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Review #26, by desertmagpie Waltz

4th February 2014:
Oh my gosh, I love it! Absolutely adorable.

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! I'm so happy you that enjoyed it and am extremely grateful that you took the time to leave such a kind review! :-D

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Review #27, by maraudertimes Waltz

3rd February 2014:

Oh, this was so sweet! I loved the imperfect perfection of them both. I can see how Rose's OCD can be difficult for her to live with, yet utterly beyond her control. It's sad to see that her dorm mates can't see that the urges aren't something she can supress. And poor Scorpius! Darling Scorpius with the stutter he tries to overcome! It's really sweet to see such evident flaws in them both, but flaws that make them perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect.

The constant no, no, no's were really sad, but I could see where Rose was coming from. Having to be perfectly clean, the idea of kissing isn't so pleasant. And neither would be kissing your best friend, although cleaning up glitter *is* extremely hard to do. I'm glad they kissed, though, because seeing both of them go into frenzied states over uncleanliness of the glitter variety would not be all that amusing. (okay, it might be slightly amusing, but whatever! :P)

And the ending was so perfect, and when it says "Her life is a waltz, they both understand. But he can learn to dance." I kind of squeaked and aw'ed and I'm pretty sure it's just the cutest ending ever, because it's evident that he loves her and that he will learn to dance if he must to help her and be with her.

This is really beautiful and it's extremely obvious why this is Staff's pick! You wrote this amazingly well and everything is just perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect!

Author's Response: Lo! Hi! Ah, you're far too sweet! It was such a nice surprise last night to find this new review waiting for me! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! *hugs*

*squee* I'm so happy you liked it! I completely agree about her roommates, but I just felt that the unfortunate truth behind OCD is that a lot of people don't have the patience or tolerance to deal with it; even when it seems like such minor ticks. :( Poor Rose. And yes, poor Scorpius, too! Oh man, I wasn't very nice to them, was I? haha I'm glad you found it sweet though as he tries to overcome his stutter! I really wanted their flaws to make sense as to why they fit together so well, and I'm glad you enjoyed them each! :-D

The no, no, no's were a little heartbreaking, right? I love that you understood both sides of the action, though! Ha! The glitter. I feel bad making her choose between two evils (sort of), but at least it got them to kiss, right? ;) Seriously, she should be happy I didn't choose the glitter. :-p

Aww! Yay! I'm so happy you picked that line, too, cause it almost didn't make the cut of the story! I was a little worried about it, too, once I did add it in, so I'm glad to hear you liked it so much! *flails*

Gah, seriously, you're far too kind! Thank you so, so much for this incredible review! I can't stop grinning! :-D

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Review #28, by Kirinin Waltz

24th January 2014:
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-D

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Review #29, by LoveHarryPotterHearts Waltz

15th January 2014:
I've been reading fanfiction for a while now, and believe it or not, have never read anything other than marauder era stories. That was always my favorite era in the books I guess. However, I am very glad that I took the time to read this. Thank you for writing such a fun and creative story! I particular enjoyed your attention to character development. It was obvious that you put a lot of time and thought into this work. Wonderful!

Author's Response: Hey there! Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I'm so glad you took a peek at my story, even if it was a different era than you're used to (I LOVE Marauder era stories as well)! I'm even more thrilled that you enjoyed it! Ah, this is so sweet and it's always great to hear that my time spent on the characters and the small details didn't go unappreciated! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a kind and thoughtful review! :-D

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Review #30, by alexaemd123 Waltz

13th January 2014:
Awe! I loved it! It was very cute!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this lovely review!

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Review #31, by Maelody Waltz

12th January 2014:
Hey there! Hey there! Hey there! (Hehe, get it?)

So this is the second fan fic story I've ever read that has OCD in it, and just like the first, this was exceptionally well written! It honestly pulled me into the head of those that were suffering and it really makes me feel for them. The anxieties are real, and the reminders are there over and over and over again.

I think my favorite bit that was added was Scorpios' stutter. I've never read a story where someone had this sort of setback, and I don't know why seeing as how that is something a little more common than most remember, and I really liked it. It made him seem so adorable, and sweet, and it showed a different side to him that other stories don't delve into.

I don't know if the mistletoe bit was made up on your bit or not (for some reason my brain is telling me that happened in the books, too, but maybe it is because you made it so absolutely magical and believable?) but I loved that you added it either way. Glitter would be a nightmare for anyone who has to be clean at all times.

I sort of want to bounce on the heads of all the girls in poor Rose's dorm. I understand she gets where they're coming from, and I get how they feel to because sometimes it is hard to understand something that you yourself don't go through, but you would think after all the years, they would just roll over and wait for the one solid minute to end. There's no need to make her feel worse than she already does.

All in all, I think it was a beautiful little story and I have absolutely no complaints! (Not that I was looking for one). Rose was different than any other Rose I've ever read, and the same goes for Scorpios, and that's what made it so enjoyable. There was a sad note playing in the waltz the whole time, but you knew that she would go on in her life of threes just fine as long as she has Scorpios by her side. Lovely job! I really loved it! :)

Author's Response: Mae, Mae, Mae! Hi, hi, hi! ;)

Ah, yay! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it - especially considering you had another with similar aspects to compare it to! It's so great that you felt like you were in Rose's head, too, so that you could understand her struggle on such a real level! That's wonderful!

I'm just thrilled you liked Scorpius and his stutter! He's very sweet in this version, I think, and I'm glad you agree; the stutter seem to add to that, huh? It's like you just want to hold him! (Or is that just me?...) Thank you! :-D

hehehe Nope, I made it up! But that's pretty nifty that I may have fooled you! :-p I'm so happy you liked the idea of the glitter-bombing mistletoe! I was a little nervous about it, because in fanfiction the big mistletoe thing is to make it trap people, so I wanted to stay away from that. Anyway, phew! Thank you!

Right?! Bounce on them, Mae! I grant you permission! ;) But you're absolutely right: there really are two sides to OCD - the people who have it, and the people who have to tolerate the people who have it. It's sad that some people simply do not have the patience for the little ticks and compulsions, but I like to think that's what adds to Scorpius' charm here - because he doesn't just tolerate her, he loves her. ^.^

Yay! No complaints is always great to hear! And I'm so happy to have created a unique Rose and Scorpius! Gah, you're just incredible! Thank you so very, very much for leaving this review! *sends endless amounts of 'thank you's and cookies your way* :-D

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Review #32, by hotohori2931 Waltz

10th January 2014:
I have to say, this was splendidly original! Very well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's wonderful to hear and I'm glad you think so! I really appreciate you taking the time to review! :-D

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Review #33, by GalleonScarlet Waltz

9th January 2014:
This was great! Loved it!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this lovely review! ^.^

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Review #34, by Lululuna Waltz

9th January 2014:
Hello! :) I'm here for your requested review from last year (haha) and I'm so sorry for the delay! :( But this way I get to properly congratulate you on winning in the Duel! You really deserved it! :D

I like this a lot. I love how original the characters are, how both Rose and Scorpius have their own struggles and challenges to confront in their personal and social lives, and how they take refuge with and support each other. It was really beautiful and warmed my heart far more than any love/hate dramatic Rose/Scorpius story ever could. I really liked how Rose reminds me a little of Hermione, but her OCD sort of amplifies Hermione's characteristics and makes her a different person. The mention of her hair being frizzy was great as well, and a really interesting addition in how her hair frustrated her because it was the one thing she couldn't control.

I felt quite sorry for the way Rose's roommates didn't really understand, and the little jibes they made. The idea of Rose hearing them say mean things about Scorpius and that he wasn't attractive was a really sad image, but I like how she didn't let that influence her and was sort of immune to peer pressure in that way. It's funny, because I can see both sides and understand how Rose pacing every day early in the morning would be a little frustrating and something I might resent, but I don't think they needed to be so snarky about it. :P So, I really liked the way you portrayed Rose as an outsider and how her roommates compared.

Scorpius, wow, he was just adorable here. I think the idea of him having a stutter but he and Rose soothing one another's anxieties was really lovely, especially his satisfaction when something came out right. I really liked how Rose dissected the qualities which made other people think badly of him - that he seemed pompous or condescending - and how she sees him in an entirely unique and affectionate way. My heart melted a little when she said that she thinks he looks lovely: in my opinion, that's what true beauty is, when somebody may not be traditionally attractive to everyone else but to the person who truly sees them, they're the most beautiful thing. :) Then when Rose admitted to day-dreaming about kissing Scorpius it really made me smile - we're onto you, miss Weasley!

I loved your writing here, how rhythmic the story felt with Rose's counting and how careful and delicate it felt. The writing really showed how Rose has to sort of move lightly and cautiously through life, how fragile everything is. You also did a really wonderful job of showing, not telling: like when it was explained they were Ravenclaws by pointing out the identical ties, and the descriptions of things like a hair on her clothes that Rose would see as unacceptable. Oh, and I loved the last line as well. It was very sweet. :)

Lovely job, my dear! :D I really enjoyed reading and reviewing this! ♥

Author's Response: Hey Lululuna! No worries at all about the delay! And thank you so much; I still can't believe it! :-D

I'm just thrilled that you liked my versions of Rose and Scorpius! It felt incredibly risky taking this route, and every time I hear that they've been well-received, it's a huge relief! And I'm really happy I decided on this friendlier version of the two of them rather than a dramatic one; I agree that the comfort they found in one another was quite sweet! And yay! I love when people see the small parallels I drew between Rose and her mother! It's always exciting when those little subtle details are picked up on! Thank you! And that hair, ugh! Poor thing.

Aw, I know, I love that Rose is able to brush off their shallow assessment's too. And I totally agree with you here. It's a really hard situation to handle, both for Rose and for those who have to deal with her quirks as well. It's tricky because even though she has this mental disorder that forces her to rely on these rituals, her roommates know that completing said rituals won't actually affect anything, and so feeling bitter about her completely pointless compulsions is unfortunately the way I think a lot of people would feel - snark included. It's sad that a lot of people would find that they just don't have the patience for these sorts of things, but I'm glad you felt it worked and liked the way it sort of separated Rose from them!

*squee* You know, I've never cared for the next gen kids, but I fell for Scorp a bit while writing this; I'm glad you found his as adorable as I did! And yes: beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and it's funny how someone who may not be classically good-looking can still be seen as beautiful because of who they are. I've gone through these sorts of realizations before and it's truly lovely. hehehe Rose's daydreams are quite revealing, huh? :-p

Thank you!!! I'm so glad the writing worked for you! I read your story and thought you have such a beautiful way with words and with flow, so it's so nice to hear that you enjoyed mine as well! I take that as a very high compliment! And YAY for showing, not telling; something I was not always good at, so woohoo for progress! :-D And I'm glad you liked the last line! I almost didn't include it, but couldn't help myself! I'm so glad it worked!

This is such a beautiful review; wonderfully detailed and so very, very kind! Thank you so much for taking the time to write out such a long response - this was entirely worth the wait! *hugs*

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Review #35, by marauderfan Waltz

9th January 2014:
Hi! I read this when I saw it was nominated for Hufflepuff Featured Story and I didn't have time to review then, but I do now. Maybe a good thing I waited, because now I can congratulate you on winning your prompt in the Writers Duel!! :D

This was such an original piece. You have a talent for that - I remember reading one of your stories ages ago that rhymed.

I really liked the way you approached the characters here. You did well at portraying how difficult it is to live with those conditions without sensationalizing them. Particularly Rose, what with her repetitions and her anxiety about the order begin messed up. Her narration is so wonderful because it allows me as the reader to get inside her head, which is such an interesting place, a different view of the world through her eyes and routines. The repeats of threes also makes the writing so rhythmic and flows beautifully... like a waltz! There's something to be said about finding beauty in strangeness.

I loved your attention to Rose's daydreams in how she can be different in her dreams, and how there's no germs haha! And I can see the influence of Hermione's personality too, how Rose is so particular about her packing!

Your interpretation of Scorpius is wonderful as well. He was doing really great awith the stutter until that glittery mistletoe made him nervous - but Rose doesn't seem to show any annoyance about him taking forever to spit out his words, which I like. Much like the end when he speaks in threes for her, Rose is very patient for him :)

She likes Scorpius because he makes her feel almost normal - aww! Seriously, I love these two. They are perfect for each other in all their imperfectness - they both have issues, but they both understand each other. And it doesn't hurt that Scorpius is three inches taller than Rose :P The brushing teeth comment made me giggle too.

I adored the part under the mistletoe with GLITTER. Oh, that would have been horrible for Rose particularly - but really anyone! Glitter is the worst.

This was a really fun story, so sweet and I loved your portrayals of Rose and Scorpius. So glad I read this and you totally deserve the award! :D

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you so much!!! I'm still a bit in shock about the whole thing! *hugs*

Aw! That's so lovely to hear; I'm so flattered that you feel that way, about both this story and Mouse! :-D

It's such a relief that you believe I pulled the characters and their conditions off! I certainly tried to be very careful with their approach and it's just thrilling that you felt both were handled well! And same with the repetitions of three throughout the story - specifically in the narration as opposed to the dialogue, as I wasn't sure whether or not that actually worked before posting! Phew! Thank you so much! And beauty in strangeness: I couldn't agree with you more. :)

Yay! I love when people have picked up on Rose's Hermione-like tendencies that are simply amplified by her OCD! And the daydream I found to be a sweet thought, too - sort of a break from her reality! I'm glad you enjoyed that!

Eee, Scorp! I fell for him a bit here, I must say; he's pretty cute. :-p I'm so glad you found them a good fit for one another and that you understood how significant their patience for one another's conditions is! And double yay for seeing the perfect in their imperfections! I'm so happy you found them to balance each other out so well, as it's really exactly what I was hoping for!

Glitter is the devil for those of us without OCD; poor Rose would have been a mess (in more than one way)! I'm glad the glitter-bombing mistletoe worked for you! hehehe

Ah, this is such a wonderful review! I'm so happy you enjoyed both the stories and the characters! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed response! *squee* :-D

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Review #36, by Dark Whisper Waltz

6th January 2014:
Dear, writeyourheartout,

This was cute, cute, cute!
Congratulations on winning one of the Featured Story spots on the Archive. Well deserving.

Can I say that I loved that Scorpius wasn't perfectly perfect? I can totally see him as someone who struggles with what to say and how to say it, especially given his "perfect" lineage and the stress that would come with it.

Thank you for writing them both in such away that they are not perfect. I do feel bad for her bunkmates though. Poor things.

I also loved the mistletoe exploding into glitter. It is a frightful, yet harmless mess. I thought that was very creative and kept things on the light side.

And also, I loved the line about brushing her teeth. That was so sweet as both of their insecurities showed through.

This was really cute. Take a bow... :)

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hahaha I see what you did there. Cute, cute, cute! ;) And thank you so much! I still can't believe I won; it's been so bizarre, but extremely exciting! :)

Yay! I won't lie, I thought he was pretty cute myself here, which was nice because I've never written him before! I'm really glad he's been so well-received and that you liked him! And it was definitely interesting experimenting with this sort of struggle via a Malfoy; I'm glad you found it plausible. :)

You know, it's such a strange position for the people in Rose's life to be in, because of course you feel badly that Rose struggles as obsessively as she does, but it can be hard to be the people on the outside of the disorder as well. But I'm glad that their imperfections worked for you!

hehe The mistletoe was fun; I'm so happy you enjoyed the twist of it! I was trying to do something outside of the norm; yay for it working! *squee*

The brushing your teeth line is actually one of my favorites, and one of the very last things I added to the story! I was really happy to have thought of it before submitting and even more thrilled that it has been a favorite line with a few reviewers!

*bows* Gah, this is such a lovely review. I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment out! *hugs*

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Review #37, by BenedictPumpkinpatch Waltz

6th January 2014:
This is my first review of the Writer's duel winners. I'm reading them in order as they appear on the main page and will review them all, so here we go.

What a simply wonderful story. I loved the way you (as the writer) used the same, same, same problem as Rose had when you were describing her situation or the surroundings. Your descriptive writing is excellent. With a few name changes, this could so easily have been a winning entry in a Christmas magazine competition.

I know a woman with OCD and you're description of Rose fits her perfectly. I have a brother with a slight stammer and I could imagine them both in your story. It is testament to the power of your writing that I was carried along with the story and it seemed to end too quickly. You are a writer that I could read, read, read.

Two points. First. Yes you are right, glitter is a pain. Especially that sparkly, glittery lipstick. Don't women know how much of a pain it is to get that stuff off!!

Second. "Symetrically".. Thank you for this. I'm getting tired of using wonderful, fabulous, amazing. From now on I have a new adjective. I shall gaze into her eyes, softly caress her cheek with the backs of my fingers and say... "Darling, that kiss was symmetrical" and if that doesn't get me a second date I'l know who to blame, blame, blame.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, this review. Just... thank you.

Before I properly respond to this, I just want to say that I think it's incredibly kind of you to be reviewing all of the winning entries! You'll make a lot of people very happy! :)

Yep... very, VERY happy. :-D Wow, this is such a kind review! It's incredible to hear that the combination effect of Rose's disorder both as a part of her dialogue and a part of the narrative has been so effective! I had a few concerns at first, but it's been only positive feedback on that front, so I'm thrilled (and relieved!) that it's worked out! And my goodness, I'm blushing. That's such a compliment - I'm still in disbelief I won this competition, let alone to be compared in this way! I truly appreciate it. :)

There's really nothing more rewarding than hearing back from somebody who can relate to the experience(s) you've written about and give you the mark or approval! It was really important for me to get both of these character's right and do them justice with their struggles, and I'm just ecstatic that both felt right to you. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

hahaha Glitter, right? It's honestly the worst. My apologies for any seemingly permanent attack it's ever had on your manliness! "Dude... are you wearing glitter?" "What? No!" :-p

Ahhh, I love that you pointed this word out! It was another moment I wasn't positive about, mostly because I wasn't entirely sure everyone would understand its significance! haha I'm glad you found it both accurate and amusing! hehehe And oh boy, I suppose should this tactic fail the next time you find yourself in an embrace, I'll have to owe you something or other... ^.^

This has completely made my day. Thank you so much for taking the time to review; I endlessly appreciate it. :)

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Review #38, by BookDinosaur Waltz

6th January 2014:
Hello Tanya! I'm here for the Tenth of the Twelve Days of Reviewing. :)

Ahh, I don't know whether to be surprised or not that some sort of music made it into your work. But this was really good, I can see why it won one of the two awards for Best-Written and Most Original story!

I can actually relate to Rose here, I used to be quite obsessed with having everything even (chewing with both sides of the mouth equally, for example) and it's really interesting to see someone else with this problem, because the numbers, the evenness or in her case the threes, they're just so important in a way that nobody really understands.

I love that they both had their own problems, because really, everyone does, and I absolutely loved how they could both work through them and end up happy anyway. It was just so adorably sweet, and I loved it all. It was really sensitive, but sweet as well.

The characterisation of both Rose and Scorpius were fantastic, the way Scorp holds himself, and how Rose dances, it's all just so perfect - I can see hints of their parents in them, but also something that's just theirs alone, and it takes real skill to do that, so major kudos to you there. :)

All in all, this was an absolutely fantastic story and I loved reading it, I'm so glad I had the chance to! :D

Author's Response: Emily! *squee*

Hahaha Yay, musical influence! :-p Ah, what can I say? It's in my soul. ;) I'm so glad you liked the story, and thank you so much; I still can't believe I won!

I actually relate to Rose myself, though not quite on her level - however your chewing thing is something I do quite often! I also have to eat colored candy in order from my least favorite color to my most favorite, as well as from smallest to largest within each color palette. It's completely nonsensical, but I have a hard time not doing it that way. I'm glad you found her relatable, and subsequently accurately written and portrayed as someone with minor OCD. That means a lot to me!

Ah, I'm so happy you enjoyed my versions of both Rose and Scorpius and the fact that they are each so imperfect, but could still find happiness in one another! And it's so exciting to receive reviews where people recognize the connections to these two and their parents! I'm glad those subtle hints still made an impact!

This is such a sweet review! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave it! *hugs*

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Review #39, by signedheart Waltz

6th January 2014:
As someone who grew up with a stuttering problem as I kid I related to this. I loved this. It's so nice how they both had their abnormalities but together could work through them. This is so sweet and very well written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that you loved the story, especially considering your connection to it! It's always a bit nerve-wracking to take on things of this nature, but always a huge relief when somebody close to the issues at hand both enjoy it and find it accurate! This was such a lovely review to receive and I'm so happy you took the time to leave it! Thank you again! *hugs*

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Review #40, by MissesWeasley123 Waltz

5th January 2014:
Um whoa. First of all, here for the 10th day of 12 Days of Reviewing. And secondly, congrats. And thirdly this rocks and totally deserves the recognition. You are wonderful at writing.

You have no clue how weird it was to be in her head. It was different, but I loved it so much. Rose is amazing and so original. One two three, epic. Absolutely epic and brilliantly written. How did this idea come to mind?

I thought Scorpius was so adorable. I was all, "Aww" when he asked her whether kissing him was really that bad. It was adorable and he is such an amazing character. You are brilliant for coming up with this creative concept. The whole idea was great and you my dear executed it amazingly.

I really don't know what else I can say. This was so well written. Congrats on everything, you truly deserve it.

Author's Response: *squee* You're too wonderful, did you know that?? :-D Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm just ecstatic that you loved Rose so much and how in her head you were able to get! I'm glad I wrote it so that even though her thought process is so different from most of us, you could still understand the struggles along side her! The short version of the idea of Rose having OCD came from me asking myself, "What would be a funny remark to make after being caught under the mistletoe with somebody?" I thought "Ew" was a silly response, and after making that decision, I asked myself, "Assuming that these two people actually like each other, what would compel them to say, 'Ew'?" And OCD/germaphobia just made sense! ^.^

Yay! Scorpius was pretty cute here, I have to say, and I'm so happy you agree! And oh, I know! I felt bad for putting him through that stress, but at least he got a happier ending, right? :-p Ah, you're far too kind! I'm so happy you enjoyed it so much!

What a lovely review! I'm smiling like crazy right now! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this; you're the best! :-D

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Review #41, by newgenerationlover Waltz

5th January 2014:
You are an amazing writer! You definitely deserve being the one chosen for the best story. This story is so original and I love how you kept adding the repeating words three times. It really relayed the sense of urgency behind Rose's actions which really brought her to life.

P.S. Interesting choice for your pick of actor to be Scorpious on your banner. Just wondering if you watch Game of Thrones or not. haha

Author's Response: Ahhh, thank you so, so much! *blushes profusely* This review is far too kind, I swear it! I don't even know how to respond! I'm just thrilled that you enjoyed it! I'm glad to hear the repetitions of three worked for you too, as I was a bit nervous about them when I first posted! You're too wonderful; thank you!

And yes! I love Game of Thrones and Jack Gleeson! He was the first person I thought of when looking to cast Scorpius because Joffrey is so terrible, but Jack Gleeson is such a sweetheart, and it sort of reflected the way a Malfoy might be perceived as awful, having Draco has a father, but actually be quite lovely in truth! Plus, I love Jack Gleeson. :-p Also, he sort of looked like how Draco is described in the books, with his light hair and pointed features, so I designed my Scorpius around him. ^.^

Thanks again! *hugs*

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Review #42, by Josette_Phoenix Waltz

4th January 2014:
This was fabulous ... I almost wet myself when he kissed her "symmetrically" hahaha. Well done :)

Author's Response: Hahaha! This review actually made me laugh out loud. hehehe I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The 'symmetrically' line was one of the last little tidbits I added, but I was so happy I thought it up before submitting because it made me chuckle too. ^.^ Thank you so much for the review; I'm thrilled that you liked it! :-D

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Review #43, by NinthHorcrux Waltz

4th January 2014:
This is such a great story, one of my favorites on the site! It leaves you with a nice warm feeling afterwards. One of the many things I like about the story is the resemblance between Scorpius and Rose and their parents. Scorpius's posture, the way he points his chin...totally shows he is definitely Draco Malfoy's son. Rose's OCD, the way she speaks to Scorpius about packing shows that she is Hermione' daughter. It sort of makes it so they aren't out of character, in a way. The whole story is believable. We love the two characters despite their flaws. And I like that the mistletoe has a magic-y touch, so that we know theyre at Hogwarts!

It's a great story, beautifully laid out. Go Scorpius/Rose! :)

Author's Response: Oh wow! Thank you so much! I'm just blown away by the response this story has garnered! :-D

Ahh, I'm so glad to see you point out the Hermione-Rose and Draco-Scorpius connections! It's so exciting when people pick up on little things like that; it makes all of the tedious detail work so worth it! *squee* I'm just ecstatic that you found both characters to be believable and lovable! And the mistletoe was so fun to play around with; I'm glad you enjoyed my version of a magically glitter-bombing mistletoe! hehehe

I'm so thrilled you enjoyed this so much! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a kind and thoughtful review! I sincerely appreciate it! ^.^

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Review #44, by peppersweet Waltz

3rd January 2014:
Hi Tanya! Here for the 12 days of reviewing challenge, day 8!

I'm so glad I read this one-shot. It's such a sensitive but also sweet and funny handling of Scorose. Both of their conditions seemed absurd, but not in a bad way - I'm kind of struggling how to express myself here - as in, you showed the difficulty of living with OCD or a stutter really well without sensationalising the conditions or making this a tragic story. The way the narrative voice sometimes reflected Rose's OCD habits was really effective, with the repetitions of three. I thought it made this line really stand out: Not that she hasnít considered what it might be like to kiss Scorpius in a daydream or two or twelve, but the dream versus the reality are so very vastly different for one glaringly obvious reason: there are no germs in daydreams. It seems like a really offhand remark, but I liked how you used numbers that weren't multiples of 3 to count the daydreams, and mentioned that there weren't any dreams in them. The suggestion of Rose possibly having some sort of mental escape was really touching.

Their reactions after the kiss were also really sweet (sorry to overuse the word sweet!). I absolutely loved the closing line. Also, gotta say, it made me giggle a bit thinking of their absolute aversion to being covered in glitter. I know it's tough to get off, but sparkles!! I guess I can empathise - I glittered up for a Christmas party something like a month ago and my carpet's still got bits of silver trodden into it.

Really good work. Best of luck with the duel, and happy 2014! ♥

Author's Response: *squee* Hi hi hi and thank you so much for this wonderful review! Wow! :-D

Ah, I'm so relieved to hear that my portrayal of both Rose and Scorpius' conditions came across well! I was so very nervous about that when I was posting and it's been so reassuring to know they've been well-received! And that's so exactly what I was going for: showing their challenges in an accurate light without making their lives seem wholly tragic! Also, that's one of my favorite bits as well for exactly that reason: Rose gets to take a break from the germophobia aspects of her life, if only in a daydream. The numbers thing I actually didn't do on purpose, but I'm glad you liked it anyway (though I have to point out that twelve actually is divisible by three... hehehe)!

Ahh, the reaction line is one of my favorites! Scorpius is adorable after that kiss! And I'm so happy that the closing line worked for you; I was a little unsure if I shouldn't have ended it with his 'Good, good, good.' line, but I was selfish and really wanted that final Waltz line in it, so I threw it in just because! I'm very glad it worked for you! Phew!

Omg, glitter. No, I can't deal with it. LOL I'm telling you, it's impossible to clean up! Hahaha I wish the best of luck to you and your carpet, though! ;)

Thank you so, so much for this wonderful review! I was so happy to receive something from the 12 Days of Christmas challenge, too! Also, now that the winners have been announced (omg, I can't believe I'm one of them!), CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! I'm such a slow reviewer, but I'm working my way through all of the entries, so I'll see you over at Thaw soon enough! Yay! *hugs*

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Review #45, by Tara Waltz

2nd January 2014:
The characters in this were just awesome - I don't even know how you can become so attached to a romance in this short a story.

I am awful at writing reviews but I want to say that this was an incredibly sweet and absolutely amazing one-shot and I loved it sososo much.

Off to see what else you've written!

Author's Response: Ah, this is such a sweet review! Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that you felt so attached to these two and their story, even with it being relatively short! :-D

Pfft, this review is anything but awful. It's incredibly lovely and had me grinning from ear to ear! You're really far too kind and I'm incredibly grateful that you took the time to review!

I hope you find something else on my page that intrigues you! Thanks again! ^.^

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Review #46, by HeyMrsPotter Waltz

31st December 2013:
This is absolutely, comptely, perfectly and yet imperfectly adorable! I read this story when it was nominated for story of the month in the common room but didn't have time to review, which gave me an excuse to read it again now :D

I'm not generally a next gen reader because I find Rose and Scorpius characters are often all characterized the same, him as a mini malfoy and her as feisty and really intelligent. For me, the beauty of near gen is that we know almost nothing about the characters so they can be whoever we want them to be and that is exactly what you have done here. Your characters are beautifully flawed with real issues that effect real people and you've created a wonderful relationship between them as a result. I love how well they understand each other and that they both had to fight their demons for something as simple as a kiss underneath the mistletoe. Both OCD and stutters are difficult issues to live with and you wrote them well, especially Rose's OCD.

I thought your use of the repetition of three and how it linked to the waltz was really clever and effective, and you didn't over use it either, it was the perfect amount.

The description was excellent, in all of the little details surrounding Rose's OCD, and particularly the kiss. It wasn't fireworks and magic and an instant cure to all of their problems, it was sweet and awkward and a big deal for both of them. Superb!

It goes without saying really, but I adored this one-shot. Thank you for a lovely little festive read :)

Author's Response: HeyMrsPotter!!! Ah, this review is so wonderful!!! *attack hugs* :-D

Ah, it's so incredible to hear that you enjoyed my versions of Rose and Scorpius! I agree 100% with you about how they seem to have a similar vibe in most stories, though I don't have too much experience as I'm not actually a big Next Gen fan either! Still, I was definitely worried that my less-than-usual versions of these two might miss the mark and upset some avid Next Gen writer/readers, but the response has been really wonderful instead! Such a relief! haha I'm so, so thrilled that you found my portayal of Rose's OCD and Scorpius' stutter to have been handled well! It's always a risk to take on these sorts of things and I'm just so happy you not only like the choice, but the way each was utilized! Phew! ^.^

YAY! This is such a nice thing to hear, as one of my main concerns was that the repetitions wouldn't sit right. I'm just ecstatic that you feel they were perfectly incorporated!

Hehehehe They really are just too awkward to have a normal kiss! I'm so happy you found that scene and all of the little details sprinkled about to be good additions to the story! It's always great to hear that those little bits of information, though not necessarily needed, still add an extra element to the characters. *squee*

This is such a lovely review! You're just too wonderful! Thank you so very, very much for having taken the time to leave it! :-D

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Review #47, by smitlikesllamas Waltz

26th December 2013:
Here's the review that you requested like a thousand years ago. :)

One time I went to a birthday party and we had a glitter fight. This was like three years ago, and I swear I still find glitter in my hair. It's crazy. I would rather kiss Scorpius than have to be covered in glitter too. However, that's not saying much, as I really, really, REALLY like Scorpius. He's a cutie. :)

Anyway, I thought was really cute. It wasn't exactly funny, but it was precious. I have a friend who used to be really OCD and germophobic, so I could relate not only to Rose, but also to her dorm mates as well. I thought Rose was also kind of precious, if not a little anxious.

I don't know if you've edited this since you requested this review, but I didn't catch any typos or anything, or anything that needed commenting on.

All in all I thought this was a cute, quirky, and relateable read. It was fun! I enjoyed it. :)

Thanks for requesting and feel free to come back to my thread. :)


Author's Response: LOL No worries; glad you made it over in the end! ^.^

hahaha Right? Glitter is crazy! I wouldn't be surprised if it's same batch from three years ago taunting you still. ;) And I totally agree; Scorpius is adorbs - who wouldn't rather be kissing him? Even Rose came around! hehehe

I'm glad you liked the story and that Rose and her dorm mates all felt accurate in their portrayals compared to your own experience! That's always good to hear! ^.^

I have not edited it yet, no, so thank you so much for saying that! I can't believe the response the story has gotten without me even getting the chance to go back to it, yet!

Anyway, I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Thanks for the great review! :-D

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Review #48, by teh tarik Waltz

25th December 2013:
Tanya! ♥ Merry Christmas, lovely! I'm here with a review! :D

Eek, I absolutely adored this oneshot! You've written two flawed characters so amazingly well: Rose has OCD, and Scorpius has speech difficulties, and I love how they find solace in each other's imperfections, as friends initially, and something more by the end. I haven't read too much of Rose/Scorpius, though I'm beginning to get a bit into those two, but I think you've captured their relationship in a very original way, and your characters are fresh as well as convincingly portrayed.

The repetitions and the words-in-threes in Rose's narration were really effective; I guess the way you incorporated her obsessiveness into the narrative really shows a lot about how big a part of her life, her disorder is. It's a little sad, really, seeing how little her dorm mates understand her; they're a bit insensitive, and it just makes so much sense why she'd seek Scorpius out for comfort. I can imagine him having a really hard time trying to integrate into society and mix normally with his peers as well. He seems to be admired for his good looks by all the girls, and yet nobody seems him beyond that, only Rose, because she can relate to him.

I love the light touches of humour in your story; it really, really worked well, building toward that fluffy optimistic ending and the developing romance, and of course, this being a Christmas fic makes the light humour really appropriate.

Right after their adorable kiss, Scorpius pops the question: D-do you n-n-need to go brush y-your teeth? That really had me giggling there; it's just how well they understand each other; despite the fun and lightness of that moment, it's actually a really lovely, moving scene: two awkward individuals with their own problems standing there, facing each other after having done something that has just about changed their relationship to each other completely. I loved this.

Also, giggling a little bit at the mistletoe, and how it buzzes about in the air, seeking to trap couples and elicit kisses between them and glitter-bombing them when its demands are refused. Such a lovely depiction of magical mistletoe! That was wonderful.

Anyway, this is such a perfect Christmassy oneshot, Tanya! I'm so glad I finally have the chance to read and review something of yours! And i think you did a fabulous job with the prompt. Merry Christmas again, lovely, and best of luck with the Writers' Duel! ♥


Author's Response: Teh!!! A belated Merry Christmas to you as well! So sorry for how long it's taken me to respond; I got buried under a surge of reviews this past month (a glorious problem to have, though, of course)!

Ah, you're far too kind! I'm so happy you enjoyed my versions of these two! To be honest, I'm not really into Rose/Scorpius either (or anything Next Gen), which actually worked out in my favor here because I wasn't influenced by other people's versions of these two and instead found it easy to come up with who I thought they were without the pressure of conforming to more popular versions! I'm just so happy it worked out, cause I know people can be picky about their favorite characters! And it's just fantastic that you liked them both as individuals and as a pair! *squee*

The repetition of three's was something I was a bit worried about at first, but it's such a relief knowing they worked out! Thank you! And it's definitely hard for Rose with her OCD, and for her roommates as well sometimes, and as much as I like to think most people would be kind towards these little compulsions, there's unfortunately a lot of people out there who react with less patience than is perhaps wished for. But, like you said, it's good for Rose and Scorpius to have each other!

hehe I'm glad the small sprinkling of humor and lightness worked for you! I think it's always nice to have a balance, if it can be managed! ^.^

LOL That line had me giggling when I thought of it. It was actually one of the very last things I thought of, but I'm glad I did because people have enjoyed it! They're pretty cute, huh? I'm glad everyone has enjoyed their adorableness! hehehe

Glitter-bombing! Yes! hahaha I was just trying to think of something that wasn't the norm (being trapped by said mistletoe), and that spiraled into 'What would be the worst possible scenario for someone with OCD?' Glitter is the worst, I tell you. :-p Glad you liked it!

YAY! You're so lovely, Teh!!! Thank you so much again for this glorious review! You're far too kind, but it is endlessly appreciated! *hugs*

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Review #49, by momotwins Waltz

25th December 2013:
OCD is tough. Poor Rose. And poor Scorpius, his speech disorder really touched me. I don't know if you know this, but my kids have a speech disorder - childhood apraxia of speech. They've gone to speech therapy since they were 18 months old, and didn't speak until they were 4. So characters with speech difficulties really get to me. His stutter breaks my heart. I know how awful it is for them not to be able to get the words out.

Rose is a bit of her mother, but with the OCD amplifying Hermione's tendencies toward neatness and order and precision. And I like that the mistletoe has an opt-out, even if it's a bit of a temper tantrum about it. The forced-mistletoe-kiss thing is a bit uncomfortable - forced affection is not cool - though I get the plot device use of it. Of course, for poor Rose, the idea of the glitter is horrifying. And Scorpius is so precious trying not to show he's upset at her refusal to kiss him.

I loved this. I really did. It was adorable and sweet, made me choked up and smile at the same time. I kind of want to go cry but I'll stop myself, cause they kissed and it was sweet. Great job. Merry Christmas, hon.

Author's Response: Oh WTM. I know I've already told you this in several locations before now, but this review has just completely melted my heart. Really, there's nothing more rewarding than to hear your writing has touched somebody on such a personal level. I knew that your kids did face some challenges, but I wasn't certain of the specifics until now. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have these fully formed thoughts in your head but be unable to communicate them with ease. But you know what? The more I wrote this Scorpius - and this Rose, too - the more in love I fell and the more appreciative I grew of any person struggling with these sorts of things. I'm just so pleased that it moved you. *hugs*

You know, you're actually the first person to acknowledge the Hermione-Rose influence. I'm glad you picked it out! I came up with the idea of having an OCD character before I knew who that character was, but Hermione is a big part of why Rose felt fitting for the part. And I am SO with you on the mistletoe thing. I was absolutely tempted to use that popular trapped version for a bit, too, because it was the first time I was writing a story that dealt with mistletoe, but the more I thought about it, the less comfortable I felt about two people being forced to kiss. So I changed it to 'What would be the worst situation for someone with OCD to go through, just about?' Glitter-bombing felt right. haha

Oh man, this review. You're too wonderful; I'm so touched. No crying on Christmas, though, WTM! *hugs* I'm very moved by this review and I feel very honored that a writer of your caliber enjoyed it so much. Thank you a thousand times over for this. I hope your Christmas was just wonderful. :)

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Review #50, by melpell Waltz

24th December 2013:
That was very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed your first trip to Rose's mind. The ending was adorable. I love that their imperfections made them perfect for each other. You know how capture your audience, fantastic job.

Author's Response: Thank you, Mel! I'm so glad I could do her character justice; I was certainly nervous enough that I might completely miss the mark! And I'm glad you enjoyed the ending (who doesn't love a little happy fluff thrown in, huh?)! This is such a sweet review, thank you for writing it! *hugs*

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