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Review #26, by alicia and anne Breakable Girls and Boys

5th March 2015:
Fred is going to be so hilarious with this crush Josephine has on George! Especially mentioning George asleep and drooling! Haha do Fred and George expect anyone to work? :D

Fred is such a child at times! He's brilliant!

Awww it's so adorable that Fred and George get each other home made gifts. I love that fact and I am now going to make it into my headcanon. :D

OH MY GOD THAT GIFT IS SO ADORABLE!!! And those jokes are terribly awesome that they're so funny!

Oh George! He's changed so much, I want Josephine to be there for him, to help heal him. Even say a few of Fred's terrible jokes. :(

Oh no! he broke it! :( And she's there and she's hearing Fred's voice in her head egging her on!

Gah!!! She held his hand and he's staring at her and he's noticed her more and they had a moment and she helped him! And I want more!!! :D

I want so much more!!! I absolutely love this so much! I know I say it in every review, but I seriously do! It's so amazing! Just oh my god!!! I feel so many emotions and it's because you're such a fantastic author!

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Review #27, by alicia and anne Nice to Meet You

5th March 2015:
I love that the chapters all flip to different times. That way I can see how she came into the twins lifes and how they've been around each other and I just love it so much!

I have so much love for you and your stories! :D

Hahaha the twins would be amazing bosses! That letter was just an act of pure brilliance! They're so hilarious! I wonder how many people brought sweets and jokes? I wonder if Josephine did? :D

Oh! This obsession with George has gone on for quite some time! I wonder when it started?

I love how loud Fred is! He's so awesome! Oh god! He's hilarious! I can't stop laughing! This makes up for the crying and devastation in the last chapter! :D

His questions are pure brilliance! :D And they're such Twin questions! I can't help but wonder what questions George is asking people? Why is Fred a mango of all things? Hahaha oh god! He asked hoq attractive he is! Hahaha oh god I can't stop laughing! :D

I loved when George came into the room and she hid! And they noticed!! haha of course they noticed! :D I think that Fred knows the real reason why she applied now! :D

Oh my god! Fred has a favourite chest hair! Oh god this story is so hilariously brilliant! I love it so much and it is becoming by far one of my favourite ever stories! :D

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Review #28, by alicia and anne Promises, Promises

5th March 2015:
Yay! We get to see Josephine and Fred together and how they used to be.

:O She's obsessed with George? Oo this is interesting! So very very interesting! My excitement is building!

I absolutely love how you've written Fred and I'm loving the friendship between him and Josephine. They're so funny and compliment each other so well. The way that they bounce off of each other is brilliant!

Haha I love that Fred has a way around his promise. I can't wait to see if she tells George, or if Fred writes him a letter about it :D

*cries* I want her to tell George and I'm so sad that Fred won't be around to witness this all! :(

"It doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t even seem quite possible that such a huge personality could fit into such a small rectangular block of wood, only to be buried beneath the earth and never seen again. There is no sense in that." --- I absolutely love this! So much! There is no other way to describe Fred and it makes you wonder how it's even possible that he does fit in something so small.

Why must you make me cry? I just want to curl up into a ball and cry. :( I am this blubbering, sobbing mess

Why must you be so talented and make me feel such emotions! :D Gah! So much sadness! You wrote it all so amazingly!

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Review #29, by alicia and anne Introduction: Boxes

5th March 2015:
Oh no! I already feel sorry for her!

*cries* Why did Fred die? I don't think that anyone will ever get over that death.

I am so intrigued already on how she is going to get away with this lying and what's going to happen between May and December! I'm so excited right now! So very very excited! :D

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Review #30, by Diogenissa Introduction: Boxes

25th January 2015:
Oh Tannnyyya! Happy Hufflepuff Hotseat (take-two-but-better-later-than-never)!

I knew I wanted to do this story (and it is currently on my reading list) and I'm glad I did--this was just awesome and I love your portrayal of the twins!

NOW *turns out fingers and wiggles them free*

Powerful opening line--it sets a very nice stage for what is coming and immedately I am made curious as to what she is feeling she is deserving of and then the 'why'. As I continued, I could almost literally FEEL the pain, sorrow, the heaviness of the guilt and the initial numbing shock of Fred's death. It runs an icy shiver up the back.

Jo's testimony and reasoning behind tears is what has truly captured me because not only is she right but tears and mourning are very HUMAN traits and part of the human condition and hence perfectly normal and natural. I love how she lets go.

Tis more than understandable that she feels that way about the sun but the more I read it, the more I had this feeling of 'maybe that's Fred's way of comforting his loved ones'--I could just feel that sort of warmth, not only from the sunlight itself, but also the thought of Fred watching over everyone. :-)

This: 'My best friend is lying in a box' then 'Fred Weasley is lying in a box' at the end--wow just WOW! I don't think this could have ended on any more of a stronger note! Gah just floor me next time! :O

Overall this was just amazing Tanya--I absolutely LOVE your descriptions and how you've set the stage. I also like your versatility with words--you have a great vocabulary and I learned quite a few new ones!

Thank you SO MUCH for a beautiful opening chapter and now I'm on to Chapter 2.

Karen xoxo

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Review #31, by Freda_and_Georgina Eye of the Storm

22nd January 2015:
As it is the end of a long Thursday, non-weekend day I am unable to think of much to tell you other than how funny, sad, lovable, and heartbreaking this chapter is. Of all the chapters, this one really gives the overall feel of the story. It's the Lying Josephine-est chapter of all of them. The epitome of this story, if you will. I'm numbly rambling so let's say it together: I am the worst. (reviewer, not writer).

Anyway, love those chapters. And I'm reviewing all I can of this story as a thank-you for never missing our Review Hot Seat.

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Review #32, by Freda_and_Georgina Promises, Promises

22nd January 2015:
No! Oh no matter how many times you write the family's reactions to Fred's death I still am let secretly sobbing. Let them recover. Let Josephine have courage. It is all so sad. And brilliant. I will give you that, the sadness is brilliant.


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Review #33, by likeness_of_a_seabird Breakable Girls and Boys

22nd January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round three!

Poor George! Can’t catch a break, can he? First he is swarmed by overeager customers, then he breaks the globe Fred gave him. Honestly, the moment when he stands there, frozen, and realises what he just did broke my heart.

I get that people are happy that Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes is open again but don’t they realise George just lost his brother? The least they could do was to respect that and leave when the shop closes without too much of a fuss. How very rude of them to complain over a closing time and leave a mess behind.

I loved how Jo was relying on Fred’s voice to guide her and seeking the courage she needed from the memory of him. I think that by doing this, she’s not only honouring the promise she made to Fred but also keeping his memory alive.

Speaking of Fred, I had to smile when he resulted to tormenting Jo because she didn’t come to see what he had to show for her immediately. The whole poking and tickling and generally acting like a five-year-old was so typically Fred. I also liked how he was worried that George might like the Christmas present. It shows how much they care about each other (not that there was ever any doubt about it but it is good to show it once in a while). And that globe was simply phenomenal! If this doesn’t prove that Fred and George are gifted with magic, nothing will!

Another great chapter! I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ll see next in the “past-section”. I love the whole story, but if I had to name a part of a chapter that I liked the most, it would be those parts.

- Emmi

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Review #34, by Freda_and_Georgina Introduction: Boxes

22nd January 2015:
Realized I never reviewed the first two chapters and hopped from them to the thrid and thought "this looks like a good place to review". But I'm here now, and that's what matters. Anyway, this chapter was short but short is good, especially when it ends abruptly. it fills the reader with curiosity and a need to move on. By the way, I was curious and needed to move on after reading this chapter the first time.

You'll see more of me soon!

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Review #35, by Willow Eye of the Storm

15th January 2015:
This is so fantastic. I can't wait to read more! You just have captured Fred and George so perfectly, invented fabulously believable new characters, and I will admit you made me cry once. Amazing job 10/10

Author's Response: Hey there! Thank you so much! This is such a lovely review! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed my version of Fred and George, as well as my OC! And the fact that I made you cry is honestly such a huge compliment to me (although I feel like I should maybe also apologize? :-p)! OH! And guess what? You're my 150th reviewer for this story! *squee* Thank you again for leaving such a kind review; it completely made my day! :-D

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Review #36, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Eye of the Storm

14th January 2015:
No, no, NO. That can NOT be all that's posted right now. I'm going to have to join the list of people pestering you for another chapter! :P

It was so sweet to see both Fred and George confiding in Jo, but also so sad to see George and Jo both blaming themselves. :( I liked how, although she couldn't fight, Jo was still involved in the battle, and saved George's life. And I really love how, in the flashbacks, Jo doesn't even have to actually SAY anything, but Fred already knows what she means.

Another wonderful chapter, and I know you're busy with RL and staffer things, but I'm going to need an update SOON!

Author's Response: ...if I promise that chapter six will be posted very soon, will that help? hahaha Although, feel free to join the pestering wagon anyway! Lord knows I need as much guilt-inducing persuasion as possible to keep my Muse happy! :-p

Gah, I know - that George and Jo scene was so difficult to write cause I DON'T WANT THEM TO FIGHT. Even if Jo's version of fighting is... not really fighting at all, BUT STILL! And each of their self-blame... gah, so upsetting. I swear I love my characters, even though I put them through a lot... hahaha And the battle information! Wah! I know. It's all so upsetting, but I'm glad you liked it anyway! And her and Fred's bond is my favorite thing ever. He plays such a huge role in her life just by caring and trying to chip away at her silence.

This is such a wonderful review. Thank you so much again, Jayde! And I swear it will be updated soon! I promise, I promise! ♥

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Review #37, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Breakable Girls and Boys

14th January 2015:
Aw, so sweet, but sad at the same time. It was really heartbreaking to see how excited Fred was about giving the snow globe to George, and then turn around and see how much pain it's causing George to hear Fred's voice now that he's gone. It was really genius the way you featured the snow globe in both parts of the chapter dear, really!

Fred's annoying Jo in the first part was really hilarious, and I loved how, even though he's gone now, Jo can practically hear his voice, telling her to go help George... and his voice is ultimately what finally gives her the strength to talk to George, and even touch him for the first time.

And I would leave a longer review... but I need to go read chapter 5 now. :P Well done!

Author's Response: "Aw, so sweet, but sad at the same time."

LOL Yeah... that's sort of this whole story wrapped up in one sentence, isn't it? IT'S BECAUSE I'M EVIL AND ENJOY TOYING WITH PEOPLE'S EMOTIONS! MUAHAHA! :-P

No, but seriously, I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter as well - especially the snow globe and the way it played a big part in both sections, but in such drastically different ways. (And I know, I know! Poor, poor George... :()

I'm thrilled you're liking Fred's influence on Josephine, even in death, because he plays a big part in that way pretty often throughout this entire story.

And pffft. Jayde, these reviews are amazing - don't even worry for a second about length! You're the best. ♥

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Review #38, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Nice to Meet You

14th January 2015:
This is such a great, chapter, dear! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how Jo came to work at WWW, how Fred came to know about her secret, and how their deal was made. The flashback part of the chapter perfectly conveyed Jo's embarrassment and the hilarity of the situation, as well as the nearly instant bond that formed between her and Fred. And the "1998" part of the chapter in just a couple of paragraphs really did an excellent job of explaining all that happened during and after the war.

A really excellent, exciting and intriguing chapter, dear, and I'm off to the next!

Author's Response: Jayde! *hugs*

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed this little glimpse into how Fred and Jo began! I won't lie, I had a lot of fun putting her into those really awkward and embarrassing situations that she ended up in during this interview. hehehe (Or should I instead laugh MUAHAHAHA! :-p) I'm glad you enjoyed the small present day section, too, and that it managed to convey everything that's happened since the funeral without confusing you or feeling too explainy or anything!

You're far too kind, I swear it. Thank you for this great review! I sincerely appreciate it! ♥

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Review #39, by TheDoctor Introduction: Boxes

9th January 2015:
Oh, hello. Yes, sorry--you're probably wondering why I man is now trapped inside of your story. You see, the universe is vast and ridiculous and... Well, I suppose I've crossed into the dimension of fictional universes. Very wibbly wobbly, this spacetime travel business. I was trying to get to Space Alaska to visit an igloo. Never seen an igloo! 900 years in time and space and I never spent the night in an igloo, imagine that.

Anyway, what? Oh yes. Sometimes the least important things lead to the greatest discoveries. Like this story. Here I was, hellbent on an evening in an icy hut, and I end up somewhere so much more brilliant.

I've been called a lot of things--madman, raggedy man, John Smith (imagine)--the worst have been Warrior and Liar. I identify with this narrator. Wars are absurd, terrible things. They never do end just because the fighting stopped. They just keep on going for the people who survive them.

And I have to thank you for writing such a good story. It'd be a shame to get trapped somewhere that didn't have lovely descriptions and language. You're making my stay quite comfortable, even if the subject breaks my hearts.

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Review #40, by likeness_of_a_seabird Nice to Meet You

3rd January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round two!

Why have the job interviews I’ve been in never been as funny as the one Fred held? I’ve only ever been asked the usual, boring questions. I’d love to be asked what fruit I consider myself to be (I think I’d be a kiwifruit). Seriously speaking, I can very well imagine Fred and George holding a job interview like that. Doing things the “usual way” doesn’t sit well with them, does it? They’re job advert was hilarious! I wish the ones I see in real life would be even half as funny as that one… I could also sympathise with Jo’s position; it can’t have been easy to be in that position, being asked all these questions out of the blue.

I already said in the previous review I liked the way Jo and Fred interact and I still do. It’s so cute the way he decides he’s going to call her Jo without even waiting for her to give her consent, and his ability to gauge what she’s thinking by simply looking at her expression is so believable. Fred and George have always struck to me as very observant people and it’s easy to believe Fred would be able to read her expressions so accurately; after all, he was able to deduce the reason George frightened her so badly.

I also really like how non-linear this is (I believe I said that as well). It makes the story very interesting to read since you don’t know what is going to happen to next. The ending was very attention-grabbing; I can’t wait to see what is going to happen and what piece of Josephine’s past we’re going to see next!

- Emmi

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Review #41, by Freda_and_Georgina Breakable Girls and Boys

3rd January 2015:
Hello, Georgina is back.

I am at a loss for words right now. (yes, that is an exaggeration because what's a review without words?) I love Fred, I love George, I love Josephine and their relationships with each other. I love the globe, I love Fred's voice in Josephine's head, and I love the store closure. I don't know what I think of Josephine just allowing George to be broken like that, my heart wants to run over and snap him out of it! But, at the same time I understand why she just runs. Ew, did you have to put in a description of the glass in George's gyaaa. (not a Healer, can you tell?)

I love your story and the way you're weaving it together.

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Review #42, by magnolia_magic Introduction: Boxes

3rd January 2015:
Tanya, hi! I've been meaning to come check out this story for AGES now, and I'm finally here! And I'm so glad I was able to stop by for the hot seat this time :)

I know you're looking for feedback on the later chapters of this, but I had to start at the beginning for now, of course. I hope you don't mind another review on this fantastic prologue! I love what you did with the time jump in the middle. Starting off with a flash-forward is a move I really like, because I like a glimpse of where things are headed in a story. But it seems that poor Josephine sort of starts and ends in a similar emotional place in this chapter. The first scene is so intriguing, with what I'm assuming is the aftermath of Josephine's lie blowing up in her face. But it's the second scene that really got me in the feels. You really nailed Josephine's grief here, and the almost out-of-body experience it can feel like to witness a loved one's funeral. I'm so impressed with the way you handled those emotions here.

Josephine has such a great voice, and I'm looking forward to reading on and seeing more from her perspective. She's in a very hopeless place in this chapter, clearly, and I imagine it will be a very long journey to change that. I'm completely on board, Tanya! I hope to come back for the other chapters very soon!


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Review #43, by maraudertimes Eye of the Storm

24th December 2014:
UGH I've been uber sick and I couldn't get to this but as soon as I was feeling better here I am, but ugh this isn't helping because my immune system is shot and now so is my heart, oh my goodness, why oh why would you do all of this to me?

The start, with Fred, oh god it's nice to read about him again! And his thing with Angelina, I'm so glad that you wrote about it and OMG, he and Angelina are so cute, if strange. Of course, he definitely is related to Ron if he doesn't see that some jokes can cross the line - that clown one, though hilarious, definitely did! Of course, what would you expect from Fred? :P

The line about friends and the frivolity of knocking - I'm thinking that somehow that will relate to Fred walking in on Jo in an awkward situation? Hmm...

OMG George! Okay so Jo's coworker is amazing and such a lovely woman! And even though it's obvious she wanted to go home, she offered to stay? And then Jo told her to go home? OMG these people in your story are all so nice!!!

Lol forever at the Quick Quotes Quill attempt at writing down the products. All of them are hilarious AND THEN BAM GEORGE! Although yes, they probably do have too many poo related products... Although if they didn't it wouldn't be Fred and George. OH WAIT, I COMPLETELY FORGOT THIS ENTIRE STORY WAS DEDICATED TO RIPPING MY HEART OUT. SORRY! But yes, I did like that inclusion because it was super cute and it lent to the store and the products in a way that was kind of funny given the somber atmosphere.

And then the end? Holy cow, I can't believe Jo saved George's life? And, of course, I loved how you added the detail of the Battle from George's perspective. But OMG Fred made her follow George? So their roles could have been reversed? And George wishes they were? Oh goodness, be still my broken heart! Why must you do this to me? Of course, that ending was just super sad, especially because I can totally see why George would be upset, and then Jo! DEAR SWEET JO STOOD UP AND YELLED AT HIM OMG THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Very happy about this development, not so much about the things that it took to get there though...

Okay, so this is me, telling you, you have to get the next chapter up really soon, okay? Because this is amazing and you are toying with my emotions!!! Stop this insanity, won't you, and get the next chapter up quickly!!! Thank you so much for this review swap, even though my end was super delayed, because this was amazing and I loved every second of it and you must continue and fast, yes? YES!

Great job, j'adore'd everything, it was all spectacular, amazing job, you write spectacularly!
Lo :)

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Review #44, by maraudertimes Breakable Girls and Boys

22nd December 2014:
Ugh I'm so late. :( So sorry!

OMG this chapter was a heart break wrapped in a blanket of sorrow accompanied by a triple chocolate sundae of utter sadness and depression. Although TBH, I would like the sundae right about now... Nothing like chocolate to soothe the aching soul that you have made me because of your impeccable writing and sad plot. Darn you!

Okay, so it was so sad, this entire thing, and I'm going to try and keep my cool, calm collected self about while I - HOW COULD YOU? Why would people deliberately steal merchandise after the war and everything George has been through. Out of everything in this chapter that's the thing I hated the most. To steal from a man who's mourning the loss of his twin brother? I'm not saying, I'm just saying, Death Eater practices would be totally cool on them, me thinks!

The fact that word got out didn't surprise me because Weasley's Wizard Wheezes was really popular before the war and after everything, people need a laugh. The only thing is, I wish people hadn't stormed the store. :( Obviously the employees were having a hard time. Couldn't they wait?

And of course at closing time, the whole George not wanting to stay late made me so sad considering that he would always keep it open. But it makes sense, as does the he not caring about the mess (also super rude! how can people do that? do they not have consciouses? or is it consciouseese? I don't know...). When he went to his office and Fred's voice was in Jo's head? Oops I'm bawling. And then she went to go see him!!! Darn you!

Okay, the whole sadness, mourning thing - right on the nose. It's spectacular how you write your characters and the grief and other emotions they deal with. Everything is spot on and simply amazing. The fact that George reacted that way to Fred's snow globe (amazing gift by the way - I loved the jokes! :P), while it made me sad, it did scream realistic. And then Jo stayed and cleaned his wounds - literally and figuratively - and that whole exchange just made my heart hurt and OMG WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME???

All in all, amazing chapter! I'm so sorry I was late, I got really crazy sick this weekend and I'm better now so hopefully next review up soon but work and I'm so sorry, but I do love this story and I'm so excited to read the next chapter - YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW GOOD THIS IS I LOVE IT.

You are an amazing writer and this story is stunning. After the next chapter I might have to favourite it. :P But truly - this was absolutely incredible!
Lo :)

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Review #45, by SecretHoHo Introduction: Boxes

20th December 2014:
Ho, Ho, Ho!

I absolutely adore the opening line of this chapter - of the story, really. It brings you in immediately and makes you wonder, what on earth could she have done, that was so horrible. What were the lies and the false world she created? I must know! I must read on! You can help but to feel bad for her right from the go. Whatever she did, you know it wasn't malicious from how she states she did it - whatever "it" is - for the good of others as well. Obviously she feels great remorse, the way she completely fell to pieces.

I cannot even begin to describe to you how much I love how you described her emotions at Fred's funeral. It truly is the way you feel when you lose someone close to you. All alone, even though you are surrounded by people. That was stated perfectly.

I do like seeing the aftermath of the war through the eyes of someone other than a main character. It reminds us that there were many people who had lost someone and did not truly get the chance to celebrate. It wasn't only the trio and their family and friends who suffered, but many other witches and wizards. It really was a bitter-sweet moment for a lot of people.

I don't think I've read another line in a fic that has affected me more than, "Fred Weasley is lying in a box." Even all of these years later, that is the character death I have the hardest time with. It certainly the one I least expected out of everyone. It was an extremely powerful line to end the chapter with.

Your writing is really quite beautiful. It flows almost like music and is just such a pleasure to read. I've truly enjoyed this, and other fics of yours that I have read. You are an extremely talented writer and I'm thrilled I've received you for the SS! ♥

Now, the big question... Who ever could I be?

Much Love,
Your Secret Ho Ho :p

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Review #46, by AdinaPuff Introduction: Boxes

15th December 2014:
Hi, here for the review hot seat!

SUPER sorry right off the bat I can't get to the other chapters--I'm behind on my reviewing for the hot seat, and my mind is fried. But I'm hooked on this so I'll be back and give you a review on the latest chapter ;)

What a depressing chapter. I can feel Josephine's sadness rolling off of her. You did a marvelous job showing her vulnerability in the beginning. Her exposure. So alone. I could feel it. And then the next scene, Fred's funeral, is just as upsetting. The sun's mockery is a wonderful addition to completing the scene. I actually loved that mention. It was perfect.

Sorry this is so short. I loved it. Hope you received some wonderful reviews!


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Review #47, by Moonyxluna Breakable Girls and Boys

15th December 2014:
Hey Tanya! Happy hot seat day!

I have to start out by saying how sad I am that I haven't read this sooner! I really have enjoyed reading up to here so far. Fred and Josephine's developing friendship in the previous chapters has been so fun to read. I love how their conversations are seemingly so one-sided, but at the same time they retain this balance in their friendship where Fred can basically argue himself in circles with Josephine's facial expressions. It gives her such a neat characterization, because where she's really quiet, she has such a prominent voice through the chapters I've read so far, that even when she's not speaking she's still being brilliantly characterized.

Another thing I have particularly loved have been a lot of your one-liners in this story so far. There have been a few times where the truth in some of your sentences has been very awe-inspiring, and they stay with you as you keep reading.

The formatting of each of the chapters has been really neat, how you start each one of them off with a little happy part from the past, where we see the two happy and bonding, and then the second half is the 'present day' of the story where we see Josephine out on her own and trying to cope with things. I am so curious on how things are going to play out in the upcoming chapters!

Anyway! On to this chapter!

Their friendship is absolutley fantastic. I love how Fred can read her expressions so well, and all of the snark she manages to give him through her eyebrows is fabulous. That gift was so adorable! I feel like you captured a side of Fred that authors rarely do, just through the gift; the large part of his personality is the laughter, but that's not the only part of him, and it was sweet to see some of those emotions poking through in that part.

That, and the 'poke poke poke' was hilarious.

I am SO looking forward to some interactions - in the 'past' part of the story, or the 'present' - between Josephine and George. That one little moment during her interview was NOT enough!

The one sentence George says over the microphone, I think the word 'weary' just perfectly describes how he has to be feeling. That day itself has got to be so overwhelming, emotions wise, to George, and to have it be that busy probably doesn't help.

Yay, she's a Hufflepuff!

Well, just rip my heart out with the Christmas gift against the wall.

That whole scene was so emotional, and I feel like it set the dynamic between the two of them into motion. It was so well written and definitely left me needing more! I've become very attached to this in a short amount of time, and I can't wait to read more of it!


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Review #48, by teh tarik Promises, Promises

15th December 2014:

Hufflepuff Hot Seat yay! I've been pretty busy the last day or so, but I must sneak in a quick review before your day on the grand throne of the hot seat ends. So here I am at last! I've heard SO MUCH about this story and about your excellent portrayal of the Weasley twins, and I've actually read the first chapter before (er...apologies for not reviewing that, but it seemed rather short, so I thought it would be better to come straight here!).

Oh my gosh, Tanya. Fred Funeral Fics? T_T Do not do this to me. I have not got over Fred's death, okay? You're awfully cruel. :( First, you had to include that lovely, lovely flashback showing Jo and Fred's adorable friendship, and how much Fred means to someone so introverted and reserved as Jo. THEN YOU HAD TO WRITE HIM DEAD. That's not fair. Poor Jo. I feel for her so much; I understand introversion really really well being a terrible introvert myself, and I can tell that her one friendship with Fred is something that means the world to her. And to lose that one connection to the world, that is honestly awful and I want to cry STOP THIS ALREADY.

BUT of course there's still George! ♥ Poor George. I find it so funny and interesting that Fred would keep a secret from his own twin just to preserve Jo's feelings; it speaks volumes about how well he understands her. And gah, how untimely his death is. Still, at least it seems to propel Jo toward a decision. I do hope she'll reach out to George a bit more. I love that part where she says she's content to love George from afar. That feeling!! ♥ But of course, now I want her to love George from nearby. Like really really nearby. :P

The last part of the chapter...:( :( :( Jo being alone with poor dead Fred again (after running away and hiding from George and waiting for him to walk off). I can't get over this SORRY NO. T_T T_T

I loved these two chapters, Tanya! This is a fab story and I must catch up with the rest of this. I love the Weasley twins, and I really love your OC Jo. She's so flawed but so realistic and all of the feels for her. ♥


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Review #49, by likeness_of_a_seabird Promises, Promises

15th December 2014:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review!

Well, this was certainly an interesting beginning! I liked how you altered between past and present (or future and present, as was the case with the prologue). It gives a nice dynamic for the story and makes all the more curious about what lead to Josephine thinking she deserved whatever it is that has happened (well, based on the summary, I can make a guess, but still. I want to know every little detail!). I loved the interaction between Fred and Josephine at the beginning of chapter two. It seemed so natural and believable, particularly since Jo doesn't talk much.

Speaking of Josephine, I really like her. She seems so nice and a little vulnerable and yet I think there is inner strength to her - though it doesn't seem like she's fully aware of it! Like I already said, I love how she interacts with Fred and how at ease they are around each other. The way she was willing to try and speak for Fred was so beautifully written I got a little teary. I also liked that moment where she resolves to keep the promise she made; it shows that strength I was talking about.

Also, I'm really curious about why Jo doesn't talk much. It's such an interesting trait to give to a character and it works really well in the story, particularly since this is from her POV.

This was a great start and I'm looking forward to reading more!

- Emmi

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Review #50, by Freda_and_Georgina Nice to Meet You

15th December 2014:
That was really interesting. Fred is so determined and kind to her, I know I might not have gone that far to hire her. I also like how you have George both similar to and different from Fred. The fun fact was also fun to read.

I'll be returning soon!

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