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Review #26, by choufleur What Do Death Eaters Dream Of?

13th July 2011:
I really enjoyed this, although I am sad that the first chapter went and so my place of first reviewer was stolen from me. Sigh. Anyway, I love some of the bits of description, especially of the mirror and the memories flowing from the giver. Rakshasi is spectacularly creepy and I slightly dread his reappearance, I have to admit! I am interested as to how this is linked with the first chapter but I'm sure we will find out in due course!

Author's Response: Yay beta! I'm sorry about that too. Thanks so much for your feedback and review. The edited version of the prologue is still in the queue, but should be updated soon--and I hope my Britspeak is improving! You can tell me when you see chapter 2...

I know! Rakshasi creeps me out too, and I wrote him! Unfortunately, he is a rather important character, and will therefore reappear. Oh dear. His role (and that of the mysterious English death eater) should become clear once chapter 2 is up.

Thanks again for reading!
xoxo wenderbender

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Review #27, by alias093001 What Do Death Eaters Dream Of?

12th July 2011:
I have to wonder how this chapter will fit into the rest of the story. Whatever this Death Eater dreams about, it can't be good. After all, it is a Death Eater.

Author's Response: The connection will become clearer in the third chapter, which should be finished and up sometime next week. As for what a death eater dreams of...well, I wouldn't jump to conclusions. That's all I can say!

Thanks so much for reviewing and faving my story!
xoxo wenderbender

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Review #28, by Schwans What Do Death Eaters Dream Of?

12th July 2011:
You rewrote your opening chapter. I was unable to review last time. Hmm, well this does raise some interesting questions. I imagine the dreams of Death Eaters are full of power and glory, the kind of thing they never see in the waking world.

Good luck with your challenge!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Don't worry, the original first chapter should be back up in a day or so...I had to delete it because I wanted to add a prologue (that's what's up now).
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on chapter 2, should be ready next week!

xoxo wenderbender

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