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Review #26, by orangezauber The Twenty-seventh.

23rd December 2010:
Ha ha. You are right. Trying to read the story while really thinking about Nyx's thoughts does make her sound a bit insane. However, if we were to write down all of the stuff that goes through our head I am sure we would sound insane as well. At least I know I would sound insane if people could hear my thoughts.

There were a couple more typos. I know how you feel though when it comes to revising. I often miss typos because I know what I am saying and I just glance over everything without reading it. It has gotten me into trouble a few times. is near the middle I can't exactly remember the conversation but the word "it" should be "it's" and then the second typo is near the end when Nyx is comforting Peter. Unless you really meant that she "robbed" Peter's shoulder. I think it should be "rubbed".

I am still really enjoying the story. I like Nyx a lot so I don't mind that the story is a little heavy on her. You said she is fun to write well I think she is really fun to read (thoughts and all). Thanks for posting once again!


Author's Response: I know I would sound insane, even I think I'm a bit nuts sometimes :P there's just that point where you shake your head in a what on earth are you thinking kind of way. I'll try and iron out thouse typos once the queue's reopened again. And maybe she robbed him of a shoulder.. :P somehow. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying what's left of the story, and that you've stuck with it this far! Thanks for reviewing once again! Alex.

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Review #27, by Marauderette The Twenty-eighth.

22nd December 2010:
I loved this story and this chapter wasn't any different! This chapter was wonderful! I love how Remus reacted to the 'blood traitor' thing. The Quidditch match was great too! And James's cockiness was amazing. 10/10
I really hope you have time/inspiration for the sequel! I'm sure it'll be just as amazing as this!

Author's Response: Hello again! Nice to hear from you and I'm really super glad you've loved all of the chapters and the story as a whole enough to talk to me all the time :P Haha, I must have written his reaction three or four times before I picked the one I liked best so I'm glad you liked it too! And I love qriting quidditchy related things, I really kicked myself in the butt for taking Nyx off the team so I had to put it in! James is possibly one of my favourite characters from the series even though we don't see much of him. His cockiness was pretty fun to write (: I hope I have time too! As for the insppiration, I've planned the whole thing out and I'm pretty excited about it. Obviously it's just a skeleton but hopefully it'll make the writing part easier so I can find the time. I will defintely try to! Thanks for reviewing and reading, mean a lot! Alex :D

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Review #28, by hati The Twenty-eighth.

22nd December 2010:
now im thinking that nyx's parents are setting her up with this flat thing. Loved the chapter. Keep writing whenever u can.

Author's Response: Hmm, maybe, maybe ;) I won't confirm or deny anything. Haha, I wouldn't mind a flat personally :P Thanks for reading all the way to the end and it means a lot that you liked the story and I will definitely try to get the sequel up and running if I can locate some time :P Thanks for reviewing, Alex (:

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Review #29, by JLLshinystar The Twenty-eighth.

22nd December 2010:
Omg that's the end?! Wow, I can't believe it.
But I loved this story, every bit of it.
I really, really hope you write the sequel!

Author's Response: Yep, I couldn't really believe it either. I sort of looked at my screen for a bit and went 'that's just about a year of my life in that document'. Thank you, that's such a complment (: knowing people enjoy what I write. I'll try, I really will because I planned this one out and everything (which I've never done before) and I'm super excited about it. Now I just have to find the time :P I'm sure I have some lying around somewhere. Thank you for reading all the way to the end and for reviewing! Alex :D

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Review #30, by SweetRose The Twenty-seventh.

28th November 2010:
This is a great story! I'm really curious to find out how Remus will react when he see's what is written on Nyx's arm, because I know he will find out eventually. Hope you can update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks (: Your curiousity should hopefully be filled some time in the near future, but not in the next chapter if you know what I mean ;) I'm still currently writing the next chapter but as soon as it's ready I'll be sticking it in the queue! Thanks for reviewing! Alex (:

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Review #31, by naflower05 The Twenty-seventh.

21st November 2010:
Great chapter!!! There's that blood traitor thing coming up again. ooh, i just cant wait for someone to see it! haha, but then i love drama, so that explains it. update again soon!!! =]

Author's Response: Thanks (: Yeah, I'm glad you liked that bit and you want to know more because it will come up a little later on... but I wanted to keep it in (: Haha, I'll try to update son but writing seems to be a far off dream right now, feels like I haven't written anything in weeks! Thanks for reviewing again! Alex :D

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Review #32, by Marauderette The Twenty-seventh.

19th November 2010:
Awesome chapter! I loved that you paid attention to Peter (even though I can't stand his guts and I wish death upon him quite frequently)! There wasn't a lot of Remus though and that sucked. Regardless, it was a great chapter! I can't wait for the next to be out! 10/10 update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, I have to admit I'm one of the people that hates his guts too but that's probably because I really like James and Lily. There's probably going to be more Remus im the next chapter.. but I'm in the middle of writing it so I'll try to get it up as quickly as possible for you (: Thanks for reviewing again! Alex.

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Review #33, by DeliciousDreamer The Twenty-sixth.

9th November 2010:
Ooh. I enjoy, and I love the first dates. A beautiful lily flower for the author, because it's pretty.

Author's Response: :) Thanks. I love reading first dates too although I have to admit this was a challenge to write! Thanks for reviewing and I will happily accept the lily flower :D Alex.

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Review #34, by naflower05 The Twenty-sixth.

8th November 2010:
great chapter!! loved it, so update soon!! =]

Author's Response: Hey again :) and thanks! I'm glad you liked it. The next chapter will be put into the queue as soon as the third chapter of my other story is up. So hopefully soon! Thanks for reviewing again, Alex. :D

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Review #35, by fire witch The Twenty-sixth.

8th November 2010:
i love it! theyre so cute :P update soon!!

Author's Response: Haha thanks :D The next chapter for my other story is in the queue right now but once it's up, I'll put the next one on immediately. Glad you liked it, Alex ;)

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Review #36, by Marauderette The Twenty-sixth.

7th November 2010:
Finally! I am so happy it finally happened! Thank you! It was a wonderful chapter! I loved it! But I want to know what was up with Rookwood and Mulciber! Update soon please!! 10/10

Author's Response: Finally! :P Yeah, I've been looking forward to this chapter too. And with regards to Rookwood, that was almost deleted from the chapter but I'm glad I left it because it ties in nicely with something in the maybe distant future, I've yet to decide. Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you liked the chapter :D I'll try to update soon but I'm not making any promises because I'm still sort of writing it :S Thanks again, Alex :D

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Review #37, by AliLorai The Twenty-sixth.

6th November 2010:
At last, her date with Remus! :) I loved this chapter, especially the dementor. If it were me i wouldve been dead meat. Haha congrats on a great chapter, and post again soon! This is such a great story, and I read it on a weekend again, so no hw getting in the way ;) At least i have a big break soon, and ill b free to read ur story as much as i plz. Great job on this chapter, adn update quickly :)

Author's Response: Haha, yea at last!!! I'm glad you liked it and about the dementor, it was almost removed from the chapter so I'm glad you liked that part! I would have been dead meat too although I am kind of curious about what my patronus would be. Well, ti's lucky the validation dates seem to make this update on weekends so you can read it! And lucky you getting on a break, I don't get off until the 22nd of December. Thanks for reviewing again, I'll try to get an update up soon but I'm still sort of writing it oops, I'm so behind on this it's ridiculous. Cheers! Alex. :D

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Review #38, by orangezauber The Twenty-sixth.

6th November 2010:
I love being "inside" Nyx's head. It really does add a lot to her character (for the better) because if you were to take all of her inner commentary out then it would be a random out burst here and there. I still like the continuous stream of random thoughts/commentary. I think that is why I am so drawn to this story. If just feels so comfortable. I don't mean predictable, just something that could happen to a typical magical teenager :-)

I did however find a typo. I am sorry! I didn't want to find one, but the sentence just didn't make as much sense as it could have. The second paragraph of the chapter said "it was first date with Remus Lupin". I think you either wanted the word "my" in there or the word "the".

Thanks for another fun chapter. I wonder what Nyx would do if she was confronted by a dementor when she doesn't know the patronus charm. Possibly beat it with a stick? I know that would be one of my first instincts ;-) Thanks again for posting.


Author's Response: Hey again :) Yeah, I just went through that chapter and tried to read it completely ignoring Nyx's thoughts/views and really makes her seem insane doesn't it? I'm glad it's comfortable because when I feel something's comfortable it feels a tad more realistic to me if you know what I mean? Well, as realistic as magic can get! :P

Thanks for pointing it out. I've just gone to edit the chapter and luckily it was near the beginning so it was easy enough to catch! I always miss out words when I'm typing (and writing) for some reason. I think it's because I read in my head as I write so I've thought the word out so figure I must have typed it. That sounds stupid right?

No problem! I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, I think she probably would, try and cause it some pain. Would it feel it? I don't know. Haha. Thanks for reviewing again! :D Alex.

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Review #39, by naflower05 The Twenty-fifth.

31st October 2010:
yay! another great chapter!! i really liked it. i wonder how long the 'bloodtraitor' will stay on her arm, and what would happen if someone saw it. ooh thy would get pissed!! update again soon!! =] ~

Author's Response: Hey :) Thanks. Yeah, I think I'm going to play around with that in the next couple of chapter but the the direct next one (if you know what I mean). The next chapter is already in the queue! So I hope it's up soon. Admittedly I'm seriously far behind in my writing but I'll try and finish chapter 27 this weeks so I can upload it next week? We'll see how it goes. I have two tests this week and a whole heap of uni applications :( Thanks for reviewing again, I'm glad you liked it! Alex.

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Review #40, by orangezauber The Twenty-fifth.

28th October 2010:
There has to be a filler chapter every once in a while. I was actaully really amused that Nyx didn't go off on Remus for punching someone (even if Rosier did deserve it). She just walks off like nothing happened.

Sorry that this review is shorter than most of my other ones. I should really get back to studying for my exam tomorrow. Ah,'s a beautiful thing...until it gets me into trouble. It was a great chapter! I appreciate the short study break.

Until next time,

Author's Response: Yeah, I agree with you there. Haha, yeah I guess she didn't really react to him punching someone but she did immobilise them all so she could stop it I suppose :P I don't mind at all if it's shorter (studying is definitely priority, I have an exam next week :/ so good thing it was short!) Thanks fore reviewing again and I'm glad you liked the chapter! I'm putting the next one in the queue now :D Alex.

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Review #41, by AliLorai The Twenty-fifth.

25th October 2010:
Another fabulous chapter, I must say! I love this story, and luckily I had no homework, so my mom said that I was free to read :) Ur a fantastic writer, and this chapter was so cool! The fights are so intense, it really is like I'm there. Great job, and post again soon!

Author's Response: Cheers! :D Haha, lucky for you. I seem to have heaps of homework to do :( plus I just found myself a part time job so less time to do fun things like writing! Guess I could use the money though.. Thanks for the writing compliments... they're really nice to read! I'm glad you liked the fight scene so much, it was fun to write so I'm glad that translated to good point rather than garbled mush! :) Thanks for reviewing again and I'll try to get some more writing done so you don't have to wait too long! Alex :D

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Review #42, by Marauderette The Twenty-fifth.

25th October 2010:
Wonderful chapter even if it was a filler! I loved the fight between Tom, Spencer, and Rosier... And Remus's and Nyx's contributions. I can't wait for the next chapter. But I'm sure you'll find some way to push back the date some more! 10/10 Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks :) Yeah, I figured that even though they're Ravenclaws and aren't quite as brash as Gryffindors, a punch up might still occur.. plus it was fun to write :P Not to mention Remus would never stand for that sort of language. Haha, I'll try not to push the date back but I'm only halfway through chapter twenty seven :( I'll try and speed up but I'm pretty busy. Thanks for reviewing again and I'm glad you liked it! Alex :D

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Review #43, by DeliciousDreamer The Twenty-fourth.

24th October 2010:
This chapter brings forth quite a number of questions. Was this your plan all along? I bet it was. It's working though and so I am hoping, nay praying, that perhaps an update will be happening soon. I will review again. I promise.
A bottle of smooth butterbeer for the author, who deserves so much more.

Author's Response: It might have been my plan... maybe :P I have to say for some reason, now that I'm nearing the end of the story, I seem to be bringing up more questions than I am answering or rather, I'm bringing up old questions that were hinted earlier on. As for the answers... you might have to wait, sorry. But in regards to the update, it should hopefully be coming very soon! It's been in the queue a couple of days now so maybe by the end of the week it'll be up? And I would love a bottle of butterbeer thank you :) I had some frozen in Florida and it was delicious. Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you're liking the story :D Alex. (and I think a bottle of butterbeer is the perfect thing to have!)

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Review #44, by naflower05 The Twenty-fourth.

23rd October 2010:
great chapters!!! i cant wait for the next one so update soon!!! =]

Author's Response: thanks :) the next chapter is already in the queue so hopefully it'll be up in a few days time! Thanks for reviewing again, Alex. :D

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Review #45, by AliLorai The Twenty-fourth.

19th October 2010:
Great! Another awesome chapter, I wish Quidditch was real, i'd b so pro at it ;)
This story is addicting, but I didn't get yelled at this time, it was during the weekend that I read it. :)
Keep writing, and post soon! This story's so... real, it's like I'm actually there!
Hahaha keep it coming! 10/10


Author's Response: Haha, thanks. I wish quidditch was real too, although I doubt I'd be pro at it. Maybe, it might just be the one sport I'd manage. I'm quick at running but I doubt that'd help :P. I'll try to get more of the chapters up at the weekends then although I don't know how I'll manage it but I'll try! (: I'm glad you're liking the story so much and thanks a lot for the compliments on my writing, makes me smile :) Thanks for reviewing again! Alex :D

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Review #46, by Marauderette The Twenty-fourth.

17th October 2010:
You just keep putting off the date, don't you? Haha, but this chapter was awesome! I loved the Quidditch match! It was incredible. I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter. Please update soon!! 10/10

Author's Response: yep, I most certainly do. :P That's probably because I don't want to end the story, I'm not sure I know how to end it at this point! Haha, just kidding. :) I'm really glad you liked the quidditch, I think it's some of the most fun to write. Plus I had writer's block before writing this chapter and it let me get it all out so I really like it. Thanks for reviewing again and I'm happy you're still enjoying it! Alex. :D

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Review #47, by orangezauber The Twenty-fourth.

17th October 2010:
I suppose attacking a person in mid-air is one way to take care of a problem :-) Not something I would have done, but it was pretty fantastic anyway. Too bad that she got suspended from Quidditch though. Oh well, I suppose that is what happens when you full body check someone on a broom. This will make for some great converstations between Nyx and her friends and teammates. Anger does make for some hilarious sceens sometimes.

You will be pleased to know that I did not spot any errors this time. You must have had your glasses on properly and not been on the phone. lol.

Again, I love that this story feels so real. It doesn't feel like a story at all. Instead it is like I am actually there because it all seems so natural. There isn't a lot of superflous facts and details. It's just like a normal day, in a normal setting, with normal (well as normal as one can be) people. What I am trying to say is that I am still loving your writing style! You brightened my weekend! I look forward to your next chapter!


Author's Response: Yep, if you can't find any other way to take care of someone I thoroughly suggest a broom tackle. Probably is something I would have done, I'm a bit of an idiot that way. Haha, yeah, I thought it would have been weird if she didn't get punished especially when Fred and George got banned for just punching someone on the ground :P But that was Umbridge so. :P

Yesss! No mistakes :D Makes for a change. Improvement for the win! :)

Thanks, that's a really big compliment that makes me grin :) and I'm pretty glad it feels natural as Hogwarts can be... with natural people (I'm super glad you didn't use the word normal here :P I don't think anyone is normal). And I'm also glad I brightened your weekend because weekends are supposed to be fun! I will try and get the next chapter up soon for you to read :) Thanks for reviewing again, Alex. :D

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Review #48, by fire witch The Twenty-fourth.

16th October 2010:
OOH you gotta update soon!!!

Author's Response: haha, I'll try ;) glad you enjoyed it though and thanks for reviewing again, Alex. :D

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Review #49, by AliLorai The Twenty-third.

13th October 2010:
O my God this story is addicting! My moms constantly yelling at me to get off the computer, cuz I cant stop reading this! I hate how chapters have to be validated tho, it makes us have to wait! Its almost nerve racking, I want to read the next chapter so bad! :) Great job so far, keep it up! 10/10

Author's Response: Yay, thanks :D I love that you're enjoying the story so much but maybe you should find a way to read it secretly so you don't get in trouble :P my mum thinks I spend way too much time on my computer too so I know what you mean! Well I put the next chapter up two or three days ago I think so I'm hoping it will be up at the end of this week or the start of next. I know it seems annoying but this way the site isn't spammed or anything! Which has to be a good thing right? (: Thanks for reviewing again and I'm glad you're still enjoying the story after twenty-three chapters! Alex. :)

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Review #50, by orangezauber The Twenty-third.

13th October 2010:
I love how fun this story is! I really can't get enough of it! The inner workings of Nyx's mind makes me smile every single time I read a new chapter. Usually there is an all knowing voice that tells the story, but with your story it is mostly Nyx and what goes on in her head. There really is something truely refreshing about a character that I can relate to. Then again I am the type of girl to ask a boy out on a date if he doesn't ask first, but dropping giant hints like Nxy usually does the trip too :-)

I only saw one error this time. It was in the second paragraph and I think you meant to say 'they' instead of 'the'. Other than that there were no errors that I could see.

Again I love the simple complexity of this story (if that oxymoron makes any sense, hahaha). Good luck with your busy schedule and get well soon. Maybe you could use your sickness in your story? Hm, that could lead to some very interesting twists :-) Anyway, thanks for posting. You made my evening just that much better!


Author's Response: Hey :) Thanks, I really quite like Nyx at first I wasn't sure if I wanted her to be liked or not but I think as the story progressed, I started to like her so I guess that plan failed :P I'm glad you can relate to her because I seriously love reading stories where I can relate to someone, it makes it more believable don't you think?

Damn, I need to find my glasses if I'm missing things. Except I had them on at the time.. so we'll call that one a mistake. And I'll make the excuse that I was on the phone at the time (except I really wasn't ;) haha )

Oxymorons are fine :D I don't think the busy schedule will get any better somehow but at least I'm on break for a week although somehow they seem to think this is an excuse for twice the amount of homework? If I pass then I won't complain. Haha, well my illness wasn't anything interesting unfortunately. Just plain old tonsillitis which I seem to get every time I get a cold. It's more annoying than anything else.

Thanks for reviewing again, I always love reading your reviews, they make me grin :D Alex.

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