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Review #51, by dramione_girl82 Chapter 4

27th June 2010:
Lol that is so cute! I love how you describe his son!!

Ok, as I have read your story, it gets a little jumbled up. Not because of the writing, but the spacing. It would be a lot easier to read if it was spaced apart some, especially since your chapters are getting longer :) *Kudos*

I can not wait to read more!!

Author's Response: Heyy again!
Thanks again! I just adore Adrian :)
I'll be sure to take your advice into consideration for the rest of the chapters, Lol!
Rilla :D

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Review #52, by dramione_girl82 Chapter 3

27th June 2010:
Aww... I wonder how Draco will take finding out that his wife had met and talked to Hermione previously? This is such a good story!!

Author's Response: Hola!
Aww I know. The funny thing is that; that's exactly what was going through my head as I was writing this!
I'm so happy that you like it :)
Rilla :D

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Review #53, by dramione_girl82 Chapter 2

27th June 2010:
So far so good... I like the plot line you are using. A wife, mother and spy... Poor Hermione is sure going to be busy!! Lol I will have to continue reading to see what happens!!

Author's Response: Hi!
Wow thanks for the compliment!
Hermione sure is going to be busy :)
Please do continue to read!
Rilla :D

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Review #54, by dramione_girl82 Chapter 1

27th June 2010:
Oh now this is a whole new twist to Dramione!! I love it :) I can not believe he has a child though!! This is going to be a very interesting story!!

Author's Response: Heyy there new reader! *claps happily*
I'm super happy that you liked it.
Can't wait to read more of your reviews :)
Rilla :D

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Review #55, by Ayesha (aka Rilla's cuz)lolz Chapter 7

24th June 2010:
heyyy ur story so farr is awsome i love it one of the best i ever read omgosh u should become an author

Author's Response: Heyy there,'cuz' lol!!!
*blushes* Aww you're to sweet :)
Chapter 8 should be up this week, so check back soon.
Rilla :D

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Review #56, by LilyJamesPotter Chapter 7

23rd June 2010:
me again
still loving ure story and all but (no offence)dont you think that Adrian's love for Hermione started to soon. and i have a question.
Did Astoria die through childbirth?
And what about the baby that she was carrying??
sorry that was two

loving you story by the way plz update a lot more

Gossip Girl (LOL jks...I don't really watch that)

Author's Response: Heyy Again!!!
Um... For your questions.
Well I agree Adrain did like Hermione too soon, but you have to realise that Adrain never had a mother figure before, except for Pansy. So he's pretty excited that he has a Mum now :)

1 Question: Yes She did.
2 Question: The Baby was Adrain and as you can see he was fine.
Rilla :D #1 Pretty Lttle Liers Fan

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Review #57, by LilyJamesPotter Chapter 7

23rd June 2010:
LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT! Plz plz plz update WAY WAY WAY more often

Author's Response: Heyy!
Aww Thanks a gazillion, I'm super happy that you liked it so far, and I'll try my absolute best to update faster :)
Rilla :D

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Review #58, by Ray Hopkin Chapter 7

21st June 2010:
Haha! Something tells me there are still feelings between Hermoine and Ron! Keep it going!

Author's Response: Hey haha!
Uhm...I dunno, we'll see. I'm evil arn't I?
Thanks so much for all your reviews :)
Rilla :D

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Review #59, by Ray Hopkin Chapter 6

21st June 2010:
I'm really enjoying this! Incidentally, as someone from Britain, I'd never had pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast - I think that's a Canadian thing - lol!!

Why is Hermoine surprised about the coldness of Malfoy? Has she forgotten his antics at the end of the books? I would think she's more surprised at how polite and nice he is!

Author's Response: Heyy again!
haha Thanks for clearing out the 'little' misunderstanding. I think its a Canadian thing too.
And Good point about Hermione being surprised. I'll keep that in mind and also because I like to think that Draco has changed and Hermione realises it... at times?
Thanks again
Rilla :D

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Review #60, by Ray Hopkin Chapter 5

21st June 2010:
Great! The suspense is building nicely, you are doing a great job of keeping us guessing at where this is all going!

Author's Response: Hiya there!
Thanks so so so so much for leaving a review, I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter.
I'm pleased that it is suspensful enough, lol! Is that even a word?
Rilla :D

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Review #61, by strawberrydarhling Chapter 1

18th June 2010:
Wow, I can't believe Hermione would actually offer herself up for something like that! Especially since its involving Malfoy :)

Author's Response: OMG a new reader! *does a happy dance*
Heyy there!
I'm glad you liked the story so far:)
yes I know I didn't offer a good enough explanation. But hopefully as the story continues, you'll find out!
Keep on reading
Rilla :D

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Review #62, by dramionleover Chapter 7

12th June 2010:
ok this is a really fun story but can u please post up soon? i have some ideas see if u like them>..
first, can u put more dramione romancein ..of cource as much as u can
2nd when ron comes with sasha, make ron, not only really mad, but jealous and try to have him "talk" with hermione with some snogging!

Author's Response: Hiya there!
I'm real glad that you like this story :)
I also love your ideas, I'll be sure to put some 'More' dramione in.
Rilla :D

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Review #63, by Sarah_Bee Chapter 7

30th May 2010:
what do i think?
well first, you are going to make me cry! this chapter is for me?? seriously you are just ever too kind! *tears up* I'm feeling a lot better, thanks! :)
Alrighty onto reviewing this ever so beautifully written chapter! This was probably my favorite, and for many reasons. I love love love how you described Pansy and Blaise. I'm also glad Hermione has someone to talk to, (even if it is Pansy). Though I do think the war really changed everyone, And I believe so for the better.
Another thing I love is how you portray Draco. You portray him so differently and you capture his every feeling and emotion so well. I love him more than ever now! Seriously, you do a fantastic job with him. It's probably the best portrayal of Draco I've seen in all my years of being a member of this site. ;)
Initially, I didn't care for Dramione fics but now i'm becoming obsessed! Your story has definitely changed my mind of this pairing and I'm loving it! I love the end where Draco becomes a tad warmer towards Mione. I like how he kissed her hand and bid her goodnight. I think he's slowly warming up to her.
I am definitely looking forward to future chapters! :D
And I'm going to be updating my work as well.another chapter of Je'Taime is on the way and I'm writing a new one shot...

Author's Response: *smiles and hands out tissues*

Hiya Sarah_Bee!
Aww please don't cry!
Glad that you're feeling better :)

This has to be the longest review I've received for chapter 7, Thanks so much!
I'm so so very very happy that you liked this chapter and that it was your favourite... Wow no one has ever favoured a 'chapter' of Mission Malfoy before- Thank You :)

I'm also super happy that you liked my descriptions of Pansy and Blaise. I have to admit they weren't that difficult to write, partly because I always though of Blaise and Pansy as misunderstood characters- like Draco.

I'm glad that Hermione had someone to talk to as well, Pansy plays a very important role in this story so it's great that she and Hermione are friends. The war has really truly changed a lot of people for the better and I have to say especially Draco.

OMG!*blushes with pride*-
"It's probably the best portrayal of Draco I've seen in all my years of being a member of this site."- Really wow, Thank so so so much!

I try my best. I'm glad you like him, I have to say that Draco is the most difficult character to write as I'm afraid I'll sound too OOC when writing him. I have to be really careful not to make him too mean or too nice!

He'll warm up to Hermione eventually as that's part of the plot but It might take awhile so I'm not really sure how long this story's going to be, but I hope that everyone will like it :)

I'm so glad that you picked my Dramione Fanfic to read. If you hadn't I would have never had such an amazing friend like you! *gasps in shock of not having you as a friend*

I'm super super happy that you like Dramione now! They really are a fantastic pair.

I loved the part where Draco kisses Hermione's hand too. I was at first going to make it a kissing scene but then decided that it would be weird considering how they've only known each other for two days. Wow two days, feels like two weeks. All the tension lol.

Chapter 8 should be up in two weeks time.
Can't wait for another wonderful chapter from Je'Taime and also can't wait to read your new One-Shot
Love you lots gal pal
Rilla :D

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Review #64, by dracofan123 Chapter 7

30th May 2010:
this is amazing.
i dont usually find a fan-made story like this.
i love your imagination.
i just have 2 things to say: (plz dont be offended)
remus, hedwig & tonks died in the series.
but who the heck cares!!! this is much better!
in the afterword in the last hp book, draco's son's name was scorpio.
but that's much to sinsiter. adrian is very simple...but its just perfect for him!!!
and your spelling quiet wrong. u said quite. least i think it was what u were trying to say.
anyway, thank you for this!! i'll keep checking back!
you rock, dude...dudet.person. :)

Author's Response: Hiya there dracofan123!
Aww thanks so much, I'm glad you liked this chapter!

*smiles* Oh my really! Well than I'm flattered that you choose to read my fanfic as it's not what you're used too. I'm really glad you liked it.

I know that Remus, Hedwig, Fred, Tonks, and Colin died in HP7 *sniffles* but there alive in my version!

And don't worry I'm not offended on the contrary I'm pleased. I was waiting for somone to point it out to me. I was hoping somone would see. *Wow That Rhymes!*

I'm also happy that you like my choice name I have to agree that Scorpious is a tad bit sinister but maybe I'll put him in somewhere for the Scorpious fans out there!

Rock on as well!
Rilla :D

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Review #65, by dramione Chapter 7

29th May 2010:
omg!thnx so much for finally posting I keep thinking that you quit or something
never abandon this story please, I would absolutly die! keep it up I totally love it!

Author's Response: Heyy!
Aww thanks a million for your sweet review!
I'm really happy that you liked it so far.

Don't worry I'll never abondon this story; its just my stupid writer's block that is slowing down the process.

Chapter 8 will be up soon!- if you won't more updates or special previews for Mission Malfoy email me at dramione4ever1(@)
Rilla :D

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Review #66, by PotterGirl7145 Chapter 7

29th May 2010:
I love it! She should get Ron back really good! ;) I am glad Pansy and Blaise are nice and happy! I wonder what the boys are up to... Sneaky boys! I hope Draco kinda falls for her soon! :) And vise versa! Please please post more soon!


Author's Response: Heyy!
Aww I'm so so glad that you liked it.
Don't worry she'll get Ron back real good!
I love Pansy and Blaise too :)
AND about the boyz, well you'll find out. Also the Dramione action will take some time.

Chapter 8 will be up soon...hopefully
Thanks so much for your awsome review and ratings =)
Rilla :D

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Review #67, by Persian Princess Chapter 7

29th May 2010:
a little chesse with becoming friends so fast but very good non the less. Please update soon! i await the next chapter

Author's Response: Heyy! *blushes*
Thanks so much for reviewing!
Yah I know real cliche but I had the cursed writer's block... grr.
Chapter 8 will be up soon...hopefully!
Rilla :D

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29th May 2010:
Love it.Cant wait til the next chapter.

Author's Response: Heyya! *smiles*
Aww thanks a bunch!
Chapter 8 will be up hopefully soon; just tinkering with it :)
Rilla :D

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Review #69, by DramioneFan4Eva Chapter 7

29th May 2010:
Haha, nice chapter Rills :)
Awh, you rock more! :D
I love Adrian, he is the cutest thing. Pansy was nice and polite I liked that, especially her girlish tendencies ;) Great chapter, can't wait for the next one :) Update soon?
Emzii xx

Author's Response: heyy Emzii!
haha Glad you like it :)
Adrain is a sweetheart, I agree. I love Pansy too, she's the Slytherin Ginny lol!

I'm writing Chapter 8; my stupid Writer's Block won't go away so I'm just writing whatever, I can think of.

I'll message you about it soon.
Rilla :D

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Review #70, by Hermionniny9 Chapter 7

29th May 2010:
what do i think? what do i think i'll think about its really good. Pansy seems an odd character

Author's Response: Heyy Racheal!
Long ime no see girl!
Thanks so much for reviewing:)
I'm glad you liked it and don't worry more Pansy and them action coming up.
Rilla :D

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Review #71, by Persian Princess Chapter 6

27th May 2010:
Wonderful,update soon! :)

Author's Response: Heyy, a new reader! *claps*
Aww I'm real glad you liked it :)
Chapter 7 should be up this week.
Rilla :D

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Review #72, by Mama Dizzy Chapter 6

25th May 2010:
I've been contemplating reading this and I'm glad I did. Please keep updating. I really like it.

Author's Response: Heyy!
Aww Thank you so much, I'm really glad that you liked it and triple glad you decided to read it:) you turly really made my day!
Chapter 7 should be out this week.
Rilla :D

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Review #73, by NymphTonks666 Chapter 6

24th May 2010:
I really like the plot and story, but there seem to be a large number of grammatical errors. So, would you like me to BETA (proofread and edit) this story? I can fix all the errors and e-mail the chapters to you.

Author's Response: Heyy!
Thanks alot for reviewing! I'm really glad you like the story so far :)
*grins sheepishly* I actually do have a BETA but I wouldn't mind if you could edit it as well, just so it can be even better; nobody's perfect!
Thanks again!
Rilla :D
PS- Email me at dramione4ever1(@)

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Review #74, by PotterGirl7145 Chapter 6

24th May 2010:
Please post more soon! I love Adrian! He is so sweet! I love Draco too! :)

Author's Response: Heyy!
Thanks so so much for reviewing! It made me really happy :)
Chapter 7 should should be up this week!
Rilla :D

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Review #75, by writers_passion Chapter 6

20th May 2010:
i...want...that...dress lol. i can just imagine how those ettiquete lessons are going to go, and i cant help but imagining that pansy is going to divulge some great secret to hermione. just a hunch haha.

great work once again, and i cant wait until the next chap! :)


Author's Response: heyy again!
I soo understand 'bout that dress, I want it too. lol, weird huh. I was looking up some dresses that would suit hermione and that's what I found; It was simply stunning!

And well Chapter 7 will be coming out soon, but all I got to say is please don't get you're hopes up. It's a bit different, I swear I hate this Writer's Block.

Rilla :D

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