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Review #26, by Hyacinth Dursley Insomniac

7th February 2011:
Not quite as dark as I expected. A thorough going villain and no doubts about it, but one with a moral side. Interesting, Old Grandfer ain't as bad as I've painted him, but still. An excellent show of the fight between him and the Prewetts. One would not expect Molly's brothers to go quietly. Death is neither proud nor pretty in this case. Poor Molly and their parents to find their loved ones such. It is fitting though, it blends to the mood of the times. A particular gruesomeness that turns neighbor against neighbor and makes every stranger a suspect. Well done.

Author's Response: Yes, the point of this challenge was to make the reader feel sorry for the 'bad guy' so I suppose there were limits to the darkness. ^^ I fell in love with those Prewett brothers in researching them, and I was so sad I had to kill them off. But, alas, such is canon!

Thanks so much for stopping off and leaving a review, it means quite a lot to me! xoxoxo

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Review #27, by rozen_maiden Insomniac

7th February 2011:
Hey, it's Mahalia (:
First comment is, that there was barely any dialogue, yet it still help my attention. There was so much description that was so well written, that it really left me quite breathless. I couldn't have torn my eyes away even if i tried! I don't know what it was about your writing, but it was truly amazing!
I've always been really interested in Dolohov, but have never found any stories on him, so I really enjoyed this. You kept him a death eater, yet also kept him afraid - it was a good contrast. I have always really enjoyed reading stories on Death Eaters and seeing how people view them - if they give them human emotions, or leave them monsters. This was truly surprising and nice, because though i've been interested in Dolohov, I have always seen him as quite a horrible person.
Finally, the last line was abolsutely magical! It finalised Dolohov's feelings throughout the story, and it really left me breathless! I even felt sick in my stomach for him!
Congrats on the story, and good luck in the challenge. It's going to be really hard for me to compete now :S haha. Thanks for the amazing read!
Mahalia x

Author's Response: *jumps up and down like a giddy child* Someone feels sick for him, that was my goal! Ohhh, you have just made my week, along with a happy little tear in my eye. ^^

For some reason, I tried to write some more dialogue in this story... and it didn't fit at all. So that explains the lack of it, hehe!

Dolohov has just fascinated me since writing this piece, and I kind of want to write more about him... I'll have to find out what, though. ^^ Thank you so very, very, very much (as always) and I'll be sure to watch for your own challenge piece!!! xoxoxo

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Review #28, by Kaida_Snape Insomniac

7th February 2011:
Ooh, I liked how dark it was, though. I could really feel the mood well. You're way of working characters is great.

Author's Response: I'm glad the darkness worked well! Thanks so much for coming by and reviewing, I'm so glad you did. ^^

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Review #29, by orderofthephoenix Insomniac

7th February 2011:
You are such an amazing writer!! Even though this is the first really dark piece you've done, you've pulled it off very well. The thought and description you put into your writing is admirable. (I may have said something similar in my last review. If so, sorry but it's true!) The more I read, the more I become involved with the situation. It's so detailed and I can picture his surroundings.

I love the descriptions such as: 'clasping his pounding temples beneath his sinewy, trembling fingers'. I think the comparison between the Death Eaters cloaks and a snake is an excellent one :)

I'm glad we get to see this other side to Antonin. He's not a character who is written often and to see this not-so-dark side of him is refreshing.

I don't have any criticisms at all. It's absolutely brilliant!!

Sophia xx ^_^

P.S. despite taking absolutely ages to write this, I'm the first review!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review!! I'm glad to hear I pulled off the dark piece well - I was a little worried, I'm not used to writing dark things (although I love reading them). But this piece was an absolute thrill to write, and I worked on it almost obsessively. ^^

Antonin's become a very fascinating character to me through the course of this piece, and I loved getting inside his head, why he did what he did.

Thanks as always, Sophia, you're amazing. xoxo

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