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Review #26, by silver8 Death To Cats Everywhere

24th September 2013:
Cora Martin- is that a cross between Cora Hale and Lydia Martin :p

Author's Response: YES!! I am so happy that someone put that together. Teen Wolf is my love so I had to include it somewhere. Plus Silas' face claim is Dylan O'Brian so I thought it was pretty perfect (:

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Review #27, by riddleme Death To Cats Everywhere

23rd September 2013:
This is REALLY good. I love how jordan and all her friends aren't the perfect, goody-two-shoes, naive characters I see in fanfics all the time these days. tbh, i find a lot more people in my high school like jordan than like the other sweet, nice characters. It's cool to see a fanfic from this perspective. love it!!

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Review #28, by yupp Death To Cats Everywhere

23rd September 2013:

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Review #29, by Rosie_Posie Death To Cats Everywhere

23rd September 2013:
I am beginning to love this story! I can't wait to see the evolution of their relationship! I really enjoy the fact that this story is from a Slytherin perspective IMO there are not enough of them out there. I think the good/not totally evil side of that house is ignored!

I hope you update this soon (but only AFTER you update Enemies with Benefits)

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Review #30, by jillybeans Death To Cats Everywhere

22nd September 2013:
AHHH YES i'm very very excited for my sugar honey iced tea! I ordered it to happen four chapters ago! where is that lousy waiter? haha this story is actually the only thing i care about reading on this site anymore (besides my own of course!). i come here to solely see if this has been updated. if it's not i leave.
Why? But Jilly, you dislike characters that partake in illegal/frowned upon activities like most of the characters in this fic. You and moseley are as dissimilar as pot-AY-toes and pot-AH-toes. so not alike in the slightest. you would never do what she does. they're all crazy as devil cats.
But that's what I love about this fic. It's something I'd never be able to write myself bc i could never even think of what to do in these situations, much less put it in first person. but somehow i find moseley (my absolute polar opposite) to be really easy to relate to, and it's effortless for me to step into her sh0es and see things from her perspective.
i think that it's so cool that you are able to immerse your reader into your narrator like this, and i'm uber goober jealous. you have got yourself a talent, man.
(plus i really really really like your james. favorite. and the plot. and all the things.)
(oh and cyrus? i would never be friends with him or any of these devil cats irl, but i like him here in the story. he is going to cause some problems, i can feel it.)
i CAN'T WAIT to come here and find a new chapter of crazy iced tea waiting for me!!! write swiftly, brave knight!

Author's Response: I'm completely different from Jordan as well but oddly similar in a weird way. I don't have the amount of balls she has and I wish I had her ability to not care about what people think of her. I wish I could just be her to be honest. I love writing her so much cause she's so weirdly fearless but like a really big coward in a weird way. I don't know I just love her. I'm so happy that you think she's easy to relate to because even though I am different from her I do feel like I always know what she's going through. Like I know I'm the one writing her but still. I'm sorry I'm not making any sense I'm kind of rambling. As a teenager btw, I know that illegal/frowned upon activities are very common and realistic which is why I put it in. Plus it's fun to write. I love my James too. Like even though he can be kind of a jerk, he's still perfect and I just love him. And I adore Cryus so I'm glad you like him.

I'll try and get done with the next chapter as soon as possible for you guys. Thank you times like a million for your lovely review. It meant a lot xx

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Review #31, by AlexFan Death To Cats Everywhere

22nd September 2013:
That is probably the best ending to a scheme going wrong. Honest to God, I almost burst into laughter in the middle of the night (that would've been bad, everyone in my family would've woken up).

I can't believe it though. I was laying there thinking that this was one of the most evil things that you could to a friend or family member of yours and then it turns out that the plan went wrong all because of a single hair.

I look forward to seeing how the stalking works out.

Author's Response: I know, right? They deserve totally deserve everything to go wrong for them. Thank you for the review and I'll try and get the next chapter out for you guys soon xx

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Review #32, by ... Death To Cats Everywhere

22nd September 2013:
hi, I have been waiting for ages for the next chapter to be up and I'm so exited this is the best story it's not soft which I like so I think you are pure genius. and I think that Cyrus is bloody brilliant, he is like the bad boy of the group and he doesn't let other peoples opinions get in the way for example he doesn't let Silas get in the way of the friends with benefits thing he has with Jordan.
so really really great and I'm counting the seconds until the next chapter...

Author's Response: Aw well thanks! I like that about the story too. I tried to make the characters more like normal high school students in that they like have sex, drink, and smoke and stuff. I feel like it's more realistic and it's fun to write and I hope fun to read. I adore writing Cyrus so I'm glad you like him. I picture him as Chace Crawford so it makes me love him even more. I'll try and get the next chapter out as soon as possible xx

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Review #33, by lovestings Death To Cats Everywhere

22nd September 2013:
Hi! So I found this story and decided to read all four chapters and can I just say that I am IN LOVE with this story. You are such a beautiful writer and you make me laugh so much. I seriously cracked up about the whole Jasper/Scorpius/Rose scenario. I found it endearing and funny. Let me also say I can't wait to see how this whole James/Mose relationship works out. I'm thrilled to have found this story and can't wait to see more! xx update soon!

Author's Response: Oh my god THANK YOU! I'm excited to see how the rest of the story turns out and I'm glad that you guys all want to see too. Hopefully I'll get the next chapter done soon xx

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Review #34, by helpwillalwaysbegiven Death To Cats Everywhere

21st September 2013:
I LOVE THIS! Brilliant! It's so unique! I love how your characters are so badass aha! Chapter five please hurry :)
~ Maysie

Author's Response: Why thank you very much. I like how my characters are kind of BA too. They are way cooler than I will ever be that's for sure. I'll try and get the next chapter out soon xx

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Review #35, by Courtney Death To Cats Everywhere

21st September 2013:
That was hilarious. I`m glad they`re plans are falling through as I think Rose and Scorpius are sweet together and don`t want them to get hurt. And I hope they figure things out soon and get their own revenge against James and Mose as they are really bad friends and selfish to do this to them. I think that Mose is just jealous because Rose is gorgeous and smart and more liked than her. Can`t wait to see what happens.

Author's Response: I agree with you in a way about how you think Mose is feeling about Rose. I completely agree that James and Mose are being bad friends but you have to think about the fact that in their minds James' hatred for Scorpius and Jordan's hatred for Rose clouds anything else and they honestly think that they are doing the right thing in the long run for their cousins. And Rose's hatred for Rose has nothing to do with the fact that Rose is gorgeous and smart and more liked than her. One of the things that I like about Jordan is that she doesn't care about being liked. She hates Rose because Rose is the one that screwed up her secret thing she had going on with Cyrus. Plus all of her friends hate her so it's one of those 'hate by association things' you know what I mean? Like when your friends hate someone you just kind of start hating them too. And after the Cyrus thing, Jordan just started hating everything about Rose. Like stuff that wouldn't have bothered her before then bothered her. It's not because Rose is more liked than her or because she's pretty. I just wanted to clear that up haha

But thank you so much for the review. I'll try and get out the next chapter soon xx

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Review #36, by Hi The Devising of Evilness

19th August 2013:
Really good story :) I wonder what will happen with the love potion? Are you planning to continue love goddesses again because that is one of my favourite stories :)

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Review #37, by MaryAnn The Devising of Evilness

5th August 2013:
I really like this story so far! The lead female is a different sort of girl compared to other stories. She drinks, smokes, etc. And she probably is portrayed as the "bad girl/slag" in those other stories. So it's pretty refreshing to have this view! And oh no! I hope they really don't make any permanent damages to Rose and Scorpius' relationship!!! Update soon!

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Review #38, by Starry_Eyed The Devising of Evilness

1st August 2013:
Yes I will review for you :) No offense but Mosley is kind of a terrible friend sabotaging Scorpius like this, as amusing as it is. But, I guess I wouldn't know the level of hate she has to Rose. I predict this will inevitably blow up in their faces, Mosley's gonna get with James, and everybody lives happily ever after. Well at least that's what I would want. :)

Author's Response: I agree completely, it's not exactly right for Moseley to be ruining things for Scorpius. To be fair to Mose though, she doesn't see it like that. She thinks she's screwing it up for Rose, not Scorpius. While James thinks he's screwing it up for Scorpius, not Rose. They think that they, in a way, are helping their cousins.

And I think that's what everyone wants to have happen... Including me. (:

Thank you so much for all of your lovely reviews! xx

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Review #39, by Starry_Eyed Deal With The Devil

1st August 2013:
I really love Silas character, he makes me laugh when he gets irritated by his mates hitting on his half sister. I also really like Mosley of course, and Hazel makes me laugh because her personality is made up of extremes, either she is extremely nice and responsible, or she is fiercely protective and wasted. Anyway, I'm looking forward to how messy this deal is about to get.

Author's Response: I adore Silas especially because the face claim I have for him is just so /him/ that I feel like I can really picture him clearly in my head. He's a blast to write because he has a really good life but at the same time he's really misfortunate in situations and it just makes me laugh.

And Hazel is like my baby. Once again, I love her face claim and it just makes me love her ten times more. Hazel is just a boss in general.

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Review #40, by Starry_Eyed Let The Games Begin

1st August 2013:
Nice, I like it so far, and I'm a new fan so you don't need to apologize to me for starting a new story: especially when it is a brilliant one. I actually started reading this because I was like, dang she only has three chapters and already has 30 reviews?! This must be like liquid gold literature, but it just turns out I'm a sorry sap and only have like two reviewers. Lol, you deserve all your fans, your amazing.

Author's Response: Aw well thanks! I felt bad for all of my old readers cause they are dying for updates on my old stories but going back and reading some of those literally makes me cringe at how poor the writing was. I like to think that I improved since I started this story.

You're the amazing one for reviewing! xx

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Review #41, by jillybeans Let The Games Begin

31st July 2013:
oooh i like this. i've never really read a fanfic with all slytherin main characters, so it should be interesting! you're style is very casual, funny, and sounds 100% teenaged vernacular-- just how i like it! yay! i'm especially fond of your description of james potter- it was gorgeous word choice and sentence structure and it makes his entire existence as a character scream sex appeal *swon* (cue conflicts between lovely slytherin friends and siblings!) can't wait to keep reading! xox Jilly

Author's Response: I've never written a story with all Slytherin main characters either... Actually I've never written a story with any Slytherin characters unless they're like partially evil so this was definitely a change for me. It got me, in a way, to understand the Slytherin house a bit better though and I don't think I'd actually sob hysterically if I ever got sorted in that house now.

I tried to make the vernacular and characters as realistically teenagerish as possible. I've had a couple reviews saying they didn't like all the alcohol and drugs but that's what teenagers do.

Thanks so much for the review! It was one of my favorites that I've gotten so far!

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Review #42, by maddie The Devising of Evilness

23rd July 2013:
I love it! keep going, please.

Author's Response: Don't worry, I will! xx

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Review #43, by explosion The Devising of Evilness

21st July 2013:
OHMYGOSH! I'm so happy you're writing again! This story is awesome and I absolutely love Jordan. And James. And how much they don't love each other (although hopefully that will change, eh?).

So interested to see how their plan works out! Seems like lots can go wrong.

Anyway, you're amazing :)

Author's Response: ME TOO! I missed ignoring everything my teachers/professors are saying in class to plan out scenes in my head. It's killing my GPA but I'm at least having a good time.

I love Jordan too. She's honestly so much fun to write and I seriously wish I could be her. James...I freaking adore him even though he's a total prat 99% of the time.

You're more amazing. THANKS FOR REVIEWING! xx

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Review #44, by ... The Devising of Evilness

21st July 2013:
Hi, I have read your enemies with benefits, as well as the story that has a really long name that I can never perfectly remember but has over protective brothers love goddesses and james potter in it. but any ways this is the 3rd story of yours that I love and I would just like to say, you are my hero, all those stories are so bloody fantastic and I really, really hope you finish all of them because I really don't know what I would do without them. so keep being awesome and we wont have a problem :)

Author's Response: Aw well thank you very much! I like to think that my writing has improved a lot since I started Enemies with Benefits and Love Goddesses so that's why this story is my new favorite to write... I can actually read the beginning chapters of this one without cringing. I will definitely be continuing this one and Enemies with Benefits but I make no promises on Love Goddesses unless I went back and rewrote the entire story.

Thank you so much for your lovely reviews. I'm so happy that you liked the stories!

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Review #45, by ... Let The Games Begin

21st July 2013:

Author's Response: Whooop Whop

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Review #46, by umhi Deal With The Devil

20th July 2013:
OMG THIS IS SO GOOD I HATE JAMES HES A LITTLE POOPHEAD but i love jordan! shes so funny and awesome and evil and yea!

Author's Response: YEAH TELL ME ABOUT IT BUT AT THE SAME TIME I FREAKING LOVE HIM. I love Jordan as well though, she's a blast to write.

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Review #47, by umhi Deal With The Devil

20th July 2013:
OMG THIS IS SO GOOD I HATE JAMES HES A LITTLE POOPHEAD but i love jordan! shes so funny and awesome and evil and yea!

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Review #48, by Holly_Mist The Devising of Evilness

20th July 2013:
This Rose/Scorpius mystery indeed is intriguing! I hope you'll give us more clues as the story goes on :) Aha, i love James ♥ i can't really describe him but i just generally find him pretty awesome :D

I can't wait to see how everything turns out with the love potion! I think it's going to be a bundle of laughs! :D

I had only one little complaint here, which is that, your writing seems to encourage weed and alcohol :/ i realize that's what teenagers do, (being one myself - i've seen people do it), but it seemed to come across so as to say that it's a good thing.

But otherwise, i really like where the story is going and i hope you continue to update :)

Author's Response: I love James too. It's honestly impossible not to even though he's such a freaking jerk.

And I'm hoping so, I have the idea for the next chapter all planned out in my head but I just need to actually write it... College summer classes take up A LOT of time.

And yes, my stories do contain weed and alcohol and that's cause I want it to be more realistic and something that I can relate to, I suppose, in my story. Almost all of my friends drink and smoke (I'm 17, almost 18, so it's normal) and as do I, on occasion. I truly don't see anything wrong with it just because it's not taking over any of our lives at the moment and in the wizarding world, they are all legal to drink with the exception of Scorpius. Weed is a different story but it adds to Jordan's kind of BA personality so I wanted to have it in there. I apologize if it does offend you in any way but that was not my intention.

Thank you so much for reviewing. You're awesome! xx

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Review #49, by MissMoneypenny The Devising of Evilness

20th July 2013:

I really like the story so far; most next-gens are all fluffy little Gryffindor stories about how perfect life is, so this was really refreshing! (Not that I don't like fluffy Gryffindor stories).

I love Jordan. She's what we British like to call 'badarse'. I love her Slytherinness as well, I'm totally rooting for the Slytherins here.

James is gorgeous. And irritating. I think you should give Jordan the upper hand here, seeing as she's the 'conniving little Slytherin' and everything.

Next chapter... Ellie. Love potion. Rose and Scorpius. Can't wait. Update soon!


Author's Response: HELLO!!

And I agree which I why I wanted to change it up a bit with a little bit of Slytherins in the mix.

I love Jordan too. She's honestly so much fun to write and definitely probably my favorite OC to write and I'd say, for me at least, the most relatable in a way.

And agreed, once again. I adore James but want to punch him in the face at the same time.

I'll hopefully get the next chapter done soon but I'm taking some college classes this summer and that takes up A LOT of my time.

Thanks so much for reviewing! xx

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Review #50, by anon The Devising of Evilness

18th July 2013:
Wow, I'm so glad you're really updating this story! I'm honestly hooked, and I can't wait for some Jordan/James action :p You write really well, the characters' dialogues are all so witty and fun and snarky :) also, will you be updating any of your other stories by any chance? i'm a HUGE fan of your works :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Dialogue is definitely my favorite thing to write even though it's the most challenging for me. I just updated Enemies with Benefits so you should check out the new chapter! Not too sure about the other stories though. Possibly The Way I Am, but that's doubtful. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter btw! xx

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