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Review #51, by draco_lover12 From Ms. to Mrs.

12th March 2014:
I love this story but I am finding spelling mistakes and stuff as I read, and to be honest it can be distracting.

Stuff like beginning spelt wrong.

Is this being finished as I love Rose/Scorpius.


Author's Response: Yes it is the next chapter has been waiting validation since Saturday so hopefully it will be up soon. As for the spelling I try my best to catch it but usually I never catch things until after they are posted. I try my best to go in and fix it when ever I get the time. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #52, by AlexFan Traveling Clarity

12th March 2014:
Your (dramatic) irony game is strong in this chapter. My entire reaction while reading this was just "IF YOU ONLY KNEW!"

Hugo is avoiding everyone because he doesn't know how to tell them that he's going to be a father and then everyone is in the same room together and it's all tense and stuff and oh my God, that was absolutely brilliant and I was so sure that someone was going to spill the beans. I was so prepared for someone telling Rose about the Hugo situation and her growing upset and the chapter ending on a cliffhanger.

It was nice to know that that wasn't how it ended. I still predict that Rose is going to find out about the whole Scorpius/Hugo situation sooner instead of from Scorpius though. I can feel it in my bones that it's going to happen.

The only CC that I can offer is perhaps read the chapter over and see if there are any awkward sounding sentences and make sure that you're using the right form of your/you're.

Author's Response: Yup good old fashioned dramatic irony always makes a story good, jut not too much of it. Actually, I never directly said this and I don't know why but actually only Vivian knows that Hugo is the father of the baby. Everyone else knows that Scorpius is married and that they are divorcing because she cheated and got pregnant but he only revealed the detail of the father to Vivian. I wish that I had added that in but oh well, just probably wasn't thinking of it at the time. You're going to have to read the next chapter to find out if you are right or not. It's just not good drama if everything goes perfectly and Scorpius was able to tell her.
I will make sure to look out for that and thank you for the review. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond, I've had a busy couple of days.

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Review #53, by HazelMidnight172 From Ms. to Mrs.

8th March 2014:
I'm so happy that I found this story! I read the first one a few months ago and was devastated when Rose and Scorpius didn't end up together. I'm absolutely ecstatic that they found a way back to each other. Your writing is fantastic. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I am so glad that you didn't just stop with the first story, those two certainly did have a ways to go in order to be together. Anyways thank you so much for the review, the next chapter is awaiting validation so it should be up soon.

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Review #54, by Guest Running

8th March 2014:
SO Rose is mad that Scorpius lied about his wife? Did she not fail to tell Scorpius that she pretty much was attached to Rex? and wasn't it her that shattered his heart in the first place because she didn't care about him enough? I mean considering she hardly ever spoke to her family anyway it seems stupid that she continued to hurt Scorpius. It isn't fair to her, Scorpius and especially not Rex that she is in love with Scorpius but not only refuses to be with him but slept with him knowing she was going to be dating some other guy when she knew it would hurt him to do so. She is completely heartless!! I honestly have never hated a character more and the sad part is that she tries to act like she's all innocent in the matter

Author's Response: She was never attached to Rex when Scorpius came to New York. She is allowed to have an ex boyfriend she didn't know he was going to show up, and it is even directly stated that Rose would have told Scorpius if she had known he was coming, and she was pretty honest about the aspects of their relationship. Not to mention her and Rex started hooking up because she found out about Scorpius engagement, there was never supposed to be anything serious between them. But Rex got serious, and that was when things have changed. Rose did care about him she loved him dearly but can I point out that it is scary to not know what's going on at seventeen. She has admitted it before she was scared and she ran. It had nothing to do about not caring for Scorpius. And yes she broke his heart but she broke hers as well. She spoke to her family quite a bit she just hasn't seen them. In later chapters you will get some clarification on her feelings of the situation. Also she gave Scorpius the option to stop she said, "I will have to leave," making it pretty clear that sleeping together wouldn't change a thing and to be honest Scorpius knew that well in advance anyways, he never once considered that Rose and him would sleep together and things would magically fall into place. Give him some credit he's not a complete idiot. And he slept with her knowing that he was married to another woman, even if they were separated is it alright to sleep with someone elses husband? She has never once tried to act like she is all innocent in the matter, she is innocent about Scorpius being a jerk who lied to her, that is her opinion to have, like I said before she has always been completely honest about everything I don't ever recall Scorpius asking her if she had been in a relationship, if he had asked she would have answered. She however did ask him directly why is it that he came and his response is Lexie left me, I'm sorry but that is pushing it. Not only not a good answer there are some glearing holes in his story. Now is she innocent in not standing up to her parents and fighting for Scorpius when she was SEVENTEEN years old, no she is not, and she has even said countless times that she knows that she is awful for not doing it. But she has fixed that and she has stood up to her father, she righted that wrong and as a result she has cut him out of her life, and I might add she did this after she had learned that Scorpius had lied to her.
I am happy that I have people who get so heated up on this story but I am going to request that you please try and look at it from Rose's perspective for a slight moment. And also may I ask if you hate her so much then why do you keep reading the story, I'm honestly just curious?

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Review #55, by AA The Longest Day

8th March 2014:
Wow, Rose is a terrible person. First of all, did it ever occur to her that Scorpius was so heartbroken that his wife had clearly cheated on him that he didn't want to talk about it especially when it involves her brother? Also, Rose says Scorpius is the love of her life and then 2 seconds later agrees to date Rex? sounds like a serious b*tch. I don't care how mad she is at him or that she can't see herself being with him right then, that was just way to quick to jump from, your the love of my life but sorry I'm going to try with this guy instead. That must make Rex feel really special. Rose really doesn't care about other peoples feelings and only blames them for what happens even though all of these problems are her fault!!!

Author's Response: So I see you found me on this site. Finally you leave a review I can actually respond to. Scorpius told her himself he never loved her back in chapter 12, and you would have a valid point if he did love her, but he has pretty straight forward about never loving Lexie as more than a friend, so that is why that thought never occurred to Rose. Now the part about her brother that is a bit of a touchy subject, it is what it is. My personal opinion is that Scorpius could have told her he was married but that she cheated on him, if he had done that then Rose would have been a bit more understanding in the whole he's my brother aspect.
As for Rose I personally believe, from personal experiences, that you can be fully in love with a person and not be with them, because of something that they did, in Rose's case it was a lack of trust. Yes Rose is a hard person to like, and yes she can be inconsiderate at times, but she has never once lied to Scorpius. If he asked a question she gave him a full and honest answer and she feels hurt that he didn't show the same to her. When they were in the bed together, that was Scorpius get out of jail free card and he didn't take the chance. If he had come clean then, when he obviously wasn't as affected by what had happened Rose would have completely understood, she is the queen of not talking about something because she doesn't want to think about it. Scorpius really messed up, Rose has too but this makes them even, something that they haven't been for a very long time. Rose knows full in well that she has owed a lot to Scorpius in the past for what she did to him in Fighting, but she doesn't have that anymore. So that being said she feels that she can try be with Rex. Your right it probably was too fast for her to just go say that to Rex, but at the same time who hasn't done something completely stupid when they were hurt? I mean taking into account the whole thing with Scorpius lying and then her father, I think she feels that Rex will be good for her, and this is something that he and her have been talking about for a while.
Now I'm not going to lie, is it really fair for to hold everything against her because of something she did when she was seventeen years old? Even the most mature seventeen year old in the world would still make mistakes. She doesn't blame other people for her mistakes she is extremely aware of them but Scorpius actions aren't her mistakes, they his and his alone. He should have told her and because he didn't he broke that bond that they had. The trust that she could always know was between them. I am usually Scorpius side through a lot of the beginning chapters of this story but in this one I have to disagree he brought this on himself. He has had four months and countless chances to tell, not to mention he did just sleep with her the night before. Does that really come across as considerate?

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Review #56, by kaeliebear From Ms. to Mrs.

6th March 2014:
I adore this story so much! I can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. The next chapter is awaiting validation so it should be up soon.

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Review #57, by firebolt From Ms. to Mrs.

5th March 2014:
I just read both stories over the past couple days an I'm really enjoying them. How often do you update? Also when's the next one going to be up?
Loving the story and keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I usually try to update every two weeks. But with an ice storm which cut off my power for five days, midterms, and getting sick, my update has been extremely late. The next chapter is almost done I only have one more scene to write so I'm hopping to get it in the queue sometime today so hopefully it will be up this weekend. Im pretty consistent about posting my writing status on my authors page so you can also look there to see what's going on. Anyways thank you so much for the review, I'm so happy that you are enjoying my stories.

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Review #58, by bookworm530 From Ms. to Mrs.

1st March 2014:
Haha I love how you had Scorpius just slip the news at dinner instead of having it be so planned. It was nice to see an understanding side of Astoria, she just wants to see her son happy. I am loving this fic, keep it up!

Author's Response: Yeah I thought it would be a bit to much for him to sit down the family and do this whole planned out thing. This way was much more fun. Thank you for reading and reviewing. I am working on an update right now.

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Review #59, by AlexFan Visits with Stolen Kisses

22nd February 2014:
What? What? This cannot be happening. There cannot be someone coming into the middle of my ship. REX WHY ARE YOU HERE WHY HAVE YOU SHOWED UP CAN YOU JUST NOT PLEASE!

That was one heck of a surprise that's for sure. I was so surprised when Albus showed up and it was even more awesome how lovely he was being to Rose and how he was willing to accept Scorpius and get to know him if he meant a lot to Rose.

I'd gotten all excited because Rose and Scorpius were making head way and I thought they were going to get together and I could rejoice and be happy because they were back together but then Carla had to go and screw everything up and Rex showed up and now they haven't gotten together and all of that talking did nothing because they're back to square one. I get that Carla was trying to do a nice thing and everything but come on, she had to ask Rose whether she still had feelings for Rex instead of just assuming that she still liked Rex.

Author's Response: Yeah Albus had grown up quite a bit over the years. He is willing to accept him because he is now in a similar situation and he can see things from her perspective.
Rose and Scorpius can never just seem to get the right timing on things. It is always something. Yeah Carla should have asked, but Rex was coming back to New York regardless of if she asked, his job had moved him there.
Anyways keep on reading it gets better with some more Scor/Rose action. Thank you for reading.

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Review #60, by Jo From Ms. to Mrs.

8th February 2014:
This story just keeps getting better and better! I thing you have created this story perfectly and can not wait to read more! I would love to hear more about the weasleys reaction to the wedding and maybe a fight between the newly weds? Kepp up the good work :)

Author's Response: Trust me there will probably be a fight between the newly weds, they did rush into this very quickly and they have just started to get back into the habit of being together. In fact Scorpius even proposed in an argument, so yeah there is probably a fight in the future. The Weasleys are going to have a reaction among other people. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. So glad that you are enjoying the story.

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Review #61, by Arcoiris From Ms. to Mrs.

7th February 2014:
Enjoyed it! I hope Narcissa warms up to Rosť at some point. I thought all characters seemed very much in character. And can I say, "Yay! They are married!!!"

Author's Response: Yeah I have a feeling Narcissa isn't going to do much warming up. Some things just don't change. But really it doesn't seem like any of the family really cares about her opinion anyways. Glad they all seem in character, I hate writing about main characters from the series because I am so nervous that I will do them injustice.
Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #62, by Avanell 2 From Ms. to Mrs.

6th February 2014:
What an excellent introduction to the Malfoy family and manor! Loved the update, loved all three different reactions! Cannot wait for more, besides our couple cannot wait for Rose and Astoria to get to know one another, and then of course interactions with others. Draco? Narcissa? Any of the Weasley clan? Hoping for all that SOON!

Awesome brilliant update :D

Author's Response: Yes Astoria is a little bit more friendly than the others. I'm sure Draco, although he is some what alright with Rose, I'm sure he will through in a couple of rude comments about them being married, I mean after all he is still making payments on Scorpius' last wedding. Glad you liked the reactions. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.

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Review #63, by thestral517 From Ms. to Mrs.

5th February 2014:
Enjoying story. Waiting for everyone else to find out.

Author's Response: It's coming. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #64, by Danielle Felton From Ms. to Mrs.

5th February 2014:
I have literally been stalking this story for so long now! This was really amazing as usual. I do follow Twelve as well and I get how different the Roses are. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and when i saw the word count was even more pleased. I just reread fighting temptations last night and I'm starting over this one. I really don't read over stories but honestly I'm in love with what you do to these characters and the lack of a typical storyline is astounding. I keep looking for more fics to sub while I wait for your updates but it really is hard to do seeing as no one comes close to your stories. I really am very anxious to read. when rose tells her parents. I loved when scorpius dropped the marriage bomb just like that. I also liked how you made draco more accepting that I think Ron will ever be. This was a wonderful chapter once again!

Author's Response: Yeah the Twelve Rose was giving me such a hard time. When I was writing, I was very shocked by the word count. In generally this chapter was challenging to write because I had no clue where I was going to end it. So when I saw the word count I like huh? But anyways glad you think my story line isn't typical, I new from the beginning of this series that I did not want to have any of it end with a wedding, it is so overdone, but I did want them to get married, because I think that is a very big change for Rose as a character. Rose telling her parents may not be what your expecting, she has pretty much made up her mind that she is not going to go tell them, she doesn't even want to be in the same room as Ron at the moment. That being said things don't always go according to plan so... You will just have to wait and see. As for Draco, well Rose did save Scorpius' life, can he really hate her for marrying them. He is not happy about it and he is going to have to work on accepting it, but what is he really going to say against it. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I always look forward to what you have to say, you leave some of the sweetest reviews.

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Review #65, by kayleefrank From Ms. to Mrs.

5th February 2014:
I love this story so far. Can't wait to read more! Btw, beautiful love scene. They are so hard to get just the right amount of details without going harlequin, and you did it perfectly.

Author's Response: Glad I could get the love scene right, I tried my best to keep it toned down. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, I will hopefully have an update in a couple of weeks.

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Review #66, by tiffy2440 From Ms. to Mrs.

4th February 2014:
Awesome story! I started reading Fighting Temptation a couple of days ago and I haven't stopped since. I've read all of it and now I can't wait for the next update. Hopefully it's not far away!

Author's Response: I'm working on it. My 'goal' is to get the next chapter of Twelve finished this weekend and then I can focus on chapter 24 of Confronting and get it updated. So hopefully it wont be but a couple of weeks. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.

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Review #67, by sagitariangal Prior Engagements

1st February 2014:
I started reading Fighting Temptation just yesterday and by tonight, I finished reading up to the last updated chapter of the sequel!!! Needless to say you've got me hooked! Trust me when I say this, I have been reading your stories non-stop... while I was eating, drinking, hell even when I was drying my hair, my eyes were glued to the screen. My mom thinks I've gone mental, but that isn't news really. Neways did I mention I looovvve your story and that I'm hooked to it? please please please update soon! Can't wait!

Author's Response: Well thank you so much. I am running so late on this next chapter, I usually try to update every two weeks, but after I finished writing chapter eight of my Twelve, )where Scorpius and Rose have completely different personalities then the ones in this story), I had trouble connecting back to the Scorpius and Rose characters in this story. However that is over and I am about halfway through with chapter 23, so hopefully it wont be too long. So glad that you are enjoying my story. Thank you so much for reading and obsessing, I know there have been a few stories on this site that I was reading them in the middle of my trig class. So...
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.

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Review #68, by AlexFan Thinking With Avoidances

29th January 2014:
What exactly happened between Rose and Scorpius? They seem really aggressive towards one another and the last time I checked they left off on relatively good terms. I mean, I know that Rose wouldn't be thrilled to have Scorpius as a partner because of the memories but her reaction was a lot more violent than I had anticipated. Maybe there is more to it than I thought.

I always thought that Stacy and Rose would keep in touch after they left Hogwrts but now that I think about it, Rose hasn't mentioned Stacy at all in the last two chapters. It's so sad when you lose touch with friends. Stacy sounds link she's really happy though by the sounds of it. I shipped her and Bryan so hard in Fighting Temptation but I thought that they would never happen because of Vivian. It's good to hear that she (Vivian) and Bryan are still on good terms though even though they did break up.

Just some minor CC but you've got quite a few typos throughout the chapter that I would suggest fixing. But other than that I'm enjoying the story so far!

Author's Response: Nothing happened. Keep in mind that Rose expresses her emotions through anger and at the moment all she wants him to do is leave. I think her reaction was more out of frustration because Scorpius brings up a lot of old things for her, things that she had made a point to lock away and keep silent about.
As for Stacy and Rose, I personally feel like Rose isn't the type of person who is very good at keeping contact with people. She is one of those people who thinks I should write so in so, but then never really gets around to it. Yeah Rose hasn't had contact with Stacy in a while, I doubt that she would mention her very much in casual conversation. I do think that Stacy is happy. The Bryan and Stacy relationship is the only thing I have ever let readers change my mind about, originally I had always planned for him to end up with Vivian, but the more I started to think about Reviews that talked about Bryan/Stacy the more I thought about it and lets just say I saw the light, and now they are my favorite couple to write when I do get to write them. I have even planned out an entire spin off for them that takes place from the events of how they got together to current events in Confronting Temptation, but I haven't decided if I'm going to write it yet.
Yeah I am editing things as I go, I will look at the typos and go fix them, thank you for letting me know. Also thanks for the review and for reading.

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Review #69, by hanna Prior Engagements

26th January 2014:
Amazing, as always.
Is this the end?

Author's Response: Oh no, the next chapter is them going to the Malfoys for Christmas. I'm trying to get it done as fast as possible but with school it's taking longer than I expected. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.

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Review #70, by Lizzy Prior Engagements

17th January 2014:
Omg. Wow! So I loved the chapter. It was great as always. I liked how short and sweet it was. It was nice to see that you don't need all of the extra fillery stuff to make it good.
I loved loved the proposal scene and I'm not sure if you did this on purpose but I know that you said in a review on The Abundance Of Potters how if you ever had Rose and Scorpius get married it would be the same way that she had them get married in her story. So that was cool.
Ok so great story! I can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: YEah me and Phoenix Feather think a lot alike. I have had that proposal planned for about six months now, so when I saw that Phoenix did something similar to it, I about died laughing, because that is so not the first time that has happened. I thought about changing it because her chapter had come out first and I still had one chapter to go until this one but ultimately I decided to keep it because I fit so well, and I think that would be the absolute only way that Rose would even think about marriage, and then decide that it was something that she wanted. But to make it not completely like hers I tacked on the re-proposal which I really thought turned out well and good for them.
Anyways thank you so much for the review and I hope you enjoy the next chapter, I should be up putting it in the queue next weekend.

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Review #71, by killjoy Prior Engagements

11th January 2014:
Ohhh dear lord Ron and Hermione are going to have a fit. Hermione because she missed them getting married and Ron because they got married lol

Author's Response: Assuming that Rose tells them that she is married, remember she isn't really talking to them at the moment. But who knows she may have a change of heart. Thank you so much for the review.

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Review #72, by A Prior Engagements

11th January 2014:
*shipping scorose*
i just love the way that he's just shouting 'THEN LETS GET MARRIED' and she's like 'FINE' and then he's just like 'wat did we just get engaged'

Author's Response: Yes they are. I thought that it would a very Rose/Scor way to bring up the subject. Thank you so much for the review.

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Review #73, by Avanell 2 Prior Engagements

11th January 2014:
Wonderful, beautiful update!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Glad you liked it.

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Review #74, by bookworm530 Prior Engagements

10th January 2014:
LOVE IT!!! Of course their families probably won't...can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Their families will have a few choice words, or lack of words in on circumstance. Glad you loved it that you for the review.

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Review #75, by Arcoiris Prior Engagements

10th January 2014:
Loved it, especially how the rope turned into the ring. Brilliant! Hurrah for getting married!

Author's Response: I thought the rope would be a cool touch. So happy that you liked it. Thank you for the review.

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