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Review #26, by Huff_n Puff Brave Face, Kid

21st September 2015:
Okay, so this is my very first review ever, so I don`t know if it`s helpful or not
First of all I want you to know that you`ve got me hooked with your story...
I love the idea, I can totally feel the sorrow of loosing the person closest too you and the pain of not being able to tell someone about it.

In my opinion it`s hard to create an OC without turning her (or him) at least a little bit Mary-Sueish, if you know what I`m trying to say, but I think that Josephine is a very well written character that doesn`t seem shallow at all...
I feel really bad for her, because no one actually sees her suffering or understands how heavily she is affected by Fred`s death, because no one knew that they were friends...
And George too. He not only lost his twin who he loved deeply but also had to realise that he may not knew everything about him as he had thought. I think it will be hard for him to deal with that...
You actually made me cry a few times...

Right now I`m thrilled to see the rest of the story unfolding :O
I hope my review made sense and you`ll be able to understand what I was trying to say, english is not my first language ^^

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Review #27, by Julia Brave Face, Kid

21st September 2015:
Oh I see
I'm just an idiot
This was updated late July.

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Review #28, by Julia Brave Face, Kid

21st September 2015:
HOLD THE /fudge/ ON

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Review #29, by Julia Brave Face, Kid

21st September 2015:
I would check this SO OFTEN since the beginning, and I am SO GLAD I KEPT CHECKING
I love this chapter and this story and you
Please continue being great

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Review #30, by LittleMissAutumn Brave Face, Kid

19th September 2015:
I LOVE THIS STORY! It's so sad that it makes me cry but then I laugh, and then cry again...

Josephine is talking! She's actually talking to George! I'm so proud of her!!! At first I thought this was kind of going to be the Harry Potter version of While You Were Sleeping (1995 movie with Sandra Bullock), but this is so much better and I just adore it. Update soon please!

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Review #31, by TreacleTart Breakable Girls and Boys

18th September 2015:
Hey Tanya!

Back to check out chapter four!

Have I told you lately that I adore this story? If not, I ADORE THIS STORY!

At first, I was a little bit thrown by Josephine and her quiet, nervous behavior, but just as she's grown on Fred, she's also grown on me. I love how comfortable she is with Fred and how much she struggles with George. It's such an interesting idea and one that I've never seen anywhere else in fic. You've done such a lovely job of making the twins two unique, separate characters and that is possibly my favorite thing about this.

The idea of Fred making George this lovely intricate snow globe is so touching because unfortunately I know that Fred will die and that the snow globe will be something tangible for George to hold onto. It's funny that as he's showing it to Josephine I kept hoping that you were going to take a sudden turn into AU and keep Fred alive because I was dreading the moment that the snow globe became a thing of tragedy instead of a thing of beauty.

The scene with George in his utter desperation was really heartbreaking. You did a beautiful job of describing the utter desolation that he feels. All of his actions really illustrate how empty he is...and at the same time how much rage is in him as well.

I was really proud of Josephine for putting aside her inhibitions for a bit to help someone in need even though she was terrified. George is alone and there is a void in his life that seems insurmountable at the moment. All of the other employees seem to be tip toeing around him, unsure of exactly what to say or do. And I know in this type of situation there really isn't a right thing to say, but Jo did do the write thing by giving him some company. I think just the presence of another person when you're grieving can sometimes make you feel better and I really believe that Jo helped George a bit.

I hope that the voice on the snow globe isn't broken. While George is angry at it right now, I think that someday he'll be able to look at it fondly and be happy that he can still hear Fred tell jokes.

This story is really keeping me on my toes. A lot of the times I have the plot of a story figured out once I'm a few chapters in, but with this one, I really have no idea what's next. I'm curious to see if Jo will keep building up more courage in regards to George. She has a promise to keep and he needs some support to help himself heal. I see a lot of potential for them, but based on Jo's unusual behavior, I'm just not sure.

Really great job so far! I am thoroughly enjoying this read!


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Review #32, by TreacleTart Nice to Meet You

17th September 2015:
Hi Tanya!

Making my way through and I'm quite pleased so far!

Poor Josephine! That whole interview was absolutely mortifying. She seems like a painfully shy person as is, so to consider that she went through the whoopee cushion, hiding from George, dropping her papers all over the floor, and then panicking and trying to escape, it's really incredible that she stayed. I don't know that I could personally handle that much humiliation.

I thought you did a good job of characterizing Fred in this. He's friendly and kind for the most part, but occasionally his sense of humor can push the boundaries just a little bit. There were a few times when I could tell that he really made Josephine uncomfortable at a deep level. I think that perhaps as they become best friends he'll become more aware of it and she'll become less flustered by him.

I am a little baffled at Fred's willingness to hire a girl who is, in essence, stalking his brother. I mean I get that she's good for a laugh, but she's going to some pretty drastic lengths to be around George. That could get pretty creepy pretty quickly I would think.

The re-opening of the shop was pretty depressing. Just from the brief little bit about it, I can tell that there's just this huge void because Fred isn't there. I imagine it must've been tough for everyone because they're feeling sad and unsure. I can't imagine that George was of too much help either because he's probably feeling so upset that he can't lead the team properly.

I did want to point out that you're handling the balance between the different time frames quite well. You have a good balance going of funny, happy memories of Fred and then the sad memories from after Fred's death. It makes the story feel so much deeper and realistic. Life is filled with both laughter and tears and you're doing a successful job of giving us both.

In all of the technical aspects, this story is excellent so far. Your writing is clean and easy to follow. The pace moves along nicely without really stalling anywhere. The dynamic between all of the characters is believable.

Really great work so far!


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Review #33, by TreacleTart Promises, Promises

17th September 2015:
Hi Tanya,

Back for another chapter!

I was really excited to see that in this chapter we get to see some interaction between Fred and Josephine. I really like the contrast between the two of them. Immediately, it was clear that Josephine is really quiet and that Fred sort of forces her out of her shell a bit. That seems like something he'd do.

I also enjoyed the idea that Jo has this massive infatuation with George. All too often in fics, I see Fred and George written as the same person, so I was thrilled that you've made distinctions between them in their lives. Fred is friends with Jo. George is not. Jo has a crush on George, but not on Fred. It makes them two separate people.

I'm glad that Fred is giving Jo a push to tell George about her feelings. I personally believe that it's really unhealthy to sit and obsess about someone and much better to just clear the air. I think Fred realizes that Jo will never do it on her own and that odds are she'll regret it in the end.

The scene at Fred's funeral was tragic on so many levels. It was heart breaking to see Jo's reaction and her feelings of being alone. I think her flashes of jealousy about how much Mrs.Weasley loves her children really demonstrate just how bleak her life is and really make me sympathize with her all the more. Then there's George and the way that you can tell he's just barely pulled himself back together after falling apart. And Mrs. Weasley and her despair. I mean really it's just sadness all around.

I did like that Jo worked up the courage to talk to Fred. I think it felt very natural for her to be standing at the casket pouring her heart out to him. And I'm glad that she's decided to keep her promise. Now that Fred is gone, I feel like it's important for her to start working on breaking down some of the walls that she's created for herself.

Jo's response to George is unusual. She's so into hima and yet she's also terrified of him. I wonder why that is. If she can talk to Fred, surely she can talk to him as well.

Again, I scoured this for any bit of CC that I could leave you, but came up empty. Your first two chapters have been well written and very polished.

Great job! On to the next chapter right now!


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Review #34, by TreacleTart Introduction: Boxes

17th September 2015:
Hi Tanya!

I'm making an effort to review all of the stories nominated for a Dobby, so that's how I've finally ended up at your lovely story!

This little prologue here is short, but I felt like it was pretty effective. We've been introduce to your main character, Josephine. We understand a bit of what her dilemma is and we also receive the news that Fred is dead. It leaves me with a lot of questions about what's to come and that's certainly what a good first chapter should do.

I've seen the idea of Fred and/or George having a best friend explored several times and I'm curious to see how your version of it will differentiate from the others. I'm wondering if this will stay cannon compliant and if so how your OC will come to be best friends with Fred.

As far as making me feel something for the OC that you've created, I thought your opening piece was very effective. She's clearly miserable and although the reader doesn't quite know why yet, you can't help but feel sorry for her. Then we find out that Fred is dead and he was her best friend. It makes the sympathy grow and suddenly I find that in a short six hundred words I'm invested in who this person is.

As far as CC goes, I don't have much for this chapter.

Great start! I'm excited to see where this goes.


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Review #35, by StarFeather Introduction: Boxes

31st August 2015:
#Last Spurt @ Review NaNo 4/ 21

Hi, Tanya! I thought of reading your multiple chapters.

Iíve read your James before, so I expected that I could read your poetic expression again. Then I read the first paragraphs, it started beautifully, you wrote about the main characterís sadness with your enriched words and you never stopped the flow shifting the scene to the funeral. Facing the death is severe reality, you project her vacant mind into each word inserting the description of the weather.

The CI matches the mood of this prologue very well. She must be Josephine. Readers wonder who the girl is and how she became friends with Fred, because Iíve never heard of her name in the books. Itís very intriguing, I'm eager to know if she had a chance to go out with him at Hogwarts.


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Review #36, by Cali Brave Face, Kid

18th August 2015:
I gotta say now that I've got to the end of what's here, I'm absolutely dying to read more. I love your writing so much, and reading this is making me way too emotional in the best kind of way. I can't wait for the next chapter. Like, I'm beyond excited. You're amazing. :)))

Author's Response: Gah! You're killing me with your absolutely wonderful and far too lovely reviews!!! ♥

You have no idea how happy hearing all of this makes me. I'm just so thrilled you're enjoying the writing and that the emotions I'm truly trying to evoke in my readers are effecting you how I hoped for them to! And as for the next chapter, I'm sincerely hoping to have it posted by Sunday this week! Fingers crossed I can find the time to be able to make that deadline!

Thank you again for taking the time to leave me such sweet reviews. You're the amazing one. ^.^

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Review #37, by CambAngst Eye of the Storm

17th August 2015:
Hello, again, Tanya! Guess what? I found some extra time! So congratulations, you're now at 200 reviews! Whee!

GryCReMo (Review #20)

Wow, what a kick in the feels! You managed to pack a massive amount of emotion into one chapter, and you did it without sacrificing anything about the way you write your main character. You never give in and have her scream and yell and spill out all of her roiling emotions. Yet she manages to express so much without saying anything at all. It takes a crazy amount of talent to do what you're doing here.

I absolutely love the way you wrote Fred's "confession" to Josephine. The two of them balance each other out so brilliantly. She speaks a word or two at a time and he's infected with permanent verbal diarrhea. I should state for the record that he's extremely lucky that Angelina didn't fling him off of a tall building for that little stunt with the teddy bear. But it's such a Fred thing to do. The twins are pretty tone deaf when it comes to the possibility -- nee likelihood -- that other people won't find their pranks all that amusing. I love the fact that Angelina is able to frustrate Fred so. For starters, I think he needs some of that in his life. Someone he finds as infuriating as other people might find him. It's very humanizing.

Before I get into the heavy material in the second scene, I have to say how much I LOVED the mis-transcriptions you created for the Quick Quotes Quill. Those were hilarious! Especially the long array of poo-related ones.

Both George and Josephine go through a lot of stages of grief in this. Starting from George's accidental near-mention of Fred's role as Chief Supply Orderer, the conversation spirals into a lot of dark, difficult territory. I love the fact that you weren't afraid to explore some of George's less logical reactions. The fact that he's still angry at anything and anyone that might have done something different to prevent Fred's death. And Josephine's reactions to his emotions are spot on, even if she can't find the words for them. To wit:

It's okay to miss him. You're allowed to miss him. You're allowed to be sad, to be angry, to break snow globes; to be anything you need to be because you miss him. I miss him, too. You are not alone. I love you.

No, not that one.

Oh, you know I wasn't leaving out those last four words. ;)

George's thoughts on his mother rang perfectly true to me. She's hurting every bit as much as he is. So much so that she can't see how her grief is spilling over onto him. It isn't anyone's fault, per se, but it's clear why George would want some space.

The moment the door clicks shut behind him my head falls heavy into my hands, and I, as quietly as can be managed, fall apart. -- A perfect ending line to this heavy, emotional chapter.

Beautiful job and congratulations on reaching the 200 review mark. It's very well deserved for this amazing story!

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Review #38, by CambAngst Breakable Girls and Boys

17th August 2015:
Taaahhhnnn---yyyaaa! I heard you were close to 200 reviews on this story AND I'm makig my way through GryCReMo. Such fortuitous timing! Please allow me to take a moment for my own scorekeeping:

GryCReMo (Review #18)

Fred is a special kind of annoying. And Josephine is a special kind of stubborn. I don't want either one of those statements to come off as cheap and flip. Fred is literally impossible to ignore if he's decided that he wants your attention. And Josephine has that special type of stubbornness born out of a paralyzing fear of doing or saying something if it might be the wrong thing. We're in "irresistible force vs. immovable object" territory here. It's nice to see that irresistible force won.

The snow globe was such a cool idea! Honestly, it was cool enough for me before it started talking. That was like extra decoration on a cake that was already iced.

Utter, utter git. -- But it works, because the git gets the girl. Ha! I slay me.

And then we move on to the sad half of the chapter. :-|

You did a really great job of writing it with an awkward, claustrophobic feel, like the world was collapsing around Josephine and George and -- at least from her point of view -- everyone else in the shop. It seemed painful for both of them. When George throws in the towel at closing time, it's pretty obvious that he's done enough "recovering" for one day.

Fred's voice in her mind, urging her on to try to help George recover, was a good plot device. It really doesn't matter whether it's real or just in her head. (Obligatory: why should that make it any less real?) The imperative is there to try to ease George's pain.

I really love the way you paced the scene in the back room of the store. I have to imagine that you're always tempted to have Josephine move a little faster, to have her step a bit out of character and rush to George's side. But you resist the urge and keep her true to form and I really appreciate that.

Your writing was beautiful in this. I couldn't see a thing wrong with it. In fact, from now on, if I don't say otherwise, just assume your writing was brilliant. ;)

Great job! I shall return soon, but probably not soon enough to keep someone else from scooping review #200. :-/

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Review #39, by Cali Promises, Promises

16th August 2015:
Ahhh, this is so sad. Despite that, I really love it. I can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Awww! Yay! Thank you! :-D I'm so happy you're enjoying it so far and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to leave such a lovely review!!! ^.^

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Review #40, by nott theodore Breakable Girls and Boys

13th August 2015:
Oh hey, look at that! I told you that I'd be back with some more reviews and (hopefully) writing encouragement, didn't I? Also, this is my 1300th review and I thought that it deserved to go to someone lovely and amazing like you! ♥

This was such a brilliant chapter - maybe my favourite so far, because I feel like we're really getting into the novel now and finding out what happens a little more than the stage of limbo that Josephine was stuck in during the first few chapters (not that those weren't amazing too, of course!). Plus, you left the last chapter on a bit of a cliffhanger, and I was really intrigued to see what had happened and how you were going to continue with the story!

Ah, I seriously don't know how you manage to capture the twins so perfectly! I wish I could write like this, because it's just so brilliant - the twins, and particularly Fred, here, seem like they've just walked out of the books and are now starring in a novel of their very own (shared, of course, with the wonderful Josephine) and I'm jealous and loving it all at the same time :P

Also, I think that the two of us need to talk about this story, Tanya. Because you know what? Even though it's brilliant and I love it, I think you're having far too much fun being an evil author and toying with your readers' emotions completely. Do you think I haven't noticed the way that you start every chapter with something sweet and nostalgic and funny, just building the reader up and making them smile, and then you bring them crashing down with a glimpse at the period after Fred's death? Well, I have. You might think you're sneaky but you can't fool me - you are definitely having far too much fun with this one, even though I have to admit that I kind of love it, a little bit (a lot) ♥

Fred in the first scene was just so perfectly Fred! I loved the way that you wrote that scene, the way that his and Josephine's friendship had progressed into an easy, comfortable one and they were both so relaxed around each other. You showed that in just a couple of details, the way that they'd grown so close as time passed - and then I loved the way that you captured Fred. His impatience when he was waiting for Josephine to finish what she was doing (you know, the job that he pays her for :P) so he could show her something really made me laugh. The strategy for making her pay him attention was so childlike and funny but it fit so well with him - someone with a lot of siblings definitely knows how to annoy someone else into getting their attention, and he executed that one very well here.

It was so sweet that Fred wanted to show Josephine the present! I absolutely adored the idea behind it - that the two of them want to make presents for each other rather than buying something, so that they put thought and love into it. I feel like it's one of the only times that they'd really show each other how much they meant to each other, because it's something they probably left unspoken far too often - both of them knew it, so they felt like they didn't need to say it.

Anyway, I loved the snowglobe! It was such a perfect, thoughtful gift and such an amazing piece of magic! I really loved the fact that it was a bit more sentimental than what they'd normally give each other because it would come to have so much more significance later on, but also that Fred shared it with Josephine. I think that he partly wanted her approval and partly wanted to share it with her as a sort of gift of his own to her over George, in a way.

Then the second scene, when the shop reopened - do you enjoy breaking my heart? Actually, I know you do, so that's probably a redundant question. You did such a fantastic job of writing about the shop reopening, though! I can completely picture George in this stage of grief, when he tries to return his life to some semblance of normality - because that's what he should be doing, because that's what everyone expects of him - and he just isn't equipped to cope with it yet. How can it be normal in the joke shop when Fred isn't there at his side? They should be there together, laughing and cracking jokes and welcoming the customers back, helping to put a smile on their faces after the war has kept them miserable for so long. But he can't do that, because he can't be happy... gah, this is just so sad.

I loved the part where Josephine started hearing Fred's voice, almost, as if he was telling her what to do and how to help his brother. It really pushed her out of her comfort zone, but I feel like George really needs her right now - he needs someone there for him who misses Fred almost as much as he does - and she can be that person.

I can't believe that he broke the globe! The way that you described his reaction when he realised what he'd done was so heartbreaking! I know what that feels like - something that didn't seem important before suddenly takes on so much significance when you've lost the person who gave it to you, and breaking it feels like you've lost them again, and betrayed them... you captured his reaction to that perfectly. I really hope that the globe has been entirely fixed, and that Fred's voice still comes out of it! But I'm really glad that Josephine was forced outside of her comfort zone and pushed into going and checking on George, because he really needed someone there right then to help him, so that he wasn't completely alone in his grief.

This was a really wonderful chapter, Tanya, and I'll be onto the next one very soon - thank you for breaking my heart about the twins all over again *sobs*

Sian :)

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Review #41, by nott theodore Nice to Meet You

6th August 2015:
Oh, hey. Look who wasn't scared off by the second chapter? ♥ ♥ ♥

Seriously, I don't even know where to start with this chapter. Your writing is just so good - like, everything here is such high quality and I can't go picking out faults because I can't find any. And I have so much that I want to say because this was just so packed of amazing writing and you're going to have to bear with me here, because there'll be a lot of rambling :P

The advert for the job vacancies at the joke shop was just so perfect. I can really easily imagine Fred and George having to sit down and write an advert and not having any idea what to say, so they just ask that the candidates can read and write and then ramble on about how wonderful the job is :P It just made me laugh - I can imagine people not believing their eyes when they see the advert and just turn up for the crazy interviews with the twins. Josephine certainly doesn't seem like the sort of person who would work in a joke shop or really be at home with the twins at all, but I was so interested to see that's how she got to know Fred and got involved in all of this.

Still... I am so curious about what prompted her to fall in love with George in the first place. Like, she was in his year at school and clearly knew him from then, but the twins don't seem to know who she is, which is kind of making me wonder if she changed her name or something after school? I feel like she was probably really shy and quiet there too, but to fall in love with someone you have to have spent a reasonable amount of time around them...

The interview was just so hilarious! I just laughed through all of that, even though I felt sorry for Josephine as she was suffering so much during it because of her shyness, but it was really funny. I've never even imagined the sort of interviews that the Weasley twins might do for the people that want to work in their shop, but I think this is now going to have to be my head canon for it. All of those questions that Fred asked her which had no apparent relevance whatsoever, and then George already having decided to give both candidates the job but wanting to see how they handled a faulty product being displayed anyway. It all played on their sense of humour so well and I could picture it all really clearly.

Your characterisation of the twins was just so brilliant! I can't believe how well you write them, because they just seemed so believable and lifelike and real - their sense of humour was what it was in the books but you went even further and showed a lot more of them as characters, too. Fred, obviously, got a lot more development in this chapter because he was talking so much while Josephine barely said anything, but I loved the way that you developed him. I always imagined the twins to have a wicked sense of humour but they're not the sort of people who would do something malicious or cruel to someone who had done nothing wrong; he really showed here that he could be sensitive and sweet and it was fantastic to show that side to him.

I really liked reading the scene when he was trying to work out why she wanted the job in the joke shop so badly - he managed it so quickly, and that shows how intelligent he really is, but the way he reacted was really sweet. Another thing I loved was getting to see the conversation the two of them talked about at the start of the last chapter here as it happened - the way that Fred really wanted to persuade her to stay because he could see how much working there meant to her, and what he did for that. It was really sweet but funny at the same time, and I'm glad she took the job - I'm just really eager to see what happened after that and what happens after Fred dies. It's like you're telling two stories in one and I want to know both of them!

And then that last section - we've moved on from the funeral and now I'm so curious to find out what exactly happened on the shop reopening. I kind of suspect that, even though they didn't advertise it, tons of people arrived because they wanted to celebrate the end of the war and maybe meet some of the Weasleys? But I'm not sure - I'm just so intrigued about what happened and how it might possibly throw Josephine and George together?

I'll be back for more of this story soon, Tanya! ♥

Sian :)

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Review #42, by nott theodore Promises, Promises

6th August 2015:
Hmm. Okay, so Tanya, I think we need to have a bit of a chat. Are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Good. Okay. Because here's the thing: you've been telling me that this chapter is awful and makes you cringe and in desperate need of editing, and I'm just like - what on earth are you on about?!

Seriously, if this is the worst that your writing gets - even years ago - then you are not allowed to read anything of mine. Nope. Not happening.

Right, now that we've got that over with (and for once you need to actually listen to me, right? :P) I can get on with the actual review!

I actually really love the switches in time in this story so far. I think at times, unless it's done well, it can be a bit confusing, especially at the start of a story, but here it doesn't seem to matter at all. Josephine's grieving, and her thoughts are chaotic and confused, and she's bound to dwell on Fred and cling onto the memories that she has of the two of them together - it's only natural, but it works really well in this narrative because we get to see how the two of them were friends together and that has even more of an impact when we switch back to the time when Fred's gone.

The friendship between them was so sweet and fun to read - you wrote the dialogue and interactions so well (even if a lot of the dialogue was Fred's, rather than Josephine's). I like the way that she manages to fit in so naturally with him and yet there's never going to be anything there - and you can tell how close they are because Fred is prepared to hide Josephine's secret from his twin, which definitely isn't something that he'd do lightly.

At the same time, though, Fred seems like just the sort of friend that Josephine needs. He protects her and cares about her, he makes her laugh, but he's willing to push her to do things that she needs to do for her own good, when she's too scared to do them herself. I'm really curious about whether Josephine would have ever fulfilled her promise to Fred if he hadn't died - if she'd have had more time, would she have been any different?

Actually, there are so many things in this chapter that I'm curious about, little hints that you've included for the reader to pick up on and make us ask more questions. There definitely seems to be something hidden about Josephine's family - something that makes her wish she had that family support around her, which worries me a little; the Weasleys are going to be the sort of family she would love to be a part of. I suspect that's part of the reason she's so shy, too. And I can't help questioning how she's so sure that she's so in love with George - how that happened, when it started - if she can't even talk to him. But I'm sure we'll see a lot more of the two of them together in this story, so I'll get to find out, I hope!

Josephine is so interesting as a protagonist. I touched on this already in the last review but she's just so shy and quiet that it seems to cripple her - even when it's just her and her best friend, she barely speaks - and I feel like she's going to have to do a lot to overcome that. I can also see how it might lead her into lying (as both the first chapter and the title of the story suggest :P), because she's too scared to contradict people's assumptions.

Again, the scene at the graveside was just so raw and full of emotion. You wrote the grief so wonderfully well - particularly, once again, the comments and repetitions that Fred was in the box, and how anachronistic that seems for someone who was always so full of life and fun. Josephine's moment at the graveside, when she looks at the pictures, is really touching.

And then George comes along, grieving himself, broken - and Josephine runs away. I can understand it, in a way - she's already so shy, but there's always a sense when you're grieving, if you're not the 'closest' to that person, that you don't have the right to be as upset as someone else. It doesn't make sense, and it's completely silly, because everyone, of course, has the right to feel, but it's something that comes with grief. You really portrayed the way that she felt like she was intruding on George and Molly's grief - which you also wrote really hauntingly (in the best possible way).

The resolution at the end of the chapter is so intriguing! I want to know more - I want to know how she's going to tell George she loves him before New Year's Eve, and whether everything's going to work out, because in the last chapter it seemed like it hadn't. I'm so curious - reading on now!

Sian :)

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Review #43, by nott theodore Introduction: Boxes

6th August 2015:
Oh, what's this? It's a Lying Josephine written by some person called Tanya? Let's see what this is all about!

This was just a short chapter, but as an introduction to the story it works so incredibly well. I'm just asking so many questions now and I want to keep reading on to find out what's happening - who is this girl (Josephine, I assume)? What has she done? How did she know Fred? Where is she when the chapter and story open and she's standing on her own, crying?

For such a short chapter I'm really amazed by how much you've managed to pack into it, especially in terms of detail and hooks to grab the reader's attention. The opening section has me asking so many questions about Josephine and what she's done - and then you take us back in time, too, which means I know that rather than being the start of the story, the opening is actually more like the end. Or at least, it happens somewhere down the line, because something has happened to cause Josephine so much pain and upset before we see her here, and I'm so intrigued about what that is.

Your description in this was beautiful, too. The word choices just fit so well - there isn't an over-emphasis on description and imagery because so much of this chapter is given over to emotion, but at the same time you manage to strike just the right balance with it, so that I can picture everything so clearly and the words flow really well.

Speaking of the emotion... there was so much of it in this chapter. It was so raw. I could really feel the sadness as I was reading it, and the way that the grief was consuming Josephine and she didn't know what to do - how to think or act or feel. It's such an accurate portrayal of the way that grief affects people. The sun is shining, but it seems so at odds with how she's feeling; she's surrounded by people and yet, at the same time, she feels completely alone, because there's nobody else to reach out to her and make things okay again, because that person was Fred and he's not there any more.

The way that Josephine kind of kept repeating phrases, with subtle changes to what she said, was really effective too. It showed so clearly how confused and overwhelmed she was feeling, and the way that she could only focus on one or two things because they were the only things that seemed real - or were maybe even things that she didn't want to be real. It conveyed her grief and the way that Fred's death has impacted her so well - I don't even know this character yet, but I already want to reach out to her and give her a big hug and say that everything will be okay again.

Josephine is such an interesting protagonist, too! Obviously, she's really affected by grief here, but at the same time, I get the feeling that even in normal circumstances she isn't the sort of person who's loud and opinionated, which a lot of OCs are. I'm so intrigued to find out how she and Fred became friends, since she seems so different to him, and read on and find out more about what's happened/is going to happen!

This was lovely, Tanya! ♥

Sian :)

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Review #44, by TidalDragon Promises, Promises

4th August 2015:
Speaking of promises...I'm back! Late, but nevertheless.

After the prologue this was such an intriguing characterization to encounter for me. Josephine is not at all what I expected, but in way that's superb. So often the MC (especially where romance is concerned) has superficial or "easy" flaws rather than deeper ones that don't just serve as obstacles, but cripple the character in at least one respect. Josephine's extreme shyness certainly seems to fall into that category. More so though, she's not completely, perfectly aware of how it affects her. She has her ideas about it yes, but seems not to FULLY appreciate it. And the way you build it here just leaves me wondering, wondering - HOW did she get this way? My gut tells me it has something to do with that twinge of jealously about family. She seems like she doesn't have any and maybe there's a trauma behind that. But I can't wait to see her fight it and try to overcome it.

Perhaps my favorite part of the chapter though was the lines you wrote about Fred being kept in a box. It spoke so much to his personality, while simultaneously underscoring just what had been ripped from the world. And the way you dovetailed that with the precious friendship that Josephine had also lost by exploring that whole dynamic first was...sensational. I can't wait to read more!

Now, I realize you may be asking yourself: "When ya coming back, Kev?" I don't know when. But we'll get together then, Tanya. I'll try to leave a good review then.

P.S. May you enjoy your impending release from House Cup related responsibilities for awhile. You've most certainly earned it.

P.P.S. I didn't solve any of your riddles. Only the one that was so obviously about you :p

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Review #45, by cris turner Brave Face, Kid

2nd August 2015:
Ok. So... English is not my first language (I'm Brazilian), but I'm going to try and say how incredible your story is. It really touches my heart how you can put in words the way Josephine and George are hurt.
I have to admit that I don't usually read stories about Fred - I mean, when he's dead - 'cause I cry a lot. However, yours is so good that I didn't stand a chance.

I'm so freaking happy that you're back. I just can't wait to see how they're going to act when at The Burrow.

Lots of love from Brazil *-*

- Cristina

Author's Response: Your English looks great, Cristina! ^.^ And gah! Thank you so much! This review is just so sweet! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to leave it!

I'm so pleased the writing of Jo and George's pain and mourning has touched you. Really, that's such a huge compliment. And to be perfectly honest, I tend to avoid reading post-war Fred stories too for the very same reason, which sounds completely ridiculous when you consider the fact I'm writing one! hahaha But I'm just beyond happy that you've been able to stick with mine anyway! You're too sweet. ♥

I'm so happy I got to update, too! Thank you!!! *hugs* I'm sincerely hoping to make the new chapters go up more frequently! And eep! I'm actually so nervous about exactly that! hahaha I hope I write it okay and don't disappoint you! I'm a bit worried about how to tackle the rest of the Weasley's! haha But thank you for the enthusiasm! You're so lovely!

This review is just too kind. I appreciate it so much. Thank you again!


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Review #46, by marauderfan Brave Face, Kid

1st August 2015:
Tanya! Words can't even begin to describe how excited I was when I saw this had been updated!! Congrats on finishing a new chapter :) And once again you've done such an incredible job. I'm afraid my review won't really do it justice - there's so much I want to say and compliment but I'm typing this on my phone in one of those rare, brief occasions when I have internet. So while I can't go into the amount of detail you deserve, let me just say this was an incredible chapter. I love Josephine as a character and it was just so painful to read that last section when she's suffering silently and tells George that silence can be a cry for help. Wahh :-( and how their methods of trying to cope are so opposite but both really understandable. I think it would help Josephine a lot to learn how to release her feelings instead of keeping everything inside, and George could learn to not release his pain as anger at the nearest person - and in that respect I think their friendship (or whatever it is) will be immensely helpful in helping them change and grow as they deal with such an intense loss. One particulat line in this section stood out to me - a poorly choreographed duet of solos - I just love this as it's a beautiful description and so vivid. What perfect imagery. just aah. I loved it.

The first section was really intense! Things are really changing as the story works itself towards the battle of Hogwarts and I'm really interested to se how they managed things during that year and Josephine's part in it all.

I just love this story and I wish I could leave a better review but my thumbs are tired from this tiny keyboard so I will just conclude by stating: You are an incredible writer and I love the way you write characters and make them so real. the way you convey their emotions is amazing. And your writing of the twins, both in humorous situations and somber ones, make me wonder if you are actually JKR herself. I will continue to hound your AP and maybe send you annoying yet persuasive PM's until you finish chapter 7 because I'm so eager to read on and because you know how much I dislike even numbers.

Love this story (and you)!

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Review #47, by Frankie05 Brave Face, Kid

1st August 2015:

I finally got around to reading this story and it was so good I didn't stop to leave a review on each chapter like this story so rightly deserves! Everyone on the forums talk about how great this story is and let me tell you- it did not disappoint. I would be more tha. Happy to go back and review each chapter if you'd like- it would definitely give me a reason to reread the story :) but I guess I will review what I know up to this point and focus on the new chapter.

Josephine has grown on me. I love the setup of this story. The first half- a memory with Fred- the second half an interaction of Josephines after the funeral of Fred.

You have done a great job writing about her unrequited love for George- I wish she would speak to him about it but she can't or won't. I'm so interested to see why she is such a quiet person. I feel like the way you have described her, I'd be great buddies with her. I would definitely hug her a whole lot more. (Anyway back to the story).

I like as the story progresses it is getting closer and closer to the Battle of Hogwarts (in the first section). I can FEEL the fear and concern rolling off of Josephine in the beginning during the meeting when George shows up with only one ear. Fred being the greatest friend ever consoles her and I think that is a true testament to how deep their friendship is. And the heartbreaking news about closing the shop- I loved all of the dialouge there was bouncing between Fred and George. It was magnificent to read.

Now onto the sad but goodies-George and Jospehine interactions. I am seriously shipping them hardcore right now so I am in agony at the amount of tension and silence there is between them. After last chapter I understand the awkwardness but I am relishing in the fact that Jospehine is desiring more and more conversations and interactions with George! Come on, girl, out of your shell. You can do it! We all love you and I bet George will too! I love the way you write about how their ways of sidestepping each other has become like a poorly choreographed dance routine. That is poetic genius right there.

And in comes George guns blazing and words not thought out and ripping apart this character we all love. Ouch man. But Jospehine freaking Hufflepuffs it out! She talks about not being brave but to remain loyal to Fred and especially to George after a few verbal beatings (I understand he is hurting but ouch man) is heroic. It is brave. She is brave!

You make us love George again when he comes back to her like a puppy with a tail between its legs and the fact he stumbles over words with her. I hope there are more than one sided feelings in this ship.

"Sometimes silence is a cry for help" - MY HEART. I don't have much to say about this but MY HEART.

and Josephine- you little Fred understudy, best friend, helper, loyal, brave Hufflepuff. Coming up with a plan like that to help both George AND Molly. I didn't think I could love you more and I do. And you said so many words I can't even contain my excitment because now you are also keeping your promises to Fred. Be still my heart! Tthe pure genuine innocent childish excitement George displays makes me have hope for him again.

I'm excited to read more of this. The only thing I noticed is that there not another chapter to read- which I NEED. :)
Well done.


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Review #48, by Penelope Inkwell Brave Face, Kid

31st July 2015:
Aaccchk! New chapter!

Tanya, the feels. Seeing George break down like that is so painful, and then how I couldn't help but be a little angry with him even though I didn't blame him. But Josephine is just so...well, she really does keep her composure, doesn't she? I feel like that second half of the chapter drives home what a big deal it was when she lost that composure when George was injured. It gives me a better idea of just how much she really does care.

I'm glad to see that the scheme is finally set in place. I'm also relieved that George is in on it. At first I was worried that he would be tricked too and that would just add this extra layer of heartbreak. Which could work, but there is so much heartbreak here already, I'm glad to be spared a little. You are really tuggin' on my heartstrings, chicadee.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Josephine be around the Weasleys.!

But now I'm wondering if I'm just gonna be shattered at the end, because I already have a place in my heart for Josephine and if George ends up with Angelina...:'(

I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I just love it. Oh my gosh, this part:

I, like, felt that in my bones. How do you do that?! You create such powerful emotion with two words. It was incredible. Absolutely fantastic.

"George," I whisper, uncertainty curling the ends of the word.
--that was such a great image! "uncertainty curling the ends of the word."

-"It would be... I mean... It's a lot of me to ask of you," he says, but I am surprisingly quick to counter.

-"You're not asking," I say.

--And THIS. I like that it says something about Josephine. She has a sort of quiet practicality to her that makes it seem like, under all her meekness, she does have some power. But George is more right than he knows--she must have been really broken at some point. This chapter really makes me wonder what happened to her without pulling me too much away from the emotions of the moment.

I am loving this story. I've got no CC for this chapter (which won't surprise you, I expect, since it sounds as though you edited it within an inch of its life). Wonderful job. Excellent work. Oh my gosh, the vulnerability here is just excellent.


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Review #49, by Cannons Brave Face, Kid

29th July 2015:

When I read this chapter I had a wry smile plastered on my face that I couldn't quite shake because you've done it again. I don't know how you've managed to do it but you have. It's just as amazing as the previous chapter. I have absolutely no patience when it comes to anything really. If I have to wait for a story to be uploaded I generally lose interest but this hasn't happened with LJ because quite's worth waiting for.

Josephine is probably my favourite character from this site. All her 'flaws' are what make her so real. It was intriguing watching them work each other out. How George has to work out that pain doesn't always turn to anger, at least outward anger. The best bit was how he came back and helped tidy up the mess he made, that was just how I imagine he would deal with the situation.

The biggest compliment I can give you I suppose is the scenes just flow in my mind so well, I'm able to get lost in the chapter really easily.

I'm pretty excited as to how you've set the next few chapters up with the plot. I imagine you've got quite a few things up your sleeve and I suspect that Josephine may struggle with the task of making the whole Weasley clan believe it.

Brilliant chapter Tanya, I really do like averages though so shall we say four more chapters this year, so you have a nice even two per year? Yes!? Great! ;)

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Review #50, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Brave Face, Kid

29th July 2015:

God, I don't even know where to start with this. I'm useless at reviews at the best of times but when I read something like this, well I have to try. I couldn't not tell you how wonderful this was. After seeing everyone encourage you to post C6, and how determined you were to get it done, I had to stop by and oh my goodness I'm glad I did. How have I not read this before?

I really ought to review each chapter, I'll try and go back and fill those in because they deserve extra love too. I've just literally sat glued to this though so please forgive me but reviewing in between wasn't really an option haha! I had to keep going. So this hopefully will kinda cover a bit of everything.

This story... your writing... is incredible. You write in a way that just makes everything so easy to read. It's just so easy to loose myself completely in the story, to watch the scenes play out in my head as if I'm actually watching instead of reading. And the plot, well you completely have me hooked! I need more! Nothing feels rushed at all and even though you jump around between the different times, I really like that. I feel like your keeping me on edge and I'm finding out things as and when I need too. I must admit to, the fact we keep getting the moments with Fred just makes my day. Every chapter I was frightened you wouldn't need to go back anymore but I'm so glad you did each time. A few of the twists and turns have had me stunned too - usually I like to try and guess where things are headed but I didn't have time with this. I just read. Her first conversation with George in the last chapter, when she admits she protected and healed and Fred made her follow George left me open mouthed. Of course Fred would do that but it was so heart breaking to watch them both think it should by themselves taking his place when really it shouldn't have been any of them. And George doesn't understand why and she hasn't told him everything... Also, Fred's funeral. I had actual tears. The oxymoron sentence - full of life Fred in a box had me right back to where I was eight years ago when he died and I was so gutted and heart broken and you brought it all back and I was such a mess and how did you write it so beautifully? I can't even deal.

The twins. Okay, this is hands down the best version of the twins I have ever read. Ever. Fred is my favourite character in the series and to have the chance to read more of him when he is written so well is just the most amazing gift ever. The moment he was in the story I was blown away by your ability to make him so perfectly Fred Weasley. But both of them, the humour, the cockiness, the caring. The way they simply act and speak. I couldn't fault anything. And not only that but the way you handled George's grief is also fantastic. The anger, the pain, the trying to do things when he can. It all just makes them so perfect in my eyes. My biggest bugbear is when people write OOC and you didn't do that once.

Josephine is an unusual character but I've really fallen in love with her. Her awkwardness and silence is different to read but it works so well. Especially in the scenes with her and Fred. Their friendship seems so natural once he has her figured out and he speaks plenty for the both of them anyway. And her love for George. It's so freaking adorable. I feel for her so much not being able to deal with it well. But when they're together i find myself willing her to speak, to have the courage to tell him. I have no idea where this is going for the two of them but I can't wait to find out. George is obviously so broken at the minute but jo lets him deal with it however he needs to and it seems good for him. Even with his stupid comments which you know he doesn't mean the second he says them she just takes it and yeah, they're so adorable. I hope she finds the courage to tell him one day.

So yeah, this is probably one of the most incoherent reviews you've ever received but never mind. I hope my feelings for this came across. This story has quickly become one of the best and one of my favourites I've ever read. I loved every second and I can't wait for more. Yes, I will be joining in the encouragement with everyone else because you have such a gift here and you need to share it with us!! C7...? ;)

Amazing read!

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