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Review #26, by JK Rowling is the reason i started reading! In The Art Of Returning

12th July 2013:
u brought elliot into the story!
I really hate it that Owen is not talking to charlie and james!!Please tell me they will be friends again!!
and please bring Max back into Fred's life!!!

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Review #27, by WeWereBornForThis In The Art Of Returning

12th July 2013:
Long time no see! But a chapter where Charlie finally realises she loves James? Almost worth the wait. Almost. Don't do that again!

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Review #28, by pookielow In The Art Of Returning

9th July 2013:
ah i lurve your story!!!

please update son!

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Review #29, by Gotta Love HP In The Art Of Returning

7th July 2013:

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Review #30, by Failed_and_Forgotten In The Art Of Returning

30th June 2013:
Oh my gosh oh my gosh!! Just as she finally admitted to herself that she's in love with James, Elliot came in to the picture... Oh things would surely start to get messier and exciting from here! Haha, i so love this series! It made me completely nuts. I'm so so dying to read the upcoming chapters... XD So much for sexual tension going on! Good luck to Charlie! xD

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Review #31, by I'm new to the story but it's awesome! In The Art Of Returning

26th June 2013:
Oh my gosh finally there's a new chapter! I know that life has been busy and I'm not complaining for the wait but yay! There's finally a new chapter! Everyone celebrate.

Everything is just a mess with everyone right now. People need to talk and fix things and figure things out. The drama and tension is killing me! James and Charlie seriously need to talk things out. And then they need to get together and live happily ever after and Charlie should be able to walk because it'll just be sad if she doesn't.

Seriously though, I feel her. I hope she gets better!

And can I just say that I'm snagging the 400th review!

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Review #32, by YOU'RE ALIVE! In The Art Of Returning

26th June 2013:
YOU'RE ALIVE! YOU ARE ALIVE! But besides the fact that you're alive and that you've updated, I can't believe how big of a mess things have turned into. I'm beginning to wonder if things are going to sort themselves out at all!

Poor Charlie, she has trouble walking and friends not speaking to her. She and James should just get together and let everyone rest. The drama is killing me!

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Review #33, by Haley In The Art Of Returning

19th June 2013:
i love this story so much! please keep up the writing!

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Review #34, by Owlpost68 In The Art Of Returning

17th June 2013:
Yes, I know, REALLY detailed of me lol. Just FRUSTRATION!! I wish she had just said she loved him... but then there really wouldn't be much of a storyline lol. I totally understand about busy, I've been there too, rough times.. Hopefully I could get some writing in too this summer. Welcome back!

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Review #35, by AlmostInvisible  In The Art Of Returning

17th June 2013:
To be honest, it's been so long since I have read this story
that I pretty much forgot nearly all of the characters other
than Charlie and James. Well.
Other than the fact that I had minor trouble with the
rememberings, I still kinda remember the plot so that's
good. Great job, and it will be nice to have you back. And
it's good that you didn't die in a freak accident or something
equally terrible. :)

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Review #36, by AlexFan In The Art Of Returning

17th June 2013:
I hate to break the 394 review count but I'm doing it anyway (unless someone reviews before me in which case ill feel extremely stupid for what I just wrote). The point is, yay! You're back! I've missed this story so much and I want to get back into the drama of it and I've got a feeling that there's going to be a lot of drama going on!

Anyway, to sum it all up, I'm glad that you're not dead and back and I really liked the chapter despite how different it was!

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Review #37, by sapphire25 In The Art Of Misery

27th April 2013:
You. Update. Now. I'm reading this and Tug of War, and I know you said something about mid-May, but CLIFFHANGER! I hate cliffhangers. Well, okay, you love them because you can't stop thinking of all the possibilities, but still. So I'm expecting chapters honey. And some Charlie and James love. And hopefully some happiness as yeah, this cliffhanger is the fact that she and James both love each other but both caught each other and then she passed out from an overdose. Anywho (that sounds posh) update because it's AMAZING!

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Review #38, by Midnight Marauder In The Art Of Misery

14th April 2013:
Please, would you write another chapter for this one? And me versus you and tug of war because I really like all those stories and I want to hear more!

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Review #39, by rez In The Art Of Misery

11th April 2013:
I hate cliffies, I hate them I hate them I hate them so much!! How could you do this to us?!?! -dramatic weeping-
seriously though. i am not happy about this. I'm going to take this cliffie as a promise to update as soon as humanly possible, yes? excellent :D

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Review #40, by EmmaLois In The Art Of Misery

15th March 2013:
Wow. Drama. Exciting! Please update soon I can't take it :/ x

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Review #41, by bellatrixx02 In The Art Of Misery

24th February 2013:
Im in love with this story, just as much as I am with tug of war! You're an amazing writer, please update them both quickly!

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Review #42, by Cornishpixies7 In The Art Of Misery

22nd February 2013:

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Review #43, by Lexi In The Art Of Misery

29th January 2013:
More!!! What happens next!?!?

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Review #44, by rawr In The Art Of Misery

11th January 2013:
Please write more!!! That was the worst cliff hanger ever!! This story is really good!

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Review #45, by karennn In The Art Of Misery

10th January 2013:
please update you're literally killing me

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Review #46, by Moon55555 Part I: Prologue: In The Art Of Troublemaking

3rd January 2013:
Oh mais attend, je suis bête ! Je viens juste de lire que tu vivais en France non ? Alors pas besoin de parler Anglais !!! Comme tu peux le constater dans la review précédente, je ne suis pas très bonne en Anglais.voir carrément nulle... mais j'arrive quand même à comprendre ta fic, bizarre non ?

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Review #47, by Moon55555 Part I: Prologue: In The Art Of Troublemaking

3rd January 2013:
You're pretty good with french . That's actually the first fanfiction i read where there is no mistakes while translating english to french !! I think I am really going to enjoy it ! !!

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Review #48, by PatronusMirror175 In The Art Of Misery

3rd December 2012:
This is a really good story! It's fantastically realistic, I get so annoyed at Charlie and James behaviour but at the same time just love them! The ending was so dramatic, I can't wait until the next chapter is up.

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Review #49, by nnn In The Art Of Misery

26th November 2012:
please please please please please update this is killingg me! easily one of my fav stories on here ever with tug of war I think hahaha when is the next update I love this story please don't abandon it!

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Review #50, by Lolo12 In The Art Of Misery

3rd November 2012:
REally great story please write more !

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