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Review #51, by Hi The Times Have Changed

28th September 2013:
OMG I have been waiting for this chapter for a longtime . Your
totally my fav author and this is my tab story. Please, please
update soon!

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Review #52, by Blue Elephant The Times Have Changed

28th September 2013:
Omg. That actually made me cry. I feel so sorry for Stella! James keeps giving such mixed signals and then she finally gets the courage to just be honest and he was a complete jerk. I seriously hope he comes to his senses! Can't wait for the next one!

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Review #53, by anon The Times Have Changed

28th September 2013:
Hey...u updated so soon!!! U r spoilin us.. bt I hope u update n finish d story bfr u get too busy...this chapter was full of drama..I enjoyed it!!! Poor stella..

P.S : I hate james

P.P.S : pl don't forget abt ur stories..u hav a lotta loyal readers left..

P.P.P.S : I hate james

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Review #54, by taps_017 The Times Have Changed

27th September 2013:
Oh dear Merlin, that was amazing!! Seriously, such a good chapter! The last scene between Stella and James was so intense - poor Stella, James has really put his foot in it this time. Thanks for the amazingly fast update and please update again soon as I am on the edge of my seat waiting for more!

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Review #55, by e.k The Times Have Changed

27th September 2013:
omg! that was amazing!!! please update it soon! definitely my favorite story!

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Review #56, by batsoulini The Times Have Changed

27th September 2013:
Seriously?? Why are you doing this time... I love the drama but that was heartbreaking... Poor Stella :(


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Review #57, by AlexFan The Times Have Changed

27th September 2013:
Wow, this is the shortest update for this story ever. I didn't think that there would be another new chapter so soon so you can imagine how excited I was about the fact that there was something new for me to read (I'll be heading over to read Crime and Punishment as soon as possible).

But holy, that was some chapter.

Rose and Scorpius are really going at it though, like wow, I hadn't expected them to get right down to the face sucking so quickly.

The conversation between the team though was hilarious, "that was the initiation into hell," was what had me laughing the absolute hardest.

And Stella, why must you do this. I bet you this is why guys think that girls overreact. I'd think this too if it wasn't for the fact that I was a girl.

The ending though, gah, word vomit everywhere. James needs to work on his speaking skills because he is just horrible at getting across what he needs to say. Look at the mess that he landed him and Stella in.

I'll bet that there will be some serious drama in the next few chapters.

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Review #58, by princessinthecorner The Times Have Changed

27th September 2013:
OH MY GOD. YOU CANT LEAVE IT LIKE THAT!! YOU NEED TO UPDATE RIGHT RIGHT NOW! ughhh i have been following this story since the beginning and through out it all i always thought James and Stella in the end would end up together... but now... there seems to other arrangements... BUT OH MIGHTY GOD they're not going to be together are they. with only 5 chapters left unless you do a sequel **hint hint**. i am not able to see how on Dumbledore's grave how Stella and James will be able to get back on trak especially considering what he said. to her.
BUT OMFG rose and scorp. yay! that took forever but still if they can have their happy ending WHY CANT JAMES AND STELLa! ** sobs uncontrollably.***
But ugh so much drama but i love it all!
its amazeballs how your updating it sooo fast too! keep it up. Because now that i have had my fix of Jella i need more! more more!
Update please? with cherrys on top? XOOO

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Review #59, by xoxoxox The Times Have Changed

27th September 2013:
please continue omg!!! favourite fan fic on here omg! the last update was really fast lets keep it fast omg haha!!

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Review #60, by Ellie McEwan The Pity Party

27th September 2013:
Please continue writing i love this story!!! I love how Ray doesn't take anyones crap and how James and Stella are so into each other and Cameron and Lexie. You are a really good writer!

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Review #61, by Holly_Mist The Pity Party

26th September 2013:

Moving on, i quite liked this chapter :) I'm glad all the secrets are out of the way! At least between Stella, Rose, Ray and Lexie anyway :) I'm so happy Rose and Scorpius are together! They're so adorable! ^.^ Now, it's time for the other three to sort out their stuff!

Wonderful chapter! I hope you update soon xx

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Review #62, by Anon The Pity Party

24th September 2013:
Update please please please?

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Review #63, by Saffy The Pity Party

23rd September 2013:
Yay you updated! Loving how quickly things progressed and that Rose and Scorpious are finally resolved. Please say you'll update soon!

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Review #64, by xMsFiggx The Pity Party

22nd September 2013:
Rose/Scorpius down, many more relationships left to mend! Really awesome chapter. I'm glad James didn't have to resign as captain, but I hope he does something about the no dating rule so he can be with Stella. I'm so so happy Scorpius finally told Rose how he feels. Can't wait to see what's next for everyone!

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Review #65, by taps_017 The Pity Party

22nd September 2013:
I absolutely adore this story and I loved this chapter! You're such a brilliant writer, and I know how difficult it can be to juggle updating with all the other things happening in life so thank you! This chapter seemed like a pivot point - things can only get better from here right?! Although, I seriously doubt that James and Stella will pull off being just friends aha.

Thanks again for updating and looking forward to reading more soon :)

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Review #66, by Ashley Lovegood The Pity Party

22nd September 2013:
Congratulations, you have written a story that has
successfully kept me procrastinating for about two
hours. Keep up the good work!

But seriously, this is an awesome story. Please
update soon.

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Review #67, by sunshine&daisies The Pity Party

22nd September 2013:
Yay! I'm so glad you've updated. This has been one of my favorite stories for awhile now, and I wasn't sure if I was going to see another chapter. So many stories have been forgotten about on here :/.

Anyways, this is a lovely story and I look forward to reading more!

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Review #68, by AlexFan The Pity Party

22nd September 2013:
Wow, everyone is a mess.

I knew something like this would happen, I just knew it. After so much stuff happening, everyone was bound to get fed up with someone and their antics and just snap.

The thing is, it's kind of hard to agree with just one person when you look at the argument's from a third perspective because everyone is right. I kept switching sides and going, "You go Rose!" "You go Ray!"

Speaking of which, all of these girls really need t sort out their love lives and talk everything out.

I'm just glad that Rose and Scorpius finally sorted everything out and got their heads on straight. Honestly, those two were being ridiculous is what they were.

All of this could've been solved if they'd just talked to one another instead of doing reckless things.

Stella and James though, I just, GAH! They're going to be friends!? That's what they're going to be?! I predict that that is not going to go very well at all. When this situation comes up, it never usually does.

Just goes to show how much James cares about Quidditch and Stella to offer to quit the team though. The fact that he's offering to resign his position just to make up for the fact that he broke the rules says a lot about James. That, and he would be able to date Stella.

And yes, I am ridiculously excited for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! What Potterhead isn't excited about that!

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Review #69, by loony_lovegood101 The Pity Party

21st September 2013:
W. O. W.
finally scorose!
I find myself wanting more Stella and James.
Jamella. Stames.
Awesome chapter though.

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Review #70, by Loving_Sirius_4eva The Pity Party

21st September 2013:
AH. I loved it! Scorpios and Rose! FINALLY :) This was amazing. I love your story and I can't wait for the last six chapters. You write with a ongoing flow and it is always beautifully written. I love the way you write and the whole plot of this story. I am glad you finally updated! I truly don't car how long you take, as long as i know another chapter will eventually come and that this story will never become ABANDONED. :)

I have to say, i fell in love with every character again throughout this chapter. My likeness for Albus may have decreased a tiny bit but i hope that won't happen again :) I CRAVE MORE JAMES AND ARTOIS. haha, can't wait for next chap.


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Review #71, by Cappuccino Black and White

10th August 2013:
I love the way you write.. It's funny and makes me laugh quite a bit .
I think Stella and James is crazy-awesome.

Although I'm not quite sure about that bit in the end with Luke and Rose, I think the chapter was great ..

Hopefully there will be an update soon :P


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Review #72, by ... Black and White

5th August 2013:
Oh wow, great story. It is so indecisive and realistic...

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Review #73, by ScoRoseLuverrr(; Black and White

2nd August 2013:
I've read this like 10 times -_-

Love this story! :D

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Review #74, by Ginevraa Black and White

31st July 2013:
Please hurrry!! I love this story sooo much! More luke action too please xo

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Review #75, by Persephones_Child Idiocy Thy Name Is Stella

30th July 2013:
Oh. My. God.

I literally died. Wowzers. If only someone could love me like that...

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