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Review #26, by EverDiggory Chapter Four

29th May 2012:
Again, not for swap. Simply because I love this story!

Cliffhanger! No! Update this right now! As in, this very moment!

I was dancing when he said they should get amrried, and cursing when she declined! What is she thinking? When are we going to know more about their break up? When are they going to get together? When are you going to update?

I loved the ending(: how adorably adorable! Sooo cute. IK think I might actually be a Percy fangirl. *pulls hair* what is happening to me?

Thanks for the awesome story, eye opener, and newest obsession!:D

Update right now;D



Author's Response: WOW! 0_O, thank you so much for all the reviews. And don't worry, M&M is already finished, it just needs to be edited. I'm a procrastinator. So.


He's so lovably nerdy.

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Review #27, by EverDiggory Chapter Three

29th May 2012:
Not for the swap, I've just been stalking this story;D

I held my breath, cursed under my breath, and even smacked myself in the forehead a few times over this chapter. C'mon Perce! Get it together!

How awkward Audrey is! I love it! I don't know why, but the thought of someone calling her out on her meatball intake is mortifying! Or taking someones plate! Oh gosh, I'ma horribly awkward person, and just the thought of doing that has me flushed!

I'm curious as to why she thinks marriage is bad idea, but I think I can guess why.

Off to the next chapter(:

Author's Response: Aww, that's so nice of you!

Give Percy a break, he's the most responsible of all his brothers this is a total shock. Although I will agree, he needs to work on his game.

I've been called out on my meatball intake, never tried to take a plate though. Maybe next time.

Marriage? Simple, she's nervous it won't work out and things will be worse then they are now.

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Review #28, by EverDiggory Chapter Two

29th May 2012:
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Before I start the serious gushing, here is a million and twenty high fives for successfully avoiding cliches! You're amazing.

Sorry it took so long for me to review, by the way. I read the first chapter and simply had to continue to this one! I will definitely be favoriting(:

I really like this, surprisingly. While everything that you've written never fails to put me into a complete state of awe, I haven't read much of Percy, so this was just an eye-opener. I'm beginning to like this ship a lot, and i have a strong feeling that you're ability to write it so incredibly is a main contributing factor.

Characterization was pretty blasted good!:D Hooray! I was pleasantly surprised with the flow; The jumps taken would usually throw off most writers, but you have handled it well!

I like Audrey's nervousness; it wasn't overdone, but was done just enough for the readers to understand the feelings she is experiencing.

Grammar and spelling is great!

I really, really like Percy for some reason. Which is incredibly impressive on your part, because I had a very bland choice of words for him; I always found him particularly boring. But, I'm happy to report you have created a new found interest, but you may also have created a crazy reviewing monster who demands you update all the time;D

I'm off to read the next chapter, if you don't mind(:

Oh, and I'm sorry about having no CC points or anything to help you improve, this is just really, really spectacular!

Until next time,


Author's Response: Okay, well I am in shock and awe at this. I mean, I was not expecting such a great review.

There's a weird, fluffy feeling creeping it...happiness?

I wasn't really sure whether or not you'd like it. I mean, you're a really big fan of the Malfoy's so I wasn't sure that a nerd like Percy and a grammar nazi like Audrey would interest.

Always good to be told that you've avoided cliches right? Really when writing this I just tried to ask myself. What would I do? What would my family be like?

Percy is definitively one of my favorite characters to write. He's also the one I most want to marry. He's a nice, upright, smart guy. I'm always upset when people write him as mean or nasty, because he's neither. He's just different.

Grammar and spelling definitively goes to my fantastic BETA!

You and I should do another review swap. I've got about four Percy one-shots. And I love converting people to the nerdy side!

I hope you like the next one. :)

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Review #29, by Siriusgirl Chapter Four

24th May 2012:
This is great! Percy is so adorkable, and I love how Audrey is so direct and feisty. They actually do remind me of Amy and the doctor, and Amy and Rory. That's a good thing. I love it!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the awesome review. :)

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Review #30, by Mystique Chapter Two

24th May 2012:
Hi. I'm glad you had Audrey tell Percy right away - in a couple of pregnancy stories I've read the girl doesn't tell the father for a long time. The flashbacks really provided an insight into Percy and Audrey's relationship.

Author's Response: You may want to wait before going on to the third chapter, it's actually the fourth, but the third one was devalidated and is now back in the queue. So basically if you move ahead now you'll have skipped a whole chapter.

Now that that's said, I'd like to say thank you for all the great reviews you've left me. :)

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Review #31, by Mystique Chapter 1

24th May 2012:
This is such a good story. There are not many Percy/Audrey stories on the archive so I was excited to read this and I'm so glad that I did. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Mystique? Your name wouldn't happen to be like the female X-Men would it? Because that would be awesome. Speaking of awesome, I'm so glad you like this story and I'm glad you like it well enough to review it, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

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Review #32, by Akussa Chapter Four

22nd May 2012:
Wow, you have no idea how real this chapter sounded to me. I lived on coffee and sugary stuff and eating correctly for the baby is the hardest part of this whole pregnancy thing for me!

I really enjoyed this chapter a lot; Percy is such a good, bumbly guy, I like him a lot. Of course I would hate him for bringning his entire family to the apointment...

I noticed two little slips in there; two places where you forgot to close the dialogue actually :

“Not anymore, you don’t, Gus answered in a matter-a-fact tone.

“Congratulations, Ms. Pond, you are having a healthy baby. He was a tall chubby...

Other than that, it was a brilliant chapter, I really enjoyed it and keep liking this story even more with each chapter. The chapters are great and interesting; great job!


I'm so glad you found it accurate and relatable, that's the hardest thing about writing a pregnancy novel, is the relatability.

Also Percy didn't bring his whole family, um they just sort of showed up. You know the Weasleys, they are a very nosy bunch.

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Review #33, by Phoenix_Feather49 Chapter Four

21st May 2012:
*Le me hysterically laughing*
CAN I JUST SAY, I'm in love with this story?! No-one ever does a Percy story- so I love because it's so different. Witty, funny, well written and a great plot.
Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I love Percy/Audrey, they are my OTP and I will willingly marry anyone like Percy. In fact I've written a total of four one-shots and one short story with him in it as a main character. I'm very glad you like this story. :) Thanks for the great review.

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Review #34, by AC_rules Chapter Four

21st May 2012:
Ack! I love this story and I'm really glad it was updated. I've been thinking quite a bit about pregnancy at the moment (not because I'm pregnant or anything - WE'RE ALL GOOD) and just how awful the whole thing sounds... all the good things you can't have and... yeah... it's all craycray and stuff.

Also, all the Weasley's turning up? Brilliant.

Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: I never thought you were pregnant actually, until you brought it up and then I was all...hmmm.


Thank god, because what would the hormones do to your writing?

Anyway, don't get pregnant because you'll be on a diet with horrible food, that's the moral of this chapter.

Glad you liked it!

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Review #35, by KatsClarinet Chapter Four

21st May 2012:
Yay and update! This made me happy. :) I'm really enjoying the story so far! Keep it up!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Updates will be coming in steadily.

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Review #36, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Chapter Four

21st May 2012:
"Not anymore, you don't, Gus answered in a matter-a-fact tone. "I talked to my wife, and she said that coffee was on the do-not-eat list."

Now he decides to become a caring co-worker.




They are two peas in a pod.

Not unless I can cover it all in hot sauce is there any way I will eat something called germ.




Author's Response: DEEDS!

Remember how I said your reviews are the best?

Yup. I was right!

Funnily enough, everyone seems to enjoy Gus and his comments about life, I should do a spin-off one-shot. Gus and The Bad Day or something.


They are two peas in a pod.

I have no clue what wheat germ is, I just found it on a pregnancy site.

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Review #37, by RosieQueen Chapter Four

21st May 2012:
Ooh, this is getting interesting! I love when the Weasleys get involved! This was so funny, especially the healer, and all of Audrey's reactions and thoughts. The list was interesting as well. I love Audrey's characterization- she's so proper and intelligent yet funny as well. Loved this chapter! I can't wait to read more about Audrey's meeting with the Weasleys. :D Update soon? :)


Author's Response: Someone said something about Audrey that was perfect, she's classy, she's intelligent and she's a bit of an insane person. Which is exactly what I was going for when writing her. :) Updates will be coming, I'm glad you like the story!

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Review #38, by Stalking Shadows Chapter Three

18th May 2012:
Love it! Added to my favorites list :) Update soon doll!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! Next chapter is in the queue. :)

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Review #39, by LyrisLovegood Chapter Three

16th May 2012:
Hi I'm back...not stalking you at all :p haha

Alright I still love this. So awkward for Audrey bless the poor girl. I still like Molly she's so nice and doesn't ask too much questions and just accept the outcome. This chapter made me want to shake Percy and tell him to grow a pair. I mean he's going to be a father soon. I really hope he'll warm up to the idea!

I love the fact that Ginny was the one that shouted out and made thing more awkward ha that was classic.

Anyway I love this!

I must keep on reading. Post new chapter soon :)

Author's Response: If this is stalking then I have no problem with it! :) Thank you for all the lovely reviews you've left me. Chapter four is in the queue as I type this. :)

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Review #40, by LyrisLovegood Chapter Two

16th May 2012:
Oh my Merlin I love this story :)

I am rather pleased that Percy is pleased with Audrey being pregnant...I couldn't imagine the latter. I love how they stay civil even through their break-up and I'm pretty glad it hadn't ended badly. However I am now intrigued as to the reason why they broke up (hope I didn't miss it in the first two chapters :p that would be silly of me). I still love the characterization of the two. You made it believable and I still feel like I could relate to Audrey (minus the pregnant part).

Keep it up :)

Sorry it's a bit short!

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad you do!

I think most couples would at least stay civil after breaking up, especially Percy and Audrey who are grown adults, not to mention that Percy is still pining for Audrey and Audrey is feeling guilty.

You didn't miss the reason why they broke up, that will be revealed in a later chapter...whenIfigureoutareason. :)

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Review #41, by LyrisLovegood Chapter 1

16th May 2012:
Hi there.

So I don't usually read Percy/Audrey - actually I don't actually tend to read Hogwarts Era to be totally honest with you. But lately I've been giving those a try.

I love your characterization of Audrey. The flow was just right and you've managed to captured her emotions in such a good way. It also like the fact that you've made the boys unsympathetic towards her, giving her a nudge rather than the cliche of having a best friend who tells her not to tell the father and instead take the reprehensibility upon himself and pretends that he's the father instead (I am pretty guilty of this haha) The humour was also just write.

Love it! :)

Author's Response: I love writing Percy and Audrey, they're one of my OTP's. Besides this story I have a couple one-shots about them.

Anyway, I'm glad you like my version of Percy/Audrey and I'm glad you like Audrey, and the boys in Audrey's life who are unsympathetic and make her life even more difficult.

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Review #42, by CloakAuror9 Chapter 1

16th May 2012:
Hey there! (:

First of all, I really loved your summary! It was very straight to the point in a very interesting way and I could relate to Audrey with the whole people-over-using-commas.

Also, I don't read a lot of Percy/Audrey stories, but I think your Audrey is one of the best I've seen so far. She seems like a very interesting far. I can't wait 'til she's a mother! :3

I think you could do some more 'depth' to the story, because at the moment it looks a bit...flat, if you know what I mean? I think more description would help :) But other than that, I think you've written a really good story. :)

CloakAuror9 xx
Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Oh dear, the dreaded nemesis.description. I can see exactly what you're saying the story could use some more of it. Thanks for telling me.

On the other hand, I'm glad you like Audrey, she's one of my favorite characters to write...EVER! I just wanted to give her, her own personality, because in next-gen's she's so flat and dull and in a lot of Percy/Audrey's she's just this female Penelope Clearwater (Don't get me started on how people treat Penelope Clearwater).

Anyway, to cut a long review short, I'm glad you like it. :)

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Review #43, by CypressQueen Chapter Three

23rd April 2012:
This is fabulous. I think you have portrayed all the characters really well. I love when Harry says "But how could Percy get someone pregnant. Please post the next chapter soon. Can't wait to read it.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the story so far, I really enjoy the characters. :) The next chapter is coming soon. :)

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Review #44, by KatsClarinet Chapter Three

18th April 2012:
I'm completely fascinated by this story! Audrey seems like a very real person, and it's completely amusing. Hope you update soon! ;)

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad you liked it! I will be sure to update soon! Thank you so much for your review. :)

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Review #45, by ayaceres Chapter Three

14th April 2012:
I simply love this. It's so well written and you simply must get another chapter up, I'm practically dying from anticipation here.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you like it so much! :) Next chapter is with the BETA right now. :)

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Review #46, by AC_rules Chapter Three

13th April 2012:
Aha. I'm adding this to my favourites because I honestly loved it. Who doesn't love humilation and reveals about pregnantness? Ahha. Oh, dear, 'we're... collegues'

A book on the Ministry? Nice. Ahhha, I love it all :D

Author's Response: Humilation is so much fun when it doesn't happen to us right?

Poor Percy. :)

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Review #47, by AC_rules Chapter Two

13th April 2012:
Aha, this is such a lovely story.

I really like Audrey and the ~inverse~ of the norms with the two not being in a relationship, not having ended spectacularly badly but still being relatively civil. Its nice.

But I'm really glad that Percy's pleased! Awhh, actually, I'm not surprised - that's completely Percy thing to do. A hundred percent. Awhh. This is for real really cute. It makes me want to squee and stuffs.

I'll be keeping track of this one :)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks, I'm glad you liked this chapter, this story is really one of my all time favorite stories that I've written. :)

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Review #48, by Nelle07 Chapter Three

13th April 2012:
Bahaha Love this chapter >_

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing. :)

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Review #49, by javct Chapter Three

9th April 2012:
Back again!

Oh my gosh, this was so funny! I loved this! I think you're brilliant at getting humor across :D

I absolutely loved the characterisation of everyone in here. Mrs. Weasley was perfect! I like how you gave us an short insight into Percy's POV :D

I think everything flows well together and nothing seems OOC or out of the ordinary which is really really really good!

Your humor is awesome! If it weren't for you I would never have tried writing humor :P (just thought I should let you know!) You had me laughing in so many parts, the best bit was when Ginny shouted she was pregnant! haha

Let me as soon as the next chapter comes up!

Author's Response: I wish everyone left me the same lovely reviews you left me...and I wish they'd leave them often. :)

I'm glad you liked my humor and characterization of everyone. I was a bit nervous about the Weasley family when I wrote them. :)

I will be sure to re-request. :)

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Review #50, by javct Chapter Two

9th April 2012:
javct45 here with your review!
Sorry about the wait - I was on holiday without internet and didn't get back until yesterday.

I almost forgot how much I enjoyed this story :) I've been meaning to read chapter 2 and 3 for a while but I've just never got around to it haha :P

Anyway, I think you've got the characterisation down-pact, George and Ginny are brilliant and I love Audrey, she's so funny haha

SO MANY SCOTT PILGRIM REFERENCES! (be they on purpose or not haha)

I love your humor and honestly can't see how to improve your story :) I also couldn't pick any grammatical erros or spelling mistakes so celebratory cookies for you and your beta!

Onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: Scott Pilgrim references? 0_o Okay then...I don't remember writing any in, but that could just be me.

Thanks for the awesome review. :)

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