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Review #26, by SexyDoorFrames Wednesday

4th August 2011:
Hi lovely! I hope you're okay. This is a wonderful story you've got going on. I love the Rose you have created; she's fresh and funny. You have an engaging writing style and I just love your sense of humour. I love the way at the start, you just throw the reader into the action, these are some of my favourite openings :) I actually loved the ending. The poem had me in stitches, I mean, how adorable can one boy get? Haha. Him and Rose are such a cute couple. I'm glad Scorpius believes her now. I just loved his reaction. This was a perfect chapter. I loved this and I hope you update soon.

- SexyDoorFrames, Gryffindor.

Author's Response: Hello! And I'm doing great :)

This chapter was probably the most fun to write so far. I was a little nervous about the poem, but I'm glad you found it funny!
Happy to hear you like the pair of them together. Rose and Scorpius is done so often that I have plenty of cliches to work with for my spoofing, but I can still add some uniqueness. And Rose is pretty relieved that he believes her now as well ;)

Thanks for the kind review!

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Review #27, by Timechild Wednesday

3rd August 2011:
Scorpius drunk, nicely done.

I can see how Rose can get very frustrated with all that is going on. Her trying to convince Scorpius that she is not pregnant was hilarious. I am glad everything worked out though. That was a nice ending.

I didn't see any typos. Just thought you ought to know that. If there are, you hid them well.

Overall, nicely done.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I had so much fun with this chapter, I've always wanted to write a goofy Scorpius, haha.

And wow, you didn't see any? That's quite an accomplishment for me, I'm kind of a spelling failure :)

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #28, by Crescent Moon  Wednesday

22nd July 2011:
Loved it. Very funny!! XD
I'm glad Scorpius now believe's she isn't pregnant.
I can't wait to read the next chapter. Is her dad going to find out sometime in the week??
Please post as soon as you can.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! Haha and yes, Scorpius is finally aware that the whole thing is just a big fat rumor. And is Ron going to find out? Hmm... I guess you'll just have to wait and see ;)

Thanks for reviewing, I'll try to have the next chapter up soon


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Review #29, by Priori Incantatum Wednesday

22nd July 2011:
Sorry, just a small contradiction: I doubt that Scorpius would be that dense, come on, he's Draco Malfoy's son. We all know that Draco is a scheming twister, certainly capable of figuring out the logistics behind pregnancies, and I wouldn't be surprised if his son is the same. Otherwise, pretty good :)

Author's Response: Haha I agree that Scorpius would be smart enough to figure it out, but my story is meant to be a spoof of the next gen characters, so the scorpius in this story is a bit daft :) I'm glad you still like the story!


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Review #30, by Ms V Wednesday

22nd July 2011:
Cute story. A little corny and cheese but cute.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's meant to be a little cheesey :)

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Review #31, by GriffindorHeadGurl Wednesday

21st July 2011:
Charilie Huffington? Bobby Bobbyington? Where do you come up with these names? Can't wait for day four.

P.S. Red-Headed Heartbraker could tottaly be a hit:)

Author's Response: Hahaha I'm glad you like my naming skills :) Thanks so much! I'll try to get chapter 4 done soon! And I'm sure Scorpius would be so flattered to hear that!

Thanks again!

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Review #32, by GriffindorHeadGurl Tuesday

21st July 2011:
Roses dream reminds me of my crazy Harry Potter related dreams, except I'vve never been with child in them.

Author's Response: Crazy Hp dreams are the best, but that's good you're not preggers in them like rose! haha thanks for the review!


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Review #33, by GriffindorHeadGurl Monday

21st July 2011:
Haha, this is great! So original and funny. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm happy you're enjoying the story :) And a 10 out of 10, oh gosh you're making me blush! Thanks for reading,


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Review #34, by Shar Tuesday

21st July 2011:
Listen... You have a good idea, but your story would be better if it were told better. Your author's voice sounds like an eleven year old's. The storyline is good, but the style is a little off.

Author's Response: The style of the story is supposed to be kind of a joke, because the story is meant to be a spoof, but I appreciate your opinion! thanks for taking the time to read!

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Review #35, by cam Wednesday

21st July 2011:
great story. please keep writing and update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'll try to update soon :)

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Review #36, by Crescent Moon  Tuesday

24th June 2011:
I love this story!! I can't wait to see how the 'talk' with Scorpius goes.
I loved James, Fred, Hugo, Al and Louis. So funny XD
Can't wait for the next chapter, please post it up as soon as you can :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was actually just working on chapter 3 a few hours ago, it should be done really soon, I promise!

Thanks again, Ronsgirl29

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Review #37, by Maybe Tuesday

13th May 2011:
Rodney, what a beautiful name.

This is so funny - the Weasley/Potter boys closing in - oh dear! And Albus, of course, is best friends with Scorpius. The bit where she jumps up on the table because she thinks it looks wicked cool!

I can't wait to see what Scorpius will say about all this :D
Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks! both your reviews made me smile. I'm glad you think Rodney is a beautiful name. I think it such a special quality... perfect for quadruplets ;)

happy to hear your enjoying! I'm working on chapter 3 so hopefully that will be up in the near future.


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Review #38, by Maybe Monday

13th May 2011:
I like it, this seems like it's going to turn out to be really fun!

Rose really does get pregnant a lot in fics doesn't she? I'm glad you've taken it upon yourself to make fun of it :D

Author's Response: I'm glad your enjoying! and haha I just couldn't get over the fact that rose just always seems to get preggers! So I thought it was time for a little bit of comedy and give her a chance to set the record straight! :)

thanks for the review!

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Review #39, by leannemariesnape Tuesday

6th May 2011:
This is mad! (In a good way!) Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: glad you like it :) Thanks for the kind review!

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Review #40, by Icydevil Tuesday

24th April 2011:
HAHAHAHA... This chapter was amazing! Can't remember the last time I laughed so much. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: :D I'm happy it made you laugh! I love to hear that I've actually managed to write something funny! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #41, by Mintleaf Tuesday

24th April 2011:
Okay again with the itty bitty typos:
'Donít get to close' - too close
... and one of the other 6.5 men is the father? ĖAlbus - you forgot the quotation marks at the end of the sentence.
'It starts of normal enough' - off normal enough?

Okay so that aside, I loved Teddy and his naming story! So cute!

And this line is just hilarious, 'ďUm, sorry Healer, but this is not a baby, itís a sugary treat.Ē I say, as if giving someone a gummy bear instead of a child is a reasonable mistake.'

This is really great, and I don't say that easily about next-gens! :) It would be nice to see some of Rose's friends soon or maybe one of the other next-gen girls.

Author's Response: Oh, Mintleaf. What would I do without you! You've got my ridiculous mistakes. I seriously need to read my writing more carefully! Thanks for pointing them out to me, haha.

LOL the dream part was so fun, I'm happy to hear you like it. And I'm planning on adding some of rose's friends in the next chapter, I just need to find some inspiration for them!

thanks for the reviews (:

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Review #42, by Mintleaf Monday

24th April 2011:
Hello! There's just this one tiny typo I spotted but other than that this is great! 'Walking up really is one of my least favorite activities' - waking up rather than walking up? :)

Okay so with that out of the way, the characterization was great! Possibly my favourite Rose Weasley that I've read (though sorry to say I haven't read too many haha).

I'm eager to see where this goes but it was a great first chapter! Great work! :)

Author's Response: hahaha oh wow, I definitely meant to say waking up! Thanks for pointing that out. I'm glad you like Rose, its been super fun to write this.


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Review #43, by ThisIsMyPenname Tuesday

15th April 2011:
HA! Oh, I do love this story. I admit I'm one who generally subscribes to those teen pregnancy fics, especially when they're about Rose, and this is just such a welcome break. I love Rose so much, and I can't wait to meet Scorpius!


Author's Response: I love those stories too (especially Delicate and its sequel Still Delicate, if you haven't read them you really should!) but the idea came to me and I couldn't help but write this story. I'm glad you like Rose! I hope you'll like Scorpius too, he's gonna be a fun character (:

Thanks for reviewing! I like your penname, it's clever! haha

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Review #44, by Ms V Tuesday

9th April 2011:
Love it! I wish the chapters were longer.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it! And I'm sorry the chapters aren't super long, but I'm trying my best (:


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Review #45, by Timechild Tuesday

8th April 2011:
Nicely done. I especially like how you portrayed Rose's emotions. The dream sequence is also good.

I especially like how the males are reacting to the "situation". That sounds so canon.

I am looking forward to what Scorpius has to say.

Good Job

Author's Response: Thank you! In my story, Rose is a very emotional character, so when she feels things she feels them pretty strongly haha, especially anger! And I'm glad you liked that, I had a lot of fun making up their reactions.

thanks for reading!

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Review #46, by ellemae17 Tuesday

8th April 2011:
Omg Scorpius believes the rumors! This is so funny, loving it.

Author's Response: Haha, you'll just have to see about Scorpius... (:

Thanks for the review, I'm glad your enjoying it!

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Review #47, by roseweasley_03 Tuesday

8th April 2011:
Haha, I love it! Please keep writing and update soon.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading (:

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Review #48, by RomanticJC Tuesday

8th April 2011:
This chapter was so funny! And her cousins are so stupid! That 7.5 guys part was great. And Fred beliving she ad a twin name Moze was just hilarious. Her dream was so crazy poor thing. The rumores about her just keep getting crazier and crazier. I hope Scorpius isn't has stupid has the rest of the school. Can't await for the next chapter. please update soon!

Author's Response: Haha thank you so much! I've never written a purely comical story before, so its been tricky but I'm glad your finding it humorous (:

Those Weasley/Potter boys... they are loonier than luna! And you'll just have to wait and see about our dear scorpius.. (;

thanks for the kind review!

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Review #49, by Meg. Monday

23rd March 2011:
This is such a good start of a story. Nice twist as well! :) x

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad your enjoying (: Life's been hectic so I haven't been able to update much, but hopefully I'll get some new chapters up soon!

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Review #50, by Alissa Monday

19th February 2011:
I can't even put into words how much I love this idea. PLEASE keep writing it. I can't wait for the news to travel to the many relatives and poor Scorpius. I'll definitely be watching for updates!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I've been stuck in bed sick all week but this review made me smile :D I promise I'll have an update up soon! I hope you'll enjoy what I have in store (;

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