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Review #26, by beth Chapter 23: Wit Beyond Measures

19th February 2011:
Very exciting, nail-biter! I can't put it down!

Author's Response: Thanks thanks. I already posted the next chapter for validation. Hopefully it will be available for everyone's viewing soon :)

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Review #27, by Manwe Valarian Chapter 23: Wit Beyond Measures

19th February 2011:
Alright! Everyone is figuring things out. What I am unsure about is the significance of Helena being Harry's daughter. I am sure time will tell.

Author's Response: ; ) Only time will tell indeed. Thanks for the review

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Review #28, by isabelle Chapter 23: Wit Beyond Measures

19th February 2011:
this is something that I totally did not expect...
I didnt expect for rowena asking baron to kill helena and himself, neither the silver knife...I didnt expect for this to be the explanation for they being alive again...
I also thought that the explanation for what happened to ginny was more clear, but that the reason why she is healing faster is not only because she is deeply connected to harry, what she sure is, but that when she tried to give lady ginevra her magical essence and damocles threw it back to her somehow it was strengthened up either by lady ginevras magical essence was together so ginny would have her own magical essence doubled, or that as she tried to give lady for own desire, and to help her she didnt divided it she doubled it so she would have it doubled when damocles threw back, or a third option would be that as she may be a fey, it was one her power?? who knows?? you of course...
and one more thing that I didnt get..how come rowena had it all planned when what she planned was that she would have harry's progeny, so when damocles take over harry's body she would be able to stop him, she was expecting that damocles would choose harry not her, if I remember right, Rowena once spoke to helga about it, helga asked if rowena would be able to let him go, or ever kill him for the greater good, obviously talking about it..and rowena also asked harry if he would walk freely to meet death for the greater good meaning he would drink the potion taught by salazar to change his essence to a dark wizard and she made him remember it..
if she wasnt expecting for damocles take her body how could she have planned all of this baron grey knife and helena's stuff?

awesome chapter, loved it, smashed all of my expectations and amused me well done!

Author's Response: Thanks for such a long review :)

First off: Ginny's healing ability. I believe I have only touched the principles behind it. And who knows? One of your theory might be right after once they find time to delve deep into its mystery and that is a different story all together :)

As for Rowena's plan...hm...it will all be explained in future...all I can say is that there was a flaw on her plan due to Damocles choosing her but it all worked out right in the end... ; )

Thanks again

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Review #29, by Aurorofthelight Chapter 23: Wit Beyond Measures

18th February 2011:
Holy cow! what a brilliant chapter!! The truth is finally known! Rowena forsaw Damocles possesion of her with Trelawny's help(maybe she wasn't a quack afterall) and the progeny is her daughter Helena! Really enjoyed the Baron's role - he never gets enough play & he's a cool character! I did disagree with one part, tho! You said the hardest job was keeping the reporters out of the hospital. Personally, I think Hermoine had the harder task keeping Ginny in her hospital bed! I'd rather be Charlie and deal with a horde of nosy reporters than deal with Ginny in a snit! I really love this story as I did the prequel and I can't wait to see what Helena's pull is to Harry and how this whole thing washes out in the end! Vive La France!

Author's Response: :) I guess you're right. Hermione would surely disagree with me everytime Ginny tries to escape St. Mungos. :)

As always, it is a pleasure to hear your insight on the story and thank you for the review.

The Baron is indeed a character that is usually delegated to support role and I plan to give him his 15 minutes of fame to redeem himself. :)

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Review #30, by Mrs Sirius Black Chapter 23: Wit Beyond Measures

18th February 2011:
I got goosebumps when Harry looked into Helena's eyes. I really can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I already posted the next chapter for validation :)

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Review #31, by HowlinMadHowie Chapter 23: Wit Beyond Measures

17th February 2011:
Well...that's one back story I didn't expect. Let me guess, this knife is enchanted that whoever it stabs turns that person into a ghost, that they cannot fully return to the Veil. But um, that turns Rowena into a ghost, how is that to work on Damocles?
Also the mention that you say Ginny is healing fast, is it possible she picked up Harry's healing gift, taught to him by Helga?

Author's Response: :) :) You do have so many interesting questions. Actually Rowena didn't die using the knife. THe knife was used by the BAron to kill himself and Helena. As for Ginny's new healing ability. All I can say is that she and Harry is now connected so much that they are sharing powers and magical essences. Such connection will be touched in details in succeeding chapters and next book :)

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Review #32, by isabelle Chapter 22: Out of the Ashes

14th February 2011:
oh you just did my week..loved the idea that will have a third book...but you should feel guilty..
my classes starts this wed and I am so damn addicted to series and fanfics, but the other are nearly done..and a third book would be no good for my academic life right now ;P

Author's Response: oh, now I am feeling guilty though I am quite sure you'll be able to find time juggling reading fanfics and your academic life. good luck :) :)

And I really hope I'll still be hearing from you despite your class starting again :)

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Review #33, by isabelle Chapter 22: Out of the Ashes

13th February 2011:
wow...just wow...what a chapter!
I hate Ginny being left beside too..I love harry and ginny more than anything...and I have the feeling that she is fine even though I am afraid not..
Damocles is so damn done! he thinks that rowena does not have a progeny, but first she is pregnant and second the grey lady is now back to life, we dont know how and I am dieing to find out..
hope most of harry's friend are just unconscious and not gone for good..

cant wait to read the next chapter

yer thats a good question, have you wrote the whole story already???

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. and don't worry about Ginny. I am sure she is ok and will probably coming back roaring for round two.

I just posted the next chapter. And it will answer your question regarding the Phoenix Army's condition.

And yes, I'd already finish the whole story :) Already started with book 3

till next time...

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Review #34, by Aurorofthelight Chapter 22: Out of the Ashes

13th February 2011:
WOW!!! An absolutely amazing chapter this is!! Wonderful battle scenes! Many things are much clearer now as well! So this Damocles bugger took over Rowena's body-- interesting twist--especially making everyone want to know how that happened! I hate to see cliffys where Ginny's life is left in the lurch(you evil one you), but something tells me about all Damocles really did to Ginny is really piss her off - and I wouldn't want to be on the business end of her wand as a result! Poor fool Damocles is now making some serious mistakes which will contribute to her coming downfall! Also looks like Harry is back in primo fighting form too! Can't wait to see what is coming next! I am holding my breath(unless I start to turn blue of course)!! :):)

Author's Response: Thank you thank you. It is trully nice to hear from you after every chapter. Indeed Ginny will be angry than a hornedtail dragon once she recovers.

And with the sword, Harry levels the playing field.

Already submitted the next chapter though it would tone down the pace of the story a bit before we head on to France for a major confrontation between Damocles and the Phoenix Army.


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Review #35, by HowlinMadHowie Chapter 22: Out of the Ashes

13th February 2011:
Sorry I haven't been up for reviews of late. But this one is one good chapter. For a second I was under the impression Kingsley was dead. But he's still alive as the chapter ends. A question though. Previous chapters mentioned not all the Founders returned to land of dead. While we see Rowena is Godric and Helga around somewhere? As for limping and raspy DE I can only conclude that's Peter.
But anyhow I see where next chapter will take us, Rowena's progeny. Oh and I'm sorry Neville, but I don't think you'll be getting the sword back this time. If I'm correct, Harry will take over as Headmaster of Hogwarts, he will retain the sword.

Author's Response: Kingsley is an integral characters for the next book. That's why I can't let him die. :)

As for Helga and Godric...hmmm...I can't answer that yet without revealing future plotline. All I can say is that Harry better investigates their absence within the veil.

And you might be surprise who the raspy, limping death eaters is. :)

till next chapter...

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Review #36, by Mrs Sirius Black Chapter 22: Out of the Ashes

13th February 2011:
I cannot wait for the next chapter.. I'm really eager to see what happens =)

I've been wondering, your updates a really frequent.. have you written the whole story out already?

Author's Response: Thanks reading and reviewing.


And yes, I already completed the story. Though I review the unposted chapters from time to time for updates and revision everytime new ideas pops up. :)

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Review #37, by isabelle Chapter 21: Legacy of the Fallen

8th February 2011:
I am also very very curious to know about the feys' history, characteristics and this stuff...
I think about 2 possible feys that were bor because of Harry's existence, ginny and how about rowena?? even as she is from past, born long before harry, harry's existence is full of fate mysteries..the feys are born when someone deserves their unique powers, that not necesserily means that they will love this person, or be their partner, thats why I think that genny is not a fey..
know more about fey's nature would be awesome, like how do they look like? are they like the veelas like fleur?
what unique powers do they have??
what we know about them is that they are "immortal" they cant die of natural causes but they can be killed..
The word fey (derivation of fairy) , originally meaning "fated to die" or "having forebodings of death"...how can be fated to die if they are immortal??
ahhh I'm so f-ing curious...anxiety will kill me if you dont update sooner! u do a great job here...

Author's Response: :) :)

my, you did a lot of thinking about the fey, didn't you?

When I first thought of the fey idea, I originally planned just one fey: Morgana but as my story progressed, i kept adding to it until I have created a new race in HP world.

The Fey and their nature will be tackled soon. Maybe not in this story but I promise you I will expound on their history and characteristics. Bear with me please.

I do want to perfect every details about them.

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Review #38, by isabelle Chapter 21: Legacy of the Fallen

8th February 2011:
I already knew that as rowena is the host Helena would be the one to kill damocles..do not remember how i realised that a few chapters ago..curious to know how the grey lady and the blood baron ressurected now, did rowena ressurected them or did they ressurected when rowena did? as she didnt know that she would become the hoster and its why she forced harry to knock her up..what will happen to harry's son?? how will ginny react when she finds out about his son? will they ever find out? as they will kill rowena they may never know, will harry realize just by the memories that he had last time the founders made him remember (ginny made him wake up before he remembered everything) and make de connection that rowena were trying to have his progeny so it could kill harry when he becomes the host, but for her surprise she did, so it means that she didnt know that grey lady is back too...so she didnt need to be preagnant..OMG!! i'm so excited to read the next chapters...your are the BEST!! I love this story...pleasee update soon, and dont stop writing...

*love love love!!! it*

Author's Response: Thanks Thanks.

So many questions...so many intriguing idea but I can't answer them without giving up the plot for the succeeding chapters.

All I can promise is that they will be answered soon as our story progress.

It is nice to hear from you again and thank you for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #39, by Mrs Sirius Black Chapter 21: Legacy of the Fallen

7th February 2011:
Your full of mystery! Now I'm a tad confused, from what im understanding Rowena is the host and so that would mean Helena has to kill her mother? correct? Also Ginny's a Fey?

Fantastic chapter, I'm looking forward to the next one :)

Author's Response: Yes, Rowena is Damocles host and her progeny is the only one who can stop her. As for Ginny's being a fey...hm...

I just uploaded the next chapter. Hopefully it will be available for viewing soon :)

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Review #40, by combel Chapter 21: Legacy of the Fallen

7th February 2011:
hope maybe that you know lilly and james go back to the living again and stuff would be one heck of a battle between lilly and evil ginny but its ayour story and its one heck of a good one keep it up cant wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks. Lily and James...hm...I'll think about it. It's a good idea but I might do it in latter chapters or stories. till next chapter...

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Review #41, by Aurorofthelight Chapter 21: Legacy of the Fallen

7th February 2011:
Wonderful chapter HG05! Some light shineth on the dark at last! We now know that Annel is Damocles(as I thought early in the story) and he is using Rowena as his host! It is her Progeny that will help win the day! Can't wait to see how Harry pulls this rabbit out of the hat! Also what Neville does with the sword this time! Keep it coming!

Author's Response: Thanks. The Legacy of the Fallen was more like an explanation to the nature of Damocles and how he can be vanquish. Now comes the hard part for Harry: Using such knowledge to save his friends and love ones. stay tuned :)

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Review #42, by Aurorofthelight Chapter 20: Keeping it Together

3rd February 2011:
Awesome chapter this is! Loved the battle scenes! So Damocles is Rowena! Knew she'd turn out to be a traitor! Good cliffie at the end too! The only problem I see with this story is you are killing off so many characters you may have none left by the end unless you start turning the tide alittle more! Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: :) I am glad you like the twist of Rowena becoming Damocles. And it really saddens me to kill off some of the characters but don't worry not all are dying in this story and the tide, hopefully will shift soon in favor of the good guys.

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Review #43, by MrPotter1581 Chapter 19: Into the Veil

28th January 2011:
Great Story. Please hurry with the next chapter. Ive been up all night reading it and im dying to find out what happens.

Author's Response: Thanks. I already uploaded the next chapter for validation :) :)

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Review #44, by Aurorofthelight Chapter 19: Into the Veil

27th January 2011:
Yet another wonderful chapter! Good thing that Harry & Ginny have such a strong love or Harry would have had T-Rex size bat bogeys to deal with over his veil scheme! When she gets mad she is harder to deal with than a herd of Hungarian Horntails with hangovers! That's gonna have to be one heck of a honeymoon! I really enjoyed the veil with all the old characters turning up! Had to do Harry's heart good! I would probably clarify in the next chapter how Damocles could know he was entering the veil---is the scum pshycic? a spy? And what about Merlin? Staying tuned to the next exciting episode to find out! ;) :)

Author's Response: :) :) Lots of questions and most of them will probably be answered in the next two chapters. Chapter 20 will be more a Phoenix Army story as they try to keep the enemy away from the veil.

As for Ginny...Oh I hate to see anyone who'd get in her way right now. Her love will be Harry's anchor in the world of the living as he journeys the world of the veil.

till next chapter...

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Review #45, by HowlinMadHowie Chapter 19: Into the Veil

26th January 2011:
Y'know I half expected him (Harry) to recite some of that Bible stuff, "I walk in the shadow of death" or whatever it is. But I've read different versions of Harry going into the Veil, of all them he had a lifeline to get out, to find his way. You have your work cut out for you to figure out how he's getting back out. Provided, of course, that Democles does not destory the gateway.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'll figure it out soon. :) Besides, the veil is too thin now that Harry is confident he'll find his way out with the help of some familiar characters. :)

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Review #46, by isabelle Chapter 18: Losses

24th January 2011:
just answering, I did read your first story indeed
but I did so in the fanfiction . net but it was uploaded by someone else..I guess that someone tried to stole it from you and I was going to review how great it was and i saw someone`s review saying this with the link to this site, so I finished reading the story and now i'm reading this one
I am from brazil and I lived in aussie so is how i know the other website and from there i'm here, I already sent you first story to my friends and they are loving it.

Author's Response: wow thanks for promoting my story.

It is a little bit wierd to know that someone is trying to steal my story.

I am glad you found your way here, isabelle. :)

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Review #47, by issy Chapter 18: Losses

24th January 2011:
you are killing me harryGinny05
please update fast

you are a great writer, btw, are a writer urself? u r great..I wonder if you are and what books u could have wrote, i would love to read if u do so...

Author's Response: : ) I am not a writer though I am flattered that you think I am one. :)

I already posted the next chapter. Hopefully it will be validated soon.

Thanks again.

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Review #48, by isabelle Chapter 18: Losses

23rd January 2011:
rating 20/10

this is the best story i've ever read together with the legacy of slytherin. this is worth oh J K rowling job
I love this and please dont stop writing cant wait to finally read the whole story, update quickly pleasse

Author's Response: Thanks for the read and review. I simply do my best in writing and i am glad you liked the story so far.

Hope you read my first story too as some of the event in the ravenclaw progency is connect to it

I already submitted the next chapter for validation :)


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Review #49, by Bappa Patil Chapter 18: Losses

18th January 2011:
Great story. Can't wait to read next chapter,upload it soon.

Author's Response: Thanks.

i already did. Hope it get validated soon

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Review #50, by Aurorofthelight Chapter 18: Losses

18th January 2011:
Another steller chapter HG05! Liked the action with Charlie & Neville in this one--nice to see the good guys win a couple of rounds for a change! I hope Ron turns up soon before Hermoine has a cow or does something she'll regret with Dorko(I'd really advise you stay away from a Dramoine angle on this-- you'd turn off alot of your readers even if it is temporary). Will be interesting to see what happened with Ron & the vamp! You also peaked my interest with Harry's into the veil scheme---will be looking forward to seeing where that goes and how the good guys end up winning! I also am beginning to suspect that Ravenclaw used Harry's DNA without his knowledge to create her progeny and that the progeny is Damocles who appears to be female! Looking forward to the next chapter! Keep up the great ride you're taking us on!

Author's Response: Thanks and it is always good hearing from you.

Dramoine angel...I am not much of fan of such fairing but I feel that in order to develop the two characters, i need to go into such shark-infested path. I hate turning off readers and I making a plea to them to give the story a shot. This is a temporary thing until such time that ROn and Hermione finds their way back into each other's arms.

The veil...the veil...I have always been interested in it sinch JK Rowling introduced it. It is for that reason that I always include it in my fanfic. I believe there is so much more to discover in such a mysterious artifacts that bridges the world of the living and the dead.

As for your theory regarding Rowena...well... we just have to wait at the end of the story when everything tied up and close ; ) ; )

Thanks once again and continue reading and reviewing.

: )

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