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Review #51, by emeraldtk Chapter six

17th June 2011:
Hey! just wanted to say I [b]love[/b] gender benders :) and Hanakimi - both drama and manga and i'm very excited to see your twist in it. i like your style of writing, it's carefree and easy going and makes for an enjoyable read.
Update soon love!

Author's Response: Yay, another drama/manga lover! Thanks for your comment! =)

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Review #52, by Purplemuffin7 Chapter six

12th June 2011:
Love it so far, PLEASE update!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #53, by missmic512 Chapter six

7th June 2011:
Like it! Aside from a few spelling/grammar errors, this is one of the better Marauders-era stories I've read. Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Sorry about the grammer, i'm not very good with that. Thanks for the review!!

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Review #54, by shapeshifter98 Chapter two

7th June 2011:
hey i love Diwali too! V is just a penname for me :]
but holi is deff. the best! great chapter again! lol little lesbian lily


Author's Response: haha, i don't know if i like holi or diwali better, they are both fun!!!
thanks for the response!

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Review #55, by shapeshifter98 Chapter one

7th June 2011:
this is super duper cool! i love this plot so much! 10/10


Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #56, by JiJiRamos Chapter six

23rd May 2011:
Love it

Author's Response: thank you!
i love this review by the way, it made me really happy!

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Review #57, by Hermionniny9 Chapter six

22nd May 2011:
i liked the ramble, she was coming out of this dark hole where she was so blinkered that she didn't see that the rest of the school was suffering because of the war and not just her.

Author's Response: thank you! i was afraid that her ramble was too much, so im glad you liked it!

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Review #58, by Jenny Chapter six

21st May 2011:
Yay u finally updated! I wasn't sure if I was going to see this story again. :( I thought their plan would backfire somehow, but it looks like James pulled through anyway, so even though it was a complete fail it might just work! I can't wait to read more. Update soon! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, sorry about the super late update!
Thanks so much! i'm glad you liked it!!!

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Review #59, by randomgirl Chapter Five

1st May 2011:
I really like your story. Its a cool idea to have her live with the marauders as a boy and I really like that Remus knows and is trying to help her :) I like your style of writing! please update soon :)
Randomgirl :) xxx

Author's Response: thank you so much, ill update really soon!!

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Review #60, by Jenny Chapter Five

27th March 2011:
I'm excited to see how this plan goes. I feel like it is going to be one giant fail. But you never know, it could always work. I can't wait to read more. Update soon! :)

Author's Response: Thank you soo much!!
Ill update soon!

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Review #61, by Amber Chapter Five

26th March 2011:
I feel like I love you and I hate you at the same time. That is THE best story I have read all year and I loved the original character which I normally don't but I am really mad at you for ending this! What happens next? Do the other guys find out? Ah! I want to know so badly!

Author's Response: Lol, well i am just going to take that as a compliment... though seriously thank you, im glad you love my story so much!!

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Review #62, by Jenny Chapter four

24th March 2011:
Please update! I'm dying to read more!

Author's Response: thanks!
the next chapters is in the queue, it should be out soon!

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Review #63, by fallingfromthestars Chapter two

22nd February 2011:
haha, I was curious about the whole what if a girl likes her thing. I feel bad for her, that would really be awkward!

Author's Response: Yeah, that is really awkward. Poor Naomi...and James...

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Review #64, by fallingfromthestars Chapter one

22nd February 2011:
haha, really funny first chapter! I'm going to go read chapter 2 now instead of going to bed!

Author's Response: yay! thank you! Though sorry for depriving you of sleep...

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Review #65, by anonymous Chapter four

7th February 2011:
haha, what a day for poor naomi :) very interesting. keep up the good work

Author's Response: thank you!!!

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Review #66, by Jenny Chapter three

19th December 2010:
Omfg! This is the best chapter yet. I can't believe Remus found out she's a girl! This is so exciting. But that must be really embarrassing for her since he just saw her naked. Yikes! I can't wait to see what happens next so please update soon or I might die! :)

Author's Response: thank you so much!
super embarrassing,
ill update soon as to preserve your life

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Review #67, by jelly Chapter three

18th December 2010:

Author's Response: ohh, you'll just have to wait for the next chapter
Im evil aren't I?

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Review #68, by dinasayah Chapter three

17th December 2010:
LMFAOO AHAH i love this :)

Author's Response: thanks soo much!!

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Review #69, by naflower05 Chapter three

17th December 2010:
really good story so far! i cant wait to see what happens now, so update again soon!! =]

Author's Response: thank you!!

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Review #70, by Hellli Chapter three

17th December 2010:
Whoa, a nice way of finding out Nathaniel is really Naomi. And bonus points for it being Remus, not Sirius.

A great and well-written story, I like it! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!
Yup, i really wanted Remus to find out, not Sirius...

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Review #71, by greenpotter0429 Chapter two

17th December 2010:
OMG! Ur indian? So am i btw i love ur story!

Author's Response: yup! yay other indians!!!
thank you so much!

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Review #72, by Hermionniny9 Chapter three

17th December 2010:
wow, loved it cant wait for the next chapter :D

Author's Response: thanks!!! =)

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Review #73, by Serious Bunburyist Chapter two

27th November 2010:
very interesting and original!
Love it.
Please write some more!!!
(When is Nate going to be discovered by...anyone?)

Author's Response: writing soon
thanks you sooo much!

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Review #74, by Daniela Chapter two

17th November 2010:
I think this story is vey interesting. And I'm looking forward to read mor chapters :D

Author's Response: thank you!!

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Review #75, by Jenny Chapter two

16th November 2010:
I liked the chapter. It wasn't boring so don't worry about it. That would have been so awkward to hear that conversation between the girls, but it was really amusing to read. I feel bad for James. Lily like a girl over him. Thats just kind of sad. I can't wait to read more. Update soon! :)

Author's Response: poor james!
Thanks you so much!!!
i'll try to update as soon as possible!

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