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Review #26, by Danni The Reparation

14th July 2011:
Update soon please! Continue please

Author's Response: Well, as of the third chapter the story was marked 'completed' so I'll no longer be updating this particular story. Sorry about that! I left it unfinished on purpose, because I want readers to imagine what happened on their own. :)

Thanks for the review, I appreciate it!

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Review #27, by TheDoctor The Reparation

12th July 2011:
Hello! Astoria Viana here from the forums, and first let me just say how sorry I am for the lateness of this review. I was gone for a while and then everything was really busy when I got back. So again I am so sorry.

Alright, so first off, plot: Above all else your plot is... so wonderfully sweet! It's the perfect new beginnings story, it give Ron a second chance at love and the way everything flowed together was wonderful. I can't say enough about the ending, it was marvelous! It left the perfect beginning to a wonderful couple. without having he cliche sloppy kiss. The hug, the flowers, everything just worked so well.

As to characterization Ron, Luna, and George weren't strictly canon but they weren't so far from it that it was unbelievable. After all they have to grow up and change sometime. The idea of Ron having a drinking problem seemed a bit OC but if Hermione left him then I think it's possible. But let me stress that even if your characters were a bit OC I wouldn't change a thing. They work so well for your story and you feel empathetic towards all of them.

You're detailing is wonderful too, you give just enough, not enough for your reader to get lost in but not so little that only you can see what your trying to convey.

All I can say to work on is... uhm... I can't think of anything! Maybe give George a bit more humor and more of a carefree edge and Ron a bit less of a moody streak in future stories (not a drastic change or anything just a bit). I say in future stories because this story is so sweet the way it is that you shouldn't change anything!

Author's Response: No worries about the delay! Seeing a review at any time, no matter WHAT time, brightens my day. :3

And thank you for leaving such a long and sweet one! There is a large smile on my face right now and it is all thanks to you. :3 I am so glad to hear you liked the story!

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Review #28, by Silver Sunrise The Reparation

8th July 2011:
Oh my god, that was, for certain, the sweetest, most adorable thing I've ever read! It all tied together so brilliantly at the end and I just loved it! A really great ending, going for a hug not a kiss, so CUTE!!! (diesofcuteness)
Oh, Ron/Luna is an unappreciated ship and only ever seems to occur during a Dramione novella when the writer isn't quite sure what to do with Ron, so full respect for this!
Okay, bye bye! I love this! 10/10!

Author's Response: AWW. Thank you so much! Ron/Luna is, in my opinion, rather underappreciated. :D I am glad to see you liked the story so much, thanks once again!

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Review #29, by Giola The Walk

8th July 2011:
Hi Jane, Giola here with your requested review. Sorry it's taken me awhile!

Alright, first off, I love your writing style, you have a very good grasp on description. I felt like, whilst reading this, I was actually standing in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes behind Ron, on watching Ron and Luna walk through Diagon Alley. Brilliantly done, you sprinkle description through just perfectly, there isn't too much, there's just enough.

Characterisation's also spot on. George, acting slightly less cheerful seems very realistic given the circumstances. Ron's feelings about Hermione are still not fully revealed yet, you tell the bare minimums of that story. To me, it seems like he hasn't resolved his feelings for her. The last paragraph, however, gives me hope that through Luna he might. Beautiful writing, since he obviously hasn't made that observation yet. It's hard to pull off subtle hints like that, without having the character have a full-on realisation. Good job.

Luna also seems well done, I already love her character! She's so's cute :) The lilacs are a nice touch, very fitting. I liked the backstory about them playing together as children, it's probable. Though, that begs to ask why they never interacted at Hogwarts until Ron's fifth year.

Overall, brilliantly written fic! I'm usually a canon nut, but you may succeed in converting me...I'll take a little more convincing, however, so I'll read on.



Author's Response: JULIA! *squish* No worries about the delay, none at all. :3 Thank you for all your lovely compliments, they truly do mean so much to me.

LOVE YOU! Hiss hiss, and all that. Hope to see you around!

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Review #30, by Slytherin_Ravenclaw_chick The Reparation

7th July 2011:
Requested Review from SlytherinRavenclawChick:

Yet another spectacular opening. Again, fantastic diction and characterization. I love that you are really committed to characters I really do love this story and your writing. It is hard to find this quality of writing anymore, HPFF or not. Your story flow is amazing and the emotions of the characters is well translated to paper.

It is rare for me to give them, but another 10/10

Author's Response: I am SO glad to hear all your good thoughts about the story, and am honored to recieve that ten. :3 Thank you SO much for your sweet reviews!

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Review #31, by Slytherin_Ravenclaw_chick The Decision

7th July 2011:
Review Requested from SlytherinRavenclawChick:

Again, like the first chapter, it had a very gripping beginning, and it was consistent in the word use and tone, which gave it nice flow and a pleasurable read. I love your diction and dialogue, along with your characterization of the characters. The story is a bit fast paced, however it works and it feels right.


Author's Response: I don't like dragging out stories -- especially short stories, which can go on forever. Thanks for such a lovely review, as always!

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Review #32, by Slytherin_Ravenclaw_chick The Walk

7th July 2011:
Your Review from SlytherinRavenclawChick:

The beginning is very good, and your style of writing is very gripping. The flow was very nice and I enjoyed it. I feel that you captured the character's emotions and were able to translate them to words. Also, the use of the flower, even if it was for a challenge, was a very nice touch and it really fit into the chapter.

Most challenge stories seem forced, but this really felt real and it worked.


Author's Response: YAY! Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review! I am glad to hear all your compliments, they are building my confidence in this story. :3


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Review #33, by BrightStar The Walk

6th July 2011:
Hi, BrightStar here with your review! So sorry for the delay!

As you might know, I am obsessive about canon but I really enjoyed this. It was sweet, and almost hesitant in a way, it really fit with the first love theme!

Coherence: As usual, you have a lovely flow to your writing, and no spelling/grammar mistakes that I could see!

Characters: Ron was spot on, but a much quieter ron than usual - fitting, because of the breakup. Luna was adorable, as always. So sunny! You really got her right, not everyone does.

Context:You probably could have said more about the aftermath of the war and stuff, but it might have taken away this nice light feel. in any case, its only the first chapter :D

Credibility: Ok, I'm so not ron/luna, but it COULD make sense, you've done a really good job at that. i like how you have them as old playmates, very possible and very sweet! And Ron was always fond of her :D

Great job, please feel free to rerequest for the other two chapters, I'd be happy to read them. Sorry again for the long wait, real life and such :D

Author's Response: Don't worry about the delay -- real life has a habit of catching up with all of us. :)

That was a fantastic review -- thank you so much! I've gone ahead and put in a request for chapter 2; take your time!

Thank you!! :D

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Review #34, by Toujours Padfoot The Reparation

4th July 2011:
I got a shout-out! Hurrah!

Janechel, this was SO. SWEET.

Favorite paragraph (because I can't possibly narrow it down to one sentence) ever:

“Hi,” he gasped, mildly out of breath still from dashing over here. Luna said nothing, only looked at him – not with welcome, nor with reproach, but simply a mild curiosity as to why he might be standing on her doorstep. He waited a few more seconds, and then, finding he had planned absolutely nothing to say, thrust the bouquet out in front of him.

THIS IS SO RON. And it's exactly how I imagined! I wasn't even consciously thinking about it, because I was all caught up in the story, wondering if he would catch Luna, wondering if she would accept his apology - and when he said "Hi" and then just thrust the flowers at her, I actually laughed out loud! It is SO very Ron, who seems to just wing everything, skimming through life with a grin on the face and not knowing what the hell he's doing. Kudos to you.

I think my absolute favorite element to the whole story is George. He is all-wise, all-knowing, Confucius George, and he doesn't waste two seconds giving his opinions or advice.

I really commend you for this story, and the way you wove it so effortlessly (or so it seems). Your diction, your imagery - everything is so precise and neat. Your style is very eloquent. That's the only word for it. And no matter what you write - fluff, horror, romance, drama - it's always eloquent, spotless, polished. It's like OCD manifested into writing.

Very, very well done on making your characters canon, yet helping them to grow. They're believable, defined, realistic. You're amazing.


~ Sarah

Author's Response: No words, Sarah.

No words at all.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH A LOVELY AND BEAUTIFUL AND SPARKLY REVIEW. It has truly, truly made my day. Your reviews always have that effect on me. :)


Love you!


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Review #35, by Hermione389 The Walk

3rd July 2011:
I like the concept of this story! Ron/Luna is a good pairing, I must admit, and you've written it perfectly. I really love this!

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that -- I've been a bit worried about this particular fic, but to hear you say I've got it is such a relief. :3

Thanks a lot!

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Review #36, by Phoenix_Flames The Decision

2nd July 2011:
Another good chapter. It was nice and happy and fluffy. I thought things were going brilliantly and I even got a little jittery looking forward to Ron asking her out. Then he had to go do that! Wow! Great chapter though. I hope he sobers up.

Really well done. I can really understand what he's going through with all this, and you have showed it well. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for leaving such nice and helpful reviews! Poor Ron -- he's messed up a bit here. :D

You're awesome!

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Review #37, by Phoenix_Flames The Walk

2nd July 2011:
Hey there! Here with your review as requested. First off I want to apologize for the really long wait. Things have been quite hectic lately.

But you seem to have a nice story coming along! I'm curious to see how you will go about Ron/Luna. I do find it a cute ship, and I think you have a pretty good set up to start off with here. :) the thing that I'm confused about though or would suggest editing is that when I started reading, I had no idea the set up and I was quite confused. So I went back to the story page and it said nothing of AU. So I went back and continued on. Well, as I continued further it became clear to me that this is at least a little AU. Which is fine. I love AU. But I would suggest adding that category to the genres to spare your readers from some confusion. ;)

But anyways! You started off lovely. Very beautiful description of the world around them. I quite liked the hand reference, and I love how you have Ron helping George out at the shop. I thought that was nice and no matter the background - AU or not - i think Ron would have helped out at some point.

I thought you did Lunas character very well and she stayed in her character. She was slightly reminiscent in the books/movies of her mother and such and I think you did a good job showing that reminiscent trait of things in general here. So well done.

I'm curious to see where you take this. Nice opening chapter! :)


Author's Response: No worries about the wait -- I'm glad you got to it at all. :)

Thank you for leaving such a lovely review! I did take your suggestion and added the AU warning, although it's a bit of a given that Ron/Luna is going to be AU. :D

Thanks again!

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Review #38, by wit_beyond_measure3 The Decision

2nd July 2011:
Hello again! Still phoenixflames19, and I just had a few more comments.

First off, I think the flow of the story is excellent. I can feel a little tragic-hero-esque rising and falling going on.

In your first paragraph, you need to work on balancing your descriptions a little. One that stands out particularly in my mind is when you say "fervently going with". Perhaps a stronger verb to balance the strong adverb? Just a thought. Also, I have noticed you like to use "the latter" and every once in a while it makes your narrative confusing. You may want to try just using names-- I know it can feel a little redundant but sometimes that is better than confusing; I don't even think it would be redundant in your case.

Thanks for the great read!


Author's Response: Once again -- thanks so much! :3

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Review #39, by wit_beyond_measure3 The Walk

2nd July 2011:
Hi there! Oh I'm phoenixflames19 on the forums, by the way. Here with your review!

I really like this story, and that surprises me a little. Usually I go for canon ships only, but I like the way you've portrayed the relationship between Ron and Luna. I think the confusion is a necessary part of Ron's character =] Also, Luna's characterization is very good. She seems nicely out-there.

Just a few small things I noticed that you could change to make the story flow grammatically a little better. First, in your first paragraph I can tell you're trying to paint an image for us, and I think you do a good job. You have a flair for detailed description. However, in the second line the words "sort of" and "in and of itself" interrupt the flow a little. I think the imagery would be stronger if you omitted them. Second, you have a slight tendency to use a lot of adjectives and adverbs. Every once in a while-- especially when you have already described something-- they get in the way of the flow. So maybe be a little more choosy with the placement of your description.

Other than those two things, I really liked it. I particularly enjoyed how the night reflected Ron's depression; setting your story in the dark really adds to the angst.

Excellent job!!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for leaving such an awesome review -- I'm glad to hear you liked the story!

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Review #40, by Blue Flame The Walk

30th June 2011:
Such a lovely, loveeely beginning!

First off, the description of it all was wonderful. You definitely have an attention for detail, and it's a good thing in helping a reader picture the scene. I think my only bit of critique would be that at times it could be a tad overbearing? Almost like it dragged on a bit -- not an awful thing, but something to keep in mind! ^^

I really like the bit about games they used to play as children, and the moments between them were cute. I have to admit that Luna and Ron make for quite the intriguing and unusual couple, and I look forward to seeing how you work it all out! I especially loved the excuse he tried to come up with for why he was having odd feelings! 'perfume to attract Blibbering Humdingers.', such a Ron sort of thing to think.

Great beginning!!!


Author's Response: Hey, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a review! I will definitely review the chapter as per your suggestion. Thank you!

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Review #41, by Toujours Padfoot The Decision

29th June 2011:

No! Ron! Get up! You have a date! You can't stand Luna up!


All right. Since all I'm ever useful for is gushing, I thought I would spare you the broken-record compliments about how your writing never ceases to amaze me, and pinpoint exact examples of what I liked in this particular chapter:

What are you expecting me to do? Get down on my knees and profess my undying love for Luna Lovegood?
-Of course!

Ron had been through a lot more female troubles; certainly he was wiser in that aspect. He’d know if he were falling for someone.
-Haa. Ron, you're such a wisdom fail.

Ron shook his head with slight incredulity, wondering when the old man might finally snuff it; it seemed like he’d been working there forever. He expressed this thought to the man next to him.
-You are just perfect with Ron. He is so lovably oblivious, so unaware of when he offends people. It's like he's incapable of thinking that anyone else might disagree with him. Definitely not a whole lot of tact where Ron is concerned.

She climbed delicately aboard the barstool and clasped her hands in front of her, gazing at the wooden beams ahead with an open and curious expression.
-Beautiful description here, I could see it all playing out in my head, everything painted for me exactly (I presume) how you wanted me to see it. The crowded pub, the lukewarm shepherd's pie, and Luna sitting there with that politely interested expression. I love how you said her expression was 'open and curious' - it evoked exactly the right imagery. Very Luna.

“Your skin’s a funny color, Ron – did I embarrass you?”
-And this is EXACTLY Luna. She's quite blunt, without shame or reservation. In this way, she complements Ron, who also speaks openly (although his stems from lack of tact, and not out of unabashed openness).

Ron had been prepared to make a mad dash for the exit and not stop running until he reached the safety of the joke shop.
-Oh, Ron.

“But I can’t!” Ron moaned, screwing his hands up and pressing them into his eyes, causing little stars to burst into his vision.
-I have a vision in my head right now of Ron cradling Mr. Stuffing.

His gaze, now slightly blurred, rested on the day’s Daily Prophet lying on the counter, still wrapped in string. A buzzing sensation was already beginning to sweep through him. Lurching slightly, he reached out and unwound the cord.
-Oh my Merlin, Janechel. You are a master. Yes, this was a depressing turn, but you wrote it magnificently. Even though you have never been a twenty-something male man with drinking issues, you wrote it very realistically. I felt a bit of a buzz myself, and kind of felt the urge to stagger around woozily, muttering bitterly about ex-loves (I don't have any ex-loves, but I might invent a few for the purpose of this rant). At any rate, very well done.

I REALLY look forward to updates.



Author's Response: SARAH.

There is a reason you are the featured reviewer, you know.

I LOVE YOU! Thanks for the amazing and speech-reducing reviews.


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Review #42, by Toujours Padfoot The Walk

29th June 2011:
Oh, Janechel.

This review is extremely, extremely overdue. I kept meaning to read this story, but then something would pop up and I would have to put it aside, and it would happen again and again. And now, thoroughly ashamed of myself, I make my way over here and I am very sorry that I took so long.

For the billionth time, I am going to remark on your excellence when it comes to carving just the right voice for particular stories. All of your stories have such different tones to them, just the right emotion that each story needs. I adore the dreaminess that you have lingering in this story. It makes me feel sleepy and happy, thinking about the end of the day, and simplicities of walking down a cobbled road with someone whimsical like Luna Lovegood.

I admire the way you explained Hermione out of the situation, and about how Ron still couldn't resist looking for her name in the paper. You really do write Ron very well - his embarrassment, his curiosity, his somewhat bitter annoyances, and the way he clearly does not understand girls, or anything that he's not used to. The little details really caught me - Luna's smoke-filled earrings, the clinking of coins in the till, the expressions of George, the mechanics of running the shop, the tension in the air, the lilacs... You do it all so beautifully. From the very first sentence, I was completely captivated.

Another mark of your brilliance - the way you're gradually and realistically creeping into the Ron/Luna. He starts off with acknowledging her in his head as "Loony Lovegood" - retaining the opinions of the Ron we know and love from canon. His interest in Luna somewhat confuses him, and he obviously doesn't understand it - which is also very, very Ron. It's quirky and adorable and I can just picture him standing there, half-smiling like a dolt with his eyebrows knitted while the cogs in his brain slowly move, trying to click it all into place, his feet shuffling around. And then there's Luna, staring straight ahead, struck by the simplest of things that most people overlook. It's just beginning, and you're already making it real. And what's more - it isn't a heavy, dramatic story. It's sweet, in a dreamy way, and perfect for the pairing you're using.

Lovely. :)

Author's Response: Sarah, I have sat here for the better part of five minutes, trying to come up with a response for your reviews. And I just cannot do it.

Thank you so, so much. I really cannot express what such reviews mean to me. I CANNOT. I shall sit here and blather my thanks until it snows in the Sahara.

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Review #43, by LilyGreenEyes The Decision

29th June 2011:
Firstly, I LOVE this line, so very JKR :)
'Maybe something in those earrings of Lunas had affected his brain'.

Anyway, to a review ;) I thoroughly loved this chapter. It was great to see that other side to Ron as the chapter ended and I feel I need to know what is happening next!

At the start, it was lvoely to see Ron struggling with the emotions he was feeling towards Luna, but the reminiscing was brilliant, it was quirky yet poingant at the same time :) It was written really well, well done!

Again, you captured the relationship with Ron and George brilliantly. You have great characterisation throughout the story as well as weaving the canon in delicately again :)

I loved little Richie and the twist with Luna turning up in the pub at lunch! You captured the awkwardness between them brilliantly :) And then the date! I just loved it!

The best thing about this story is, although we know it never happened, it's so believeable, and you make it so easy to relate to that you really do fins yourself questioning why that didn't actually happen! I could honestly have seen this happening :)

This is a great story that I have thoroughly enjoyed (if you couldn't tell already by my gushing review!) and I can't wait for an update :)

Author's Response: Wow -- JKR? I am flattered, truly. :) Again, it's hard for me to form a coherent response for you! I am really, really so very glad you're liking the story, though. (I've been a bit apprehensive.) Thanks so much for the amazing reviews!

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Review #44, by LilyGreenEyes The Walk

29th June 2011:
Hey there, here for your reviews! And can I say straight off, this is very much my cup of tea :) It gave me a lovely warm fuzzy feeling, but that's because I adore Luna, she's my alter ego ;)

And so, to the review :) I feel you have some beautiful descriptive passages here, I would give examples but in all honesty I think you know that already. They are so elegant and you set the scene with them beautifully in such detail that the reader truly knows exactly where everything is, something I always like in a story :)

I felt you nailed the relationship between Ron and George brilliantly, the emotions of each brother and the way they interact was brilliantly written and a joy to read.

And then we have Ron and Luna :) I loved the approach you took to this, the snippet into their childhood, the blossoming relationship, very similar to those first blooms of summer, it really was a pleasure to read :)

One thing I really do want to compliment you on (before I speed off for the next chapter!) is your ability to weave canon in with the way you are taking your story, it's so subtle but very much done in a talented way :)

A great chapter overall, great start to the story, and I'm really enjoying it so far!

Author's Response: I am glad to hear it can be found in your teacup! :D I am just speechless, I cannot think of a way to respond to this other than -- THANK YOU!! Your review really made my day. :3

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Review #45, by CoLorful DreaM The Walk

27th June 2011:
Hey. Here's Ramona from the forums with your review.

You might have heard it before, but I've never read a Ron/Luna story before. To be frank, I never read a different story than the usual canon Ron/Hermione. I'm attached to canon pairings, I must admit.

Luna is such a lovely character! I'm glad you decided to write this with her as a protagonist. You have a lovely writing style, by the way. :)

Good luck in the contest!

Author's Response: Most people haven't read Ron/Luna -- I sort of like being one of a few, there's not as much to compare it to that way. :D I, too, love my canon ships, but for some reason this idea crawled into my head and I couldn't be rid of it.

Thanks for leaving such an awesome and totally sweet review!!

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Review #46, by psychee The Walk

21st June 2011:

This is psychee leaving you the review you have requested! :) I'm so sorry it took so long for me to get to this story but I've been so busy lately, things keep piling up and I don't like rushing into stories (I prefer to read them carefully, give them my full attention). I hope you understand. I apologize for the lateness but I'm here now! :D

I have to confess that I have never read a Ron/Luna story until now. They just never held any interest to me because, as you already know, I am a sucker for canon and love Ron/Hermione. However, I have to admit that I really enjoyed your story, it changed my perspective and I now promise to be more open-minded about non-canon stories and pairings such as this one. The whole background story about flowers especially perked my interest and I love the fact that you were somehow subtle about Ron's feeling (him searching for her name in the newspaper was a very nice touch). Their relationship came off as realistic and plausible, you managed to make them work as an item and I almost forgot, while reading this, that they didn't actually end up together in the books (weird, huh?).

It's really hard to write such unique characters and to be able to write them credibly, especially Luna. I'm not brave enough to even attempt writing a story with her as the main character because I'm not confident that I'll actually get her. But you seem to have no problem in this department and I congratulate you on that. Is she one of your favorite characters from the books?

I noticed no spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes, but then again, I was hooked by the story and didn't even bother looking. I love the length of this story, I enjoy seeing authors actually put an effort into a one-shot. Most of them write a few paragraphs just to write another story but don't bother explaining things more. The dialogue was flawless, it flowed naturally.

I also liked the ending - the realization that, for once, Hermione hadn't crossed his mind. And the fact that he still felt tingles in his spine (I'm a sucker for fluff).

You mentioned that you don't have many readers. There is nothing wrong with the story, it's wonderful, but maybe you could try requesting a banner from TDA - the banners are eyecatching and I know for a fact that many readers usually read stories because of their banner.

Good luck with your future stories and feel free to request another review once you have something new up! I'd love to read it.



Author's Response: Hello -- and thank you so much for leaving such a lengthy review!

The funny thing is, I myself am a very firm Romione shipper, as I am a big canon fan as well. But this challenge for some reason conjured the idea of Ron/Luna, and I couldn't resist trying it. And what do you know -- I'm ending up really liking this story!

Thank you so much, truly, for all your compliments. Luna is actually not one of my favorite characters, but the fact that you even had that idea is such a fantastic compliment to me. :3 I will certainly come back and request future chapters of this story -- as it is a short story -- because of your awesome review!

Also -- yes, I do have a banner request at TDA. :3 I had to wait a bit for the artist I wanted to fill it, but it should be done shortly.

Thanks SO much -- more than I can express -- for your lovely review!

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Review #47, by CrazyForYou The Walk

20th June 2011:
Aww, I really really loved this! I can relate to Ron, so I suppose that's why.

I loved the detail about the newspaper. He read the articles to see her name, not because he cared about what was written, even though doing so made it hurt more. I thought that was very realistic, and a better way of communicating that than saying "seeing her name hurt." So well done!

I love Luna's spacey-ness although I can't help but feel she's not as clueless as she looks. I have a feeling she know exactly what she's doing to him.

The story with the flowers was sweet, as was Ron's hyper-awareness. Looks like he's falling unawares *grin*

I think you're off to a great start, building suspense while developing the characters.

I look forward to reading more about this relationship.

In terms of George, I thought the details added a lot, such as the fact that he counted the money in memory of Fred and such. I wasn't sure how I felt about the different angles of interaction he had with Ron. I'm not sure what leaving the newspaper gained him, and the directness of the conversation with Ron as opposed to the ritualistic conversation they had been having. But I suppose he's doing the best he can/knows how, so it works. I'm hoping more characterization of him will develop throughout this story so he becomes more than a brother/employer.

I'd love it if you re-requested a review when you update again!


Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed this so much! It's a bit scary, venturing out with a Ron/Luna, because it gets a bit of silent criticism. So thank you!

Also -- yes, George becomes a bit more involved in Ron's story in later chapters. He gets... I guess like a mentor? Or a conscience, maybe.

Thank you so much!!

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Review #48, by Bellatrixlestrange123 The Walk

20th June 2011:
Requested review!!

Herlooo!! So, as soon as your post popped up in my review thread I was more than eager to give it a go, because to be a 100% honest with you, I have never, ever read a ron/Luna fanfic. So at first i did have a little bit of the 'meh' factor as to if I would like it or not, and turned out, i really did!

Your writing style is rich, you are extreamly prompt with your discription and leave just the right amount Tongue reader's immagination. Your setting stricter is great, you used all the right words and your plot flows smoothly :)

The only thing, i'd say needs a tad bit of work on is dialoug. I'm not saying it's bad! Intact it's very good, even I can't structer my dialoug like that :( what I mean to say is, try and play about with the possiblilties of your dialoug. I hope I make sense :)

feel free to re-request any time :D

bella 10/10

Author's Response: Not many people have read Ron/Luna -- thank you for keeping an open mind, and I am SO glad you liked it!

I will most certainly re-request with the next chapter. I really cannot tell you what this review meant to me. You're awesome!

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Review #49, by LilyFire The Walk

19th June 2011:
Ack! I thought I'd left this earlier when I read it--sorry! I went to see your reply, and I couldn't find the reivew! Soo...this one isn't gonna be as good, cos I wrote the other one while reading, but here goes...

I really like this story. I love they way you have Ron and Luna act--both when they're together and as their own characters. The way you've written the introduction to the story--leading up to the reader finding out Ron and Hermione aren't together and then having Luna show up- is great!

I love everything about Ron and Luna:) Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear you like this story! You are the first person (other than me, of course) to read it, and an encouraging review is always helpful.

Thank you so much for reading it!

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