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Review #26, by Lillylunapotter Escape Plan

21st November 2011:
please keep writing! this is awesome!

Author's Response: Will do! Thanks dear. (:

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Review #27, by toothbrush Escape Plan

21st October 2011:
Yay we finally found out about the parents! and awww about Albus! AMAZING CHAPTER!!! Keep up the good work!

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Review #28, by toothbrush Secret Agents

21st October 2011:
OH MY GAAASH! nooo stupid cliffhanger! stupid riley! stupid laney!!! ok i have to keep reading!

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Review #29, by HarrietHopkirk Laney Becks: World Class Pessimist

16th October 2011:
OH HEY ASHICKLES. (unintentional combination of pickles and Ash) I told you I'd finally get around to reading this beaut et voila. Please be aware of stupidly ineloquent troll speak and ridiculous amounts of hearts (♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ etc.) and caps. So much caps lock.

WELL SO I'M BASICALLY IN LESBIANS WITH LANEY. I love that she is ORIGINAL and all that. She's not some crazy, kooky outcast who is invisible but can somehow be noticed by the hottest guy in da storeh. She's got a personality - which is totallih key, bee tea dubz - and I love the way she talks to the reader directly. Usually it makes me cringe a little, but the way you've written it Ash has restored my faith in it.


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Review #30, by Captain Kill Wormtail Escape Plan

25th September 2011:
Please, pretty please with a cherry & chocolate sauce & sprinkles on top, update soon!

I can't wait!

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Review #31, by supermegafoxyawesomehot Escape Plan

11th September 2011:
OMG! This is so AWESOME!!! I can't wait for the next chapter! Update soon! (:

Author's Response: Will do! I appreciate the review! :D


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Review #32, by PUFFLEtwins Escape Plan

11th September 2011:
Holy mother of timelord I love this story! Your humor is so funny! (Well obviously or it wouldn't be humor.) There is just something about your characters that just make them so unique and lovable. I love how you have Al so... Oh I don't know! Flawed? Yet totally sweet and he just honestly cares for Laney. He just seems exactly like the type of guy I would go for. Rose is also adorable. I figured that she duplicated that letter but how did Laney not figure that out? James sounds like a nice guy (or maybe I'm just biased because all the James' I know are adorable.) but he really needs to work on a few things, err like relationships. So this thing with Ivy is... Odd. I'm not sure if she knows about this music box thing, but I guess that's up to you isn't it? ;) Anyway, I really hope you get a Dobby for this story, It deserves it! You have two nominations from me. ;)

Jessy : )

Author's Response: WOW! You are really so kind! My day has been terrible, and this was such a nice review to come home to. :) Thank you so much, much, much, much for my nomination. You seriously made my day. :3


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Review #33, by Mary Ann Escape Plan

11th September 2011:
OMG cant believe the turn the story took! wow finally glad to hear what the letter said. and wow! update sooon please!

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Review #34, by Everlasting Faerie Light Escape Plan

7th September 2011:
holy crap!! Cliff hanger!!!
I'm so excited to see what happens next! O-O
This story is amazing and I love Laney!

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Review #35, by doglover Escape Plan

6th September 2011:
wow, that is an interesting twist...

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Review #36, by Loony_Scorpy Escape Plan

6th September 2011:
Well that was flipping intense. Woaaahhh dude :P heh. I loved her ninja style get away, even though it didn't work :P and she said I love you to Al!!! yayy! :D I knew somehow she would still get to read the letter!! Yay for Rose being a genius! :D I can't wait for the next chapter :D and to save the music box :o

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Review #37, by TheBetterQuibbler Escape Plan

6th September 2011:
*Ahem*... HOLY GUAQIMOLI!!! CHEESE AND POTATO SANDWICH!!! Okay, I have calmed myself. The entrances to my reviews just keep getting weirder, huh? Maybe that's a good thing! You're inspiring me to let loose my insane side! Yay! lol, anywho, this chapter was A-MAZ-ING! Aww! Laney finally said that she loves Al! *Sniffs and dabs away tears of joy* They're so adorable together! And that letter! I bet you thought I forgot about it, huh? Well I didn't! Okay, maybe a little... But hey, I haven't finished re-reading all of the previous chapters yet, so I have a right to have forgotten ;). Well, this chapter just nearly made me crap my pants with excitement, so pretty please with butter beer on top get the next chapter out ASAP! For my birthday? My birthday's tomorrow, actually, so I don't expect it to be out by then. But how about really soon? Kay? Kay! Much love!

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Review #38, by busybusybeta Escape Plan

6th September 2011:
SERIOUSLY?!?!?! i swear i screamed when i realized that laney was going to read the letter from her parents. i KNEW rose had copied it. atta girl!
but then to find out that THAT'S what her parents had been hiding from her?... all i can say is "RUN ROSE!!!" i really hope she gets to that box in time. who knows? ivy, in her supreme evilness may have already gotten her hands on it. but i have to say that it IS just a tad irresponsible of her parents to send something so dangerous to their daughter. granted she's in a safe place, and how were they to know that ivy was her dorm mate? and they DID send laney that letter explaining. they couldn't have known that she'd be too bitter to read it.
oh my, listen to me ramble. i'm glad that they're all okay and rose hasn't suffered too extensively (as far as we've seen thus far). and i cannot express how relieved i am that riley's been expelled! that guy was a jerk. he deserved worse. >=Z
i grinned like mad when laney said that she loves al. i have to confess to being a mega-love-dork, lol.
i simply MUST find out if rose gets to the box in time! great update, i think i'll leave my monitor on until the next chapter gets posted. ;D

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Review #39, by HermGinnyHarryRon Escape Plan

6th September 2011:

Dun, dun, ddduuunnn.

Oh my sweet baby Voldemort!!!

That was, like, SO unexpected. But totally awesome.


Anyway, I love this chapter. Cannot wait to read more. Like, siriusly. You must update soon. It's now the LAW. Yeah. the Ministry said you must, so, like, you must.


~ Sophie. xx ;D

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Review #40, by hogwartsfavoritecoupleh Escape Plan

6th September 2011:
Oh.My.God. This was amazing. I loved it so intense and i can't believe it's Ivy and Daniel's parents!! Update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Will do!


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Review #41, by LilyFire Secret Agents

4th September 2011:
Seriously! You know my thoughts on most of this already but...Rose attacted them? I would never have expected that. And that...idiot seventh year actually like...cursed them or whatever. But Rose shocked me completely. Not only the change in her, but how she reacted...she wasn't like that's fake or anything, just extreamly upset they didn't tell her. I can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Until next time :P

Author's Response: Lily!!! Omg! Thanks so much for the review you totally rock! :wub:

I seriously have re read this review like five times because it makes me laugh. :P Look out for the next chapter tomorrow!!


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Review #42, by hogwartsfavoritecoupleh Secret Agents

1st September 2011:
Oh Damn. Intesne cliffhanger! Update soon!!

Author's Response: Will do! Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #43, by Everlasting Faerie Light Secret Agents

31st August 2011:
Oh my god! Oh my god! i can't wait for the next chapter! this is going to drive me crazy!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) Shall be out soon!


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Review #44, by Lily Secret Agents

30th August 2011:
Please don't let her die!

Author's Response: Haha! Thanks for the review!


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Review #45, by AmeliaQ Secret Agents

29th August 2011:
Good job(; though I hate your cliff hanger can't wait until you update!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! (:


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Review #46, by Aiedail Secret Agents

28th August 2011:
so testy! so cray! so RUDE ALSO.
I wasn't expecting Rose to be so mad, but I can understand that in her--erm--situation, fury is an acceptable reaction. Poor Albert, though, his face D:
I'm starting to think maybe Riley has something to do with Laney's mysterious past? I can't see anyone crucio'ing people and not having a shady past themselves.
Your writing makes me proud :3 So much development!

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Review #47, by Atomic A Lovely Feeling

28th August 2011:
Hi there, it's Atomic from the forums responding to your review request.

Usually, I review after every chapter I read, but since you were looking for a sharper eye and more-over story related critiquing, I decided to read the first half of your story and tell you what I thought about it overall.

I absolutely love Laney. She is so un-MarySue and original. She's not a perfect girl by any means, and she's got this whole mysterious background going on. The only thing I don't like about her is how spontaneous she is. Since the story is written in first person, her viewpoints sort of break up the flow. Everything about her is just so bold. I really like her character, but trying to keep up with her is exhausting! I might try to throw more narrative in there. At lot of your chapters are made up of mostly dialogue. I think some more descriptions and narration might really help slow down Laney.

As for your other characters, I think you're doing a great job with them. Rose is adorable, and Dara is definitely interesting. I absolutely love to hate Ivy, too. She's a brilliant jerk, and you've done such a good job creating someone the readers want to hate. You do have a lot of characters in your story, and sometimes it gets a bit confusing, but I actually appreciate the fact that the story isn't centered completely around Al and Laney.

So your flow is really great, the chapters move quickly and keep me entertained the entire time. Plus, you've managed not to fall into the "day after day of classes" routine that so many authors do when they're writing about characters attending Hogwarts. Honestly, your plot lines are very JKRish and I love them. So far, I'm not really sure what your overall plot is. I know you're trying to set up Al and Laney, but there's this mystery about Laney's parents and that plot line is moving ever so slowly. I'm dying to find out more about her parents. So yeah, the chapter plots are beautiful, but the overal story plot is sort of hard to spot. That might just be because your chapters are so long though. I might suggest having Laney internally reflect about her parents every so often. That way we kind of stay up to date on them, and we get more of a feel for the plot line.

So, I really hope is the type of review you're looking for. These are my honest opinions, but I can definitely understand why you are requesting a keener eye. My first thought was to praise you for creating such a marvelous story. It honestly doesn't need much work. I know you want to improve it, but you're doing a wonderful job. Mad props to you!


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Review #48, by LSU4evr Secret Agents

28th August 2011:
i can't help but laugh at the fact that this is a hufflepuff doing all this. it's just too ironic :P great chapter!

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Review #49, by Mary Ann Secret Agents

28th August 2011:
Loved the Al Laney moment before then went to confront rose, and was she crucio'd at the end??? please update soon!

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Review #50, by FoundriaPenguin Secret Agents

28th August 2011:
THIS WAS SO EXCITING! I mean, I knew Riley was a prick but I didn't know he was THAT bad. You've just unveiled a whole new side to him! I hope Laney's alright!

And awww sweet Albus & Laney moments. I'm glad Sterling didn't try to make a move on Laney by force or anything. :)

This might sound weird, but that paragraph when you describe Laney's pain is quite excellent. Great word choice & description :P


--jordan ♥

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