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Review #76, by forsakenphoenix Epilogue

26th December 2011:
I adore you to pieces and I especially adore this little story of yours. Every chapter was its own separate piece, but here, in this last chapter, you've pulled everything together and let us relive your chapters once more as memories. It's clever and wonderfully done. I love Molly's melancholy about her empty house and her reminiscence of years past. The little bit of Fred was touching and coming across his little shirt that had been with the was sweet and sad all at the same time.

I think this was my favorite line out of the entire story, "Her family was all here, in bits and pieces, dusty and stored away but never thrown out or forgotten." It's just such a sentimental line - love it!

I've enjoyed this immensely and I'll always think of these tales as canon. I can see why this won a Dobby.

Author's Response: I adore YOU to pieces -- these reviews have been incredible, and even more difficult to respond to! What do you say to someone when even 'you made my day' seems weak?

I wanted to make this last story the thread that holds the rest together, if that makes any sense, and I'm so glad you pretty much laid that out in your review. You got these stories completely! (I love that line too. :P)

Thank you so much Missy -- you really have made my day, if not my week. If not my /year/. I could not have asked for more thoughtful and wonderful reviews, and I'm so flattered you left them! ♥

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Review #77, by forsakenphoenix Flights of Fancy

26th December 2011:
Aw, Ginny! I love how headstrong she is and determined to prove her brother's wrong, even as young as she is. I really feel sympathy for her, being the youngest girl with six older brothers. But Ginny definitely holds her own. I thought it was really endearing how she wanted to try and prove to her brothers that she could be just as good as them at Quidditch and then using Mr Stuffing for her Quaffle! I knew you couldn't resist tossing him in there one more time. ;) Ron shuddering upon seeing it again was amusing too. Poor kid can't get over that, can he?

I'm glad we got to see some of Molly's anger at the boys for not letting their sister play with them. She can make those boys do anything.

I'm sad this is almost over. It's been wonderful getting these glimpses of the Weasley children's childhood. :)

Author's Response: Some of Ginny's strongest traits worked in her favor in this story, and I'm glad it ended up that way -- as you know, I'm not exactly a big Ginny fan. :P I guess that's why I left her story last! (I definitely couldn't resist throwing Mr. Stuffing in there again, he's such a big part of these!)

Thank you so much, Missy -- really. :3

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Review #78, by forsakenphoenix The Knight

26th December 2011:
As usual, your descriptions are fantastic. I love how you set a scene. I adored Arthur's attempts at trying to tell the twins a story because Molly's too pregnant to go up and down the stairs. And Fred wondering if the story was about muffins! Haha, that was so cute. I love that the story was about a knight and then the next day, George attempted to bring Arthur's story to life. Him using Molly's spoon as his sword, trapping the cat and trying to get Ron to play the villain. Quite an imagination that one, then Fred comes and ruins it all! I love how motherly Molly is in this story, not really questioning why George wanted her spoon, and then Fred hiding from her, ha! She would intimidate me too if she was upset. I love how well you can write these Weasleys and you make these little scenes like missing canon parts of their childhood. So much love for your Weasleys.

Author's Response: The idea for this particular story came out of literal nowhere, so I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it! :) I've never had a lot of experience with little kids, but it's not too hard to write them, which is lucky, I suppose.

But really -- thank you so much for all these reviews you left me. I'm just blown away. I can't tell you how much it means to me! ♥

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Review #79, by shadowcat2 Epilogue

25th December 2011:
OMG.That was beautiful. I am speechless. Everything was so perfect. Loved it.
I liked the lil thing where you mentioned that George didn't propose to Angelina until Hugo was born. I think it makes sense that George took many years to move on. Most next generation stories have George's Son, Fred, older than Albus and Rose. I like your idea better. Or is it a cannon fact that i missed?

Anyway,I am excited about your next story.

Author's Response: I, too, am speechless. :) Thank you so much for taking the time out to leave such a lovely and thoughtful review! The fact that you mention is not something I took from canon (simply because the information isn't available), but since I never write next generation, I don't subscribe to all the general rules. :D

The next story is posted, and I hope to see you over that way sometime! Really, thank you so much for the review, it completely made my day.

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Review #80, by Likhita M. Epilogue

24th December 2011:
I like how your story mixes in with the series and completes them; I am positive that you deserved that Dobby.

Author's Response: I am so glad to hear you think this completes the series -- that is a huge compliment, and I cannot thank you enough for it. This really just makes me feel all warm inside. :) Thank you so much, Likhita!

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Review #81, by forsakenphoenix The Birthday Surprise

23rd December 2011:
Percy trying to bake a cake! That was so cute (okay, I'm seriously getting tired of writing cute but I know of no other word to describe your story! It's cute and fluffy like...little marshmallow people). I love your descriptions of picking cornflakes out of the bowl, scooping out the flour and sugar, and his mishap with cracking the egg. It's adorable how hard he's trying to bake this cake for Molly and he thinks it's easy from what he's seen, but you know, minor detail of his mum having a wand and all.

I love Ginny's inclusion in this chapter and how outraged she is to not be involved in anything related to the preparations. It's amusing how she keeps trying to tell them Molly is back but being the youngest, and the only girl, I imagine it's rather difficult to get your older brothers to listen to you.

The idea of the clock having a broken piece on it because Ron broke it off is nice, and the fact that Mrs Weasley didn't fix it. It makes it perfectly imperfect for the Weasley family and it's a clever way to incorporate an object that we know is canon and explain how it came to be. :)

As usual, your writing is flawless and your characterizations of the Weasleys is enviable. Love it!

Author's Response: Little marshmallow people -- that made me giggle so much. :D Now I'm imagining little Weasleys running around all looking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from 'Ghostbusters', and let me tell you, at midnight that is a humorous thing indeed. :3

Ginny, as you know, is not one of my favorite characters ever, but for some reason she's not too bad if you're writing her as a little girl. :P She gets to be all feisty without all those obnoxious teenage problems! I love that clock, too; if I could get a replica, I so would!

Aaagh, thank you SO much. Seriously, I am just... I am blown away. ♥ I cannot express my appreciation for all these reviews!!

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Review #82, by forsakenphoenix A Day No Gnomes Would Fly

23rd December 2011:
I LOVE THAT FRED AND GEORGE ARE PRANKSTERS EVEN WHEN THEY'RE FOUR YEARS OLD. Preshhh. Poor Charlie's got marmalade on his pants. I love how chaotic the Weasley house is at breakfast time. I can only imagine the insanity with that many children and all of them so young! Mrs Weasley is some sort of superwoman, I tell you, and her little comment at the end about never being idle because of all her children - gah, I just love her to bits.

I chuckled when Percy got thrown into the mess with having to de-gnome the garden and his outrage at being associated with them. Poor Percy. :P And Fred! Shoving gnomes in his pocket! Can he be any cuter? I'm telling you I wish I could have spent a few days in the Weasley house when they were growing up, I bet it'd be so much fun. :)

Author's Response: THEY ARE FOREVER PRANKSTERS. ♥ Although you're so right -- not sure if I'd be able to handle them in addition to five other children. She's so a superhero, it's unbelievable. :D

I just want to be a fly on the wall (not literally, as flies are gross, but I think you know what I mean) and just observe the shenanigans. It would be time well spent. :D Thank you so much, Missy, I am so glad you've dropped by!

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Review #83, by forsakenphoenix A Yellow Blanket

23rd December 2011:
Oh, Bill. I think you've examined a wonderfully confusing time for young Bill. I liked that you didn't make him as excited about Ronald coming home as Charlie was - Charlie was too cute! with him squealing about another minute going by - and that he felt that his parents would forget about him. I think it's a very valid concern that many children face when welcoming a new child into the house, especially with Bill and already having four younger brothers as it is.

Arthur was very sweet to him, though, and I loved that he was the one to prove to Bill that they could never stop loving him. AND THEN BILL GAVE RON MR STUFFING! That was the cutest thing EVER and it's nice to see where Mr Stuffing came from. I'm sure it holds a lot of sentimental value to Bill and to give it to his youngest brother as a sign of acceptance...gahh, so stinkin' precious!

I LOVE baby Weasleys and you do such a fantastic job with them. I love all these little snapshots you're writing. It makes me very happy to read these. :)

Author's Response: I've never had to deal with that sort of sibling rivalry, watching Mum and Dad bring home a new baby, but I can imagine how it would feel -- and it's not a pleasant feeling. I think it's plausible that at least one of the brothers would feel this way, and I'm glad you agree!

ARTHUR SAVES THE DAYYY. I had to include Mr. Stuffing somehow, obviously, and I think it's not a far stretch in saying he once belonged to a brother of Ron's -- as all his other possessions did, of course! :P Thank you so much for such a sweet review, Missy! It really means so much to me. ♥

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Review #84, by forsakenphoenix The Budgy Battle

23rd December 2011:
Mr Stuffing is just always getting into trouble, isn't it? I LOVED THIS CHAPTER. I think I'm going to say that for every one but seriously. Charlie is fantastic. I love how he tries to pass time by staring at floral wallpaper (really, floral wallpaper in the boys room, it seems like something Molly would do because she's surrounded by boys all the time) and he wishes he was older so he can join Bill at Hogwarts.

I really love his protective nature of Ron, and wanting to include him in everything. It's really sweet. You'd think with side a wide age gap, Charlie would just think of him as an annoying little brother.

Percy is great in this too, just the few bits you included of him, with his nose in a book and then acting like a pompous jerk at such a young age already! He's just practicing for when he's older, of course.

The whole debacle with feeding the hens and pelting them in the eye with kernels and then Budgy stealing Mr Stuffing. It was just very light-hearted and had me chuckling through the whole thing.

You're greatest strength in your writing is your descriptions. I'm telling you, everything you write is golden, and there's something about the way that you describe a scene and it's like you're really there. It's fantastic. Your characteristics of the Weasleys are great too. I can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: Mr. Stuffing is the original troublemaker. Fact. :D I had a hard time letting go of his character, the poor bear. And so now he just pops up everywhere. :3

I just love the idea that, despite age differences, the Weasleys really did care for each other. They're just so fun-loving, I imagine -- definitely not carefree, but such a strong and close-knit family that they can overcome anything. I think that's where all the lightheartedness comes from, me trying to convey that. I'd like to think so. :)

Thank you so, so, so much for coming by and reviewing these! It completely made my day, no contest. ♥ I'm so glad you enjoy them!

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Review #85, by foreverfleur Epilogue

19th December 2011:
What a fantastic way to end! Your writing is really breathtaking and I have to say truly came into its own in this last chapter.

As sad as I am to see this story go--it ended on a high both in terms of narrative and technique and that is honestly more than a reader could ask for!

Really looking forward to the next series! Great great work!

Author's Response: Thank you SO much -- I feel like this epilogue has accomplished everything I'd hoped for it to, thanks to all of the reviews I've received on it. That's so gratifying, it really is.

This review totally made my day, and I really thank you so much for it! The next story is going to have its first chapter posted tomorrow, if my writing schedule goes according to plan. I hope you'll come back and check it out -- your reviews have been so lovely throughout, and I cannot thank you enough for them! ♥

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Review #86, by SmartHermionelovesRon Epilogue

18th December 2011:
This is the most wonderful fan fiction ever written. My favourite chapter was George's one, where he play's knight with the cat and Ron.
Thank you so much for writing this.

Author's Response: WOW, THAT FIRST SENTENCE. Thank you so much!! George's chapter is one I'm partial too, as well, although I love them all -- picking a favorite is like picking a favorite child. :D

Thank YOU so much for the wonderful review, it completely and totally made my day! ♥

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Review #87, by lizmusic45 Epilogue

17th December 2011:

I think I cried.

I can't believe this.

Your amazing.

This story was amazing.

I'm sorry this is story is ended.

I want to cry again.

You're a brilliant writer, and honest to god brilliant writer.

I love this.

I love this with all my heart.

Thank you, thank you for an amazing story.


Author's Response: Wow -- this review. I just cannot even. The fact that you cried, and I evoked that sort of emotion from you, is just... There are no words.

Thank YOU for a string of fabulous reviews, and I apologize for the generally senseless responses you've received for them. Just know that I really am so, so grateful to you, and shall always continue to be so.

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Review #88, by lizmusic45 Flights of Fancy

17th December 2011:
OH GOODY! I love this chapter, so much Ginny, so much fun. People try many different takes on this, but dear god yours was by far the best.
Pat yourself on the back, relish in your great writing, and for heaven sake write more! I have so much love for this story that I almost don't want to read the last chapter because then it's the end, and it makes me sad to read endings to good stories.
Love this chapter, love it so much it hurts.


Author's Response: I knew you'd like Ginny's chapter! Not that it would be much of a stretch, of course. :D I'm so honored that you enjoyed it, though, knowing your love for her as I do. Admittedly, she is not one of my favorite characters, but I do hope I've done her justice here!

You are too sweet. ♥ Thank you so much!

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Review #89, by lizmusic45 The Knight

17th December 2011:
Poor, Poor, George. Love this chapter, and I know what you mean I want hug them to...Oh lucky you have a cat, I want one so badly, but my Grandmother doesn't really like's so sad because I want a cat and I would name it Kitty!

Maybe that's why I love Ginny so much, because she's a cat person. I don't know...I just love this story :)

Love it all,


Author's Response: I'm not quite sure where the idea for this chapter came from. I was sitting down and typing my woes about it to a good friend of mine, and it literally just popped into my head as I was doing so. Go figure!

Once again, thanks so much, Lizzie -- I really, really do appreciate all of these reviews!

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Review #90, by lizmusic45 The Birthday Surprise

17th December 2011:
Percy, god I have so much love for him. Since you love him you should read my sisters stories, Ariellem, she adores Percy! Anyway this was great, I love your style and I hope you write more Wesley stories, because your writing...Oh my god, your writing is just amazing.

Love, love, love, love it!


Author's Response: Your sister is Ariellem? But I've read her stories before! I even beta-read part of a story for her, too, before I got too busy. :( It was one of her Pen/Oliver ones, and I really liked it!

But wow, thanks so much, Lizzie -- seriously. :) I'm not planning on writing any more of these little Weasley stories at the moment, but little kids in general? Oh, yes.

You're awesome, Lizzie -- thanks so much! ♥

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Review #91, by WeasleyGirl16 The Budgy Battle

17th December 2011:
this is so... well written ! haha it's amazing (: xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review! It means a lot to me that you did -- I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the story! ♥

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Review #92, by lizmusic45 A Day No Gnomes Would Fly

17th December 2011:
Poor Percy, what did he do? Loved this chapter though, it was so cute :) I mean this is just so Weasely! Fred, he's cute, but I still love Ron, Charlie and Percy, I don't know why I just have so much love for all three.

I'm so glad you wrote this, this shows all your talent and you have great talent!

Off to read more, Lizzie

Author's Response: Ron, Charlie, and Percy are my three favorite Weasley boys -- funny how that works out! I think it's because, as I said, Charlie and Percy are probably the most overlooked. And Ron, well, Ron's just good for a bit of comic relief. :3

Thanks eternally, Lizzie dear!

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Review #93, by lizmusic45 A Yellow Blanket

17th December 2011:
Oh, that's just so cute! I loved this chapter, I was wondering when you we're going to do something on Bill, still I think Ron and Percy are just great...Haven't got much of Ginny, you know my undying love for her :) Hope to see her :)

This chapter though was great, and the relationship between Charlie/Bill is like the one I have with my big sister, I'm Charlie and I drive her nuts :)

Love this chapter, off to read the next :)


Author's Response: I did a one-shot on each of the Weasley children, following it up with an epilogue (which, of course, you now know). So yes, Bill definitely got his fifteen minutes of fame, as it were!

I can't really relate to Bill and Charlie's relationship, or really any of these sibling relationships -- both of my sisters are my age, so they're not technically younger or older except in minutes. So I'm glad it came off well! Thank you so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #94, by lizmusic45 The Budgy Battle

17th December 2011:
I loved this chapter to! God, you have such a talent. I love Charlie in this, and Percy well I have a small love for him you didn't make him evil you made him a brother. Also my sister writes Percy Weasely and Audrey so I've learned to have a side feelings for him.

Still love Ron, how could I not he and his bear are just so cute. I'm like that with my stuffed animals, at my age, though when it comes to names, Ron beats me. I name mine things like Beary:)

Loved this chapter and have so much love for this story :)


Author's Response: Charlie and Percy are two of my favorite Weasleys, too! I feel like a lot of people give both of them very little credit in fan fiction, and so I'm happy when I get the chance to include them. :)

I, too, was not very original when naming my stuffed animals, so I felt like changing that here. And dear Mr. Stuffing, he's taken on a life of his own! Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Lizzie!

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Review #95, by MadamePuddifoot Epilogue

17th December 2011:
No! It can't be over! What can I say about this?? You wrapped things up perfectly in an epilogue that perfectly suited the story. I liked how you brought in elements from all the previous chapters and how Mr Stuffing was now ready to be passed onto the next generation!

I'm so glad that Molly and Arthur still have a happy family life, even though all the children have moved away. This is without a doubt the best canon fic I've ever read, and well deserving of the awards it's won. Best of wishes for your next story collection, I can't wait to read it!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a sweet review! I wanted to wrap the summary up not as an end, but sort of a means to a new beginning, and filtering in all the other stories seemed to make it more continuous -- at least to me. I'm glad you liked them!

Best? That makes my day so much, it really does -- wow, I can't even thank you enough. :) I'm actually writing the next story right now (took a break to respond to reviews)! I can't wait for everyone to read it! Many thanks, as always. ♥

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Review #96, by lizmusic45 A Very Hairy Christmas

16th December 2011:
Aw! God, your so talented! I love this, and Ron god he's just so cute! and Mr. Stuffing I want that Teddy bear, this chapter is just too cute. I love this, Jane you're so bloody talented!

I loved how Fred and George liked to scream in Percy's ear, that was just so cute! I'm love this story! I'm off to read the next chapter!


Author's Response: Lizzie! ♥ I can never properly respond to your commentary -- you just sort of make me melt into a puddle, a happy puddle. :3 Mr. Stuffing is such a star, no?

Fred and George! ♥ That's (selfishly) one of my favorite bits of this chapter, that line is. I'm glad you like it too! Thank you so much for the lovely review, I am so flattered!

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Review #97, by seymlour Epilogue

16th December 2011:
Great way of wrapping it up. This story has been wonderful, exactly the sort of short-and-sweet I've been looking for :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear it, I really am. :3 The fact that you took the time to review means the world to me. I wrote these so that anyone coming along could just click on whatever they thought looked interesting -- stand-alone, as it were. I like that myself, and I always write so that it might capture interest (while staying true to what I /want/ to write, of course!).

Ramble aside -- thanks so much for taking the time to tell me what you thought. I cannot express my appreciation. ♥

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Review #98, by seymlour A Very Hairy Christmas

16th December 2011:
A passage worthy of Jo herself.

Author's Response: Honestly? It's one line, and one of the best reviews I have ever received. Hands down. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it, it means the world to me.

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Review #99, by parashar_harry Epilogue

16th December 2011:
its really amazing.
i really like this story. it make me sad that its over but u r going to write another collection owo , now i am happy.
i was sad and thinking why molly have only 7 children (lol) , if she would have more then here we must have few more chapters ( :D)
eally great work and ron is my fav character among trio so i m happy u brought him and his bear in last chapter too.

Author's Response: I am so grateful for all the positive feedback on this -- there are just no words. It means the world to me to hear you say such lovely things! I could have written more, I suppose, but every story has its end, and this reached it. :)

Ron's one of my favorites, too -- I adore writing him! And Mr. Stuffing, of course, needed his final bow. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review, I really appreciate it! ♥

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Review #100, by Ariana Epilogue

16th December 2011:
This was an absolutely perfect ending to a wonderful story. Although I'm really sad it's over, it was a beautiful epilogue as heartwarming as all the other chapters. 10/10 and I can't wait for Growing Up Magical!!! Thankyou very much for such happy reading.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review -- seriously, it means the absolute world to me. :) The responses this story's gleaned are just fantastic, there are no words.

I hope to see you back here when the next collection's up -- it shouldn't be too long now! Thank you for reviewing! ♥

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