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Review #26, by countrymusicfanatic Headlines, Swear Jars, and Food Fights

14th January 2012:
I really, really loved this! I like Riley and Hugo and the way they're able to go from starting a food fight to talking like they're best friends (even though I know they're not) was funny. I like the way you portrayed Ginny because it seemed really realistic and I don't usually read stories that are able to keep the original HP character's in character, especially during Next gen. fics.

I'm really interested in knowing more about Riley and her family too. I don't particularly like any of them but they are interesting characters. Her dad is pretty awful and I want to know what happened to her mum. Did she die or did they get a divorce or something? I'm assuming that will come up later.

I can't wait to see what Brady is like in person because he seems like a pretty awesome friend and a funny guy. James was hilarious and I liked Lily, she reminded me a little bit of Luna and yet it worked.

I thought your first chapter was great and I can't wait to see where this story goes!


Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm really excited to write all about Hugo's and Riley's relationship and develop it more because it's going to be a bit deeper than the other relationships in my stories I think.

I love Ginny in this story. She was a lot of fun to write and she and Lily are my favorite characters so far. (:

Her family is terrible. I want to punch out every single one of them. You will find out about Riley's mum later, I'm excited to write that part.

And Brady's character will be a handful...but a fun handful which is always a good time (:


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Review #27, by GracelesslyFalling Headlines, Swear Jars, and Food Fights

14th January 2012:
I like it! Riley's stepmother is a complete psycho though;)

Can't wait till the next update!♥♥

Author's Response: Haha agreed! I honestly want to punch Char in the face sometimes...Okay, all the time. :)

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Review #28, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs Headlines, Swear Jars, and Food Fights

14th January 2012:
I love you so much right now. Even if you should update your other stories. I'll forgive you because Riley is amazing. I love Ginny ("Please, Char," Ginny cut her off by putting a hand on her shoulder. "Call me Mrs. Potter.") and Riley + Hugo (And that's how Hugo and I single handedly caused The Great Summer Food Fight of 2024.)
I will, however, have to point out that there are a lot of typos and, Grammar Nazi that I am, it vaguely irritated me.

Author's Response: I love you so much right now too. YA KNOW WHY? CAUSE YOU REVIEWED MY STORY AND ENJOYED IT SO THANKS. :D

I love Ginny too! Right now she and Lily are my favorite characters. I feel like a slightly weird/corky friend is perfect for Riley.

Ah, sorry about the typos! Prior to all contrary beliefs, I /do/ reread my chapters to look for them. I'm just extremely awful at it!


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Review #29, by imaMalfoy Headlines, Swear Jars, and Food Fights

14th January 2012:
This chapter was hilarious! I was laughing the whole time...I love the story!
P.S. I would make the review longer but I've gotta go shopping for science fair
P.P.S. 10/10

Author's Response: Daww, thanks (:


P.S. You had first review c:

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