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Review #26, by Ninja in Training Drunk and Disorderly

11th January 2016:
Naughty naughty - and so hypocritical! Haha loved the chapter, characters are all fab although more Cyrus would be cool!

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Review #27, by Ninja in Training Death To Cats Everywhere

11th January 2016:
Cyrus so far seems cool although we possibly don't know enough about his personality yet. Loved that chapter though - Scorp in love with the cat - nice touch and of course now theyll have to spend more time together - such a shame!

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Review #28, by Ninja in Training The Devising of Evilness

11th January 2016:
Love potion never goes well...oh dear - poor rosie and scorp :( like the stereotype exploration

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Review #29, by Ninja in Training Deal With The Devil

11th January 2016:
They're so mean to each other! I love it :D Such tension! Mose seems cool - james just seems like an arse at this point but I guess that's intentional :)

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Review #30, by Ninja in Training Let The Games Begin

11th January 2016:
I love all your stories - always so much drama! Loving it already - poor Scorp though :/

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Review #31, by Jamie Out With The Old

2nd January 2016:
Just re read the whole story, I love it so much !! Hope and update is coming soon!

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Review #32, by Ray Out With The Old

29th December 2015:
Please update soon, I can't wait anymore!

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Review #33, by cocopops Fire and Flight

12th November 2015:
Where are you :(:(:( missing Jordan. And Fred. I miss him the most actually.
And James being drunk, so write about them being at a party soon again. Please?
Haha, nah, but seriously! Update

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Review #34, by AlexFan Out With The Old

10th November 2015:
CYRUS AND MITCH CAN FIGHT ME OH MY GOD WHAT KIND OF GARBAGE FRIENDS ARE THEY?! Like it is not their place to dictate what a woman does and doesn't do with their body okay like you can't do the thing with the girl and then shame her for doing the thing like what the hell?! SERIOUSLY THOUGH THEY CAN FIGHT ME! I'm so angry, you're friends shouldn't backstab you like that, Mose actually trusts them and likes them and they don't even respect her. You know what, Cyrus and Mitch aren't her friends, friends don't treat friends like that, they don't talk about each other like that. Fred and James have been better friends to Mose than Cyrus and Mitch.

You have no idea how angry I am right now, I would literally fight Mitch and Cyrus if they were real people okay. Nothing gets me angry like friends backstabbing friends and shaming women for doing the same things as men. I can't wait to see how Mose deals with what she knows in the next chapter, whether she'll ignore Cyrus and Mitch or drag them through the dirt.

The scene with James and Fred was so cute and fluffy, that is what a proper friend is like, they're there for you. James doesn't even like Mose and he told that she doesn't deserve to be talked about like that okay, the person who "dislikes" her is more supportive than the people who are supposed to be her friends.

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Review #35, by Faye Out With The Old

6th September 2015:
This is officially my favourite story on hpff! I love Jordan's relationship with Fred and James, they seem like way better friends than Cyrus and Mitch. It's even worse that they were high, because that means that they probably meant it!

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Review #36, by eyy980 Out With The Old

5th September 2015:
Oh my god. I can not even begin to explain how happy I am that you updated but at the same time I am furious. CYRUS HOW COULD YOU??? Like you don't understand, he was one of my favorites, I shipped him and Jordan more than her and James. And now I am just upset. But you know great chapter and everything and I am super interested in seeing where this takes the plot!

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Review #37, by Anon Out With The Old

3rd September 2015:
Oh my god that was sooo good! I was so happy it was updated and it was worth it! Oh my god do I hate Mitch and Cyrus! I want Jordan to hex them into next week. I loved the development of the Jordan/Fred/James trio - they're so great together. Fave line - "I use lipbalm. I'm not an animal". Fave moment was at the end when Fred and James cheered Jordan up :) Can't wait for the next one, keep up the good work!

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Review #38, by kat Out With The Old

24th August 2015:
love it keep going please

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Review #39, by LilyD Out With The Old

23rd August 2015:
Oh wow, I really was not expecting that! Such a twist. That will teach me to trust a man for one good thing (i.e. saving three hundred pound shoes from mud.)

The fort moment was so cute, it was a great idea. I like where this is going, I hope Jordan confronts her 'friends' because she is so awesome and doesn't need that type of negativity in her life! Also, Hazel would probably kill both Mitch and Cyrus. You can never trust the quiet ones.

As you say, out with the old, because in real life friendships do change and there are big, defining moments that change how you see next chapter, i hope is in with the new!

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Review #40, by LilyD Out With The Old

23rd August 2015:
Oh wow, I really was not expecting that! Such a twist. That will teach me to trust a man for one good thing (i.e. saving three hundred pound shoes from mud.)

The fort moment was so cute, it was a great idea. I like where this is going, I hope Jordan confronts her 'friends' because she is so awesome and doesn't need that type of negativity in her life! Also, Hazel would probably kill both Mitch and Cyrus. You can never trust the quiet ones.

As you say, out with the old, because in real life friendships do change and there are big, defining moments that change how you see next chapter, i hope is in with the new!

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Review #41, by LilyD Between The Bookshelves

23rd August 2015:
I have to admit, I was all for James and Jordan, Jamdan, J squared, JJ, Double J, before this chapter.but something about a boy carrying a girl to class, saving her very important, very expensive shoes WON ME OVER.

I love Cyrus.

He's adorable. :)

Cyrus fangirling aside, I love how you write all of Jordan's friendships though as well. All of the characters have a role to play and none of them feel obsolete. They all make me laugh out loud, and I especially love the Mitch/Hazel pairing. If only Mitch could pull himself together!!

Great story, it's funny and well-written. :) 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Let me know what you think about some of the characters you mentioned in a few chapters... ;)

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Review #42, by aidanlynchrox Out With The Old

21st August 2015:
So I didn't get the chance to review this the first time I read it because I was on mobile and whatnot, but wow! what a great chapter! Like I'm annoyed at mitch and cyrus because they're being crappy friends and friends don't say things like that behind their backs which is just not cool, But freddie and james were just so good at dealing with the situation that it made me really happy! I really love the way that you've been developing james and jordan's relationship, like you're actually developing their friendship and not instantly having them date which is nice! I can't wait to read what comes next! I'm really interested in seeing how jordan reacts to what they said when she has to see them face to face!
Update soon! (no pressure if you're too busy though)
- Elena

Author's Response: Hello!!

I totally agree on the Mitch and Cyrus being crappy friends thing. I'm especially butthurt about Cyrus though just cause I trusted him, ya know? I feel betrayed by my own character even though I'm the one that made him be a total jerk. Oh well.

As for James and Jordan's developing relationship, it kind of went a different direction that I actually had originally planned but I love where I'm taking it now. I think it makes more sense for them as characters and I just like writing them the way they are now.

I'm super excited to write the next chapter and as soon as I get some free time (I'm starting a new job and just moved so things are hectic) I'm going to get writing!

I feel like I haven't talked to you in so so long! Let's catch up soon? Thanks for reviewing by the way!! xx

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Review #43, by cocopops Out With The Old

20th August 2015:
I want Fred to be real so that I can become his best friend in real life. Love him and James and Jordan.
And I hate Cyrus right now. What an absolute jerk

Author's Response: RIGHT?! I love Fred! His character wasn't even going to be in the story that much but as soon as I introduced him I fell in love with writing him and i couldn't stop. So I'm very happy that you all like him too!

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Review #44, by Sarah Out With The Old

20th August 2015:
Such a good chapter! Update soon xx

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm pleased you liked it xx

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Review #45, by cocopops Drunk and Disorderly

20th August 2015:
Omgomgomg!! Yay,
P.S. Arrogant and drunk James is definitely my fave

Author's Response: I feel that! Although any type of James is my favorite tbh

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Review #46, by Dot dot dot Out With The Old

18th August 2015:
I LOVE this book! Can't wIt for the next chapter please give me a time frame for when I can expect the next chapter? I almost gave up hope for this one. It is getting more and more amazing as each chapter goes by:)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm not 100% sure when the next chapter will be up cause I just moved and am starting a new job so life is sort of hectic right now but as soon as I get the chance I'm going to start the next one. I have a lot planned out already so it should take too long. DOn't give up hope! I have every intention of finishing this story! xx

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Review #47, by Startafire Out With The Old

16th August 2015:
I really bloody well hate Mitch and Cyrus now. Like seriously, I want to feed them to the giant squib, they more than deserve it. At first I was starting to root for Cyrus, I even thought he might have secret feelings for Mose, but no that lying sleazeebag is just good for nothing and only wants sex. Ah! This story kills me but it is because it is so damn good! I squealed a little inside when James stood up for Mose and I love the way their relationship is growing. Hopefully they avada kedavra Mitch and Cryus' bottoms. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: SAME. They are very frustrating. Especially Cyrus because at least everyone knows that Mitch is kind of a jerk at times but Cyrus had her moreso fooled.

I love love love writing James and Jordan's growing relationship. It's super fun just to watch it develop and I'm happy you enjoy reading about them! I'll try and update asap!

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Review #48, by JT4HP Out With The Old

14th August 2015:

Hate Cyrus and Mitch though. But ugh, I love that they call her "Mose". So. Cute.

Favorite bit is when the boys walk into the great hall and they do their little exchange and Mose tugs on her ear. So cute and funny and I love their friendship!

Can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: I love when they call her Mose too! Gives me all sorts of feels! xx

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Review #49, by RavenHairedGirl Out With The Old

14th August 2015:
Oh my god this is amazing! You have finally updated, when I was reading Cyrus and Mitch I was getting so angry- but I am so happy that Fred n James were able to save her! Hopefully some more James and Mose action in the next chap!!

Author's Response: Thank you!! There will definitely be a lot more James and Mose in the next chapter!! xx

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Review #50, by greenbirds Out With The Old

13th August 2015:
(i am a major fan of scandal and just the shonda rhimes universe in general so yes i THOROUGHLY enjoyed the drinking game and the fact that the boys watch it because what else says men who respect women then men who not only stick up for moss in a time like that but who watch a show run by the queen of female empowerment and sass?)

okay soo. this was SO WORTH THE WAIT. i have so many feelings, let's gooo-

1. obviously im going to prioritise the slut shaming of cyrus and mitch. teenage boys in general have double standards regarding female sexuality- that's not a big deal, that's normal- but the way in which they spoke about their best friend was so deeply misogynistic, so disgusting that i actually flinched. luckily mose seems too strong and empowered to let them get away with an apology or whatever- well i hope so- i reckon the boys are more sorry that she heard rather than over what they said. but idk. i have a theory with boys like those two that they're really just intimidated by girls who can own their sexuality and flaunt it unapologetically- you know? but yeah, they're your characters, what do you think?

2. i LOVE love LOVE freddie and james. i LOVE them!! okay yay im really happy they've turned into the good guys here. well- obviously- but yeah. so much love.

3. mose is just so great. i have so much admiration for her. we should all strive to be less cyrus, more mose.

update soon! i so so loved this.

Author's Response: OKAY LIKE HOW GOOD IS SCANDAL?! Olivia Pope is my one true love. Like she beats out Movie Hermione and Book Ginny for me which is saying A LOT.


I totally love your thoughts on boys being intimidated by girls who can own their own sexuality! Mitch and Cyrus probably don't realize they are intimidated by Jordan but I could definitely see that. It was hard for me to write that section cause I was just so angry with the pair of them. Especially as a feminist that hates slut shaming.

AND SAME. James and Fred are my absolute baes. They are incredibly fun to write and shockingly easy to write as well.

I love Jordan too. I think, as a reader, she takes a bit to warm up to but I just think she's awesome.

SO SO happy you liked the story! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a great review! I really appreciate it xx

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