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Review #26, by Anna ...And A Happy New Year

24th February 2015:

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Review #27, by Gwen ...And A Happy New Year

22nd February 2015:
Is this the last chapter? Is there a sequel? How long till the end? I absolutely completely truly have love this book and honestly think you deserve a WHOLE lot more publicity and reviews! Also, do you post on other sites or write original work?
(asking only because other authors do, and wanted to know if you do the same, because I like your writing style and would love to read more of your work!)

Author's Response: This isn't the last chapter but there will be no sequel! I'm not sure how much longer till the end though. Thank you so so much! I don't post on any other site but I'll let you guys know if I ever write something original xx

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Review #28, by YOURSTRULY ...And A Happy New Year

5th February 2015:

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Review #29, by KKB ...And A Happy New Year

7th January 2015:

Love this. Keep writing! Yay you!

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Review #30, by StarryKnights Spying and Revealing

5th January 2015:
I am quite a fan of your story so far! My favorite thing BY FAR is the humor. Its sooososososososo funny to read and all the characters are so weird which i love because im just as weird if not more
cant wait to read the rest!

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Review #31, by Anonymous ...And A Happy New Year

3rd January 2015:
Hey! I absolutely love this story and just had a quick question about the actual timeline of Dessie + Fred's relationship? Like when did they first start snogging, and how long has their relationship actually been going on?

Keep writing this fan fic is my absolute favourite!

Author's Response: They started snogging the first few weeks of their seventh year... like mid to late September... and it's been going on pretty much the entire time up to Christmas time where the story is now

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Review #32, by goldenginnyxo ...And A Happy New Year

20th December 2014:
Omg,so many feels! please update fast!!!

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Review #33, by WhiteFeather ...And A Happy New Year

11th December 2014:
Been reading this fic for over a year now, but have only just made an account, and i just wanted to say that this is really awesome and to keep up the good work! Your writing all looks super good and i never fail to be ridiculously excited when you update! Thank you!

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Review #34, by helpwillalwaysbegiven ...And A Happy New Year

8th December 2014:
I FREAKING LOVE THESE TWO IDIOTS UGH THEY MAKE ME MELT INTO A BIG FAT PUDDLE AND I SERIOUSLY CAN NOT WITH THEIR S H I T GOD DAMN IT'S ABOUT TIME THEY GOT TOGETHER (albeit unofficially)!!! Also, can I just say how much I absolutely ADORE James and Dessie's friendship?!?! THEY ARE SO DAMN CUTE! You are an amazing writer and I'm so so SO glad you're finishing this story! I fell in love with it when it first came out and was so sad when you stopped updating. Definitely had me thinking you gave up on this but THANK MERLIN you haven't. This fanfic has always been one of my all-time favourites, so THANK YOU and keep up the fabulous work! I can't wait to read more! (Sorry for all the exclamation points, can you tell I'm excited??? LOL)
xoxo Jenny

Author's Response: Oh my god you're so nice. This review put the biggest smile on my face. James and Dessie's friendship is probably my favorite friendship out of all my stories (Mose and Freddie's blossoming friendship in Get In Line is a close second though) so I'm really happy you love them too. I'll try and update over winter break! xx

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Review #35, by xMsFiggx ...And A Happy New Year

7th December 2014:
Yay! Excited for Roxy and Logan. A little nervous for the inevitable...when Roxy finds out about Dessie and Freddie. It was hilarious when George told her he was too young to be a grandpa. Super sweet that Freddie got her a present! Thanks for updating :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! It means a lot and I"m super happy you liked it! xx

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Review #36, by blackzero ...And A Happy New Year

6th December 2014:
Good chapter. Thanks for the update

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Review #37, by Slytherin_Serpent_Socko ...And A Happy New Year

6th December 2014:
ah. They are perfect for each other. I hope that the calm before the storm lasts longer, and hope Roxy doesn't recognise Dessie's earrings. That will be a show down and a half, cos they can't say 'we stumbled and our lips landed on each others' if she finds them snogging or something. Have gun explaining the earrings after that. Yikes!

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Review #38, by tEar_leSS ...And A Happy New Year

1st December 2014:
Love it as usual!!! kind of want this happiness to continue on before sh_t hits the fan when Roxy finds out hahah could we also have a sneak peak into Heidi and Tosh also!! I really like their relationship :) and also YAY for Logan and Roxy hahah

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Review #39, by Rosie_Posie ...And A Happy New Year

30th November 2014:
Such a good update :) I am so happy for Dessie and Freddy they are adorbs together! I hope they don't become to happy together, it is more exciting to read the drama!

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Review #40, by Sam ...And A Happy New Year

28th November 2014:
Love the story and love seeing their relationship develop. Can't wait for the inevitable Roxy show down.

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Review #41, by Irishseeker ...And A Happy New Year

23rd November 2014:
that was just amazing and this chapter just kept getting better and better, seriously. FINALLY Rox&Logan and finally they "did the do". hehe.
This was so worth the wait and I just ship Fred and Dessie so much like why are they so perfect? my life expectations get higher every single time.
Can't wait for the next chapter and as always, brilliant writing.
(can they just get married and have loads of adorable babies plz and thanks)
xx IrishSeeker

Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked it! And thank you so much for reviewing. It means a lot! xx

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Review #42, by Marie ...And A Happy New Year

23rd November 2014:
Ah! That's all I can say. Ah! That was awesome. Weasley blushing when he gave her the earrings. So cute. I'm glad their relationship is progressing!

Author's Response: Me too! Took them long enough, am I right? Glad you enjoyed it! xx

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Review #43, by madness Merry Christmas

2nd November 2014:
Still loving this story!

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Review #44, by potts Merry Christmas

19th October 2014:
Loved this chapter. Im glad molly and Mason got together. The part where dessie was the annoying little sister was written well.

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Review #45, by dbmweasley Merry Christmas

3rd October 2014:
Reread for the second time and I still love this story. Your sarcasm, quirkiness (if that's a word) and randomness is just perfect. I still laugh when I think about "Hey, sh*t-for-brains" or the act they put up in the Great Hall in "acting and more interrogations". Seriously though. Hey sh*t-for-brains? Just epic. Or "I'm having your offspring. Do you want them or not?". My stomach is aching. God damn, you make me laugh too much for my own good. But it is still so touching and honest in between all the epicness and sarcasm, and I think that is the best part.

Looking forward to your next update!
xoxo Gossip Girl


xoxo me aka dbmweasley

Though that probably doesn't tell you anything.

I need to go before I go all nutters here.

Byebye :)

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Review #46, by kassandra466 Merry Christmas

25th September 2014:
Awe! That was another adorable chapter. I have so missed this story. I have been to busy with starting my new job and planning a trip to europe for fan fiction, so I am so happy that you updated and encouraged me to make time for everything. Fred and Dessie are adorable, and I feel like slowly everyone will catch onto the fact that they truly love each other and well maybe Rox will be mad for a bit, but as soon as she sees how happy her brother and best friend are together, I think she will warm up to the idea.

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Review #47, by hoodwink Merry Christmas

23rd September 2014:
This story is too addicting, seriously, I'm lacking some sleep haha, but it was worth it! I adore Dessie and Fred together and have to admit that I have a little soft spot for love/hate relationships (they're to cute, intense and addicting). I love the change that has taken place between those two. I feel like Roxy will literally lose it when she finds out or like be mad at Dessie for awhile. I, at the moment have no ideas on what's going to happen as of now, but I'm excited to find out!

Author's Response: I have a soft spot for them too although I do think that in real life they probably never happen... Fan fic world it's alright though!

I'm writing the next chapter now so hopefully I can get it done soon for you all! Thanks for reviewing xx

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Review #48, by xMsFiggx Merry Christmas

22nd September 2014:
This was a very lovely chapter. Maybe now is a good time to tell Roxy since she may be less likely to hurt Dessie since she's already injured! Or maybe she and Freddie still have things to figure out themselves. Either way, it's awesome to see their relationship changing. James is hilarious and his family is so wonderful. Excited for the next update :)

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Review #49, by tEar_leSs Merry Christmas

20th September 2014:

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Review #50, by EeshaPotter Merry Christmas

19th September 2014:
This was a really good chapter! I really wanna see the Wotter's and her family's reactions! When will you update next?

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