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Review #26, by CharmAurorG Duels and Don'ts

2nd March 2016:
Hello there 😊 I really love your story! Completely different from everything I've read before, it's so refreshing! You have amazing character development; Mose especially, but I'm quite fond of Fred and James 😊 Mitch and Cyrus, such awfull friends! Wish I had invisibility cloack, would be fun (or not so much) to hear what people think about you. Anyway, Mitch - you man-wh**e, stop double standards! Urgh! And they are suposed to be her friends, not to call her sl*t; they just broke my heart... 😔 But as a feminist, I'm really glad you're addressing those issues! I have feeling that Mose doen't really sleap around as people talk and maybe that her romates are responsable for rumors... Am I even close? Ok, great story, please keep updating (soon hopefully 😊).


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Review #27, by wastedmagics Duels and Don'ts

27th February 2016:
Please tell me you are updating soon because I absolutely LOVE this story! I love the characters and the plot and the writing and I just can't wait to read more! x

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Review #28, by jannnnnu Duels and Don'ts

8th February 2016:
I just realized I hadn't left you a review once I read your story. I have to say, it's one of my favourites. I read a lot of stories in this site but there aren't many that I love as much as I do this one. I think I've reread it 5 times at least in the past two months or so, even though I've been an avid reader since the very beginning. I love the little drama, the sarcasm and humor and the friendship between Mose, Fred and the budding relationship between Mose and James. It's adorable how James wanted to defend Mose's honour and was ready to hex Cyrus on her account even though she didn't let him in the end(I would've, probably would've thrown a couple of hexes in myself secretly). I do hope Mose, James and Fred get back at those two for being such d**chebags(did not know that this word is not to be used, oh well) to begin with. Anyways, since it's 3am(I literally couldn't go to sleep before I read the whole thing in one sitting once again, EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. I have problems) I am going to go to sleep now. I sincerely hope that you'll get some time to get some writing done this week because I would love a new update, it would be much appreciated!

OH, and before I go, Lily is adorable! I love how she stood up for Mose as well, even though it was subtle. And I love how Silas loves her unconditionally, not at all what Cyrus and Mitch seemed to think. Those two suck and can go jump off the Astronomy Tower for all I care. Maybe pitch them the levitating Firewhiskey idea? And accidentally forget to add the levitation part?

I'm not usually violent, I swear.

Right, now I'm off. Cheers and good luck! Hope to hear from you soon!

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Review #29, by explosion Duels and Don'ts

2nd February 2016:
Yo girl, remember me??

I'ma hope you do or else this is hella embarrassing but I finally came back to this site after straight up years away from it and so i binge read this story when I saw you updated.

I love Jordan and I love James. And I'm really mad at her friends because that was totally uncool what they said about her because like they're supposed to be her friends? Man I would drop kick them if I overheard that being said about me.

But yeah so excited about this story and I hope you keep with it! I've always loved your writing and you are so, so talented.


Author's Response: OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU! Hello! I hope everything has been going well in your life... HPFF misses you!

Thank you for taking the time to review and let me know that you like the story. It means a lot :) I'll try and update asap xx

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Review #30, by harrystiles Duels and Don'ts

2nd February 2016:
From the minute I saw the title of this chapter I knew I'd be impressed, and impressed I was!!! I love all the characters so much, and I'm really happy with how Jordan handled the whole Cyrus/Mitch situation. I'm pretty sure my love for Fred is infinite and I can't wait to see more of him! I'm also really excited to see James and Mose's relationship and friendship develop further.

You're a really talented writer! Can't wait for the next update! X

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Review #31, by StellaRose Duels and Don'ts

2nd February 2016:
God, I love Silas and this was a brilliant chapter!!

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Review #32, by Hazel Black Drunk and Disorderly

30th January 2016:
“You summoned me, master?”

Oh my god... literally couldn't stop laughing at that. This story is too funny, I love it!

And omg Jordan and James I was like squee!

Ahem... so yeah :)

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Review #33, by Rosie_Posie Duels and Don'ts

25th January 2016:
OMG so so so good! Honestly in love with James and Fred at the same time - if they really existed I would for sure struggle to pick between them.

I know why Jordan couldn't just flip out at Cyrus but it would be nice to see the full on confrontation - although how you are building the tension (and hopefully one day we will see Jordan confront the boys about what they said about her!).

Update any of your stories soon pleeeasse xo

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Review #34, by kat Duels and Don'ts

24th January 2016:

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Review #35, by gryffindorlion15 Duels and Don'ts

20th January 2016:
amazing! love this, please update soon

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Review #36, by Sam Duels and Don'ts

19th January 2016:
I seriously love this story too much. It is NOT OK. So happy to see an update! I love seeing how Jordan's relationship with James and Fred continues to develop into something more meaningful. Keep the updates coming (when you can)!!

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Review #37, by cocopops Duels and Don'ts

17th January 2016:
YAY! Please don't take make me wait this long again!!! ;)

I was hoping for the angry sex part, but that duel was pretty fun too! Ugh.. Hate Cyrus. I wish he would have gotten his butt kicked by James.
Loved the ear tug to make sure that Freddie knew that her and James were not actually fighting.
So happy right now :):):):)

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Review #38, by greenbirds Duels and Don'ts

17th January 2016:
you must know by now how crazy i am about this story (btw- duels and don'ts is a GREAT chapter title). you continue to set the bar for rom/com next gen lit. this chapter was heavily heavily anticipated, and totally lived up to it's hype, if not more so.

jordan continues to be such a twenty first century queen. james, was as usual, a total total babe; freddie is still a total cutie; mitch and cyrus- especially cyrus- epitomise the middle finger emoji, and i am so, SO excited to see what's next!

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Review #39, by Nadia Duels and Don'ts

17th January 2016:
Ugh that was so adorable, cutesy sibling stuff always gets to me, and Silas is just such a sweetie! good on him for not turning out to also be a secret jerk! Also James is also so wonderful, just so darn wonderful, where can I find me a James?
I'm still super annoyed at cyrus and mitch because they're just so two-faced and awful, but I have a feeling that things are gonna sort themselves out eventually, and they're either going to have to apologize or get cut out of Jordan's life, so I really can't wait to see what happens next!!!

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Review #40, by Ninja in Training Duels and Don'ts

17th January 2016:
Haha it would of been nice having them get their faces punched in, or at least severely pranked by freddy and james, but oh well :D loved the chapter - the duel was cool and I LOVE Lily for standing up to her - i hope she tells Hazel and Silas soon what Cyrus and Mitch said about her so they understand why it seems like she's pushing them away! I love Silas though -- he's lovely - can Hazel please fall in love with him instead? Keep them coming x

Author's Response: I feel ya on that one! Mitch and Cyrus certainly deserve it that's for sure. I'm happy you liked the chapter though! I loved Lily standing up for Jordan too. Lowkey that's probably my favorite part of the entire chapter mostly cause I love Lily more than my own life. I wish she could tell Hazel and Silas too but I think Jordan knows she can't cause they'll want to know more details about how she knows and she wouldn't be able to tell them that. I love Silas too though. He's a sweetheart :) Thanks again for reviewing and being awesome! I'll try and update soon xx

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Review #41, by windbirdsong Duels and Don'ts

16th January 2016:
thank you so much for updating this!! I don't think it's healthy to love a story as much as i love this one.
and can we give jordan the "best OC award" please??
I didn't really think she was going to have an explosive reaction to the mitch and cyrus situation, i think she was too shocked, too hurt.. so what to wrote was what I was expecting, and I loved it!!
and I really wanna see some more mose and silas sibling bonding moments..I think those are really adorable.
anyways, loved the chapter, will be waiting faithfully till your next update!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading this!! I'm super happy that you like the story and Jordan so much. It means a lot!

I agree with you about the explosive reaction thing. As much as I wanted Jordan to punch their faces in, for her to just go up to them and flip out wouldn't really make sense and it would blow her cover too.

I think the Jordan and Silas sibling bonding was adorable too. I was 'aw-ing' the entire time I was writing that scene. I just really love Silas and I'm happy I'm finally giving him more a voice in the story now :)

Thanks again for being so lovely. I'm going to try and not be as awful when it comes to updating. Hopefully I'll have a new chapter out for you soon xx

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Review #42, by angieart Duels and Don'ts

16th January 2016:
oh my goodness i just read this whole story within like an hour. so so so so great. im loving all of the characters even though some i might hate more than others. but i think i have definitely gotten another favorite story here on hpff. Cant wait for the next chapter and the rest of the story.

Author's Response: Ahh oh my god, thank you! I'm so pleased you liked the story so much. You're great xx

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Review #43, by ... Duels and Don'ts

16th January 2016:
Ahhh I'm at peace, thanks for the update. it was not as explosive as i imagined but it was still darn good. i loved the duel and the argument between Mose's group and James' group it was exiting! Mitch and Cyrus had better still get a beatdown they deserve it and Silas aww he is such a good brother, i predict acceptance and understanding when the knowledge of Mose and James comes out.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading! I wanted Jordan to freak out on Mitch and Cyrus as much as anyone but it would've blown her cover :/ And I know, I love Silas. He's such a sweetheart. But you never know what will happen when he finds out about Mose and James... right now he's convinced that James thinks Jordan is just another slag so who knows how he'll react ;)

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Review #44, by madness Duels and Don'ts

16th January 2016:
This chapter was great. I think I'm too emotionally invested in this story...

Author's Response: I'm happy you liked it! You can never be too emotionally invested I think :)

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Review #45, by been around Out With The Old

15th January 2016:
I'm sad. i have been checking every day to see if you've updated but there hasn't even been a reply to any of the reviews so if your reading this can you just give us a shout out?

Author's Response: I'M SORRY I AM AWFUL! I've been super bad about replying to reviews recently but I am here and I love you all and you all are great and fantastic for continuing to love this story! I will be updating very soon, I promise. I have nearly all of 10 complete and I'm just touching up some things before it goes in the queue so be looking out for it soon! xx

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Review #46, by Ninja in Training Out With The Old

11th January 2016:
This was beautiful - Mitch and esp. Cyrus need to be BURNT WITH FIRE - james, mose, and fred armed with WWW products should wage war on them! But that last half was so sweet and great and im in love with them myself now!

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Review #47, by Ninja in Training Between The Bookshelves

11th January 2016:
I would ship Cyrus and Jordan if James and Jordan were not an option...Freddy and Jordan are my fave friendship and Lily seems like she has potential - i just love the overall high levels of sass!

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Review #48, by Ninja in Training The Morning After

11th January 2016:
I LOVED IT! Freddy is brilliant, so brilliant, can they please be best friends now? Please? especially as mose needs new friends after her others split her head open!!

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Review #49, by Ninja in Training Drunk and Disorderly

11th January 2016:
Naughty naughty - and so hypocritical! Haha loved the chapter, characters are all fab although more Cyrus would be cool!

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Review #50, by Ninja in Training Death To Cats Everywhere

11th January 2016:
Cyrus so far seems cool although we possibly don't know enough about his personality yet. Loved that chapter though - Scorp in love with the cat - nice touch and of course now theyll have to spend more time together - such a shame!

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