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Review #26, by Charlie Chapter 8

24th February 2012:
Amazing keep writing

Author's Response: Hi there new reader! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #27, by ayesha Chapter 8

18th April 2011:
rilla wen in thy world r u gnna post the 9th chapter im dieng here yhu knoe gosh!

Author's Response: i know...i know...i'm sorry...

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Review #28, by dracofan123 Chapter 8

20th March 2011:
hey rilla! wen is chapter 9 comin up?

Author's Response: soon...really soon...

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Review #29, by Ayesha Chapter 8

2nd February 2011:
heyy wen r u putting chap 9 up?

Author's Response: soon...i hope...

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Review #30, by dracofan123 Chapter 3

5th January 2011:
hey rilla!! decided to re-read the chapter! once again, i loved it. i laughed so hard. "HARRY JAMES POTTER, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" absolutely hilarious! can't wait for chapter 9!

Author's Response: OMG!!!
Hiya dracofan123 :)
It's been awhile since I've heard from you.
I'm glad that you still like Mission Malfoy. I'm working like a house-elf to finish Chapter 9. I hope I can post it up soon.
Rilla :D

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Review #31, by LuneyLoveGood Chapter 8

23rd November 2010:

Author's Response: Hey there 'LuneyLoveGood'!
-I love the name :D - I'm so happy that you liked it :)
My favourite chapter has to be Chapter Eight so far, I had a blast writing it! Chapter Nine should hopefully be up in a couple of days.

Thanks for reviewing

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Review #32, by ayesha Chapter 8

17th November 2010:
rilla u wnt me to finsih yhur story its awsome!

Author's Response: Hi there Ayesha!
LOl :D That would be nice... Just Kidding! Don't worry I WILL finish this Fic.
I'm almost done chapter 9, seriously just two more pages!
I'm honestly really sorry about the wait :(
I know it's been killing all the 'Mission Malfoy' fans out there; It's been killling me too!
Hopefully it will be up in a couple of days :D

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Review #33, by dracofan123 Chapter 8

23rd August 2010:
hey rilla!
i dunno if school has started for you yet, but i was just wondering when chapter 9 was gonna come out.
hope it does soon, because we're all waiting for something special! (which is in every chapter, no need to worry bout that.)
anyway, happy writing!
-A True Mission Malfoy Fan

Author's Response: Heyy there dracofan123!
It's great hearing from you, I miss your emails :) Has school started for you? That must suck :P
Chapter 9 will be out soon: hopefully in two weeks. I hope you all will like it, cause I know I do so far.
Thanks so much
Rilla :D

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Review #34, by lyns Chapter 8

19th August 2010:
I love this story!!! it's so involving and exciting!! i thought that reading an english story was very difficult for me (i'm an italian girl) but now, after reading your beautiful story, i've realised that it's not so difficult because you're an excellent writer!! i like your way of writing!! i'm sorry for my grammar mistakes in this review! =)

Author's Response: Hi there 'lyns'!
I'm very pleased to know that you like this story. And even more pleased of the fact that it's easy for you to inderstand.

I'm happy that you had a chance to read Mission Malfoy and I hope that you'll reccomend it to other HP or Draco/Hermione fans out there :)

Stay tuned for Chapter 9!
Rilla :D
PS- You're English is very Flawless- I love it!

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Review #35, by amy Chapter 8

10th August 2010:
another really great chapter

Author's Response: Thanks so much Amy I'm glad you're liking it :)
Rilla :D

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Review #36, by Heather Chapter 8

19th July 2010:
Plz continue with this story I lov it 10/10 i would give you 100/100 if it was alowed

Author's Response: Hiya there Heather :) *claps for new reader*
Aww I'm so glad you like it, and you are too kind I'm touched!
And I'll be sure to add you to the emailing list.
Love Rilla :D

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Review #37, by dracofan123 Chapter 8

8th July 2010:
that was by far, the best chapter yet!
it was so sweet and perfect!
i completely loved it, and i cannot wait for chapter 9!

was the engraving on the ring french for: "Love Can Be Unseeingly Painful Or Remarkably Beautiful"?
just guessing.

anyway, great job. and like i said before, cant wait for chapter 9!!

Author's Response: *blushes*
Aww thanks so much hun :)
I'm having ISSUES with chapter 9 :P
BUT I'll be up in two weeks;yay!
Love Rilla :D

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Review #38, by Nahia Chapter 8

4th July 2010:
yes...i have to admit, this was the best chappie u made so far! well the most romantic but in my opinion this was the best and i cannot wait for the next chappie!!!well keep it up!!!

Author's Response: Heyy ther gal pal!
aww thanks so much! I'm having ISSUES with chapter 9 :P
Love Rilla :D

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Review #39, by dramione_girl82 Chapter 8

2nd July 2010:
Ooh that sounds like a really pretty ring! I love how Hermione feels toward Adrian :) You can feel the happiness radiating from her through your writing!! I love it! I think it is so fun when you write Draco the way that you have, allowing him to show his softer side while still upholding his facade so to speak. This story is so amazing, you have done a spectacular job on this :) **Crowd screams going wild shouting Encore! Encore!!** I can not wait for you to update again!! Loves it!!

Author's Response: *blushes with happiness*
Aww! Thanks so much for reviewing!
I'm really happy that you liked the story so far :)
Draco really is a fun and challenging character to write!
Chapter 9 is halfway done, it will be up soon.
Thanks again
Rilla :D

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Review #40, by Stefah Chapter 8

29th June 2010:
Thanks, i've waited so long for this chappy its really drags me into it but i do not think they use the word unseeingly in the french language. Good message though. Keep up the good job and sorry for all my grammer and spelling errors if i have made them.

Author's Response: Hi there Stefah!
I'm vey happy that you liked this chapter and that you left a review :)

I'm truly sorry that you had to wait this long for the chapter, I'm trying my very best to update once a week. So far it isn't working!

Also sorry for the french. I have to start paying more attention in french class. Now I know why my teacher gets so annoyed :) Lol!
Thanks again for leaving a review.
Rilla :D
PS- Sorry about saying 'sorry' and 'thanks' alot. Canadians tend to have the habbit of saying 'sorries and thank-yous' alot.

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Review #41, by Sarah_Bee Chapter 8

29th June 2010:
i'm crying, really I am. this was so beautiful and heart wrenching. the moment Draco opened up to her and told her about his family, his parents, I started tearing up!!! This is officially, my favorite chapter yet. i love Draco's softer side. You portray him so well.

And the part where he gave her a ring was so sweet. I loved that. I melted at his simple, yet somewhat sweet proposal.

And as far as the engraving goes, does it mean "love can be unseeingly painful or remarkably beautiful."??? I love that. it's beautiful.
oh now i need the kleenex box *wipes eyes*. this is the best chapter yet.

And Rilla, as far as updating once a month, don't worry about it. I've fallen into that trap many times. it gets hard to update as life gets crazy so no worries on updating.

hmmm well great chapter. i loved every bit of it. I updated Je T'aime and i'm hoping to have my new one shot up this week so be on the lookout. :)

Author's Response: *hands tissues*
Heyy Sarah_Bee!

Aww Hun, Please don't cry. It makes me sad :)
I'm super glad you liked this chapter, I liked it too. I'm glad they all remained in character. I try my absoloute best.

I have to admit, writing that proposel was the hardest thing, I've ever written! I had to make it short and simple, and curt, yet romantic! Plus keep Draco in check :)

And yes for the engraving, but your missing the end part 'it cannot regret'. Everyone got it so I'm guessing my french wasn't that bad.

I'll check out JeT'aime soon I promise. I'll try my best to update once a week or maybe every two days... I hope!!!
Rilla :D

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29th June 2010:
love it so far...its so sweet...cant wait til the next chapter.

Author's Response: Heyy!
Aww thanks a gazillion :)
Chapter 9 is in the making.
Rilla :D

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Review #43, by sharpasDOH Chapter 7

29th June 2010:
Hedwig, Tonks and Remus are all dead and I don't like them being reinstated in future stories

Author's Response: Um...Hi!
yah I know that. I just loved them all so much that I had to keep them alive in my fanfic(s). Plus Mission Malfoy is sorta AU...not much!

I'm sorry you feel that way though, and I thank you very much for being kind in your review :)
Rilla :D

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Review #44, by DramioneFan4Eva Chapter 8

29th June 2010:
I liked this chapter, you're right it was longer than others :)
Apart from a few minor spelling mistakes the chapter was really well written and enjoyable :)
Update soon,
Emzii ♥

Author's Response: Heyy there Emzii!
Aww thanks so much hun!
I'm super happy that you liked it :)
Sorry 'bout the spelling mistakes. I was in a hurry to post it up, Lol!
Chapter 9 is in the making.
Love Rilla

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Review #45, by Ginnypotter87 Chapter 7

29th June 2010:
Oh, wow, awsome! I really like it.

Author's Response: Heyy again!
Aww thanks so much!
Rilla :D

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Review #46, by ashes Chapter 8

28th June 2010:
lol..i how about..Love can be unseeingly painful or remarkably nice, but he cannot regret. ',,is that right ?..any way good chapter..10/10

Author's Response: Heyy there!
Yup that's right good job!!!
I'm glad my french is not that bad :)
It's actully not 'he cannot regret' its
'it cannot regret' A typo.
Thanks so much
Rilla :D

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Review #47, by Ginny2951 Chapter 8

28th June 2010:
Ahh soo sweet. I think the engraving says "love can be unseeingly painfull or remarkably beautifull, but he can not regret it". But my french sucks so I'm probably wrong :P

Author's Response: Hey there!
My 1st review for chapter 8 :)
Thanks so much!!!
And yes it does, except for the part where it says 'but he can not regret' it's supposed to be 'but it can not regret'
Sorry I messed up on my french, better start paying more attention in french class. Lol!

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Review #48, by dramione_girl82 Chapter 7

27th June 2010:
Oh lol I love sweet revenge!! I can not wait to see what you have in store!! I look forward to the next chapter, so I hope you update soon!!!

Author's Response: Heyy again!
I just love your reviews! I love sweet revenge too! Chapter 8 should be up in a day or two :)
Rilla :D

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Review #49, by dramione_girl82 Chapter 6

27th June 2010:
What a love/hate relationship they have lol... I can see how he is trying in a Draco-ish manner to be polite to her, but he isnt pulling it off just yet :) This is getting good!!

Author's Response: Hey!
I know right Lol!
I agree it is getting good, even tough I'm the one writing this :)
Rilla :D

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Review #50, by dramione_girl82 Chapter 5

27th June 2010:
That was really well written. Your detail is amazing, and you write a great plot line. I love the new twist you have placed on the characters, while still keeping their original form :)

Author's Response: Hi!
Wow you're compliments are making me blush!
you're so sweet:) I try my best to keep it that way.
Rilla :D

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