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Review #51, by LittleMissPrincess { 19 }

2nd January 2013:
okay this whole chapter is SO not cool. okay no. this is downright terrifying.
this only good part (okay no, thats rude. what i mean to say is, the only happy part) was all the starving artists references tucked and stuffed in there.

its like AU: the cast of staving artists/weather for ducks and blunderland are parallel universes to each other.

THIS IS SO SCARY. like, i know the whole point of all this is to be like how it was in the old days, but someone got penalized for just being a muggle-born?
i feel slightly stupid for asking, because i mean , i know that used to happen, but just seeing it happen again is making my feels hit the over load.

okay so you dont understand how important it is for you update soon like do you understand, i hope you do because otherwise i will have creys.

okay bye!
also one more thing : ARGH CLIFFHANGER!
now bye for reals.

Author's Response: you think you're 500% done with this story, believe me, I am 1000% done with it...

heh. twas once a night on skype when I hypothesised that this was the book Lucy went on to write after being paid an advance by a YA publishing company to write something 'fluffy and romantic with a serious message' and she just thought 'you know what why don't we stick a bit of violence in this' and LO! blunderland.

nah, it's okay! it does get cleared up a bit later on. the thing is: they don't really want Flora. 'dealing' with her would just be roughing her up, a bit of memory modification, the like. they're actually after scorpius. more to come on that in later chapters~

I have the rest of the story prewritten and awaiting edits and should hopefully be updating once a week from now on :3

sorry to enrage you further but I believe the next two chapters also end on cliffhangers...I'm just evil like that.

adios! ♥

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Review #52, by LittleMissPrincess { 18 }

2nd January 2013:
no! no, no, no you think you can just waltz back in here and like NO OKAY

but okay first im kinda happy that scorpius actually liked fauna, and he didn't just use her to make flora jealous -- BUT OTHER THAN THAT I AM TOTALLY NOT OKAY WITH THIS LIKE I CAN FEEL THE DRAB AND ALL THE DESPAIR IN THIS ; I THINK I SAID THAT IN ANOTHER REVIEW BEFORE, BUT IM REPEATING IT BECAUSE ITS TRUE OKAY

BECAUSE I CAN WAIT WHY AM I STILL ON CAPSLOCK okay thats better/ so yeah because i can srsly feel myself in the setting, and everything moved at the same pace, and was described the same way and it makes me sad that there are more sad chapters to come.

so yeah.

have you seen the hobbit? oh, and i finally saw the perks of being a wallflower. the feels overpowered me so much i fell over and couldn't get up.

okay see you next chapter bye

Author's Response: but why were you in the ocean in the first place!

bawww, yes. I had that hidden up my sleeve. he's just a boy who's very good at misplacing his feelings and messing things up with said misplaced feelings.

my english teacher did like me, I will admit, and english lit was my best subject every single year of my academic career (yet I'm at art school lololol) but I think I mostly annoyed her with my eagerness.

I've not seen the hobbit yet! soon, hopefully. soon. ah yes perks is amazing!~

thanks for reviewing and I am deeply sorry for inflicting such pain upon you ♥

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Review #53, by Meghna { 19 }

2nd January 2013:
This chapter was downright brilliant! So much of action. Something I've hardly read in your writing. And I loved it!
It surprised me, how this fic- so light and fluffy in the beginning, changed so much in the last couple of chapters. Originally I thought it would be like any other coming of age fic with Flora becoming more mature and all. But I'm just glad I was wrong.
This chapter is just mega. I would even call it the best among all the Blunderland ones!
Update soon please. :)

Author's Response: thank you! waa, action is so hard to write. which is why I immediately foisted those scenes onto Gina so she could beta them for me.

originally I did just plan for it to be a coming-of-age fic, but then I realised I wanted a, er...more /dramatic/ trashing of the cliche and such than I'd originally planned. she does still mature and come of age, if you will, just with a tad more violence along the way than you might expect.

thank you so much! :D I have pretty much the rest of the story prewritten so it's just a case of editing and posting now ♥

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Review #54, by Meghna { 18 }

2nd January 2013:
I think you've ruined any chance of Scorpius and Flora getting together. WHY. JUST WHY. Oh well, I'm sinking with my ship if it comes to that.
And every thing was just so sad and just.. sad! I feel awful for Scorpius and I wish Flora would be a little more, understanding? no, sympathetic towards him.
And more angst to come. Hahaha, it's amazing how much angst you can put into your fics. Love them anyway.

Oh and Albus promised his dad that he would 'put up shelves'. I cracked up at that. Is that a Weather for Ducks reference I see? If so, I feel like a genius for spotting it. ^_^

I'm going to hurry on to the nest chapter now. Major-breaking-into-the-ministry-shenanigan coming up so..

Author's Response: I'm getting that Dido song stuck in my head, you know 'I will go down with this ship, and I won't put my hands up and surrender'. that is the anthem of Flora/Scorpius shippers everywhere it seems.

I spread angst like it's a contagious disease...cough.

heh! I like to slip that reference in wherever I can. bit of a personal injoke. I don't know why, because it literally just came from that one chapter of weather for ducks. but then I have another private injoke that this is the book Lucy in weather for ducks is writing and it's all very meta etc etc etc. (ignore me)

thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #55, by LilyLou { 01 }

1st January 2013:
Wow. You use mega a lot, lol. She's so awkward it cracks me up. Honestly. And you made Fletcher and the other Slytherins a bit awkward as well, to be honest. I loved it. And Oi... haha. It was really good(: ~ Lily Lou

Author's Response: I might have to do a cheeky edit and tone down the mega, heee. I'd envisioned it as a sort of personal quirk Flora has but it just got bloody annoying. thank you for reading! ♥

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Review #56, by LilyLou { introduction }

1st January 2013:
Awww, that's so cute. I love this story so far. I haven't really ever thought of Scorpius' character to be socially awkward, and it's a different way of thinking, but I like it. It'll take some getting used to, lol. But I like how you make Flora's character, and I love your writing style. It's really good so far and I can't wait to read the rest!(: ~Lily Lou

Author's Response: welcome to the story! :3 I must confess I've got a bit of an entrenched headcanon when it comes to Scorpius, and he is pretty socially awkward in my mind, heee. It's really interesting to see the contrasts between all the characterisations of him on this site.

thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy it! (and when you start getting to the darker bits later, please don't hate me...) ♥

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Review #57, by AlexFan { 18 }

29th December 2012:
Oh God, now I'm scared for what's gonna happen in the next two-three chapters. Your authors note has terrified me. Anyway, glad to see that Scorpius is getting things worked with Flora (keep forgetting her name for some reason). Nice to know that they're slowly becoming friends again.

Author's Response: (you should be!). Loool, that's a bit disheartening if you're forgetting the name of the main narrator XD glad you like that, though, and I hope future chapters don't make you too mad ♥

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Review #58, by Sarah 12 { 18 }

29th December 2012:
Hope you're going to update soon:)

Author's Response: I have about four chapters of this queued up to post, and should hopefully be posting one a week :) thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #59, by Hedwig_Pie { 17 }

13th December 2012:
loved the chapter, although i hope you put in more coupley scenes with flora and albus. coz i love the two together. they're actually so sweet, but where's james and lily? loved the chapter, love the story UPDATE SOON AND QUICKLY, PLEASE !
quote, coz your awesome and you like doctor who.
dont blink. blink and your dead. they are fast. faster than you can believe. don't turn your back. don't look away. and don't blink. good luck.

Author's Response: (and it goes ding when there's stuff)

eee, thank you! er, if you say so - although I'm not sure I'll be writing more coupley scenes like that one. Flora's got limits...

also, the image of an angel becomes an angel. jus' sayin'.

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Review #60, by Hedwig_Pie { 15 }

13th December 2012:
OMG. I LOVE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER. SO MUCH. LIKE RESPECT FOR YOU SKY-ROCKETED JUST NOW. literally, this is kind of lame, but since you had the word wallflower in your summary, it reminded me of perks of being a wallflower and i thought i should give it a go. and it turned out to be an awesome fic :) LOVE THIS STORY, LOVE THE DRAMA. LOVE ALBUS, LOVE FLORA, it's just great. yeah. i'll leave you with a quote, because you're cool.
Sam: 'You could write about us?'
Patrick: 'Call it Slut and the Falcon. Make us solve crimes!'

Author's Response: haha! it's a great book and they did a pretty decent job turning it into a film. I must admit that is a pretty sneaky reference in my summary~

thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #61, by Hedwig_Pie { 09 }

13th December 2012:
WOAH. THAT WAS SO COOL! like seriously, i did NOT see that coming ! how will flora react? love it? hate it? I DONT KNOWWW! I MOST CERTAINLY LOVE THIS STORY AND THIS CHAPTER SO WELL DONE, CHILD. WELL DONE.

Author's Response: haha, I do love my plot twists! thank you for reviewing ♥

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Review #62, by Hedwig_Pie { 01 }

12th December 2012:
that was mega. zoomified, if i do say so myself. SO UNEXPECTED ! i love this story so far, i love hufflepuffs (puff pride!) protaganists, and she seems quirky and funny. great job :) going to continue reading, NOW :D

Author's Response: ooh, why thank you! puff pride indeed (I am officially 50% claw and 50% puff). ♥

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Review #63, by AlexFan { 17 }

11th December 2012:
Oh God, the friendzone, dear Lord help those characters once the friendzone is included in this story. I thought it already was though, what with Scorpius and everything.

I'm still shipping Flora with Albus and nothing will change my mind!

Author's Response: It is, kind of - it only pops up next chapter because I want to rant about it, heee. but Scorpius is definitely one of those whingey 'but I'm a nice guy' people and, well, he needs his comeuppance

ship away! and thanks for reviewing! :D ♥

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Review #64, by Mazz { 17 }

10th December 2012:


ah, yes. okay. albus is not what he seems. but I am very glad you made crumpets, I approve of that.

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Review #65, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne { 17 }

9th December 2012:
And for that chapter, you can ave my timer-wimey detector (it goes bing when there's stuff).
You earned it.
I just wish people could be happy again :(
Scorpius has all of his angst and anxiousness and jealousy and all that crap to work with.
Flora has her ever-present awkwardness and yet more worry and Al is too busy being mysterious to even have a life anymore.
Its just all rather depressing :(
But, as ever, it's still so well written and I love the characters so much that I have to keep reading!
Another great chapter!
I'm off to eat cupcakes or something so i'll feel happy :D

Author's Response: so many of my reviewers make doctor who references, it's perfection...

happiness is...wellmaybeafewchaptersoff but I'll squeeze in as many jokes as I can between here and the end. mebbe.

scorpius is doing as scorpius does. when in a crisis, do as the malfoys.

thank you so much! enjoy your cupcakes ♥

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Review #66, by LittleMissPrincess { 17 }

8th December 2012:
but wait, no this can't be happening!
Albus is being SUCH a jerk!
like, even when she was like 'no' and told him to stop, he didn't. and he had a 'smug smile' on his face hsadgfu slkjdghkls albus, get your act together or i'm coming in the story and fixing you up.

I may or may not be shipping scorora just the teensiest bit. also because i like angsty scorpius. okay fine, mostly because i like angsty scorpius.

this story is giving me way to many feels and who's looking forward to the doctor who christmas special? you're on tumblr, right? did you ask Matt and Jenna a question? they were holding that doctor who&A thing. it was the best thing ever hsdjgfksaldhfjgksd

yeah, so back to the story>
i dont remember, but is this the first time flora has met albus' parents?
and i thought rose lent him 'twelve fail-safe ways to charm witches' rather than james?


Author's Response: *hands you a tissue for your creys*

well, nobody's perfect. not even albus. and my odd skirmishes with romance have taught me that a lot of boys pretend to be deaf to the word 'no' for as long as they can. albus is one such boy. but, don't worry, he's not a total lost cause...

ship whatever you like! I, personally, am a great fan of willoughby/mr darcy (in case anybody remembers mr darcy from like, five thousand chapters ago)

the doctor who christmas special is practically the only thing I do like about christmas! ahh, yes, I am fluent in tumblr, but I'm more of an art (cough, whatever I feel like) blog and I don't really follow the fandom ones so much, I didn't even know there was a Q&A!

to answer thine questions:

1) yep, first time she's met them. and definitely not the last. mr potter at least pops up again before the end
2) think you might have got your stories confused there...but, fun fact: it's not james' copy. he pinched it from his dad. so flora was actually holding the copy ron weasley bought all those years ago. ta-dah~

it's nearly the holidays, so an update can be expected soon! the next chapter gets a wee bit angsty. but the whole story does, really. sorry ♥

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Review #67, by DeviousAngel16 { 04 }

7th December 2012:
More laughs! :D esp over Flora wearing stilts to get into a club :'D.
Lovinnng the story! Amped for more! XX

Author's Response: glad to hear you're enjoying it! sadly, it just gets angstier later...but I hope you like that too :3 thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #68, by DeviousAngel16 { 03 }

7th December 2012:
I'd honestly just like to be friends with Flora. "Dusted, hoovered and wiped down with a damp cloth." Hahahahahahahahaha. I really dig the sense of humour in this story. Stoked to read more! :D XX

Author's Response: haha, thank you so much! ♥

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Review #69, by DeviousAngel16 { 02 }

7th December 2012:
I LOVED the girl talk in the dormitary!! It was... Mega! ;) hahaha
I honestly dig this story, especially because I can barely read 3 paragraphs without laughing out loud. I really love the comparison between Flora and Scorpius about him being velcro and she, a woolly jumper. :) Love love loving the plot so far! Excited to read more. XX

Author's Response: ahh, thank you so much! I'm a bit fond of that metaphor, I'd wanted to use it for a while. thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #70, by DeviousAngel16 { 01 }

7th December 2012:
I am so in love with Flora's sense of humour. I chuckled throughtout the chapter. The jibes that Flora constantly makes about Scorpius are hilarious. xx

Author's Response: thank you very much! ah, poor wee scorpius. he's fun to take the mick out of (well, as an author anyway). ♥

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Review #71, by DeviousAngel16 { introduction }

7th December 2012:
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wow :'D
This is honestly the funniest story I have ever come across. Your writing is just witty and incredibly engaging. Love it. Can't wait to read more. XX

Author's Response: ahha, thank you! I'm glad you think so, people in real life tend to think the last thing I am is witty...thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #72, by LittleMissPrincess { 16 }

30th November 2012:
Is it just me or is albus turning into a bit of a jerk?

Yes, i can definetely tell that this story is getting darker - is Draco okay? What about Scorpius? and where the hell is fauna?

Albus is seriously freaking me out. Also, he was mean to flora about the 'cant trust anyone' thing.

Okay sorry for all the negative comments today but honestly i really love you and this story and albus and flora and scorpius and everyone okay okay?

But on the bright side (ish) good job with handling all the dark and despair in such a way that it doesn't really seem like dark and despair kind of sort of.

um, in other sad news Sherlock has been postponed to 2014.

also, just how dark is dark? oh and before i forget, i think flora's dream was interesting, and i *had* a theory but then i forgot it. :(

& the whole bit all the things flora's worrying about - her school work being last and all, and it was amusing.

I'm saying amusing because i dont know what else to say - i cant say funny, because of reasons.

well, update soon!


Author's Response: it's not just you.

draco is.ahem, you'll see. scorpius...scorpius has an interesting fate.

and don't worry, fauna returns (in episode three: return of the fauna)


i know. excuse me whilst I weep. I should phone the moff and pretend i'm moriarty and be like 'air sherlock or i'll tURN YOU INTO SHOES!!!1!1!!!11'

thank you muchly!

all of space and ♥

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Review #73, by Jess the Enthusiast { 16 }

27th November 2012:
Yay update! I know how you feel about being busy - I'm glad though that you were able to find the time to write! I really loved this chapter but I have absolutely no theories for what could possibly be going on - honestly, I don't and I wish I did. Because Albus (*cough* pretty much my favorite person ever *cough*) is acting really strange and I don't know what to think of it and I'm really sad for Scorpius. Like, I mean, I hope Draco's okay. And that Scorpius isn't in danger. And that Albus isn't doing anything horrible (WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HIM) and that the two aren't related. Gaaahhh I'm going crazy over this but that's okay because this story is amazing and I love it.

And can I just say that Flora is as awesome as ever? I loved this line:

"This is where I come to be a loser when Iím not too busy publicly being a loser."

Great chapter! Excited for the next update! :D


~Jess :D

Author's Response: yay! (and I've put up another since you left this review because I'm poor at responding...). ahha! I like that you have no theories! the truth, sadly, is just too depressing to bear :C

albus is just an average guy. average guys are a bit of a let down, really. thus ~angst~

draco is, well, you'll see. and scorpius, well, you'll see. he's certainly not out of the woods yet, to put it one way.

plot twist: albus is actually a serial killer. yep. that's the twist.

thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #74, by honoraryweasley { 15 }

1st November 2012:
julia water u doin STAHP julia stahp

ermagerd sjdhkdf

I feel like my whole body is like a question mark

yes, that's what you get for these exciting chapters. YOUR GROUPIES ARE TURNING INTO PUNCTUATION MARKS LEFT AND RIGHT. are you happy now???

if the Easter holidays and What Happened Then doesn't include shirtless escapades, steamy glasses, textbooks strewn about recklessly, perhaps a motorcycle ride (WITH helmets, of course) -- I will be very, very disappointed.

actually no I don't care as long as I find out soon

UGH I DON'T KNOW but Scorpius' vulnerability is not only deeply upsetting, it is forcing me to walk the plank of this ship (the SS Florbus). I am looking out on the deep, Fauna-infested waters of Florp and I WILL NOT JUMP

in conclusion: plz stahp

♥ ♥ &hearts

Author's Response: I STAHP FOR NAEB'DY

if you are a question mark does that mean your feet have separated from your body because that's srs


the easter holidays, in fact, concern the matter of a daring jewel heist. also everyone dies. sorry about that.


♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #75, by honoraryweasley { 14 }

1st November 2012:
"Awkward isn't quite enough to convey the sudden, strange sensation of having feet that are somehow welded to the floor, of having limbs in binding splints, swallowing your tongue, ringing in your ears. Awkward doesn't quite explain the speed with which Scorpius left the room and slammed the door so hard it ricocheted off the frame and swung open again - and it'll never equate to the feeling in the pit of my stomach as I looked from the door, to Fauna, to the door again."
I promised myself I'd stop quoting enormous chunks of your story at you, but I CAN'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ACTIONS. This made me so sad, and so angry at Scorpius, because he causes all the problems what with his stubborn existence and adorableness.

Whoops, doing that thing where I write the whole review about the first chapter.

The breast thing was good. It was another Real Life Moment From Your Actual Life Not For Play Play.

However, the whole return of the dark ages was not so good. Bad Julia. It's both really, deeply upsetting, and very very exciting. I just hope that Flora's spirit isn't crushed by the weight of the world etc etc :-'( also, Scorpius is being quite the snippy bippy recently. Fix your attitude, mister.

(Disgruntled about the lack of Albus in this chapter, for the record. But I will forgive you because SCORPEDY)

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: scorpius really is the enormous fly in the ointment. it's like he dressed up in a fly costume and then went stamping around in as much ointment as he could.

'Real Life Moment From Your Actual Life Not For Play Play' - yes. good.

THE DARK AGES! WHEN IT WAS SO DARK PEOPLE FORGOT HOW TO READ AND WRITE! it's cool, man. it just gets darker. take my hand and we shall PLUNGE into this abyss together~

♥ ♥ ♥

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