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Review #26, by ScarletRoses Unexplainable, Indescribable

19th February 2012:
So i had a good review written up, then suddenly the site went down for the two seconds I wanted to submit it. made me very upset. anyways, let me start this, right?

This is a brilliant story. I'm not into fluff or one-shot, but you really got my attention with this. There aren't many Luna/Rolf stories out there and you killed it. Not in a bad way, of course!

To say the least, you pulled off the fluff very well. I hate to say that I'm not into fluff, but if I were, this would be a great choice for me. I think something you could've touched more on was some more dialogue, since you had little to none. That could've added to the fluff some more.

Another one of your concerns was Luna. I think she'll always be a child at heart and you touched her so well. I was always wondering if Luna would ever grow up and outgrow her odd antics, but you did a very good job at making sure she was still the Luna that everyone loved. It's hard to highlight that when you're just doing a one-shot, but it was brilliant nonetheless. She seems amazing with her children :D.

So, like I said, I'm not a fluff or one-shot person, but you did both really well. You might turn me to the dark side soon enough ;).

Author's Response: Oh noes :( That's always crappy when it does that.

Ha! You liked my fluff! I'm happy even though it isn't exactly your cup of tea. killed it - loved that phrase! I know it doesn't mean it in a bad way but the slang is...I don't know, I just liked it.

I know I could've put dialogue in there but I'm not a dialogue sort of person. I think if you read my other one-shots (which is fine if you don't because I know you're not into that sort of length) then you'll see that I basically use no dialogue in most of them :P I don't know why - too focused on description?

I'm glad that I kept to Luna. I wanted to have the child-like Luna but the grown up Luna there too! Thanks!

You mean I might turn you to the fluff-side? ;P


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Review #27, by Hazel Black Unexplainable, Indescribable

17th February 2012:

This is great! A perfect description of Luna and Rolf, I think. I really enjoyed reading it. Your writing is very descriptive and engaging, I couldn't find any problems with it at all.

I especially liked how Luna wore yellow on her wedding day, it's just so like her and fits perfectly with her character.

Great work! =)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this! I feel very grateful that you find my work descriptive and engaging!

I absolutely HAD to have Luna in yellow for her wedding day! XD It couldn't have been any other way :)


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Review #28, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Unexplainable, Indescribable

16th February 2012:
Aww! Such a sweet little one-shot. I love Luna/Rolf stories, there seem to be so few. I just couldn't help but smile while reading this, especially when reading about chasing the twins in the garden. Just so cute! :D

Great story.


Author's Response: I totally couldn't find any Luna/Rolf stories! I mean, I think I found one, so I just HAD to write one myself! I'm glad you found it cute and thank you for your review!


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Review #29, by slytherinchica08 Unexplainable, Indescribable

16th February 2012:
Oh this was such a sweet one shot about their love for each other and how hard it is to just place words for it! I love the little looks we got into their lives such as when and how they met, her chasing after the boys, ect. I absolutely loved this story as it was just so sweet and cute and wonderful and all the other words that mean the same thing. The flow was so well done as well, I just floated along from paragraph to paragraph with no pause or anything. Great Job!


Author's Response: Thank you! Not only did I want to convey in general words how Rolf loved Luna but also make it real to the reader the moments that make up and define that love! So to hear/read what you just wrote just pleases me like a small turtle with a strawberry treat!


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Review #30, by marinahill Unexplainable, Indescribable

16th February 2012:
Awww that was so unbelievably cute ♥ Rolf is such a sweetie and everything he said to try and describe Luna was so romantic. There were so many beautiful lines, but I've come to expect this from you so that's no surprise at all.

My favourite lines:

She was the air he breathed, the sun whose warmth he basked in. From the fine hair as silver as the celestial body she was named after to her unique mind that was willing to explore possibilities and see what most wouldn't see; she was beautiful through and through.

Snapped a mental picture and filed it away in a spot of his mind that was filled with lightness and love.

But he never looked away, not once, and he hadn't been able to tear his gaze away from her since.

Just so beautiful and fluffy! And I loved the whole bit when they're in the pond, but that's too long to quote. You give them such character and life and it was so cute! Happy Valentine's Day to you too :D


Author's Response: Thanks, Marina! All your very kind words have set a warm glow in the center of my writer's soul :) I very much admire your own work so I know that these words are very sincere!

I wanted to make anyone who read this appreciate the fluff that is known as Luna and Rolf because in my mind, there can be no room for sadness and angst with someone who would marry Luna Lovegood! :) Thank you!

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Review #31, by ravenclaw_princess Unexplainable, Indescribable

16th February 2012:
Aww, this is so completely adorable. I loved it from the first sentence. It was so cool seeing Luna through Rolf's eyes. He didn't see her as peculiar like every one else, but her saw her as Luna, a beautiful, innocent girl who was so easy for him to love.

I love that Rolf tried, unsuccessfully I might add to quantify his love and try to explain it. But love just is, sometimes there is no way to explain it and he seemed to know this.

Luna was really well characterised. I loved the little moments when she was chasing the boys, and when she was in the lake. Can I just add...super adorably cute *squee*

The ending, especially the last line, was amazing. It really summed up their love and relationship. Love just happened for them, they just fell inexplicably in love :)

Awesome story. You are such a talented writer and I love the imagery and use of metaphor that you always weave in. It makes every story so enjoyable to read.

Author's Response: Thank you! I took on Rolf's POV because Luna seems too unique to try to even attempt to share headspace with :)

Yay for loving Rolf and Luna! I had SO much fun writing the little scenes between Luna, Rolf and the boys so I shall join you in Squeeing!

I'm so glad you loved it! I definitely went for making this just plain fluffy beautiful love-stuff and it makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

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Review #32, by Toujours Padfoot Unexplainable, Indescribable

14th February 2012:
Hi there, I'm from the review swap on the forums. ^ ^

What a sweet story! And very fitting to read on Valentine's day. I really do love Luna and Rolf, and your description of them here pretty much sums up my idea of them, as well. I especially enjoyed the part where Luna was in the pond and Rolf came in after her, grinning as he kissed her. It brings to mind a very happy marriage, and how content they must be with each other. Luna would always keep him entertained with her perpetual innocence and curiosity, and he would always be there to listen and to sort of warm her way around the house with his kindness. A delightful read - very warm-fuzzies inducing. :)

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you for enjoying this! That pond scene was the clearest thing in my mind when I wrote this and I'm so glad it's easily seen why! :) Luna would keep him interested and he would always be there for her as well as the boys. Thank you!

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Review #33, by LittleWelshGirl99 Unexplainable, Indescribable

14th February 2012:
Ah, this is absolutely gorgeous! Just what I needed on a lonely Valentine's day. Luna and Rolf have never appeared so sweet in my mind before! EVen from the very beginning, I knew I was going to lurve this.

'even in the six other languages he had studied and the additional one he’d made up.'

Rolf is absolutely perfectly characterised!

I also love the little description of how they met-and the last line is just amazing! Their relationship seems so real and fresh and perfect.

I might cry *wipes eyes*

Love it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm happy you got that Rolf was perfectly characterised! Yay for amazing lines and almost crying!! :) :) Thank you!

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Review #34, by justonemorefic Unexplainable, Indescribable

14th February 2012:
I love it from the first paragraph immediately. The whole no-words-to-describe can be cliche, but I think you totally worked it. I just love that whole bit of confuzzled Rolf with his six languages plus made up ones and formulas. And I love that he doesn't need to do define it, but he tries anyway. It tells me so much about him. And makes him like, 10 times more adorable for some reason, with his ginormous stack of papers and pencils and coffee. And his ruffly hair. Especially his ruffly hair.

HE WENT DOWN THE AISLE IN YELLOW. OMG, MARRY ME PLEASE. No seriously, dying of cute here.

They’d run a small distance before they’d again slow and look back at their mum, to make sure she was still there, still coming for them. Which she always was, she always would be. bawww this snapshot of his family. omg omg, this is. squeee

AND THEN THE SCENE IN THE LAKE. Like seriously, can they be more perfect. I just imagine Rolf as this big squishy bear raging at a naturalist convention. D'aww, reminiscing about their first meeting.

I'm just like, sitting here in a happiness glow of fluff now. ♥ thank you for that so much.

Author's Response: YAYAYAYAY! You loved it!! The only way that Rolf could even THINK to be with Luna is if he had ruffly hair and was suitably adorable. I think you've just passed him! :)

I had a terribly fun time writing this and I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!! It was meant to give you glowy fluff that's not radiation but one that come from a fluffy place!

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Review #35, by Tonks1247 Unexplainable, Indescribable

14th February 2012:
Hello! :)

I saw you had posted a new story and I had some spare time on my hands so I couldn’t help but stop by and give it a read. Especially when I saw the pairing was Luna/Rolf and it was pure fluff. Because I’ve actually been in the mood for a Luna/Rolf story.

So the first thing I noticed about this was that it was in Rolf’s point of view. Which really isn’t something I see often, but I’m very glad you took it from his point of view. Because I really like seeing Luna through someone else’s eyes. I also think it was best in his point of view because he doesn’t see her as someone with a quirky personality, like she is usually described. He sees her as someone beautiful, as someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. It really is a unique view and I really enjoyed that.

Also, the imagery and description you used was just breath taking. You painted the picture of Luna in the pond in my mind so vividly…I could see it happening. I could also see Luna running out in the sprinklers with her boys…it was just fantastic!

A couple things I noticed while I was reading that you may want to look at:

“If someone had asked him—and there had been people in the beginning who had questioned him—if someone had asked him to do this, to communicate why, in such a way that anyone could understand, he would have found himself stumped.” –With this sentence, I think having the ‘if someone had asked him’ is a bit repetitive after the dash. Maybe edit it out?

“From the fine hair as silver as the celestial body she was named after to her unique mind that was willing to explore possibilities and see what most wouldn’t see; she was beautiful through and through.” –I’m thinking this sentence, the first part of it, needs a comma somewhere. I’m not quite sure where, because it can be placed different depending on where you want the pause, but I would suggest a comma, just for ease of reading.

Other than those two things, I really did enjoy this story! It is pure fluff, but it paints such a lovely picture of Luna and Rolf’s relationship…it really is fantastic! Great job! [I’m also sorry if this is mild gibberish. I need sleep, but I just had to finish this review so I wouldn’t forget to do it tomorrow!]


Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for looking at my fluffy bunny! To be honest, the reason why I took it from Rolf's POV is becuase I don't quite get Luna's :P I feel like my voice for her would be too serious and sequitur.

XD Yay! I love it when someone compliments my imagery! And the word "breath-taking" is my most favest word ever!

Hm, you're right about that comma. I'll look into the other thing too!

Thank you so much for this lovely not-so-gibberish review!


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