit before shutting up and not rambling.

“Draco kept looking at his reflection in it, popping his head back and forth and becoming more and more delighted with the mirror-like shine. His mother and father should have parties every weekend, he decided, sticking his tongue out at the slightly distorted reflection of himself in the end post.”

“Good night, Mummy,” he said cheerfully, and without further ado skipped from the hall, not seeing his mother watching him in bemusement the whole way. Nor did he stop to acknowledge his father, whom he met at the base of the stairs as the latter was making his way into the party, who wondered why on earth Draco was out of bed and clutching a plate of something red and sticky-sweet.

Absolutely fantastic!


Author's Response: Ahaha! You can certainly squish Draco, if that's your prerogative. ;) No judging here!

I loved writing wee Draco solely for the reasons you expressed, which is why this review's making me grin like mad: He was brought up with really pretty messed-up values and ideals, but he was a little kid once, and that is so often overlooked, you know? He was once an innocent boy with really no concept of Muggle-borns and Mudbloods and all that. I'm glad you found it fitting of his character!

You are much too sweet. ♥ Also -- you definitely seem to be picking out all my own personal favorite lines from these chapters! Every time I read that last one, I just imagine this really confused look on Lucius's face while Draco trots away, and it's so funny in my head. :D Happy to see that you enjoyed it, too!

Shall I say it again? I feel I must -- thanks so much for this review! I really can't tell you what it means to me. ♥ You're awesome!

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Review #40, by Tonks1247 Luna

10th October 2012:
“Luna looked about her curiously, half-expecting to find someone standing behind her that she had never noticed before.” Oh my…how I adore Luna Lovegood. She’s always such an interesting character to read and even more so to write. She is just so different than the typical person and it’s always hard to depict exactly what she’s thinking yet I think you do quite a fantastic job of getting her five year old character into this story. Her responses in this story and just some of her interaction with her parents…it’s just so precious and just….exactly what I imagined of her.

So let’s see…some of my favourite lines of this chapter:

“She was never very good at naming things, and her plush animals all had names like Cat or Mr. Duck or Sir Puppy.”

“How interesting... Luna, dear, have you been playing amongst milkweed lately? It is said to cause one’s shadow to do funny things… Does your nose feel any heavier than normal?”

“Feeling considerably less lonely than she had an hour or so earlier, Luna tripped downstairs to inspect the milk – just in case.”

I was just in amazement and totally impressed by this chapter. You wrote Luna in such a good light and really gave depth to her character…seriously, you did an amazing job with this chapter, much like the last couple!


Author's Response: I love writing Luna! I think this particular chapter was the... second or third time I'd attempted it (I've done so at least three times now), and she really is so fun. She has a very distinctive character voice that it's fun to try and get into! I'm glad that you saw apt characterization here; that's always so encouraging to hear. :)

Ahaha, Xenophillius and the milkweed! ♥ I think his line about it and her nose is my favorite, too. I'm not sure how many other people caught onto the bit at the end about the milk, but it makes me smile, and I suppose that's all that really matters!

Thanks so much, once again, for reviewing this chapter for me. :3 It honestly means so much, and I'm just beyond pleased you're enjoying it so much! Really looking forward to seeing your opinions on the future chapters, as well!

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Review #41, by Tonks1247 Colin

10th October 2012:
AW! Colin is just way too adorable! Between him and his brother Dennis I’m not sure which one I love more! I mean, you go from Colin with his ‘six-years-old-and-practically-a-grown-up’ to Dennis and his “The sky is wet”…It’s just so dang cute! And they definitely sound six and four respectively. You really just have a phenomenal way with words and it just makes your characters even more believable!

And I was actually sort of surprised at first (As I haven’t read through too much of the table of contents to know what characters have a chapter) that Colin was one of the characters you picked. I mean, I know he was mentioned frequently in the books (which I really need to read again…) but I never really thought of his life as a Muggleborn or where his obsession with cameras and pictures came in. He just wasn’t a character I necessarily cared for or paid much attention too…but I am really glad you wrote this. It gave a much different view of Colin and gave me a different appreciation for his character and sort of reminded me that he was a really fantastic character.

And instead of continuing on with my ramblings of how amazing this chapter is and how amazing of a writer you are, I will share one small thing that sort of had me confused and another favourite line.

“Colin Creevey could not contain bouncing excitedly in his chair, despite the fact that it was raining rather badly outside.” The beginning of this sentence seems as though it is missing a few words…

And then another favourite line, just cause the boys are so dang adorable: “We’re… we’re being spies,” said Colin, hoping this would be a suitable explanation. “I’m being a sidekick,” Dennis added brightly, now sitting up and still refusing to remove his thumb from his mouth.”

Really fantastic! Great job! :D


Author's Response: I absolutely adored both of the Creeveys in canon -- they were so obnoxious at times, and yet they were always very, very loyal to Harry, which is something I find admirable. You only have to look at Colin and know that he snuck back into a war to defend Harry, and died in that war, to see that. They're such great characters! But anyway.

I'm not sure what exactly it was that made me pick Colin, out of all the possible canon characters, to write about. I'd like to think (though this might just be sentimental) that I felt he had a story worth telling. :) A lot of people, for the most part, do seem to overlook Colin, and I'm proud to have given you a second glance at him, however minute.

Hmm -- I don't quite see where that sentence could be missing a few words. But I'm going to ask someone right now! And I'm happy you liked that other line, too; it kind of sums up the entire personalities of both brothers, doesn't it?

Thank you again for this! Gahh, your reviews are making me smile so much. :3 So, so pleased you're enjoying it! ♥

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Review #42, by Tonks1247 Neville

10th October 2012:
I have been waiting for an opportunity to present itself where I don’t have work, homework or revising to do just so I would have the time to sit down and read this story and I am happy to say I have found time. It’s actually really exciting because just the other day I was thinking about Growing Up Weasley and I was like, you know what? I know she has this story, Growing Up Magical, and I kinda really wanna see what characters she uses and what sort of amazing plot she’s come up with this time…so here I am.

And this chapter? Exactly what I wanted to hear of Neville’s story before Hogwarts. I always wondered how exactly it work, Neville figuring out about his magic due to his Uncle Algie and I must say, you did so while keeping your story quite close to canon, at least in my head. I could definitely see Neville being one to spend his summer days reading, even more so that he was reading adventure novels. It just seemed so fitting! And his partial dread about his Uncles visit…so realistic. I mean, who could blame him? Neville only almost drowned a year earlier xD

But really, your characterization of all of the characters is so spot on. I also love how, while your writing is really stylized and some of the vocab more advanced, it definitely sounds like Neville is an eight year old boy. I mean, you use some terms that may not fit with a boy that age yet without those words, it wouldn’t seem right. You know what I mean? [I could just be crazy xD]

There was only one spot that caught me for a moment and confused me until I reread it, and that would be here: “He ambled over to the large window across from the one leading back out onto the landing, looking through out at the overcast English sky outside as though it were the most fascinating thing he’d ever seen.” –The use of ‘through out at the overcast…” was sort of confusing wording. You may consider revising that to just using out? I don’t know but it was sort of confusing…

Other than that small thing, this really was a lovely chapter. I quite enjoyed reading Neville’s little story and am looking forward to seeing whose next!

And, before I go, my two favourite lines of the chapter (I couldn’t just pick one!):

“…and the boy immediately began falling in a decidedly downward direction.”

“The first of these was that, if today was the day he was destined to die, falling from a window into the garden below was at least an interesting way to go about it.”

The first one, I just adore the wording. The second one was just fantastic! Great job!


Author's Response: Hey! Wow -- it's great to see you drop by this story! :) I'm very flattered to hear that you've been meaning to set aside time to read this, and, needless to say, I'm very happy you've found it now! You are too sweet. ♥

I wrote this story over nine months ago, and still I think it's one of my favorites in this collection. It all came very easily when I was writing it, and I'm happy you enjoyed it! I think that this version of events was always in my head, and I'd adopted it into my own little headcanon, you know?

I'm honestly so happy you found it realistic, though. Realism is something I'm always, always shooting for, in my writing. There's a certain style to this set of stories, and to GUW -- and it does include a sort of sophistication of language. I'm not sure why that is, but it definitely seemed to fit, when writing them. :)

Thank you for spotting that little error! I'm shaking my head now at all the times I've read this chapter over and STILL miss things like that. I really don't want to know how many other little slips are hiding in my other stories.

Thanks so much for leaving this review for me! ♥ This totally made my day -- I hope to see you back soon for your opinion on further chapters!

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Review #43, by angelicdemon1209 Epilogue

7th August 2012:
This was a beautiful series, and well this end, it's left me speechless..
I loved it.
But one thing, isn't Ron an auror, and also helping George at the shop? I am not sure.
And I love Luna!! :D

Author's Response: It is stated that Ron both helped with George's shop and worked under Harry in the Auror department. We don't know which came first, or if he worked at both at the same time -- it's never explicitly stated -- so I've taken the liberty to develop headcanon to that end. :)

Thank you so much -- and what a lovely surprise it was to see your name back again! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the story, and that you were willing to leave your opinion on this chapter. It really is so appreciated that you took the time to stop by! ♥

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Review #44, by slytherinchica08 Harry

28th July 2012:
Oh I only get two more chapters in this story to read? Well it was a great read as it always is when you are the author! I thought Harry was wonderful and I think he is one of the hardest to write as J. K. has his character so well developed so great job with that. I loved the look into his childhood with Dudley busy tyring to get him.

I really liked the bits of magic in this as they weren't just screaming I'm magical it was just something that could really happen but with a magical twist to it. I think you are doing a wonderful job with this collection and thought that this was a great addition to your story. I really could just gush on and on about how much I love your writing style and stories in general. Also I wanted to mention how much I loved your description in this chapter! I thought it was very well done and nothing too dramatic or over descriptive it just all flowed really well and helped to paint a wonderful picture of a nine year old Harry trying to stay away from Dudley and his gang. Great Job!


Author's Response: Two more chapters indeed! I probably could have written more, but I just felt at a certain point that putting the end at 10 was right. I wanted to write other things, and I never want to have a ton of WIPs, so finishing this off at this time was the ideal plan. ;)

I'm so glad you liked Harry, too! I LOVE writing Harry, even if he is a bit difficult at times, simply because we hear his voice so much in the books, it's not very difficult for me to get into it, if that makes sense. Harry's one of my favorite characters; I'd love to write a Harry-centric novel someday. :)

One of the things I wanted to get across with these stories, even more than in GUW, was the element of magic that I think magical children would have had in their childhoods, even if they didn't grow up in the wizarding world. And, of course, we know from canon that that was true in Harry's case! I'm so pleased you liked the description, too; description's always one of my very favorite parts of writing anything.

Thank you for taking the time to leave me a review on this! Your reviews are always so sweet; it means a lot to me to have them on my stories. You always know how to make me smile! ♥

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Review #45, by Aphoride Oliver

18th July 2012:
Ah, you're giving me such trouble, you know that? I can't decide who is more adorable... six year old Oliver or seven year old Draco... gosh, this is hard. I adore them both, though!

Oliver is just... gah, so adorable but also the kind of kid who raises a smile on your face by being so enthusiastic and hyperactive - he really reminds me of the Oliver in the books and films. I also loved how you included the whole Quidditch angle and mentioned how he decided he would be a Keeper someday and he would play for Puddlemere United without making it over the top or completely consume the whole story. There was just enough Quidditch and just enough enthusiasm from Oliver (and Ewan, lol) to make it perfect.

I love how different all of these are. Sort of defining moments for each of the characters - little moments which have some significance in some way. It's just wonderful to see when Oliver started being Quidditch obsessed and when he decided he would be a Keeper.

Also, I loved how you described the argument between his parents about whether or not he could go and then had Oliver listening to them on the stairs and let out a cheer when his mother finally caved 'forgetting that he was supposed to be in bed'. Haha, it was such a perfect line!

So good, as usual :D So, so good.

Aph xx

Author's Response: Right? Every time I wrote a new chapter, I was convinced that that was my favorite one of them all! :D I think, in the end, I like Colin's and Draco's and Cedric's. And the epilogue. Which is basically half of the chapters...

I remember writing this story pretty vividly, where I was sitting and what I was thinking, so it's really awesome to sort of connect that to your response. I don't know what that's relevant, but it is. :) And I actually sort of really don't like writing Quidditch, so -- natch -- I've got to write about a boy who loves it! Brain, what are you even.

These very much are defining moments, and I like that phrasing. :D A lot of the Muggle-born kids get magic in theirs, but really it kind of shows that children, they aren't different, born into magic or no. You know? Baww, that line. ♥

Thank you so much -- again! -- for leaving me all these reviews! And I'm quite sorry for the mess I made of responding to them. ♥ I really cannot tell you enough how grateful I am!

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Review #46, by Aphoride Draco

18th July 2012:
Haha, oh gosh I think this one has been my favourite so far! Draco was just... perfect. I absolutely adore him. If he existed I would adopt him right now - he's just too cute!

I love how you made him cute and intelligent and somewhat cunning for a seven year old boy. He's clever enough to know how to get things from his mother when he wants them and how to try and manipulate people - even if each attempt failed miserably. It was just such a lovely take on his character, and they're all traits he possesses in canon so it fits in with him there so well. I can imagine this happening, lol.

Cherry tart. You really are just working your way through a horde of desserts/puddings I love, aren't you? I completely understand why Draco decided the whole adventure was worth it in the end. Cherry tart is delicious.

I loved it when the maid called him 'tyke' and all the details were amazing. The silver snake as the hand on the clock, Narcissa's pearls, the first violinist, the fact that the butler had been hired specifically for this party and to let people inside... it was just incredible.

I just loved this. I'm really not quite sure what more to say without repeating 'I love this, I love this, I love this' over and over again...

Aph xx

Author's Response: Draco! I'll admit it -- the Malfoys are also canon characters I really don't focus on a lot, because they don't interest me that much. ;) But actually, I've written quite a bit about them in recent stories, so I'm getting over that. And everybody likes a sneaky seven-year-old! I'm glad you saw a lot of canon Draco here; with all the Draco stories out there (Dramione, anyone?), sometimes that's a tricky thing to do, and it's nice to know I succeeded.

Ahaha, and the dessert strikes again! I'm guilty, though -- the cherry tart's only in here because cherry pie is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite desserts. ♥ Which I am now craving.

I always picture the Malfoys, and Malfoy Manor, as really lush and extravagant, and exploring that atmosphere a bit more in-depth in this story was great! I'm really happy you liked it, too. :)

Repetition is fine by me. :D Especially since saying 'Thank you, thank you, thank you' is a bit repetitive, too! But honestly -- thank you. Your reviews really did brighten my day so much!

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Review #47, by Aphoride Luna

18th July 2012:
You wrote Luna so perfectly! How do you do it? Write every character so well! Neville, Colin, Luna, plus all the Weasleys... it's just... incredible!

Luna was perfect here. Dreamy, intelligent, slightly gullible and just so... Luna. I can imagine her acting like this in the film (only as a mini-Luna) and skipping around.

Her parents were wonderful, too. I loved how you included them and her mother told her about her shadow being a constant friend. It seems like something a young Luna might believe. Her excitement at it being true was lovely as well. Really sweet. Also, the inclusion of Xeno's printing press-type thing was really good as well! I loved it - it reminded me that of course the offices for The Quibbler are in their house. A bit of an 'oh duh' moment, lol.

Also, I loved the mention of the Weasleys. Given they live in the same village, it was inevitable that they would have at least heard of each other, since not too many witches and wizards live in Ottery St. Catchpole, and I particularly liked how Luna thought that when her mum said 'a mess of boys' she meant they were messy. :D Totally wrong, but so sweet! It made me smile.

Dandelion is indeed a fitting name for a shadow ;)

Gosh, I loved this! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I don't quite know how to answer that question... :P I think it's a combination of reading the books and listening to the audiobooks and watching the movies SO many times, and having a semi-photographic memory, that can just get me straight to the voice of the person I'm writing about. But that does rather sound like I'm bragging. ;)

I had a lot of fun imagining what Luna's mother would be like, actually, because I've always imagined her to be quite a bit like her daughter. And the shadow, of course, is a nice go-between! I'm rather pleased you caught my 'messy' pun, too -- not a lot of people seem to have done so. :P

Thank you, once again, for a plethora of such lovely, sweet reviews on this story! It really does mean so much to me that you chose to leave them, and I'm just glad you liked the story so much. :)

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Review #48, by Aphoride Colin

18th July 2012:
Colin! I have to admit, I didn't really like Colin much in the books, seeing as he was just always following Harry around and being overly-cheerful, but I adored him here. He was just so sweet and adorable... and gah, I just wanted to hug him.

I loved all the details in this as well. It's amazing how you manage to fit them all in without bogging the story down and keep it a sensible length. I totally understand what he means about having a spring birthday - it's often raining on my birthday too, since I'm born in the spring :P

I loved the tradition you created of their father walking to the town to get their presents on their birthday. It was just so original and something I'd never ever thought of before in any way, so it really surprised me :) Also, I think you're trying to make me hungry. First meringue last chapter, now chocolate cake... will it be cookies next time? Yes? No? Seriously, though, all these mentions of various puddings are just making me hungry.

'Bubba' - okay, I just had to mention this! It was beyond adorable. It made Dennis even more adorable than Colin. And the whole spies and sidekicks things was just pure genius, although I think Colin got a bit mixed up, lol. Superheroes have sidekicks, not spies :P That mix-up just made it even cuter, though.

The camera. I loveloveloved how you included the camera and how it was the photo which was his first sign of magic. It was so fitting for a boy who loved taking photos and never went anywhere without it at Hogwarts.

This was just so cute and adorable and perfect :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: I don't think I really appreciated Colin in the books until he died -- it's so sad, but that's actually why I like most a good amount of characters, because they snuffed it in a heroic fashion. :P I so enjoyed writing this chapter, though! It was really easy for me to picture Colin as a little kid.

I am clearly trying to make you hungry, if that wasn't obvious enough before. :) I'm so pleased to hear you like all the story's details! I'm always a little guilty to hear things like that, though, because I really don't consciously plan a whole lot of my stories. I have outlines of what I want to happen, and other things just get added in as I go, like Colin's father's walking to town, or Dennis's rabbit thing. (I kind of agree, though, that Dennis is more adorable than Colin! They were always so close in the books -- I loved that.)

You liked the camera bit! I thought it was really fitting that that was how Colin would first sort of wonder about magic. I'm so glad you enjoyed this! And thank you for taking the time to leave me a review on this chapter, too! ♥

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Review #49, by Aphoride Neville

18th July 2012:
Okay, I've been meaning to read this for so long - well, read and actually review this time since I've read it all before at least twice, I think - and so here I am! :D

I loved Growing Up Weasley and this is just as good! I love how you're using perhaps less well-known characters, like Neville and Cedric and others. It's so fascinating! :) I'm a huge fan of minor characters.

Your opening line was fabulous - 'There was no smell more pleasant, Neville thought happily, than the sugary smell of something baking in the oven'. No truer words have ever been said. Cookies, cake, whatever - the smell is just amazing. Plus, it was such an original way to open the story - I've never seen anyone open a chapter quite like that :)

Ooh, one thing I picked up when I was reading - 'grandnephew' should really be 'great-nephew'. I don't know if the slightly different name is a British thing or not, but I've always used 'great-nephew' *shrugs*

Haha, Augusta was perfect! Spotting the missing sugar cube (by magic, of course ;) ) and Algernon calling her 'Gussie'. Oh gosh. I just can't imagine it, but it's just so perfect for her... haha, it made me laugh, though! :D

Meringue! :) You have captured my heart - I love meringue. I completely sympathise with Algernon, lol. And Neville.

'He bounced!' Best line of the whole fic, lol. It was just... gah, so good! I can't wait to read the others!

Aph xx

Author's Response: Well, I had no idea you were one of my readers! And twice through, no less! :) I'm so excited to see you've returned, and it's great to hear you enjoyed the stories.

I love the Hogwarts-era characters, and really moving onto this collection after finishing up GUW was almost a no-brainer. :) Although it was, I'll admit, largely an excuse to write Cedric again. But alas! There does seem to be a lot of sweets written into these stories... I think it's a combination of loving pudding myself and feeling like such things are an integral part of a little kid's life. ;) Yes?

Ooh, I'll have to do more research on that. There's actually quite a large debate on 'grandnephew' versus 'great-nephew' on the Internet, which surprised me. :P 'Grandnephew' seems to be the more common of the two, but thank you for pointing it out!

I'm happy you liked Augusta -- I've written her once before, and she's lots of fun. :D Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me your opinion on this story, Aphoride -- I'm seriously so happy you did! ♥

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Review #50, by WishfulMuggle Epilogue

14th July 2012:
Awesome story:) I about teared up in the end. My only question is who else were you considering writing about?

Author's Response: I had several options to choose from in writing these stories. I very nearly wrote about Fleur, and a few other people I tossed around were Lavender, Dean, Angelina, and even Blaise Zabini. :D And I've heard a lot of requests for a next generation collection, too, and there have been a few ideas tossed about in that direction... but for now, I do think I'm done. :)

Thank you for taking the time to review this for me! I'm so glad you liked it -- and, although it sounds a bit silly, this epilogue evoked a lot of nostalgic emotions in me, too. :P Got to love a Hogwarts Express scene! But thank you once again, it really does mean a lot to me to hear from readers like you.

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