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Review #51, by JT4HP Cold Shoulder

26th March 2014:

I just re-read this whole story because I was so excited you updated, but didn't really remember the story enough to just read chapter 20.

This story is better than I freakin' remember. I JUST LOVE JAMES AND STELLA. They are so great. And it's just so awkward. And real. Like, this is what happens in real life. You hook up with your kind of friend type person and it gets weird. it's still weird and I still love it and I AM NOT TEAM LUKE AT ALL.

He's nice. I know he's nice, but he's not James. Ugh. James and Stella need to kiss again. It's about time.

I totally get the being busy thing, but I'm glad you're going to finish this story because I need to know what happens! You're a great writer. Also, do you know how many chapters the story is going to be? Rough estimate?

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Review #52, by Hedwig_pie Cold Shoulder

25th March 2014:

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Review #53, by casa_bella Cold Shoulder

25th March 2014:
Awesome story, update soon!

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Review #54, by Black-bell Cold Shoulder

24th March 2014:
Nice to see a new chapter! :) though for future chapters if there's long breaks between chapters could you put a summery of the previous chap to remind us (the readers) of what's happened already/where in the story we're up to? Otherwise i find I need to re-read (skim) the previous chap to jog my memory...

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Review #55, by sunshine&daisies Cold Shoulder

24th March 2014:
Oh I'm so happy that you updated! This makes my day :). And it was a wonderful chapter too. I was really bummed about how James treated Stella the last chapter, but I'm glad they are slowly working things out, however, I hope Stella sticks to her guns and makes James feel like an idiot, and he that he ultimately realizes how much he screwed up. It will be interesting to see what happens with the whole Luke and Georgia thing...since their story is kind of running parallel with James and Stella's.

Please continue to update on a regularly basis! You write so well, and it's always a treat to see what you've written.

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Review #56, by Court Cold Shoulder

24th March 2014:
I'm glad that stella and JAmes have cleared the air but figure it's probably better for both of them to move on since he's graduating and leaving to travel in a few months. And I really like Luke and hope he gets over Georgia as she seesm really inconsiderate and self-absorbed. Even if she doesn't like him, just laughing off his feelings ad acting like they don't exist because it inconveniences her is pretty messed up and she doesn't seem like a good friend. I think he deserves a lot better. So I hope they don't end up together. Thanks for sharing.

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Review #57, by Leanna Drbois Cold Shoulder

24th March 2014:
I'm so glad you updated finally. This story is one of my favourites in the whole website. Any ways now I'll answer the questions.
I don't think she should forgive James so easily.
I'm totally team Luke though Alexander is amazing.
I'm team Ravenclaw all the way (Though I'm prejudiced).
I don't like either animal a.k.a both freak me out.
My dream superpower would be to have the ability to change into whatever I like.
Ghosts are totally real.
Creamy PB is AMAZING

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Review #58, by sleepless_nights Cold Shoulder

24th March 2014:
Wha! A new chapter! Haven't read it yet but I had to sout out my excitement! Thank you!

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Review #59, by sunshine&daisies The Times Have Changed

2nd March 2014:
I love this story. Please don't be like those other authors who abandon a story halfway through. Hopefully we can get an update from you soon.

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Review #60, by Polyjuice_Potion24 The Times Have Changed

21st February 2014:

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Review #61, by Mia Noone The Times Have Changed

20th February 2014:
calling it 'drama' really is starting to become an understatement.
.. that is a SH*T ton of drama..

great story though :D
pretty please update soon?!

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Review #62, by Emandem The Times Have Changed

4th February 2014:
You can't leave us here! Not when I was so sure that he was into her like she wants him to like her. I hate that stupid code and James strong Gryffindor values sometimes. Just when everything was starting to come around with everyone else, too. At least you got Rose and Scorpius sorted out (after five years of hate and a year of backstabbing, etc etc - I loved that line btw).

It's great how you manage to make the story light-hearted and hilarious even through all of the drama going on with literally all of the characters. ALL OF THEM. Except maybe Fred; he is awfully easygoing and shameless, too much to get caught up in all that. And how the lot of them continues to be friends despite of all the misguided meddling (which is the best part! Especially in the Albus-Stella friendship; they are both terrible at plotting and giving relevant advice). That showdown scene with the girls is very close to my heart (CHOCOLATE FUDGE!).

I am glad that Stella followed Albus' aforementioned advice, though. Outright rejection (FOR NOW) and eating lots of sugary greasy fattening food with her friends (except for Rose, who is now happily on her way to become a X-rated movie star) totally stumps awkwardly talking about the weather and throwing hissy fits over virtually nothing, every time. I feel like their whole relationship thus far has been passive-aggressively liking each other from afar; this last scene I think is the closest they've gotten to honesty (sans New Year's - but James was allegedly 'slightly drunk' then, so it doesn't count), even if everything they said came out wrong.

I almost forgot - Luke Corner is everything. He's like a more functional Albus. I really liked his conversation with Stella about their mutual pathetic-ness. Maybe he can be her junk food eating partner instead of the girls? That seems like the start of a beautiful friendship. His situation with his best friend seems so hopeless, though. Make him happy in the end?

Also how everyone was like 'James is being cruel, can you mellow him out?' and Stella was trying to be all inconspicuous 'Me why me James and I no' and then the exasperated tangible collective eyeroll 'Save it you stuttering ineloquent idiot; everyone knows.'

I left you this monstrous review (by 'review' I mean 'brainfart') in the hopes that you'll be inspired by it to update (and FINISH) this thing.



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Review #63, by hai The Times Have Changed

31st January 2014:

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Review #64, by anger The Times Have Changed

17th January 2014:
Would just update is getting frustrating.just finish the story would ya.I mean seriously.!

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Review #65, by kkb The Times Have Changed

10th December 2013:
Ah you have to update soon!!

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Review #66, by WallflowerWarrior The Times Have Changed

18th November 2013:

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Review #67, by TUG The Times Have Changed

13th November 2013:

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Review #68, by Kelly The Times Have Changed

31st October 2013:
More please. And soon!

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Review #69, by Midnight Marauder The Times Have Changed

21st October 2013:
Oh my gosh, would you PLEASE update more frequently? I love this story, but seriously, I'm getting kinda tired of having to wait so long of the next part. But I still love it. You're really good at writing. Keep it up! :)

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Review #70, by BaconGreaseOnFries The Times Have Changed

17th October 2013:
whoa what the hell!

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Review #71, by goldenginny The Times Have Changed

15th October 2013:
Yeyyy you FINALLY updated! Can I just mention that m eand my
friends all lurveee this fanfic so pleaseee don't ever abandon it! I
can't wait for Stella to tell albus that she should never take his
relationship advise haha, keep on writing! :)

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Review #72, by RavenHairedGirl The Times Have Changed

15th October 2013:
Please update, please, I love this story and Stella and James, and I really want to know what happens next!

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Review #73, by strive to know the answers The Times Have Changed

13th October 2013:
please update sooonn!please! how could james do such a thing!i demand answer and also a james pov!

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Review #74, by HerEyesOnMeGAzing The Times Have Changed

9th October 2013:
Loved reading this story :) It's really fun, Stella is super sassy and great, and this was SO UNEXPECTED!

Also, my favorite line of the story... not sure why but it totally stuck in my head: [George] storms away, and halfway up the stairs he stops to wail, "And now you're going to snog again, aren't you!"

Great job! I'm super pumped to read more

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Review #75, by hplover22 The Times Have Changed

7th October 2013:
OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! I did'nt see that coming at all!!! Please update soon! I want to know what happens between James and Stella! This story is amazing!! One of my favorites xx

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