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Review #26, by academica A Day No Gnomes Would Fly

11th August 2012:
Hello :D

he didn't even just skip to the funnies, either, which Fred found both impressive and boring

^Hilarious, and so beautifully little Fred. Perfect.

I love Marmalade-Gate (which is now what I'm calling it). I can imagine that worse things happened to Charlie's pants over his career working with dragons, but it was funny to see Fred and George picking on someone besides Percy. I think uptightness runs in the Weasley family, though, between Percy and Ron! (Some members of it, anyway.)

Oh, the gnomes. Tell me, did you ever play Harry Potter video games? Your characterization reminded me so much of how they are there - bumbling about, grunting, and bumping into things. I love how Fred thought that the gnome would be happy living in his pocket, though thankfully it and its friends got a slightly bigger space in the end.

"Would you care to explain to me why there are gnomes swimming in my dishwater wrapped in one of your old shirts?"

^Only at the Burrow. That is all.

This review has been rubbish, but nicely done :)


Author's Response: That line about the newspaper is one of my favorites in this entire story. :D I always love when people pick out lines that I myself am proud of! This really is one of my favorite stories of the entire collection, period, just because I genuinely had so much fun writing the marmalade fiasco, and the ensuing trouble with the gnomes. :3 Although I think your statement about uptightness was a very, very accurate one! Poor Percy...

I loved the Harry Potter video games! And I'm not ashamed to admit that the gnomes in this story are probably very much inspired by the ones in the games. :D I can imagine them doing little backstrokes in the bubbles, and I don't think that was something I actively planned out, come to think of it. They pretty much wrote themselves, those gnomes.

I'm always so pleased to see you return to my page, Amanda! ♥ Thank you so much for such a lovely review on this story, and as always, I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the little one-shots, too! :)

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Review #27, by academica A Yellow Blanket

15th July 2012:
AWW. ♥ Bill is sick of being the welcoming wagon, and rightly so, with four brothers already! I love how he tried to show his parents that he was displeased while still feeling astonished that he was considered grown up enough to hold the new baby. (Wonder how he'll deal with a new baby sister?)

His little transformation is adorable, and I like that his displeasure was rooted in the fear of being forgotten. (After all, it's natural to think that your parents kept having boys because the first one they had wasn't satisfactory. Sad, but natural.) The ending to this chapter was so sweet - I love how Mr. Stuffing has become a theme, and how you use him to tie all of the Weasley children together.

A nice break from my usual angst. Lovely job :)


Author's Response: Poor Bill -- I do think it would get rather tiring, seeing a little parade of red-haired siblings pass through your house. But then again, I have to be angry at him, because who DOESN'T love Ron? I suppose he doesn't know better, though. I loved the comment you made about a feeling that maybe the first few sons weren't good enough; that's so interesting, and I never thought about it in just those terms before. I love it when reviewers get me thinking!

Mr. Stuffing is a highly integral part to all of these one-shots; you'll see him in every chapter, basically. :D Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by here and leave me a review on this story! It's super appreciated! :)

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Review #28, by hedwigs_theme A Very Hairy Christmas

18th June 2012:
I love the spider bit! I wish that actually was written into the books because it's so creative! On to the next chapter.

Author's Response: I did take this from a mention in canon, although expanded on it quite a bit -- who knows what JKR was actually thinking? I'm very glad you liked my interpretation of it, though!

Thank you for taking the time to leave me a review on this -- I'm really, really glad you did. It means a lot to me. :) Hope to see your name back around here soon! ♥

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Review #29, by academica The Budgy Battle

9th June 2012:
I'm back :)

I love how whimsical this story is. I really can't think of a better word for it. This should be under 'whimsical' in the dictionary. (Would that count as getting published? Hmm.) I love how you took a small element of what it must be like to experience a typical day at the Burrow and built an entire plot line around it. It was super sweet of Charlie to rush off after the evil rooster and rescue Mr. Stuffing.

This is just so cute. Gosh. I like how you pointed out there at the end that this piece reflects Charlie's love for animals, because I totally agree. It's like he's facing the child version of the creatures he will one day be in charge of, and I can see how this little act of bravery (and novelty) might have encouraged him to charge off to Romania after he finished up at Hogwarts. You've given great depth to a mostly unexplored character, and he's really fascinating as you've written him.

I also love your little nod to Percy - he's a background fixture, but he still has his own personality that creates a great contrast with those of Charlie and Ron. You definitely give each of the Weasley siblings their own lives, which I love.

As always, the flow is wonderful, and your imagery just adds the cherry on top. Fantastic job! :)


Author's Response: Amanda! This is such a lovely review, and basically the perfect thing to wake up to in the morning. :D I'm so happy to see you back again!

Charlie's is one of my favorites in this collection (although, admittedly, I've probably said that about all of these) because of the reason you pointed out -- this is supposed to be a fairly ordinary Weasley day, really. I kind of see the Burrow as maybe a bit chaotic. :D But also, like you said, it's kind of a trial run for the dragons he'll eventually be up against, and I loved making him the hero, too.

PERCY. ♥ He might have been the most fun to write, even when the chapter wasn't focused on him, because he's got a lot of traits that are perfect for exaggeration. I do love the boy!

Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving me this review, Amanda. :) I really am so glad and appreciative that you did! ♥

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Review #30, by academica A Very Hairy Christmas

25th May 2012:
Yep, this one is on my list, too :)

I LOVE BABY WEASLEYS ♥ Especially baby Ron. How cute is he? Just imagining him toddling along with Mr. Stuffing warms my cold, cold Slytherin heart. I really love your characterization here, not just of the children but of Arthur and Molly as well. Arthur, in particular, strikes me as being right on point, as a seemingly effortless calming force in a household of chaos. I'm so excited to read more about your Weasleys.

The imagery is perfect -- I've got a serious sticky bun craving right about now. (Ron has a point. Sometimes a sweet treat really is all you need.) I love how easily I could follow the action and imagine everything playing out right in front of me. I think it really takes a special talent to be able to write like that -- and it always seems to happen when I read baby Weasley stories, interestingly enough -- and it really made this flow well for me.

Great job! :)

Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Oh, you're here too! :) I'm trying to respond to each new review coming in because dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap slaughtered ITB with loveliness earlier this week, and my backlog is insane. :P So I'm trying to make it a habit to quickly respond to new reviews and then work on that! One step at a time!

Baby Ron is unbelievably cute. And I, with my huge bias in his direction, still have to smile at how adorable he is every time I check this over again. :D And considering I was a Slytherin when I wrote this, I get where you're coming from! Arthur's one of my favorites in this story -- such a patriarchal figure. :3

Sticky buns are necessary for life. My mom makes them on Christmas morning, too, and I know EXACTLY what I was referencing when reading this, and I always, always want one! I'm so happy you could follow this, as you said -- that's a really awesome thing to hear I've accomplished. :) I'm so happy you told me that!

I can't wait to see what you think of the other stories, although this, admittedly, is one of my favorites of the eight. :D Thank you so much for dropping by! Your reviews are the greatest. ♥

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Review #31, by angelicdemon1209 Epilogue

14th May 2012:
I don't really remember if I left a review the last time I read this. Sorry if I didn't. I don't think I really noticed that this was your story when I first read it, and I absolutely loved it. I have said it earlier, and I say it again, you absolutely rock at writing stories that are emotional. And this story was so cute. Weasleys are such an amazing family, where each member is completely unique. They are all amazing characters, and it's been years but I still have not and never will get over Fred's death. this is one of the cutest stories I have ever read. Thank you so much!

Author's Response: Oh, I honestly don't mind if you leave reviews or not -- as long as you read and enjoy, that's really all that matters to me. :3 So thank you for stopping back by at all!

This story's got a fond place in my heart -- it was a sort of transition story, if I can be so bold as to say that. It kind of got my name out there, and I'm really, really grateful for the response it's received. Your reviews just make my day so much, and I cannot thank you enough for leaving them! I'm thrilled that you enjoy what I write! ♥

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Review #32, by FreezingPenguins The Birthday Surprise

13th May 2012:
I love Percy :D And I can just see this happening :)

Author's Response: I love Percy, too -- he's a very underappreciated character in fan fiction! :) Although it is, I think, getting better. There are quite a few good Percy-featured stories out there.

But anyway. Thanks very much for taking the time to leave me a review on this story! It is very much appreciated, and I'm so glad you're enjoying it, too. Hope to see your name again soon! ♥

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Review #33, by Aiedail A Very Hairy Christmas

30th April 2012:
i'm writing this review at midnight, i apologize in advance for the things that do not make sense.


I feel this is the perfect explanation for this traumatic experience. Poor Fred, and poor Ron, mostly Ron though, ahem. Spiders.ICK ICK ICK ICK. and not the plath kind of ich x 4. though they're pronounced differently, whatevs.

i love how Ron is totally, overly obsessed with the sticky buns more than presents. it's totally on par with his character in the books and ofc, the movies. reminisce upon chickron, ahhh. also i feel i am the same because, well, presents are great but sticky buns are forever.

your writing is so good, as always, and i love that you've included all these details about such a big family so that it's not overwhelming and feels v. cozy. OMG my cat totally just ran by me at 100 mph. also, i was looking at our texts earlier and realizing how weird GUW looks, like GOOO so i was saying GOOO while i walked around the house with my phone in front of my face and everyone ignored me :'(

but seriously, this is enough trauma to make me believe that he is forever traumatized. trauma trauma galore. also my eyes are having problems staying open and seeing things rn so i might have a lot of typos and i'm sorry.

while i was reading this i did not suspect that mr stuffing would be the unwitting teddy later to morph into a carnivorous arachnid, so that was a lovely surprise! i also love all the talk of "little" things, it was v. cute and i was smiling creepily at cute little ron while i read this but also at your writing because it's fab and you're fab and always fab forevresa, yo.


Author's Response: Midnight reviews are clearly the best. I mean, just LOOK at this one! ♥

I can't explicitly recall, but I'm pretty sure I just started typing this out without quite knowing where it was going -- and I definitely don't think I would tie it into a canon event. Basically, my sister wanted Ron, and I had a very adorable image of him as a toddler in my head. And that is where this story came from. :3

Also -- the sticky buns were based on something my mom actually does make for Christmas morning. And they are TOTALLY worth obsessing over. Ron cannot be blamed. (HELLO, LILY'S KITTEH.) GUW is a very weird acronym but I mostly try to forgive this story its faults.

Lily, your reviews make me mush. And not the pleasant kind either, but the kind that just sort of runs all over the floor from the feels it has received. ♥ TANKS MUCHO FOR SUCH A LOVELY REVIEW, YOU MEAN A LOT TO ME ~

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Review #34, by charlottetrips Epilogue

25th April 2012:
Demmit. I knew any mention of Fred would get me tearing. As soon as I figured out that this was set well after the War, I was gearing up for it and gearing up for it and then bam! There it is and I’m still watery :( no amount of preparation can help me.

And darn it if I didn’t have to go away for a few minutes to compose myself and then come back to finish this. Such a fitting ending to a wonderful series of one-shots. I loved how Molly went over the memories of incidents I’d just finished reading about, making it seem like I was also remembering them too as if they’d happened years ago (which is silly, I know).

The whole characterization of each family member was wonderful – which is just validated further by the Dobby award! I love that you had Ron be the child to come back into the story in the end and finally make his peace with Mr. Stuffing. I would have been sad to see the bear just fall to the wayside to never be played with as a teddy bear should be.

Jane, you were awesome in doing this and I enjoyed every bit of it just as you seemed to have in writing it. I appreciate that you took the time to tell us these tales.


Author's Response: I wanted to write an ending to this that would sort of tie all the stories together -- not an ending, really, but more like the completion of a circle. I didn't mean to make you cry, though! Fred always gets me emotional, too. :(

I'm so pleased you appreciated the characterization! I've worked very hard on making each character as canon as possible, and I hope it's not too big of me to say that I think I have succeeded. :3

Thank you SO MUCH for all your reviews -- you cannot imagine what a mood-booster they were this week. It was a tough one and you've really gone above and beyond to make me feel better about myself. You are so awesome!! ♥

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Review #35, by charlottetrips Flights of Fancy

25th April 2012:
Mr. Stuffing! Oh this bear has actually become my favorite “character” throughout this whole series of snapshots. It’s lovely to think of just one thing carrying on through the family’s growing years, able to bind them together in many different ways. It’s like a good blanket or another toy that gets handed down.

Your Ginny is full of spunk and sass and entirely what one would expect of a girl who grew up with 6 older brothers. I liked how you put in her future career as a Quidditch player with the Harpies in there. (And as an aside, don’t you think “Gwenog” is a horrible name?”)

I’m almost done! :( But I guess I have your other “Growing Up…” story to look forward to!

Author's Response: Mr. Stuffing has quite a following -- I should make a fan club, come to think of it. :P (That might be a bit pretentious, although he's got the face for T-shirts.) I don't quite remember how it came to be that he got to be a recurring character, but I don't think it would have felt right without him!

I'm really glad you like Ginny, too. :) I'm not a huge fan of her, myself, but I did try and do her justice here and I'm glad you seem to agree! And you did pick up on that Harpies allusion, props to you. ;)

'Growing Up Magical' is still hanging about! But no pressure, of course -- you've more then made my week with these. Seriously, thank you so much for doing this! You're fabulous! ♥

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Review #36, by charlottetrips The Knight

25th April 2012:
I’m with you on the hugging, dear! Poor Sir George! I loved how Arthur stumbled through the story like the dear old dad he is. Why is it that mothers seem to have the talent of bed-time story-telling and fathers are a miss without a book in front of them?

The imagination of little boys never cease to amaze me and I think you’ve quite neatly captured it here (along with the other stories as well). Of course Fred would be the one to upset his twin’s fantasy and involve the rest of the boys as well!

Author's Response: I definitely agree with you about the mothers vs. fathers bedtime story issue. My mom always read stories to my sisters and me, and the few times Dad did, I think we were all in a bit of shock. :P His thing, when we were babies, was to read the newspaper aloud instead. That way, he got in some reading of his own, too!

I'd like to think that George was the quieter, more creative twin -- somehow that flows seamlessly into my headcanon, which is why Fred and George's stories here are quite different. :) I'm really glad you enjoyed them! Thank you very much for taking the time to tell me what you thought, too!

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Review #37, by charlottetrips The Birthday Surprise

25th April 2012:
:) This: He was their older brother, and thereby perpetually in charge. - While we elder siblings love to believe that this is true, rarely do the younger siblings actually acknowledge that!

Oh poor Mr. Stuffing. So loved and then abhorred. ;_;

Again my love to Molly for having a sense of humor about her kids. Of course, she’d have to to actually survive all her children. Plus her kids grew up pretty alright and so there’s definite evidence of love shining through for all of them.

Percy is so Percy here. Percy’s attempt to be controlling and organized does seem like the Percy we came to know in the books but with a bit of little boy thrown in. I mean, using a used cereal bowl to make cake batter? That had me laughing. I hope Molly didn’t end up using his batter!

Author's Response: Percy! ♥ I think out of all the Weasleys-as-children, he might be the one I identify with best. I had a bossy streak a mile wide and deeper still when I was little, and quite honestly, it's only abated slightly. :P I totally understand where he's coming from!

This was perhaps the trickiest story to fit into the collection timeline, because I knew Mr. Stuffing had to be included somewhere -- but Ron wouldn't have allowed him to be toted about anymore. Creative juices kicked in!

Also -- right? Cornflake cake, no thank you. That part grosses me out slightly. :P Once again, I've really got to thank you for dropping by and leaving me a review on each of these chapters. I had many jaw-drop moments. :3 I really appreciate this more than I can tell you! You're awesome! ♥

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Review #38, by charlottetrips A Day No Gnomes Would Fly

25th April 2012:
Am I just going to keep dying of cuteness here? You realize that I am actually trying to finish your story before I end up keeling over with the amount of adorableness all these boys have!

Fred! Such a brilliant boy! Of course keeping gnomes is better than throwing them away! :) It’s so like a boy like Fred to do that and think it an absolutely intelligent thing. And I think that this little snippet about Fred best describes him: he’s a prankster with a lot of heart.

You wrote the bits of brotherly conflict well. I loved how Percy got roped into the penalty along with the boys that were ACTUALLY involved in the conflict. It’s so like a parent to just assume that all the children present were a part of the hullabaloo. :)

As an aside, did you know that you inspired me to write Weasley? (I’m sure you didn’t and if you did then Whoa. You’re psychic.) While I was reading this I was reading another series of books and suddenly inspiration struck and I am going to write a series of Weasley stories based off of these books! So thank you for helping me to be inspired! :)


Author's Response: Death by cuteness overload is entirely possible. ;) It nearly happened to me a few times while writing this, that's for sure!

Fred's chapter is one of my favorite of these, and I think because he is, as you said, such a BOY. He definitely seems like the type to wrestle gnomes into his pockets! Although admittedly, my favorite scene in this one is the gnomes doing the backstroke in the sink. I laughed aloud while writing that. :D

Sibling conflict is something I know pretty well firsthand, so that's more than likely where that bit came from. :P And I'd no idea I'd inspired you -- wow!! Keep me posted on that story of yours, because I'd love to read it! You're quite welcome... although I'm not at all sure what I did.

Thank YOU for taking the time to leave me these to-die-for reviews -- they seriously mean so much to me, and I'm so pleased you're enjoying them! Hope to see you back soon! ♥

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Review #39, by LittleBabeBlue A Very Hairy Christmas

24th April 2012:
I really, really loved this story, but there's one problem in this chapter that really irritates me. Can you find it? No? Okay, I'll tell you:
You said, "Three-year-old Ron Weasley" had seen "a handful of Christmases", now, in my experience, three-year-olds do not remember "a handful of Christmases", nor can they make connections and decisions so easily. All of the three-year-olds I know (quite a few), I would not trust with a sticky bun anywhere, much less in bed, under their covers when they are upset.
Sorry about my rant, but it's just my pet peeve, ya know? anyways i can only think of a few words to describe your story they are:


thank you...

Author's Response: I do think that it is important for you to remember that Ron is three -- as, of course, you stated in your criticism -- and that as such, he's a bit of an unreliable narrator. In case you don't know what that is, in layman's terms that means it's a narrator who cannot be trusted blindly to tell the truth. A handful is not a set amount, too, so I think I'll leave that bit in there. :)

As for the sticky buns -- first of all, I think it's a fairly safe thing to say that in canon, Arthur wasn't always the most pragmatic of parents (remember how he wasn't mad that Fred, George, and Ron flew the flying car until Molly reminded him to be?). Additionally, Ron's just undergone a fairly traumatic experience, and although he initiated it, I'd like to think his father would want to comfort him with his favorite treat, in bed or no.

I'm glad that you told me that you enjoyed the story otherwise. :) Thank you for taking the time to leave me a review!

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Review #40, by charlottetrips A Yellow Blanket

22nd April 2012:
How funny, Bill’s already going through a mini-version of teenage angst.

He’d been around the longest, after all – they were used to him by now. - One can’t fight the logic of that!

I think I’m just going to keep repeating myself in my determination to review each one-shot. But IT’S SO FLUFFY! ! ! ! IT’S SO FLUFFY I COULD D D D I I I E E E! ! !

First of all, Bill’s adolescent angst just totally got me, but I could totally see where he was coming from and then when he comes around in the end with just a little of fatherly love and giving Ron his bear (I can see that Mr. Stuffing is becoming quite prominent here) – so so cute.

I also love how you portray Arthur and Molly, their love for their children is evident as well as the clear-eyed view that parents seem to have. I love how they handle them.

Author's Response: Bill is a bit angsty in this -- I suppose I never analyzed it too closely before. :P But the fluff! It does appear! (Hint -- you'll see Mr. Stuffing again. And again. And probably again!)

I love writing Arthur and Molly, because they are /such good parents/. Some of my favorite adults in the canon series, which isn't saying a lot, as quite a few of them are bumbling idiots. I just love getting to 'parent' through them, if I can say so without sounding creepy. And, as such, they ended up popping up quite a bit here, too!

These reviews COMPLETELY made my day -- you cannot imagine what you did for me by leaving them. ♥ Thank you so, so much, and I hope to see you back again soon!

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Review #41, by charlottetrips The Budgy Battle

22nd April 2012:
Again, I CANNOT STAND HOW ADORABLE RON IS!! I want my own Ronnie!! I just want to SQUISH him. When he was throwing the feed at the chickens, I could just imagine this little redheaded tyke having a blast just chucking feed at the chickens who are squawking indignantly. It made me giggle.

The whole battle between Charlie and Budgy was PRICELESS. Budgy sounds like a really scary rooster. I can see where Charlie might equate this adrenaline rush with needing to go tame dragons. It’s just a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

Author's Response: I think everyone needs their own small Ron to carry around with them. True statement! He'd definitely make me feel better on horrible days. :) My sister loved the bit about the feed, too!

Ohh, Charlie. ♥ I do enjoy writing him, and I feel like people don't often enough. I wonder why that is? He's a /Weasley/, he's fan fiction gold!

Oh, I'm rambling now. That's embarrassing. I've had quite a long and stressful day and I think I'll stop now. :) Seriously, though -- I really appreciate your doing this for me. ♥ You're awesome!

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Review #42, by charlottetrips A Very Hairy Christmas

22nd April 2012:
Yes!! 200th Review! :)

I love the Weasleys. I will read all of this because I’ve just started Ron’s and it’s so cute!! I can’t even stand reading this and imagining a tiny Ron with his little redheaded brothers and sister. The Cuteness of it all will literally kill me I am sure. So if I don’t leave a review on the last chapter, you’ll know why.

Ah, the infamous bear-into-a-spider incident. Poor Ron! Forever traumatized! I like that it was done in response though to something Ron did, like it was inadvertent magic instead of knowingly trying to scare the bejesus out of the little guy.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for being my two hundredth review -- it's very much appreciated! :)

I'm so glad you like this. It never started out to be as big as it got, and I sort of like that about this collection -- from small things, etc. Ron's story is still one of my favorites, though! He is quite adorable. :3

I wrote this for my sister, and the reason it took from a canon event is because she was quite new to fic at the time. :P And still is, really. But anyway. Thanks so much for taking the time to swing by here and leave me these reviews! It really means so much to me that you did -- I cannot thank you enough.

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Review #43, by harronhermy Epilogue

19th April 2012:
You've given me great inspiration and happiness by writing this little series of short stories. May I do the same? I've got a completely adorable idea. I loved every second of this story.

Author's Response: I'm so pleased to hear it! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Of course, I've got no claims to these characters, having invented none of them myself -- I only do ask you to try and make it as much "yours" as possible in your own story! I've got this collection and Growing Up Magical, and so would prefer it if yours was different from these two. I'll be interested to see what you write!

Thanks again for taking the time to drop me a line like this. It's very much appreciated! :3

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Review #44, by Tonks1247 Epilogue

11th March 2012:
AW! I should have known that this chapter would bring me close to tears! Molly’s point of view, I just should have known!

This chapter really and truly was amazing and touching and so many other things I can’t even put to words. You brought bits and pieces of every single one of the other chapters together and really gave it a heartfelt ending. The entire story really! It was just so fantastic and seemed like a branch off of the actual books, little stories that were meant to be included but never made it. It was so in cannon, so phenomenal, so breath taking…just amazing. I could go on for hundreds upon hundreds of words describing how much I loved this story, how much I loved how it fit together, how much I loved the characters…but I won’t. Because as much as you deserve all this lovely praise, I know Growing Up Magical is on your author’s page and I know in the distant future, I will be clicking on it and reading through those chapters, knowing they’ll be amazing!

So really, great job with this. Thank you so much for writing such an amazing collection of one shots and giving me a more than entertaining story to read. Really, you’re awesome!


Author's Response: I am rather proud of this chapter -- that is, I'm proud that it's accomplished what I hoped it would. :) I was looking for a nice way to tie it all up without making it seem heavy and final, and I'm really pleased at all the feedback it's gotten these past few months!

Thank you so much again, Grimmerz, for the spectacular reviews you've left on this story. ♥ I am just so pleased that you seemed to enjoy the story as much as you did, and your compliments are so very much appreciated. Really, I cannot even begin to extend my thanks to the amount that they are actually present!

YOU'RE awesome! ♥

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Review #45, by Tonks1247 Flights of Fancy

11th March 2012:
I can never help but feel bad for Ginny, at least a little bit. She’s the only girl out of an all-boys family, besides her mum, and she’s the youngest. While I’m not even close to being in that predicament [4 sisters and a middle child], I can only imagine that it really sucks! I mean, her brothers never let her play with them and they are always teasing her. It’s evident in the books and in this chapter. She’s just never allowed. But she’s still stubborn as heck to change that, which I really like.

I also adore her ingenuity. She was faced with a problem, talked with her mum (though not about the exact issue on hand), and figured something out to help her. If I were put in that situation, I don’t think I would have ever thought of George’s toy broom, nor of the teddy bear hidden in my parents closest. I just don’t have the logic for that, like Ginny so clearly does.

Also, I love her struggle to get the broom in the air. She’s so determined to get into the air that she tries everything she can think of, only to end up in the pond. Which made me laugh, because the second the idea popped in her head, I knew she would end up in the pond. Just because it was too good not to happen! I also love how, after Molly helped her out, she questioned her about Mr Stuffing and Ron freaked. I was laughing out loud at the image of Ron hiding behind George as if his bear was about to attack him as a spider again. It was just too hilarious. And probably gave the twins a reason to mock him for the rest of the day!

There were two nitpicky things I caught, that I’m not sure whether a correction is actually needed or not [I hate losing an hour…my brain rejects the idea]:

“There was a comforting sort of smell in here – it was too clean, but there was a pleasant combination of her mother's favourite lavender soap and her father's aftershave. But, now allowing herself to be distracted by this, Ginny forged on, heading for the wardrobe tucked in the corner.” ~The first thing is the use of the word ‘here’ in the first sentence. I was thinking it may work better, sound like the right tense and the right person with the word ‘there,’ but I don’t know for certain. The other thing was in that second sentence, I believe you want that second word to be ‘not’ instead of ‘now.’

Other than those two things, I really did enjoy this chapter! It really was fantastically written and Ginny’s character, I feel, was done expertly in cannon!


Author's Response: I feel a little bad for Ginny, but at the same time, I think she's definitely a girl who can hold her own. :D She's got to be rather strong, with all those boys -- and while as a rule I really don't care for her character all that much, I've got to admit that I've got a grudging amount of respect for her.

You're rather good at predicting how these chapters will go! :P It's largely slapstick, granted, so the action is predictable to some degree. I still love it. :D

Ahh, your corrections. ♥ Thank you for catching those -- I can always use the editing help! One can only find so many mistakes in one's own story, I reckon. Thanks so much for this review -- you're so fabulous! I really appreciate your taking the time to tell me your opinions, and am so grateful for them!

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Review #46, by Tonks1247 The Knight

11th March 2012:
Hello! I have decided that in light of the good mood the beautiful weather outside has put me in, that’d I’d drop by and read and review a little more. So here I am [again]!

I absolutely adore George. He has to be one of my favourite Weasley’s, right up there with Charlie. And why George and not Fred? I’m not quite sure I can say. He’s just…different. Identical twins or not, he has this softer, more creative side to him, compared to his brother who seems to be a little more vocal and obnoxious in his ways. And that really shows through with this chapter and Fred’s. You really give them their own personality and own thoughts. And it’s really amazing.

Focusing on this chapter specifically now, I loved the start. I knew there was some reason for George trying to keep himself awake as all of the Weasley’s sat in the living room; I just wasn’t sure what it was until the clocked chimed. It was then I knew instantly what he was going to do, and I knew Molly wouldn’t be the one to tell the story. I knew it was going to be Arthur, and I knew George would accept that, just for the sake of hearing a story.

I also knew not to expect much out of Arthur’s story. It’s just not within his character to be able to tell long, detailed stories, so I was actually really excited to see how you wrote that. And I will say, my favourite line came right before Arthur actually started the story….Just because it kind of caught me off guard and made laugh:

“Is it about muffins?” Fred said at once, smothering a great yawn. “Erm, no. It’s not about any sort of baked good,” said Arthur, momentarily perplexed.”

Ahaha, leave it to Fred to pull out some random thing like that. Although, it did have the Muffin Man song running through my head…

Anyways, Arthur’s story was fantastic. I like the way you wrote it just because I could see Arthur in my mind struggling to tell the story while his two sons struggled to understand it. I could see the perplexed expressions on their faces and the questions burning in their eyes as their father went on. It really was fantastic.

The morning after the story was also fantastic! I knew George would be finding his own way to act out the story, even with the gaping holes he sense in the story. But I will admit, I did not expect the spoon as a sword. Which was brilliant. You really capture how a 3-year-olds brain works [or so it seems to work]. Especially when adding in the use of the cat as the pretty lady…haha, poor cat. It’s probably scared to death about being around either of the twins…not that I can blame the poor thing…

There was one more thing I was going to mention…oh yeah, the ending. I first of all loved how you had Fred say ‘No thank you,’ to something his mom told him to do. I think this happened in a previous chapter and I forgot to mention it, but it really is brilliant. Because how can a parent fault their child for using their manners? ;)

And of course, I loved George warning his mum about Ron with the spoon. It was just…I totally understood how defeated Molly would feel at that, because even though I don’t have kids of my own, I know that feeling all too well. All you have to do is work with kids for a while and you know that feeling!

While I still have this feeling I’m forgetting to mention something, I’ll be done. This is a pretty long review…but well deserved. So once again, fantastic job!


Author's Response: I definitely agree with you! I'm a multiple myself, and it always sort of bugs me how people are so quick to lump Fred and George together, barely distinguishing their personalities from one another. While I'd be devastated if one of my sisters died, I don't think it'd feel like a piece of me is missing -- and maybe it's because we're not identical, but it just seems unrealistic. :(

-my two Sickles-

This bedtime story idea sort of came to me out of the blue, and I'm quite proud of it, for coming from nowhere. :P Some of the cutest moments of the story, if I do say so myself. Which sounds a bit egotistic. But you know. :P

Thank you so much for leaving these reviews! They probably sound like cheap words, but I really do mean them, very much. ♥ I can't tell you what it means to me!

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Review #47, by Tonks1247 The Birthday Surprise

10th March 2012:
“Is the part that gets exciting coming up next?” asked George innocently.”

Ahahaha, oh poor Percy. The only ones he has to recruit help from are his younger brothers and sister….and we all know how well that works. As if it wasn’t obvious when he was handing out assignment to them all, which was hilarious. I mean, Ginny was the most excited and then the most disappointed about the job she got; Fred and George were just….they were Fred and George; Ron was the eager little boy looking to please; And Percy being the proud and oh-so-responsible older brother. It just spells disaster.

And, adding in right here, as I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, you really have the characterization of these characters spot on. You seem to have this innate understanding of each of the characters and are able to age them backwards from how they act in the books. If that even makes sense…If not, I’m just trying to say that the way you write these characters matches perfectly with what they grow up to be. If that even made sense…

Moving on. My two favorite parts of this chapter include Percy making his cake and when Ginny came in with the sheet.

Percy making the cake was hilarious. He goes off thinking, ‘how hard can this be?’ Haha, oh how very innocent and naïve he is. Baking anything is not as easy as it looks. Very easy to mess up, which I’ve managed numerous times…But I did like how he used a bowl from breakfast and just sort of threw things together in it. It really would have been interesting to see what else he would have done with his cake dough. Though it partially terrifies me as to what it would come out as…not exactly edible, of course, but still would have been entertaining ;)

My other favorite part was with Ginny coming inside with the sheet. She keeps trying to say something and Percy cuts her off and doesn’t want to listen to her. Such a typical thing, the older kids not listening to the youngest. What do they know? xD Haha! But Ginny’s line of “Mum’s coming” said in that cheerful tone really made me laugh. I have had so many moments similar to that, and it just…it was adorable and just…it was great!

And overall, the entire chapter was great. Molly coming in and just laughing at the end was fantastic. Very expected, but it was still fantastic! Just like this chapter, which really was great! Can’t wait to read more!


Author's Response: I love Percy. ♥ Even when he's completely messing something up, he's always got that air of doing everything perfectly! So pompous and still so lovable. (You'll have to excuse this response, I'm dead tired!)

I'm so glad you find the characterization accurate, too! I love the Weasleys -- arguably some of my favorite characters in fiction -- and I try very hard to portray them accurately. :D

Thank you so much for leaving all of these wonderful reviews! It really is such a boost, and it means a lot to me that you do. :3 I'm so excited you were willing to do this for me!

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Review #48, by Tonks1247 A Day No Gnomes Would Fly

9th March 2012:
Hello! I was in the mood to do some reading and reviewing tonight and I was really in the mood to read more of this story. So here I am! :)

It always my day when I get the opportunity to read another chapter of this story. You pick some of the most interesting moments I would have never even thought of to write about. And this moment though I’m not sure is directly mentioned in the book, sounds exactly like something that would have happened in the Weasley household.

First there was Fred putting the marmalade on Charlie’s chair…Just hilarious. It started with just innocently playing with the jar of marmalade, something that I’m sure a lot of younger kids do, and then the evil idea just bloomed. And to a four year old? That’s a pretty good on-the-spot prank idea, which he pulled off just greatly. I know I would have started laughing before Charlie even sat down…

I also love your description of Charlie sitting down and the squelch noise. It was just great! I could totally picture it in my head and hear the noise as Charlie sat down. It was rather gross…I also love Fred, at four, already knowing he has to duck and hide under the table to hide from his brother. Such a smart little boy. And Molly yelling at them was funny. I love Percy being offended because he got dragged into by just being at the table at the time. Sounds just about right!

One thing I did notice from around that part of the story:

“He crawled out fully now and stood up, brushing dirt and dust from the knees of his pajamas. George followed suit, choosing to crawl under the table as well in case Charlie was prepared to make another swing for one of his brothers.” ~I think it’s just the wording with the second sentence that makes it mildly confusing. I get what you were trying to say, but this sentence makes it sound as if George is crawling under the table instead of crawling out of under the table. Maybe changing choosing to ‘as he had chosen’?

The next thing I adored was Fred collecting the gnomes in his pocket. With his character, it just seemed natural for Fred to try to save the gnomes from having to be spun and thrown out of their homes. He’s such a caring little boy. But him also being a little boy, it was no surprise he ended up forgetting about them. Although he had a good idea, hiding them in the wardrobe and all. It would have been my first pick of places to hide gnomes ;)

The last thing I want to comment on, before sharing my favorite line and being done, would be Molly’s little bit at the end of the chapter. I really loved how you gave Molly an opportunity to reflect back on her son’s action. It really is sweet because you really bring across the unconditional love mothers have for their sons. And it really is not something I see too often.

And now, my favorite line:

“It was an odd sensation, Fred thought absently, to have a gnome kicking about inside one’s pocket.” ~Hehehehe. I love Fred. Just flat out love him!

Absolutely amazing! I loved it! And I’m headed off for the next chapter :)


Author's Response: Oh my gosh, it completely made my day to see you'd dropped by! :3 Your reviews just sort of make me flail around and drop a lot of things (and I do that normally!), and I cannot even begin to tell you my appreciation.

Fred's got such spirit in this chapter -- all the Weasley kids sort of do, and I think that's why I enjoy writing about little children so much. ;) Fred and George really were born to do pranks!

As for what you pointed out -- I think it's just a bit of confusion. :3 George wasn't under the table with Fred, but he left the table by going under it, as Fred had, just to avoid Charlie's wrath.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a long and, quite honestly, thoroughly amazing review. It means SO MUCH to me that you did -- I really do appreciate it! ♥ You're amazing!

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Review #49, by Tonks1247 A Yellow Blanket

12th February 2012:
Aw! This was so adorable!

I really love the fact that you decided to do Bill’s chapter on his youngest brother coming home from St. Mungos. It was not a moment I really ever thought much about just because I only have one younger sibling and I was too young to remember her coming home. So I never had the fear of not being loved because of a little sibling. But you really display that fear of not being loved, of being forgotten quite well. I could honestly see this entire scene taking place in my head and it was not difficult at all to feel Bill’s emotions. It was soo realistic and you really did a fantastic job!

I will admit, I was a little concerned when Bill told his mother to ‘take him back.’ I was worried that Bill didn’t want anything to do with his brother anymore, but once it started talking about him digging in his toy box, I knew what was going on. And as soon as Bill returned, I was fighting back tears. It’s just so sweet that he so willingly gave up his bear to his brother. He is such an amazing big brother to Ron. And I especially love the ‘he liked it’ exclamation. It was so fitting. Really great.

One thing I noticed, that could definitely just be me was this sentence:

“Now he’d started, though, he found it hard to stop, words pouring from his mouth before he could think about them properly.” –Maybe having ‘Now he’d started…’ being ‘Now that he’d started…’ just for sentence flow?

But other than that small thing, I really did enjoy this chapter. The Weasley’s are such a fun family to follow. I’m glad you wrote this! It’s amazing! And I’ll be back to read more soon, I’m sure!


Author's Response: I never really gave that moment a lot of thought, either, until I actually knew I had to sit down and write about Bill sooner or later. :P And then, of course, this idea made it sooner, but yeah. I'd like to think the reaction from at least one of the boys might have been something similar to this.

Bill and Charlie always seemed like such loving big brothers, not snobbish, as big brothers are sometimes seen, and I really love that about them. Makes me wish for a brother of my own!

Thanks so much for the sweet review -- totally made my day! You're awesome! ♥

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Review #50, by angelicdemon1209 Epilogue

3rd February 2012:
I love the idea, and i love your story.. It's wonderfully written, and the Weasleys are the most amazing family ever.. It's beautiful.. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I loved writing little Ron -- he was a present for my sister, after she'd come back from a three-week trip to China -- and I selfishly didn't want to stop. That's sort of where this whole thing came from. :D

It really means a lot to me that you called it beautiful and well-written, though, because I take those as extremely high compliments. They really just made my day. I'm so glad you thought so much of the story -- really, I am so grateful for your review!

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