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Review #26, by marauderfan Chapter 7

12th March 2014:
Hi there! I stopped by to give this chapter some love!

Gaaa I love this chapter so, so, so much!!! The scene with Ginny and Sadie frolicking in the rain and then sharing secrets was just beautiful. The prose was beautiful, the imagery, the friendship forming, gah just everything. ♡

I am glad Sadie is able to be free like that again, for a while at least . She is such a strong person, after going throuh what she did, living alone out in the rain in the city, and still appreciating the beauty of the rain. Since she's been through so much bad stuff, she can see the good in anything, I guess. But seriously I loved that scene. Usually I review as I read but my eyes were glued to the screen because I didn't want to look away!

oh and Ginny being embarrassed about that picture of Harry was just too cute. At least she knows Sadie won't tell :p

Hmm, how did Sadie transfer her memories to Fred? I wonder if she knows that she did. I'm interested to see how he will bring that up, because I don't think he wants to dredge up her worst memories for her, but I imagine he wants to talk to her about it...

Loved the Fred and George scene. I've said it before and I'll say it again - you write the twins so well! I love that despite how they never keep secrets, even when there is a secret it's still okay.

So anyway, this was a super fantastic amazing chapter! Keep up the great work :)

Author's Response: This chapter is so appreciative of the love! Thank you so much!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I was hoping people would like the change of pace and be glad I let Sadie have some happy time, but I was also worried people would be like "what's this fluff?" LOL. And I'm seriously blushing from the praise you just gave me.

It was VERY nice to write Sadie a little closer to who she really is, not the scared, cautious girl she's being right now because everything is so new and her instinct is to first protect herself, then maybe trust later.

I don't know why Sadie ended up liking the rain, but all through this story, whenever rain crops up, she is drawn to it. I finally gave in and decided that my character was asserting herself and I'd better listen. It is amazing that after living on the streets at the mercy of the weather, she still likes it. I'm going to have to chat with her and find out sometime WHY she's so fascinated with it. And maybe you are right - maybe she has learned to find the good where she can. So glad you liked it!

Nope, Sadie won't tell Ginny's secret. But she might tease her a bit about it. And she might try to get her cousin to see what's right under his nose...

Now the questions about the memory and Fred: how Sadie did it will eventually be explained as this story goes on, but it's important. Does she know that she did it? no. And Fred is going to have to find a way to discuss this with her, you are absolutely right.

You make me smile that you like the twins in this so much. Thanks!

Thanks again for reading! You are one of the reasons I keep plugging away at this to put up new chapters.

- Farmgirl

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Review #27, by toomanycurls Chapter 7

8th March 2014:
I'm so excited to read more of this!!!

I really love that Sadie has gotten to a slightly more calm place since the World Cup. I wanted to give her a huge hug when she was scared that the Weasleys would see her darkness. I mean, darkness happened to her but she isn't that darkness.

Ginny is really sweet - I love that she's showing Sadie a place she thinks is special. And, wow, after you described it wtih the hollowed out tree and relics from her childhood, I kind of want to visit too! I really love the idea of Ginny having her own place like that and it's extra nice that she gave a bit of it to Sadie. I can't say how much that makes me happy.

You show their attempts to communicate really well. I mean, I like that they're both trying and that neither is an expert at it yet. I could really see Ginny confiding in Bill with her special hang out. Maybe he didn't go there with her but at least he knew about it. You've characterized Ginny extremely well. ahahahahaha!!! I laughed so loud at Ginny's hearts on the photo and Sadie asking about it. Ginny's brash reaction is just perfect! So very fitting.

Um, everyone should go puddle jumping!! I love it so much that they're bonding!!! I squeed with Sadie feeling like she belonged. :D

George is hilarious! That humor is perfectly in line with his character. You are handsdown the best at writing the twins. I really like that Fred shared a memory of Sadie's. Okay, so it was horrible for him but at least someone has quasi-firsthand experience of Sadie's life and past. haha, do they always swear on random bits of Merlin? I do like that Fred now has this connection with Sadie. I hope to see it go somewhere. ;)

Awesome chapter!! Let me know if you need to bounce ideas off people - I'd love to!


Author's Response: I was so excited to have you read more of this! Seriously, SO excited! Thanks for agreeing on the review swap even though technically, I owe you the reviews anyway.

I really wanted this chapter to feel different than the one before it. I needed Sadie to smile, to show that she was more than just a traumatized girl. There is a "real" Sadie under all the pain and sorrow and I wanted to let her start to come out.

I also wanted Sadie to bond with another girl. I feel like it will be important for her to have that relationship.

She does worry about what she thinks of as the darkness that is inside of her. She worries what others will think if they see where she was during those missing years.

I think I kinda put some of my own childhood fantasies into Ginny's secret place. Didn't we ALL Want a place like that when growing up? And if you have magic, why shouldn't you get it?

Sadie is not the first mute character I've encountered in my years doing fic. One of the things that used to drive me NUTS in another fandom was when people could INSTANTLY (or within a couple chapters) understand each other without any explanation. I think that has carried over here and I'm really careful to watch for it. I hope I manage to portray things realistically - well, as realistic as magic gets.

Also, in my head canon, Ginny and Bill have a special bond. I think that leaks out sometimes in my fics.

The twins part of this chapter gave me fits. I just couldn't make it work right. Took me months to pound it out. I'm really happy that you think it was good and from your comments, it appears to have done what I wanted it to. (The Merlin part is just something I picked up from some other authors and liked a lot. I probably use it way too much, but it's just really fun.)

And you caught that connection thing, too. You are good. I was trying to make Fred have a connection to Sadie that George doesn't have.

Thanks so much for reading! I probably will take you up on that idea bouncing offer!

- Farmgirl

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Review #28, by Lululuna Chapter 4

6th March 2014:
Hello! :)

I loved this chapter so much - it might be my favourite so far. There was just so much Weasley goodness and you wrote it all perfectly.

This, however, was far from orderly and neat. Instead it was all haphazard afghans, tea kettles, and well-worn furniture, oozing magic left and right. Your description of the Burrow was perfect, and I loved how Sadie kept comparing her old life and this one throughout the story. How she associated Molly's hug with her mother, and thought of what their house had been like... it was so sad but lovely.

...drawings carefully colored and childish letters penned to be folded happily and sent away... This was such a beautiful image, and capturing that essence of childhood as well. I really like Sadie and Harry as cousins as well, and how they share sort of similar pasts and experiences. There were so many lines which gave me feels, like:

The proof's outside, tromping through my roses and hoping I won't notice if he gets Bill to mend them. Aw, I love Harry being taken in by the Weasleys, and how mischievous him and Ron are at this point.

Sadie talking about names and how much they mean to her was quite striking as well. I love the idea of her going to the library and learning to sign, and the teacher's kindness. However it really does highlight how bleak and difficult her life has been, and I really like how you continue to bring the reader back to that.

Ahh, Hermione talking about the museum was so in character! :P Also, on that subject the New York wizarding world sounds so cool! I love the sixth burrow especially, and how much thought you put into these little details.

Fred and George made me laugh and you wrote them really well, I'm excited to see them get to know Sadie and befriend her. Their teasing Bill and getting excited about sign language was wonderful.

This was such an amazing chapter, and I feel like this review barely did it justice. I loved it, and will definitely be back for more soon! :)

Gry/Sly Battle Round 2 - Review 8 of 15

Author's Response: Okay, back again to respond to another amazing review.

I'm so very glad you enjoyed this chapter! I really had fun writing it. Parts of it were the first scenes I wrote for this story more than 8 years ago. I changed and edited a bit, but the majority of it stayed the same. Those initial scenes that start a story on it's way tend to be very close to your heart.

I had a lot of fun trying to describe the Weasleys and the Burrow from Sadie's POV and make it line up with what we know from the books, but also not just be a rehash of what Harry already told us. It makes me smile that you liked how I did it.

You are the only one so far that has picked up on the fact that Sadie wrote Harry letters when she was little. No one has even thought to ask what happened to them and why Harry never got them...

The Weasleys are my favorite fictional family. And I absolutely love it when the take Harry in and give him a good bit of mothering and other family emotions. So it was really fun to give Sadie a taste of that as well. She will warm up more as she gets to know them better.

Thank you for your comments about the name section, and the flashback showing how she learned sign language. I want readers to gradually figure out Sadie's back story, but to do it in a solid block as a fic would probably end up breaking some TOS rules, given the horrors she's lived through. My solution is to give little glimpses in flashbacks that give the idea, but don't spell all the horrors out in complete detail.

Hermione just can't resist being Hermione, can she. And she was actually really helpful here, giving me a way to get some information out that I wanted to without it seeming like a big info dump in the middle of the chapter. So, thank you, Hermione.

Thanks so much. This review was amazing so I don't know what you are talking about! It made my day, twice!

- Farmgirl

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Review #29, by Lululuna Chapter 3

1st March 2014:
Hello! :)

Ah, I love how well you've written Dumbledore and McGonagall! Really, I'm impressed with how you captured their quiet serenity but also the fierce care and protection they feel for their students. I can thoroughly imagine them being concerned about Sadie like this. All the little details of Hogwarts lore, like the suits of armour moving back to their places, was simply brilliant. Dumbledore's little comment about Binns was perfect as well - not a cruelly mocking comment, for Dumbledore could never be cruel, but you captured his sense of cheeky wittiness really well.

Sadie being afraid of wands makes sense, and I imagine that as she can't speak incantations out loud it would be difficult for her to channel her magic like other young wizards can. I liked seeing how McGonagall was concerned about Sadie's academics as well, it fit so well with her character, and how while she wants to help Sadie she also won't bend many rules for her.

Albus Dumbledore had a bit of a reputation as a silly, carefree old man, but she knew that was only a part of his personality that he deliberately allowed to take the forefront in order to mask who he truly was... This, I love this. He really does fool everyone, even the readers in some incidents, and I love how you described it here.

Sadie's excitement about her new clothes felt really tangible and heart-warming. I love how you're reconstructing her confidence and her exposure to goodness very slowly and carefully, even if it begins with something as simple as new shoes.

There are so many mysteries and things I'm curious to learn more about - Sadie's family and her years spent after they died, Annalise, her glasses... you've done a really good job of setting things up here. I really enjoy the AU elements of the story as well, as despite it being a well-beloved narrative of HP you bring something really original and exciting to the plots with Sadie and how she ties into the canon characters whom you write quite flawlessly.

A wonderful chapter, I really hope to be back soon! :D

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Blackout Battle - Review 2 of 10

Author's Response: Hm, only 6 months late responding. For me, that's practically on time!

*sighs* Someday, I'll get better at this. Maybe.

But, in the meantime, I DO want you to know how much I loved this reviews (and the others that popped up after it.) It was so exciting to see you reading this story again, as I really love your reviews.

Writing McGonagall and Dumbledore turned out to be so much harder than I expected. I've written each of them before, but never the two of them alone in a conversation together. It was challenging, but I am very glad you feel like it turned out right. I did want to show how much they cared about not just Sadie but all their students, as well as the fact that they are old, comfortable friends and each has a different but prominent sense of humor.

I will have to address the way Sadie learns to cast spells in the next little while, but thankfully, JKR has said it's possible to cast non-verbal spells. If that wasn't true, this whole story would fall apart. As for her fear of wands, that's also going to be addressed soon in coming chapters.

I was worried about including the clothes thing. Someone once warned me that the worst thing you can do to make a person a Mary Sue was talk about what they were wearing, so I was afraid people would throw rotten fruit at me after this section. But I included it anyway because for Sadie, new clothes were such a big deal, and a way to show more of her personality. Glad you liked it and I'm not having to dodge questionable tomatoes right now. :)

You are a good reader. You picked up on most of the clues I dropped in this chapter. Keep those questions...they will eventually be answered, I promise.

Thanks again for such a great review! Loved having the chance to read it again!

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Review #30, by MC_HK Chapter 7

28th February 2014:
I miss youuu :(

Anyways, this is a freaking AWESOME chapter. You showed really good development for Sadie and her relationship with Ginny. The way you wrote their scene really painted a vivid picture of Sadie's past and how it ties into her present and her emotions. Basically, I understood what you were trying to accomplish, and you did it with really good writing.

FRED. OH FRED. HOW I LOVE THEE. I am sensing there is some Fradie (yeah, I just did that) going to happen soon, and I can't wait! No, really, I can't wait and I' screaming. Loudly.

I am so excited you're adding more to this again! WE!

--Monica :)

Author's Response: Aw, what a way to start a review. Now you're gonna make me cry... I miss you, too.

But I'm so glad you liked the chapter! I was worried it would be boring, but people seem to have enjoyed it. It was fun to give Sadie a friend for once, and let her be a normal girl.

Fradie? Hehehe. You gave them their own name. Nice. LOL. And there might be, but I intend for this relationship to move slowly, so don't get TOO excited yet.

Thanks again for reading. You are the best.

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Review #31, by CambAngst Chapter 7

28th February 2014:
farmgirl! I'm pumped to see you back with another chapter of this very engaging story. I know how real life gets to people and I always find it kind of inspiring when an author manages to shake that off for just a bit and deliver a new chapter of a story that people love!

Speaking of love, I loved seeing Sadie and Ginny find some common ground and strike up what seems like the beginning of a solid friendship. This obviously isn't the only reason, but they're the only two girls in the house so it makes sense that they'd be drawn toward one another if only for that commonality. But Ginny really opened up a lot more, I think. She took Sadie into this very private place that seems to function mostly as her refuge from her parents and brothers. I know that meant something to me and it seems like it meant something to Sadie, as well.

And Ginny figured out a bit of Sadie's sign language! That seems like a huge step. Communication prevents isolation, and I've felt like Sadie is far too isolated so far in this story.

Ha! Even the mute girl who just only just arrived on the scene can see that Ginny is in love with Harry. I guess that pretty much sews that up.

The only thing I would nit-pick you a bit on is the couple on instances where Ginny mentions doing magic, e.g. casting a water-proofing spell and charming the tin to keep the cookies from going stale. It's not a huge sin, but it would set off the Trace.

Then we see Fred. It seems that his encounter with Sadie's memories really messed with the poor guy. Anything that can take the mickey out of Fred Weasley for even a short period of time is obviously a huge deal.

Okay, poor diversion choice, he chided himself, forcing his thoughts off that path. -- Yep, not a good choice at all.

George has him dead to rights, but at the end he relents. That was a pretty good "twin moment" between the two of them. I guess there's full honesty and then there's "honest enough for the moment".

I'm really glad that you found the time to get another chapter out and, as always, I look forward to the next!


Author's Response: Okay, let's just skip the part where I grovel for being so late with this and accept the fact I'm always gonna be late and just move on to what an amazing review this is!

Real life seems to have it in for my writing. I go for a while updating like crazy, and then it jumps me and I take months to produce another chapter. Gotta change that, just haven't figured out how yet. Still, I'm so appreciative of the friends who support me and come back for new chapters when they sporadically appear. And I can't tell you how much it means that you find this story engaging.

One of the things I am trying to do in this story is to make Sadie's relationships with others realistic...not just focus on the fact she's Harry's cousin so she's miraculously accepted into everything. I hope I'm doing okay, as it's proving to be more difficult than I expected. I'm relying on you to tell me if I ever start missing the mark, okay? And I'm really glad you liked the friendship I was trying to set up for Ginny and Sadie. It was really fun to write, giving Sadie something fun to do for once.

The language barrier is really isolating Sadie, you are right. But I kind of meant that to happen. I didn't want this to be the kind of story where the problems were solved really quickly. BUT, that said, I'm working on it. Everyone is going to get better at sign language soon as Sadie gets more comfortable using it around them and the twins might just have something up their sleeves.

Ah, the Trace. I have worried over this part of magic more than almost anything. I've tried to do research, but it is sometimes contradictory, so I've just guessed the best I can. The best interpretation I can figure out is that the Trace is put on a person, but they can't track it by individuals, just by locations. When the Trace picks up magic in an area of few wizards, they can zero in on the target, hence why Harry got in trouble for doing magic, both his and Dobby's. But when it picks up magic in a placed with lots of magical people, they can't tell who did it so they rely on families to control their underage children. This is why Fred and George can get away with magic in their room all the time and not set off the trace. Going on that logic, I figured a few spells here and there, done under the cover of the twins much bigger magical sins, weren't gonna get Ginny caught. Not sure it makes sense, but that was my reasoning.

You are right about Fred. He isn't easily upset, so something knocking him sideways has to be pretty big. Glad that came across in the writing.

My twin moment worked? YES! That was hard to get right. You know how much I struggled with it.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. Your reviews are always such a delight to get.

- Farmgirl

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Review #32, by The Chubby Red-Suited Man Climbing out of your Chimney Chapter 6

29th December 2013:
Oh wow, way to leave me and everyone else on a hanger. :(

Now we are definitely getting somewhere (after seeing flashes of Sadie's dark past)

It's cool how you're having everyone have a chance to be with Sadie and seeing their impressions and thoughts of their new family member. :D

Really looking forward to some more!

- Secret Santa

Author's Response: Oopsie! Yeah, sorry about that leaving you hanging like that, and for much longer than I planned since real life has kept me from writing lately. I do promise to have more up soon. I'm almost done with the chapter.

But I'm glad you think the story is progressing. That is what it's supposed to do, so yeah!

And I was trying to get Sadie interacting with different people, so she didn't just get stuck with one group all the time.

Thank you so very much for these reviews. You really brightened up my holiday!

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Review #33, by The Chubby Man flying in the sky with the Reindeers and Pres Chapter 5

29th December 2013:
So sweet! This can tear my heart strings. =')

It was quite nice how you had Sadie have an interaction with Bill. And I love reading about the Weasleys period. It brings me nostalgia again. *wipes away tears*

I am proud to call myself a Potterhead. I can't imagine where I'd be without these series to keep me company.

Anyways, again this was such a lovely chapter. I am really getting closer to your Sadie as if she was a real person. ^_^

Continuing on to the next chapter! :D

- Secret Santa

Author's Response: I hope I didn't tear at your heartstrings too much! I don't want to break anything!

But it is nice to know my story is making readers feel something. Always a nice thing to hear.

It was good for Sadie to interact with Bill. She needed a big brother figure in her life again. And I agree, Weasleys are just fun and I write them because that's what I loved in the original series, so I want to keep them alive in fic.

Potterheads Unite! I stand with you on that one.

Thanks again for reading and giving me fun feedback. I love hearing about people who are starting to think of Sadie as real! Makes my day!

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Review #34, by The Big Red-Suited Man with a glowing nose Reindeer Chapter 4

29th December 2013:
*claps that turns into an a applaud*

Bravo my dear, bravo! Take a bow hun - because this is wonderful! I'd love to see this as a movie!

This seems like a very warming chapter for a cold night like this where I am. ;)

I am immensely enjoying this story! And I am going to move onto the next chapter because I want to see what happens next! ^_^

- Secret Santa

Author's Response: *blushes like crazy* Wow, thank you. A movie of this story? Really! Your compliments are really turning my head! Thank you thank you!

I am immensely enjoying your reviews! I feel so blessed to have had you as a secret Santa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Review #35, by The Red-Suited, White-Bearded, Chubby Man with Presents Chapter 3

28th December 2013:
My goodness, this was deep. This was extraordinarily deep. ♥

You definitely know how to weave my emotions into this chapter.

I can't get over this nostalgia I am feeling when I read this... it was like I reading the Philosopher of Stone again... particularly at the part where Professor Dumbledore and McGonagall were dining together.

Keep up the great work. :D Gonna read more. ^_^

Author's Response: Again, another wonderful review! I feel so spoiled! *hugs*

Yes, this chapter was a little angsty, wasn't it. I hope the emotions were okay and not too over the top. I had to find a way to start weaving in some of Sadie's past to the story so that readers would know why she is how she is.

And really? It made you feel like you were reading the books again! That is like the best compliment EVER! Thanks so much! Writing Dumbledore and McGonagall together was a lot of fun, but really hard! I didn't realize how hard it can be to write for such smart people!

Thanks again. These reviews are wonderful. I just hope you can forgive how long it has taken me to reply to them.

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Review #36, by The chubby man with the snow-balled tip red hat Chapter 2

28th December 2013:
Oh the tension is building! I can see that! It was done very well! :D

I love the quirks and scene of the Weasleys and Harry. :P

I definitely look forward to seeing Sadie interacting with them all. ^_^

Going off to read your next chapter! n_n

- Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Your new names for each review are giving me a good laugh! I love it! How creative and fun of you! Thanks so much!

And thanks again for such a nice review! I'm glad you liked Harry finding out he has a relative, and that you liked the way I wrote the canon characters. Always fun to get to play with the characters we all know and love. Hope you enjoy it when they all get together. :)

Thanks again!

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Review #37, by The White Bearded Man in the Red Suit Chapter 1

25th December 2013:

First, I want to so that I am sorry - in my last review, I had called you 'Alli' which I mistaken you for someone else, so please excuse that. =^]

Secondly, you have welcomed me to another brilliant chapter!

I love Professor McGonagall, and it's a really nice change for me to read just through her point-of-view. :D

I also love Ophelia now and how you wrote their interaction with each other while maintaining the Gryffindor Head of House character.

I find it quite hard to write her even when I am not writing in her p.o.v. so I applaud you! *bows and tips my hat*

I thought it was super cool too how you have Ophelia 'owling' for delivery food (and from far away too!) as if modern-day people who order food on phones. It was indeed a nice touch.

In addition, you really did a great job connecting with Sophie on a personal and emotional level! The way how you describe what it was like for her on her own on those streets yet she still found haven it them.

Again, marvelous, well done!

Going to read more and look out for more of my Christmas Reviews! ^_^

Speaking of which, Merry Christmas my dear!

- Secret Santa

Author's Response: Wow, this was such a wonderfully long review! Thanks for that! It really made me smile!

And no worries about the name mistake. I knew what you meant and it didn't bother me at all.

Aw. Thanks for the compliments! You're making my head swell up too big to fit through the doorways!

Writing Ophelia was so much fun, and so many people have seemed to like her! I almost wish I had included her more in the story. And it was really fun to give Minerva a friend who was so different from herself. Glad you thought the friendship worked despite the differences.

I'm not sure if people really could "owl out" for food or not, but I wanted to make the NYC Wizarding community both familiar and yet new at the same time, so I fudged a little bit. Was fun to get creative though.

And yes, I'm so happy you are connecting with Sadie! She's a character that means a lot to me, but I wasn't sure anyone else would like her. So excited that she's picking up new friends!

Thanks again for such fun Christmas reviews! You really went above and beyond with the Secret Santa gifts this year!

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Review #38, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Chapter 2

23rd December 2013:
Hey Farmgirl!

Hi, how are you etc.

Thanks for another unsurprisingly awesome chapter! I love this story more and more the more I read :)

I have only good comments, yet again.

First of all, the scene over the dinner table was so wonderful. Your characterization of Fred and George and Ginny was particularly good - I especially like Fred and George's reactions to Ginny's deviousness later on in the chapter. I had one of those 'I can't believe it's not Canon!' moments.

That being said, something seemed a bit off with Charlie and Bill. They both only had one line each, but they seemed a tad forced or maybe too earnest. That may just be me though.

Excellent line about Muggles being as cruel as wizards. There's often a loss of perspective when talking about Voldemort, a magical being of pretty much pure evil, and I'm glad you called up that comparison as there are definitely muggles who are just as bad if not worse (Hitler being the obvious comparison). A really thought provoking line, I think.

The only other nitpicky thing is that you said Harry was unaware of the magical world for the first twelve years of his life, even though he got his Hogwarts letter shortly after his eleventh birthday.

Another fantastic chapter. I don't really have anything else to say


Author's Response: Hello! I'm so incredibly sorry for the delay in responding to this! Life just gets away from me sometimes and I have to step back from online stuff. And then when I come back, I'm so far behind it takes AGES to catch up.

Anyway, what a fun review! Thank you so much for this! I'm so happy people are enjoying this weird story of mine!

A "I can't believe it's not Canon" moment? Really! WOW, thanks! I'm so honored! I was trying really, really hard to create that feeling, but it's so hard and you never know how people will react.

Charlie and Bill. It was probably a product of me going, "Oh, they haven't said anything for a while, I'd better include them." I'll have to be more careful in the future in big scenes like that. At least they got lines. I realized after posting that Ginny doesn't get one line at dinner. Oopsie again.

Did I really write 12 years? Darn it. I'm gonna have to go back and edit that. That's just a mistake, plain and simple. Thanks for catching it!

Thanks again for reading! Hope you'll come back for more now that I'm active again.

- Farmgirl

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Review #39, by MadiMalfoy Chapter 2

19th December 2013:
Hi again! So sorry for my tardiness with this review, it's really quite atrocious! But it's almost the holidays (one day left of school!) so I'll be fine then! :)

Anyway, the chapter. I love how you've been able to tie in your original character and her story so well into the Harry Potter world! Your explanations of her situation to the Weasley kids, Harry & Hermione was flawless and gave us, as readers, a lot more information on her as well and a good reason as to why she was in the story in the first place. Great job with that!!

Your characterization of everyone is great too! Arthur and Molly's relationship is perfect and you've really captured the essence of each of the Weasley's very very well. Harry's anger and feeling of deprivation when he hears Sadie's dead parents are his aunt and uncle was spot-on! I'm very excited to see how he acts with Sadie now that he knows she's his cousin.

Wonderful chapter, and I can't wait to read more! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: Well, I think my tardiness in replying is even worse! SO SORRY! Life has been insane

I'm so glad you thought the tie-in worked with Sadie to the canon characters and situation. I did try very hard to make it all fit right. And yes, you caught my sneaky tactic of trying to get a lot of info in this chapter without it seeming like a dumping zone. Thanks!

Awww, thank you! I do love my canon characters, the Trio, the Weasleys. It's so fun to write them, but I worry I do them justice. They are such great characters, aren't they?

Thanks again for reading and being so patient with me when I take ages to respond. You are wonderful!

- Farmgirl

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Review #40, by Secret Santa Prologue

19th December 2013:
Ho, ho, ho! :D

Hi Alli!

I am here to give you your Christmas review. ^_^

This was a really nice written chapter my dear. Your words painted a very clear picture! And you set the mood just right. :)

So the woman is Professor McGonagall, correct? :P

I remember reading your summary and splice on this in your novel nest. n_n

I will read more - so stick around for next reviews! ;)

*here are some cookies*

Author's Response: Hello Dear Sweet Wonderful Secret Santa! I am so very sorry that it has taken me this long to respond to these fun reviews and tell you how happy your reviews made me this Christmas season. I just got so swamped with real life I was barely keeping my head above water and so I had to let online life slide a little. But these reviews were so wonderful and I did want to come back and let you know that, now that things are starting to settle down.

Thanks for reading this story! I'm so happy that you liked it. It's so different from what I usually write that I was worried no one would like it. And I'm very glad you liked McGonagall. She's challenging to write, but lots of fun as well.

Oh, cookies!! Cool! Thanks! You are amazing! *hugs*

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Review #41, by Lululuna Chapter 2

17th December 2013:
Hello! :) I'm here for your review, and I'm so sorry about taking ages to get here!

I really enjoyed the way you characterized all the siblings here and the sort of chaotic but loving environment of the Weasley household. I imagine that with so many big personalities in the family there would always be someone talking and something going on and you captured that really perfectly. The childishness and playfulness of some of the Weasleys, like the twins and Ron, was great as at this point it's before the war and they're still quite innocent. It was a nice touch how they kept mentioning the Quidditch Cup as it would have been really exciting and momentous for their summer and it makes sense that they would keep bringing it up.

I really love how the Weasleys are taking Sadie in the way they took in Harry: they are just such loving and caring people and it makes a lot of sense that they would continue to open their home and hearts to Sadie. Harry thinking that for once it wasn't all about him was a great touch. :P Harry here emulates what I loved about him from the early books, his sense of innocence and hope for his family. I'm quite looking forward to him actually meeting Sadie and seeing how they will get along. Although him having a cousin is an unusual one, and they seem very different, I think it fits well as nobody ever seemed to tell Harry anything about his father's family in canon, so having a long-lost cousin whom everyone assumed was dead fits well.

I really like how you wrote the twins here, they seem perfectly in canon which is very tricky to do. I especially liked when they told Harry "that's the spirit"- that whole scene was very typical Fred and George. :)

The conversation between the kids at the end was really wonderful, and it's such a pleasure seeing how in canon they are. It really reminds me of the style of the early books which is so great to see in fan fic. I appreciated how Hermione was the one looking at evidence of people disappearing and showing her analytic mind, but then she also cautions the others to be considerate and not ask Sadie questions unless she's ready. That feels very Hermione-ish to me. Ginny was great too with her outsmarting Mrs Weasley and the twins being impressed with her: I love it when Ginny is portrayed that way.

I'm quite excited to see where you go with this, as I'm a big fan of AU as long as it's written in accordance to canon and this really embodies that perfectly. Amazing job as usual, and I'm looking forward to coming back and reviewing the next chapter (promise to be quicker this time)!! :)

Author's Response: Hey there! I'm so sorry for taking AGES to respond to your review! And then you went and left me such amazing reviews during the Blackout Battle, too. You are really so sweet to me!

I do love my Weasleys. All of them. And you are right, they all have such BIG personalities! But that's part of the fun of the challenge sometimes, I think. I love your comment about them still having an innocence at this point in the series. That is so true. I do love the intensity of the last books, and the action, and all that, but I miss the innocence and simplicity of the earlier books sometimes. When the focus was on magic being fun and well...magical. Bright colors, crazy names and silly potions, etc.

I have a confession to make. Part of this huge story that has been in the works for years was born simply because I wanted to put someone in the middle of the Weasley family and let them experience it all. And so Sadie was created. There's a lot more to her as well, but that really was one of my main goals for this story. I hope that's not a sad goal, LOL.

I hope to do a lot with Sadie and Harry. They both need family so desperately.

YES, you liked the twins. They are my favorites so I always worry the most about them, but I guess I'm doing okay.

I love the kids from the books. That's the whole reason they are my favorite books, is those characters. I love them just being kids, and muddling through and saving the day in ways only kids could think of. That's the great part of these stories. :)

Thanks so much for reading! And I will try very hard to keep things as canon as I can, though as we get going more into the books, a few things might have to change to fit Sadie in.

Thanks again!

- Farmgirl

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Review #42, by UnluckyStar57 Chapter 3

16th December 2013:
Wow... So, here I was, thinking that the mysterious Sadie was almost cleared up, and now I know she isn't!

Minerva and Dumbledore's conversation was extremely vital for offering insight about each of them and some more information about Sadie! Who is Annalise? What's up with Sadie's glasses? And what is that "thing" that "they" put on her?! I have so many questions, and asking them just raises some more questions. What exactly happened to Sadie before she was found?! That, I'm sure, is something that Sadie herself will have to tell us. After all, as Dumbledore said, sometimes it's better to let people keep their secrets.

I find Sadie's affinity for the Dark Arts most curious. Why the Dark Arts?!?! What WAS her past like?! I am becoming more and more interested in it as time goes on, and I would like some answers, by Merlin! Well, I suppose that within the next three chapters, maybe some of my questions will be cleared up? I certainly hope so! :)

Are Sadie's glasses round like Harry's, or are they square or oval? I find it interesting that they both wear glasses--as small of a connection that this is, I think it might have something big to do with the plot! Especially since an examination of the spectacles seems to have offered up some concerning results...

Everything, as always, was wonderful in this chapter! However, I did find a few things that I thought were only slightly out of place: 1) When Minerva tried not to groan at Dumbledore's joke, and 2) When Minerva thought about Dumbledore's characterization as a silly old man.

As far as #1 goes, it was a little bit different from what I imagine Minerva McGonagall to do. For the life of me, I can't imagine her groaning at a joke of Dumbledore's. It is merely my personal opinion, but I think that she would probably do something different there, like chuckle (if only slightly) or just nod curtly, all business in contrast to her humorous colleague.

For #2, it is my own personal belief (yes, that again. Silly opinions!) that Dumbledore is not necessarily regarded as a silly old man. Perhaps a bit doddering in his old age, with unorthodox methods and a penchant for odd humor, but not quite silly. He carries too much weight as the defeater of Grindelwald, and no matter how many enemies he has made, I still think that they have enough respect to not describe him as "silly." Again, these are just my thoughts. After all, you are the author, and I don't mean to argue with you! This whole story is so wonderfully written that two points of disagreement are hardly worth worrying about. (And besides, I'm probably the only one who was goofy enough to nitpick those two things.) :)

Again, another great chapter! I can't wait to read the next one!


Author's Response: I don't quite know how I let TWO of your reviews go un-responded, other than that I am a very bad person. I shall make sure it never happens again. *hangs head*

I absolutely adore your reviews. I wish I could steal you and keep you at my shoulder as I write to encourage me to keep going when I really just want to throw my computer at the wall.

I do apologize for dragging the mystery of Sadie out even longer...well, sorta...okay, maybe not. That's kinda the point of this fic. But it makes me feel good that you can see the mystery and like it!

You are a very smart reviewer. You pick up on stuff that not many other readers did. Annalise, her glasses, the "thing" they put on her. Let me just say, good job, and...I can't tell you anymore or I'd have to kill you. But you are thinking right, so keep doing that.

As for what happened to Sadie while she was missing - you'll have to get Sadie to reveal that. Good luck. (hehehehe. I'm mean I know. But eventually, all will be revealed. Maybe.)

The Dark Arts. Well, should I give you a hint? Let's just say she had to be SOMEWHERE for those missing years.

You are really the first person to fixated and pull out the part about Sadie's glasses. They are oval, not round like Harry's, but pretty plain and unremarkable. That doesn't mean they aren't important, though. For Sadie, they are very important.

I do apologize for being slightly off on Minerva. I didn't mean to imply that she was disrespectful of him, or really thought of him as a silly old man - more that she was going through what others sometimes thought of him, because he deliberately set himself up to be seen that way. And I was hoping that given it was after hours and they were alone, she might "put her hair down" a bit more, if you catch my drift.

You make a very good point about the word "silly" though. I love it when people share their opinions with me and never mind a bit. Dumbledore does carry a lot of weight in the wizarding world, no matter what front he puts up.

Thanks so much for reading! I do hope you'll come back for more when you have time.

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Review #43, by Debra20 Chapter 2

14th December 2013:
Hey there sweetie! I am so terribly late with this review, but now that I've started holiday vacation, I'll be having a lot more free time on my hands :D And your story is the first I came back to because it's been sitting in the back of my head for a while now. I've been dying to find out more because I really do think you have something very interesting going on here. The premise of the story is catchy and the way you write helps define everything so much better.

Let me just start by saying that this chapter felt surreal. There were quite a few moments while I was reading when I thought this was one of JK's chapters. And I have to tell you that this doesn't happen often. Your characterization of our beloved canon characters is stunning in its close likeness to their original selves. Especially the last part, how they all came together in Ron's room to discuss about Sadie. I was especially drawn in by Fred and George's characterization. I simply can't say anything other than SPOT ON girl! You nailed it beautifully :D

Can't wait to see what happens next and how everyone will be around Sadie and the dynamic she will set in the Weasley home

Author's Response: Hey! I'm even later with my response to it, so now it's my turn to say sorry! But I'm so glad you stopped by to read again. Always makes me smile when your reviews pop up.

Happy the story has grabbed you enough to make you want to come back, and that you think it is interesting!

Your compliments are so nice! That you thought you were reading one of Jo's chapters is the ultimate praise for a writer! I'm grinning so big right now it's crazy! Especially about the Fred and George part. I do try so hard to keep the characters who they should be, given that I write so many canon ones, but I never know exactly how well I'm doing. This means a lot, so thank you!

Hope when life slows down you'll have time to come back and find out more. Until then, thanks so much for this review!

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Review #44, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Chapter 1

9th December 2013:

I'm so sorry I wasn't quite as speedy with this review as the previous one! I've managed to get here at last though.

First things first I have to praise your beginning section with the floo powder. It would have been so easy to breeze past that part but you didn't. I loved that you went into detail with the ministry official and then having the extra strength for the international floo. It's details like that make a story so kudos to you!

Now, you had already peaked my curiosity before, but now I'm dying to know what's happening! So many questions left unanswered! Something happened to the girls parents meaning she went missing and now she's been found. Gah I want to know.

I loved your characterisation of McGonagall and Ophelia. It was nice to see someone tease Minerva about her strict ways and it was nice to see Minerva with a friend outside of Hogwarts! Especially such an usual one. Their exchange was really easy and fun to read.

You've done a really good job of not rushing Sadie. She obviously knows McGonagall but that doesn't mean she trusts her and goes with her straight away. In the end section we get to see from her own POV that she's still not totally sure but she's willing to give them a chance. Now I just can't wait to find out more about what happened to her.

This was once again a great chapter. Your descriptions were lovely and the story flowed well, keeping just enough secret to keep our curiosity burning! I really enjoyed it!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Howdy! I'm terribly sorry that I was so far from speedy with this response that you can't even see it from here! All I can say is Real Life and Stuff.

But thanks so much for reading!

Aw, you liked the Floo section? Cool! Thanks. One of the things I have always loved about Harry Potter is that this whole world was created! And what a quirky world it is. Any time I can play with that, or invent things that fit into that, I love it. Because to me it just shows that wizards don't take things too seriously and we all need a little more of that in our lives.

Yes, I left you with questions! That's the point! To make people wonder enough about what's happening to want to come back and read more! So, maybe you'll want to know more?

Writing Minerva and Ophelia was so much fun. I loved giving Minerva a friend who I could imagine her getting into mischief with when they were younger. The minute Minerva pulled Harry onto the Quidditch team in book one instead of getting him in trouble, I knew there was more to her than just the strict-teacher she shows on the outside.

Sadie has a lot of reasons not to trust people by now, sadly. But hopefully she'll learn to again. And I'm so glad you like her character so far!

Thank you so much for reading! Your review made me smile when I got it, and now again as I read it again to respond.

- Farmgirl

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Review #45, by UnluckyStar57 Chapter 2

5th December 2013:
I'm ba-ackkk!! :D

Let me just say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS CHAPTER. I am the kind of person who doesn't really care for messing around with canon and introducing relatives of Harry--I have seen SO many stories that begin with Harry's long-lost sister turning up out of the blue, and I just CAN'T read those. They just don't make me very happy.

But YOU! Introducing this mysterious character and then BAM!! Revealing that she's Harry's cousin?!?! So. Much. GENIUS!! I read a story once in which Harry's long-lost cousin turned up in a typical Mary Sue fashion, and I was VERY sad that I read it.

With this story, I have zero regrets. This is GREAT. I am in awe of your pen-wielding powers. The way that you gave Sadie some background in the previous chapter and the prologue made me want to know more about her, and though she didn't come into this one, it's as if she was there. I learned a LOT about her, so the mystery has almost been solved. :)

Sadie's mom=James Potter's older sister?! So brilliant! The last name changed when she married Charlie, so that just kept the mystery going a little bit before this chapter. And James' family is not really solidified in canon, is it? I mean, I know his parents were slightly old (for parents, that is), but I'm not sure if Jo specified that he was an only child. So this makes SO MUCH SENSE. If there WAS a relative for Harry to have, it would be Sadie, from his dad's side of the family. I am SO happy that this happened! :D

Hm... Although some of the mystery has gone away, you seem to have introduced more mysteriousness. What is this curse that took away Sadie's voice? How did her parents die? Why did she vanish for so many years? Agh!!!

The bromance that Arthur Weasley and Charlie McLauchlin had was really cute. I like the notion that Charlie was named after someone outside of the family. :)

So, again you have introduced a new set of characters in a new setting, with seemingly no connection with Sadie, and then ZAP! You connect everything. You are REALLY good at that. Maybe you're a word superhero or something. I like it a lot, and I can't wait until the Weasley clan and Harry finally meet Sadie! I feel like she'll be chums with Fred or George because she's their age, and they would include her in pranks and things like that.

Again, this is a well-written, incredible chapter. You write canon very well, in my opinion, and while I can't usually stomach fanfiction about the "Golden Trio" while they're at Hogwarts, I fully support and truly enjoy this story. You're awesome, so stay awesome, and I'll review at you later! :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! And please don't throw things at me for taking so long to respond to it! I am already hanging my head in shame.

This review totally made my day with I got it, and re-reading it just now to respond to it reminded me why. Can I just hug you? I was so worried about putting this story out there for all those reasons you just listed - you don't mess with Harry's family without feeling the wrath of readers. And then I go and give him a cousin. I was ready to build a bunker in the hills and hide out of people started throwing things.

So, I'm doing okay avoiding the Mary Sue thing? I hope?

I'm awed by your amazing review! You have me blushing furiously, and yes I can't quite get enough of this review. I might have to frame it.

And you did see through my trick with this chapter. I was trying to give out info without it seeming TOO much like a dumping chapter. Glad you thought it worked.

Yep. Sadie's mother Jenny is James' older sister. And I actually plan to tell her story as well...though maybe not in quite as much detail. If you check my author's page, there's another Gravel on the Ground story there that I will update from time to time with Jenny's story as we go. I do take into account the age of James' parents, so hopefully it works. And I'm so happy that you're happy that it happened. :D

As for Sadie's voice...that's a mystery that will go for a while. I hope you'll stick around and see. And her parents, where she went...yup. Stay tuned.

I love Arthur Weasley, and I really wanted him to have a good friend, so creating Charlie was fun. Charlie is also featured in that prologue story, if you want to see more of their bromance. :)

And now I'm blushing again. You are good at doing that to me. If I were a superhero though, I'd respond to reviews sooner, so better save that name for some other author. (And you must know me too well, with that Fred and George suggestion there...)

Thank you so very much for branching out and giving my strange, almost Mary-Sue story a try! You are the best!!!

- Farmgirl

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Review #46, by AlexFan Chapter 4

5th December 2013:
I've been meaning to get to this for a while now but I've gotten really busy with other things but thank goodness for review threads!

My favourite line this entire chapter was when McGonagall said ďDonít worry, Sadie. They may sound and often behave like a pack of rather wild monkeys, but they are one of the best wizarding families in all of England. Youíll be fine.Ē

It put a huge smile on my face because the Weasley's are rather like very hyper monkey's. I loved seeing the Burrow from someone else's point of view. We've only really known what it looks like from Harry's point of view but it seems that he and Sadie seem to be thinking along the same lines.

I always get a warm feeling in my stomach whenever I see people's descriptions about the Burrow.

I also enjoyed how welcoming and easygoing the Weasley's were. I wouldn't expect them to be any different but it was really great seeing how they accepted Sadie into their family without question. They even started making attempts to learn sign language so that they could communicate with Sadie and make life easier for her.

And of course Hermione knows loads about New York, I'd be surprised and disappointed in her if she didn't. The only thing that I noticed was a typo, there was a spot somewhere where you wrote "serious" instead of "series" but other than that, I really enjoyed this chapter and I hope you come back and request another review!

Author's Response: Well, I've been meaning to reply to this for AGES and I am just getting around to it. So sorry for the wait!

:D You are the first person to comment on my monkey line. I'm glad you liked it, it was one of my favorites to put in there, and it's so true. The Weasleys are crazy! But it's a good crazy.

Harry's way of thinking MAY have influenced me a little there, about the Burrow...hehehehe. After all, it's the only description of it we have.

I really wanted Sadie to be accepted quickly. She needed a support group before heading off to school, and I just couldn't see the Weasleys turning a cold shoulder. They are just too welcoming.

It was nice that Hermione knows loads about NYC, because I needed a way to get some info out there, hehehe. So it worked out well, don't you think. LOL.

Oopsie, typo! I need to do a re-read of this whole fic and catch some of those that have started to crop up. Thanks for the alert!

Thanks for reading and I will make sure to request again, when your thread is back up and running.

- Farmgirl

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Review #47, by patronus_charm Chapter 5

5th December 2013:
Iím so sorry about the wait for this review! The build-up for Christmas is always a lot busier than I remember it to be :P

I really liked the way Sadieís character is beginning to evolve and just seeing it happen really makes my heart warm. It was just the way she was so nervous and shy at first, but here sheís understanding the weird noises the twins make, is offering to help and slipping in with the family rather than being an attraction for them. Itís just so nice and yeah, heart-warming.

One thing that works well though, is that youíre still making her have sort of black outs and moments of nervousness with the others such as Mrs Weasley and the twins acting appropriately with them. Itís still the transition period and youíre doing a good job of showing that. I just canít help but wonder whether something from her past will show up and ruin it all for her.

One tiny CC, I did find the scene with Ireland cheering on the success a little confusing. Itís just the way you left the section before, because I thought we would have another scene at the Quidditch world cup before coming to this. I can see why you would omit due to repetition but if there was greater clarity over where and when in time we were exactly it might be useful.

I didnít expect to read from Billís perspective, but I really enjoyed it. I knew he was a nice person, but I liked that sensitive side of him you showed with the way he was trying to think of what magic caused Sadie to be like that, and the way he was trying to think of ways to talk about it. It was a really nice and unexpected moment and we got to see a character not always written much in fan fiction.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Oh look, almost 4 months later, she FINALLY gets around to responding to this amazing review. I'm SO SORRY! *tiny voice* Please don't hate me?

I'm so glad you think Sadie is developing, and you are liking her. I know we shouldn't get attached to our characters, but I've spent so long working on this, I kinda can't help it. So it warms MY heart when someone says they like Sadie.

And she is trying to fit in, to get to know the family, to come out of her shy shell. But it is such a huge change from where she's been for the last 7 years that it can't just happen all at once, as you pointed out. There are still moments where she's going to be lost in the past or in thought, or just generally afraid to jump into it all. And as for something from her past showing up...well, for that you'll just have to wait and see. If you want to come back and read more, after waiting so long for me to respond to this, that is. *hides again*

Sorry for the confusion on the Ireland part. I did worry about readers being able to follow that abrupt change. I tried several ways to fit in a throw away sentence about where they were now, and how time had passed, but I just couldn't get it to go in naturally, so I ended up leaving the scene as it was and hoping for the best. So, I'll have to be more careful with scene jumping from now on.

I also tried showing the game itself, but it just felt too much like I was retelling the book, and I didn't want that, so I jumped ahead.

I like Bill and I think he gets forgotten about a lot in fic. It was fun to show a different side of him. As the oldest, he would probably have a practiced eye for noticing when his siblings were in trouble, and I figured he'd extend that to Sadie now. And he's also got a pretty dangerous job that he'd need to be pretty smart to do, so he's going to be puzzling what happened to the new girl.

Thanks again for reading! I hope you can forgive the lateness of the response.

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Review #48, by BLONDEbehaviour Chapter 6

4th December 2013:
Aww Farmgirl, THE FEEELS!

A great chapter, I like how we are given someone elses perspective on Sadie, especially one of the twins, it shows that there is much more to them than meets the eye. It will be interesting to see how Sadie interacts with Fred after this chapter. I also think it was great that we had a different perspective because it gave us an insight of what others were thinking of this young girl who had already lived through too much. It seems they understand her better than she may think. It may just take some time, huh?

Speaking of the twins, I knew you would do them justice as you are a huge Weasley Twin fan but you have seriously done a great job! The line about Harry Ron and Hermione getting drawn to trouble is so completely right. And the sneaking of the lollies in Ron and Harry's knapsacks, you can definitely see them doing that, that it completely fits!! You have done a great job on their characterization, which I wouldn't doubt at all :D

And Sadie's flashback. That was heartbreaking. I am so so close to my family, that to be in that type of situation would completely rip me apart, and I feel for Sadie extremely. You have written the scene very effectively, it carries a lot of emotion and we know what is happening, but you only use a few choice words, its very good :)

Something that I think you could possibly work some more on is the nit-picky description bits. As they are running, is it dark and crowded, having to dodge others? Does Fred ever find out who the person who elbowed him is? Is the moon out and illuminating the place they stop etc? Just small things like that to help heighten the scene :)

Another great chapter as always, can't wait to see what comes next! :D


Author's Response: I am so very sorry for two things. One I hurt your feels. And two, I took so long to respond to this review. Can you forgive me? For at least one of them?

I am glad that, despite the feels, you enjoyed the chapter. And you caught that I was trying to set up a slightly different path for Fred and Sadie to interact than the rest of them. Good eyes! And yes, I was also trying to show how others are seeing Sadie at this point in the story.

Awww. You thought I did the twins justice? COOL! THANKS! I do try, given how much I love them, but I worry that I do it right. I want them to have depth and be more than just card-board cut out characters who are basically the same person.

The trio really do get in SO much trouble, don't they? Makes you wonder what others outside their group think about them - was fun to look at that here, with the twins. And I just had to put the smuggling of the treats in. I love the books, I really do, but one thing that kinda makes me mad sometimes is that the trio never though to make more use of the twins! Here are two of the most devious minds on the planet, and they never ask for advice? Why didn't they invite the twins along on their year of hiding/camping/looking for horcruxes? Surely they could have been of use?

I worried about the flashback, that it would be too disturbing. And I feel like such an awful person, killing off all those people I created and she cares about! You are right, thought. It basically DID rip Sadie apart. She became a different person after that, sadly. Still a good person, but different.

Details. I'm finding I'm not very good at those. I can see it in my head, I forget to let others in to see it as well. I will make sure to work on that.

Thank you so much! I love your reviews. I hope you will want to keep reading.

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Review #49, by MrsKatieGrint Prologue

2nd December 2013:
Hey there! KatieRoo from the forum here with your review!

First off, I'm so sorry for the delay! Its been super crazy with Thanksgiving this past week, and finals coming up, I've just been all over the place!

Anywho, wow, okay seriously, I have all of Charmed on DVD box sets, so I'm super pumped to see how this will ultimately play into your story!(:
I think you have the right idea, and so far, I don't see canon being a problem for you. i really didn't get to see much of this original character you have created here, but the glimpses I got, I'm seriously amazed.

I think your style of writing in general is just beautiful. You have a wonderful way with words and describing things. The feelings are there to, and it makes your story very believable.

I'm personally so intrigued to see how you're going to go with this story, your start is super great, and I can't wait to read more!(:

Author's Response: Hello!

And I must echo your first paragraph and apologize for being super busy and taking forever to respond to this review! I'm so very sorry!

Hey, glad you like the small Charmed connection. It won't be a huge part of the story, more just a concept that I'm borrowing, but I still love that you like it.

Thanks! I am trying really hard to stick to canon as much as I can, given I'm inserting an OC into the middle of it. It will get harder as I go, though, and we delve into the books.

Aw, thank you! That means a lot. I get really worried that my writing stinks, especially when I read all the other great writers out there. Encouragement is always welcome!

I don't know if you still have a review thread, but I will look and see and maybe you would still be interested in reading more.

Thanks again!

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Review #50, by Jet LaBarge Chapter 6

2nd December 2013:
I am a great fan of all your writing, including this story.

Some time ago I reviewed your fantastic story "Yes Ginevra, there is a Santa Claus." I know I asked if I could refer to the incident in my stories, since it has become part of my "head canon." I know you gave me permission.

I have the doll house and a reference to the story in the latest chapter of my "Bad Guys and Broomsticks" story, and gave you credit. I received a message from tellmewhatthetruthis-staff letting me know that:
1 Dec 13: You may not use work from other author's unless you have evidence of their permission. The original author must get in touch with staff in order to express this permission. -tmwtti

I do not know how to get in touch with you except through reviews, and don't know if an answer to this review would be good enough. I'm not hard to find if you search the internet.

I would appreciate your permission again.

Jet LaBarge

Author's Response: I hope this worked out for you. I contacted the staff and gave them my permission for you to use the reference, so I hope you were able to put your chapter up the way you wanted. Thanks again for your loyatly and support!

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