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Review #26, by Fred CHAPTER 1: A SHADE OF GREY

7th June 2012:
Okay I really tried to give it a fair shake but I must have missed the Hermione/Krum in the summary.

I'm a die hard R/Hr shipper so I'm absolutely going to have to stop reading.

Good luck.

Author's Response: I guest I can't win them all. but this is me giving it one last try to convince you to stay: Hermione/Krum is necessary for my story but without revealing my plot, I'm promising you, her and Ron's rode will intertwine and sparks will definitely fly

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7th June 2012:
Its interesting but I'm not sure I'm going to be reading anymore. The way you have Harry paired with literally every woman he's ever meet is pretty off putting.

Author's Response: I really hope you give this story a try. why harry is paired with alot of women will be explained. promise

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Review #28, by Scriptie CHAPTER 7: PHOENIX RISING

5th June 2012:
I really liked this Harry and Luna moment! I can wait to see how they get Harry's memories back :) Fantastic job like always :)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. I have big plans for Harry and Luna. Next chapter will be a doozy. Something that will change the dynamics of their relationship. If will be up soon hopefully...

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Review #29, by Scriptie CHAPTER 7: REKINDLED

30th May 2012:
I've read this and your other stories. My gosh, they are absolutely brilliant! This is kinda creepy but I can imagine the characters actually doing that... It's also kinda cool at the same time lol. Anyways, fantastic job and you have yet another reader/reviewer that will be always reading your stories :)

Author's Response: Hello and welcome to my stories. I am glad you have liked them. Everytime I write a character, I try to imagine them doing something and try to incorporate as much as realism in my writings.

thank you for the R and R and I will be seeing you in more chapters to come. :)

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Review #30, by parashar_harry CHAPTER 7: REKINDLED

29th May 2012:
really perfect chapter, all the fight scenes among students were amazing.
i just don't know but i have a feeling that this slytherin girl has her own history against voldy. she seems so determined to fight against her.
but the length of chapters are really very short. it is breaking the flow of story, u can sum up last 2 chapters together easily. pls update next chapter a little longer.

Author's Response: Thanks. THis Slytherin girl might have her own history ;)

but that is still chapters away. I am trying to make the chapter longer but somehow after editing, it keeps getting a little bit shorter. anyway, next chapter will be a bit longer than this one.

thanks for the continued read and review :)

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24th May 2012:
I love the mystery in this chapter...I think I know what may happen, but I am enjoying the suspense and what you've done with all the characters!

Author's Response: Thanks. It is really hard to change a long-standing characters like these even if just for a tiny bit. i am glad you it turned out well at least for your liking :)

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Review #32, by Lyssa CHAPTER 1: A SHADE OF GREY

24th May 2012:
This story is so exciting! I am really enjoying it, glad I found it! I can't wait to read more...great job so far!

Author's Response: HEy, thanks a lot. Glad you found my story too. Welcome aboard :)

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Review #33, by parashar_harry CHAPTER 6: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

23rd May 2012:
that's good chapter. but i am little sad from ron that, he was unable to defend katrina, i just don't want to imagine what was going to happen if charlie wouln't show up. i was bit surprised that ron was unable to overpower 3 wizards because in diagon alley ( may be i am wrong abt place ), he fought so many dark wizards single handly. anyway kingsley is safe, that's all matter.
there is one typo mistake, i think, in the last u have written george instead of charlie, i hope u will correct it.
waiting for next one.

Author's Response: Ron lost his cool that is why 3 wizards managed to almost defeat him when in Diagon Alley he was almost unstoppable. Thanks for pointing the mistakes. I will correct them once the story is complete since if I correct them now, new chapters will have to be pushed back since I am only allowed to submit one chapter at a time for validation

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22nd May 2012:
I'm really interested in this. There's some areas where you mix-up the past and present tenses. Some other errors here and there but overall still a good story! Please update soon as I'm anxious to know what happens next =)

Author's Response: Yup, I am working on those tenses. thanks for enjoying my story :)

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Review #35, by SamanthaJenkins CHAPTER 5: PLANS AND MACHINATION

21st May 2012:
Please write more! This ones my favourite story so far

Author's Response: Thanks a lot :)

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Review #36, by SamanthaJenkins PROLOGUE: THE FINAL BATTLE

21st May 2012:
Made me so sad ): but its brilliant ! Great job please continue writing more!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. The started a little bit sad though I promise you, I will put a ray of sunshine from time to time :)

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Review #37, by parashar_harry CHAPTER 5: PLANS AND MACHINATION

19th May 2012:
i like this chapter.finally all of them r coming together to oppose voldy openly. just curious when moine is going to come back from bulgaria. waiting for next chapter eagerly

Author's Response: Thanks. and yes the fight against the regime of Voldemort has began. Hermione will be coming back soon :) that I promise. and she will return with a bang!

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Review #38, by matthew CHAPTER 5: PLANS AND MACHINATION

19th May 2012:
amazinggg i love it :) cant wait for next one :)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot :)

hope you'll like the next one too

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Review #39, by parashar_harry CHAPTER 4: LIGHTíS OUT

14th May 2012:
ohh another gud chapter, but its a little bit short...:(
if i would be at aurther place i would gladly sacrifice my daughter. he is killing so many innocent people just for the sake of his daughter.
right now i hate u so much why luna's story is so little.
i want a complete chapter on her work.
i am sorry but this chapter seems just a filler for me. the story has not moved so much. hope in the next chapter there will be more drama and real stuff.

Author's Response: Thanks for the honest critique there. This chapter actually attempts to explain why Arthur has joined the 'dark' side. He is a family man and has lost some of his family in this war, he was separated from his wife and at least two of his remaining sons are in danger. He hates what he is becoming but he can't stop now. there will be more on his feelings and inner most thoughts as the story progress.

This chapter also set's up Ron taking center stage. You'll see what i am talking about in the coming chapters.

Luna's story... I actually wrote one big chapter for her but then I decided it would be better if I spread the chapter through different chapter...that way it would build mystery until her and her father's work comes into fruition.

Yes, this is more of a filler chapter but this one set's up a lot of new plots for our characters. what happened in this chapter will ripples in the other chapters to come.

Again, thanks for the R and R. See yah next chapter :)

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Review #40, by matthew CHAPTER 4: LIGHTíS OUT

12th May 2012:
i love this story so far keep it up its really great :)

Author's Response: Thanks a lot :) I already uploaded the next chapter for validation :)

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Review #41, by parashar_harry CHAPTER 3: WEASLEYS IN TROUBLE

5th May 2012:
this chapter is sad but i like it. few things i hate is that i think u don't like moine/ron ship as u always like to pair up with different couple.
i hate to see that draco is bad guy in this chapter. i can't believe it, but its ur plot.
ohh, i am gonna love the darker side of ron and moine. both are prepared for great viscous battle.
luna is killing me, what she is doing, i just want to know badly. hoping there will be more about luna work in next chapter.
i am surprised that draco has not taken ginny for playing purpose.

Author's Response: It is a little bit sad but it is a dark world that they are living in.

I am a big fan of mione/ron relationship. that is why i always put them through a wringer before they find each other.

Draco, i made so much effort in my last stories to redeem him but alas, this story ask for him to be bad again. as for ginny, the reason why draco did not take her and her exact whereabouts will not be revealed in a long time though you'll get a clue next chapter :)

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Review #42, by bluestar PROLOGUE: THE FINAL BATTLE

5th May 2012:
No clue why I'm reading this when I hate stories that have Harry dying in the battle.maybe this is fate? Or is that these words in their in depth meaning meant for my eyes to read?

Author's Response: Thanks for the R and R. Harry's dying in the battle has a purpose and true indeed a meaning beyond the words :)

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Review #43, by parashar_harry CHAPTER 2.3 SUFFERINGS IN HOGWARTS

30th April 2012:
owo, i love this chapter
so finally horace is in good side, thanks god i had started hating him.
neville prank is really great, but from where he got so many bogart and also how come he manage to put them in a single trunk, this part is little difficult to digest for me.

so to whom albus is pointing? my first thought was neville as he was so close to the prophecy, but again the last paragraph has twisted my thought!!
is luna and her father working on albus order ? was he pointing toward harry when talked to horace?
so many question are surfacing in my mind. waiting for next chapter eagerly

Author's Response: Thanks for the R and R.

Indeed Horace is still in the good side though he is forced, just like snapes, to do things he does not like. As for Albus? hm...his secrets will take a long time to unravel

Neville is making life crazy for the Carrows. I guess he has been collecting boggarts in all corners of the school :) And I have to admit, a handful of boggart in one trunk is a little bit hard to swallow but this is a world of magic, so i thought, why not? everything is possible :)

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Review #44, by Mrs Sirius Black CHAPTER 2.3 SUFFERINGS IN HOGWARTS

30th April 2012:
Your just as evil as voldy himself leaving the chapter like you did! I wish the chapters were a little longer... just doesn't feel like enough!

I'm keen to know why luna and her father are digging up Harry's grave. I guess i'll find out eventually!

Author's Response: :)

the chapter is a little bit short because I had to submit Chapter two in three parts to find out which portion fails validation (they weren't really that specific)

Anyway, Chaoter three will be longer and the mystery of Luna and her father's digging of Harry's grave will slowly unravel :)

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Review #45, by Mrs Sirius Black CHAPTER 2.2 THE FORMER BULLY

20th April 2012:
When i read "Dudley was sleeping soundly in a queen-size bed in Malfoy Mansion" i was like WHAT! Who would of thought that he would end up being safe and sound..

Author's Response: Yup. Dudley is safe and sound for now...that is as long as he plays his part well with Draco Malfoy :)

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Review #46, by Mrs Sirius Black CHAPTER 2.1 LEFT BEHIND

17th April 2012:
I sort of feel sorry for them, but then again they did mistreat Harry. I wonder about the fate of Dudley..

Why are they giving such a hard time with the validation of this story?

Author's Response: Dudley's fate will be revealed if Chapter 2.2 is accepted by the validators.

I guess they want me to remove the 'slavery' part of the story but I can't fully do that since the main theme is the death eaters has won. they are in full control. it would be out of characters for death eaters not to subjugate those who opposed them

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Review #47, by parashar_harry CHAPTER 2.1 LEFT BEHIND

16th April 2012:
so sad, i just praying her son is alive...

Author's Response: Actually the fate of Dudley was supposed to be part of Chapter 2 but since I had to chop it into many mini chapters to get passed through validation, you will know Dudley's fate in Chapter 2.2 Thanks

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Review #48, by Cunning CHAPTER 1: A SHADE OF GREY

6th April 2012:
Great chapter.. The plot of the story is interesting.. I read you were having trouble getting your next chapter validated.. Have you considered possibly posting this story on a different fan fiction site? I know I would and many others would like to read this story and would be happy to go to a different site to read it.. I use fanfiction(dot)net to post my stories that can't get past validation on this site

Author's Response: Thanks for the R and R and the advice. I am actually in the verge of doing just that. But I am still giving it one last try. I am trying to revise the chapter without really losing its essence and plot. hopefully it finally get pass through :)

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Review #49, by RosieQueen CHAPTER 1: A SHADE OF GREY

27th March 2012:
Wow this is such a depressing story! In a good way, of course. Very well written,too. I noticed a few spelling grammar mistakes, too. even though this story is incredibly dark and depressing and makes me want to stop reading, I just can't! So for that, 10/10...

Author's Response: Thanks for the 10/10. sorry chapter two is taking so long. I'm having a hard time getting the dark and depressing theme get pass through validation. in fact my account was already suspended for a couple of days and just got re-activated. In the revised version can't still get pass through validation, i may have to abandon this story since complying fully to their validation review would distort the whole plot of the story and there would be no point in continuing

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Review #50, by Mrs Sirius Black CHAPTER 1: A SHADE OF GREY

21st March 2012:
I like the idea of the Lovegoods playing a big role in bring Harry back.. I've always found Luna very mysterious and interesting... Im keen to know where Hermione and Ron are at..

Author's Response: Thanks and great to hear from you again. The lovegoods especially Luna will play a fivotal role in this story.

Sorry about chapter two taking a long time coming. i'm having a hardtime getting it passed the validators due to my 'dark' theme. thrice it has been rejected and i am already on the verge of having my account cancelled.

anyway, hopefully i finally get it approved. Again sorry for the delay

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