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Review #26, by AIP Alexander Too Much

29th April 2014:
PLEASE DON"T DROP THE STORY! This is the only story i have ever started and continued reading on Charlie Weasley or any other member of the Weasley family apart from the usual characters (Ron, Hermione, and next generation). Your plot line enthralls your readers to a point it would be cruel to leave your story unfinished

Author's Response: !! Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much!! ♥ This review seriously brought tears to my eyes and made my day!

I am most definitely NOT dropping this story, dear. I'm just having a little trouble making this next chapter cooperate. :P But I'm hoping to have it ready soon!

Again, thank you SO, SO much!! ♥

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Review #27, by Tris  Too Much

29th January 2014:
Very creative. I hope she is pregnant and that was her secret. I hope you update son because this was a cliff hanger that made me want to keep reading!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you think it's creative. As for Liz's secret, hopefully we'll find out soon! :) I'm sorry it was a cliffhanger but so glad that you want to keep reading! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm hoping to update very soon! ♥

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Review #28, by slaidback Too Much

22nd January 2014:
Quite the page turner or the internet version of a page turner. Left field subject but good.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, for the compliments and for reading and reviewing!! ♥

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Review #29, by teh tarik Too Much

19th January 2014:

I am so so so happy to see this updated! And...a shoutout!?!? Bawww, I don't deserve it! *hugssquishesglomps*

This was such a fabulous chapter! I'm not sure I can decide which part I like the best, or which part made my jaw drop. I'm really glad that Liz decided to come home after going to her mum's place (and having the second bomb drop on her); I was half-expecting her to run somewhere far away, but I guess she isn't Charlie, and I'm kind of hoping that those two will patch things up between them quickly. I know this is meant to be a really dramatic scene with Liz getting all emotional and such, but I couldn't resist giggling at some of the things she said!

I'm a wizard, too.

And there were no wires or anything!

I think it had something to do with a pig...but that doesn't make sense!

Bahahaha! Sorry Liz, I know you're in a state of shock and all, but still, aahhckjafsdlkf. Liz is seriously adorable here. I love how she throws her arms around Charlie after declaring that she, too, is a wizard, much to his complete shock. And awww, love how he still hugs her back, even if he can't think of anything sensible or decent to say. ♥

I really, really love the idea of Liz magically mending her doll! It's such an original way of showing her magic as a child; I've not come across an idea like this in any other fic on HPFF, so well done on this! I can't remember if I was even helpful this, haha, but anyway, this turned out really well and I'm so pleased.

WHOA Amelia is looking positively murderous! There's so much about Liz's past and family that I can't wait to read about; I know quite a lot has been revealed in the last chapter, but still!! So many questions! The same questions that Charlie is asking himself: how has nobody noticed that Liz has magic, least of all, Liz herself? How does she manage so well with electrical appliances? Did Amelia somehow tamper with Liz's magic (if it's even possible)? WHAT IS AMELIA GOING TO DO TO CHARLIE? AVADA KEDAVRA HIM?

I kind of think that last one is a bit impropable, though. :P

Anyway, I loved this chapter, Jayde! This was wonderfully written, not to mention you ended it on a cliffhanger!!! Hopefully you'll update soon, and if you need any help with anything, my PM box is open! ♥ ♥


Author's Response: TEH! ♥


You're absolutely right when you say "Liz isn't Charlie". The poor girl - even though she's upset with her husband, when she gets in an argument with her Mom, all she wants is his support. *Squees* (Sorry... I'm a total 'Chiz' fangirl. :P) I think it's really good that she didn't run away - otherwise, things would have gotten even MORE complicated... and I don't think poor Charlie could handle MORE complications right now! :(

Teehee - I'm glad those little funny moments had the desired effect. I wanted them to be funny and a bit absurd, but without making Liz seem too Mary-Sue-ish, if you know what I mean. So I'm glad to hear it paid off! :)

I agree, Liz really is adorable. I grow to love her a little more with every chapter I write! ♥

You were most certainly helpful with the doll! Thank you so much! And you think it's an original way to show magic? *blushes* Thank you!! ♥

Yes, Amelia does look extremely upset right now. I'm a little afraid of her at this point... LOL! I honestly hadn't planned for her to show up in this chapter, she just sort of... arrived! Haha! :P And yes, there are still a lot of questions that need answering! I hope to get to answer some of them soon!

I'm so glad that you loved this chapter, and I'm hoping to have an update for you soon! Thank you, again, SO much, for all your lovely, amazing reviews! And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this one! ♥

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Review #30, by ohmymerlin Too Much

19th January 2014:

Oh my god. I am SO curious as to how Liz managed to hide her magic/contain it without any real knowledge on it! It's so strange! I can definitely relate to Charlie!

And oh no! Mother!Amelia is involved now! And everyone knows not to EVER get involved with a mother. They're generally very crazy, especially over their children :p

But poor Liz! She must be SO CONFUSED right now! I feel like if it was me my head would have exploded by now! She's a pretty tough cookie, isn't she? :p

Anywho, this was another wonderful chapter. Well worth the wait! ;)

Can't wait to read the next one! :D

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Kayla! ♥

Thank you so much for this amazing review, and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to it! I really am the worst review responder ever! :(

Yes, Liz's situation is very strange. But then again, with a mother like Amelia who was trying to hide it from her, I'd imagine she'd probably think nothing was out of the ordinary when something odd happened, like the situation with the doll.

Haha, yes, Amelia is involved now and she's very crazy over Liz. Honestly, I wasn't even planning on Amelia arriving in this chapter, but she just sort of... showed up. :P

Yes, poor Liz is quite confused. Hopefully we'll be able to sort out some things for her in the next chapter! (I think my head might have exploded by now, too!) But you're right, Liz is quite tough! ;-) *winks*

Thank you, once again, dear, for another amazing and lovely review!! I hope to have the next chapter for you soon! ♥

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Review #31, by Santa Huffle Shuffler The Other Secret-Keeper

26th December 2013:
You know, since Liz's introduction in Chapter 3, I've been wondering if there was a reason that you made her British and living in the States. TURNS OUT THERE IS ONE: HER MOTHER (AND HER) ARE WITCHES!!! I honestly, honestly did NOT expect this! Whoa, whoa, whoa!! And her father was Mulciber (I think he was a Death Eater or something...). I'm just blown away by the shocking turn that this story has taken!

And poor Liz! I can't help imagining her being all so distraught and running to her mother's house, only to have her own mother wave about a wand and declare that she, too, is magic! Ooh, I've read you responses to your other reviews for this chapter, and I honestly can't wait to read the reason why Liz's magic has yet to show itself (or maybe it has and she just doesn't know it), or how come she's so comfortable with 'technology'. It does sound as though you have a few more surprises up your sleeve!

I love some of the tiny details that you used in this chapter:

The leather of the steering wheel got hot against Liz's forehead, and the air inside the car got stuffy, making it hard for her to breathe.

It made Liz's situation and emotional state so much more convincing, and I guess it really adds to her confusion.

Liz's dad sounds like a completely awful person; I'm kind of hoping she doesn't meet him ever :P I don't think she could handle it, especially not now when she's just found out that everything about her life is a lie. And wow, Amelia's reaction to her husband's rejection is also pretty extreme: to turn her back on the whole wizarding world and leave the country and vow never to have anything to do with magic. It's a really drastic step, and it really does say a lot about how she must have felt, so abandoned and hopeless. I guess Amelia might understand Charlie, if he came clean about the truth of his family? After all, he too, wanted to have nothing to do with magic and ran away from his old life...

Although right now, she sounds absolutely furious at Charlie for being a wizard...eep!!

Absolutely fantastic chapter, Jayde! I'm feeling kinda sorry that there are no more for me to read on! :( Here's to hoping that you'll update really soon! This is a fabulous story and I really enjoy reading it :) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, love ♥ ♥


Author's Response: Haha! I'm honestly quite glad that you didn't see this coming! I only hope it wasn't too unbelievable! And yes, Mulciber was a death eater... I guess we'll have to see how that plays into the story. :P And yes, there will be some explanations in later chapters for Liz's seeming lack of magical experiences, as well as the whole 'technology' thing.

I'm glad you liked the details! Description has always been one of my weaker points in writing, so I tried to rectify that some here.

I think you may be right... I'm not sure if Liz would be able to handle meeting her father! But I guess we'll just have to see how that all pans out! *winks*

And yes, you would think that Amelia would be more understanding of Charlie's situation, but she seems more angry right now... what's her problem?!? :P

Thank you again, SO much for all these amazing reviews! I'm hoping to have a new, finished chapter for you to read sometime today! ♥

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Review #32, by The Santa of Secrets Secret Number 1

26th December 2013:
Aaahhh! Cliffhanger!! :( :(

Awww, the big secret was nearly out, I kept wishing for Charlie to hurry up, just break the International Statute of Secrecy or whatever it's called already, to please just wave that silly stick of his and shout a spell, any spell, I could just see that Liz was on the very verge of walking out...and no :( He just lets her go. I suppose this mess is mostly his fault, his keeping secrets from her. This was quite a bit painful to read, that last part of the chapter. I do hope that Liz will come back, or that Charlie will go to her mother's to find her and that the both of them will reconcile soon, without too much heartache in between. I've said this over and over but they're such a lovely couple, really adorable, and you write them so well, their romance and everything, and you write them without too much drama, which is something I like very much when reading romance.

I also loved the way you wrote their married life, especially their happier days! ♥ I couldn't help but snicker each time Charlie confronts Muggle technology and makes all the appliances explode; I always, always love stories with magical folk living with Muggles or attempting to adapt to a Muggle way of life, and that's why your story is just so wonderful and gratifying to read.

Anyway, one more chapter left for me to read and review! :( Here I am hoping that you'll update soon so I can have more of this fabulous stuff! I'll catch up on your next chapter soon.


Author's Response: Aww! :(

I know what you mean... when you finally realize that the truth is starting to come out, you just want to yell at Charlie and make him do something to prove to Liz that this is real. Yes, this really is mostly his fault... but it's hard to be mad at him considering everything he's been through.

Thank you again for another incredible review, and I'm glad that you find Charlie and Liz to be such an adorable couple! :) ♥

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Review #33, by The Secret North Pole Dude Secrets and Surprises

25th December 2013:

This chapter took me completely by surprise, and in an absolutely fabulous way! I don't know which part to squee over first; I suppose I'll go in order. Wow, this is a fantastic chapter! First, I especially liked how there was a bit of a fast-forward in time, in Charlie and Liz's relationship; it doesn't always work in stories, but it works beautifully here in yours, because of the way you open your chapters with the detailed analysis/summary of your characters, so the reader always knows what's going on with them.

Some lines that I really loved from the first part:

Charlie's relationship with Liz, however, was wholly different. He and Liz's relationship had eased the guilt Charlie felt over Fred's death, and had brought him a joy he'd never known; it was exactly what he needed.

Beautifully written, my dear! I love how earnest and sincere your writing is here, how carefully you examine Charlie and his emotional state and his relationship.

...but Charlie soon found that he enjoyed doing things without magic: It helped him to further distance himself from the wizarding world and his guilt.

Aww, this made me a little bit sad, because while Charlie is feeling much better, he still has that residual guilt in him, and the way he shuns the wizarding world is really evidence of that. I do hope he'll be able to reconcile himself with his own guilt, that he'll be able to come clean to Liz about everything - his family, his life and all (I so cannot wait for him to tell her he's a wizard!!!)

And now, time to squee about the proposal.


THAT. WAS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS AND SQUEEWORTHY. the moment he slipped that "round item" into his drink, I sort of suspected, and my jaw fell open. Wow! I love it! I love the idea of dropping the ring into his drink and how he teases Liz with her "it's bad for business" thing! :P

And awww, awww, Liz!! ♥ She's so lovely...Charlie, why is there an engagement ring in your drink? Seriously, I wanted to reach my arms into your fic and give her a hug and squeal. I love how you've written her reactions! Her whole motor mouth thing, her incoherence and I love the general warmth and friendliness of the atmosphere, the celebratory mood and the bar patrons all joining in the newly engaged couple's happiness.

This was an absolutely fab chapter, Jayde! ♥ I can't wait to read more and see how you deal with Charlie and Liz's engaged life!

Merry Christmas, my dear!


Author's Response: Teehee! I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter so much!! ♥

Thank you for your amazing compliments about my writing. I am definitely unworthy of your high praise. I'm really glad that you felt the time jump worked. As I've told other reviewers, the time jumps really are necessary for the plot I've got in mind, and I really hoped they would work - it's good to hear that they did!

Haha! I'm glad to hear you liked the engagement, as well! I struggled for a while trying to come up with the perfect proposal, but eventually one night I sat down to write and this is what came out! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! ♥

Thank you again!!

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Review #34, by Santa!!!! New Development

25th December 2013:
Ho ho ho, first things first, my dear: MERRY CHRISTMAS, LOVELY!! ♥ ♥ Here's to hoping that you have an absolutely wonderful day with friends and family, stuffing yourself silly with lovely Christmas feast food and enjoying all the good old holiday cheer and all!

So I loved this chapter very much! I absolutely adored that first part, where you dive into a very careful and detailed analysis of Charlie's feelings, and just precisely why he doesn't board that ship to go back to Britain, and what his feelings toward Liz are, and how he acts around clearly know your characters so well, and they're such a joy to read!

Each night he ordered a drink, hoping that Liz would show up before he finished it. On the nights when she worked, he had a few more drinks just to have an excuse to talk to her; on the nights when she didn't work, he left and went back to his apartment as soon as he finished his first glass.

^ THIS. This really speaks volumes about his feelings for her, and I absolutely love it! I also love how clueless he is about his own feelings (and later, how clueless Liz is, as well! They're such an adorable pair!)

I have to say that I admire Liz's patience with that Jeff bloke. He certainly is annoying, but at least he served his purpose! He certainly did bring Charlie and Liz a lot closer to each other, so yay! I LOVE the way Charlie decides to stand up and take action upon realising his feelings, after hearing Liz unwittingly give advice about how he should approach her. That made me giggle a bit; I can imagine Charlie putting his glass firmly down on the counter, pushing his chair back and declaring, Right, Liz, I'd like to walk you home! Or something like that, ahaha!

Awww, poor Charlie! He's still plagued by all that guilt, and I dunno, I really wish he could see that everything that happened to Fred just isn't his fault, and that perhaps it's time to let go of the past. It's certainly getting in between him and Liz, and I do hope he'll recover soon, or perhaps her companionship will help him become muh better.

I absolutely loved that last paragraph from Liz's POV. It's so sweet and lovely and very finely written! Such a perfect way to end the chapter! Really enjoyed this! Merry Christmas once again, MrsJaydeMalfoy ♥ ♥ I will be back to review the rest of your fic before the end of the month!

Author's Response: Hey there! First off, thank you for the lovely Christmas wishes! I had an amazing Christmas, and hope you did, too! ♥

Thank you so much for your comments about the first part of this chapter - I was really worried that I had gone too in-depth with that description... I thought it was a little distracting, so I'm glad to hear it wasn't!

Haha! Your comments about Charlie putting his glass down on the counter made me giggle. I don't know why, but I really DO feel like I know Charlie personally, and that definitely sounds like him! And, as long as that Jeff bloke pushed the two of them together, I suppose we can forgive his annoying-ness. :P

You're right, Charlie definitely needs to realize that what happened to Fred isn't his fault! Let's hope he comes to that realization soon!

Again, thank you so much for this, and all, your lovely reviews! ♥ It's making my day all over again just to re-read and respond to them!

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Review #35, by Santa Claus Is Coming To Your Author Page Six Months Later

22nd December 2013:
Hello again, my dear MrsJaydeMalfoy!! ♥

I'm back, after a period of absence, to deliver some reviews to you! :)

So, I love this story! I love how it focuses on Charlie, because Charlie is SUCH an underwritten Weasley and I can't quite understand it, because he's such a cool character in the books, not to mention he has an awesome tough-guy job as a dragon keeper in Romania. And wow, you really did an excellent (and very heartbreaking) job writing a post-Hogwarts Charlie, devastated and mourning Fred's death along with the other Weasleys. The first two chapters were incredibly difficult to read, with the grieving family, and as if that isn't enough, poor Charlie is being terrorised by that awful Skeeter woman. :P

I loved this chapter here! Mainly because your OC Liz is introduced, and it was really, really interesting reading her interactions with Charlie. She's quite adorable, the way she blurts out her most of her life story to a complete stranger, but I'm guessing it's because she somehow likes him a lot upon first meeting, and that she senses he's an inherently good guy and a trustworthy one to whom she can confide in. At least that's how I'd love to interpret it!

"My mouth doesn't have a filter sometimes. I know you're probably thinking how odd it is for some girl you don't even know to walk up and start talking about your accent."

^ This. So cute and squeeworthy. Charlie is one lucky man. I'm looking forward to see how their interactions with each other will develop! And hopefully Charlie will find some happiness soon.

I especially LOVED the ending sentences of this chapter:
Charlie wasn't sure whether he accidentally overslept the next morning, or he purposely overslept to have an excuse to see Liz again and delay his return home, but one thing was certain: He didn't catch that ship the next day.

Gah! Lovely! There's something so wry about the narration, so lightly humorous that it just really made me smile and squee a bit.

Lovely writing! I'll be catching up on your other chapters soon!


Author's Response: Hello again, lovely! :)

You know what, I completely agree - Charlie really IS an under-written Weasley... I'm hoping I can change that, at least a little! When I first had the idea for this story, I wasn't quite sure WHO to use as the Canon male, and then somewhere on the forums I saw Charlie's name, and it was like an epiphany! I just knew immediately that he was PERFECT for this story! I'm sorry to hear that the first couple of chapters were hard to read, but I really hope that it gets better with the rest of the story!!

I'm glad you like Liz! I'm really rather fond of her, myself!! I think your interpretation of her is pretty accurate - she really does like Charlie at first sight. And her mouth really DOESN'T have a filter - hence her random life-story blurting to a complete stranger. :P

I'm really glad to hear you loved those last few lines, as well! Thank you SO much for this amazing and squee-worthy review! ♥

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Review #36, by marauder5 The Other Secret-Keeper

18th November 2013:
A shocker within a shocker within a shocker sums it up pretty well, I think ;) It was certainly a twist, and it pulled me even further into this story. I'm quite sad that there are no chapters for me to read, but it will make it even more exciting when you finish writing the next one :)

As Liz started telling her mother, the thought hit me that Liz's dad might be a wizard. But I didn't think her Mum would be too! AND Liz. It is believable, though - it seems like Amelia did exactly what Charlie did and sort of fled into the Muggle world. The only thing that I was a little confused about was that Liz had no memory of doing magic as a child. It seems like she should have had some experiences like the ones Harry had before he found out he was a wizard. Of course, maybe she just lived in denial and came up with explanations, with the help of Amelia, or maybe she repressed it from her mind.

I just keep thinking about the next step from here; is Liz going to want to learn magic now? (I definitely would!) Are they all going to return to England and the Wizarding World now? Is that going to make Charlie have to tell her about his family too? And what is she (and Charlie) going to think when they find out that her father was actually a Death Eater? And the Death Eaters killed Fred, which is what caused all of this to start with... And I thought that things were getting messy in the last chapter, haha ;) It is SO good though. I can't wait to get some answers to all of my questions. You are a very talented writer to get me this engaged into the story. This was probably my favourite chapter so far! :) Good luck with writing the continuation (I won't nag you about doing it quickly, because I'm sure you'll do it as quickly as you can anyway).

Author's Response: Haha! Yes, this is quite a shocking chapter! The selfish writer in me is really glad that it's pulled you further into the story! :P

You're right - Amelia really did do exactly what Charlie did... let's just hope that when the two of them discover that, they can bond over it! As for your question about Liz not remembering doing magic as a child, that will be answered in the next chapter, which I am hopefully finishing today!! :)

Hm... I guess we'll have to see what happens with regards to your questions! :P And your questions about what will happen when Charlie finds out who Liz's father is are very good ones! And yes, at some point, Charlie is going to HAVE to tell Liz about his family... let's just hope that's sooner than later!! :)

I'm so excited to hear that this is your favorite chapter so far, and that you think the story is good! :) Thank you SO much for the amazing compliments, and for your amazing reviews! I'm hoping to have a new chapter finished today! *Crosses fingers*

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Review #37, by marauder5 Secret Number 1

18th November 2013:
Wow, what a mess Charlie has created here! But that's what you get for being stupid enough to lie to your wife like that, I suppose... I can definitely see why Liz would start to think that he's crazy, haha! Although I do have to ask - aren't you allowed to do magic in front of a muggle once you've married them? That's what I thought, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I hope he'll get permission to tell her so that he can prove to her that this isn't some mental illness thing, but actually true!

Great chapter, by the way! I'm quite amazed at how you can make it work even with these leaps forwards in time, but you really pull it off perfectly :) I'm going to go ahead and read the next chapter straight away. Great job as always :D I just love this story so much.

Author's Response: Yes, Charlie certainly has made a mess for himself! And you're right, it really IS all his fault! Hm... I'm not sure about whether wizards can use magic in front of their muggle spouses... that certainly is a good question! It would make sense if they could! But for the purposes of this story, we'll just say Charlie doesn't know that... haha! :P

I'm really glad you liked the chapter, and that the leaps forward in time don't mess it up for you! I really don't like doing these big jumps, but in all honesty, the story is more about what happens AFTER Charlie and Liz get married, instead of before. But, I still felt the need to include some details from before, so I sort of HAVE to have the time jumps.

Thank you so much for this amazing review! I'm so glad you love the story!

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Review #38, by marauder5 Secrets and Surprises

10th October 2013:
Oh, my God! This chapter had me going all over the place - if I wasn't in love with this story before, I certainly am now. I absolutely love your writing style - it's so simple and it flows so perfectly, and I read very quickly and then when I get to the end I just go.. what? Already? And I love it! I love love love it! :D

I still haven't lost that feeling of wanting to shake Charlie and make him realize that he's just running from everything. Yes, I see where he's coming from, but I feel like he's losing himself, a little bit, pretending to be all those things that he's not (although I must confess, if Charlie has to get any job in the Muggle world, I can't think of a better one than construction. I don't know why, I just think it fits him perfectly!) If he doesn't go home for George and Angelina's wedding I'll be REALLY upset with him! And don't let him miss the birth of little Victoire :( Haha, I feel like I might be a little too invested in this story, but you should take that as a compliment, because it shows how great it is! :)

And then Charlie reaches the bar and slips something in his drink. I wish you could have had a look inside my brain as I read that part. At first, when you described it as 'small and round' I thought: Oh God, he's going to propose! Yay! And then he put it in his own drink and I got convinced that it was some sort of drug and went: NO! What are you doing? What would Mrs Weasley say? Hahah and then when he asked Liz to check his drink I was SO relieved, because he was just proposing ;)

I'm so happy that they're engaged! For a minute, I wasn't sure if Liz would say yes, but I'm glad she did. However, I hope that Charlie realizes that this means that he HAS to come clean about all those things he is hiding from her, and hopefully she will encourage him to face his family again. And hopefully that will be just in time for George's wedding or Victoire's birth - whatever comes first ;)

GREAT job on this chapter! It was flawless :D

Author's Response: Aww! Yay for being in love with the story!! ♥ And thank you so much for your sweet comments about my writing style... that makes me feel really good and happy!!

I completely understand what you mean about wanting to shake Charlie; I want to shake him myself, sometimes, and I'm writing him! :P Haha! I'm glad you think Charlie being in construction fits him! It was the best job I could think of for him, too!

Haha! I'm glad that the first thing that came to your mind was the ring, I was a bit worried that the readers wouldn't understand what was going on there. In fact, your second idea is EXACTLY what I was worried about, but I'm glad it cleared itself up fairly quickly! :)

You're absolutely right, Charlie is going to HAVE to come clean soon, as you will see VEEERY soon! *winks*

Thank you so much for this amazing review! ♥ I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!!

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Review #39, by marauder5 New Development

28th August 2013:
I'm back! (I told you I would be, didn't I?) It's funny; I was a bit hesitant to go ahead and read this, because I knew I only had three chapters left to read once I was finished. But I couldn't stay away! I suppose that's a good thing :D

I was exited to see that Charlie wanted to see Liz again. And, I mean, this sentence right here: "She was everything he needed all rolled up into one beautiful British-American" - that was brilliant! And I totally agree with it too ;) I love how he's scheming to see when she works and when she doesn't, and how he simply leaves after his first drink if she hasn't shown up by then!

You definitely had me laughing at Liz's comment: "Oh, are you TRYING to get a girlfriend?" Poor Charlie!

Oh, and Liz and her un-filtered mouth! Not that asking about Charlie's family was a strange question, really. She couldn't have known. I felt so bad for Charlie, though! I really hope she can get him to open up about it soon and help him deal with his problem. In my head, I picture the two of them falling in love, he'll take her with him back to England and they'll all live happily ever after. I'm not so sure things will go that smoothly, though ;)

Anyway, great work on tis chapter as well! Every time I come back here to read, I fall more in love with this story. Even though I might be guilty of dragging this whole reading process out until you've posted, say, 10 more chapters.. (that might be a slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean), I'll probably be back before you know it!! :)

Author's Response: (Well, now that I've finally got a bit of a break from school, I can finally answer your review!! I'm sorry it's taken me SOOO long!!)

Take all the time you need in reading/reviewing! The fact that you even read and review it at all is amazing and makes me want to squee!!

*Sigh* I know, Charlie's just so ashamed... it really makes me want to scream at him sometimes. And I definitely agree, the longer he waits to go back to his family, it's just going to get harder and harder... and his poor family! They've got to be SO worried! Haha! I know what you mean about wanting to shake him! :P

Yay! I'm glad you loved the whole "Muggle transportation" bit! I wanted it to be as realistic as possible. I know it's only a small detail, but I really felt it was needed!

I'm really glad you liked the description of Liz! And you're absolutely right... now that you mention it, that is how Harry/Lily's eyes are. The OC in my Draco/OC has blue eyes, so I guess I was just trying to make Liz different from her physically, which is why i went with green eyes. But perhaps I should give her hazel or brown eyes! Thanks for the tip! :D

Hehe! I had to go re-read the last paragraph to see what you were talking about! I'm glad you liked it! I think at this point we all really want Charlie to go home, but he's not quite done complicating things for himself yet... *winks* :P

And YAY for liking Liz! I really, really wanted her to be likeable, and so far I think it's worked out really well! Yay for this being the exception - I'm so glad to hear you're happy about their possible pairing!! :D

Thank you SO SO MUCH for this AMAZING review!! ♥

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Review #40, by marauder5 Six Months Later

26th August 2013:
Hi! I'm back! Finally... it only took me forever, but I finally found some time to come back and continue this story, and I'm so glad I did! Okay, here we go:

Oh, Charlie. Why do you have to be so PROUD?? I guess I can understand why he's too ashamed to go home, but the longer he waits, the harder it's going to be. I feel so bad for him. In the last chapter, I just wanted to hug him and tell him that it wasn't his fault. Now, I kind of want to shake him and tell him to get his head straight! Haha ;)

I love how he was shocked at how much work and time it gets to travel the Muggle way!

I love your introduction of the new bartender in the beginning of the chapter; you described it so well! I could really picture her stopping to tie her apron, looking around to see who might need a refill, as if she's eager to perform as well as possible her first day at work! I absolutely loved that part! The only thing I'd like to point out is how "almond shaped eyes in a brilliant green shade" is exactly the description of Harry's eyes... so maybe hers could be blue? Or not almond shaped? I don't know, it was just something that stood out to me as quite unlikely. Unless she's related to Lily.. well, I don't know, it was just a thought ;)

That last paragraph; it's pure gold! Seriously, it had me smiling SO widely, because even though I was happy to have him go back to his family, I really want him to run into Liz again. So far, I absolutely love her as a character. Normally, I'm not this happy about a prospect pairing so early on in the story, but I guess yours is an exception! Good job, my friend! :) I can't wait to read the next one (hopefully it won't take me so long!)

Author's Response: Oh wow... really, Jayde... really?? I posted the wrong response with the wrong review!!

What happened was, I was trying to respond to THIS review this morning, but then there was a notice on the forums that said the "review response" feature was down... so I copied and pasted my response in a word document and decided I'd give it a try when I got home from work. (Well, apparently it works now!! But I accidentally copied and pasted the response for this chapter into the next chapter's review... so I guess the only way to fix it now is to leave my response to your review on Chapter "New Development" here. I'm sorry for the confusion, and for the long-winded explanation!!)

Okay, so... the response!

I'm really glad you felt the need to come back and read more! I'm really sorry there's not more of the story for you to read now; I'm hoping to fix that soon! *Crosses fingers*

Teehee; I get kind of fangirly when I re-read the part about Charlie wanting to see Liz again, as well; I can't help it! And I'm so happy that you agree that Liz is just what Charlie needs!! ♥

You're right; it's not so abnormal of a question for Liz to want to know about Charlie's family... it certainly did create an awkward moment though, didn't it?? Hehe! Awww, yay for them going back to England and living happily ever after, that sounds like a good ending! :) I won't tell you whether or not it will end that way, though, you'll just have to keep reading to find out! XD (I know, I'm evil!)

Haha; I don't blame you for waiting to come back. I know how it feels to get SO into a story, only to have to wait for more chapters to be posted. So just take your time, dear, the fact that you've read and reviewed this at all means the world to me!! ♥ Thank you SO SO MUCH!!! I can't wait to see what you think about future chapters, and I'm so happy that you're falling in love with the story! *hugs*

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Review #41, by marauder5 Enough

3rd August 2013:
I'm back for chapter two! :)

I really like how you put in the trouble that they have with the reporters. It's just another thing that makes it even harder for them to move on, but of course, the reporters are going to care more about a good story than people's feelings. It's something I hadn't thought about, and it was so sad to think of them being showered with all those questions when all they want to do, really, is mourn the loss of Fred.

And Rita Skeeter! Man, she is just so heartless! And your portrayal of her was absolutely flawless. I felt so bad for Charlie, and I really liked his companion for sticking up for him, but I suppose the guilt was too much to bear. And now I just want to hug Charlie because even though he doesn't want to hear it right now, it's NOT his fault! I just want someone to go after him and tell him that (maybe it should be George? just because, well, he was the closest to Fred). In just two chapters, you've managed to suck me into this story and make me want more, more, MORE! So yes, I think I'll add this to my favourites now. And I'll definitely come back to read more as soon as I've got time. You are just so incredibly talented, and I'm already convinced that this is going to be an amazing story!

Author's Response: ♥ ♥

Speaking of spoiling people with reviews... :P

Thank you for coming back and reading and reviewing the second chapter!! It makes me want to squee!!! :D

You're absolutely right - I imagine after the battle that those reporters would be like vultures... especially Rita Skeeter. The poor Weasleys! You're right, all they want to do is mourn Fred and you've got people like this horrid woman here who are only interested in the number of readers they're getting... *Glares at Rita evilly*

Yes, she is quite heartless! Teehee! Thank you for saying that I portrayed her flawlessly! For some reason, I seem to write evil/bad/unliked characters pretty well... o.O

Yes, poor Charlie's guilt was just a little too much for him right then. We should totally just give Charlie a hug-attack!! :P As for someone going after him and telling him it's not his fault... you'll have to see in the next chapter! Muahahaha! *Grins evilly* :P

Awww, yay for sucking you into the story!! ♥ AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ADDING IT TO YOUR FAVORITES!!! ♥ Thank you so much for the compliments, and for this amazing review!! I can't tell you how happy it's made me!! *Squishes*

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Review #42, by marauder5 After the Battle

31st July 2013:
Okay, so I figured it was about time I read something of yours, especially since you've been spoiling me with amazing reviews on my stories, and it's definitely time I return the favour :) Besides, I've never read a story about Charlie before, and I really look forward to seeing where this is going.

This chapter was so sad! For some reason I found it especially touching because it was from Charlie's POV - after all, having seen him only through Ron and perhaps Ginny's admiring eyes, he always seems like such a tough, strong person, and it's so sad to see someone like that break down. Of course, there would be something wrong with him if he didn't! I loved the relationship between him and Bill (I can definitely imagine the two of them being the closest). Hopefully, Charlie will open up to him soon, so that Bill can convince him that it wasn't his fault! It's so sad that he thinks it was!

I don't know if this was a typo or not, because I'm not a native English speaker, but it just sounded a bit off: "He was very nearly crying himself", the 'very nearly crying' part. I think I would have written 'very near crying', but if I'm mistaken, just ignore that. You're probably a lot better at English grammar than I am ;)

I also have another suggestion. When I read this paragraph, I felt like you used the word 'Charlie' a few too many times:

"Bill had always known how to comfort Charlie, and Charlie knew that Bill would be able to comfort him nowÖ but Charlie didnít want to be comforted. A part of Charlie somewhere deep inside wanted to keep suffering in silence, to continue punishing himself with seclusion and guilt." I think you could write: "... but he didn't want to be comforted. A part of him somewhere deep inside..." I hope that makes sense!

Other than those very small things, I really enjoyed this chapter! I think that this was my favourite part of it:

"It was a name heíd heard his mother yell thousands of times in anger or frustration, a name that was almost synonymous with mischief and foolery. Now, however, the name was accompanied by grief and heartache."

That it just so beautifully written, and so moving, just like the chapter as a whole. I'm definitely going to come back soon and read the next one. Good job on this one, you should be very happy with it!!

Author's Response:

Hey there lovely!! Thank you SO, SO much for stopping by to read and review this! I can't tell you how much it means to me! It was an amazing surprise and it really made my day! And I'm so, so terribly sorry that it has taken me so long to respond!

Yes, this is quite a sad first chapter! :( I was actually afraid that would keep people from wanting to read more, but it doesn't seem to have! :) And I thought it was quite fitting, for someone as seemingly tough as Charlie to inwardly be very sensitive at a time like this.

I agree, it's very sad that Charlie thinks it's his fault, and I'm glad you like the relationship between him and Bill. That just sort of came out of nowhere when I was writing this chapter, but I'm so very glad it did because it fits perfectly! :)

I agree, that sentence does sound a bit off... something about the syntax is a bit wonky! Thank you SO much for pointing that out! ♥ I'll be sure to take care of that when I edit!

Aah. The never-ending "Charlie". I tend to do this a LOT in my stories. I think I've improved a little bit in later chapters, though, I hope you'll agree! Again, thank you SO much for pointing that out! That's something else I should take care of when I edit!

Haha! I'm not sure why, but I really loved that line, too! :P

Aww! Thank you for the compliments! I'm glad you felt the chapter was moving. Again, thank you SO VERY MUCH! ♥

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Review #43, by Elphaba and Boyfriends The Other Secret-Keeper

15th July 2013:
Hi, Elphaba here! I apologize for my tardiness.

This is a great chapter! I remember thinking that Liz and her mother must have some sort of family secret, but I wasn't expecting her mother to reveal that she's a witch!

This was actually my first clue that Amelia was about to reveal her magic, "She leaned against the door frame and crossed her arms, shaking her head slightly at her mother's refusal to use the dishwasher." The whole "technology and magic don't mix" conflict popped into my head, then. I think the dialog between Liz and her mother is very well-done, and her mother's story also makes perfect sense.

I think Amelia's anger at Charlie is really interesting, and I'm curious to see how they'll interact with each other in the future. I think that Liz's reactions to her mother's revelations are understandable, as well: "I'm not sure who I'm angrier with - Charlie, for lying to me for two years, or you, for lying to me my whole life!" I can certainly see why she'd be angry.

The fact that Liz is also a witch was another unexpected shocker, mainly because she's never appeared to have issues with technology. Although, now that I think more about it, maybe the combination of her and Charlie in the same room is what caused some of the accidents with electronic appliances? Going forward, it will be interesting to see how she begins to adjust to and possibly harness her powers. I would expect her to look back over her life and realize that their were subtle signs all along that she ignored or explained away.

Mulciber, wow, that was a surprise, too! Thanks for another engrossing chapter; I'm looking forward to the next one. :)

Author's Response: Hey there Elphaba!

You have absolutely nothing to apologize for - it has taken me nearly a month to respond to your amazing review, and I'm very, very sorry! :(

I'm glad you think this is a great chapter! I remember in one of your earlier reviews you said that you thought there might be some secret; I'm glad it still surprised you.

Haha! I intended that line to be a slight hint, but I didn't want to give it away. At one point, I thought about taking it out, but I'm glad I decided to keep it!

I was trying to get started on the next chapter today, and as I re-read this one, Amelia's anger with Charlie really surprised me as well. But we'll see how they interact soon enough! :)

I'm glad you thought Liz's reactions were believeable! I was really concerned about that! I wanted her to be angry, but not angry to the point of being ridiculous and making herself into a un-likeable character, so I'm glad to hear it wasn't overdone!

Liz's issues (or lack thereof) with technology will be addressed soon enough! *Winks* And that last part of the second to last paragraph... you have no idea how right you are! :P

I'm glad you thought this was an engrossing chapter! I hope I didn't surprise you too much all at once!

Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing review! ♥ I will certainly be re-requesting (if I ever finish the next chapter, that is...) :P

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Review #44, by ohmymerlin The Other Secret-Keeper

5th July 2013:


Also, I'm sorry for being late. I originally read this at like 3 in the morning and I was in no place to review so I told myself I'd return but I never did!

I'm really mind-blown! Just WHAT?!


All I'm a bit confused is to why she hadn't seemed to be shown signs of magic? Is that going to be explained later? :)

I'm not very happy with Amelia! That's a terrible thing to lie about!

But imagine if she DID go to Hogwarts with Charlie? That would be interesting to think about! (Imagine if you wrote fanfiction about your fanfiction - fanfiception! :p)

Anyway, I loved this chapter! I don't feel like Liz overreacted, she had a good reason to! She's got a whole different last name, and a Death Eater at that!

Wait, is her father a Death Eater? Or is he just a relative? OOH SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Anywho, lovely chapter as always, Jayde! ♥

Can't wait for the next one. ;)

Author's Response: Haha! Aww, Kayla! *hugs*

First off, do NOT apologize! You are such an amazing friend and loyal reviewer - don't even worry about how long it takes you to get here! I can not tell you how much I appreciate you reviewing, and the fact that you keep coming back just blows my mind! ♥ Thank you SO MUCH!

Haha, I know, it IS a surprise! I was a little surprised myself! (Or maybe not... :P) I hope it was believable, though!!

Yes, you're absolutely right. The part about Liz's signs of magic will certainly be explained VERY soon!

I know! I'm not too happy with Amelia, myself. I mean, I kind of understand her heartache, but that's still no reason to lie to Liz about who/what she is (for her ENTIRE LIFE)!!

Haha! Oh goodness, fan fiction about my fan fiction?!? o.O Mind=Blown. Yes, I think it IS interesting to think of what would've happened if Charlie and Liz had gone to school together. Would they have even liked each other?!? (Let's hope so!) And your question is making me SERIOUSLY consider writing another story featuring Charlie and Liz, but set at Hogwarts! :P

I'm really glad you loved the chapter, and that you didn't think Liz over-reacted!

*Crosses fingers* I hope that all of your questions will be answered thoroughly in one of the coming chapters! ;) *winks*

Thank you, SO, SO MUCH for the amazing review! I can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter! *Squishes* ♥

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Review #45, by Gabriella Hunter Secret Number 1

15th June 2013:

HEY! Hey. I'm here with your review and I'm SO sorry that it took me forever to get to you, my internet connection is so evil and I've been going through a ferocious writer's block with one of my stories and there are no cupcakes...
Anyway, back to this! It was not at all hard for me to get back into the groove of your story and I'm so happy that I'm reading back up on it, I was wondering how Charlie and Liz were doing!
So, the time leap that you took was very nicely done, there was no confusion and I was able to piece together their relationship so well. It seems like they've had a very nice marriage so far and yet, Charlie still hasn't told her his secret?! I was really shocked by this! I thought he would have done this by now but after reading through his thoughts, I can sort of see why and thought his fear and anxiety was just wonderfully done.
I was so nervous when he went to speak to Liz and she stunned me with HER little secret, which I have a guess about! But I could be wrong! ;)
But Charlie finally telling her the truth was really well-written, I think he really showed some courage and hope and it was so heartbreaking when Liz didn't believe him! D':
So what will happen now?! Update SOON! Poor Charlie, I just want to give him this big hug and smother him in chocolate...and...well, you don't need to know about all those OTHER things but anyway, poor him!
Update SOON!
No CC's either, this was wonderuful and I hope your next chapter leaves me on the edge of my seat like this one did. ;)
Much love,

Author's Response: I. Am a horrible, horrible review responder! I'm SO sorry it has taken me so long to get to this! And please, don't worry about the amount of time it takes to review; I'm just so thrilled that you do it! I completely understand about evil internet connections AND writer's block... and NO CUPCAKES?!? Merlin's Beard! *Sends you a virtual cupcake, stat!* :P

I'm glad it wasn't hard for you to get back into reading this, and I'm thrilled that you've been wondering about Charlie and Liz! It makes me happy to know you've been thinking about them! :p

Phew! I am so glad you thought the time leap was done well... that's one HUGE thing I was concerned about for this chapter! I didn't want to skip so much time that the reader was confused or felt left out, but the time jump was really necessary for the plot!

Yes, they have had a nice marriage so far, but somehow Charlie still hasn't told his poor wife about his secrets! I find it a bit shocking, as well, how dare he?!? :P But you're right... telling your wife those secrets CAN'T be easy, and with Charlie's anxiety, it's bound to be even worse. :( I'm glad you thought that was wonderfully done!

Haha! I'd love to hear your thoughts on what Liz's secret is! Nearly everyone who's reviewed this chapter so far has guessed the same thing! :P

I was even a little nervous for Charlie while I was writing that bit! And it really must have broken his heart when Liz didn't believe him... but looking at it from the "muggle" point of view, I'd find it hard to believe, too! :P Something I haven't really read in a lot of fics is a wizard revealing to their muggle spouse that they're a wizard, so I thought it'd be nice if I tackled that here... I hope it's believable!

Since it's taken me SO long to respond to this review, the next chapter is now already up! I can't wait to see what you think of it! And I agree, Poor Charlie! Haha! XD

I'm so glad you thought this was wonderful! And I really hope the next chapter DOES leave you on the edge of your seat! :P

Thank you SO, SO much for taking the time to read and review this! I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it! ♥

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Review #46, by teh tarik Enough

10th June 2013:

I am back!

aksjdlkasf you keep torturing poor Charlie :( :( He's such an emotional wreck in this chapter, and you've really shown him in this painful state of mind and grief and how he simply cracks and breaks down in front of Rita Skeeter who, by the way, is an utter cow. A malice-filled cow. It's really interesting, the way that Charlie can't stand to be with his family in such a difficult time. But it really makes sense, because he usually spends all his time far away from them, in Romania. You've done a lovely job, my dear, showing how the effects of such a terrible tragedy in a family; Fred's death, instead of uniting the Weasleys and drawing them closer together than ever, forces some of them (Charlie, in this case) to break off and run as far away as possible.

And the sad thing is, he can't even stay with his beloved dragons in Romania. Somehow, the part where he decides to leave yet again, but this time without having any specific destination in mind, really broke my heart. It's honestly so sad, the thought of Charlie drifting through life, looking for a place to heal all his grief and find some measure of peace.

I really like the way you wrote Rita Skeeter! She's NOT a subtle reporter at all; she barges into the scene and doesn't even bother to be nice, to wheedle information out of Charlie. Instead, she taunts him directly, pushes him until he breaks down and confesses in the most humiliating manner possible. Gah, as much as I dislike her in this chapter, you've got to admit that Rita Skeeter certainly does have a way of getting the things she wants.

Well, this was a wonderful chapter, Jayde ♥ It was really sad and painful to read, but you've honestly written Charlie so well, and I can't wait to read the next chapter and see where he's gone. I hope this review made sense; I'm kinda dead tired now and it's midnight and I've got work tomorrow. So, lovely writing! I enjoyed this heaps ♥


Author's Response: So it has taken me a RIDICULOUSLY long time to respond to this... I'm sorry! Sometimes I think I like having reviews to respond to... it makes me feel... reviewed! :P

Aww, I know! I'm so evil for torturing poor Charlie! But it's all for a good cause, I promise! :P And I agree, Rita Skeeter IS an utter cow! Haha! And thank you; I'm really glad you think I did a good job handling the tragedy. I sort of had this plot figured out before I knew who the main character was going to be, and once "Charlie" popped into my head, all the grief-ridden seclusion really just fit perfectly!

Aww! I didn't mean to break your heart! But reading your review made that part really strike home with me, too... Charlie can't even escape to his home in Romania! :( I hope he can find someplace to escape soon! *winks*

LOL! I'm glad that you like the way I wrote the Rita Skeeter... although I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing! I really feel like I *get* her character, you know? I've been told I write evil characters better than good ones... nevermind what that says about me! :P And yes, Rita has an annoyingly effective way of getting what she wants!

Thank you SO much, dear! I'm so glad you liked the chapter, and yes, your review made sense to me! Thank you SO, SO much for taking the time to read and review this! I can't tell you how much it means to me! ♥

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Review #47, by Elphaba and Boyfriends Secret Number 1

27th May 2013:
Hi, Elphaba here!

I really like this chapter because of the great dialog between Charlie and Liz! :)

Charlie's trepidation at telling her the truth and her own fear that he's cheating on her are both understandable.

Her disbelief once he finally does reveal his secret is believable, as well. I've always wondered whether the muggle secrecy law applies to family members, as well, and wonder what would happen if he just showed her a simple bit of magic. Are the laws the same in the U.S. as in Britain? And what would the punishment be? Would it be worth the risk to prove to Liz that he's not crazy?

I also wonder what the thing is that she wanted to talk to him about. Has she been keeping a secret as well? Or, could she be pregnant? I thought of that because she hasn't been feeling well in the morning. I wonder how soon she will return from her mother's?

You do a great job of building the suspense in this chapter, and I'm anxious to know what will happen next! :)

Author's Response: Hi there dear! Thank you SO much for taking the time to read and review this for me! ♥

I'm so glad you like the dialog! I was afraid it wasn't very good, so it's nice to have some positive feedback on it! And I'm SO thrilled that you thought their emotions were understandable... I wanted them to be believable without it seeming like either of the characters were being silly or childish, so I'm glad to hear it payed off!

I'm glad you think Liz's disbelief was believable, too! I myself have always wondered what a muggle's response would be at finding out that their significant other is a witch/wizard, and this is honestly the first thing that came to mind. Those are some very interesting and great questions! As far as the whole secrecy law, I would certainly HOPE it doesn't apply to family members, but you never know! Harry was sent a howler for using magic in front of Dudley and/or the Dursleys (if I'm not mistaken... I'll have to look that up). Of course, that was when the ministry was all against the whole "Voldemort's back" message and they were looking for any excuse to get Harry in trouble, but I imagine it's still the same idea. I personally think the laws would be at least somewhat similar in the U.S., but all Charlie really has to go on is what he knows about the British system. I think a lot of your other questions will be answered or resolved soon! *winks* :)

Annnd you'll find out what she wanted to talk about very soon! And don't worry, she'll be back from her mother's soon enough! :)

I'm glad you felt the suspense was well-built in this chapter! Thank you SO MUCH for reading and for this amazing review!

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Review #48, by ohmymerlin Secret Number 1

24th May 2013:
Jayde! Sorry for taking so long! I had a PE assessment and I promised myself that I would review ONLY after I had finished it!

But I'm here now, so there's no harm done! :D

Aw Charlie! See this is what you get when you keep secrets, it's never a good thing!

Of course Liz is going to get angry and flip out, you hide something from her and when you tell her, it's something that is HIGHLY unbelievable! :p



Anyway, I feel really badly for Liz but I just wish she'd stayed and tried to hear him out a bit more. I don't want her to go, I love her too much! :p

Anywho, this was another FLAWLESS chapter and I eagerly await the next one! :D

Author's Response: ♥ There is absolutely NO need to apologize! I just really, REALLY appreciate you reading and reviewing this! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to this!!

Haha! Yes, this is what Charlie gets for keeping secrets! It's definitely not a good idea!

I agree, Liz has every right to be upset! It's ridiculously unbelievable and she's got good reason to think it's just some big joke!

HAHA! Every time I read that line I bust out laughing! Whether or not your prediction is correct, we'll just have to find out, though. :P

Awww, I'm glad you love Liz! ♥ Don't worry, she'll be back soon enough! I agree, it would've been nice if she had stayed and tried to hear him out, but she really needed to go see her Mum... *winks* :P

I am SO glad you loved the chapter, and you'll be happy to know I'm working on the next one now! I hope to have it up soon! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♥

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Review #49, by patronus_charm Secret Number 1

23rd May 2013:
Hey there!

I really loved the way you kept on weaving in the chapter of this story into the actual story it was really great. I can see how these events are beginning to spiral out of control though. I canít believe Charlie hasnít told her about being a wizard, though Iím terrible when I have to say massive things like that so I can understand why he hasnít. One thing that saddened me was the lack of Weasleys at his wedding; does Molly even know heís married? Ah so many unanswered questions, itís horrible!

The anecdotes about Charlieís run-ins with technology were great. They really made me laugh, and it showed them in that happy marital bubble people are in when theyíve just got married. Ah Iím so glad that you posted the link as Iíve forgotten how much I love Charlie and Liz they really are adorable.

I have a theory! First the mentions of nine months after their marriage seemed a little too suspicious to me, as thatís how long youíre pregnant for, then Liz being sick and now a talk. Iím thinking Weasley generation 2.0 is on the way! I really hope my theory is correct, because the baby would be adorable though I donít know how Charlie would explain the magic happening. I guess I should carry on reading rather than theorising.

Charlie you idiot! You made Liz cry how could you? That part was so sad I was nearly welling up to, as you rarely see those two other than being cutesy and thatís probably why I was looking forward to the reveal scene with dread as I knew there was going to be some drama around it. This line ĎďYou know how every time I touch something electronic, it sort ofÖ explodes?Ēí sort of made up for Charlieís mistake, I really wish I could see that happen as it must be great!

Ah the awkwardness! Poor, poor Charlie I really felt for him during that scene. You could see how much he had been psyching himself up for it and then for Liz to react like that. Well, if she hadnít of reacted like that I would be the tiniest bit suspicious as I donít think I would take any news like that so calmly.

That chapter was great and this is third cliff-hanger Iíve been left on, why do people keep on doing this to me? Itís not fun at all!


Author's Response: Hi there Kiana! Again, thank you SO MUCH for reading and reviewing this for me! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, and I'm sorry for the crazy amount of time it has taken me to respond to this!

I'm glad you liked the weaving of this with the series, I'm really trying to stick as closely to Canon as possible on this. Charlie's been gone for so long that SO many things are happening in the family, and I really wanted the readers to be able to keep up with those things! You're absolutely right, though, things are certainly getting to be a bit out of control. Well, actually, they're more than a bit out of control, but we'll see that in later chapters... :P I know, how DARE Charlie not tell Liz about being a wizard? :O I'm glad you understand it though... I really wanted it to be believable. And yes, the lack of Weasleys at the wedding is quite sad! I'm considering writing a one-shot/companion piece to this that shows just the wedding... I honestly sort of wish I had included a chapter on it, so I may wind up going back and editing it in. As for whether or not Molly knows if he's married... we'll see. :) *Cackles evilly*

I'm glad you liked the stories about Charlie's run-ins with technology; I was afraid that they might be a bit too much. :/ Glad to hear they weren't, though! And YAY for the happy marital bubble! Awww!! I'm so glad I posted the link, too, your review made my day! ♥

Like everything else in this chapter that is unanswered, your theory about there being a Weasley generation 2.0 on the way will have to be either proven or disproved in later chapters... I'm not giving anything away! :D I will say, though, that Liz being sick and the nine months of marriage thing was not intended to hint that Liz is pregnant... that was a total fluke. Everyone who's reviewed this chapter so far has guessed that Liz is pregnant, and when I read the first review (yours), I was like, "Where did that come from?" And then I looked back at the chapter and was like, "Oh"... :P I really just needed an amount of time for them to be together, and nine months sort of popped out at me, and I also really needed a reason for Charlie to use an appliance, and Liz being sick also jumped out at me... whether or not this disproves or proves your theory remains to be seen! :D (I'm enjoying this whole "omniscience" thing a little more than I should!) :P

Haha! I agree, Charlie is an idiot for making Liz cry. Awww no, don't cry! That's gonna make me cry and then I'll spend all day moping about instead of writing the next chapter... XD I know what you mean, I sort of dreaded writing the reveal scene because, so far, everyone who's read this has loved the whole Charlie/Liz dynamic, and I didn't want this chapter to disappoint or make anyone want to stop reading! As for Charlie's statement, I think he's exaggerating slightly, but I thought we could use a little comic relief in there. :P

Yeah, Charlie really was trying so hard to pump himself up to tell Liz the truth, and I imagine her reaction is really going to hurt him... buuut as you said, looking at it from Liz's perspective, it's hard to be sympathetic to Charlie. I've always wondered what a muggle's reaction would be to finding out their significant other was a witch/wizard, and this was the first thing that came to mind, so I'm glad it worked!

Aww, I'm sorry for the clyffie, but I promise you'll get at least a few answers soon! :) And again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♥

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Review #50, by 800 words of heaven After the Battle

22nd May 2013:
Here from review tag!

I've never read a Charlie-centric fic before, so I'm super happy to find this one as my first because it seems like a really interesting read!

I adore the way you've shown the grief of the other Weasleys - it's something that's often skipped, with more focus going on George for obvious reasons, but it's really refreshing to see how Fred's death affected them all.

I find Charlie really interesting so far. We don't know much about him from canon, so that's heaps of room for manoeuvring, and I'm excited to see where you take him. All the other Weasleys whom we got to meet felt really fleshed out as well, even though we met one of them for like, a line. Starting a story set so recently after the end of the last book allows you to use canon a lot, and I think that you've done that really well here!

Looking forward to seeing what's in store for our tortured hero!

Author's Response: Hi there dear! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your lovely review!

There really aren't many Charlie-centered fics out there, so I'm hoping to change that! :) I'm glad you think it seems interesting!

I haven't read too many fics (if any) about what the Weasleys went through when Fred died. I'm glad to hear that you felt I put more focus on the other Weasleys instead of just George!

I'm glad you think Charlie is so interesting, and yes, the fact that we don't know much about him from Canon DOES give me some room for maneuvering; that's definitely one of the perks of writing about him! I'm glad you felt the other Weasleys were fleshed-out too!

I'm also super-thrilled that you felt I used Canon well! This is the first piece I've written where I've really, REALLY tried to stick as close to Canon as possible (although things will probably a little AU later on), so I'm glad to see it's payed off! Thank you so much!

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