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Review #26, by Julia Eye of the Storm

21st June 2015:
Honestly, it's amazing and makes me alternate between laughing and crying at least 3 times a chapter. I haven' left a review or anything, bc I'm forgetful and lazy, but I love this so so so so so so so so much. Really, words cannot describe. I have been checking up on this for months, way too often, and I'm following you here, FF, and ao3.
Srsly, I'm in love with both you and the story.
Sorry(notsorry) for being a creep. But you're amazing.

Author's Response: Ah! You are so lovely for leaving this incredible review! You have no idea how big a smile this put on my face! ♥

I love hearing that it makes you alternate between laughing and crying. Honestly, that is the greatest statement ever to hear about this story, because it is so exactly what I want for my readers. And ah! I'm so thrilled at how much you love it and that you're following me everywhere with it! This is by far my favorite site to post on, and the others (very obviously AO3) tend to get the updates not as soon, or as lengthy of Author's Notes or anything else, just to keep you in the know! ^.^ Anyway, I'm just beyond ecstatic, though, that you've followed me all over for this story! Blown away. You have no idea. ♥

You're the amazing one. Thank you.

Also, I don't know if you saw yet, but chapter six is up! And chapter seven shouldn't be too far out, either! Yay for progress! Thank you again! :-D

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Review #27, by Veritaserum27 Introduction: Boxes

20th June 2015:
Hi there Tanya!

Happy Ravenclaw House Cup 2015 Review for Staffers Day!!!

I'm so excited that the Amazing Race Game has given me the chance to review all the awesome writers on this site that I never seem to get a chance to review - like you! So, on one hand I'm sorry, but on the other I'm kinda giddy with glee. I've heard so much about this story and this first chapter did not disappoint. It seems like you've bookended the narrator's tale with two emotionally charged scenes. (I'm gonna hazard a guess the narrator is Josephine :) ) I like that you've given us a little background - she was Fred's best friend and feels his loss greatly. For her own personal well being, she feels the need to grieve near him when the others aren't around and so she waits behind the tree. And the first scene is really riveting - making me want to know exactly what she's done to get herself into such a mess. (I might just hazard another guess and say she 'lied'...) Your writing is flawless and flows so nicely. It pulls me into the story! Nice job!

♥ Beth

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Review #28, by SunshineDaisies Promises, Promises

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Hufflepuff

Things I was not prepared for: this chapter. I thought the worst was over with the funeral last chapter, but NOPE. That scene was almost unbearably emotional. It took a lot of effort for me not to cry throughout the whole thing. You conveyed how Jo was feeling so perfectly, I felt just about as miserable as she did. There's something haunting about being alone with someone you've lost, it's like a chance to remember the moments that existed only between the two of you. When you're with a group, it's the group memories that are shared, and I don't think Josephine or George would find that nearly as comforting.

And it was such a contrast to the first half of the chapter! I think that made the second scene far more powerful, actually. I was happily relating to Jo never wanting her crush to find out she has a crush on him and then BAM. sads.

I really did love the dynamic between Fred and Jo, it was such a comfortable, balanced friendship. Jo seems to have been good for Fred in a way that George isn't, necessarily. Fred and George feed off of each other, but Jo seems to mellow them out. And I totally understood how Jo felt about telling George, that is probably one of the most terrifying things in the world. Props to her for continuing to keep her promise.

I'm going to find something happier to read because I need a break from heartache.

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Review #29, by SunshineDaisies Introduction: Boxes

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Hufflepuff

Hello! I'm taking this opportunity to review all of our badger mothers. :)

I've heard a lot about this story, what with all the awards it's won, but I haven't made it over hear to read through it yet. I'm so glad I finally did! The descriptions in this are absolutely gorgeous. I loved Josephine's descriptions of how she thought the weather should be and how it actually was. As far as writing funerals go, I'm a big fan of having the weather be bright and sunny. It seems much more true to life than having rain or thunderstorms. Perhaps it's just my experience, but it seems like funerals tend to take place on otherwise beautiful days. And Josephine's right, it feels like a mockery.

I think this is a brilliant start to an obviously brilliant story, and I am very excited to read more! :)

Puffs for the Cup!

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Review #30, by Roisin Introduction: Boxes

20th June 2015:

So I actually began reading this a while back, but I suppose I never stopped to review because I am the worst. NO MATTER, HOUSE CUP 2015 GRYFFINDOR

This first chapter is so curious, because, I mean, the whole title is actually very curious. It seems so incongruous for her to be reflecting on having lied about things in the midst of a funeral, and it's pretty much impossible to sort out how those things are connected. I mean, I have to assume at this juncture that they aren't, as Fred's death was sudden and unexpected. But yeah, introducing the theme of lying is a very interesting idea!

I also like how Josephine doesn't strike like a typical female OC. She isn't fiesty or sarcastic, and even her name seems pretty far from the cliche (though I rather love the name Josephine - March, Baker, there are so many good ones!)

Anyway, this is a fantastic opening to a story, and I'm glad I've returned to it :)


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Review #31, by crestwood Introduction: Boxes

20th June 2015:
Hi Tanya! Finally getting around to checking out this story. I've heard just about every good thing you can hear about a story - about this one, so I'm excited.

What a great first line. The narrative voice of this first chapter is beautiful. I do love stories that begin with commentary that takes place after the events of the story. The narrator is so remorseful that I have to keep reading because I must know what it is that they've done and who they've lied to.

There's an extremely powerful image in not celebrating in the middle of the Great Hall directly after the fall of Voldemort. "My best friend is lying in a box." - I love this quote so much. That one line is better than entire books I've read. The abruptness of this opening chapter definitely worked in its favor. Amazing work. Can't wait to read on.

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #32, by Joey Tribbiani Promises, Promises

29th May 2015:
First and foremost, I have to say you have such a brilliant contrast between the first half and the second half of this chapter. The first half is light and funny, while the second half is bleak and depressing. In the first half we see Fred in his prime, doing what he loves, happy, and looking out for people he loves. In the second, all of that is ripped away from him and it is terrible. Such stark contrast could run the risk of things seeming like they would be better in two chapters but these two balance each other out so well, thanks to your writing style.

Josephine is remarkably silent most of the time, so stuck in her own head. (She has the girl version of my name but I am the opposite, no doubt about it.) I could give her some tips on getting George to date her. I look a woman up and down and as "How you doin?" and it works like a charm. It would probably work on guys, if she wants to try it. Even if not, she should just talk to George. If she gets along with his twin so well and the boys are so similar, George must like her as well.

I am very close to my friends and the second half of this was very, very sad and touching. When I thought that all my friends were leaving to buy houses or get married or get new jobs I had a really hard time transitioning, but at least they were still there. Josephine is so shy and closed off that she doesn't have anyone else to lean on in times like this, with so much stress.

I hope she and George work out in the end so she can join his big family. (It's the opposite of mine, basically. I have seven younger sisters... seven!) I think they'd be great together. And, if they want to get married, let them know I have been ordained by the power of the internet. Tell them to keep that in mind.

Joey Tribbiani

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Review #33, by Joey Tribbiani Introduction: Boxes

21st May 2015:
Hi Tanya.

This chapter was suitable for somebody of my reading skills, but I will continue on. My friend Chandler says I only like books that star Jack Nicholson so I must prove him wrong.

You did a great job at showing Josephine's emotions in this prologue. Even though it was short, the vivid descriptions of how broken hearted she was and about the way wars can shatter people was very good. I was able to almost feel her pain through all of this. I think you did a great job at striking the balance between her conflicting sides - she was happy the war was over, but devastated at her best friend's death.

I'm interested to know how she goes from May to December and what changes over that period of time and what else could make her feel so upset.

One thing though... did the war end on May 1st or May 2nd? (I'm not very good at history myself! I am a great actor though, so I can give Josephine tips in the future.)

I'm interested to see how this comes along!

Joey Tribbiani

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Review #34, by JJtheNerdfightingStarkid Eye of the Storm

21st May 2015:
As always, so so /so/ good. Absolutely incredible, how good your writing is. And I absolutely love this story as well. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, as always, for your incredible review! It is so wonderful to have such a loyal reader and reviewer. I appreciate it so, so much and am just thrilled that you continue to enjoy the story! You're truly too kind. ♥ THANK YOU YAY! :-D

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Review #35, by 1917farmgirl Breakable Girls and Boys

27th April 2015:
How on earth did I never review this chapter? That's just not right. Not right at all.

Tanya, I'm seriously at a loss as to how to review this. I wanted to give you one of those massive detailed reviews that you seem to excel at so well when you review my stuff, but as I read, I found myself unable to stop and make mental notes about all the parts I wanted to mention to you. I was way, way too caught up in what was playing out on the page before me to do that.

I've read this before, many times, actually, as you worked it over (and over, and over, LOL.) But that doesn't matter. I don't know how you do it, but when you take those thoughts and ideas and emotions you have and let them pour out onto paper, something magical happens.

This story is literally one of the best I have ever written. Your Fred, your George...they are all I could ever hope and dream my beloved twins to be. And Josephine is SO AMAZINGLING REAL! How can you not love her?

The genius of this set up, making me laugh and love Fred in the first part - because he is just so FRED! So perfect. And then ripping my heart out in the next part.

Just so you know, I don't care how long it takes you to finish this story, I will be right here, waiting and begging for more, because this is THE ultimate Fred and George fic and nothing else I read can ever compare.

Now excuse me while I go have a good cry.

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Review #36, by LadyL8 Breakable Girls and Boys

28th March 2015:
Hi again, Tanya. Iím back with the 4th and final review for now, but I like the story so Iíll probably keep an eye on it and come back later on when things have quieted down a little :)

OMG. This was so tragically beautiful. Itís very beautifully written, but tragic because it always tragic when you lose someone important in your life. And since Iím coming straight from the last chapter, I canít help but notice the contrast to it. There everyone was joking around and simply having fun. In some way that made this chapter even more tragic, because I had just seen them all happy and lively. And you write sad chapters so well that Iím actually wondering if I should be worried for you, Tanya (I should not, should I?)

Anyway, Iím feeling so sorry for George now. In this chapter you can really see him struggling, as is to be expected of someone whoís just lost their twin. Heís putting on a brave face, but heís definitely having hard time. And it canít be easy going back to the shop after having gone through something like that. He built the shop with Fred, so everything there must remind him of his twin. And it probably doesnít help that itís a place of laughter, and heís feeling the very opposite of what the place is suppose to represent.

I really liked (or not liked, depending on how you see it) the similarities between the broken globe and how they Ė especially George Ė feel after having lost Fred. It was really clever to have a flashback showing why the globe was so important to them, and then have George destroy it in present day. It definitely added to the sad feeling thatís all over this chapter, and I just wanted to give George a long and warm hug. Poor guy :(

And I loved that Fredís voice was guiding Josephine in a way - that she was trying to act like she thought heíd want her to act if he was there. And I think Josephine made great progress in this chapter. Sheís gone from not being able to be around George without hiding, to now comforting him (a little awkwardly one may say, but itís not exactly easy to find words in this kind of situation) and even talking to him. So yeah, Josephine is on the right track :)

So Iíve already said this many times, but Iíve fallen in love with the story. I think you have your unique way of telling it, and I love the jumping in time. It really adds contrast to the story as well, because the flashbacks often are from a joyful time and the present daysí are from a sad and grieving time. I also really like Josephineís voice, and I find here to be a very likable and relatable character. And I canít wait to see where this is going, so Iíve favorited the story and Iíll be keeping an eye on it and coming back when I have the time.

Youíre very talented, Tanya. 10/10 and never stop writing! :)

- Lotte
(And while I may not have liked the last riddle very much at the time, I promise I'm not trying to kill you with kindness)

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Review #37, by LadyL8 Nice to Meet You

28th March 2015:
Hello Tanya. Here I am again with review number 3.

OMG. That was certainly an awkward job interview. I canít even begin to imagine how mortified I would be if my potential boss had done something like that. Poor Jo. Fred was so mean, but I suppose thatís how he would act daily if she did get the job. So you could say he was preparing her for what was to come if she was hired. But still, I felt very sorry for Josephine, but I couldnít help but laugh at her expense.

Anyway, I loved your characterization of the twins. They were exactly like I imagine theyíd be. I forgot to say that about them in the last chapter, so I figured Iíd do it here.

I especially love Fred. While he was loud, very humorous and often at otherís expense, thatís exactly the way he is Ė the way they both are really. But I feel like you Ė and probably more than J.K Rowling Ė highlights the differences between the twins. While they both look relatively alike, and they both share a love for making people laugh and simply having fun, they are the not the same person. They have their differences too, and I think youíve already showcased that. And thatís a result of Josephine only being romantically interested in one of them, and being friends with the other. And yeah, I really like that.

And itís so believable that the twins would do pranks like that when interviewing people for jobs at their shop. Theyíre definitely not the type to be all serious, even when they probably should be. And I liked the farting chairs (what an odd thing to say). That would definitely have freaked me out. Iíd be so mortified that Iíd probably leave the interview before it even started.

I also liked Josephineís obsession with George. I actually forgot to say that in the last review, so Iím mentioning it now. But I canít believe itís been going on for so long? And she loves him? I thought it was just a crush. Wow, I can see this heading an interesting direction now, especially since she had to hide simply because he looked at her. How in the world is going to survive working with him now in present day, especially since he seems very interested in getting to know her after seeing her grieving over his twinsí death. HmÖ Iím really looking forward to seeing how this plays out now.

Once again, a very wonderful chapter, Tanya. I donít know if I said this in the last review, but Iím so envious of your dialogues. I myself have so much trouble with writing dialogues, because it always seems so forced, and itís a lot harder than it appears to be when you read it. And I think your dialogues are actually what I love the most in the story.

I also love this part: ďWould you stop trying to escape, already? Cause, look, since first walking in here, you really have quite grown on me! It's like my favourite chest hair - which also happens to be my only chest hair: At first it was sort of laughably embarrassing, but now I'm quite fond of it! I like you! I mean, you're a bit off your rocker, but I genuinely am enjoying this all way too much to just let you wander off, never to be seen again! So come on, you nutter; let me hire you!" - It made me laugh. Such a Fred-thing to say! :P

- Lotte

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Review #38, by LadyL8 Promises, Promises

28th March 2015:
Hi again, Tanya. Now that Quidditch is over (I admire you for coming up with that riddle, by the way), Iím finally back with the rest of your reviews.

Wow. I loved this. I always knew you were a good writer, but I didnít know you were this good. This was perfection!

I liked that you started in the past (well, further in the past). It was nice to see a glimpse of what kind of friendship Fred and Josephine had, and it is rare to see a very platonic relationship between a male and a female in stories. And I liked that they were joking around, but honestly it wouldíve been kind of strange if they didnít. It is Fred Weasley after all!

And I think they compliment each other well. Fred is Ė as Josephine says Ė funny, lively and large-than-life, while she is quieter and perhaps a little bit forgettable Ė at least in comparison to him. And Fred helps her come a little bit out of her shell, while she ďtones him downĒ a little Ė If that made sense at all, because it did in my head. So yeah, they really compliment each other.

I love that we learn a little bit more about Josephine and her past in every chapter. Normally I donít like a slow pace, but here I think itís great and very needed. The part where sheís kind of arguing with herself - because part of her is envious of Fred having had a mother and a loving family, but the other part hate herself for thinking like that when he is dead Ė is actually my favourite. It really says a lot about her as a character. Sheís obviously had a very tough childhood, and that does affect her life in many ways. But she feels guilty for wanting something sheís never had, because she knows she should not think like that when heís just died.

One of my best friends in real life is actually a foster child, and sheís explained to me that this is often the case when youíve never had a family of your one. You just wish you had a family or someone that would have your back no matter what, and this feeling is there even at the most inappropriate of times. So I find it very realistic for her to think like this.

And then thereís George. First I just have to say that I admire you for daring to write him in this moment in his life. I canít even begin to imagine how much it must hurt to lose a close family member, and even less how it would be to lose a twin. So youíre very brave for doing that.

Secondly I just have to say that I really liked the scene where he sees Josephine. It was beautiful to see him light up from realizing he wasnít alone in grieving for Fred, from realizing that he wasnít the only one broken after having lost a best friend. And it was very beautifully written, Tanya.

And I absolutely loved this part: ďIt doesnít even seem quite possible that such a huge personality could fit into such a small rectangular block of wood, only to be buried beneath the earth and never seen again. There is no sense in thatĒ. I could really feel her pain here.

So Tanya, I just have to ask: how in the world can you be so good at writing? Youíre amazing, and I absolutely loved this chapter! (You can probably tell by the length of this review, and the fact that Iím rambling a lot)

- Lotte

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Review #39, by LadyL8 Introduction: Boxes

26th March 2015:
Hi Tanya. I wasnít around when you guys had the review hot seat thing, so Iíve decided to leave 4 reviews for each participant. Itís also partly because Iím closing in on my 4-year anniversary on HPFF, and I feel like expressing my gratitude to all the wonderful people that have made my time on the site amazing - and you puffs are definitely one of the main reasons for me loving HPFF.

So I know you asked for reviews on chapter 3 and so on, but I really like to do it chronologically. And considering Iím leaving 4 reviews, I will eventually review chapter 3 and 4 as well.

Anyway, over to the story. I have to start by expressing my love for your opening line - ďI suppose I deserved thisĒ. It really caught my attention right away. I found myself wondering what had she done? Why would she think she deserved this? What is the ďthisĒ she is talking about? And Iím a little envious; because opening lines is something I struggle with myself. But youíre apparently really good at it! :)

And I also loved that you flash-forward (or backwards, depending on how you view it). This way of telling a story has really grown on me after watching How To Get Away With Murder, and I think itís a different but interesting move. Youíd think it would be boring knowing where itís heading, but itís actually not because you keep asking yourself why they will end up like that. Or in this case, what will to happen to make her think she deserves ďthisĒ Ė whatever ďthisĒ is (if that makes any sense whatsoever) :P

And Josephine has such a great voice and she already seems like a great character. I rarely feel sorry for someone before I know what horrible act theyíve committed (I blame law school for that), but I already feel sorry for her. And I think thatís because you start the story by showing this vulnerable side to her Ė sheís completely alone even when sheís surrounded. And the way she keeps repeating that she deserves itÖ I can almost feel her regret for doing whatever she did that was wrong.

I also liked the last line Ė ďFred Weasley is lying in a boxĒ. Itís haunting and powerful Ė it pretty much brings back all the feelings I had when I first read about this death in the books. And itís a really good way of ending the prologue.

Iím really excited to see where this story will be heading. Obviously Josephine has done something wrong, and I canít wait to see what it is and how it will all turn out. And Iím wondering who Josephine is and what her relationship with Fred was (like in more detail). So yeah, I really love the story!

- Lotte
(Oh, and I forgot to say that I really like the flow of the story Ė Itís part of what makes the story so enjoyable to read)

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Review #40, by PolyJuice_ Nice to Meet You

18th March 2015:
It's me. Again.

AAAH, I love this bit where she applies! God, I just want to cringe and hide during this whole scene! Poor Jo. Fred is so mean to you. :P BUT AT LEAST HE'S ALIVE. *sobs* See, I'm sitting here already waiting for the next chapter because the next one is my favourite of the five out so far.

But anyway, back to this chapter. :P I can't believe Fred doesn't even remember her! Hogwarts isn't that big. But honestly. I can't believe she actually hid. Silly creature.

I love that Fred hired her because she stood out, even if it was for something as strange as literally hiding at the sight of his brother. It's so very Fred. :P

Although I am worried that as time goes on she'll meet George and actually get to know him and realise that she doesn't /actually/ like him. That would be too upsetting. Because, I mean, she's never really talked to him. But I guess that's not going t happen - your summary gives it away. :P

Lovely chapter, as usual~


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Review #41, by PolyJuice_ Promises, Promises

18th March 2015:

I seriously can't describe the feeling of happiness I get from Fred and Jo's relationship. There's nothing better than a close platonic relationship and I'm just wanting to sit here and curl up and read them forever BECAUSE THEY'RE SO CUTE AND AMAZING. It's interesting because we know George is similar to Fred, but in this story he seems a lot more aloof. He's put on a sort of pedestal and I like reading it that way, because I'm sure that later on as he comes off that pedestal we'll (the readers and Jo) will start seeing more Fred in him AND IT WILL KILL US. VERY MUCH.

BUT I'm also very curious on Jo's backstory. Why is she so upset about her mum? Why is her mum not crying over Jo? I need to know everything. All of it. Every bit of backstory on these losers. And every tiny interaction. Jo excuses herself to go to the bathroom? I WANT TO READ IT. Fred passing Jo just outside the store and nods to her before continuing on his way? I NEED IT.

Also I was wrong. Family dinner isn't till later tonight. :P Safe for awhile. Enough time that I can come here and write you a review detailing how much I love these characters and you, because they're amazing, beautiful, wonderful, incredible, fantastic, great, tremendous, perfect, magnifique, special, awesome, lovely, superior, marvelous, delightful, sublime, splendid, fabulous, exquisite, and rrravishing. ;)


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Review #42, by PolyJuice_ Introduction: Boxes

18th March 2015:
Tanya! It's me!

I've already expressed my love for this story but I'll do it again. :P I absolutely love the way you've developed these characters in a real and completely believable way. The love I have for Jo is incredible. I just want to pick her up and squish and squeeze her until Fred comes back. And maybe even longer than that. Although I'm not sure she'd like me if I did that. :P

The contrast betweem the before and after is a neat set up. I love seeing both in one chapter like that. Especially at the very start where Jo is just meeting Fred in one half, but we later see just how close she's gotten to him, referring to him as he best (and only) friend, despite her earlier apprehension.

Even in such a short chapter you've absolutely captivated me and I already feel like crying, sobbing, whining, whinging, moaning, weeping, screaming, shouting, bawling, whimpering, bleating, snvielling, shrieking, blubbering, howling, exclaiming, lamenting, bemoaning. bewailing, grieving, sniffing, whimpering, caterwauling, screeching, fretting, yelling, deploring, baying, and generally pining.


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Review #43, by alicia and anne Eye of the Storm

5th March 2015:
I love that Fred instantlyy goes to Josephine when he wants to know where George is :D

Oh no! Fred was dumped? That's not good.

Oh! Oh he deserves it after that behaviour! I would have hit him! Haha

Fred and Josephine are brilliant! I love that it's basically just him talking at her and answering his own questions. :D

I really like that you keep her embarassed to talk around him and still so shy, it's great that she isn't immediately cured. It makes it all the more adorable and I love that he's helping her with the receipts.

and now he's talking to her like Fred did, not really needing a response, just needing an outlet to speak to.

And now he's yelling and I don't want him to yell, I want him to know that she likes him.

NO!!! It can't end there! I need her to admit her feelings! I need to know if George feels the same way! I need so much more!

I hope that these reviews helped make your day better, I'm sad to hear that you've had a bad few weeks so here's some squishy hugs for you *hugs so tightly*

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Review #44, by alicia and anne Breakable Girls and Boys

5th March 2015:
Fred is going to be so hilarious with this crush Josephine has on George! Especially mentioning George asleep and drooling! Haha do Fred and George expect anyone to work? :D

Fred is such a child at times! He's brilliant!

Awww it's so adorable that Fred and George get each other home made gifts. I love that fact and I am now going to make it into my headcanon. :D

OH MY GOD THAT GIFT IS SO ADORABLE!!! And those jokes are terribly awesome that they're so funny!

Oh George! He's changed so much, I want Josephine to be there for him, to help heal him. Even say a few of Fred's terrible jokes. :(

Oh no! he broke it! :( And she's there and she's hearing Fred's voice in her head egging her on!

Gah!!! She held his hand and he's staring at her and he's noticed her more and they had a moment and she helped him! And I want more!!! :D

I want so much more!!! I absolutely love this so much! I know I say it in every review, but I seriously do! It's so amazing! Just oh my god!!! I feel so many emotions and it's because you're such a fantastic author!

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Review #45, by alicia and anne Nice to Meet You

5th March 2015:
I love that the chapters all flip to different times. That way I can see how she came into the twins lifes and how they've been around each other and I just love it so much!

I have so much love for you and your stories! :D

Hahaha the twins would be amazing bosses! That letter was just an act of pure brilliance! They're so hilarious! I wonder how many people brought sweets and jokes? I wonder if Josephine did? :D

Oh! This obsession with George has gone on for quite some time! I wonder when it started?

I love how loud Fred is! He's so awesome! Oh god! He's hilarious! I can't stop laughing! This makes up for the crying and devastation in the last chapter! :D

His questions are pure brilliance! :D And they're such Twin questions! I can't help but wonder what questions George is asking people? Why is Fred a mango of all things? Hahaha oh god! He asked hoq attractive he is! Hahaha oh god I can't stop laughing! :D

I loved when George came into the room and she hid! And they noticed!! haha of course they noticed! :D I think that Fred knows the real reason why she applied now! :D

Oh my god! Fred has a favourite chest hair! Oh god this story is so hilariously brilliant! I love it so much and it is becoming by far one of my favourite ever stories! :D

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Review #46, by alicia and anne Promises, Promises

5th March 2015:
Yay! We get to see Josephine and Fred together and how they used to be.

:O She's obsessed with George? Oo this is interesting! So very very interesting! My excitement is building!

I absolutely love how you've written Fred and I'm loving the friendship between him and Josephine. They're so funny and compliment each other so well. The way that they bounce off of each other is brilliant!

Haha I love that Fred has a way around his promise. I can't wait to see if she tells George, or if Fred writes him a letter about it :D

*cries* I want her to tell George and I'm so sad that Fred won't be around to witness this all! :(

"It doesnít make any sense. It doesnít even seem quite possible that such a huge personality could fit into such a small rectangular block of wood, only to be buried beneath the earth and never seen again. There is no sense in that." --- I absolutely love this! So much! There is no other way to describe Fred and it makes you wonder how it's even possible that he does fit in something so small.

Why must you make me cry? I just want to curl up into a ball and cry. :( I am this blubbering, sobbing mess

Why must you be so talented and make me feel such emotions! :D Gah! So much sadness! You wrote it all so amazingly!

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Review #47, by alicia and anne Introduction: Boxes

5th March 2015:
Oh no! I already feel sorry for her!

*cries* Why did Fred die? I don't think that anyone will ever get over that death.

I am so intrigued already on how she is going to get away with this lying and what's going to happen between May and December! I'm so excited right now! So very very excited! :D

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Review #48, by Diogenissa Introduction: Boxes

25th January 2015:
Oh Tannnyyya! Happy Hufflepuff Hotseat (take-two-but-better-later-than-never)!

I knew I wanted to do this story (and it is currently on my reading list) and I'm glad I did--this was just awesome and I love your portrayal of the twins!

NOW *turns out fingers and wiggles them free*

Powerful opening line--it sets a very nice stage for what is coming and immedately I am made curious as to what she is feeling she is deserving of and then the 'why'. As I continued, I could almost literally FEEL the pain, sorrow, the heaviness of the guilt and the initial numbing shock of Fred's death. It runs an icy shiver up the back.

Jo's testimony and reasoning behind tears is what has truly captured me because not only is she right but tears and mourning are very HUMAN traits and part of the human condition and hence perfectly normal and natural. I love how she lets go.

Tis more than understandable that she feels that way about the sun but the more I read it, the more I had this feeling of 'maybe that's Fred's way of comforting his loved ones'--I could just feel that sort of warmth, not only from the sunlight itself, but also the thought of Fred watching over everyone. :-)

This: 'My best friend is lying in a box' then 'Fred Weasley is lying in a box' at the end--wow just WOW! I don't think this could have ended on any more of a stronger note! Gah just floor me next time! :O

Overall this was just amazing Tanya--I absolutely LOVE your descriptions and how you've set the stage. I also like your versatility with words--you have a great vocabulary and I learned quite a few new ones!

Thank you SO MUCH for a beautiful opening chapter and now I'm on to Chapter 2.

Karen xoxo

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Review #49, by Freda_and_Georgina Eye of the Storm

22nd January 2015:
As it is the end of a long Thursday, non-weekend day I am unable to think of much to tell you other than how funny, sad, lovable, and heartbreaking this chapter is. Of all the chapters, this one really gives the overall feel of the story. It's the Lying Josephine-est chapter of all of them. The epitome of this story, if you will. I'm numbly rambling so let's say it together: I am the worst. (reviewer, not writer).

Anyway, love those chapters. And I'm reviewing all I can of this story as a thank-you for never missing our Review Hot Seat.

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Review #50, by Freda_and_Georgina Promises, Promises

22nd January 2015:
No! Oh no matter how many times you write the family's reactions to Fred's death I still am let secretly sobbing. Let them recover. Let Josephine have courage. It is all so sad. And brilliant. I will give you that, the sadness is brilliant.


Author's Response: Gah, it's the worst, isn't it?? I am right there with you. WHY FRED? WHY?

Thank you so much, Georgina, for this lovely review! I'm so glad it really hit you emotionally and that you enjoyed this chapter! Yay! ♥

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