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Review #26, by ginnypotter242 Trouble equals Malfoy

9th July 2014:
I have a feeling that this 'date' is not going to work out well. For either of them o.O. Scorpius, silly man, you should tell your best friend that you're going to fake date the girl he fancies. That has disaster written all over it.

Wow, Leslie and Amelia were not happy about that. I wonder what they would have said if Bri had gotten a real date? I hope she makes it up to them (but I also hope she doesn't so she doesn't go on this date with Scorp and make everything more complicated). Why doesn't Rose like Bri? I'm with Bri on this one, that makes no sense. They've never even talked! How rude.

I really like your writing style. The inner ramblings of Brielle are very amusing to read, and definitely give us a good look into her character.

On one hand, I can't wait for the Dom plot to pick up, and on the other, I'm terrified of it. I have a feeling it's going to make me want to tear my hair out with frustration (or possibly throw something. But that might break my laptop.) I'm hoping I'm going to like some of these new couples that are coming up! Relieve me a little bit, please?

I totally know where Bri is coming from with the whole speed limit thing- though a speed limit wouldn't really work, it would just tell kids the fastest that they can go. But the kids in my school walk so slowly! I just shove my way through them now :) Nice job with this chapter!

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Your feelings are correct! It has disaster written all over it in caps!

Don't worry - Brielle will do her thing to make it up to her friends and of course, make things even more complicated. Rose is just an interesting character. She's really not apart the fun Wotter clique so she's more of an outcast with everything. Kind of like Dominique.

I'm glad you enjoy it!

The Dom plot for sure makes you want to have a hissy fit. It's a confusing one. Don't worry - couples galore is coming up!

Thank you so much!!


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Review #27, by ginnypotter242 Favorites suck

9th July 2014:
Okay, this chapter made me feel slightly better with the Albus/Brielle interactions (she's wearing his sweater! Cute!). Poor Al, losing to your baby sister must hurt. Then again, being pushed off a broom probably hurts more. BUT DOM NEEDS TO STOP INSINUATING JAMES AND BRIELLE. I have a theory that she is just doing it to torture Al (and by extension Brielle. And me.)

I liked how Angelina heard about Fred kidnapping Brielle. I have a feeling she wasn't even surprised but yay for someone standing up for her! The whole Wotter family was there? I suppose that is one way to meet the family! I'm sure that was a lovely first impression.

Now, Fred and Leslie would make a lovely couple. Apparently, they're both very dramatic. They need to sort out this awkwardness (or Leslie needs to at any rate.)

Great chapter! I'm loving this story so far, I'm hoping these couple get their acts together soon. Though, I'm guessing not since there's still 25 chapters left and it's a WIP... :(. Great job so far, I love all of your characters!

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Isn't sweater wearing just adorable? While I really love your theory it's incorrect. Dom just wants a reason to talk to Brielle - don't get paranoid, girly!

Always good to make a first impression at the quidditch game!

I'll have Leslie try to sort this out pronto!

These couples will be sorting out their problems soon because I'm almost done writing the story! xx

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Review #28, by ginnypotter242 The Aftermath and Her

9th July 2014:
Ooh, I feel bad for Leslie. She's probably so embarrassed. I hope Fred doesn't actually think she's a freak! She's too sweet.

The part with Bri drawing on Al's hand was adorable. As uncomfortable as it can be to have people drawing on your hand, I'm sure Al didn't mind- Brielle was holding his hand ;)

So, who is Brielle's mother? I'd love to know more about her family- you mentioned Aunt Padma, so it's not her, is it Pavarti, or an unheard of Patil? She has the last name Patil, which confused me a bit at first.

Oh no, Dom better not confuse Bri with all her James talk! Leave James alone, focus on Al. Bribus, not Brames... their couple name doesn't work as well! Though I am glad Dom is being a bit nicer. I just don't want it to be at Albus' expense! Great chapter!

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: No, Fred would never think that - don't worry!

;) Al never minds when it's Brielle

It's Parvarti! You learn more about her family in later chapters.

Bribus V.S. Brames - who will come up on top??


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Review #29, by ginnypotter242 R-Claw Bonding plus Three

9th July 2014:
Aww, poor Al. He's so jealous! Hopefully he knows that it won't (and hopefully it doesn't, for that matter) go anywhere with James.

I feel so bad for Leslie! She's going to be so embarrasses when she realizes that she told Fred that she had a crush on him. he better be nice about it. I knew that having Fred, James and Al join was going to make this more interesting (let's be honest though, when wouldn't it?).

So, does Brielle typically seek therapy from random plants? Not gonna lie, that's rather strange :P It was a funny comment though, I love her drunk friends!

Great job with this chapter, and your spacing is getting better.

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Don't worry - James is harmless.

Leslie is a strong, independent women - she'll bounce back from this perfectly.

Brielle is just an odd one!

Thank you!


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Review #30, by ginnypotter242 R-Claw Bonding

9th July 2014:
Uh-oh, super secret spies are out! That's never a good sign:) I wonder how the boys found out about it? I loved Brielle's note- her code word was awesome too. I'm sure people screaming "I love Brielle!" confused quite a few people in the Great Hall.

Truth or Dare- the most cliche, but perfect game to play at sleepovers. I have a feeling that this is going to get interesting, especially now that the boys are here.

I'm not the biggest fan of Jenna right now- she seems like such a stick in the mud. She's a 6th year- so she's in their dorm? She hasn't been mentioned before. Bonding experiences make me happy. I have a feeling this bonding exercise is about to change course a little bit though!

Have I mentioned I love Brielle's name? It's really cute. This was another great chapter!

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: The boys probably found out their own secret way.

Obviously it will!

Jenna is a right pain. She is in their dorm! This bonding experience for sure puts the plot into place, of course.

I love her name as well!


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Review #31, by ginnypotter242 Breakfast Buddies & Budding Relationships

9th July 2014:
Gah, ALbus is just too cute. I love him so much. I'm so glad that there was more of him in this chapter! Ooh, methinks he likes her. And I think Scorpius knows as well- hopefully James doesn't otherwise he's a jerk for interrupting them. Poor Al, just can't be alone with her for more than a few minutes.

Brielle's comment about barbarian's and cavewoman was hilarious- I can't believe that she said that out loud!

I'm so happy that Brielle is developing a crush on Albus! I can't wait for their relationship to progress. I want more of them!

I understand about your spacing (regardless of what I said in previous reviews- I've had that issue before) I tend to just delete the extra spacing in the little box but that can take a while :(

Well, now I'm afraid for what is to come in the next couple chapters. Great job on this one though, and I hope the surprise is one that I'll like!

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: It was so nice reading this review! Thank you so much for taking your time to leave a review for every chapter you read - it's so sweet! xx

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Review #32, by ginnypotter242 Mel & Les Possible

9th July 2014:
This was hilarious. Poor Brielle, I hope they at least brought her some food! It must have been uncomfortable to be tied to a bed for such a long time.

Okay, Leslie and Amelia are amazing (as is the entirety of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team). I love them- their dramatics make the story so entertaining!

A few notes: I noticed a couple of spelling mistakes. Not many, but Amelia and Leslie did say "Give us back our main" (I'm guessing it was supposed to be man?). Also, your spacing in this chapter was very far apart, and it got to be a little distracting.

Yay, Albus! I want more of him, he's so lovely. Is he a Slytheirn or a Gryffindor? I'm enjoying this story so far, it's very entertaining and well written. I can't wait to see more of Albus and Brielle interactions (honestly, all the Wotters and Brielle interactions are amazing). Great job!

~Sara (House Cup 201 Review)

Author's Response: Once again, so nice to read this review!

Sorry about spelling and spacing issues - it's something I tried my best to fix in later chapters.

Nope, it was supposed to be main. Like their main girl, number one, blah blah blah. It's slang.

He's slytherin! Thank you so much!


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Review #33, by ginnypotter242 Angry (not) Quidditch Blokes

9th July 2014:
Hello! This is an amazing chapter. Fred and James are hilarious, I love the two of them together. I feel like James definitely takes after his namesakes!

Silly boys, you should always think out your kidnapping plans. Though I don't think you can really refuse to be taken hostage.

I have a couple questions: I think McGonagall was supposed to retire by this time, but even if she's not, how is she the Transfiguration Professor and the Headmistress? I always thought you could only be one or the other. I'm also wondering how Brielle got into a 7th year Transfiguration class-- doesn't that mess up NEWTS and testing that way?

This was a funny chapter, the banter between Fred, James and Brielle was hilarious, and I loved seeing that the two weren't jerks by helping her pick things up. And the sweet cheeks comment was hilarious!

As for your question, I'd love to see a Feddy/OC story. I like your characterization of Fred in this story, and I'd love to see more of your writing with him. I do like Freddy and Louis though, so I'd love to see either.

Great job on this chapter, I really like where this story is going! I'd intrigued to see where Fred and James are taking Brielle hostage as well..

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Aw thank you! I love Fred and James as well. For sure, James makes good use of his namesake.

I would love to be taken hostage by them, not gonna lie.

I wish I could answer all these but my only answer for this is my own imagination and my lack of checking facts. I read a fanfic once that had McGonagall as mother the headmistress and the Transfiguration Professor which is why I did it myself. And as for the 7th year Transfiguration...well, I just wanted her to be there to be honest :P

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!


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Review #34, by ginnypotter242 The Shoe Exchange

9th July 2014:
This was hilarious. I have no idea how that was a bonding exercise, but it seemed to work! I'm fairly certain nobody other than Brielle would have ever thought of that.

Of course she picked Albus' (is it too early to ship them? I ship them.) I really enjoyed Leslie's part in this, even though she's not on the team. She can get rather dramatic- though, I suppose anyone would if their skirt was burning off. I loved the ways to get shoes off! Though that potion seems a little sketchy. Such genius ways of removing them surreptitiously. Definitely a Ravenclaw idea!

You know, I'm not sure if this is the best way for Brielle to convince the Wotters that she isn't a thief. I feel like she's going to have some explaining to do... Hopefully Dom doesn't find the shoes!

Question: Since boys can't get up the girls stairs, how did Albus and Hugo get to the dorm in the first chapter? Did they find a way around that?

Great chapter! I love all the characters and the interactions.

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Brielle is creative with her bonding activities.

It's never too early! Leslie is pretty dramatic. They are all Ravenclaws so obviously they have genius ideas.

Brielle isn't stealing them - she's borrowing them x)

They found a way around it. There are certain spells that can change your feet into animal feet that help you get up the stairs and you can always fly to the window as well!


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Review #35, by ginnypotter242 The Bodyguard

9th July 2014:
Ooh, I love Leslie and Amelia. They know how to dish it out (and being able to do that in front of your crush is well, impressive). I'm enjoying this story so far and definitely can't wait to see more Wotter/Brielle interaction (maybe some Potter/Brielle interaction as well).

Angry Dominique...well, she scares me a little. And just a thought, but don't most people turn 17 during 6th year? Harry was different because his birthday was in the summer, but Hermione turned 17 in September of 6th year and Ron in March. You also mentioned how Dom was 17 but a 6th year, yet still attended class with the girls up a year. I think that would be better if you changed it to "but slept in the 6th year dormitory" or something- sorry if I totally read that out of context!

The argument between Leslie, Amelia and Dominique was golden. I loved their comebacks, they were spot on and left al the Wotters speechless (which I think is rather hard to do). Great job on this chapter!

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Once again, so nice to read this!

I agree with you about the Dominique thing! Thank you for your advice.


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Review #36, by ginnypotter242 Borrowing is not Stealing

9th July 2014:
Hello! This is a really good start. I like Brielle, she seems like an interesting character. Brielle Patil- is she related to Padma or Pavarti then? This was an interesting first chapter, with accidentally stealing the invisibility cloak. Dom should learn not to leave valuable objects on her bed :P

Speaking of Dom, she has an interesting characterization. I've seen a lot of stories where she is vain, rebellious, or a tomboy, and so I'm liking this characterization right now (even though she is sort of a...brat). I liked your characterization of Al too, from what we saw of it in this chapter. He seemed promising, and I'd like to see more of him.

One thing I'd recommend is to look at your spacing. I don't know if you did it or it happened when you submitted the chapter, but there a rather large spaces between paragraphs and between pieces of dialogue- it can get rather distracting having a large blank space.

All in all, this was a very good start to the story. Great job, I'm off to read the next chapter now :)

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Hiya! She is Parvarti's daughter and Padama is her aunt!

I'm glad you liked their characterization!

Sorry about the spacing!


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Review #37, by howdoyounotlikeit Slow and Steady

8th July 2014:
That was wonderful. Especially the last line. There is actual spit on my screen and my keyboard because I did a spit take. But you know without the water.

I was yelling at Brielle the whole time saying "FRED, JAMES AND SCORP WERENT ON THE PLAN. Sure, Scorp thought you were annoying but he's a 16 year old boy and teenagers generally think people are annoying."
So yea, yelling at my computer screen. My family TOTALLY doesn't think I'm crazy.
I like how Amelia came back. You need that sassy, sarcastic friend in your life. They keep balance.
And what is her status with Louis? Dating, Single or Its Complicated?
These are the things I need to know.

When is she going to have a heart to heart with Albus?? Because that NEEDS to happen. ASAP.

What is lark? Is it bullsh**?

Who is going to call Jenna on her bullsh**? Preferably, it should be Leslie or Amelia.

Well this is the end.

Peace and love kids.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

HA! I do that all the time - don't worry you're not crazy. I'm glad Amelia is back to - deff complicated. The two of them are too much of messes to put a real label on it currently.

Within the next four chapters, look out for it!


You'll have to wait and see :)


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Review #38, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Slow and Steady

7th July 2014:
Sweetie, where are you? Are you okay? Come back, please? Or if you can't come back, we won't pressure you, but could you respond to a comment so that we know you're all right?
Love you forever,

Author's Response: Oh Lo - I'm right here!

I'm all good, I just had a vacation where I couldn't use my laptop for a long time. I'm all good and i'm updating as we speak!


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Review #39, by Midorichan Slow and Steady

23rd June 2014:
Please update soon. :)

Author's Response: I am right now!

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Review #40, by Pippa Slow and Steady

14th June 2014:
ARE YOU DEAD?? DID SOMETHING (exams) EAT YOU ALIVE OR BURY YOU??? PLEASE UPDATE OR I WILL BE FORCED TO SEND NINJAS AFTER YOU AND LET ME TELL YOU THATS VERY UNFUN. YES. UNFUN. so please please update because this is such a good story and I love Fred and James and Albus is such a jerk face it's not even funny. It's unfun :p and I'm so glad Freddyboy is back. He's a pretty cool dude, buster. I love that word. Buster. Hehe :) yeah so I'll let you go now and beware of ninjas until you update again.
Ok sorry for the really long obnoxious review I'm just like "OMG IS SHE (I'm pretty sure you're a girl feel free to hit me if I'm wrong) ALIVE?!?!" And I really hope you are alive and well and update soon!! Kaysies love you!! Toodle pip cheerio!!

Author's Response: I'M NOT DEAD I'M RIGHT HERE!! I'm so glad you like this story so much it makes me smiel! Buster is a pretty swag word! I'm a female so hazzah!

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Review #41, by TotallyNotVernonDursleyInDisguise Slow and Steady

8th June 2014:
lols. I don't give a flying hippogriff.
I can't believe I didn't see this like the second you updated! Ugh! And it is not 2 am here, but I hope you got your sleep missy. And also you should read this story on here called The Madness That Is My Life. It will make you want to pull your hair out and cry. It's that good. Read it.
And if we are talking about books, you should read The Fault In Our Stars. And watch the movie.
And cry.
chocolate pretzals what
Yay summer

Author's Response: That comment was so funny!
I have read The Madness That Is My Life and I have also pulled out all my hair in the process too. Gosh - the struggle of reading fanfictions.
The fault in our stars makes me so emotional. Litreally balling.

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Review #42, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Slow and Steady

5th June 2014:
Baby? Are you there? Have exams swallowed you whole?
I hope you are well! And not just because I check multiple times a day for updates -- I want you to be happy and healthy!

Author's Response: I'm right here!! xx

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Review #43, by StellaRose Slow and Steady

1st June 2014:
LOVE this chapter! Sorry I've been MIA but it's good to be back and all caught up with this story :)

hahahaha...can't say feelings make me gassy too but each their own.

And I'm SERIOUSLY annoyed with Bri right now. How can she believe that awful girl instead of trusting her friends? What the french toast?! Grrr...hope she comes to her senses soon.

Can't wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: I'm glad you're all caught up and not MIA anymore! I've been MIA though so my bad!

To each their own, right Fred?

French Toast. Yum. She will.


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Review #44, by kcool Slow and Steady

29th May 2014:
Love. Get em back together pweeasse :P

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!


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Review #45, by dracodarlingxx Slow and Steady

29th May 2014:
aw :D cute chapter :)
i'm glad Amelia's back, and Scorpius was so cute :* but Brielle was mean to him :( (though i understand why) which makes me sad cos Scor is my fav character :'( :'(
but James and Fred were awesome, as usual, so yay :D

p.s. i'm thinking of writing my own fanfic, new gen like this, and Al/oc with his best friend, so any tips? xx

Author's Response: Thank ya!

I love Scorpius too but don't worry, him and Amelia will be friends again soon.

That's so cool - I'd love to read it! Just stay true to who you are and your writing style. That's for sure the best advice and don't get afraid if you don't get reviews or reads at first because in the beginning I had literally no reads.

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Review #46, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Slow and Steady

27th May 2014:
Oh. There it is.
But I TOTALLY CALLED ROSE WEASLEY BEING SUMMONED! James was like "Accio Rose!" and I was like OH BEEP! And then I nearly fell over laughing at what happened next. Rose must have been mad as a hornet. Merlin, I can still see her in mind's eye, soaring past, yelling WHAT THE BLOODY HECK! (I can't use proper swearwords on this darned site! Let's just say...she used a word that would describe what Al and Jenna did.)
...speaking of which...
HOW CAN JENNA STILL BE SO...SO...I don't even have words. No words here. Get your words somewhere else, please! Shop's closed!
No, but seriously. Although I am SO proud of Bri for handling Jenna with so much *gasp* grace. I know, I know, "since when do 'grace' and 'Brielle Patil' belong in the same sentence, paragraph, or PAGE?!" but I'm proud of my Bri. Although she technically is your Bri.
Cue Bri walking in with all of her sass, saying "Excuse me, but I belong to no one!" And then promptly tripping over her own feet.
Also -- Jenna Whoregrass? Has a nice ring to it, except as soon as I read it, I started to think about slutty that even possible?! How the heck would grass be more promiscuous than usual(because, let's face it, grass is pretty darn promiscuous)? Now I'm wondering how grass would wear lingerie...maybe the spiders would make it for them if they asked nicely. Maybe if grass stood around all day, maybe let its roots show a little...I'm sorry, am I talking about ways to make grass sluttier?
I think it best if I just move on right now. Keep that stone unturned.
Can you believe I'm still getting math papers to write? What is the point?! GRADUATION IS TWO WEEKS AWAY, PEOPLE?!
Oh, well. I'd better get on that.
Love you! Stay sassy!

Author's Response:
This review is literally life and I wish I could give you a huge large response but you're my second to last review to respond to and I've already responded to 50 so i'm pretty dead. Love you though xx

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Review #47, by .. Slow and Steady

26th May 2014:
Yay you updated!! Haha I'm in the middle of maths right now and I read that whole chapter under the desk, I was so excited!!! I'm so happy Amelia and bri made up!! Update soon please :)

Author's Response: Ah, I do that all the time!


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Review #48, by harrystiles Back to School

25th May 2014:
LOVE THE NEW CHAPTER!! Are you updating soon? Can't wait for it! I thought everything worked out so well in this, I was angry that Albus expected Bri to allow him to share the boat but I think her response and Leslie's response was amazing!! (Although I think it's only first years who ride the boats..)

Author's Response: I'm updating rn!


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Review #49, by Molly Back to School

9th May 2014:
First of all, please update this story right now!! I'm dying!!! Um where has Brielle's s-a-s-s gone?! She should've stood up to albus with a definite "no" when he expected to just hop in the boat with them...who does he think he is?? Oh yea Harry Potters kid..meh no biggie..
But seriously he is plain silly if he thought she would say yes, I'm kind of like super excited for quidditch, I'm hoping Dom will try out because that time they got drunk she said she always wanted play quidditch but just never got round to it or some thing? Or bri can force Leslie to play because when Leslie was drunk that time she said she wasn't bad a quidditch.. Drunks eh. YAY TPG!! And hunter and Malcolm are such sweeties i love them so much and Leslie how could you not love Leslie, although I was kind of expecting her to be a bit harsher on albus at the boats scene. Because come on I mean Jenna of ALL people?!? But yea lovin' your story so keep updating :)

Author's Response: I will be updating this week! Brielle's sass is still there - it's just taking a vacay but it'll be coming back soon, I pinky promise!
Ha,no biggie!
Drunks are fun.
Quidditch will be interesting.
I really enjoy Hunter and Malcolm as well :)
I'm so glad you like the story! xx

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Review #50, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Back to School

9th May 2014:
Phew. Calming thoughts, baby.
I'm such a sucker for big, buff guys doing adorable, caring, sensitive things, so thank you, THANK YOU, my darling Lexi, for the Quidditch team lads.
Also, GO PARVATI! Good for you, ditching that boy-toy to be with your daughter in her time of need. Now THAT'S the Parvati that was one of the founding members of Dumbledore's Army. THAT'S the woman who battled Death Eaters at 17 years old. You're teaching your daughter to be strong (despite your excessive lipstick -- hey, we're all flawed), and so far, you're doing a great job -- especially without whatever slimeball ditched you with a newborn girl!
Leslie is wonderful. Crazy, wonderful, and lovely. Good girl.
Al and Bri need to get over this misunderstanding, I need to figure out why Jenna hates Bri so much and what happened between Dom and Vic, the Wotters need to do that adorable thing Luke does in "Snip" (preferably with those puppy eyes and round the way, are you not excited for Mitch and Cam's wedding? Have you seen the latest episodes? case you can't tell, Modern Family is one of my FAVORITE shows!)
So, yes. Of course, it all seems so straightforward in a list like above, but we all know that things are rarely as simple as they seem.
Please? Thank you!

Author's Response: HAHA
The quidditch lads really lighten the mood.
Mama Parvati!
She's a winner haha.
Leslie will always be winner as well, of course.
I haven't watched much of MF yet but I do wanna see their wedding!
I will be updating this week! :)

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